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Fast Followers & Likes

Fast Followers & Likes for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by Easy Follower and Like located at Δ°stanbul. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
If you want to get fast followers and likes, you can use our application.

It Is completely easy and simple to use.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Fast Followers & Likes.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Fast Followers & Likes for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I gave 4 stars bcos developers not provide any info about duration days of followers remain......and the points for following others should be increase πŸ˜„ and at end this app is amazing....πŸ₯³
At starting days it done well but after two days ,when I went to follow or like someone and after liking or follow also it says like you didn't follow (but I already has followed then also)
This app is good but as it increases the followers at the same time it even decreases one by one plz do the needful. Plz solve this issue as soon as possible. Plz make the followers increase but not decrease plzzzzz
Seriously this aap work very nicely like i don't use any application like this before. And also the great thing is that the application is available on play store becuse like this all other applications are unsecure and authentication but this one is i just love it and please i request to developer to don't remove this application on play store and keep working on new skims thank you for such kind of applications
The app was good first but now I started facing problems like whenever I follow someone it says follow the profile to earn coins but I follow the profile several times than also says the same and whenever I try to earn followers it says copy the profile url when I copy my profile link it says can't find profile I do it several times and it says the same. Please help
This is good but app but When I click on like it shows couldn't refresh feed please solve this problemπŸ™
Trust me or not, your choice. But I did find this easy, gives free points. No complicated campaigns. Works. That's all need to be said
Loved this app!!! it's good buy I gave only 3stars to this app bcos.... As soon as ppl follow the acc they unfollow in 2 or 3days...& The app hv mentioned that if ppl unfollow before 30days ur acc will be punished severely....but even though they unfollow 🀷🀷🀷 So my kind request is too take action of that....
I don't know if it's a glitch or what, but it won't let me use the app at all. I'll set everything up to "run a campaign" as they say, and I get an error message that says I HAVE to do a bigger thing than I can. It says I have to run a campaign for 20+, but I'm not able to run more than 5.
The app was good at frst time I use. But now I stared facing problems like whenever I follow someone it says follow the profile to earn coins bt I follow the profile several times than also says the same. And whenever I try to earn followers says the username is not available. Wot the hell is this.And also suddenly my fake ID was locked by instagram. I don't make any false comment. Believe me. I just say the problem I faced using the app. And tell me why I can't get the username of my profile.
App is good but the followers are following and unfollowing after some time and we can follow only some people in an hour.
You guys are really really outstanding...taking care of your users review by solving there particular issues ...i rarely write review but your app is a perfect deserver of well response from the users. I could have given 7star ..your app service is really appreciative & helpful to grow small users. ..only requirement is of getting views for video post as per the likes(videofeeds less than 1minutes r only getting likes not getting atleast average views) .Great app
This app is genuine and real i am using it from past 1 week and got almost 600 followers and it is easy to use u can trust this app and most important thing is that your followers will not drop..
Overall this is a good apk. It gives us to real followers and likes on time but one issue in it that when i open this apk it takes 2-3 minutes so i request to apk developer to solve this my mobile is samsung galaxy j5 2015.
Earlier this app was good but now when I like on any photo for coins , it shows that I have not liked but I did πŸ˜•
I'm loving this application. It is really increasing followers and likes. But the problem in this app is it's slow service. I request developer to please look for this. By the way nice app it is.
The perfect app for new users to increase followers but its a little time consuming maybe just for me but overall its working i am happy❀
Trust me guys it actually increase our followers, and like .. but for safety reasons u should creat another insta I'd to log in in this app. And earn points .. the time you are ordering followers/likes ,at that time put the URL of ur main account, so the will be no tension of being hacked or stollen by them . No! 😴,,
Best follower booster for me.. very fast and simple, and everything works fine.. you get the exact of followers and likes you request. I love itπŸ₯°
I dont normally rate apps but this one is worth it. Its a rlly good app and it actually works.. After the second I commented the app said it couldn't refresh my insta.
I really like this app! Once I don't know how to use it but after some days I got this. And now I am in love with this app and I rate it 5 stars from my heart :)
Nice app... but after some hours people start unfollowing... this shouldn't be happen.. there must be genuine fan following
When I follow someone the show occurred the suggested new follower then I again follow they again shows occurred fix this for 5 stars
Worst application it takes our password and suddenly my fake id was locked by instagram It is so much harmful application we shouldnt give password to like these applications and also i can't redeem followers after second time even i was having 2000 coins
It's a good app but once I update to the latest software update (Android 11) the app constantly crashes. Would be a good idea to make the app supportable for a newer version of Android because now I can't use the app.
You guys are really really outstanding...taking care of your users review by solving there particular issues ...i rarely write review but your app is a perfect deserver of well response from the users. I could have given 7star ..your app service is really appreciative & helpful to grow small users. ..
The app was alright but after earning coins while I go to earn followers.then I cant find my profile after written the user name of my profile.they show me to use user link.then I copy my user link and paste here.Even now I can't get my profile.i have 7k coins.i don't wanna losse that.because I worked hard to earn it.now what should I do?
Brilliant app but ... There should be a daily reward button to ... Sometimes uh miss that daily reward window .. due to clicking somewhere else .. so i want uh to resolve this ....just ratting 2 stars so that i get ur attention...
I would have rate it 5 star but I have a fear that later on it can damage my system of my mobile And well it's so disappointing that after 30 days the people whom you have bought for following you are permitted to unfollow you. This is a freaking problem. And well I am facing a lot of error on number of followers when I look my followers through my account it's show 300 but when I looked my followers using my mom account it showed 295 .. it's so irrational. But I am happy that it work
I logged in.. and it has been loading for hours. UNINSTALLING. Edit: I'm not making false comments, I'm only stating the fact that the app is not working. It didn't even let me use it for christs sake. And, since I couldn't even get through the log in screen, I wouldn't even know where to email with my complaint, "Since My Screen Has Been Loading For Hours"
After liking and following some one the app is saying,"you didn't like the post,please like to get points"again and again but I had even liked that,that's a bug,please solve this
I am changing my review to 2 coz after some campaigns thr is a error...I am not able to earn coins and now I get this msg that no campaign available..other wise it worked best in the start
The app was okay, but there's two problems that I've had: 1) The whole process of earning coins to gain followers took a longer than expected, and 2) The app crashed twice and I had to completely turn off my phone and turn it on again to finish the process. But overall, the app was alright.
They are saying to like,when insta is opening that post is not coming where I need to like,it's saying couldn't refresh feed,without liking I can't increase coins and followers
Very bad app it doesn't work. The aap close again and again when we start. Very bad app. I don't know how everyone like it for me it doesn't work
I originally gave this app 5 stars but now I'm putting it to 3 stars because there is a issue with the app not registering that I followed someone saying that "the campaign was changed you can continue to earn points" It says that for almost everyone I try to follow. For liking photos when I go to the Instagram app through this app, to like the photo it says that it can't refresh the feed. But when I go to Instagram through the Instagram app it is working perfectly fine. Please fix your app.
Such a good app... Honestly it works great to grow in a very simple way for small as well as big users and really appreciative.. excellent service..it would be grateful if you guys brings a new update with little faster speed.. I could have given 7 stars..I like this application so much.. good job guys ..keep it up πŸ‘
This app is Top Notch quality. It may take some time to earn the coins , but the amount of followers I get are in huge numbers. Should Positively try this app. It's amazing.
This app is really like a game 😍..just have to follow or like someone...and u too will get likes or followers faster ....πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
One thing i like about this app is customer services.When emailed them my issue and theg solved it within the day.You deserve the 5 star rating.but the is not getting fixed.it fixes temporarily and then it comes back.
After running 3 campaigns. The App is not opening. I have more than 4000 points and app just loads everythime for unlimited amount of time and doesn't open. I have tried uninstalling and installing it again. I have reboot my phone but it is not working anyway. Please I dont want to losemy credits, please don't scam.us and help me ASAP. Right now
This is the best app I have ever seen in my life, it is vry easy to use, we can easily earn points and increase our followers.
After 4 to 5 campaign ,when I started to search my aaccount for Campaign it saying ki account not found I have sufficient coin to campaign 😭
This is the kind of application I was looking for. It would be great if you could add a login/logout feature as well
Its easy to use Good app I suggest to download this app and there is just 1 problem occurs any 1 time but it will be sort out within a few days when u report so I really appreciate the work of these people who maintain it and a salute for them Thanks
Actually I'm not able to find my account and when I'm going to follow someone, it's showing an error occurred in our campaign. And for some days I'm not being able to use this app
there is issue in this app it hang my phone before it my phone doesn't hang but when i install it my phone is hanged when i open it ,when i open it. i uninstall it than reinstall it it hang my phone again . plss tell me what is issue .
I'm loving this application. It os really increasing followers and likes. But the problem in this app is it's slow service. I request developer to please look for this. By the way nice app it is.
Well i just downloaded it and i don't know what's going on, it keeps on saying error occure is it normal or that's not the actual way it response
The app doesn't open, it just loads but doesn't open. Please fix this problem cuz it's the best app but then now it doesn't open so please fix it.
Liked the app. Developer replied and fixed all the bugs. But only 4 stars because user later unfollowed the account in 2-3 days
The App Is Just Amazing 🀩😍. I Really Love This App 😘, And This App Is 100000000000000000000% Working πŸ˜ƒ. But I Don't Appreciate With The Points Because It Requires High Rates For Getting Follower's And Like's So Please Low The Points For Follower's And Like'sπŸ™. (Example : For 1000 Follower's - 1000 Points).
This app. Is very useful to increase instant followers and likes . I like all things in this app there are no bugs etc. On this application
It's a good app.....but the followers are unfollowing in 2-3 days.......but it was the best app......do install
i'm using is for the 1st time! i havs bought some follwers by giving like to 50 pictures i clicked that campaign the process on so i hope for the best so 5 stars rating from me
The App is good. But please fix these two issues:- 1. After 4-5 campaigns when I try to earn followers and when I type my username my ig profile isn't displayed. I Have 4000 coins pls fix it i don't wanna lose it. 2. After skipping a profile, it shows me the same profile again and again. I skipped it because I am not gaining any coins by following that profile. Please fix these 2 issues
This is the best app out there becauce all the other apps i used you had to spend hours hust to get a few followers or likes but this in one hour i gained over 100 followers and 1000 likes and i made a campaign for 20 followers and got 42 and sometimes people will unfollow but that isnt the apps fault so download it
This app is legit.Its really gives you followers and likes. But service is very slow. It took 24 hours to complete the order of 100 followers. So please improve your slow service. I hope the developer will consider my feedback
After adding followers followers r dropping after few moments later.earlier i have given 3 stars.earlier i have given 5 stars.please fix this bug
Nice application easy to earn coin n then convert those coins into gain followers or like. Such a wonderful application i just loved it ..... thankyou 😊 best application for gaining followers and like.
I never give review to any app but this app is worth it. Best part is that it does not ask access to your contacts and other things..so it is working for me
Very good app. After using this app I have increased my instagram followers and likes very fast... I like this app very much πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
I love this app so much but sometimes followers decrease automatically not more only 1. My 8 follower decrease but no issue with this app.... I m thankfull for app developers ❀
Awesome all its missing is a way to switch up accounts...but not really nessesary the people are awesome had an issue and they resolved it and were very proffesional .
I can't even log into the app it says I need to logged into the browser but I have been logged in yet the app shows a blank white screen while logging in.
Very nice aap but some changes needs to be done in this aap....... Firstly ,the error that comes in it and the glitches needs to be fixed But on other things its the best Keep going ...............
The app is pretty okay, my problem is, there should be an option where you can log out of the IG account you used in signing in.
It was very good at the start but after a while whenever I searched my profile to claim followers for my points it would just say profile not found... please can you maybe help me?
Install and use.... There are too many followers increasing application.. But this one is the best...πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° And i love it too much Thankyou for the software developer of this app you are amazing.. And very very very Thankyou for making this awsm and trustfull application
The app is good but there are some bugs like when I'm trying to earn points it's showing you didn't like the post even after I like the same post for several time it's showing me the same response please fixed it
Its a very good app its not a scam like other app's sure you have to work for the coin but it doesn't take that long . (aryan__jha09) follow btw, i know you are doing absolutely nothing so you might aswell just follow me on instagram.
The login doesn't work 😝😝😝😝 hate it.. I would rather have 0 star but minimum is 1 star so I gave it 1 star..
This app is Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘. It's really work ..and I never give 5 star ⭐ to the apps. But this aap worth it..
It's a great app to get likes and followers. I've had it for a day and have got more likes and follows from people that weren't from the app. The only issue I've had Is that sometimes it wont give me points when I do tasks
The app is very good app, but last few days it's very slow, 🐌 the aap take too much time to loading
It's my first day and I feel it's amazing app and really helpful to increase ur Instagram followers..😊
At first I'm very comfort with this app but its poor app they have log out my account😱 , so I'm unable to log into my account after 4/5 campaign.... I've more than 7500 coins This app is uselesss... it's just a waste of time 😐