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Fall star

Fall star for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Space Cat studio™ located at 北京市百子湾南二路72. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Fall Star:Fun championship is a show that is 3D with variety rounds. Classic stars that are mode-60 begin the game. Only one star will be the winner through those rounds that are funny. It’s going to create the experience that is best for stars when guys pass the round on the game during close beta like Minecraft. We’re able to play with networking or not. Fall star delivers the most intense actions that are free-to-play rounds on mobile. Lots of original design skins are free to pick! Choose your favorite star and join your friends!

The game that is best of this fall! Guys! Come to join us!

Discord: https://discord.gg/kDhmu4p

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Fall star.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Wow i Love This Game!! This!! Game is My New Fav!!! 5/5!!😍😍😍 Buz i Love!! the Cute Little Models!!😍😍 and its Fun :) This Game is My 2 fav! Keep it Up!!😃😃
It is a very good game same like fall guys.... But it wants the imrovement of Graphics and Controls which are very poor...And please add more levels... Make option for gameplay setting so that users can set gameplay settings by Own.... So, In Short it wants some improve ment then after this will the best mobile fall guys.....
I really want to give this game no stars the controls are easy but one problem the characters are so slow the game is a little bit fun to me oh and every time you bump into people they beat you up like a statue and every time you bump into a wall you pass out on the floor I think this game deserves a one-star oh and one more thing I prefer the real Fall Guys instead of this copy one I really hate how they do copies of Fall Guys I would rather play the real one
Good Game. If you improve graphics , sound in this game, this game look very nice. And also if you add multiplayer option, then you get more downloads
The game is fantastic I love everything about it graphics not the best as expected but the game is still good I just wished you added more fall guys challenges but so far it's good
Good game but yall should add new stages and its boring to play the same stage...I think yall should add new stages recently like fall guys
I love this game because it's like fall guys but on a phone now I don't have to buy a PS4 that cost $299.99 and instead play fall stars which is free on the app store yay
It is a good game but I have to give 4 stars because the qeulty is so low then when i get to the end it closes off and it lagges pretty bad
A wonderful fall guys like game ...has tons of minigames and one of the only ones on the play store that has 60 players
Wy i Rate this four bacuse of lag but tha game its was fun and fix sum glitch bacuse im glitchyng to the hamer and stuck there until the match is over please fix all the lag and glitch
Its pretty good. The ai is dumb though, and there needs to be more minigames. Also, a shop would be nice. Also the game NEEDS music. Add music. Overall just keep updating the game and its great.
Nice very nice. Make the characters move a bit fast. In the selection board it's coming qualifi instead of qualified. And remaini instead of remaining. That's it's. Nice increase the characters size for our name. Superby😃😃😀😀
The game is actually not multiplayer and its with bots and its slow, the same minigames start in every round and the graphics aren't good
HEY INSTALL THIS NOW ITS VERY COOL PLEASE GUYS ITS JUST LOOK LIKE A FALL GUYS but everytime i wanna play the first round it so lag but THATS OK
Honestly this is some top notch stuff you got on your hands. This was extremely enjoyable to play i have spent hours just playing this game. I love what you are doing and hope that you continue doing it. 10/10 game.
Idk why people are rating this 5 stars and saying its good cuz its ass dont play it dont fall for the bots saying its good.
Games are only filled with AI and the AI are so stupid that they just walk off at the memory game, and as far as I know, there is only the door game and the memory game
This is a scam the game is broken and horrible dont even think about buying this unless you wanna see how bad it is
Nice game but can you make the characters look like the icon plz by the way the comments saying that they want the game online is a downgrade don't do it.
Fun to do if your bored. Needs a few more gamemodes, and more ways to get coins, or get more coins from wins. Characters cost a bunch, but that is what pushes you to grind. Overall pretty well made game, just a few things need fixed
I kinda like it until it became boring but it's still nicebut plz make it more like fall guys bc 1. The characters look like thier wearing trash in thier head and they don't look like beans 2. Maybe the elemination could be like fall guys plz fix that 3. Maybe make it more colorful 4. perfect match looks like Lego, thx.
This game is amazing but please add multiplayer and dive opction and emotes and hu hu voice wannha this game is amazing when you add multiplayer then I will play with my freinds. Thank you.
this look like fall guys but can you add more levels like Soccer, or the bomb tag,...like that also can you make it online players?? ill give it 5 stars if you do that..
It's very fun to play if you are bored :) I rated this 4 stars because it's offline. If it has an online mode,i would definitely play this game all day
Good game, decent mechanics, marketing is aggressive, but the game is fun. Wish I could pay to get rid of the adds.
It's not bad game I love the game promise I wish the Bots are smarter and give us the dive button that's all
I mean it's fall guys, a really really REALLY bad version of it though. If you want a crappy fall guys on mobile, this is the right app. Im gonna give it five stars because atleast they tried to make a good fall guys clone.
the game is so good but why it's offline it's will be very good if the game online I hope you to make the game online 😇😇😇
Absolutely love the game! Nice copy tbh so far the game is good despite being new. As others requested we want some music in the background or more physics. The controls are easy. The downside for me is just we need more minigames and a better camera control because when I try to rotate the camera it has a bit of delay thanks! All that aside I can hardly wait for this game to have an online feature.
Omg i love this game its so nice you can play with some players pls download this to make your day great!
really fun! also its ok to me if this game is kinda a rip-off but its kinda good than the real fall guys cuz you can play it on oflline. So......5 Stars!
It's a very good game but the controls are are a bit difficult and the ads always comes and not I only everyone hates ads. When I installed it I saw the feedback it shows controls and ads and no one gave five. I thought I will 5 starts but when I played it was same like everyone else who told. So plz remove ads. 🙏🏻
Very original. Never seen a game like it. The soundtrack is amazing. Is there any way to download it?
I chose the name saggy because that's how I feel when I play this. This is an extremely poor and sad rip off of an extremely well-made game there's only one the song that plays over every game there's no weight to how your character controls and also you literally lied about the clingy opponents there is no way to grab people the ads keep asking me who is champion and my only response to that is certainly not this game I think I'm just going to go play regular fall guys now
Amazing graphics and the best game in my life and my mom said that play as much as you play kid and kissed
Fall star good copy of fall guys just add new levels and make the character running speed fast and give a sensitivity option
This game is not fun I always get ragdoll by the things and the ragdoll is making the player slow to win the game and the controls are broken whenever I want to go the left side it brings me to the right side and not left the obstacles ragdolls make player slow to move or win. Whenever I ragdoll I rage cause I couldn't move and I ragdolled for about 7 seconds and if you fix the controls I will rate it a 5 star pls fix it and fix the ragdolls
This is a terrible clone of a great PC/console game. It isn't even multiplayer, everyone else is AI. Just stop.
It's not that bad. Perhaps better graphics, and better physics would make it better. You need to add sound effects
I like this game but the reason I give it 4 stars because can u add more round to the game and can u put real people because I know that these people are fake they are robot and can u add more skin please answer me fall star please
It's pretty good. I wanted Fall Guys so bad on my PS4 but I didn't have enough money for it. I saw a youtuber play Fall Starts and it looked cool. When I first played it was awesome. My first 4 rounds were a fat fail. But my 5th and 8th rounds were awesome. I got 2 trophies now. Thanks to the developers for making this game. Although my phone glitches and allows my character to move upword only and doesn't alow me to move anywhere else. please fix that bug. But this game is TOO awesome.
It's a ok copy of fall guys but it is offline and I dont think you should download it unless if you want to play fall guys mobile. I want to play fall guys but not mobile like this game. You can download it but you may love it of regret it? It's a desent game in genral. But one request. Add a Online Mode. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease If you see this I would love it
The fact that this is like fall guys is a one star the reason i gave four more stars was because of the fact that it is very entertaining and it lets me know what fall guys will be like. Thank you to all of those sho helped make this game.
Pls bring colour modifying in this game, for free please, please, please. And bring the game like an online game invite friends and team match 5 team every team must have 4 members. Then add more levels like so funny like ragdols. Thats it. Other things I am ok with other things. Thats it pls add these things