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Eleven for PC and MAC

Is a Travel And Local game developed by Eleven, OOO. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Eleven E-Scooter posting is a convenient and way that is fun ride around the town. Merely download the app, get a hold of and unlock an e-scooter nearby and go!

Use Eleven for:

• getting from metro to your workplace or house
• trips together with your relatives and buddies
• exploring the town on a week-end this is certainly sunny showing your international friends round the town
• any short-distance trips within the town centre

How it works:

• Open the Eleven App in order to find a scooter close by.
• Scan the QR code from the handlebar to unlock the scooter.
• Put a helmet on, kick off and hit the throttle. Enjoy your ride!
• When appeared, park the scooter wherever convenient – no need certainly to seek unique parking stations
• That’s it!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Eleven.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Eleven for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
1.50 to unlock and 0.40 a minute? Srsly? 😂😂 We have perfect rides for 0.25 with 0 unlock fee. Good luck 🤣
В приложении ограничены места, по которым можно ездить, крайне неудобно
Картой невозможно пользоваться. Нету зума, не возможно видеть точное расположение самокатов.
scooter didn't work and they refused to refund me back, they have bad customer service ever Самокат не работал , и они отказались мне возместить стоимость аренды, самый худший сервис по обслуживанию клиентов!
The app is ok, scooters are not. Scooters are huge, they simply won't go uphill, so get yourself prepared for some physical work. Overpriced AF. This would be the worst of all options available in Tbilisi. Bye
One of your products alarm has gone off and been screaming for an hour!!! No one touches this piece of sh'ee't. Are you planning to respond. Stop disturbing citizens! thanks.
уберите пожалуйста табличку с инструкцией как пользоваться приложением или сделайте возможность ее закрыть, она только раздражает
This app charged me two times, without even starting the ride. Be carefull, while starting a ride it might give an error and then start a ride and charging when you already left the scooter.
Technical support works in extremely strange way. The scooter didn't work, they said that would check it. After several days they just replied that everything was ok and and they won't compensate the unsuccessful trip. What's the point?!
a great scooter renting app, having many scooters around Minsk, and a great app and a great renting price. Areas to improve on or other ideas: Have a route planner, so while you are using eleven, you know where you are going. A good idea is to add discounts to users trips when they plug their scooter into a charging station. Could also add some scooters to other cities, for example, London. Also they could add something that stops you accidentally stopping and starting and having to pay 2 byn
App is alright but the scooters are so underpowered and overpriced it seems like they forgot to do market research
Худший из шеринговых сервисов, начиная от работы карты локации скутеров и заканчивая системой предоплаченного кошелька, и это с учётом верифицирован ной карты и привязки паспортных данных в приложение. Полное Г аороче
Убрали работу в центре в угоду кому-то. Я здесь живу. Пользоваться невозможно.
Самокат не разблокировался, деньги сняли. Чат с поддержкой выдает ошибку. СПАСИБО
Had problems with a scooter that would not start. They refused to refund the money. Time stamped as less than a minute (while I was trying to get the motor to start). They said if they find a problem they will refund. Surprise, surprise, no refund. Happened 2 times.
No probems with the app itself, but the prices are really inadequate. Taking a scooter is about 50% more expensive than taking Uber.
I am very glad that this service appeared in my city. App has simple and easy to use interface. Problems are: high prices - it is significantly cheaper to use uber, no ability to report broken vehicle (not all problems are visible from the first glance), no ability to use some sound signal to find vehicle (gps is not too precise)
Your pricing policy for Minsk is ludicrous, not only it's way higher than taking an uber, it also doesn't make any sense given the market you are in. Rating you at 1/5. _____________________ Неадекватные цены для подобного рынка. Это что угодно, но никак не средство передвижения. Поучитесь у конкруентов из гродно.
ალბათ ვიპოვე ყველაზე ცუდი აპლიკაცია. მუდმივად დაყოვნებაა ოპერაციის შესრულებისას, რაიმე ბაგი თუ ამოვარდა შენი პრობლემაა. დაპაუზებულიდან ისე მოგხსნის ვერ გაიგებ სამწუხაროა არადა თვითონ აპარატები ნორმალურია და რბილი, უბრალოდ აღმართზე მაგრად უჭირს ასვლა
Eleven scooters are more than twice the price of their competitors, and no better, not interested, bye!
Didn't find a scooter, though the app showed it right about me. The 2nd one wasn't found too. The third scooter was 100 meters away from its real position. But anyway couldn't start a ride due to card verification problem. Hope your service will become better. 1 out of 5 for now.
После того, как дважды не смог взять самокат (висела бесконечная загрузка) удалил приложение и пользоваться больше не хочу. Видимо нормальных разрабов и тестировщиков найти в команду - проблема, раз все работает через раз.
Поездка прекратилась на ходу без видимых причин. Денег и заряда было достаточно. Повторная попытка разблокировать скутер приводит к сообщению, что он кем-то занят.
The app is working properly and it's so convenient to use the scooters But still the price is so expensive for scooter It is equivalent to carsharing))
It's 10x more expensive than taxi and 3x more expensive than bird or other scooter sharing service. Update: I rented 2 scooters for me and my friend and payed 5 GEL its approax 1.5$. We traveled around 15 - 20 meters with this money.
Активировал 100% заряженный самокат, прошло полторы минуты, в течение которых я так и не смог тронуться, т.к. показывало на экране, что самокат резко разрядился в ноль. Деньги сняли, поездки, как таковой, не было, осадок остался не очень приятный.
Hi my scooter won't start, but it says that it is active, How the hell does that happen ..I want my refund!!!
-app works well -you get the ride per the price of taxi with public transport moving quicker than you and good chance to break your neck with Minsk kind of roads for bicycles -I havent got to my destination(6km) though started at 30+ % charge. scooter just stopped in the last quarter of the way as it had less than 10% battery
it does not allow to read confirmation code from my bank. after I close my message app, Eleven clears the card details.
არმუშაობს ბარათის დამატება, ორჯერ ჩავწერე აპლიკაცია, მაგრამ მაინც უშედეგოდ. ნომრის დამატებაზეც ბაგავს. ტარიფები კი ძალიან მაღალია.
Expensive. First time I tried the service I couldn't get the scooter to move, so there was another scooter next to me and I took that instead. I contacted customer service on Telegram (quick to respond) and they said "we will do an inspection and IF it Is found to be faulty then we will refund you. How about treating your customers with a bit more respect? It was my first time using the service, It's 2 rubles ffs, why not just refund me and take my word for it like any other company?
Poor support experience and messy application, but high prices (which should include better service at least). This is the combo when company is not recommend
Logged into the app successfully before the ride. But when I came to the bike I get the error "Your request was throttled. Please try in 60minutes". Thanks for the ride that never happened. Useless app if you can't get the bike when you are in front of it.
Это приложение про то что вы закинете в него денег, попытаетесь покататься, ни один из скутеров не поедет, но с вас спишут два раза деньги. Потом невероятно грубые девицы из поддержки вам расскажут что ИХ специалист проверит все и с вами свяжутся, но деньги вам так и не вернут. Советую тем кто хочет подарить свои деньги мошенникам, 15 загруженных в пустую рублей/10.
The most overpriced service I have ever used in my life. The rival scooter options are far cheaper and better too. Eleven - deleted!
Отвратительный сервис, списывают деньги с карты просто так. Поддержка не отвечает, а просто закрывает диалог.
Списывают деньги за нерабочие самокаты и не возвращают.