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First Refuge: Z

First Refuge: Z for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by 37GAMES located at P.O.Box 957,Offshore Incorporations Centre,Road Town,Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence, Horror) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Do you have what it takes to rule the wasteland?

Humanity has been brought to the edge of extinction by a zombie virus that is deadly. The desperate actions of survivors are futile in the face of treacherous bandits, fierce zombies, and sinister corporations that roam this wasteland, all contending for supremacy. It’s your job to take command of a group of survivors and build an fortress that is underground. It’s time to battle the zombie invasion and fight against players from all over the world. The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders.


-Build your own underground that is unique! You have the freedom to develop and enhance your base however you wish!
-The first chapter of the apocalypse starts here! Command your troops to conquer the wasteland and save humanity.
-Take survivors under your wing! Assign jobs to the people that are right just banish them into the wasteland. Their lives are in your hands.
-Enlist Legendary Heroes! Choose from a array that is diverse of who will help you conquer the wasteland.
-Strength in numbers! Team up with other players and fight alongside each other. Taking out enemies is easier when you have back up!
-Survival of the fittest! Form alliances with other players and battle the zombie hordes or just conquer the wasteland that is entire. It's up to you!
-Multiplayer battles! Even the toughest captains need others to watch their back - enemies will be after your forever head!
-Take Command! The Fortress that is underground is your control. Expand and develop it. Make it the envy of the Wasteland!
-Join countless players worldwide! Players of all languages and cultures competing to rule the wasteland. You can write the chapter that is final of.

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is a free-to-play mobile strategy game. This app offers purchases that are in-app. As required by 37Games Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, players must be over 12 years play .

Need help?
We provide first-rate support to help solve any problems that are in-game have! You can reach our support team at any time, either by clicking on our in-game support button or via: [email protected]



How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the First Refuge: Z.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download First Refuge: Z for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Change my rating from 5s to 1s. The Customer service or support system is useless I reported a bug about my main quest but they (support team) didn't do anything about it and until now it isn't fix yet. How can I progress in game if I can't finish my main quest?. Could be one of my favorite game but now I don't know anymore. PLEASE FIX YOUR BUG!
Im really enjoying the game so far but there is a little glitch with the hero mode and challenges they keep going back and forth for me thank First Refuge team but plies fix it
Gameplay is POTENTIALLY fun, but riddled with bugs and glitches that occasionally create inconveniences. Once fixed, can definitely be a high contender for "Great Game" status. The real issue is the atrocious customer service who is entirely uninterested in player feedback or well being. These people are unashamedly overt about their desire to make money. Don't contact them in hopes of being respected as a human being. You're either an exploitable $ number or you're nothing.
It's State of Survival with a different skin and a giant gorilla. Good game if you like State of Survival but i only gave it four stars as i'm burnt out on these type of games.
This is good the developers have toiled hard fir this game but the first thing is when you will bring update see the grphics and a new fpp mode It is a great game but we need new weapons also and a good zombie boss I was so amazed with this game that i have uploaded a video on this game.The channel is D-Architect gming please see to it Well done!
This can be a good game but in my opinion if there are too much lag no matter how good it might be it destroys the game. If the lag was fix I would happily change my review to 5 star. Please fix it
The best zombie game ever, I want to tell everyone to try this awesome game, I have some suggestions to send to you devolopers.
The best game under 500mb and thax to the dovloper for making that original zombie mode gameπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Full of glitches and freezes up in challanges also read the developers answers its the same thing sorry till the game is a glitch and freeze free i will never recommend this game and would highly advies everyone against paying for this game at all they should have had these kind of problems delt with before they lauched it
On a positive side. I enjoyed actual people talking for once. Made it feel a bit more real. Was looking forward to a proper attack and defence game. This is just a clone of those old online games. While it seems like a very well polished clone. It still trys to take your money any chance it gets. The game needs more real fighting.
The game is good. It has a few server issues which can be fixed. It needs to be optimised to run smoother as well. I don't find it to be a pay to win thing but of course if you pay you do get benefits. The game can improve in terms of information given about items, tasks, troops and enemies. Instead of adding new features right away, it would be great if the bugs are first squashed.
I expected more from the game. I haven't been playing for long but i can see myself getting bored of this pretty soon because i've played too many games like this before. This feels more like a reskin of SoS/other survival games, etc. so it didn't gave too much impact on me.
I will rate 4 stars because story is good but if I can play by myself shooting on fpp that would be more cool. But the game is really interesting. Please make it as multi-player soon......
This game is just like the state of survival and its a freakin obvious PAY TO WIN game if you want to throw money in this game better not, try Rise of Kingdoms.
Its alright, but i keep on getting disconnected messages even though im still connected to internet. Very annoying
Game experiences huge lag spikes randomly causing players to OFTEN be double-charged for purchases. Developers have been receiving issues and bug reports for months with no updates or even the courtesy of a timely response. Players are already quitting and iOS hasn't been released. I won't invest anymore money into a game that's dying in childhood.
The game is amazing, similar to "State of Survival", but this one is better version, good graphics, more fun if you play with your friends.
Edit: Events seems to be doable without spending money. Buying VIP points using in-game cash isa bit expensive but you can buy VIP point using guild coins on a cheap price which you can get easily. The only issue I know at the moment is the extreme lagging when viewing the field outside your base and when doing campaign mode. My commanders are running around when I set the speed to x2 - x3. Some events are very rewarding.. And also we can't share coordinates and camp our troops in the field.wt
Had a bug ad reported it last Feb 20 and still not resolved. I used items for resources and did not get the equivalent in resources. Will change rating after issue is fixed
I love it it's allmost identical to the screenshots plus if you love bunker building games then this is for you a me
This normal user ok but playing like high graphic game player can play this game is say bad so increase the graphic and this three person change to first person game then i give 5 star
I just pre registered the game for weeks!!!!.......and finally it got released and I am so surprised..... IT'S ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!.....keep it up guys......and the characters voiceovers are FANTASTIC!!!!! ❀️
I love it so far, it's currently very laggy because of the server maintenance I have high hopes for it. Please don't overload the in-game purchases and please don't make it pay to win or have big waiting time for uggrades.
Hi I don't know why but your game server is very poor I can't do anything cuz it always saying that my connection is unstable though it not cuz my other games are running very well so yeah for now I have nothing to do with the gameπŸ˜”
Excellent,gripping music. Not long at all to load very quick. Cool characters. Great dialogue The art in this is absolutely beautiful Better than fallout by far. The voice acting is superb My snapchat is sonnyoc for any other info Thanks for gifting me with such an excellent game! You need this game:)
Firstly, it's just a reskin of State of survival, rather go play that. Secondly, the server speed is terrible. Average time is around 8 seconds from when you press claim on a task to when anything is done. In the hour I've played I've been kicked from the game and had to reload multiple times. Not worth it. Go play SOS rather
The advertisements for these games are very misleading. This game and many others on the App store advertise something that they're not, and make you feel that the gameplay will be different than it actually is. If you are going to take the time to make an advertisement, try advertising the actual gameplay so people know exactly what they're going to be playing after they download the game. No control over character, mindless tapping on your phone.
I pre-registered. I play it passionately. It was fun. Until I enter the casino. It drains my money but I never got royal flush. This day, I hit the casino again. Spent 3K money but I don't got royal flush. Even when I spin at the same time someone got the super win prize. Frustrated. Royal flush is for top 30 players. Casino is supposed for the lucky. But I still play it, because it's fun. Just feel down because if the casino problem
First Refuge feels like a reskin of pretty much any other village building survival. The only difference is the fallout style rooms as buildings, but everything is exactly the same as in the other games. If you've played state of survival or king of avalon there's really nothing new here. Heroes, VIP, buildings, gear, troops, marching, map, radar, quests, alliances and so on. To be honest all these games feel like there's one dev team just reskinning the same game under other developer names.
I'm facing an error where an important aspect (Gorilla) in the game hasn't been unlocked for me but my further chapters are already being completed. I raised the same with the support team and I haven't heard back from them since 2 days and no one has even bothered to respond from the support team when I chased them 3 times today since morning.
What have you been doing with this game my goodness this game is the worst game in play store means I can't think that a game can also be so bad what r u thinking about this devolopers. When u make a game do u see what the game is or what improvement is required. Sorry not improving the game but making a new game as this rubbish game can not be improved in decades also as the devolopers. I'm very sad that I wanted this game as u said but its totally different and I m dissatisfied by this game.πŸ˜’
I like the game ant the utility so good. After couple of minutes it became so laggy for low end phone, i hope the dev give some consideration like graphics selection because lots of games now have this kind of setting. Over all it is a good game.
I keep getting disconnected to opening loading screen, no problem with my connection it just happen while playing, hope you fix it soon
I rated this game a 5 star because even though there may be some troubles in the game those troubles can be easily overcome with Upgrading your Hero's or adding more to your army's ranks, the game to me is one of my most favorite Zombie Survival so far
I have just started playing this game About 3 weeks it is very hard to read the chats and mails in this game not sure if it is just color combination or text size itself. I am sadden that this appears to be yet another pay to win game
Games good , but ive been kicked out so many times , when in play .. its getting annoying .. even though I've binded my account .. its a shame bye
The game js good, graphics is nice as well but there is one problem. IF the game wants us not to abandon the Residents the way it PLEASE increase the capacity of people in the base since some works on the diff place barely people go to living room.
Just downloaded and I'm stuck it says build warehouse when I click on it it gets stuck and returns to main page please help
The game is pretty similar to SToS which is Nice to see because it makes it easier to understand how to play but theirs a bug.. my march is stuck at 0 seconds for returning and I've restated the game twice but its just stuck.. i can't do much in the outside world for now which is a shame.. but apart from that the games pretty good.
Well I was expected a great game .... But turn out the game crash slot .. I can't even build anything ..
This game is really fun to play when you have a lot of time in your hands. There are loads of rewards, events, challenges, and new places to explore along with a story. Although I put 4 stars because some controls are not very responsive and the dialogue is very cheesey.
Bad experience. Tried to change state using beginers teleport being less than 5 days and level ch 8 .Every parameters were correct but wasn't able to change state. Support replied but it was too late to change state because it already became 5 days when they replied. Not a good experience even when I liked the concept of this game. Uninstalling it. Thanks
One Of The Best Graphics Game , I've Had Ever Play . Great Team Work Has Done, Against This Game's And The Ultimate Goal Is Very Must Have !
I can already see a pay to win pattern... The game has a nice concept but it needs balancing especially for Bandit camps. The combat parts is incredibly laggy, it took me 10 minutes just for one battle because of how incredibly laggy it is. Zombies and the dogs keep glitching instead of attacking or just run in circles instead of going forward...
Another pay to play game, if you hope to progress you better be prepared to shell out cash. The big money gamers will continue to destroy the player's that don't want to pay.
Getting nothing nothing server error. And I agree with Aaron freeman the advertisement is nothing like the game. It would fall under false advertisement. Still can't get in fix it
Not what I was expecting but I really appreciated the efforts put into the graphics, music and dialogues.
I like this game. but, please fix about the heating problem. i don't for other devices. but mine Oppo Find-X (spec at google) seem to have a heat problem when playing the game. kindly to fix this heating problem. thanks in advanced
Well I play this game and it's was very fun to play it's like SOS, but sadly after I'm level 12 the game crashed and it's lagging pretty hard that I can't play any longer, even so I play it again but I hope you are going to fix the game so I can give this game a 2 star
I would give it a 5star but it's a little glitchy and frezzies sometimes, but it is fun and I also like how the people talk instead of having to read each charictor's sentence. You don't see that often, and that's cool. P.s. thank you to the maker's of this game, it's pretty cool.
No word's just fabulous i think this is the first game that amazed me in graphics under lowest mb and also smooth gameplay ever i loved it ❀πŸ”₯
I love this zombie game but i am not having mobile phone with 4 to 8 gn ram i play this game in 2gb ram and its lag so much so your team should make that on 2gb or 1gb mobile phone it should not lag so much and also my game directly closed and my screen was loading you should solve this all problem by the way i love this game
Impossible to progress while blocked by tutorial while the screen tell me to pick the daily reward. Ends up in server error.
Cool game! Stamina should be less than 300seconds, after a while it gets boring just waiting. Should get a bit more optimised for weaker phones.
its just pay to play and I mean to the absolute limits ofay to play. I wouldnt be surprised if next update the developers made us pay for it before we could install. Ease up a little devs you need the free to play players and all the new buys and gear and evetything is just too much. you had a fantastic game on your hands and now you are stabbing it in the eyes with a rusty blunt spoon so that we all hear the screams whilst it slowly dies
Ok I just installed this game and play for 20min and after then all I can say is this game not really what I expected pretty got disappointed tho because still mostly are story and when u get to do battle it's also auto.. otherwise good story and goods for kid's especially
This games brings nothing new to the table. If you played one survival/shelter building game, you've played them all.
Had to change my review due to bugs making it unplayable. Edit: the bugs have been corrected.thank you
Am the first one to reviewing It's a extraordinary game it's need to be improved more ......... Graphic design is just awesome
So far it's alright. Characters and animations are a bit stiff. Need to be able to zoom all the way out on your underground shelter to show entire shelter. Higher graphic settings, frame rate would be nice. Font on menus and menu pop-ups is a bit bland, like the default font on a computer. Smoother font that's center justified would look better on menus and menu pop-ups.