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Flipread for PC and MAC

Is a Books And Reference game developed by Flipread located at Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Spend hours that are countless tales from talented & experienced authors with day-to-day updates.
Multiple genres included. Romance, Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Mystery, Humorous and much more. You could always find one you like!
Super easy to read, everything you need to do is to flipread that is open flip the eBooks.
Customize Your method in which is own to. Love sharp, clear text within the size and style you like. Decide to try Night Mode which will make reading much easier before bedtime, and Auto-Read liberates both hands.
Enjoy reading when you're traditional.
Rate And review the written publications you’ve read, review reviews from story-loving as if you!

Interested in knowing more about how exactly to get TOTALLY FREE REWARDS?
Don't Hesitate! Get hooked on an story this is certainly immersive!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Flipread.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Flipread for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I love reading the stories. I really love it. But my problem is the jades? How can I get one? They said the crystal can help you to unlock chapters, and I have seven crystal here. I don't know how to unlock chapters. Help me, I really love what I'm reading.
I may sound critical but gosh It's so expensive to unlock a chapter, fifteen crystals and when you check in you earn just ONE Its so difficult to earn Crystals, the management should improve on that , and I can't find anywhere to post my own book, they isn't a navigation for that I will be looking forward to your reply ...🥰
You people need to wake up and look at these reviews and listen to your readers! I agree the price is ridiculous but the main problem I have is how long you can read! I started and read 138 chapter in a few days in my spare time. Then bam, you take that right away from me and decide that I can read one chapter a day!! Wow wake up and realize we your readers ARE THE ONES PAYING!!! If we are the ones paying to read and the high prices you require then let us decide when and just how many chapters
A bit expensive compare to a normal book but nevertheless, the stories are awesome. Again, Jade/Crystal ratio per Chapter are so much. Please try to lower it, atleast when using Jades.. Thank you!
Not even halfway of reading, i should give you a zero but i'm not that cruel!! This is a wrong business strategy!!!👿
Interesting novel but no always complete,thereby leaving readres in suspence,, D full novel should be made available with easy access.
Bad enough the chapters are long. In the end book can cost over US$50 or more. Intentional to force u to buy jade. Get 10 pearls after 15 min reading for ip to 3 times. Expect you to claim within 10 secs or lose opportunity. WHY SO RELUCTANT TO JUST OFFER AUTOMATICALLY instead of having to click CLAIM. I know u need to make money but not at customer expense. Real book is just US$10+ for average 400+ pages.
Flipread and bravonovel contains the same stories., The same scheme that let you read atleast 15 chapters free. After which each chapter is shortened to half thereby paying 2 chapter instead of 1 that is aside from the ridiculous price of gem/crystal. Read the free chapter then skip to the last chapter to read. What is in between just let ur imagination go. Even the stories are almost the same plot.. man disappears for some years come back a god/billionaire/king etc... Finds his wife...
In my country I can't purchase jade or Crystal so its impossible for me to read a story in one go. all I do is wait till I get the EXP to get rewards or just get daily check in. Why not allow us to watch adds or sponsored videos to get crystal or jade? I really do want to finish reading those novels.
Worst app they charged me but no jade coins were credited .... Also they don't have a customer service.... Its just for name sake.... My money is gone.... Don't fall into their trap.... They just loot people.... The money gets deducted form your account but no jade coins are credited.... This happend thrice first i got network error i thought the jade's will be credited after some time but this never happened.... Cheap app
Your app has a lot of very good novels but very low crystal because of this we can't unlock any more chapters so I will give your app only one star.. I am very disappointed really I think I should delete your app from my mobile
Overall really good app be good to see other options to unlock chapters but overall enjoying it so far.
It's good books are on point. Just didn't like how hard It take to read one. Wish I can get a app where I don't have to spend to read such good books thou. But I recommend this app to everyone ☺️.oh and its not easier to read.
The app has some really good stories.... But u can't unluck chapters without crystal.....and They charge too much for crystals.... Uninstalling
There's no other option to unlock the chapters but you need to spend $$ unlike other ebook give you option not to spend your own money.
This app is really bad there isn't many book in it to read and there is alot of locked chapters and many problems in it
Too less crystal & I had downloaded it after reading a story on Facebook, namely "a life upside down" , but can't find it here, so it would be very helpful if anyone can tell me were I will find it
The story was good however up to now all chapters are not yet finished. At the same time it is very expensive . I was like buying Harry Potter book series..
Uninstalled. Very expensive to open chapters and and there aren't alot of ways to earn rewards. I dont even know if I earn any Crystal's when I check in.
Very pricey.. normally a fiction book will cost at least 10 to 20 dollars for a hard copy. If I will be unlocking every chapter, then it will be more expensive than the Harry Potter series😊.
This app is left behind Please improve it to show daily task and other related informations One crystal per check in?? Is very discouraging
Am rating this 4 stars because you don't know well to fine your rewards or tasks and if you don't claim your reward when they are being shown to you then you'll get to claim anymore But the stories here are great, sweet, thrilling and extra ordinary Please help us get more crystal to unlock chapters without buying them but from tasks reward please 🙏
To unlock the next chapter is very expensive and also chapters are not that too long. Since jades/crystals are too expensive to purchased, I cheated to earn crystals by opening another stories and flipping every pages without reading then rating every chapters but i think they discovered and banned me, now i cant even rate the chapters....
In my country it doesn't accept my debit card why dont u guys make us watch videos to unlock the next chapter or give tasks to complete..... buying jade isn't going too well for me.......thank you
The app is good though the book chapter cost are high. Plus need to know the release continuation of love knows no bounds (anmo and uncle seven)
Stories are good. But Its a pity, only limited people can access. Jades are expensive. You should have more ways to earn rewards! Uninstalling!
The worst experience ever This app is wack. Its too slow and you would need a few minutes to open it for it to tell you 'network problem' whilst there is network.
Romantic stories are just awesome. I have just read one and the story is quite amazing. I don't know how to earn jades. What I read is just amazing but because of this jade issue I can't read further. It's disappointing. Help me ASAP
It's too hard to get crystal, the app would be better if the developers use their brains while setting the app..
Good but expensive, the content and books are good, easy to find new books but they are all pay as you go and the exchange rate of real money to crystals is just horribly expensive. You will end up paying $80 USD for 1 book .
Stories are decent but tired of books stopping in the middle after saying thy are 100,%complete and paying $40 app just a money making scheme I haven't found one story in app complete always get to middle of story and ends says to be continued then it only posts one chapter a day and charges more money I can tell comunist china made this app trying to steal money from the united states citizens
This app is very hard to use. It's hard to earn points, I can only read 2 chapters, very disappointed.
I do that occasionally while reading. Currently stopped as the book was on is unfinished.kindly update on the continuation of love knows no bounds
It has lovely books but i cant read beyond a few chapters as its lock and no way to open for me it sucks they need to improve on the crystals as others app u watch a commercial 30 sec video and u can continue read
Love the books and reading 3 books at a time clearing 2 chapter per book because you make it easy for us to claim vouchers😂😂i really love claiming every 15 minutes in reading
It's good books are on point. Just didn't like how hard It take to read one. Wish I can get a app where I don't have to spend to read such good books thou. But I recommend this app to everyone ☺️.
It is hard to earn jade in this app, specially to us who cannot afford to pay. Do I have to wait for 5 days earning jades to unlock just one chapter? Please make it more easy to collect jades...Thank you.