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Fall Dudes: Battle Royale

Fall Dudes: Battle Royale for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by PepUp Studios located at Suite 1901, Creative Tower Sheikh Hammad Bin Abdullah Street. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
Play against 39 other opponents in this crazy physics-based game when you look at the pursuit to win and also to be crowned the winner this is certainly ultimate! Fall Dudes lets you compete in a series of insanely laughable and outrageous challenges with the objective this is certainly sole of any level you perform even more hilarious than your previous attempt.

Breakthrough doorways, operate past obstacles or give somebody a-blast (Like truly). You get to select type or sort of guy you want to be. So are you ready? Buckle up and Fall Dudes!

Get become the right part of this journey by helping us along with your Feedback and Suggestions. With increased settings which can be brand new gameplay elements coming regularly, you are free to profile the future of this game.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Fall Dudes: Battle Royale.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Fall Dudes: Battle Royale for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It's good... But the character shapes and costumes are not as eye soothing or catchy as fall guys ... After each and every game , whenever i press to continue the loading bar stucks at 80 percent... The game mechanics is very good.. gameplay is fine.. controls is super easy.. addictive Waiting for multiplayer mode.. hope to see more improvements in the recent future
Actually the game is overall good but the Development of the Game and way it's managed is really Irritating because these Devs are not able to do something good like added Multiplayer but they forgot to let us join in Beta I hope they notice it and make Beta Publicly also Why release Multiplayer in Beta only?? Also why their Update always delays??? Learn to Manage a Game Properly Devs.
The game didn't give a value to their words, they told that add multiplayer on october 4 but the mood didn't come yet. If didn't know how to add a multiplayer on a game didn't tell about that. They add a session to get money for them, After playing a game we want to see a ads to play next game and also this game didn't have move level this game only have 4 location. This game is good to play but the world worst creates create this game
The controls are so bad. Some levels are impossible because of the controls. Disconnecting from the server 3 times in a row is just really bad
Nice cartoon game ever played .First I saw this on computer and now available also on phones .but they should also add an option to play with our own friends and also they should have to keep voice chat,so for this reason I hadn't gave one star to them.
Nice Fall Guys alternative, except not really. The controls don't feel especially fluid or nice. And I wish you'd randomize the levels. Always playing the same levels over and over with these AI dudes is kind of lame, since I want to see more levels instead of replaying 1 and 2 all the time. I understand this is early access, and that the player number needs to grow to replace AI and the issues will be fixed, and if that's the case, I'm willing to play this later.
Great idea for a game, still conectivity problems, laggy but its going in a good way. Nice, responsive controls. Played on ROG Phone II, fiber net.
This game is very interesting but the main problem is that the game is running good the but after one match is finished it is loading up to 80% and stopped I. And about multi-player you told that on 5 October we will release the multi-player mode and join the beta to play it but there is not any update or the option to join beta. And 5 October is over then also there is not an option to join beta to play multi-player see first tell me we have to download beta version or we have to join beta. tll
Excellent game! I just love it! I can't wait until multiplayer comes out. I started from Season 1 and before and it was great. Now finally Season 1 has started, there are taunts, new skins, the pass costs 950 Peps (in-game currency), which is about Β£4.49 and $5.81. For 2,450 peps, which gives you 25+ tiers, is about Β£10.99 and $14.22. Edit: Thanks for fixing the 80% bug that I always had to get out and back in the game.
Who's waiting for an multiplayer? I've had this game for a day, it's really good! But, you should add multiplayer! Also, it's very limited, there should be more people qualifying, not 25 everytime.
This is a decent game i really love fall guys pc version and i wanted it on androids as well . you guys are doing a great job but i recond you guys to advance the crontrols a bit they are like very simple and sometimes the game really lags a lot and please add atleast 10 levels till the end of 2020 you can do that . ;)
Add more levels.You can get this game to even 1 to 2 gb size.Because it is affordable by all.If you don't reply these such feedback comment there will be no community for this game.Its very important to give replies to the players who plays this game.Make it multiplayer so everyone can join with their friends and play it with real players.It will make the game a lot funnier and I can guarantee it that if you improve.Your game will popular all around the world for sure or else flop
When ever I try to join game it say match making error I can't play it I am not at all happy with it 😑😭 it was better befor update only......
Please improve graphics and controls then I will give it 5 stars good copied fall guys but controls and graphics are complete trash. One could not change the view to see his character behind obstacles. If you are tolerant then only install this game. Horrible but good gameplay. And please try to add multiplayer option.
I really like the game but why are ads everywhere everyrime when I finish a match it is so annoying and I hope they come after 3 or 5 matches but not every. I just think people would delete that game for that reason only (and the bomb tag but that is just my personal worst game so don't worry). And if it wasn't for that I would give it 5 stars
Overall gameplay is good but too many ads . You can't customize your character without paying money only if you watch dozens of ads but even so there isn't a lot to choose between. There are some bugs during the game like objects disappearing. please make an update that allows players to change their usernames.
I like this game. I request to improve its sever pin and bugs. Added new more tricky maps of attraction of players in this game.
Having tried out the game for myself, there were far too many advertisements and bugs which made the game being unplayable :( Also the game hangs all the time and disconnects me randomly even when my connection is perfect... if you are thinking of downloading this game, I urge you not to until improvements have been made :/
It is a great game now that season 1 has come out. I just have 2 problems can you people make some of the stuff in the battlepass free?. And how can I play multiplayer?if you can fix this thank you.
This is the best game,ever keep updating also I have some suggestions for the game and I have some things you need to change and remove and add. Suggestions, 1. You can grab people so that you can make them lose. 2.You can add people in game so that you can invite him to play with you. Last suggestion 3.You can Gift your friends skins and etc. You need to change and remove, 1. You should add that when you finish a mini game you don't qualify, add that you can wait for other people to qualify.πŸ™‚
I love Fall Guys, Bcuz i play Fall Guys a lot, and i can't always bring my laptop around, and so this is a good side game for me cuz it references Fall Guys a lot, more levels and being able to add friends please other than that, it's pretty solid. Plus it's free, definitely a good choice.
It's an ok game, but the main reason I downloaded it was for Multiplayer. It says the Multiplayer Beta is available in the playstore since the 5th of October but it was never added. - Over a month later and they still claim there's a multiplayer beta available yet there isn't, waste of time really. Safe to say the hype has died now lol.
This game really nice to play but there have lots of ads and main thing is server problem. Please fix this problem but I really enjoy this game. After fix I give you 5 stars.
I am thanking every single developers of the game who made this masterpiece I am eagerly waiting for the next update My bug reports: 1.In the bomb tag if the player hit the ball sometimes he will be thrown into the sky and falls down for a long time 2.Some lag issues in the game My requests Adding more levels both from the original game and your own creative levels Adding the multiplayer feature so that we can play with friends(just make a 2 player co-op against ai and then update it further)
I love this game this game awesome and I love it but please add some online playing friends to play with our friends and I will give it 5 stars because it gives us the feeling of fall guys this is too good game thanks for making this andand if you want to download fall guys so download tap tap application from Chrome on Google and search fall guys ultimate knockout and per registered into it thanks for reading my comment by
Worst game, even in good network connection it is saying that my ping is too high. Plz fix this. If u can't play the game then what's the point of downloading it. I have been playing this game for many weeks still i havn't played some of its map. If u r introducing new maps then atleast let us play those maps after that only we can give some review about that. I know its early access but if u guys fix all the errors and bugs then it will become a great game with high ratings. Good luck with that
Excellent game! I just love it! I started from Season 1 and before and it was great. Now finally Season 1 has started, there are taunts, new skins, the pass costs 950 Peps (in-game currency), which is about Β£4.49 and $5.81. For 2,450 peps, which gives you 25+ tiers, is about Β£10.99 and $14.22. Edit: Thanks for fixing the 80% bug that I always had to get out and back in the game. Edit2: Thanks for making multiplayer!!
Id love to give this game more but it keeps disconnecting me from the server also I'd like to see a offline mode
Like literally, i love this game. But it told that the multiplayer mode will be released,nd the deadline was given as 5th of October. Now 5th is over and the multiplayer has stll not been unlocked. When i even checked out the play store for the beta program, even that was not there?!! So please make this prob alrightπŸ•Ά And btw, there are a lot of ads.XD
Great game, as other people said, and as like them, I also want the online multiplayer as well as LAN multiplayer. Please add these features plus some new levels. Overall the game is nice, and I shall recommend everyone else do download it. Great concept. Hope, you devs will not disappoint us. Thank You
Love this game 😻! Because it is just like fall guys but you have to add some more mini games and to win the game we need to defeat all the other players that fine but you need make a last round like fall guys (running for the crown) Please!
Game is awesome and fantastic but I want to tell the developers that it needs some changes like : 1) Multiplayer 2) To push other players. 3) Inviting friend feature upto 4 or 5. 4) Also to spectate the friends feature related to multiplayer games and also other players. 5) An option to chat with the friends. 6) It needs to fix the control of joystick.7)Please add some more levels.Otherwise ,In this type of game - It's best game for mobile Made these changes then it would be a 5 star game
the game after the updates is full of bugs, please bring back the offline version or fix your servers
it was working before but since yesterday i haven't been able join the match its just shows waiting and then just waste me 20 mins then I updated it today. I tryed again after update but its still same I know its beta version but still I was very sad ☹️
This game isn't bad . But the characters aren't the best but the rest is fine. Actually more than fine! The thing I don't like the most is where the control is. But the rest is amazing.
Now levels are good but the game server glitches too much so you guys have to make this proper I hope you guys will make it so bring levels bye bye
The game is really fun its amazing but there are some issues about the game and there you need to add some features if you di that the game would be fantastic. So i think you need to smooth the gaming expirience its somewhat robotic. There needs to be somewhat big charecters and attractive. There should be more controls like grabbing, double jump etc. I think you need to add some more stages new like crown run etc. Stages are too important. And please give a option of online multiplayer.thanks
Please finish it! Hoping to play and invite with friends! This game once fully released and when players got eliminated, I HOPE THEY WILL HAVE SPECTATE FEATURE HERE SO THAT WE CAN STILL WATCH OUR FRIENDS OR COMPETITORS IN THE GAME. I love this game, same game as fall guy, it's fun. Hoping this game will release the full version please! Please add features like MULTIPLAYER WITH FRIENDS TO INVITE THEM ETC.
Hey developers, please add a few more levels coz it gets boring as we continue and add level up system as well. Add more skins. And add a system of getting skins on completion of certain missions. Please fix the sound problem. The sound doesn't match the placement of objects. And add controls to hold someone, that would be more funny .Do this to your game and it will be a five star one.
This game is awesome, it's a pretty good replica of fall guys. But the reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because it says you need to join the beta for the multiplayer option, but I cant join the beta. Why is this?
I don't get why it does this, but when I opened up the game when I first installed it, it says something like connection problem even though I'm already connected to the wifi. I already tried opening it many times, it still doesn't work. Why? I haven't even tried the game yet. I was so excited to try it, but it just ended like this. Try to fix the issue, and then I'll probably give this a chance to try this game again.
Obvious rip off of fall guys, and it's not even good. The game launches you straight into it without a tutorial or anything and the controls are really annoying. To top it off, there's an ad after every single round! Uninstalled and I'm glad I have.
There are too many problems in the game First you cant play with your friend Second match making is take very long time Third plase make it fast I like it most please fix these bugs
There are lots of bugs in this game, such as malfunctions in touch navigation, unstable server, too severe frame drop. I hope it will be fixed soon to get an exciting playing experience.
After addition of multiplayer the game really sucks. I have updated the game and wasted my mobile data. The game was sticking every time. I was unable to enter into a match.
Absolutely fantastic.... But i think some more levels to be added And game is just 10% lagging.... If this completes,the best ever game it will become
This game has so much potential like the one on PC but the developers(or whomever is responsible for it) of this game seem to be hesitant and unorganized when it comes to releasing the multiplayer mode, now when its finally built it never starts a game and the wait time is pretty much infinite. Update: Re-installed the game and the issue persists.
Now it has become a worst game only wasting of time so much lag, glitches, if I enter a match sometimes it will show round over and I can't play it was better before that time I love to give this game 5 stat now only 1 pls fix this problems ASAP
It's a very nice game, I have won many rounds , this game is much similar to the Fall Guys which is a paid game so it is easier to play this free game. But I want you guys to make a change in this game, I would suggest that you guys should make an invite option so that we can play with our friends also by inviting them and i also want this game to add real players not the bots. Please work on these two things so that we can enjoy this game more. Peace
It's good. It's nice. But I want to have many coins. So please 1 ad 10 coins please. I wanted to change my skin but I don't have any coins yet. And please add more level. Please. It's so fun. swear. just add more levels.
I hate this game I keep getting disconnected from the server. I cannot even one proper match even though my bandwidth is in MB per second
Nice game I like it because its so fun and amazing i hope you add some new outfits like punk dude,witch dude,assassin dude,skeleton,barbarian dude.but at least Nice game πŸ™‚βœŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
This is by far, the worst Fall Guys rip-off ive ever played! I havent even got the chance to play! It always says that i have bad internet connection. I have data, strong wifi, and ive even fixed the router, but i still couldnt play! Stumble Guys is much better than this
The game is good and I am sure u already know this but the servers need help Also a quick suggestions please add some bots to match playing with approximately 10 people per match is no fun Thank you
This game is great ! But I don't think it is online multiplayer . There is no sign from where we could find there we are playing with all others online , but we could play with AI. Playing with AI isn't a big thing but it's not fun. If I am wrong & this game is a ONLINE multiplayer game then it should have the following features to help player : 1.) There should be a spectating camera to see other players . 2.)A chat option with "ONLINE" players. 3.)An adjestable controls . Hope!!! Thx!πŸ™
Its many problem in game but i hope the game future time all type of problem solve And ping problem and bug problem arr so many problems But game is too much funny Good game devloper
It can be improved more. I have some suggestions: 1). Add Multiplayer Mode - First of all, Add multiplayer online mode of 55-60 players in which each player is real person and not bots! 2). Add Friends option - please add a friend list in the lobby containing the names of our friends; so that we can add them in a team of 4 and play together! This will really help you get more number of downloads!! 3). Add spectate option - so that after we have died, we are able to spectate our allies/opp.
Until the multiplayer started it was good. But today after the multiplayer has started, the graphics are worst. The ping is around 4000ms. Even after winning the game i got jus 50 points as the game dint reach the last stage and all my opponents cud not pass the earlier levels.
I have 2 complaint regarding fall dudes 3d game 1.you said that when you will complete a level then the loading screen will appear that 80/ glitch has fixed but why my 80/ glitch has not fixed??? 2. I cannot find join beta option and I cannot play multiplayer. Everything is fine game is very good Enjoyable but please I request please fix these 2 glitches Thank you
The game is good but limited characters and not eye catching like the ones in fall guys and one more thing according to the game multiplayer mode should have been available until now but there is no beta version available I was waiting one month ago for multiplayer mode tired of playing with bots and please add more levels
Don't waste yourS MB.... It's a very cheap game.... I can't get matching ... You will get matching by your luck once a day very hard to fine matching
Now there the problem is there are hackers they are losers i know so i want a option to report the hackers i just want the win please remove the option of report so that we can report i never give less than 5 stars but now i am giving cuz of hackers and very bugs the game didn't load the game disconnected and my internet is working properly so i can't get my rank too please fix everything i give 5 star sure and can't even increase the rank i am stuck at 40
Great game. All it's missing is a double tap jump option so you can dive and a grab for jumping (which I suppose isn't really needed until levels are flushed out more). Also would be great if touching left side pre match didn't move camera.
It is really a good game but please make it competitive multiplayer which makes it much more competitive and interesting game. You should also introduce much more types of levels like fall guys . I hope you will introduce it as soon as possible. If you do it your games will have millions of downloads within some months. My best wishes with you.
This is a very good game😍.It is just like fall guys but we need increased graphics.We should be able to select multiple emotes in a single game.Change the looks of the character, it looks like a Minecraft character.Add more exciting levels just like fall guys.😁Please keep updating this game because i just love playing itπŸ™πŸ˜.And please make it a multiplayer game so that we can play with our friends.;) I'm bored of playing th e same levels again and again.😒 Add a button fo diving and grabbing.
TBH, This is the most outstanding and awesome game I have ever played in my life! I like the game becasue of the new update I got which includes MEGA Honeyco, Perfect Match and the most helpful was the decreased difficulty of Impossible Race, this might be a Fall Guys Clone but this is just amazing!! Everyone Download this wonderful game now!!
It is really nice. It is much similar to Fall Guys. But can you please update this because I want to customize my character to suit for my gameplay. And also make new levels too. This one isn't multiplayer! This is OFFLINE!! Pls add multiplayer option bcz I tried it without an internet connection and ran the game, it still works and also playing the levels. That means it is absolutely offline and good.
There is a problem with the game. The first told that multiplayer will come on 5 October 2020 and now its 8 Oct. And I am not able to play it with my friends. Also the other 39 players are the same bots. Plz bring a real multiplayer update
it was working before but since yesterday i haven't been able join the match its just shows waiting and then just waste me 20 mins then I updated it today and them tryed again but its still same I know its beta version but still I was very sad ☹️
Levels are very easy make them hard add egg scramble fall mountain fall ball the whirligig and football and wall guys knight fever the music is very bad please change the graphics a please add team games please make characters cute please fix it if these problem will be fixed then you will get 5 stars from me and others please fix the graphics first please there are only 7 levels I am bored please add new levels soon please make race game longer they are very short release multiplayer fast thank
Very good game. Because iam very bored during this quarantine and i can to my grandperemts house and i somehow got stuck here. My ps4 and my pc is in my house and i cause of that i cannot play fall guys, but i have this. Very good. And i also want to play fortnite on my ps4. I miss fortnite. Just sharing my feelings.
I love this game Anyway i realy enjoy playing fall guys but i cant do this is the best version of the game that is so close to fall guys and its realy awesome I realy appreciate the company that made this game i realy love it and i wish someday that real fall guys be able on android and ios devices for free
When I play in the first the waiting for opponent time was fast but in this update the game was loading I waited for minutes and bored change this I change the review
Worst game, I can't even play 1 match, even in good network connection it is saying that my ping is too high. Plz fix this. If u can't play the game then what's the point of downloading it
This game is a really fun experience! The only thing is: whenever I claim victory✌and qualify the last round, I do not get the reward. Can this problem be fixed please? And to be honest, it would be more fun and fair if u could play with real ppl and chat with them by headsets not play with fake ppl aka: computer. And when i play bomb tag the computer is way faster than me and it's not fair. It gets me so easily. And to be honest, i think you'd get more downloads this way Thanks for reading!
Really love the regular updates to stop the bugs by the team...please add more 10 levels and make this game of 60 people ...it will definitely be the fastest growing game
This is an awesome game with a few variety of levels. My only complaint is that they promised to bring multiplayer on october 5th but they have not released it to this date (13 october)
You can add offline option so that who are having problem in match making, the can also play offline mode and please add more maps, other then game is op😁
Awesome game. It literally feels like you are playing fall guys. Keep up the good work. Please add more levels to make the game more fun. 5 stars !!!!! I still don't know how to get the multiplayer. I have updated the game but still nothing
The updates suck!! I was looking forward to playing with friends and family. All the servers do is crash crash crash!
The game's theme is well made and executed. What is left with this interesting experiment is to add the mode of online co-op, friends and such social features making it overall powerful and open to the users to communicate and this also increasing the no of downloads through the already active players.
This games is good but why 4 stars. I do not think you can even play with people on this game and you just go up against bots when you go into a game. Nad can someone pls tell me how can you play with people. The games is still good!!
This game is good. Yeah that is true that it is not like fall guys but the levels are just the same and very exhilarating. And from 5 october the multiplayer mode is also arriving. So i would recommend you all to play and enjoy this game. I have been playing it since 15 days and is very excited for multiplayer mode. Yeah i would like that if the community to add more levels as everytime playing the same levels are quite boring. And also to fix the bug of peps soon. Thanks for such a gameπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
In the first level of the match the game stucks at loading screen which is very frustrating. I am telling you that the name should be changed to 'BUG DUDES'.🀣🀣🀣
Very bad I downloaded first in excitement that there is new hexagon and fruits level But when I installed and started the game It shows error and say matchmaking error join request
Now the multiplayer is added. But the server keep disconnecting and saying I have bad connection, which is not. And for the multiplayer, maybe it will be good if there's lobby for waiting other player to come. Thank u dev, keep the good work
Game is kinda good but graphics are a bit poor and game lags a bit too. Also in game experience is also not that great. It requires quite a lot modifications and after that it can be a great game. I'll be waiting for that.!
It's an ok game, but the main reason I downloaded it was for Multiplayer. It says the Multiplayer Beta is available in the playstore since the 5th of October but it was never added. - Over a month later and they still claim there's a multiplayer beta available yet there isn't, waste of time really. Update: They finally released the BETA and it doesn't even work properly. Example: I just came 1st place in moving doors and then it said I lost. That was a long wait for nothing.
This is really great game the only problem I have when you win you don't get your prize And just a few minor glitches.
I don't know why I am giving it even 1 star if there could lower rating it is worth 0.0000001 star just useless disconnect match and don't let me win other player walk on tiles but it do not let me walk on them.πŸš©πŸ’©and don't even have 40 players
Very bad servers less people and errors so much are there in this game please fix it and add more levels.
Great game but it will be better if there a button that you can sell your clothes for peps and make other characters dont push your character. As well theres a bug, after i watch a ad for peps after you wait 20 seconds it goes 20 again so i refresh and it says you need to check your data.Some times when i refresh it just check your data. As well can you put something so you can put more than 1 dance. So can you fix all these bugs? Thank you. P.S it it a good game.
Why this game doesn't start.... Just because of a network issue.... πŸ’©πŸ’©Game.... Though I downloaded the game but what was the profit to me.... Nothing.... I even can't open the game... The loading page comes and shows loading 0% and it just stops over there..... And it also shows network issue.... I also play lots of games which r online but I think this game requires 1gb per second speed..... This game is worthless... Don't download..... If fall dudes developer corrects it.... I will give 5 ⭐
This game is very nice. But this has only one disadvantage and this is that this contains only bots no real player in the game. In the future if they can make it multiplayer game. This will be one of the best games like pubg etc. Hope they will fix this which I have told in the comment. I should have given 5 star but because of offline game I am giving it 4 star. If this company fixes all the issues which I have reported. Guys please download this app may be of the popularity they may fix.
Very nice game just waiting for multiplayer and it should be with all levels like fall guys and the graphics should be greater no problem if its size exceeds to gb also take your time and make it like or better than fall guys like we should have the thought that we are playing fall guys on phone and its really nice game.
The game was pretty good. But after this new update it's unplayable. I mean literally, the ping is massive and I can't get through 2 rounds before being kicked from the game. I'll check back after a month see if anything changes. I'll also change my review of things get better.
Need more levels. Fix ping bugs and when you cross the finish line like 5/4. The 1 player is still playing no matter whats. 😁 Funny bug
The Game is Excellent but Problem are there please try to solve this in new update:- 1. Please Make More levels. 2. Please try to Improve Graphics more better. 3. Please online players not Bot and Multiplayer also. 4. Please improve controller and add one more button to grab people like fall guys and dash button also. Please accept my all Requests. Thank you for seeing my all Requests.
Since the original game(FALL GUYS) is not available in mobile this game is very quite similar to tha game. But the internet connection is very poor sometime the games crash sometimes not fix the connection then i will buy the Battle pass
Very nice Fall Guys like game! There are a few bugs but they don't have a any bad effects in my experience. But reason I rated it 4 stars is because I don't get any money by playing. Even though I lose, I do manage to qualify in the previous rounds. So I should atleast get money for that. And even if I win I still don't get any money. It says I get 1 crown but then when go to the main menu there's nothing. Can you fix this?
Good game not the best because this game has some bugs , please fix it ,and add a pc version free of this game
The concept is obviously great, but the clunky controls and lack of genuine control over your character make it nearly unplayable... Not only that, but the xp system does not seem to work, awarding 0 for almost every final reached... Overall a great idea, just poorly put into practice. I hope the Devs can turn this around
Before Launch You Have to fix the bug. So many bugs and issue also graphics are too week. Jump. Sensitivty is not stable. Difficult to control character.
It was very fun to play multiplayer and i reallly enjoyed it and hope you will bring more awasome updates! I really like the hexagon level, there are some bugs in multiplayer and waiting for the update for that😁
Sometimes it pays . It has several bugs . It also takes time in playing by cellular data. But it's ok cause it's still in development. Overall nice experience
The game is good but plese add AI mode for offline play because in multiplayer the no. Of players only upto 9 or 10 and also add more new maps
trash game, i know its an early acess but i even got through the game, it have been 30 minutes and it still telling me to check my internet connection, theres no problem with my wifi. hopefully dis game get better or just delete dis game from play store
Review changed from 1 star to 4 bcz ----Good now as multiplayer came but plz do one more thing increase players strenght to 50 online players capacity and also bring new function for pushing others players so that they fall as its in fall guys game also so bring these updates also will give u 5 star for that...πŸ™
Besides the god awful controls is this game the worst, cheapest and most infurating game I played in a long time. It's simply a really bad Coby of 'Fall Guys'. And the developers aren't even trying to hide that fact! The maps are pretty much the same - just worse graphics. And the adorable characters of the original are missing and replaced by weird looking characters. Can't recommend this game.
It was much better without multiplayer. The multiplayer is filled with a million bugs! Appears as if you are wasting your time walking on a glitched map. Sometimes the multiplayer doesn't join or 0 people qualify (are Among Us ghosts gonna win the game then!?). Till 0 it was OK, but how can -1 players qualify! (I am still wondering about that). Not getting the option to rate 0 stars (btw wanted to rate below than that). Never gonna match Fall Guys' level but nice, keep trying!! #boycottFallDudes
After all updates the game is very good, taking about graphics textures, shadow, brightness,etc all are good.
Pls read it pls add dive by jumping 2 times and the grabbing pls and add controller support update: can you add an option to play singleplayer or multiplayer i know you read this because you added the dive give me a sign that you are reading
It uses a lot of data so stumble guys is better from this game also takes many time to load and also less players in match need many pepup tokens to unlock 1 character 😱😱😱
The worst game I have ever seen .. Often disconnecting , If we played full day (24 hours) we can just play 2 to 3 game ... The maximum players in a game is 12 ... After a game finished we should sure watch a ad .. Can't enter the match fast , taking much time .. ROTATING FAN is such a irritating map please remove that map ...
Not say bad this and this is only early acess so it will have bugs and they are fixing it so wait for updates and its very fun to play it
A very good game but I am giving it 4 stars because of 3 reason 1) it laggs in between game. 2) after respawning we are facing backwords. 3) also sound is not competable with wireless earphones.
This game deserves at least 4+ stars . Really fun to play. Nice to be a part in this competition. Recall my childhood memories when I watched Takeshi's castle. The game is like That particular show only. Easy handling and controlling also. No bugging till now happened. Should make this game more popular. But so much of ads content . Otherwise a perfect replacement for Fall guys. Highly recommended πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ’―πŸ’―
Excellent game! I just love it! I can't wait until multiplayer comes out, (5th of October). I started from Season 1 and before and it was great. Now finally Season 1 has started, there are taunts, new skins, the pass costs 950 Peps (in-game currency), which is about Β£4.49 and $5.81. For 2,450 peps, which gives you 25+ tiers, is about Β£10.99 and $14.22. Edit: Thanks for fixing the 80% bug that I always had to get out and back in the game.
The game is very buggy when I click play button it shows network error after that when I join it redirects me to the lobby and sometimes the screen turns black.
The bugs have been fixed,thanks for that.....but most importantly in this update we get to see multiplayer mode....hurray...im lovin it🀣
The game is fun and good not laggy, but There is TWO problems that I don't like in this game: One - When I start a match if I win or lose and I want to go back to the menu ( lobby ) it reloads normaly until its on 80% and then stops Two - the controls should appear when the Countdown start , Apart from that the game is fun and beautiful.
This is a very good game😍.It is just like fall guys but we need increased graphics.We should be able to select multiple emotes in a single game.Change the looks of the character and make the character smooth.Add more exciting levels just like fall guys.😁Please keep updating this game because i just love playing itπŸ™πŸ˜.And please make it a multiplayer game so that we can play with our friends ;) I'm bored of playing the same levels again and again.😒 Add a button fo diving and grabbing.
I am having a great time playing this game. Good to see they fixed some bugs which were crucial. Just waiting for multiplayer update. I hope it will be great with some news maps and also team game(like fall Ball,egg scramble in fall guys)should be included in the multiplayer mode.
The game is similar to fall guys. I love the graphics, Please Give cute Characters , Outfits , and Emotes for free . Also there's no option available to play With friends . Please make it available , Can't wait to try the Fun challanges with my buddies . Please add more levels , it kinda boring playing The same thing again and again. Im giving three stars , i would give 5 out of 5 when you Solve all these problems.
This is is awesome it is funny. I always want to play fall guys but I can't in my phone when I find it I played it I like this game a lot but i am giving this game 4 star because there is not multiplayer always bot. I wish I future it will be multiplayer game. And it should be 50-100 players in one match. But it is in beta so it will change a lot in future because it is getting updates every day.
This game really worst because in the game its is shown that the multiplayer will come in 5th octuber but till now multiplayer had not came .it is said that multiplayer is available in beta but where is beta before 5th octuber i gave 5 out of 5 star but now i am giving just one star i think it is (WWMGE) its full form is (world worst mobile game ever) Why they invest money in this type of disgusting games at all......make it multiplayer just
Fall Dudes This Version 1.3.7 is not good without ICY Leyer level & I think Winning Celebration missing, so please added that. Another problem is every level time is so long .
this is basically good but i have a few ideas to make this game really good,first when u bumped on the sweeper make it like ur ragdolling and add like rolling balls or stuff in the new mapes,second is why only jump is added if u cant add diving coz diving is much cooler in the feature of fall guys so i recommend to put this feature in the game,third add more maps that its long to process,fourth the controls are little bit simple so make it like actual advanced,fifth add multiplayer and invite
Giving you one star because 1:- You said multiplayer will be available on 5th October but it is not available till now 2:- there are still bugs related to loading after end of match 3:- earlier at least we were able to play it offline but now we have to be online just to play against bots
The graphics is not that good , its a bit lag (well i dont know if its my signal or not) , when i finish the game and finish watching the ads (the ads doesnt really bother me that much) ,but the loading always stop at 80% and it doesnt load anymore .
Improve your dudes models , they are look like they dont have soul , and fix the bugs , the game is grate improve dudes models .
It's a decent game. There could be more levels, and the graphics could be better, but it's alright. I'd recommend changing the models to some sort of animals instead of the weird humans, they feel uncanny. I assume online play will be added, so i won't harp on about that. Overall, the game is alright and I'd download for when you're bored.
Everything is working good but the main problem is that when a game ends, a video starts and after completing the video it started loading and then it stops at 80%. Then to play the game I have to reopen / restart the game and then I can play game . I love this game and it is improving very fast . Hope kindly look into the issue and resolve it fast .
The. Game is good...but the problem is..camera sensitivity is not so nice..when we fall..it again starts from beginning..it so irritating...so start in 2nd stage if we fallen in 2nd stage..if fallen in 1st stage then start in 1st stage and so on...I hope u understand what I said
It is a great game now that season 1 has come out. I just have 1problem the lobby isn't getting filled the max iv seen is 13
The matchmaking time is very lengthy and the game server always goes disconnected Not at all good in server issues But the game is interesting
I thing it's really bad game.it have really good story but it have some bugs and servers error and some lags.with very low graphics it's good but lags and errors are so strong.
*DEVELOPER PLEASE READ* This game is one of my favourite mobile games at the moment, but I have one MAJOR issue I'd like to report. I've had no bugs or glitches and the game runs smoothly but I've noticed that you used original images from Fall Guys. I think this is terrible but all you have to do is replace all the images with your own and it's all fixed! Also could you please add an online mode? I'm very excited for skins and battle pass and I wish you luck in further developing the game!
This game is full of bugs now even though after update stumble guys game is more better than this game it has few bugs but they correct it but in this no correction making the game big without fixtures there is no option to give zero stars fir newly download members I tell you that don't waste your data on downloading this game #boycottfalldudes.
I love this game.It's really just like fall guys. Like twin brothers or sister πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚whatever yoy should make more maps i love it thank you for presenting this game among us!!!πŸ₯°
Honestly, out of all the Fall Guys clones, this one has the most promise. Just needs to get online support, add a few more levels, maybe add the dive mechanic, and make it so the controls are on the screen before the game starts since Ive been knocked off too many times because i started right next to the spinning barrier and couldn't move even though i was touching the screen
Please please fix this problem that your all pings asia,southetc all gives 2000 fps but my internet speed is good . I have stumble guys i play online on this game my ping is 140 please solve it otherwise your game is very good fix it i give you5stars
Its an amazing game. It is 99% similar to fall guys and if the games graphics and sensitivity will increase to best then it will become fall guys lite. So please try to make better graphics and sensitivity then I will it 5 star.
When I downloaded this I was excited, there is connect to Google play games, ok cool, but create, edit my Google play game, risky but ok, but DELETE MY GAMES ACTIVITY ,I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS GAME NEED TO CREATE EDIT AND DELETE MY PLAY GAMES ACTIVITY ,I still wanna play this game but I do not trust it
The game is good must check but but there are ads after every match 😱😱😱 the game is good and is working really hard to make it better i play it for a half hour to relax.😊😊
I love this game but with first season i can't even open it anymore: it stays on a black screen until it opens wallpaper of it saying i dont have stable connection and stays loading forever at 40%. Shame this is happening still. (update still not working)
I change my review beacuse after the multiplayer update the game is not working properly it says couldn't connect to the server my net perfectly fine but after the game start the level was selecting the game says couldn't connect to the server please fix this bug beacuse of this bug I can't and even my friend also can't play this game overol this game is perfect
Good game but i am boared to play only few levels. It's nice game but if the characters are eye catching Or cute like fall guys. So it will be the best game on mobile. Please work on it i really like the game. And the other thing is how to get the beta version. Also add a option to hold someone like fall guys that will make the game more interesting. Hope you see this message.
Good game. I love it if more levels would be there this game will be the best game. More servers pls . You know that 70% of your players are indian so pls put a Indian server the ping is too much.
Server was working quite better after the update, but during one game 16 people qualified first round but there were only 3 remaining in 2nd round. Server still needs to be upgraded. Once every thing is solved this game deserves 5 stars
Has great potential but the add are just annoying, not to many but when you die or move to the next round there are ads. It lags too much, I have a great phone but I think it could be the server. It would be better if you add Indian server. But i would definitely recommend this over the other's. But there are no updates. I'm waiting the next season of update come soon and with a reliable server for everyone. By the way great game.not the best but good. And no there are no tutorials by the way.
I love the original Fall Dudes, so today I downloaded this app! I give it 4 stars only because several 40-50% of the time I get to the last showdown and I'm disconnected from the server. Tho when I won 4 matches I encountered another bug, I seemed to been lagged out, because I finished 1st and everybody else behind me got to the next stage, I had to leave.
my net is very fast and then also having issue takes lot of time to open and choose the levels earlier was nice from this and yes the ads are many
This game is awesome like fall guys.But there's a problem after you complete one level a ads appears when the ads is done it load 80% forever.I hope that for the next update were multiplayer is available you guys can fix the bug.dont worry I will be waiting for the update un till the time come were the update is ready I promise to rate 5 starsπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Ya this game is fantastic i am playing this game from 1 months it was so exciting and i was very curious for 5 october as we know that multiplayer mode is coming out on this day but............ I get upset that today is that day till now multiplayer mode has not came why developers you have promised us but i can understand this situarion ......but please ASAP bring multiplayer mode and make our excitement more.
its really a great game, very similar to FallGuys, and It is so addictive. Having two issues, 1st one is its camera movement is hard, can't move in right direction with free camera. (atleast create a joystick on right for camera movement) and 2nd issue is that sometimes it gets too high ping. and without connection interruption error window it mess with the game, like when I fall, character doesn't die even after touching the floor or boundaries of the game. Otherwise, It's is best game.
I ll give 5 star if multiplayer came online that would be very good plz do it as soon as possible. Bring multiplayer always updating the game why don't u bring multiplayer huh a game launched stumble guys he maded a multiplayer but with less maps I thought now you would have been maded a multiplayer as one game has already done it but u didn't why it so give me the feedback 😑😑😑 or I will give star only 1 as there is no zero stars #MAKE THE MULTIPLAYER PROGRESS ON THAT NOT ON OTHER UPDATES.
Developers of this games are really fake. They just want money money and money by giving ads after each game. They fixed the date of multiplayer on 5th of october but didn't bring the multiplayer till now. I have lost many crowns and peps due to this bad bugs and gliches of this game. At the end I just wanna say play Fall Guys instead of this fake and rubbish game, Thank You.
It's Really Fun After The Update Like Really Even It Is Not A Multiplayer It's Super Fun And crazy I love it and unlike other games no pay to win skins we can either pay or play many matches and win prizes and exchange in store until I played Its really like a non-multiplayer offline fall guys πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ After Update: I Have Bought The Battle Pass Can U Give Some Battle Pass Missions Too Also Waiting For Multiplayer
Actually I thought to uninstall the game for it's multiplayer bugs and errors. But you fixed few bugs. And I need everyone to support the game. Because these games will be a Kickstarter for mobile games. I mean these (alternate fall guys) Then only they will make better games and update soon in future. So everyone support this game.
Overall game is good but ping too high and play with friends option match starts too fast , make a party option pls fix it otherwise game is best
Awesome game the new update is good and please make team games and make the player count in one match to 40 as you say in your game description and please remove the roller in fruit match .
I love this game and it's the best alternative to fall guys . But I understand it's the beta version of the game but I suggest you to keep a settings option so that for low end phones there would be some optimisation. And a few real names so that we feel like playing with real players . Except that congratulation to the community for this game and I hope you go on with coming updates and much more . Hope you reply me soon . Thanks!!
It is op game when multiplayer come i think you have to download and try it 1 time all bug are fixed so ia m so happy that i can play fall guys copy in my Android thank you so much for making this game😍😍
It is a great game but I request the devs to add multiplayer mode, if they add it soon the game will surely gain more popularity and my friends would download it too so we can play together. Most of my friends aren't downloading it yet because it not multiplayer yet and I am really excited to play this game with my friends. Hope you understand
Levels are very easy make them hard add egg scramble fall mountain fall ball the whirligig and football and wall guys knight fever the music is very bad please change the graphics a please add team games game please make characters cute please fix it if these problem will be fixed then you will get 5 stars from me and others please fix the graphics first please there are only 7 levels I am bored please add new levels soon please make race game longer they are very short release multiplayer fast
Excellent game! I just love it! I started from Season 1 and before and it was great. Now finally Season 1 has started, there are taunts, new skins, the pass costs 950 Peps (in-game currency), which is about Β£4.49 and $5.81. For 2,450 peps, which gives you 25+ tiers, is about Β£10.99 and $14.22. Edit: Thanks for fixing the 80% bug that I always had to get out and back in the game. Edit2: The multiplayer doesnt seem to be open yet. I done research, that the dev lives in Dubai, so they maybe...
Keep the good work up....This game will sure gain a lot of popularity. This game is performing pretty well in it's early development stage and when the stable version would be released...that would be just amazing... Here's the top three suggestions which will boost the game's popularity 1. Addition of multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is the most wanted mode and that would ultimately lead to major growth. 2. Addition of new levels 3. Improve graphics and add emotes and more features. Thanks
This is a very good game😍 . It is just like fall guys but we need increased graphics. We should be able to select multiple emotes in a single game. Change the looks of the character, it looks like a Minecraft character. Add more exciting levels just like fall guys.πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»
Great ! I wish you would add some more levels. It's like fall guys. Almost every player's wish was to add multiplayer mode, costumes, points etc. And they did it. I like this game a lot it's just like playing a premium game without money free.
But I never get to play in a match of maximum number of players , I always get to play with only 12-13 players please fix this!! Rest everything is fine
I am Happy to see that Multiplayer released. Yes there are really small bugs in Multiplayer but they fixed it in new update. Thanks for Multiplayer!!
This game is similar to fall guys very nice game and best controlling best adventure nice levels but waiting for 5 octobar as multiplayer mode will come you can play with friends just like fall guys. This is very simple game i like it very much thats why I had given five stars you should download it if you want to play this game or fall guys.
Finally they added real time multi-player and new levels but please make more better online it has some time glitch 1. Impossible run - when I fall down i get in last floor and disconnected from server please do something 2. Lag - it lag to much fix it I am giving 4 star but deserve 5 star
I like the game but please add a. Grab butten and a hold on butten so you can pull your self up and please add some new music and please add a mode where there is fake players please because people keep leaving and I don't like that
The game is very good and I'm enjoying it. But I'm giving it 3 stars because the game always get stuck at 80% and it's soo annoying to play with this bug. please fix this issue ASAP, then i will give it 5 stars and please add multiplayer mode.