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Fitplay: Apps & Rewards - Make money playing games

Fitplay: Apps & Rewards - Make money playing games for PC and MAC

Is a Lifestyle game developed by Fitplay Company. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
⭐⭐⭐Play cool games and get REAL CASH rewards ⭐⭐⭐

With Fitplay you can earn cash that is real and coupons just by having fun with cool games on your phone!

It is FREE and super easy to use Fitplay:

1. Play our app on your phone
2. Chose and play ANY of our FREE games
3. Collect coins you get for the time you spend playing games
4. Exchange coins for real 💲💲💲 on your PayPal account or coupons (Amazon, Playstore, Zalando, Starbucks and many more)

Why Fitplay:

* Real and payouts that are quick💲💲
* It is FREE to use
* It is FUN!
* It is safe!

Don't miss the opportunity to earn some cash TODAY that is extra!

Get the start bonus NOW and enjoy the right time while using our amazing app!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Fitplay: Apps & Rewards - Make money playing games.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Fitplay: Apps & Rewards - Make money playing games for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
If you fixed the bugs,then why do I see an error message whenever I open the app ?. And what's worse,the email to contact for help doesn't work.
Hey this game is actually okay to play and rack up points for rewards and now all of a sudden i can't get back in to i can check my point system or download anymore games. Its telling me error as i put in my age and gender. Can you please fix this. I have been playing fitplay quite awhile now and i've cashed out twice. I have tried other cash game sight but this is the best one for me. I even had past game here i used to play on but it seems i cant find them.... Like angry bird, diamond blitz.
While I've made a little money... This app only had a few games too close from and I've only had one that almost consistently works. Other words don't reward you with coins. I've contacted developer to no end with no response.
I have noticed since downloading and using over a month ago that it does pay the coins, but after a bit no matter where on wifi or data those coins start to slow down and them completely stop. Have downloaded the games suggested played and on all of them coins are not registered. Then we have the money sent to paypal, you cash out for 15 let's say and after it is processed you only get 14.90 because the person sending it is sending as pounds not dollars. So there is a fee.
Great app, got my money quick in my paypal. Thanks 😁 it's been about 3 yrs ago I downloaded this app, in the last few months, I started playing games onit again. I'm having trouble with it? I clicked onit and just comes up main page saying fitplay, wont go no further or doesn't show my game I downloaded onit? What's going on!! Used to be really good.
The app is fine until you try to cash out then nothing works! I have been trying to cash out for months now and still nothing. I send messages and have never once received a reply. If you want to play just to play but don't expect to ever see any money. I should really report this app for false advertising or something because you wont make any money ever!
My apps I installed through fit play have disappeared and have not accumulated any coins in 8 months. What happened to it?
This app is completely fake, it will never pay out. I only tried it to get a reward for another app and it's easy to see that's nothing more than a scam. It doesn't keep track of your time so it won't pay. There are much better apps than this on the market. Don't waste your time on this scamming fake app. Uninstalling
Everything's been pretty good except for the app crashing here recently, tried contacting maker of app but play store has wrong email 😕
This app does pay! I have received several cards from them They could offer more games but they DO pay!
The days and points that I play and earn are not registering on the Fitplay App, please advise. Will give more stars after I get credited missing days n points for games installed through App. Ok no response leads me to believe this is a scam.
Used this app for over a year and loved it. Now the want you to summit your picture identification in order to get your payout. I refuse to upload my ID due to so many scams out there especially now. Identity theft is not worth the Amazon gift cards. Remove this NEW requirement or I'll simply stop using this app and recommend anyone else to stop using it. Especially since its already linked to my Google account therefore asking for more information is unnecessary.
Ok so another "earn money by playing games" app.The rate you earn at is 100% not what they tell you and the more you play the less rewards you receive.Theres also no way to dismiss app suggestions. So I dislike every option in my app rn and cant clear it out to get something I might enjoy
Works good and processes payouts quick. Would give 5 stars if i didnt have to uninstall and reinstall every couple weeks so it will count my play time. Plus side is it saves my progress when i reinstall so i dont lose my points.
Dont waste your time.. You can't cash out. Face verification for cashing out doesn't work. If you contact support they don't respond.
It an ok app but when are you adding more games that have high coins per minute played and make it easier to cash out. I tried 6times yesterday and kept getting error messages. If you can fix thhese issues n i will vive 5 stars
For the first year or so, it was good. It takes a while to get points, but I got one $20 gift card. Then I stopped getting my points and I play several times a day. Kept waiting, still no points. I thought maybe because I had too many points not cashed out. I requested two $10 Walmart gift cards. I received one $10 gift card but they took my points for two. I've messaged twice, absolutely no response. I'm with the other players who think this is a scam. Update- the card has a 0 balance.
I liked the app until it started deleting the games I downloaded on it I like to play. it took all the ones I play off so now I don't get points for the games I like to play. I have even tried messaging them asking they will not reply back
This app used to be great but lately it's not adding my play time or coins. It's also not letting me check my apps to see how long left till next reward. Just keeps saying error and kicking me out the app. Please fix asap!!
Fantastic! Also Join (WHAFF) App. Earn GUARANTEED Money FREE. Absolutely, love it! Cool & genius level game.lam level me. The reason I am giving a fivr staris because when you get a weon the pitchbar you have to watch a video to get it. Thereawesome games that give you a lot of stuff just forparticipating. Very relaxing and fun filled game, but there is a lot of fun. You will enjoyit you go to the city to city country to country.Really it's great online news reading andgaming app. It's news article was realistic and awesome thanks alot WHAFF.
Amazing. Actually gives you rewards. Little downside is that it take a minutes for your coins to go through but otherwise it's a good money game.
The app worked well enough until I upgraded my phone and started playing a new game on it that I was enjoying and therefore earning points. I then received a message when I tried to log in that there was "suspicious activity detected on my account" which had been suspended and to make contact. I filled in the contact screen several times and heard nothing. My email was bounced back. I had money owing but have given this up and uninstalled after 3 months of no contact.
Good app when it works. Although once you have earned £5 its lengthens the time required to play to earn minimal points coins. Also currently app doesn't load.
It was fine until I wanted to get a payout. Won't payout says waiting for verification I have had NO email to verify my account I have sent countless messages from the app every time it says they have received the message and will get in touch soon. NOT ONCE have they got in contact with me. That in my opinion is VERY Rude and their customer service is appalling!!!
Awful app worked great until my phone broke and I re installed it on my new phone. Had to start from zero again and I already did the ID verification for my account but it's trying to make me do it again. I needed to cash out I just had an accident and cut my flex tendon on my first finger. Yes you can see the bone. Got stitches and no money for pain meds. So yeah been in pain for 3 days FU makes of fitplay.
I love fit play but it takes forever to load sometimes 10 to 15 minutes and it says that I played my one game solitary a week ago I play it almost everyday how can I fix this?
I couldn't cash out my 10 bucks. The ID verification fails everytime, so cashing out is impossible. I message the support but no confirmation of my concern. If they get back to me, good. You people should live with your promises. You are earning from the smallest time that we spent playing. Give us our fair share.
While I've made a little money... This app only had a few games too close from and I've only had one that almost consistently works. Other words don't reward you with coins. I've contacted developer to no end with no response. UPDATE.... IT NO LONGER WORKS. I GET NO COINS WHILE PLAYING
Very worst app they don't give you any prize cash it's not legit I earn coin after playing game and try to payout but after one week I m not get any money in my PayPal account I send 2 times msg also but no response don't install if u want to earn money fake app.
Have enough coins to get $2.50 payout to PayPal so thought I would try it and see if I get it before I continue to play this. Can't! Uninstalling 🤬
I was playing this game on my Samsung Note 10 but I recently got a LG V60 Thin Q 5G. I had all my apps and info transferred over but now I can't access the game at all. I keep getting messages stating error with registration and something about an incompatible device. Can you please fix this problem?
I don't think this app was designed for phone play. I can't even fill out questions asked for rating it. And I can't read the instructions for collecting my rewards so we'll see! Otherwise, it adds up coins as promised.
My experience so far was okay. It didn't take too long to get enough points for a reward, but things got janky when I went to cash out. I was able to get my rewards, but it was a struggle.
Great app game. Does seem to not clock all of your time but better than most. Also will not allow me to link my PayPal. But have received 1 payout in an Amazon gift card which was good. I am still waiting to receive my second payout which I submitted a month ago. Also customer service does not return requests (one was 3 weeks ago and the second a couple days ago) to check into why it is taking so long to receive the second payout.
Like the app, having trouble getting my point. Played all weekend points not added and app wont load, just spins like it is trying but nothing happens. Did the update on July15, didnt help
My highest earning game won't register the coins I earn so even though I can collect coins its not what is advertised and each time I try to resolve the issue it is ignored.
Used & enjoyed for 18 months+ no issues & built up coins for cashout. Was a great app then 9 months ago stopped adding coins for gameplay and all apps downloaded via fitplay to get coins have vanished from the installed apps list. Have emailed devs 5 times and received NOTHING back. Very sad as was enjoying it and was building up coins for a better reward. Will re-reveiw if I get some form of reply or help from fitplay to fix my issues.
Won't log on to my PayPal to cash out. Try numerous times to contact the developer. NOTHING! Not good enough!
I have been having problem of getting coin 2days ago it some how stop, i have been getting coin daily but some how 2 says ago it stop the coin for all games, please assist
Seems like they went under or something. All I am getting is error messages, been playing for over 1 year. Was just about to redeem $20 and now error message cant log in. Tried emailing company and got email sent back saying not in service.
I was using this app every day and would have rated it 5 stars but, as with other users it seems, it now won't load at all. Please fix! If I can actually use the app then my ratind will be very different!
Couldn't go lower than 1 star. Doesnt give you coins for playing their games you download sll the time when I went to cash out impossible...nothing but a run around and they dont answer emails you send them......all BS.
Since last update it doesn't register my apps being played anymore. I have uninstalled and reinstalled them but my coin level does not change and the time played on it does not change. I have sent 3 messages at different times to them to help get it fixed but I have recieved no response on any. Horrible customer service. I used to like the app but not anymore! Plus they lie when it says $20 in PayPal. I got $18 and change due to the exchange rate to CDN. If it says $20 then I should get that!!!
Its a good app but needs more game options for each person, my partner gets games that I would love to play but they never show up as an option for me, only having 2 games to choose between when he has 4 is frustrating
Was great while it lasted, i had been using this app for over a year and had a few payments but for the past few months nothing has updated and nobody gets back to my support requests i presume the owner has maybe given up on it sad because was a decent app.
Got some small payout to paypal. Later they stopped paying. Now app says unexpected error. Doesn't even open
Worked great for about a year or so. It has stopped working since for about a year now, doesn't register game or add coins no matter what I do.
I stopped receiving coins for the games I am aging I have put i twice now with the help button and no one has fixed the issues or gotten back to me.
I love this app, but it doesn't work anymore. It just infinitely loads or freezes and I can no longer use it. Please fix!
Well I was sceptical about this game but I was able to cash out to paypal this is the only one that has payed out good job fitplay definitely keep up the good work
I had no issues with this app and it was a great way to kill time, but now I can't access my apps..all the other parts of the app seem to work except when I click on my apps, it says unexpected error.. it has been that way for a couple days. Very frustrating.
So i played the games a LOT and got to the point where I could cash out $10. I did the verification and got my payment the next day. This app is in fact legit.
ZERO STARS - Ive redeemed in the past with no issues but FitPlay App now requires a PHOTO ID to redeem coins/tokens for rewards. In this modern day of scammers, DO NOT submit a photo ID! No other game apps require it to redeem for rewards & given the overall instability of the FitPlay app itself, I certainly do not trust that my photo ID will not end up in the wrong hands. DO NOT RISK IDENTITY THEFT FOR REDEMOTION OF A FEW DOLLARS OF REWARDS! I am deleting this app immediately - WORTHLESS!
Don't bother. This used to be a good app noticed that I wasn't earning rewards anymore. I checked my apps listed with them and I had gone from maybe 20 games t 0. Zero. All had been deleted including the ones I was currently playing. There is only 3 or 4 offerings and they are all basically the same games, spades and gambling. Not my thing. I will be cashing out any rewards I have and deleting there app. Oh btw I did attempt to contact them a week or so ago regarding this and have heard nothing.
Tried to invite a friend to get the benefit of points. Errors out when you send the message there for they can't get your code so you don't get the point. Then when I tried to cash out via PayPal it errors every time and I know it's not my PayPal because literally 1 min before I cashed out on another app using it. Just too bad they're scamming people
I try and check how many coins I've earned and it has been at the same amount for days now and I've been playing my games every day. When I try to check it tells me unexpected error. If I'm not going to earn any coins or be able to cash out then I guess I'll just be deleting this app
Was working fine till I transferred to a new phone. Now, it takes forever to load (even after reloading the app)
I would love the app if I got coins for playing my game. And I wanted to payout today what I had and you want a pic of my face? Nope not going to do that. I've sent several messages about the coins and no reply. About ready to delete app.
Some times it's ok. Quite often it cheats you out of points. Or you play and it flat out doesn't record your points. Really a waste of time.
I enjoy earning coins by playing games I already play and turning those into money and gift cards great app
It used to ve a great easy app, but this time around I am having a ton of difficulty getting a pay out.
Been a couple of years since I used this app but I'm going to give it to five stars still and see what happens from there
This app should be taken off the playstore. They don't playout anymore. They require your id to cash out now but when you try contacting them about it, you get absolutely no reply. Don't use. They are just ripping off users to gain
Don't bother, you never get your reward. I have waited over 2 weeks and emailed 3 times. No one answers the emails and no payment.
I like it. Easy to use and get money. However since the new upgrade I can't see my apps and my payouts. Can u fix it?!
Unable to add Email or update it within app under your profile. Which means I cannot contact support or cash out. Unable to contact support with the email listed under contact developer in Play store. I get returned undelivered email stating Email account/user doesn't exist. Wasted time and referred friend and cannot cash out. According to other reviews others do not get help from support either.