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Earwax Clinic

Earwax Clinic for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Geisha Tokyo, Inc. located at 〒113-0034 東京都文京区湯島3-31-1 中川ビル 202. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Clean all the earwax!

Dive inside and make it spotty clean. But ear canals are delicate, so make sure not to hurt them.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Earwax Clinic.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I like the gane but the thing that is weird is like the goldeb booger thingi in the ear and the confedi on the ear after cleaning all the earwax pls fix the weird things
Ads every five seconds. You'll be in the middle of game play and boom ad. Even if you hit don't watch ad you'll get one.
I just started playing omg so I cleaned out the ears and it gave me a new thing and you win MONEY!!! This is the owner new update coming your going to get money every time but 1 dollar when you do someone's ear in REAL LIFE!!!!!!
It was bad so much adds easy and not hard like add it lags and for a tool it says TO get it watch an add horrible
It is better game for children or child The children who wish make doctor of ear w hen we practice on game
I might have given it 5 stars. Atleast 3. But commercials in the middle of the stage you doing. Thats maybe a whole 30 seconds long. 5 secs into the stage one pops up. I kept this game a whole mins thinking maybe it would get better. Nope!!! Just as you do one 3 second spot one pops up. Greedy dudes really greedy.
Way to many ad's it's just getting ridiculous these days can't even do anything without someone shoving something in your face.
Wish I could give 0 stars. I cannot even play the game. It crashes within precisely 3 seconds after tapping on the app.
Rocko got to be a little too young for me 2nd and I do's and I don't have the time and loved it to be the 6first and loved ones in my girlfriend who had a little more than a year of experience with me as well but I don't want them and 5my to get to work in a little bit more and more to be with them because I Yg t4tv3y
I think this game is gross but super cool at the same time and it's so satisfying like Thor sounds that'd be the most satisfying game ever that I probably would have on myself I turn besides my favorite one this is probably the best reading I've ever given the game besides my favorite one yeah that's right okay fine I didn't give it a rate because it's my favorite game the whole wide world it's because I forgot to and no I'm just going to jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber j
It's a fun game, but all of the ads there are, is damn annoying. After every step I take, Bam an ad. I understand as but that many ads is too much, please fix this so more of us can enjoy
This game is trash. The graphics are horrible and it's really boring. I wont even bother mentioning the ads. You can complain all you want, they wont fix it. You know, probably soon everyone will stop playing games because they'll be overrun with ads. But if you people stop making horrible games that basically MOVIES because they have so much ads. But until then 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
I feel a little pain ears too wen I play this game and it have so many ads so I give it only 4-four stars OK!😣😣😣😣😣😣
Good game but loooooooooooot of ads pless don't download this game 😤😤😟😟😟😖🤢🤮🤬
It is a pretty cool but wierd game and that's what make it super fun and intresting but dah ads but even though the ads are anoying to meh it's still fun and cool so yeah OH!And also all dah mean coments(example)(to many ads and this game is soooooo gross who wants to clean peoples ears huh? Who!)don't listen to then idiots cause this is an AMAZINGLY SO INTERTAINING!Keep all the good effort up good job love Danielle by the way I LOVE BUNNIES AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. They are SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE BYE!!😁😄👍
I really like how you can help the people in the game, but i dont like the ads. I love this game even tho its really...realistic...
Ok its a really good game but how the noise is and how GROSS it is you could at least turn the gross down a little
I give this game a five out of a five baste off the game it's a good game but it's kinda discussing and someone bmite through up like how I did but be careful within your choice
Its been pretty simple fun but the constant vibrations my phone does every time i do an action in the game is annoying so i cant play the game while anyone is sleeping when i have my i cant sleep moments. 😒
This game is straight up unplayable. No idea what they did but I am just on Day 2 and the game freezes on me or the ads don't work to get the tools. Fix your stupid game!
um its really weird👎🏻 and discusting 🤢🤢and TO MUCH ADS ugh i hate it so much👿👿 if you agree put this rate helpfull👍🏻
this game is so fun i give it a 5 because you take out stuff from the ear wich is a bit nasty then you get coins and upgradethe place thats why i like it but i didnt get a add
It's so fun I love it it makes my day better Pls put more stuff in it so I'll play it slot And it's sooooo cool and fun
Disgusting! I literally downloaded this game jist to leave a review. The ads for this game make me want to vomit every time they pop up on another app. Just gross...
This game is very good I recommend playing this you get tons of fun with this in my opinion it's freaking amazing
Wow... Pretty interesting game especially the graphics are also very well. I recommend this game ☺️.
I like the game but, it gets boring after a while because you are just doing the same thing over again. Their is not to many ads but again. I think the game needs working so I rate it 😐
This game is really good but a little bit laggy. I will put 3 stars because it freezes my phone every 3 minutes. I recommend you fix this problem.
It sucks the characters are ugly the game has no good quality it just sucks nobody likes it nobody get it it sucks don't try this app you are not going to like it
It's so gross but so fun I mean like a come on this is like the coolest game I have on my phone I'm not sure if it works for tablets though but it gets a 5
The reason i did four stars is because it is kind of boring bur i love the idea it justs needs to be harder you know?😊😁☺ Also to those dumb people that said this is gross. Listen to this What if you went to get your ears cleaned and the nurse said that she didn't want clean your ear cause it was GROSS AND DIGUSTING Yeah sure say its gross but just that if someone else said your ears are gross... What would you say? Probably "well its your job to clean my ears so jokes on you"? NO DUMMYS
Good app but first of all I can not watch ads with what say get for ad I try it and it doesn't let me watch ads please fix this app!
Its really cool i really like it but the only thing that is the sounds is weird and the ad is annoying but besides that i still love the game sooooooooooo much! Install right now!!!!!
Adds for this game pop up while I'm trying to play other better games. The adds are really gross and I would prefer it if they didn't pop up in my face everyday 5 seconds.
I love this game if you see that people say this is bad game absolutely not solutely not there's not that much ads
VIP patients.... Can't get ad to play to help them. Have ads all the time. You would think you would be able to finish at least one patient. Same issues with furniture.
It's a nice game but..... This is disgusting I hate it and it freezes and glitches alot!!!! Don't install it!!!
it's the best game ever but besides the volume sorry my sister said volume the music weird similar when I update and change it up a little bit and maybe you should add like a little more stuff to the front desk
Terrible forced ads per ten seconds of game play there is 30 seconds of ads you are forced to watch if you want to play money grab game and that is it
I think this game is so cool and is the best game ever you can get and I to be in the morning and play this game and I love it!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😀😀😀😀😀😋😋😋😋😝😝😝
I have not even played this when I was downloading that then I have to keep open my screen all time if one time it is closed so it will say that pending and is revolving and it had taken 5 hours then also it had not downloaded now also it is very bad and this is the first game that had taken so much time. Few days ago I have downloaded 2 games they have downloaded in 5 minutes. Please fix it Very bad😠thing u have seen so good ads then also. 😠😡👺again it happens. I do not expect this from you.
It's so bad it's a waste of space this game sucks and when your done with a level they look like they are possessed
Every time I open the game I get the kid in the chair then it crashes. Never get to play.bwast of tinme
What the hell first play this game it was the inside of the ears when I was on there for 64 it just got weird and weird a weird and weird and weird I wish I could give it a zero!!!!
One star bc its way to laggy! It freezes up to much and u can't even unlock VIP. U guys need to fix that.
to many ads!! if I have multiple things to do with ear I get an ad in between each thing. if I have to spin wheel I get ad twice. if I upgrade anything I get an ad to watch! to many so im uninstalling
It is very bad game .if the cutter goes inside the boil then the game is over. That's because I gave 2 stars. And one more thing please remove the ads 🙄🙄😟😩😞
Omgggggggggggggggggggggggg game I lobe but ads??? SUCK Don't take this as a hate comment I just hate the ads not game,!
I wish there was a 0 rate on this game but since it doesn't i put a one star rate its to many ads and when u try to get a vip character u have to press it a thousands times and get nothing and u have to do the same thing over and over and it lags to freaking much people dont waste your time downloading this and dont download nothing they created 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹
Absolutely Terrible Game! Half The Time You Can't Watch An Ad Even When Given The Option Because The Button Doesn't Work, It's As If They Pick And Choose When You Can Watch An Ad For Extra Coins Or To Unlock A VIP Customer.... Not Worth The Data Space It Takes Up In Your Phone Honestly!!! I'm Uninstalling This App Immediately!!!!! Huge Thumbs Down, I'd Rate It A 0 Star If I Could!!! SAVE YOUR SPACE AND DON'T INSTALL THIS APP!!!
This game is terrible one of the ads is IMPOSSIBLE because i had yo wait 20:56:47:30 hours! I wish ads wasent IMPOSSIBLE!!!
This game is a little gross,lol, but never use a tips cuz it just makes your ear wax go all the way to your ear drum and can mess your hearing,thanks LOL
It's a amazing game & i want to say something to all of u if there is a lot of add... So turn of your internet and then play..... ☺☺☺
Was actually kinda weirdly fun but way way way to many ads. An ad for every new tool, an ad for tool skins plus ads pop up in the middle of game play. I understand you need ads in order for the game to be free but the amount of ads is simply ridiculous.
Hey devs, I understand that you need ads but seriously? Watching ads just to get the freaking reward slash gifts that consist a tool, that's forced ad and I hate it. Just remove the gifts if that's the case since it's freaking useless. Put a tool option instead and put those tools there with ads. Watching ads just to have the tools ruin this game, some tools will not be acquired and will be lose if you skip the ad. 👎👎👎
Liked this game so much 😁 but I am unfortunately sad because of ads I have experience of 25 games that are in my phone
This game is awful. There is way to many ads and glitches. The screen turns black and says goodbye. Please fix this bug NOW
It's Okay... It was satisfying for me but Disgusting... It also had a lot of ads. I would rate it a 2 star rate. It was okay..
This game is good. The i gave four stars is that after every level there is a 30 sencond ad... And it's so annoying...
There are so many ads and all the time when you clean the ears it takes so short. And it is starting to stress me out. In the textures on this game are really bad.
loving it so much thank you so much for coming out with this game it's absolutely fun and easy and cool because if you want to be like an ear doctor when you go or a doctor when you grow up this can teach you so I like this game
The game is so gross and why to meny ads way to much. Cleening other people's ears just so gross and. DO NOT PLAY THE GAME IT IS SO BAD DON'T PLAY IT.
If you have ads turn off your wifi and that is it seriosly i love this game ;D. Falloutnick fan why this game always reapeat it self you know why. Becuase the game producer can't think about new level. And please fix the bugs, glitches, and lags.
This game is very satisfying barely any ads amazing it's so cool do you have a job and you have to get wax out of people's ears I know that's kind of weird but it's really satisfying so I gave it to five stars
This is awesome man but something is wrong with the ads when the ad appeared the music was like kusssssssssssss then ptttttttttttt like the cencored sound effect But its ok because i quit the game restart it turn off my wifi and play it again😁😀😁😀🙂🙂😇
Horrrible, horrible horrible, this game is a waste of doggy poo. When I started playing this game, I thought it'll be like the other levels that repeat on themselves, but no, the developers who created this game didn't have a chance to add more stuff into this digital content, if you ever see this game, do not install it, if you already have the game, then uninstall it immediately. This is a waste of money $$$ One more thing, don't try to press the ad button to get rewards or unlock VIP,
I love this game and its my first time playing it and i think im starting to like very much and i give this 5 🌟 rating
This game glitches lile crazy. There is adds all the time and i dont get why this game has 4 stars, like why?? If your reading this review dont get this app. I made the mistake of getting it. I dont recommend this app.
This game is super bad.. I had to rate it five stars on my other phone and go back to it just to play....THEY CRY...when they're dancing is that well... Idont know.. Then when i am going to the next level i get a BLACK SCREEN for five muinites.... UGH.
To many ads and after you clean the ear you have to decorate the clinic then it will waste you money or ads again then it has spin the wheel to get more money but you have to waste it again then it will show ads again and again it's so boring so I'm saying never download this app because it's only all ads this should be a ad game not a earwax clinic game so BORING this is wasting my time😡😡😡😡😡
I like this game but TO MANY ADS pls fix the glitch that keep happening and i would i not cleaning peoples ear like who made this i don't like this ;-;
I hate this game it is so disgusting and I do not want to play it and can you please shut down for ad for the game please🤮🤮 and I wish I could give it zero stars
Really good game pl lease download to sapport creater of the game and to the creater of the game thank you for making it!
I love this game because it's fun where you get to get the dirt out of the people here and it's funny cuz I thought on and then I download it because it was the great game and I love it like I love this game now so that's why I love the game by
This game is just like the game called food clinic I gave it 4 stars because it is so discussing and I think foot clinic copied earwax clinic or ear wax clinic copied foot clinic anyway this game is fun
don't install this game it's terrible one because of the ads your ad every 2-minutes and you can't even play the game properly 2 because of the beeping noises everytime you play on silent mode you will die trust me and third of all you get annoyed because every time you finish the level it goes into the decoration place and that gets annoying ok it gets annoying and trust me with that so do not install this game unless you want these 3 terrible things game is good but not worth it these things
I really like it ESPECCIALLY for my 3 yrs brother he really like it he picked up some education on the way of playing this game my mom even download it for herself to see
There are wayy too many ads and a lot of glitch. Plz fix this prob): it might get worse. It is too digusting to clean other's ears anf why would we to that?? This game is meaningless!! Even the earwax is GOLDEN in the ear. The earbud has an invisible torch somehow.This nonsense!!👎👎😠😦😦
The game sucks because I can't even open the game without getting flirted with the 50 million ads when I open it. Also it took me 15 million tries to open the game because the game just kept crashing .hoover your tech support dude is you need to fire him. Also your game makes me feel like this🤢🤮. And your game is💩💩💩
This is a game who use in cleaning the ear wax but this game is not interesting I request you to make a good and intresting game and try to make online game all peoples play with each other and this type of game is an interesting game.so try to a best game and popular game in the world please do hard work and make a interesting game .okk thank you
It's ok but when I'm in the middle of a level it goes on an add, also it kinda gets boring after about 10 levels
I don't think it was AMAZING because it was gross because of the ear and the hairs and stuff just it was gross euuuuuu
Love the game but the ads are annoying and there is a spinner from which we will get 2x 10 x etc when we want to stop it we had to go to ads very very annoying for me but I love the game you also had to try 🙂😉😘❤️❤️❤️💖💗💗💖💗💗💖💓💞💖💓
WAY TOO MANY AD'S. There's literally no way to bypass it. This game is just 1 giant ad. It makes it impossible to enjoy.
It's very glitchy and it is very interesting but I think it has too many ads and has alot of vibration I recommend not installing
This sucks, it says webpage not available, and when i do it again, webpage not available, please fix this
This game is a waste of time don't download it, and why does the video seem calm. There is so much vibration and it is very annoying so pls don't thank you. It has alot of ads as well
If there was a 0 star rating, I would give it to this game. Between every action, there's an ad, then it freezes and glitches. Then there's an ad and every patient, after which it glitches more. But when you want to get the bonus, the new tool, or a vip patient, you can press the ad button 50 bajillion times for nothing. Bugs fixed my ass. You need to fire your tech support person, and hire someone who will actually do their job. Don't waste your time on this game.
There are too many ads in this game, and the graphics of this game is not good so I uninstalled it.😒😒👎👎👎😾
My name start with the new one of those things that you have the same problem with the new one of those things
It is like easier to see all the different parts and you get to customize if you have enough money and sometimes you can watch ads to get those and you can customize the overall it's a really really good app If you are Swedish I don't recommend it because you have to go into a person's here and it's really not that logic but it is a good good Game it will keep you busy specially at the airport I've been traveling this season so actually keeps me busy and keep me distracted from everything
This game is fantastic 👍👍. Like this game very much me and my small brother we both love this game my small brother has downloaded this game in our dad's phone and I downloaded it in my mom's phone and we both play thsi game only all time