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Float Tube - Multitasking

Float Tube - Multitasking for PC and MAC

Is a Music And Audio game developed by EV Decoded located at Noida. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
View youtube videos in drifting mode so that can you can play youtube movies as well as youtube playlist out part the application in drifting mode.

Floating Tube Player possess features as listed below :-

✔ Play Video & Playlist
✔ Movable Video Player
✔ Video is play when player is ✔ that is reduced player on a screen
✔ Free of cost

⦿ By selecting on playlist from the youtube it'll right play entire playlist in player without having any interruption.And after one video clip by tapping on the desired video from the player. Need Not go directly to the application once again.
⦿ Movie constantly play exactly in the front.
⦿ Movie player is re-sized utilizing bottom place advantage that's right. There Is Certainly a triangle with chessboard design and shade this is certainly red-black one).
⦿ Movie player can be minimized whilst still being can be playing.To that is continue player visit center icon of minimization.
⦿ Video player can be maximized by single tap.
⦿ Athlete may be lock if you don't wan't to move it elsewhere through the screen just touch regarding the lock switch.
⦿ After locking for continue player this is certainly moving on the unlock option.
⦿ If player would be also smaller at the time of re-size it will probably automatically be minimize.
⦿ So simply player that is anytime movie Floating YouTube player.

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With Its premium that is brand new appearance seems most readily useful.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Float Tube - Multitasking.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Float Tube - Multitasking for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It provides quality of video ...is up to you that's what you choose your video quality...it's a great feature ...I fall in love at this feature...I download today ...and u like so much ...this comment is 1hr later then download so you can see that how good is this app ...🙂
Everything is awesome, you can watch youtube just like from pc, but the Interface feels pretty scuffed, and that basically ruined the cool appearance of the app, please do something to fix it\
Amazing! I hate having playlist interruptions and not being able to listen whilst doing something else. Like youtube but less money hungry. I tried going on chrome with the youtube nonstop attachment but my playlist kept breaking... This fixed my problem!
The learning process is bit steep but it is a perfect fit for listening to YouTube music with screen off. The ads are placed properly doesn't intrude in the midst of any playing.
Has a few Kinks but otherwise a great app. Showing lyrics would be awesome. Please fix the few bugs in this app, devs🙏🙏🙏. Like, having a previous page or back button so when I edit the title of a playlist I can click back or perhaps done, or save, to get out of that screen. Just little basics that make using the app less stressfull. Only some feedback, no hate here. Good job so far! Thanks for your time and efforts. Peace
There is problem that we can play just one song in floating mode. Next song play button play same song again.otherwise it is better than other.
Works but the red bars framing the video are too big and obnoxious. Makes you unable to focus on the larger screen, which is the whole point of picture in picture - so that you can look at the bigger screen mostly, and glance at the smaller picture from time to time. This app is also not optimized for my device so it is slow. I switched to Float Tube from Ruffy for a cleaner interface.
The app is actually able to hide itself if you just hit the '-' button on the top right corner, next to the 'x'. You can move the floating icon completely out of the way (I flick it up to my top left corner) as if the music plays in the background. It provides exactly what I wanted. I only needed some background music while I read on my phone.
Im happy on the apps. Thank you. Just what i not like is i cant press the next song in floating icon. But aside than that everything was perfect, can put phone on sleep while playing it.
I've been using this app on and off for the past month for a handful of hours a week. So far I can say it plays videos okay, however the app is not user-friendly. The app has issues with various things. The miniplayer itself is also buggy. It can't be reshaped and is needy on screen space. It also has no way of changing videos or accessing playlists from popup player easily. I give two stars because the videos do play, but the app player is not resizeable and popup ads in app are intrusive.
I can't choose video to play on my playlist because the app keep play the first vid of the list. Plus, this also get super glitchy after i used it for s while. I hope these will be fixed soon
This app is amazing, it can minimize and enlargen itself and it's easy to use; but why 4 stars? Because sometimes it just disappears and I have to leave my progress just to fix it. If it's fixed I'll come back here to give 5 stars.
Best app out there, yet is bugged all the way to hell and back, so far in the 2 hrs i have been using it: 1.- does not rotate the full screen, you stay on that side or frick you. 2.- music stop for a milisecond when going from full screen to float, and from float to fullscreen. 3.- when you click a video, sometimes it loads like normal youtube, then goes white screen and the video moves to the float screen... and you need now to close the app because is stuck in the white screen.
I just used it for the 1st time rn, I was so happy I'm giving this a 5 stars immediately. 😁🥀🌺 this is so much better than the official youtube app. You can minimize it as a pop up or like a chat head kind of thing without the music ever turning off.
greatness slight bugs sometimes but a sure benefit for individuals who potentially like to multitask... if you are a multitasker be safe focus and focus on things that can lead to danger first to prevent danger from occuring.....
Great app. Allows you to use YouTube in background and also when phone is locked. You can also change resolution and all other settings.Best app ,helped me a lot.Thankyou
The app is pretty good, though I occasionally get this problem where the app just won't open a video when I tap on it. It seams to be 100% random when this happens and goes away after a while. The minimize window function is amazing and is why I prefer this app to the official YouTube app when it comes to multitasking.
Probably this is the app you have been looking for. You can play YouTube in the background even after your screen goes dark. Superb! 5★ from me.
yes i do believe this app would be awesome if they added a shuffle button as well! love the fact you cam minimize window so its out of the way i use it most ofthe day everyday.
Overall good performance, however I found a BUG where you play some music on your headphones, someone calls you, you disconnect the headphones, proceed with the call and when you decline the music starts playing on the speaker...
Pretty good, I use it as a replacement to other YouTube minimizer that keeps autoplaying against my will. But the UI is a bit unintuitive, and I wish there was an option to make the floating circle disappear entirely. Moreover, you can't play songs in a playlist from any order, you have to choose the first one then pick the video you want through the video screen.
I love how the app still functions even if the screen is not on. It's a great upgrade to other apps. Although I wish you could control the speed of the video.
This is by far one of the best apps there are there, that allows you to simpli listen to some content from YouTube, whilst doing something else on your phone or whilst having it locked. Which is perfect! Just one observation - if I totally minimise it, there is no way to enter it (from the notification panel, for instance) in order to change the content played. I'd have to open it again. But it is a very small compromise for what it offers so I appreciate the builders for the tremendous work!
I like the idea that I can log in to my YT account, but I couldn't play anything from there! It says "En error occurred. Please try again later". And there's no shuffle button, also can't switch to another song. The best part of the app is the floating bubble! It's the smallest and the most convenient YouTube minimizer so far! UPD: got another error "Invalid response received" while it's actually playing music. Not showing anything tho, so I have to restart an app to choose next song
Best alternative till now other than any online music streaming app. Conveniently lets you play music in background without any errors, glitches etc.
Hi, so this app is pretty useful. Few problems though. I can't play playlists, and I can't move on to another video without having to open the app. Think you can fix this? 😊
Good app but when i minimise it, the video stops when i turn off my screen. Tried to reinstall the app few times but no luck. Would give 5 stars if thats sorted. Cheers
Really good but needs an option to turn on dark mode for me. But that's a tiny thing and shouldn't stop anyone from downloading it if they are looking for an alternative to youtube you can play in the background
I expected this to be good, as it has over 4.0 rating. But it wasn't. I searched the video i want to play, tapped on it and waited for a few seconds, but instead of playing ot keeps on crashing! I keep on doing it but still crashing. NOT recommending this app.
I really like this app. It only lacks that the music mixes when they finish that change to another mix. because now I have to change it manually. Thank you.
It is so simple and nice!!! I suggest for everyone who like to run doing sports or other things while listening YouTube!!
I love the app a lot, it's been my favorite to use because youtubes music isn't my favorite but, I have a playlist with over 200 songs and it wouldn't let me play any after 194 and I'm kind of upset. Is there a way to fix this or something?
Smart App...good concept Note : There is a bug issue when I use search box,first time It's show the old playlist and after the next seach It's only show search result. Also update app color with gradients and develop a dark theme mood.
Needs to have the option to shuffle songs, a proper version where it plays every song on the playlist only once before repeating unlike YouTube's dumb version where you can somehow listen to the same song 5x, having it played every other song or even 2x in a row while also playing every other song (not even exaggerating). FloatTube also occasionally just stops playing for no reason. Other than those two, I'm addicted. Still have to use YT if you want to see the video description or comments. Meh
phone gets very slow, it starts hanging, also sometimes it doesn't catch the command in one go and sometimes it disappears on its own. allot many issues with this app.
It will be really really great if the apps can able to include "search history" with delete options in the menu list (without signing in youtube account) and "save to favorite" Tab button on the player itself and and in the menu list to browse and delete. Seriously I don't mind making the one time purchase to support the developers who created it. Of course that comes without the ads. Anyway good job.
Very nice does what it says. You can also turn your screen off and ket it play. It would be nice if it would show you basically the same results underneath that say google would. I often want to just go to the next video, and not have to cut and past again, but overall nice app.
This is the best app, I've tried a couple and it has the most minimization, it's the smoothest, you can control the video quality and you can play your videos even when your phone is locked.
If there is next option so that we can change the song or auto change mode, then it will be better and i will give 5 star. This app is better than others and going to be best in playstore.
Great app. Love using this if I can't find one of my favorite songs on Spotify. However, I do have two recommendations for an update: add a shuffle button for playlists, and give users the ability to pick whatever song they want out of their playlist. It's kind of frustrating to always be forced to have the first song play and onwards.
Very nice application but there is a reason that's why I am giving 3 star because this app only works in mobile data not any Wi-Fi that is the problem please fix this problem then I will give you 5 star it's my promise
A good floating player does most of what it says. It doesnt play my playlists at all this is the biggest problem ive run across.
I don't even know how to use the app because literally every tap I made opened an ad. I understand that ad rev is how you keep up free apps but this is just ridiculous. I tapped the settings, boom! Ad. I backed out of the settings? Another ad. I click on the library option? Yet another ad. It's just not a reasonable amount, sorry.
Like YouTube , add, autoplay option , so that , videos.play continuously. In setting , add this, brings another good features.
Keeping the page of the video open causes a glitching effect on the top and bottom sides. This makes it hard to work the buttons to close or make full screen. Otherwise, it would be nice if we didn't need the button that floats on the screen. Everything else is good.
The red bars around the video keep going away and it gets annoying and now I have deleted the because it glitches up my phone while making a video to post on my YT channel and dude u need to fix the red bars when I try to take it away its not the I also see the video on where the red bars are but sorry I'm going to have to give u a 1 star it gets really annoying
This app is really great app first of all you can turn off your screen and then also listen to it, you can play any playlist, you can watch any type of video on it, you can use mini player also and the mini player can also be minimised further. It has all the other features like we can play something loop etc.
Awesome. Outstanding performance. The ads arent in your face like other apps. Does what is advertised. I especially like how you can go out of the app and still continue listening to the video. Unlike YouTube this multitask service is free! Giving this 5 stars is a no brainer.
So far the best. I can work and the phone can be in locked mode so it doesn't hit buttons in my pocket and it keeps playing. Thats the key to the best app. Ill pay for it after a weeks run .. love it. And believe me I tried alot of apps.
It plays vids with the screen off so I can listen to a podcast-style video while jogging. Haven't tried music yet, but I assume itd be best to line up a playlist. Who cares, I shouldnt have to pay YT to be able to listen without watching and this works for that purpose.
The app doesn't let me play the songs on my YouTube playlist and it doesn't even let me add videos on my playlist, I would have to go to the YouTube app in order to do it.. Overall the app is accurate
I like this apps so much..even I off my screen it will continue play the song,and it minimized my battery,,
Nice app seen in recent times with background play music without premium but every video we select, opening small screen,video recommendations are not playing even after selecting,and no forward,backward seek option
Edit: I found out that watching videos through this app doesn't mark videos as watched. So when your binging and forget where you left off its harder to find what has been played already. Does exactly what I want. Some videos I solely watch to listen to. They're basically podcasts. With this I can minimise or even hide the app and close my phone.
Honestly, i really like this app but there's a problem with the quality video. I want to play videos at 144p and set it in the settings but when i played 4 vids, the data usage is +200mb. When i see the video closely, turns out the auto quality is turned on and playing in 1080p. I've tried set the video to 144p as well but when the next video is playing, the auto quality turn on again. It's really annoying that i have to set it to 144p every single time.
Goods: Work as a separated window Work as minimized tray icon Work with locked and offscreen Allow logging in to your account Does not play ads Misses: Does not allow autoplay (but for playlist) Dark theme? I'd sugest a more personal homepage with history, and 2 or 3 Mymix(from youtube autocreated playlist) Recommend it, btw i see no ads at all until now, jun2020
Well its certainly far better than most music apps, only problem is I cant play my own playlists and I cant simply skip over a bunch of songs in one go or else it'll start over at the beginning of the playpist. Otherwise, good app.
I think this app is really good for what it is. Only complaint is if you move the player to the top of the screen you can move it back down without bringing down the drop down menu. Can't find out how to fix this. Cool app tho
Good app. Serves the purpose. Plays in background. Also plays in black screen. I was searching an app just like this. Only thing is you can't sign in. That might be because of some technical complication. If that is added then its perfect.