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Faily Brakes 2: Car Crash Game

Faily Brakes 2: Car Crash Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES located at Dubai. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
It's Faily Brakes - Accelerated to the Max!

Phil Faily can’t catch a break. This time his car’s accelerator pedal is stuck to the floor and he’s speeding out of control with his vehicle getting faster and faster as he’s trying to maneuver his way through oncoming traffic, hills, tunnels, traffic intersections as well as the police riding on his tail for speeding!

With plenty of hills, thrills and Faily spills, this is the level that is next Brakes experience the mobile gaming world has been waiting for!

Gameplay Features:

- Vast reimagined Faily World, where Phil and Anita can decide to take turns that are different tunnels, caves, fields and more. Choose your own adventure! that is faily Destructible vehicles – Cars are now able to take some damage without crashing completely. See the hinged doors swing open and the bonnet of the car fly off!

- A huge range of car customizations - Upgrade your car&# performance that is 39;s paint, wheels, antenna and even your license plate.

- Bigger ragdoll crashes - Crashing in the game is still just as fun that is much playing!

- Police Car Chases - Evade the cops riding your tail for speeding!

- Race your ghost! Challenge your best run or a challenge that is direct a friend!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Faily Brakes 2: Car Crash Game.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
i hate this game because i keep on dying on the lasst distance dont waste your damm time playing this idiot developer
I love all the games you make and this is definitely one of my favorites. But I don't know how you get more carecters I have played for a long time but I don't have any new ones and could you maybe add some new levels in the future? Other than that I love it keep up the good work.
This game is good but not amazing first of all I unlocked the first jeep and the stallion cars but I don't have them I unlocked them but it's not there in the garage I want the stallion so bad I unlocked it but don't have it is a amazing car and I don't want to lose this game is good but not up to the reputation of daily brakes one plz fix this 2 stars from me!
Has brilliant potential, but I eventually deleted the game because of how glitchy it was. I didnt get the jeep when I was supposed to unlock it, and the powerups would often crash the game I am redownloading it in hope of those glitches have gone, because this is a very fun game
It want let me go in the game it does but when I press play it just stays for ever on the black screen
it would be a good game but there are really weird ads that have fake skip buttons and the game lags alot and there are ads every 3 times you reck
Game does not work after update. Everytime I log in it closes out after just loading a little bit. I'm disappointed as this app is fun to use.
This is an awesome game. Its fun and it makes you feel good. I like the way you can just drive through the whole map really fast. Just one more thing... please take away the ads.
Can u add female and customise ur character cause I only c that u can customise ur car only. Can u plz add female and customise ur character plz over all the game is great
It is the best game ever the controls don't really is that good but everything else is amazing but I still rated a five stars.
It's good but after certain point there is no way to go and we have to crash very badly and then restart again😑
This game is so fun, you have to check it out. Jumping over ramps to fly over trains, dogging cars,trees,rocks and mountains oh my, sorry alitte Oz there. I wreak alot, but its fun whipping out our seen how far you can go. Remember no brakes, ads are fine check it out.
This game is a good game but now i have soo much money and i cant buy anithing with it. what should i do. I've upgraded my car to max
It's a lot like other apps I've downloaded adds dont play through & then I get thrown out & have to start ovr & dont get the upgrades & dont get to use the car they were showing.Alot of games I've downloaded have this problem any way not a bad game but if u dont upgrade the car they give u in the beginning its vry hard 2 control so have2 watch adds2 upgrade but they don't play through so what is the point of trying 2 play u guys need2 do something about the adds that u use
It will get boring after awhile but it's a fun game and I enjoy it there are a few things that need to be fixed but I recommend it you might not have the same opinion as i do but if you like it give it a good rating bc this game doesn't deserve this much hatred
For what the game is going for its great. If your looking for Need for Speed 6, this ain't it. If your looking for quick pick up & play game with silly ragdoll visuals. Look no further!
I did not enjoy this game at all. Steering response is horrible, no lanes going in a normal direction, and swamped with ads
It's a nice clean smooth running game it's entertaining keeps you occupied longer than what you expect
Although the gameplay is fun the police isnt they just repetitively hit you from the back and you cant do nothing against them
I grew up in the middle of the year award winning the best of the year and the best I can do not enter a new year of the season with the first two games like that you have a great chance of the game online and KYLE resort is a good place for the first two to the first half and KYLE and the two teams in minecraft but the new year has a big impact in minecraft that has been the new series for a new generation and KYLE has a good chance to be a good time for a good night's episode and a big surpris
ok so,the old faily brakes let me use my arrow keys on my laptop so could you guys maybe add the feature to use arrow keys,but besides that its a GREAT games,bc i find it easier to play the faily games on my laptop
Great game... But i give three stars cause of the ads.. honestly I spent more times watching ads... Worst experience...
There's so much wrong. There's no car lane going your way, so just oncoming traffic. Rocks which you could go over easily deal like 20 damage to your vehicle,every tiny thing affects you. It's super frustrating
After last update the adds that I paid to remove are back... Seriously what do I do with these coins now that everything is maxed out?
Fantastic fun... but frustrating to play. I'm a little disappointed by the way they took this game as the original was my childhood! It is a fun game, but the controls are WAY sloppier than the original and the amount of traffic on the road means its NEVER a smooth ride, something you could achieve if you were good enough at the original. Also most of the cool power ups from the original are gone, and there's no temporary invincibility powerup that let's you plow through cars with no damage.
This game sucks theres no Lamborghini inless you by cool kid pass and my screen keeps freezing when I start then when it un freezes im dead 1 star there needs to be more maps and better graphics and better cars
AWSOME IT HAS a lot of customization to the game and it has cops too love it try it out. I hope in the next update they have new maps so try it out and have fun
Awful the graphics are worst than the original, gameplay is dubbed down you would be better off with faily skate or the original
It's an ok game. The boost power up is useless to me. You'll likely to get crash more often cause it's too fast. Just add shield while you boost. The rocket one is useless. Just make homing missiles instead.
Two stars. I played the first Faily Brakes and find that the second one is not much different than the first. Granted, that's what you want, but you'd expect some big changes as well... and there isn't. There are repair markers now, which is a nice addition, though small. The steering is more of a suggestion in this one. And yet again, there is no goal for the game. I don't get the reason as why I should play it if there is no goal to achieve. It needs first person view like the first game had.
This app is not lying when it said that it contains ads but this thing is INFESTED.....THE APP WOULD BE BETTER IF THERE WASN'T AN AD PLAYING EVERY 3 TIMES YOU DIE
Terrible..first is fun but then realized I cannot dodge any car. For such a terrible graphics add are too aggressive.
I love this game a lot❤️ but there are some stars on all the cars to make them cool and much more powerful but I don't see where to upgrade those cars and I have 200k coins to spend and add more cars to the game.Developers please fix this.I hope that this review is helpful for you.
Love it when i crash the driver does a realistic nose dive flying through the air saying ouch oww freaking fun and funny!!
Honestly this game was my childhood, and it made me really happy to know that the 2nd version became a reality. And its better than ever, crash physics, more cars and so many map variations!
I like how the game has the intro from the first one and I absolutely love the health bar and I like that bigger cars have more health. It's like the first game got revamped.
While I'm enjoying this game, the economy of it makes no sense. I have very quickly spent coins to max out car endurance and pick up. I now have over 4,000 coins and there doesn't appear to be any way to spend them. Which is strange. The "shop" includes the option to buy more coins. What would I even do with them? Am I missing something? I saw another reviewer say something about how the game was changed so everything is "paid for" by watching ads. Which explains a lot.
This game is alot high better than the old one. This game is OP that I can not stop playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great game but running into something of clipping something dose too much damage and the cops are dumb and you don't stand a change cause the keep ramming you into obstacles and you die in 5 secs. Plz make the cops less annoying and make obstacles do less damage. And make the ads appear NOT AFTER EVERY RUN.
All it needs are more upgrades, more items like cosmectics and outfits that would cost coins. Because after the upgrades are maxed, we have nothing to spend it on. We need more of a reason to keep on goin'. Develepor broskees, lets chat! Ya'll seem real nice!
Well this is cool but where is the character customization/and female character and new location like from the previous game that would be awesome! And need more cars though
Everything in this game is great even though some comments have upsetness about the ads it's not too much
I really like the simplicity and how addicting it is to play, i also like the night mode very well done😁✌
Great way to kill time, stress, road rage, & anything else your mind will let you destroy on the road!!
I genuinely like this game. It has lots of cool cars, different maps... it feels like somethig new. But my only problem is that the handling is sooo bad. I can barely control the car and i drift out and crash. I reccomend that you fix this. I personally like the previous Faily Brakes better.
Its a great game but if you want to make a destruction game on the car plz like make the fenders break make the wheels fallo out on death maybe when low on health make the steering harder and add destruction on other vahinclies(traffic).
It was good but I discovered this glitch where you fall through the ground and you get so many points
Way to many forced timed ads. Choose to skip an you make me watch one anyway well not anymore deleted after 5 minutes.
I didnt really enjoy the game as much as the first one. There are 2 many ads also the turning and the one biome is really saddening. Also there are 2 many cars and the game loads to long.
Really big let down from the first game definitely harder and they got rid of where y can go in slo mo when flying after a crash that's sucks but also ur durability just sucks it would be a lot better if u could crash into anything. BIGGEST LET DOWN OF A GOOD GAME
the original faily brakes I think had better graphics than this and I don't like the game play and it's just boring no action and stuff like that btw toooooo many ads and it reminds me of Nokia race apps cause the graphics are soooo bad even old nokia has better graphics lol
Fun concept. Good animation. Controls are horrible. You have to press one of two arrows on either side of screen to steer. Swipe motion would be better. Game not playable. Uninstall.
the game is good and all but I kinda wish you could switch cars in the game like. Oh I wanna go back to the first car and drive it. Or if u watched an ad to get a car for 5 turns why can't you like save it for later because you got a car from making it so far.
Well i love the game like its not that bad but, the controls and the movement is so hard and its like when i begin the run its just where i go and after 39 sec i lose and i hope you update it better :(
The concept of the game is awesome but there's way too many ads and bugs that need to be sorted out , hopefully in a future update .
This game is much better than the first! The best bit about this version is the ability to mow down innocent pedestrians and dogs that get in your way. The only bad thing about that is that they can slow you down a bit.
It's really good, however whenever I leave the app after winning a car the car is nowhere to be seen and wont show up until I win another car, and then THAT car dissapears.
This is a great game the only thing they need to Im prove is there graphics that is all great game tho
Nice car and Ragdoll physics but Games crashes when my car get crashed,get hitten by something,also when the game starts fix this in the new update
It is a good games besides the fact that there are way to many cars that you can crash into. Also, DO NOT PLAY ON COMPUTER
My favor for you, is that you might be able to get nineteen+ of the amount of cars in the game. Like the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster, the Aston Martin Valhalla, the Ferrari F60 America convertible, and the best of them all, the Lamborghini Sian FKP-37 Roadster.
Note 10+ unplayable. Video corruption and sound distortion. After my car eventually crashes, the phone goes blank. Super big issues here.
I really wanted to like this game but you blew it with all the ads. I mean seriously, why are there so many? So listen up everyone....its a turd.
Its kinda good the graphics are epic but the problem is you cant upgrade your car you cant increase its speed or anything the durability is bad and you cant change your car into premium too.
The collect button is bugged and at faily brakes 1 there no final dive but this game doesw which is giving me hate to this game
I love all the games you make and this is definitely one of my favorites. But could you maybe add some new levels in the future? Other than that I love it keep up the good work.
If you make a faily brakes 3 please slow it down it would be so much more enjoyable gee both 1 and 2 have such potential but such fast stressful action you can't go very far gets kind a old fast cause of that
My childhood is soo amazing because of this game and now its tuned up But why is this game does not have the same game Developer I'm just confused or just crazy and one question why does this game does not have the same developer and the concept of their models thats it and happy to have this game back!
The game is cool in all, can you consider adding better controls to your game like the controls suck.
Kinda boring no new levels and when you don't have internet you can not get nothing what it needs is a city level
Every time I die in the game my screen turns completely black then I have to restart the game fix the bug plz
One of the best games I have ever played and sometimes it makes me laugh because the way the character dismounts 🤣🤣😂
I love the game but I have a request 1. Can you please add a engine problem, wheels problems and also please also add a explosion on the car if the engine is really damage 2. Add more Maps, Cars, much more easy to get a character skin and finally Ways I mean a ways just like tunnels, bridge, highway and more pls update the game if you do I'm gonna rate this 5 stars
Although the gameplay is fun the police isnt they just repetitively hit you from the back and you cant do little to nothing against them and REALLY? You need an internet connection for claim the chest by watching ADS every time you you hit new level? And if not your chest just gone like that?
Game is fun. Ads arent. Seriously, after every attempt an ad plays. And they're full unskippable 45 second ads too. Unplayable because of this
Lots of ads. Want to open a chest you unlocked? Ad. Want to claim your daily "reward"? Ad. Want to upgrade your car? Ad. Coins are practically worthless. The ragdoll is fun, but horrible economy and a suffocating amount of ads makes it horrible. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate this game as a 0.
Yea definitely only 1 star. I just downloaded the game and will be also uninstalling the game. Ads every time you play? Like after a few second you die and another ad??? Thats over kill. Let me know if you reduce the ads bylike 80%
Great game instead of buying cars you can just drive more miles to get extra cars I really love that new feature you guys is a really good job on this game
When ever I get slammed with a friken ad first thing really turns me off that and every time I so much as touch anything another friken ad really come on where is the game when will you make it about the game.....
£1.99 to remove ads is a complete no-brainer. Game is great to look at, can be really tough at times though. I smile when I remember I've installed it, so it must be good!
We do like the missions like I'm not one car and hit five rocks and upgrade a tool chest please like the challenges every single day daily challenges could you do it like every single year we do all of them like this one at the same countdown but you do them every single day like every single year or something please I really really like that challenge I'll rate you five stars if you do it please I really really like the challenges but I like this one the most but the one it's super good
I like this game a lot but there's one thing.You can't buy stuff with coins and when you finish upgrading your car the coins are pointless
A fun game but what do I do with all these coins now that everything is maxed out? Remove add cost is reasonable and worth it. Good stress relief.
Bad just bad sterring is like you drive with rims only and the fact that the cars that drive the twords you crash by them self and make roadblocks 1st game was wayy better or at least it used to be
I have a problem with this game 1 it's laggy 2 you can't change the camera to first person 3 i hate the cop chase 4 the cars bump into each other hope you fix it
Sucks you got so many coins and you can't use them and the game keeps glitching out when I try to get paints for my car and you don't get enough cars
This game is pretty fun but has alot of problems. Some cars you see in the screenshots aren't in the game. You can't upgrade your cars to premium. To many cars spawn making the game really hard. Once you max out your upgrades, coins aren't useful anymore.
You will find your self watching the ads rather than playing the game..every ads is longer than the game level..greedy dev...uninstall....
Is this even official because it's made by auc games and looks worse.I think this is a copy but they put sponge games so?did they get permission?
I have been playing faily brakes since i have been 7 and i loved there games that they have made but a little thing i dont like there is no slo motion and i loved the slo motion so plz add it back
4 stars cause it's not the best game ever but it's one of my fav mobile games. If you're looking for a game to cure boredom here is one ; )
Okay, lots of ads. If you revive it does not move you back to road, you just crash into next thing a split second later, no warning.
I love the game and the different options but the game keeps kicking me out of the game every 6mins. This is the only reason why I would give u a 4 star instead of a 5 star
The games is really fun but I wish for upgrading the only 2 things in the game does not get max bc I want to get super far also they slap you with to many ads plus the game crashes alot the graphics or amazing but if you fix the crashing of the game it would be a 5 star
So cool but i allways die on the trains bu its cool how i fly in the air like 1000000000ft into the air
I love this app my parents used to play this a lot. So I thought I would try it great game ngl. But please make it eaiser to get skins. Neverless more skins.
Fun, while it lasts... Took all of two days of casual play to max out the upgrades. Wouldn't be so bad it you could spend the in game money on something else. The only way to get anything else is by watching ads. And now the game has suddenly started crashing constantly.
I have a great idea that woukd make this game even better. Combine faily rider and faily brakes together to create the ultimate faily game all in one app! That would be something truly epic. Do that and this game will be thoroughly complete.
This is the Best game for cars, and I just started to play with faily brakes 2 I got a car that gives you more speed and coins.
1, Theres nothing to do with the coins once you get max upgrades speaking of upgrades sometimes it wont go to max durability itll go to 500 HP to 440 AND WHERES THE FIRST PERSON MODE THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST FEATURES EVER???!!!! And sometimes you can get infinite points by crashing at a split at the tunnels you go through the boundary and get infinite points which breaks the game and is bad cause u just complete the game FIX AND ADD THIS STUFF!!!
This is a continuation of my first review. I think they should add more power ups in-game there are only three. they are pretty useless for the most part. The boost sounds good, but you still take all the damage so you almost always end up losing after getting it. Damage immunity would be a nice touch just to make boosts practical. Machine guns are pretty ok but sometimes they feel less like guns and more like airsoft guns. the missile launcher is bad bc it doesn't hit anything that you want.
Did you even get permissions from the owners of the original game? This is far worse than the original like, its a fake, the controls are terrible, to many adds, FAR to many
The game is good and can help pass the time but three of my cars disappeared and now I'm stuck with the first two stater cars.
Very very very good game. Must Download it. Graphics to gameplay to controls all is nice 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
This game kinda sucks because when you hit something you take SO much damage. So i die so quickly. FIX THIS.
This game is very fun but has a few issues every time you get damaged it takes off 5% 10% of your damage off of little objects and they're controls to control the car is very wonky! please fix immediately!!!!
I love you games my fiance Nia Jax love this game thanks cousin Google April in them you're something else that the real one vehicles and Chase crashing cars more likely up and down Highway
Cool wicked game...wicked graphics...downside tons of ads...trying to milk us for data...but wicked game...wicked legoish animated characters..
This is lowkey the best offline game I have ever had on my phone I swear!!!!its a massive improvement from faily brakes 1 keep the updates coming!!!
This game is fun. I like the physics of driving as well as crashing. Need to tone down the adds a bit otherwise, good game.
I love the game experience. I like the durability concept, but I liked winning cars better from the first faily brakes than unlocking them. Also I feel you should be able to upgrade your car from the main menu.
This is a really great game one of my favorites I recommend for other people download this game I showed my friends And they downloaded it.
It's a good game, I'm not gonna lie. I love it. But when you go back to your phone's home screen once you unlocked a new car, it deletes it. IT SUCKS.
Ragdoll drivers are always fun to crash around. If the game had more detailed crash physics for npc cars it would be sick but it's a mobile game after all. Gj devs fun game.
Well the game is really cool and fun but in the photos how can you do all of that stuff like the cops chase you and race with different players and all that stuff. Please read !!!!
This game is an actual MASTERPIECE it's really a massisve improvement from daily brakes 1 but I suggest you change the night time from just a ball of light following us to us having to use the cars headlamps that would be alot better and also if you can add a cockpit view just like what's in faily brakes 1
Its a ripoff of the first. Its a whole different studio its so dumb. EDIT It would be better if it was same studio.
Why I can't upgrade my car and the game look totally deferent on my phone have a loot of missing stuff to much lagging now