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Fire Stick Remote: Amazon Fire TV Remote Control

Fire Stick Remote: Amazon Fire TV Remote Control for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by Vulcan Labs located at Level 10, Nguyen Trung Ngan St, D1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Fire Stick Remote: Amazon Fire TV Remote Control helps you control your Fire TV and FireStick from the comfort of your phone.

This App is compatible with FireStick, Cube, and Smart FireTV.

Quick Cast and Share Photos & Videos in high-definition from your Gallery directly onto the tap to your devices of a button on the dedicated "Cast" tab. Search effortlessly by using keyboard or voice-to-text commands.

Enjoy quick access to your media that are favorite like Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, Fite and others with the dedicated "Apps" Tab. This Fire Stick remote also helps you use gestures that are swipe-based your devices for easier navigation.

This Amazon Fire TV Remote app is the way that is prime control your FireTV.

Instructions: Users need that is first enable 'ADB Debugging' in their devices Settings to setup the Firestick Remote. To do this, navigate to 'Settings', scroll right and&# that are open Fire TV', scroll down to 'Developer Options', and switch 'ADB Debugging' to "ON".

Terms of Use: http://vulcanlabs.co/terms-of-use/Privacy Policy: http://vulcanlabs.co/privacy-policy/

DISCLAIMER:This App is not affiliated nor endorsed by Amazon Fire TV.

FireTV is a line of digital media players and allows users to stream digital media via the internet to a connected television that is high-definition.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Fire Stick Remote: Amazon Fire TV Remote Control.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Fire Stick Remote: Amazon Fire TV Remote Control for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Terrible, this app is praying on the elderly and not tech savvy people. If you're considering paying for this app, you should reconsider. There are other app that will do the same. Furthermore, every time you put your phone down for awhile and then try to use this app you have to navigate back and connect to your fire stick (etc) again. Over and over again each time. So annoying
I downloaded this app because I lost my remote and apparently I need my remote to set up the app like what..???NO!
Stops working after a handful of uses. Keeps trying to get you to purchase it. No thanks. There's other apps.
Payed for the one off payment for the app £17.99 and not full working and stop and have to close the app then reload it again so don't waste your money guys need sorting
My remote broke so I purchased this. However you need a working remote to verify the app remote!! A frustrating waste of money.
it doesnt allow me to cast what I am doing on my phone such as games I am playing or the things I am looking at on the internet. Doesnt deserve a 5 star rating.
they get you to buy this product for one price then want to charge additional fees to use the item the service department try to talk down to you and bully you into getting more service as an example if you pay for the fire stick for$ 19.99 with taxes $21.35 for access to everything it's not true they want another $ 49.99
At first it worked great, then my phone updated to Android 11 and now it can't reconnect as a remote with my Firestick. Better get it fixed people, I payed the lifetime subscription when it worked, now it's leaving hung out to dry! Not happy at this time.
This does not work! In order for it to work you must turn on the adb if i lost the remote and obvisouly i'm downloading this until i find my remote but it does not make since to install this app if you don't have your real remote because it does not work and will not go pass the adb which is pointless for this app..
My temote seems to forget my fire stick everytime my shows ends then i have to log in again it always says my password is incorrect
You literly cant ever find your tv untill 1 time and it tells you to go to settings and when you get back it logged you out of your tv and the ok button onley works I don't think this app deservs a five star rateing
How are you supposed to connect to the fire TV if you don't have a damn remote to turn on debugging in the first place??
They don't give you any time to use it before you have to pay weekly, monthly, or forever. I don't know if I like it without testing it
This doesn't work as a replacement if you lost the original remote! You need the original to set up this app.
is good remote but can still get ads about a subscription idk why you would get a subscription it just give you miner upgrade so good.
Sometimes my TV doesn't appear, if I go to something else on my phone I have to reconnect my TV to the remote when I go back to it, the ad is super annoying after everything you click on. Other than these problems it was my savior when my remote stopped working.
Trash , froze up too many times. Remote stopped working , new remote is about the same price as a complete firestick. Switched to an Android TV box with a keyboard remote. Amazon click per letter takes way too long to do a search. Edit : minor bugs. More like a roach infested. Amazon sells an inferior product and calls thier service Prime. The irony is hilarious, which fifth wheel because their service is a joke. I rate Amazon two middle fingers
Should've read the reviews first. I thought this was going to be a great app but unfortunately I just lost $12. It is what it is. It's my fault for not reading but I am extremely disappointed because the app should be top notch especially if you are making people pay for it.
After a little bit using the app this add was coming up every time I touched the remote so I uninstalled it and installed it but after using it the add came up again
This app takes forever to connect with my firestick. And each time I open the app it my device is not saved, even though both are on the same Wi-Fi
Everytime I try to use it, I need to resety tv which requires the use of my other remote, which in turn, means I have no use for this one. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!
When it works it's awesome. It does not work more than it does work. The ads for non subscribers lock up the whole app because they do not play when they are supposed to in order to keep using the app. Once the fire stick goes into screen saver mode, the app stops working.
Wasn't This Free? All of a sudden stopped working, now they charge for it? Guess I need to find my remote or just switch up Firesticks.
i can't even use this app!!! 😡😡😡😡 i can't pay for the thing and whare did the ads option go !?!??!??!?!!??!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
Sucks Didn't work. Had trouble connecting. Was recommend to fix a connection problem with streaming HULU for live tv because only network available in my area is mobile and with the live service you have to have connect service. When used the basic package for years with out live tv on my fire stick.
Worked (so two stars is generous) but very quickly offered only subscriptions to work - None of which is mentioned anywhere in the apps info, and only ref at all is in app purchases.. Bait and switch exactly. Removed.
Could be used as a back up but wants $15 to let you control the Firestick, or $8 a month, or you could do $3 a week....
I can't find my firestick remote so I downloaded this app. In order to use the app, I need my firestick remote to program the settings. If I had my remote I wouldn't need an app for the remote. Waste of my time!
Trying to use this as a remote and it won't let me connect to my tv unless I have the remote to click OK on the TV. Um, I don't have the remote, that's why I'm downloading an app......
Such a disappointment. Almost impossible to use. Annoying ads keep popping up. Not user-friendly at all. If you want to payanother monthly subscription, I'm sure the remote you pay for will actually work on your phone; otherwise,the free version IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME/EFFORT/SPACE.
Not bad there's a bug that makes it so it takes awhile for the firestick to do what I'm telling it to do plz fix
App will not work no matter what. Keeps loading. Waste of money, and of course I bought the lifetime pkg
Paid full year access and not working 😕 shows ots connected to fire tv but not connecting to my tv. Yes tried the one troubleshoot they suggest. Still no joy. Waste on my money. Very unhappy!
Don't bother downloading, as others have said on here, I downloaded the app because my remote stopped working and the app which is supposed to be free asks you to enter credit card details to subscribe free for 5 days!!! if you want to set it up you have to use the "not working remote control" to go to settings...ridiculous
Basically have to pay to use a remote. Don't bother. Find a different app. I uninstalled immediately.
After you pay to get the ads removed this is better than any remote because of the screen mirror controls.
App freezing up When I try to connect thru settings on my cube the screen ony phone goes blank and I can't use it. Trying to use it on my Moto Z3 phone.
Customer service is awful. You can't undubscribe after you download and they don't return emails. I do not recommend
Complete rubbish I downloaded because My remote don't work which is what it's for but I need to use the actual remote to connect firestick to phone so what's the point in the app if I need the other remote to connect this remote
Even after enabling the ADB under Developer option, this app fails to connect. However I got the Amazon Fire Stick Remote app in the store which is good after signing with the same profile. Sorry Dev, not recommending your app.
Downloaded this in hopes I could use it during travel when I forgot the actual remote for my FireStick. Since I didn't set this up at home when my phone and Fire Sick were connected to the same WiFi, I can't set it up...this is useless to me...Amazon has been a disaster for me, I will be switching back to my trusty Chromecast where you don't NEED a remote.
I would appreciate a refund this app does not work. I had this app when the app.was free and because it worked awsomely, I didnt mind subscribing but now seeing that app doesnt work id appreciate a refund.
sure it connects but it doesnt do anything else, i cant even control the tv, i bought an app that doesnt even let me scroll left and right
Omgosh!😀 im saying to all my friends and neighbors to purchase the Fire Stick with Alexa!! Best experience of my life viewing tv-internet recipes ordering items off Amazon movies live tv and so much more words cannot be typed!!
These people Obviously do NOT Understand or Care that a Big Reason Many download this App is due to a Lost/Missing, Etc. Remote, therefore, it mqkes NO SENSE to tell you to go to settings on your stick to turn on like Anything..NO REMOTE Means you can NOT Navigate the device at All..even to tap a setting..?? If I Could get in and around my device, WHY would I ever Need your App..?? C'mon now..UGH..Be a Solution NOT a Problem!?
To be able to have the luxury of a working remote at your fingertips all the time for a paltry $20 is exceptional and the service is great I have no complaints! Thank you and happy New Year to all
Remote works but is waay too slow and then they have the nerve to ask me to pay monthly, IM NOT PAYING MONEY FOR A REMOTE APP, they should just delete this app and start over
You shouldnt have to pay to use an app. I downloaded this because i thought it was 100 percent free. But its not. I needed an app that was free and worked because i lost the remote. But no- this is just another rip off. I warn you... DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!
Full of ads. Mostly for itself. Didn't connect half the time. Maybe if you pay the $15 a month it'll work. I had this app installed for a total of 1/2 hour before I had enough
Just downloaded it and within 2 minutes the app won't let me use any controls at all, instead there is a pop up to pay for a subscription whenever I press anything.
Same as everyone else.. If I could find my remote, I would not need the app. Thanks to small kids, under 3 years of age, new TV and with in a few days, lost remote. Maybe it will turn up soon.
my dad's actual first it doesn't work well so I looked up an app try one before this one didn't work when I got to this one this one works perfectly fine. Never mind because you are limited for the use if you don't pay just found that out.
I seem to like this app.. It makes things very easy and convenient for me. My main problem isn't the apps fault though; It's actually my Network Connection Issues due to Extremely Poor Signal. I'm not able to use the app as a relaxing, headache-free convenience if my Network Connection Strength is too busy being an inconvenient frustration!
All the ads are stupid and annoying, they pop up literally every 30 seconds and they make you watch a 30 second ad to continue using the app, and I'm not paying 20 dollars to prank my sister with it, literally the only reason I got the app
This app is so dumb I need a remote to connect this. I downloaded this because I lost it. So dumb. 1 star
I have emailed this company and not heard back. I'm quite disappointed in the lack of communication/customer service.
I cant seem to get the app to pair with the fire stick. Lost the remote and downloaded the fire stick remote app and cant get it to work
Couldnt get it to connect. Says I need to check boxes with my remote ...if I had that remote I wouldnt need this one. Coincidentally it worked fine with a different app... didn't have to check boxes with my tv or FS remote
Trash , froze up too many times. Remote stopped working , new remote is about the same price as a complete firestick. Switched to an Android TV box with a keyboard remote. Amazon click per letter takes way too long to do a search.
Total failure app i have three Amazon devices and the remotes are always getting lost and this as well as all the remote apps fail to find the devices on the net work changing to ruko have one device and easy to connect on phone.
Scam. I messaged them about it not working and I got an email telling me to call Apple...I don't even have an iPhone
Can't connect without already having a remote and has a huge delay when responding... disappointing. Its better to yous the fire tv app.
It doesn't work all buttons just bring up a full page ad on phone screen and the TV doesn't do anything. The home button worked twice but now, nothing but full page ads everytime I try to navigate the tv screen. x the ad out and the tv still doesn't register that a button was pushed except for bring up an ad on the phone. That's all it can do. Maybe contact roku and ask for help there tv remote app actually works really good.
This app seemed to work fine with my original fire stick. However when I connected to my 4K fire stick the response was delayed sometimes and often did not work at all.
Dont waste your time cant click 1 button without being spammed with a ad its more pointless than religion
Great apk but, the ads are relly annoying, even thou i like its functionality i have to uninstall after an hour of being installing, bad 😝
It's free to download but all you can do is connect but not control anything. There are free apps that work so I'm not paying for a subscription to find out whether that will fix the problem or not.
Do not download this app When you go on it. It will say that you don't have connection this is the worst app that i downloaded pls don't download this every minute ads comes up it's boring don't download this app
The app works for about 20 clicks and then becomes completely useless. I have to uninstall and then reinstall the app again just so I can pick something. I've found it easier to just download the apps on my phone so I can find something to watch and then cast it from my phone to the tv.
This app works sometimes. After a while an ad pops up with purchase options, then you can't use it for a while.
The miracast works really well, however it is very unresponsive. I click the remote button maybe two or three times and it disconnects everything. I tried restarting my phone and TV and it still doesnt work. I have a internet speed of 700-1000 M which is fast enough. I'll be requesting a refund until this issue is fixed. Thank you for your effort.
Can not connect as don't have the remote, I wish to have a refund please as can not use and only had it 10mins
The whole purpose of downloading a controller to my 📱 is because I can't use the original one. So if you don't have an app that doesn't require the use of the original controller then this app is useless.
Don't waste your $ on this app! It doesn't work properly most of the time but they want $20 for unlimited use of it.
This app sucks. Worked for a few hours than wouldn't connect any more untill I bought a subscription for a year for my free app to work. Now it cost me money and won't connect telling me to restart my TV and app. Well I've done this for 24 hours and still same message . Does nothing won't work stole my Money. Wantva refund for ur so called free app. WhT a joke
The app works for 1 minute than freezes completely, making me have to use the remote that came with my Fire Stick. I was attracted to this app because I thought I would be able to type using the qwerty board on my phone when looking for shows or if I misplaced my remotes. Tried Uninstalling this and reinstalling to see if fixed issue but did not.
Works for a 30 minutes and before receiving a full page ad for "special features". Those features include any use of the app at all.
The whole point in downloading a remote is because I need a remote but the first thing this app tells me to do is to use my remote to navigate to settings to connect this remote app so I can use it...... Waste of time!! Pointless app to download unless you already have a working remote already to be able to connect this remote.
barely works , worst 20bucks ever spent , after maybe 6seconds (litiraly) it just stops working, won't respond to any command . . .do not load this apt waist of money
This will work as a second remote but not on it's own. You have to navigate to the developer options every time you open it, which is impossible if the Firestick remote is not working.
If you missing the control this app won't work for you... cuz you need to check the bebugging box with the original remote so you can use this app
I hate this app I need it because I lost my tv remote control and it's telling me to you see me rooted controlled for this one to work what a dumb app just he ping yall not to waste you're time downloading this app just download fire tv that's a great one no problem you just open the app a code will come up on you tv you type it on the phone and then you have everything g to watch again.
I lost my fire stick remote. Without that, I couldn't link the app to the fire stick. I contacted the developer about a refund and was told to process it directly through Google Play. Google Play won't process the refund because the developer/app doesn't conform with Google Play guidelines. Bottom line: an app I can't use and no refund.
this is okay response is kind of slow. would be better if it had the option for volume controls if you had a Fire TV blocker! until then I'll probably remain at three stars.
Rubbish you still need your old remote. After getting the old remote to work thought I'd keep this as a back up. Not worth wasting the memory space it's slow clunky and works when it wants.
The best fire tv remote out there! Great job developers! There are plenty of fire tv remotes out there... Half of them only work sometimes.... This one works all the time and has features like casting from your phone in easy to access ways and it also works... I cant tell you how many times ive tried to cast with other apps that are so unreliable... Also this one doesnt have intrusive obnoxious adds like others do... Best app for fire tv so far.
Always got to pay for something with Amazon. Amazon prime Amazon fire stick Amazon rent a movie even though you have prime and bought a fire stick Amazon fee Amazon this and that Amazon remote Amazon pay for this app... kinda getting sick of amazon