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Fashion Beat

Fashion Beat for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by UniuGame located at FLAT/RM F 6/F MEGA CUBE NO.8 WANG KWONG ROAD KL. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Explicit Language, Discrimination) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Avatar Social, Music Beats and Fashion -- The novel Gen Z casual game that is mobile coming!

Romantic Encounter: meet with young people around the world and find your soulmate
Customized Style: DIY the face of your avatar and create a unique self
Rhythmical music: Enjoy the pop music that is hottest and play the most exciting rhythm game
Fashionista: Create your best fashion look in the game out of tons of clothes from real world
Ever-changing Colors: Create your own color scheme and be the fashion highlight with each item having several colors for you to choose from

DIY your style without limits!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Fashion Beat.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Fashion Beat for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Well it loads slow for me and sometimes lag it's starting to lag more and more and go slow more and more
What can you even do in game I'm trying to see that when you want to like I saw the ad and it was very realistic and it told me to download it then when I went in it I wanted to change my name but I couldn't and every time I changed I changed my clothes then after that I have when I save it if literally just comes out with just the Bikini and underwear
i cant play! i logged in with my facebook and when i click the start button i get the small blue circle thing then it doesnt do anything and tells me ive been disconnected cause of an unknown error from the server want to try to reconnect? why cant i play??
This app sounds great and looks great and from the youtube vids its so temting but may I just say it take more than a day for it too build the stage it hardly loads so I wasnt even aload to get in the game I will try updateing the app Andhopefully it wont tke forever to load.
Can't even open the app without it crashing. It loads fine but when you look like your at the login screen and white screen comes up and then the application crashes. Will try again if this is ever fixed.
Its not exactly a "review" but imwondering how often will you guys call? I would not like to download a game that calls many times. Thank You
the only thing i dont like is that you have to wait soooo long just to play but overall its a great game
This game is awesome! I think they fixed all the issues people were complaining about because when I started I didn't have any problems.
Wouldn't know what this game is like coz it takes forever to download then needs additional files when you attempt to open the game, once it gets through the down load it asks permission to control phone calls during game play ive clicked both allow and deny and each time it dumps back out to the main phone screen or install screen. Wont even load the dang game. And yes I have enough storage on my device and was on sufficient internet. Disappointed.
I hate this game it wouldn't even let me play I was excited to play this game it took 2 hours that it can load and when I did the stuff it logged me out that's why I give this game a one
This is so realic and the hair is so good and it's amazing to dance and show your talent and you can have a best friend and a lover and get married. my sister found her new best friend. she a shy person and a made her more talk more. I thank this game so much for the funnest and the pride game. I LOVE this game!!!!
It was fine until it made me stuck in tutorial, after finishing "All about that bass" The screen didn't do anything the characters stood there over an hour
UniuGame sucks, it takes to long to load and it will take away all of our details so it can hack our account. THIS IS A TERRIBLE GAME, stupid scam. 😠😠😠😠😠😠🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬😑😑😑😑😑😑 DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, I'M WARNING YOU.
This game is very fun at the beginning, but for how long it's been out, its dying tbh, the only people on their are big spenders and the new players dont last long because its SOMEHOW hard to make friends, dont know how many people actually play or played this, but with all the room it took from my storage, this game made me feel pretty small, why is there only one type of in game currency I dont have to buy?!? Couldnt do much else besides wait for money build up to buy whatever I could, barely
This game is just a copy of sweet dance it has bad quality and I just don't like the way it copied every in sweet dance
I love the game becueas u can make firends , your onw looks of outfits as well my game some times crash but is ok but there shud me more outfits So as long u being on game sins the begining like me and sum othere poeple we neaver leave the game becueas we all like it most . as well there is sum glich's but thay fix them and the updates are there too make game bester
This game was horrible it's basically like mviu but it needs your number like what does it need your number four and then it did not let me in at the beginning I had to wait hours I would not recommend
The game is fun and I works well but it's totally copywrite off sweet dance I mean SERIOUSLY it's like the same except more realistic even the loading screen and music the shop and just everything it's like it's sweet dances twin if your gonna make a game don't copywrite it's super ANNOYING! Sorry for the 1 star review but next time MAKE YOUR OWN GAME DONT COPYWRITE!
Why? When log in it says u have to update it then l do and doesnt work. Cuz this happed to me in sweet dance too. But it worked...
Hi! I love this game but I had a problem. I havent played for a week ecxept for today I hopped on and ( I had completed the seven day log-in and gotten the wings) and I went to my bag to equip my wings and as soon as I looked in equip my wings WERE GONE! I tried restarting the app, and nothing happend. But no biggie. But can you try and fix these problems for other people if they had the same glitch that happend to me? So yeah I love the game but I had the glitch. Bye!
It's good it's just you guys copied literally the whole thing just the avatars and the home base and the fountain you changed but you copied from a game called sweetdance :c it would be better and I would rate it 5/5 stars if you didn't copy.
I went on this game and was so exited to but of course it had to take more than an hour to charge and by the time it was finished my ipad ran out of charge I am so angry these guys really need to fix there game and if your wanting to download this game dont
I love the game but I'm having a problem, when I go to wear accessories/wings etc I can put them on but when I go in to a room they're not visible. Please fix this??
I gave it 3 star cuz their no new clothes and the rooms, can u please add some rooms, it getting more boring, add some bar rooms
I used to like this game but now I can't even log in it will not let me enter the game because it was my phone number and stuff like that and I don't want to give out my personal stuff and I don't got a phone number I got a tablet so please fix this problem
Was very slow. I wouldnt say its an active game, barely any one is playing. In my opinion if you want a dance game, play sweet dance.
Its good i play it all the time but its the same thing as sweet dance i love the graphics but you need more diversity as in different faces if you're like korean american japanese Etc. I really wish yall would plz add more skin tone more faces and change most of the clothes or update it every month or year have more cloth fashions β™₯️
Cant play the game do not get did not did not let me even join the game..plz do not play never get it
I wish I could give less than one star thier developers suck there was charges on my account from this game I reached out to them and to Google and they tried telling me that there was no purchases and they did not see any money in thier bank from my account thats a lie because on my bank statement it clearly says that there was 114.98 in charges and they did not want to help me out.
Its a very good game but i would love to have more outfits and stuff and most of the outfits u have to have Diamond some people do have the money to buy diamonds so its hard to get outfits and i would love have I have updates on the game
This game is fun. And I understand that the game is in early beta. But can you please add more diversity to skin tones and faces? And, can you add more things that cost coupons like eggs? I currently have over 20k coupons just sitting there.
It was fun at first then it wouldn't let me back into my account without remaking my character over again.
I love everything about this game it's just that when I try to play it it rolls very slow even if I'm in a place that has lots of good Wi-Fi and connection it just takes long when it loads and it really gets on my nerves so I hope you can change that or just kind of like make it faster cuz this happened on my phone cuz I'm in my tablet but it was much slower on my phone and I really wish you can fix this and it glitches a lot so I really hope you can fix this overall the game is very nice πŸ™‚
This game is really fun but every time I try to get in it says I have been disconnected but all the other wifi in my house still works
I gave it a four star because every time I try to go to dance hall and I'm dancing it kicked me out I go to elf city it kicks me out and crew base it kicks me out but this game is amazing keep going but can u please fix it I really get kinda mad sometimes
This game is terrible it doesn't let me load in and I waited a while for the stage to get ready I was excited but now look!!
Kinda looks like imvu u stole the clothes as half the clothes u have there look like there from imvu same texture same style the game is kinda a con really
It is a really good game of the ads but it is not a good game because it takes forever to load in to the game and the ads there is just to much ads please fix the ads and how long it takes to load in the game so it is a one sorry for the developers but it might help everyone how is going to get the game. Bye for now
This game sucks.... I can't even play. I spent like an hour for it to even load. This game is the worst. It just a mix of IMVU and Sweet Dance. It horrible I wouldn't recommend wasting your time on this game.
Like the game, but some just like wrong about the game, so while tied this game, I'm a boy, a boy, I don't want to be a boy, I'm a girl, actually, I don't want to be a boy, please change the way they make it more easier, so people actually get in the game very easy, please.
it takes forever to load for me like it was finally 100% but it said we need to build the stage and i pressed confirm and i put me BACK TO 0% ughhhh i just wanna play it
I havent play it before but i have downloaded it like 3 times it just takes a REALLY long time to load but when i start playing it i WILL be fun
Stupid, the ad is a wedding ceremony from "sweet dance". This is a knock off game of sweet dance dude.
Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took so so long to load 😫 and you had to put your email address in and all together its Horrible
I like this game i just started using it and came across it and Hey I have a question for the creators, why can't I press on the confess love icon? Is it because they already did with someone else or what? I'm just confused it won't work for me.. its just grey and faded out.
Its a good game but theres alo of updates and I understand that the gam e gets better its just I just had to delete my favorite app so it would update and now im sad
This app sucks it takes so long to load and it sucked me wating for an hour and 30 min waste of my time at this point
I had a account and then I had updated it and it said out of date so I uninstalled the game and re-installed it but it still said out of date please fix this
First off to the ones saying its just like sweet dance blah blah its by the same creators and they are trying to give the game a new look i play sweet dance too but sadly if your not an anime fan sweetdance is just kinda blah personally i like this game but i do think they need to up the amout of gold that can be earned cause it takes forever 10 and 15 gold at a time and need to make it to where you can also win diamonds instead of buying them all the time maybe add things and update more often
The app is great with so many diffrent dances and people to discover,However its been acting odd...I have put some accessories on and they are not being seen only If we go into the Mall or Bag.Its really irratateing and I got a very rare item which is not show.Very sad disapointing reveiw but other than the game is a model.Pls fix this bug ❀ツ
This game is just a cheap nock off of sweet dance. I downloaded the game to see what it's like and I could already tell that everything thing in the game is the same as sweet dance. I have no idea why this game has more likes. It's a 1 star review for me be more original.
ADVICE if you love this game you would love Sweet Dance more. Sweet dance has MORE PEOPLE to play with. It also has more activities like crew and trainees. You won't regret. This isn't so bad but it still needs some things.
Can't even get into the app! I've tried to login but it keeps saying that the username doesn't exist. Please fix your game
It won't let me open the app it always tells me it stopped working so I can't really say anything about it but if you guys want a good game that is just like this get sweetdance this one is just a off brand that no one really likes and you can play sweetdance too πŸ‘
Wow, this is just like Sweet Dance. The only things that are different is the avatars, and the fact that it sucked. Lazy ass developers. You can't get fame by taking a good game and recreating poorly. I have never seen a game so trashy.
(*SUGGESTION*)this game really has great potential. I get people are saying it's like sweet dance. I seriously get that, but sweet dance doesn't have amazing graphics like this. The issue with this game is your lack of diversity. You need more skin colors, and you need more outfits, different dances, and facess. I can't even invite any of my friends because of this. Make more darker skin tones. One of the reasons games like this, rarely make it past 3 stars is because the lack of diversity.
Not sure at the moment what to think... I mean this game could go places but there is copyright from Sweet Dance and IMVU. also there is connection issues at times where you will disconnect randomly... I will keep playing and see what happens. Hopefully there will be more to do, and also more items for F2P players as a lot of items are diamonds. The coupons in the game make no sense really as there isn't much to buy with it... Hope to see some improvements
Now I dont know how the game was a last year, but as far as today and my experience this game has been incredible. At first I thought it was to hard to get clothes in the game so I was going to drop it, but the game has so many events and offers thats its so easy to get. Plus the character design ❀❀❀❀😭😭😭 i loooove how u get to customize u character to the T. I look like an imvu character. The best way to get clothes is by joing a crew and the fashion runway, unless u want to waste ur money
I LOVE THIS APP! five stars! Obviously it could obtain more improvements, but so far it's cute & awesome!
I give it a 4 star cus it loads sooooo slow and also it is not many cloths in this game so yea but other then that good game....
I only downloaded this to laugh at what a terrible recreation of sweet dance you have made here. Anyone who actually enjoys playing this, I suggest you play 'Sweet dance' aka, the original game, before you continue. This is just.. hilarious in my opinion of how you can make this and expect nobody to notice that this is just a recolour of sweet dance with different characters, probably from another game lol.
I don't like it it won't even lete go in and what's the point of a game if you can't play it??please fox that
I wouldn't trust this app in a heart beat. It has the literal ads from IMVU. Also, why do you need to manage my calls like?
As the video ended like as soon as the video ended my phone had taken me to a nother page and it was the smoothist transition I have ever seen and I a 13 and I have some really good transitions but yes you should git this game
It was a good game intel i became vip n it doesnt want to give me the packs i boughy im just wasting dimonds idk if i will see the packs that i bought or give me back the diamonds intel then ill change it
Takes way too long to load up after installing, been waiting 10 min and it only got to 10%... I know it's not my phone, cause it's new and fast... Uninstalling cause I'm not waiting any longer
This is supposed to be a different take on the game 'Sweet Dance', correct? Even so, I'd still suggest to play Sweet Dance instead. There isn't much diversity in th customization, which is what I'd say is the main difference from this game and Sweet Dance. The mechanics and game play are the exact same, while better polished feeling. I could go somewhere but so far this game is nothing more than a downgrade of Sweet Dance.
Ever since the upgrade the game has been lagging i used to play ths game so much i wish it wouldnt lag so much
Okay, to be honest this game is terrible. The bubbles move way to fast along with the arrows and other functions. I'd literally have to be an octopus and use all eight of my arms to get perfect, maybe even all combo if lucky. I've played rhythm games for 4 years, mostly being Love Dance, now called Dancing Love. The aren't much clothing options and I understand that the game is still fairly new but still, not much thought? Also, the avatars literally look like IMVU avatars. keep trying though?
Not to be rude but the outfits are kinda body showing and when I try to log to dancing hall my game just freezing and it kicks me out and says I should join back in 5 minutes
This app is awesome, it's like something I never seen before, trust me it's the best.Once u use it u get addicted to it
When I came in the game they took my clothes they only left me with little bit of clothes!!! It did the same with sweet dance to! Pls fix it
This game gave me a good laugh, not because it's good but because it is stupid. Sweet dance is a good game so far and this game took a left turn and had to ruin that. The model's are ridiculously inappropriate and weird at the same time, but in sweet dance the model's we're cute and amazing. The add totally lied about the game wich was disappointing, and to find that this game was absolutely TERRIBLE made me even more disappointed.
I really enjoy this game! Although sometimes it lags... And i get kicked out of the game. But the one thing i hate is that there isnt a wide range of clothes to choose from, but either way its alrite :)
The game is fun but it's dead not many people are on and when they are no one talks or they just stand in a lobby not doing anything also it glitches a lot for example I'll complete a song but it won't end I will have to exit the game or room but I would have to do it all over again so two stars for now I like the game though good song choices and fashion.
Pretty laggy for me so take away two stars and not good music so half star removed and another half because you have to pay for a lot.
This game sucks whenever i go in it it alway is always loding and it asked me if a stranger can call me and i said dont ask again and now i cant play it is just horribal
Its ok I guess, I had a few issues at the beginning, because my avatar had glitches, but the glitch has stopped now! I've seen videos on YouTube about this game, so I downloaded it to check I tout. I really don't regret downloading this!
I really like this game is so much more interesting I hope there's more going to be more stuff we need to know if there's going to be a dance if they had blessing that would be so much great.
We need more people to play this game! I try it today and it was pretty good. I heard people are saying it's a rip-off of sweet dance....well it kind of is but they added more stuff to the game like customize your own face and body shape. The problem is that there not enough people joining in and the songs. Add more of those
I buyed a 2 pound thing and i waited a day for it to load and it still wasn't there im so upset and I wasted money its sooo wasteful And please just take the bug awayyy
i like the game but the building the stage takes like 9 hours so pls somebody make it faster and im still on 15%😫
This game deserves to be reported because of copying IMVU and most of all SWEET DANCE. Plagiarism is a crime and this game a complete trash and bs, this game have a trash quality and some boring animation. Please report this immediately because they will earn money by copying other game. Ps Fashion beat f u.
I edited my review again snd have too say the second loading thingy goes fast but slow at the same time and i do not wanna uninstall it so plz plz fix that i really wanna play it so i hope u fix it.
I really love the game,and getting in is not a problem and i am on android but I do wish some things at the mall would be cheaper. That is more of a me problem not saving money. Thank you for creating it!(ΰΉ‘ΛƒΜ΅α΄—Λ‚Μ΅)و
I really like this game but if there is one problem it takes a long time to load may you please fix that it's distracting and my battery ran out trying to wait for this...
The reason I gave it a 3 star it's Because Character's are like the graphics are good and all but u have to pay for some clothes
I wish I could give this 0 They copied my favorite game sweet dance and Loading looks like sweet dance and sweet dance goes till 100 like it and the ELF CITY IS IN SWEET DANCE AND MAKEUP AND WINGS If u look at sweet dance inside the game AND THEIR PICTURE SHOWS SWEET DANCES OLD NAME LOVE DANCE AND MARRIAGE IS IN SWEET DANCE
This is just a ripoff of sweet dance and imvu all you did is mix them together you even stole sweet dance loading screen try coming up with your own game instead of stealing others
Its a fun game. You get lots of different styles in the shops. You also get lots of friend! Its really an amazing game. The first time I played it, I practically fell in love with this game. Please download it! Its amazing!
To be honest,I love the models.But you should make your own app. Not any copy of sweetdance or something almost exactly like it. Mabye try something like a fashion game where you play online and people rate your character or something.I get that you won't be changing or taking down this game anytime soon but this is just a suggestion,over all I think this game is pretty good.Just try not to copy other people's games because people are gonna notice the similaritys and people are gonna send hate.
First of all this takes to long to load. Second this is just like Sweet dance. NOT A GOOD GAME DON'T PLAY! (Unless you're trying to get your own opinion)
Not a bad game. To those saying it's like sweet dance: It's similar to sweet dance because they were made by the same company. It's nothing to freak out over. But anyway the overall experience with this game is pretty enjoyable. The graphics are nice and run pretty smoothly so I'm happy with it.
It has potential but you guys have gotta fix the game because on my part it keeps reconnecting to the server, it's changing my avatar which is irritating me because I have to go back and do it allll over again, the game needs more songs to choose from, even add some ads/surveys to watch for people who don't have money for diamonds as well, etc. I'm telling y'all the game does have much potential you just need to fix the servers and the little stuff. Just play your game yourselves and you'll see.
Why just like why...why did u guys have to change the game now the game look like sweet dance 😭 im cry because it lags for me and it was my fav game. So tell us why did u change the game..it was already good. I give this 2 stars because:1 it was my fav game and 2 i love it. Let me give u 3 reson why i hate the update: 1 it look like sweet dance i got no problem with that. 2: lags when im new like the dance part that cubby show us and finally 3 if i rest my phone it still wont work pls fix this.
This is such an amazing game its unreal after all the loading You can have profle pics like anime characters like i do or pics of anything really also you can desighn your own character and can change your name join crews or make your own crew and after you get to level ten (wich is easy to get to) you can talk to other people in the chat i feel bad for the developers because they work hard on this game and some people can be really rude and impatient so they dislike the game or they complain.
This game doesn't work everytime I try to register an account and it's also copying my favourite game(sweet dance)I wish I could give them game 0 stars.
I love it but after update we don't have enough money and lost clothes for good. No ways to get gems so it's a pay to play game. Hard to get interaction cards and has starsand drops and places that have no purpose?? Please bring back some of the basic fashions, make gems a little easier to get, put more functions in game, Stop censoring basic words like better or system, let players win songs to add to the playlist! Like win that song in hard mode then we can listen to it anywhere type thing.
The reason why I give this game a three stars is the tutorial is super boring and super long I had to buy things with coins that I didn't really want. You should let the player choose if they want to do the tutorial.
This game is good but i rated it 4 stars bc when i was logging in it said that the game was not available in my country and i updated it and hopefully it didnt take away my vip πŸ˜₯😭😭
after update we don't have enough money and lost clothes for good. No ways to get gems so it's a pay to play game. Hard to get interaction cards and has starsand drops and places that have no purpose?? Stop censoring basic words like better or system, let players win songs to add to the playlist! Like win that song in hard mode then we can listen to it anywhere type thing. Edit: I'm JADE, or NEON and I deleted this game
I can't get into my account I remember my screen name was ANGELMARIE some how my account got logged off and I can't remember my login details please help me p
it didn't work like it kept stopping and stuff after asking to make and manage phone calls and I said allow cause y e a h and it just kinda kept stopping after I said allow so ya know just dont download it prolly won't work
I love fashion beat you can find you lover and get married level up change your outfit Try it out its awesome
This app is the worst! You start the game with 2K and it forces you to spend it on stuff and it's really irritating! And you don't start of with many things which is understandable, but you can't choose for example a dark skin tone, and they don't have most many eye colours, i mean yours only option for blue eyes is this BRIGHT turquoise! The dances on it are quite boaring. The whole game is basically just pressing a button. Anyway long story short, I DONT RECCOMEND THIS APP!! 😑😣
I cannot play this game at all tried logging in with Facebook and the just a blue circle that keeps going around saying error. What is the point of having a game that you can't playπŸ€”πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. Please can you fix it so we can play the game thank you