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FindNow for PC and MAC

Is a Social game developed by Ratech located at B.dere Cad. 245/7 İstanbul. The game is suitable for Parental guidance (Parental Guidance Recommended) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
FindNow is the best application to share and find location! With its user-friendly interface, you can follow your family members and children.

You can look out their security, while knowing where your family are. Tracking them on the map, you’ll be sure that they’re safe.

The only thing you need to do is to send follow requests to your family members and children or accept theirs via Contacts. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can always block the follow requests that are sent to you. Also, to use the app with all functionality you and your family members have to download the app.


- You can track the locations of all the people in your circle at any time.
- You can search phone numbers on the app to send a following request.
- You can add your family members and children in different groups and manage them.
- FindNow use GPS feature to find location.


- Always be safe: you can block your followers at any time.
- Only premium members can create a user-list and follow people unlimitedly.

To take advantage of all the premium features of FindNow you must purchase a paid subscription.

About In-App Purchases and Subscriptions

We offer both a 3 days free trial period and in-app purchases that may require a specific charge to access additional features within.
Our Premium version provides unlimited access to all features. The subscription packages we offer are as follows:

Monthly Package: Current subscription price is USD 14,99 /month. Our Monthly Package offers a 3 days free trial period, within this period you can cancel at any time without commitment. However, Subscriptions will automatically be renewed every month if you decide not to cancel your plan and continue to enjoy our Premium features. (Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice.)

Free Version: With our free version of FindNow, you can search a limited number of phone numbers and add a limited number of family members. However, in order to search phone numbers and add family members without any limit, you need to subscribe to our paid packages or start a free trial. You can remove the free version by uninstalling the app from your device.

Trial Version: With the free trial version of the FindNow app, you can have unlimited access to all the features of the app. After the end of the trial period, the package fee will be charged, and you will be upgraded to the paid version. You can cancel the free trial version from your Google Play account at any time during the trial period. For detailed information, please visit the following address: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481

Paid Version (Premium Version): You can purchase a subscription package and upgrade to the paid version of FindNow at any time. In our paid subscription, you can have unlimited access to all the features of the app without any ads. You can cancel the subscription you have purchased from your Google Play account. For detailed information, please visit the following address: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481

When you purchase a subscription package, the fee is charged to your Google Play account and it will vary from country to country.
You will be clearly disclosed the subscription fee amount before completing the purchase.
Subscriptions with in-app purchases will be renewed monthly, according to the renewal scheme of the selected payment plan.
To terminate automatic subscription renewal, you must deselect the automatic subscription renewal option 24 hours before your subscription expires
You can cancel automatic renewal from your Google Play account settings at any time you want

Privacy: https://profile-cdn.findnowme.com/privacy.html
Terms of Use: https://profile-cdn.findnowme.com/tos_google.html

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the FindNow.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download FindNow for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I can't seem to unsubscribe from this site. I just joined not 3 hrs ago. I already felt this was a scam then I read the reviews. Cancel cancel cancel
Ridiculous, didn't even let you test it before asking to go premium. I won't put my card details no matter you claim there would be a free trial. Why would anyone pay for a service, that you don't know it would work properly or suffice your needs? Money grabbing bastards!
Very odd. The second I download it and open it, I have to pay to use the actual add. I was hopping it would be like the ads I've seen. But it's not, I'm not going to use this because i will have to pay. And this is just creepy, if someone gets your number or ahold of your phone and you have this app they can easily find you or your friends. Horrible design for an app.
I have not had this app before but all my friends got it and they all say it sucks. The ad makes it look super fun and helpful but it's not. It's a total wast of time and I don't think you should even think about getting it. This app look amazing and the ad really makes you want to get it but 1. You have to pay for it, like WYD 2. It's a total fake and 3. Your only wasting your life by trying to download it
Misleading. Claims to be free, but you have to pay premiums in order to see the results. Additionally, you have to convince the other user to install this app so they can be tracked. If lovers were suspected of cheating on each other this app would not help. I do see a purpose for installing this on my teenagers phones, but they would simply uninstall the app.
It's useless because you can only track those who uses this app It won't help me with tracking anyone
Misleading App,you can't find anyone ,the other person must also have the app,which is not always the case.
Echoing what everyone else says: POS app!! I am pursuing action if money is taken from my account. That would be a bteach of contract AND false advertisement. Shall we?
I downloaded this app thinking thatbi eas going to be Able to locate a certain number to which after it was downloaded it tells me or i basically figure out that inorder for me to find the location of the number i want, the person has to accept an invitation???? This misleads you. It shoes a girl crying in the begining bcuz she uses the app to find her "LOVE" in a location walking arm and arm with another girl. So let me see he's cheating on her knowing he has agreed 2 an invite to FindNow. 🤣🤣
What is the purpose of trying to find someone's location if they want you to send them an app invitation, it defeats the purpose. I wish I could give them 0 stars
This app is not what you see in the ad. Its basically for briken relationships to build trust as both parties /cat and mouse must agree to share their locations. There are mo special effect of finding magical pings based on the phone number, carrier etc. This is for reenagers or parents not as a spying machine... Sorry to burst your bubbles and dreams you are better off using docial media
This is a joke I want to cancel it but can't find a way nor talk to someone dont use this app. I had to cancel my credit card so they couldn't pull money out.
Very bad you guys said it is free but you app us so bad to request sent it to the person that I want locate. Please
I didn't read the reviews till it was to late. The negative reviews are truthful. I can't cancel the trial and there are no phone numbers and I plan to report to anyone that will listen!
it doesn't have a proper description. you download it, and on the first try you are required to subscribe for premium for approx. 20€ / month with only 3 days free trial. the free trial should be available for a certain amount of searches, and then to have the subscription option... you can't really test it...
The app is not doing what it preached I can't even get one person location just because they are not using the app and you are asking for money subscription hum please do return my money back because I have already unsubscribe it immidately after the subscription i just made a mistake by downloading it at the first place.
Every time I entered a number it would say , please enter valid number. The only location I could see was mine.
be aware of this app, I came here through thier YouTube Ad (they claim you can find anyone through FindNow button in WhatsApp, wich is impossible to any developer to integrate buttons inside WhatsApp). second thing it's impossible to find "loved" one location if they don't have same app. Don't give suspicious developers your data and location
why does it give you the option to type in your friends phone number but right when you wanna find them it interrupts you by telling you that you have to buy premium first, you might as well just buy the app first. what good is a find my friends app if you can't find your friends without spending money.
I have to send a invite to the people I want to find and the advertisement shiwed the woman using the app without having to let the persson know they're being tracked. This app needs to be taken down or shown right, Tell people about the invite system and watch them question why an app that "tracks" your boyfriend while he's cheating could work cause nobody will ever agree to being tracked.
This app is useless. I can't find any contact because of ads. When I tap search, then the ads appears, after I close the ads, no search made. I try search again and again but ads still appear and no search made. I install this app because it looks great when I see this app ads. Now I won't see your ads. Don't promote your apps in my phone. Useless app I won't install it, remove your ads from my phone even in any website or apps, I don't want to look this app.
Would not recommend installing, first you have to pay to find a number which would be fine if it weren't pricey as hell and if it was mentioned in the beginning, second I doubt it even works because I'm not willing to pay to just guess the outcome it might not even work, probably just gonna take your cash and give you some random ass location, and if you're gonna have to pay to use this app you'd at least not have to put up with spam but nope, you get over charged fees and spam, great
I had to come here after uninstalling the app. How won't you give people a chance to try out the app if it really works for them before asking for their account details? This is so wrong..
Gold diggers and time wasters. I dont know how can they take €18.99 from your phone while you have already uninstalled this stupid App. Dont download it its the worst because it nevel helpes for what you want to
What a waste of time and data , not working at all , this people only collect personal data and take everyone else for a fool .
Waste of time and data. Downloaded and nothing happened. Just a purple screen saying FindNow with yellowy orangey dots 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ wouldn't waste your time.
Lies, lies and more LIES! App requires you to download some other type of app I apparently don't have to create a profile, because it says to pick an apo of MY CHOICE to receive a verification text message on to make my profile but it doesnt give me ANY app choices. The only option I have is to close that window and then I'm right back to where I started. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, PURE B**L SH**!
Lies! And garbage! U can not find any number u have to invite them like seriously sneaky partners keep 🔐 on their phones this is a lie
This is the worst app ever and no customer service Available I tried many times to contact them about my refund and cancelling my subscription and they kept ignoring me do not 🚫 get this app it's a scam destroy the app business by not downloading them they're horrible I'm trying to earn all consumers I wish I could give it a negative 5 star
wasted time and useless and dont forget to cancel subscription because it will automaicaly charge after few days.. very very very bad app
This app is not doing what I wished it'd do. So just because the person I want to track doesn't use this app so i can't trace them. Is there anyone who want to be tracked?? Ain't nobody want that, so i don't understand the use of this app. It wasting time and data.
Waste of my data and time. What the use of downloading this app. Why must others have it so you can find them?
Usless app don't install it You have to intsall this app in the person's phone whom you want to search
Wasted time and data...why would i want to download this knowing fully well that if the other party isnt using this app then it wont work?...pls try to say more on an app before putting it out....
I sent a message to cancel the subscription and it was canceled, today I get a message from my bank that the funds were withdrawn. What kind of scam are you running here.
Stupid. You pay for it to work, then it asks you to get the other party to accept. Hell i could just ask them where they are for free. STUPID!!!
Not happy with this app they said you have a a trial that don't charge but I downloaded the app, and I cancelled the subscription on the same day and the next morning the money come out of my account for 16:49 if they say you have 14 days free trial they should not have to charge you but they've taken the money out my account on the same day that I cancelled it not happy.
DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP. The worst app which will work if and only if you buy the subscription. To even send a follow request to any of your contacts, you have to buy a subscription. And on top of that, the subscription cannot be cancelled just anytime we want to, like it is said here. I mean, every single feature of this app works only on subscription. The app is free, yes, but other than that nothing else.
I downloaded and installed on the 16th november 2019 only to realise you have to pay 29.99 a month (after 3 day free trial) so I quickly uninstalled it but I never agreed for you to take money out so after 3 days if I notice money missing out of my bank account I will be very angry and will take this in further. How can i be so sure you won't take money out of my account?
First time I don't like an app, it's full of commercials and does not work at all.. I'm upset by it. Never fulfilled its purpose!
Why wasn't I told that this app only works with family members who have this app? I'm not going to keep it, some of my friends and family don't want it.
This is the worst app I've ever seen..... It only searches for your contacts that have the app on their phone. So you having it now makes you a potential target for someone that wants to locate you.... It's a trap
That's good for emergencies. But advertised as something else which I didn't like. If u want me to download this app and we are together, I'll download. If someone has a problem with it, then there is your answer. I like that u have to have permission because if not, that would be considered a stalker! If u dont trust the person u are with, talk about it or leave them. If someone did something behind my back, I'll leave them. Communicate with each other or leave each other. God bless.
They are asking for payment (card) details first then they will show you demo, waste of time and money. Not recommended.
This the worst app I've seen this year please don't download it, it's a waste of time rubbish 😒❌❌❌
I still don't understand why do we have to pay money to find a location. when they advertise the app it makes it so easy. This app is trash, firstly you use your data to download it but when you search contact you must pay again!!. It would have been more appropreate if you notified everyone - about this absurd thing.
Clickbait clickbait clickbait - and the worst kind their is. Putting thoughts of cheating in people's heads for profit? Downloaded this just because of the disgusting ad I just saw. It seems most people would agree with my rating.
Useless app I won't have given 1 star I wanted to comment just why I am giving a star otherwise that app haven't any features
How greedy and useless developers can be? The answer is this app. It doesn't work AT ALL. And they demand you to pay them money too. Nice. And get out of the play store with your stupid robotic replies.
Its not, repeat not, free. They trick you into a subscription on google pay with a 3 day trial. A 3 day trial?!? Then the app only works if both phones are connected. This is just false advertising and click bait. Whats more, how did this junk get a rating of 4.8 stars? This company should be banned from google store!
LIES.I downloaded this app for fun.You need to pay to be able to use this app and when u do pay it doesn't even work.Dont waster your time
It's a very waste of data to download the app because it needs the person to the have the same app can you invite someone you want to trace their whereabouts
This app is useless i mistakenly made a subscribtion now you people deducted my money from my account,i want you guys to please refund my money. I never knew this app was a useless one it isnt useful to me @all please defund my money to my account im begging you guys if you no want make ogun kill una
Pure click bait and misleading ads, they advertise as have a 4.6 rating....NO To 'locate' the other person, they must have app installed and also agree to share location with you. Just use google instead, more secure and peace of mind.
I give a zero to this app..how dare they debit my account during subscription without my prio knowledge.... when I unsubscribe , they dont unsubscribe instantly...rhwy say they'll do it later...I know when apps starts playing publicity stunts.....also u need to send a request to the Number before u can get location..that makes sense for privacy , but all the ads don't make any reference to that..if my friends can share their location on google maps, why do I need a separate app
The app is not working at all, even the 3 days free trial can't be used too, please do something about it.
sooo, i downloaded this app because there was sooo may ads on youtube. so lets get in to the flaws. first there are too many ads, second you have to pay. yes i know there is a free trial and everything but, for an app thaat doesnt work it should be completely free. third, it only works if the person you are trying to stalk has the app too. so they we probably leave because they found out you're crazy. 😆 si that was my piece of mind on this app. lol
What the hell.. Complete scrap. When you want to track someone without getting noticed. How can you expect the other person to use the same app. Waste of time .
It doesn't even open on myy phone 🙄wasted myy data on an unorganized app ..it doesn't even deserve that one star🙄plzz stop creating apps that are useless ..
Garbage I wish they'd quit charging my card I have asked them nicely put my money back on my card you gave me a trial. app still don't work customer service is garbage they still hadn't responded back to me
Sir, if you are give 3 day trial period than why you are asking payment detail in start?. Atlist let us try this app for 2 days atlist, so that we can believe that it's true and genuine app. if we get a proper locations of another person we will definitely go ahead for payment detail. i don't like this App i am sorry to say. i thought this app will be useful for me. I uninstalled this app now.
Absolute and utter trash. Dont download it. I thought "Oh. Sometimes i want to know where my friends are. This seems too good to be true!" Well turns out it was. You open it up, type in a number / pick grom your contacts and Whoopsie daisy! To actually use this "free" app, you have to pay £14.99 a month! Honestly, who thought of that? Oh. also, ads. Lots and lots of ads. So in conclusion, this is an awful app that isnt worth the money.
i wish that i had read all the comments before loading this app, it sucks, my money of 14.99 was already removed from my Google account, and i cant cant unsubscribe fim this app, and my 3 free day trail is not even over yet. so i am out of 14.99, which i could have used on something more better, im very dissatisfied. this app shiuld be removed! and i want my 14..99 back!
So I installed this app though i knew you had to sign up for a membership but it said that I have a free 3 day trail and so I signed up and the app works fine. There is just one problem. If you want to find any mobile number THE PERSON YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR ALSO NEEDS THIS APP. Therefore it is mostly useless because none of my contacts have this app. Anyway I cancelled the subscription within the free trial and I didn't get any charge.
Completely useless once to sit there and have me to log in so they can send me a f****** confirmation code and it won't let me do it. utterly useless
I understand that it's okay to have a premium version with more options but that is only when you allow the app to be used for free, partially. In this case, you can't do anything with it if you don't pay so there is no counterpart to the premium option which makes calling it "premium" redundant. The price si WAY too high, are you kidding? 15$ per month for this sort of service? Keep dreaming. No wander you have this rating.
Don't waste your time downloading this...too bad you're required to rate at least one star because it seems excessive...
Wow, what a clickbait. Saw the ad on YouTube and thought it was awesome. Clicked on the ad from YouTube itself and installed. Once installed I was greeted by a "Friendly" you need to have Premium for this to work, then I got the "Try out for free for 3 days", but when I applied for the 3 days they deducted less than a doller from my bank account. To top that off, when I finally got to try it; it prompted me that I have to request to follow people. What a miserable experience, and a misleading YouTube advertisement. Don't advertise something totally different then what you're supplying and if people are calling you out on it give them the "it's in the description" line. Sad to see that Google allows scam artists like these on the Playstore, reported the subscription as well for clickbait since it said the "First 3 days are free". Don't even bother to reply. Being a developer myself I was honestly disgusted how this whole process works.
After discovering that this app won't let me make my profile I was almost immediately charged for the premium cost with no trial period I was denied a refund. I feel ripped off. This experience with a Google Play Store is very unusual.
This app is a paid alternative to the Life 360 app which is free. If the app is asking for a request from the one we want to follow.... Its basically like the Life360 app. I thought it would allow us to see them without any requests, if it's asking for a premium subscription. Apart from the tracking on request and group making, there isn't anything in the premium subscription which you get for free in Life360 app. So to the developers.... If you can make it different.... Then we will have no problem continuing your subscription. And as such I will be uninstalling it. I am sorry.
Don't download this app. I repeat DON'T download this app. They are scammers! They'll use this app to get your credit card details.
I just changed my mind about the app coz it's not like the way I expected it to be.I want everything canceled including my account .
Do not waste your time , this app is only going to work if you pay money. Download it and it will say only premium paid membership required, then after that it's going to say both party's must agree with the terms of use. Read Ratings and save your money if she or he is cheating dump them . The permissions to use this app are outrageous, why should any app be able to delete or change anything on our devices, app permissions or out of control, READ THEM BEFORE DOWNLOADING.
Yet another app that sounds great but just turns out to be a money grabbing scam! So you have to download it and pay for it and every person who you want to find has to download it and pay for it....... GENIIS!! Wait! I've got it, you could just phone or text each other and say " hello, where are you"......🤔 Don't bother wasting your time. Thanks for nothing!
I believe that this app is a scam....I really would not give it one star....i could not find a way to cancel my subscription, i had to stop payment at the bank..
It will not be better with you people. I sbould put my debit card ryt after downloading with 57 mb. Eti yawere. Idiot
Its useless. I saw the ad on YouTube- seemed so easy to use but its really not. It kept saying "Invalid number". Apart from that, I need to be a "Premium member" to find people. Good idea, good marketing but the app does not deliver as advertised! Really was a waste of my time
Don't waste your time or money. If the person you are looking for doesn't have find now it's useless. The other has to have the app which defeats the purpose.
This is a total scam! Was supposed to be a free trial but they not only charged me for january but won't let me cancel subscription until after they charge me AGAIN in february!!! It's total BS
DO NOT INSTALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Play stores must indicate whether one must pay for the use of app. You can not advertise that the app is free and when one downloads it you have to pay. It is false advertising. Google Play that is a crime.
This app is bull....it needs the person you want to find to have the same app👎👎it doesn't even deserve a single star
Nowhere does it say that the person you want to follow also needs the app installed. Plus, an initial transaction has been made on my card when it was said that the first three days are free of charge. Completely misleading app. Do not install. The most worthless 5 minutes of my life spent on this app.
If I give less than a star I would! Other person need to have findnow app as well and whats the point??? We can use some other app for free and £12 a month is day light robbery ,this should be taken away from app store.
Total waste of time. You need to subscribe like a cellphone contract. Both party need to have it installed. Money stealing app. If i could put Zero star i would.......
Worst app ever. It gets subscribed automatically and I ended up paying for 2 months without even using it.
I mean you're lucky if your love uses location and snapchat and you can find out where they were last time, you need the other person to have the app so you can find them. I can't wait for an app that can really find the person only by their phone number and location of the geographical sensor in their phone...oh wait, it's called hacking and you will never find that as an app because it would be illegal because it invades peoples' privacy and no government will allow that... Until...
This app sucks especially if you have teenagers At least minor family members even on the same phone plan one person should be able to download the app and then find a family There needs to An app at least undetectable by family members By the way you can't even make a profile to follow anyone Instructions are not clear
Scam! It is not what they advertise AT ALL# No way to create profile to use app, or to manage the subscription. When you try to search a number it wants to sent that number a follow request. I sent a message and asked for my account to be cancelled. If they charge me in 3 days Ill reach out to the BBB and share the process with you all as well! Update, found a place to cancel but it says its gonna wait until the 3 day trial is over and charge me 1st. Cant even use the app!
Scammer.... won't even let you access the app without entering your credit card information. After your credit card, good luck trying to cancel after your free trial is expired. What a scam!
Pretty horrible (hoax or downright illegal) idea. But there is hope: the app does not deliver! The "free" version doesn't do anything, except for collecting your location and contacts. And its getting better. It turns out that its not working unless the searched phone has the same app installed and it gave permission to be found (which probably makes it legal). It's marketed as a "spy" app or tracking app, which, fortunately, it isn't. Good for tracking kids phones. Not unwilling grownups.
useless app, i thought this app can search any other without register, but you must have others use this app after that you can search them. don't install this app, just waste of time ,if you have friends or something have decided uninstall or disabled they gps you can't find were he she . and one thing VIP buy month stupid things they do .development please remove this app i hate this app always show on ads and again no useful this app..
The only real way this will work if you use it to keep in touch with your children your spouse that's cheating on you they not going to accept the follow
If the other person doesn't use this app you can't find him. Its garbage app. Don't waste your time and memory of phone
BUYER BEWARE!!!! If I could give NEGATIVE stars... I would. They give you a 3 day trial and I tried to cancel it 1 HOUR in because this app simply is not what I was looking for. 2 days later they still have not responded to my support request tocancel the subscription before the 3 day trial and sure enough the crooks charged me. Im beyond angry.
Don't waste your time downloading this application. Fake. Rate it 1 star so Google can remove this fake app and save lives from scammers.
Its free to download but 12.99 to use the app. Its useless and cancelation is a pain in the ass. Find another app or use the one that comes with your provider.
This app is a POS! Says every phone number I enter is an invalid number and I know the numbers I've entered are actual working numbers. This app needs to be completely deleted from the play store and all other places. It's only available for hackers to get our credit card information and that's it! Total Bullsh**!!! Doesn't even deserve 1 star, but had to give atleast one in order to write my complaint; otherwise I wouldn't have given the 1 star!