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Florida Lottery Mobile Application

Florida Lottery Mobile Application for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by Florida Lottery. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Utilizing the Florida Lottery mobile software, you can check your tickets, view winning numbers and jackpot amounts, find your store this is certainly closest, enter second chance drawings, and more!

listed below are a number of the functions included:

- View current winning figures and jackpots.
- Search past winning numbers and payouts.
- View Scratch-Off online game details and staying prizes.
- Just how to play guidelines for several games.
- Check My Ticket: Scan ticket barcode to ascertain if you're a winner.
- Pick Numbers: Make and save your valuable favorite numbers.
- Shake your phone to select figures which are random play.
- Get the nearest Florida Lottery retailer.
- Enter opportunity drawings. this is certainly second personalize notifications for winning numbers and email messages. that is promotional Watch the Florida Lottery drawings.
- Create and shop playslips being electronic your device.
- Scan your playslip that is digital at retailer to purchase seats.

Note: the Florida Lottery does not accept wagers, bets, or payments of any sort through our mobile app.

Must be 18 or Older to try out. Please Play Responsibly.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Florida Lottery Mobile Application.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Florida Lottery Mobile Application for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Being able to check my tickets with my phone is awesome. Most gas station scanners in my area usually do not work. Thank you Florida Lottery !
Are you kidding? Worthless ... just goes to a blank screen when trying to submit to 2nd chance promotion. Come to expect this from anything coming out of Tallahassee these days. Could have been prepared with something that worked, instead of pushing through an update that's useless.
The scanning function to enter tickets for promotions has stopped working. I uninstalled and installed the app and then did an update. It worked for a while and now it's not working again.
Fastest way to check the tickets and so much easier to scan the tickets to enter them into the 2nd chance promotions. Scans scratch offs and lottery tickets
Horrible App. Freezes constantly. I literally have to uninstall and install 2-3 times a day to get it to work. Error messages left and right. The developer needs to fix this nonsense.
This app 😳😭 can't handle the traffic it's getting right now? I can't retrieve my saved favorite numbers to play them because the app is messed upπŸ˜”
Decent app so far. Still a few bugs to work out . Definitely convenient and easy to navigate. I would like to see the design team make it so that you can have the option to upgrade play amount on playslips.
Always have to uninstall and reinstall app to make it work. It also deleted all of my second chance promotion entered tickets!
It's a great app when it works, but I'm now uninstalling and reinstalling for the 5th time because it freezes and it stops working. I had to redo all my favorites in the app every time.
Since updating App, when trying to scan, a small box appears and tells to center ticket which always prompts error message. No box or problems before updating, Please remove box and I will reinstall then. It was so convenient to be able to scan, and yes, I have an Android phone 😏
This app had 5 stars from me before the last update. Now I can't even get on the promotion page to enter my tickets! It just shows up as a blank screen. What good is that??? PLEASE FIX.
Not working... Just had a loading screen door a long time, and when it finally "loads" there's nothing. When I initially installed the app it worked, but seems to not be functioning after the 2nd or 22nd time I try to use it.
It scans tickets for winners and losers great but I am not able to enter tickets into the Gold rush second chance drawing 1 night I was able to but every other night I get a error message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but still no go.This needs to be fixed now
Don't trust the check my ticket feature. It ALWAYS says no winning pattern detected. I'm glad I didn't throw my tickets away. I had actually won a few bucks and a free ticket. I do, however, like the fact that I can check how many jackpots are left in circulation on scratch-offs.
Was working even better than before when it updated but since then my Samsung note 9 can't even get the app to open on my phone and crashes and locks up all the way until I make my phone hard reset. Way to go on updating our and making it better only for it to become unusable when I need it to scan tic for seconds chance. Now I've got to enter each one manually. I'll be glad to change back to a 5 star if I can get real help bc right before it crashed it wouldn't accept my tic that I entered
It shows the first screen then when you want to ..check my ticket..or any option..it does nothing..I am deleting it because it no longer does ANYTHING..too bad because I really enjoyed it
App only works a short time! I downloaded the app to scan tickets. It only works a few times and then says no internet connection. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it more times than I can remember. If it worked it would be a great app. But for now it's not worth the trouble.
Not working, Uninstalled and installed several times. Stuck on loading. Worked great before latest update.
I Just Love This App I Don't Have To Go To The Store And Check My Numbers. Thanks Again! I Like This App, Be I Always Have To Uninstall the app and reinstall it again in order for it to work.
Convenient since my favorite games are crosswords and bingo...so I'm able to check my ticket if I'm not sure I got all my letters or bingo card numbers all in a row to make a winner. I love this app for that.
The app was pretty good until the last update now it won't load at all also I dont like that when your scanning tickets for second chance it doesn't give you the option to scan another ticket you have to hit the back button a few time then go back in or enter it manually
Honestly one of the worst apps I've ever used, simply because it never works. It loads for ages on the "florida lottery" logo, which I've left loading for over 20 minutes previously. Occasionally ill actually get passed the loading screen, but then the app is just blank and none of the command options work. I'm on a Galaxy S10 and have uninstalled/reinstalled this app in hopes of it actually working. So far I've been able to scan tickets one time out of the dozens I've tried to use the app.
I love thid APP! It's something we've all been waiting for for a while now we can scan our tickets without wasting gas to go to the store to see if it's a winner or not and with the second chance drawings you can scan the barcode instead of manually putting every number in it saves a lot of time! This is my new BFF lmao!!!$$$
Worked great the past two months...now its freezing again, and even when i delete it and redownload it doesnt load. Dissapointing.
App frequently closes or continues to run in the background, draining the battery on my phone. Often times, it doesn't save my ticket entries for second chance promotions.
Deleting negative reviews is seriously scummy and I'll be sure to copy this one to repost it every time you take it down. 1* til they fix the gold rush supreme second chance unexpected server error when entering tickets.
Is really hard to scan the tickets,there's no sound system for winning,it takes a while to know the status of wining and scratch off in general
Come on Fl.Lottery, l know yall can do better. Can't check tickets half the time as error always occurs. The other times checking second chance tickets you have to go back out after each ticket to enter a new ticket instead of the feature allowing you to enter more than one ticket at a time. Consumers are spending too much money and losing even more for you not to have those simple bugs corrected. I'm finished with ranting,carry on!!πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ
I like that you can scan any cars and find out if it's a winner without having to take them all to the store and seeing them. I have to say this is one of my favorite apps for the lottery and it tells you the stats on all the scratch-offs
New update sucks...scanner area is reduced and it usually doesn't pick up the barcodes. Before the update I was a loyal fan and enjoyed being able to check my tickets. Please fix the scanner using landscape positioning using our full camera screen.
This app worked great at first and now all I have is a spinning circle. They need to do some upgrades so it works. I have the Samsung S20.
At first the app was amazing!! But for the past two weeks or so it stopped responding. Hope they get it fixed!! As for now app is uninstalled.
This site worked great back in November when it worked but for the last 4months I've installed and re installed it and it doesn't load only seems like it will. please fix it so I can brag about how awesome this site is and not was. Id like to give a higher rating but you have to earn it.
Approximately before the Jan 8 update this app worked fine. Now when you open it all you get the first screen, but nothing works. I have an android device.
Worked great when I first downloaded it. After updating, its a P.O.S. app doesn't even open now. Don't wast your time!!!!
Out of nowhere, the app wont scan the tickets for the Gold Rush 2nd chance promo. I also am not able to ENTER the numbers in manually. Keeps sayinh theres an error woth the server. Id like to know how im supposed to enter the contest if it wont allow me to scan or enter the numbers.
This app was awesome until the last update and the scanner was changed. It barely works now....once a nifty convenience....now a time consuming aggravating app. 0 stars.
Love it! I'm a scratch off fool, that my fingers hurt. And, I've missed some b4, a $20 one and this scanner caught it! Must have!
Needs work. Sometimes it won't scan ticket. Sometimes you can't enter the numbers on the 2nd chance. There's an apparent reason that it only gets 2.6 stars it has a lot of issues. 2/22/21 Just got new update. STILL SUCKS!!!
Never loads right. They can't update an app correctly just so you have to take it into a store and manually type 400 numbers in. Thanks!
Freezes on load, can't open on gs20! App scans in a different number for tickets! Probably lost 2nd chance because of this error!
This app needs issues fixed. The check your ticket feature doesnt work more often than it does. This feature was major reason that i downloaded the app to begin with and out of 20 tickets i scanned the app could not verify a single one....refering me to a local retailer instead. Florida needs to step up its game and get things right instead of always wasting time and money to produce broken websites, apps, etc
Was letting me enter tickets for 2nd chance now it will not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and updated. Still wont let me enter tickets for promotion
This is an awesome app now that it's working again! I LOVE IT!!! Hopefully this helps cut down on dishonest people saying your ticket was a loser when it's not !!! If you argue long enough with them they somehow magically re-check the losing ticket and now you've won..... armed with this app .... no one is going to try to rip me off ever again !!!
Prior to the 2.1.3 in Jan 2021 update app worked fine. After the update, app will not load any screens. Blank white screens. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Tired on WiFi and with data service only. No luck. My husband and I both have Samsung Note 6s. He downloaded the app for the first time 2 weeks ago and the app works fine on his phone.
When it works its good but lately its buffering and saying I need a wifi connection when I shouldn't.. I have uninstalled and reinstalled still unable to open very unhappy.. on my samsung 9
This app has been a long time coming. It works well. Definitely needs some updates. The ability to make your own playslip is great. However, it needs some serious refining. Lottery Commission, let me know and I will tell you exactly what you need to do to fix that particular problem.
App was updated and now scanning tickets for 2nd chance promos shows an error. In order to enter new tickets I to have uninstall the app for it to work again.
The app is awesome. BUT after samsung OS update. The app is not playing nice for second chance. Uninstall and reinstall works for 1 day. Take it down if you cant figure it.out
I'm having trouble download the second chance tickets gold rush ...I doing it normal hours during the day and nothing .can some one tell me how to enter my tickets with out this app ...and by the way this app is great other than that part
Does not work... the entire app is totally blank. Beta version is Full!?!?! What does that mean? Is there a limit to how many tickets people can buy. With all this "support " You can do better Florida Lottery.
Can't register! App will not allow me to check off the validation of age (over 18) box....or the promo acceptance box.
Does not takes scratch off lose tickets by scanning or writing on the current promotion site. Comes with server error try again message. This happens all the time now
The over night maintenance shouldn't take so long. You should also consider adding in a free drawing once a week. Advertise yourself with the scratch offs. Only one ticket can be bought from the app per night. Keeps folks going to the stores. πŸ’― OUT
Good app not always correct and it doesn't let you zoom in on the winning numbers I still use the other Florida lottery app
It works fine some of the time and other times it doesn't load at all and I delete it and start over....so so app
When the app works it is wonderful to scan tickets, but the app works maybe a couple days a month. When you click on the app it's like searching and never brings up the home page like it's confused. Please fix the issues Florida Lottery. God know y'all make a ton of money off us.
Wasted my time scanning these tickets only now to be getting a blank screen and all my entries gone. Update: seems to be working as it should, thank you!
It's a great app when it works, but I'm now uninstalling and reinstalling for the 9th time because it freezes and it stops working. I had to redo all my favorites in the app every time.
I rated this app 3 stars and would have gave it 5 stars had I been able to scan scratch off tickets any time I wanted, but it seems to have a cut off time and will not let me scan cards after a certain time at night. How rediculous.
I love that its updated and convenient; if you're really into winning then you can learn the patterns or what have you πŸ˜‰
My phone is off a 5G and it's always buffering or freezing up I don't know why but that's why I gave it a one star. Sry lottery Cuz I love you guys you help me pay my bills LOL sometimes!
This new app is wonderful. It allows me to check my tickets in the comfort of my own home. What I wish it could do is allow me to buy and keep track of my numbers while I play. Thank you Lottery now lets win this Mega and Powerball with Lottery.
Awesome been waiting for an app to check my scratch offs. Have had cashiers try and steal my money several times. Hats off. I'm on a LG stylo 5 and have had no problems at all. Yayyy thank you.
This app makes it easy to check your tickets. Also like that you can save your favorite numbers instead of filling out new cards when they wear out.
FLORIDA LOTTERY needs to fix this app once and for all. It does NOT work. It worked until their last update. As of now if you get in scanners don't work and I'm not happy I have a stack of tickets to enter in their promotion and it just keeps giving me an error. JUNK APP!
The app was great, now it is blank and won't scan tickets. If they fix it,I will gladly give it a better rating.
It does not let you put your loosing tickets in the second chance drawings. Its always a error message
Was a great app, I have a Samsung note 10+ and after the update I haven't been able to get anything except the logo. It won't load or open any longer. I have removed it and reinstalled it several times but still no luck
At first it was good but then it started saying I need internet connection or the winning numbers were not up to date. Check my ticket is a great feature, when it works.
This is a great app. I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to check my scratches. I still use store scanners to double check and have found this app to have scanned correct. If I had one complaint it would be that after a time the app quits working. When I go to use it it just does not load forcing me to uninstall and reinstall. EDIT: It seems since this review I have had to delete and install more then I want to. As of today this app does not want to work at all. Keeps telling me ERROR
App won't work at all since latest update πŸ˜’ Used to work great. Now it won't do anything but lock up and not open.
App use to work great. Cannot get into it and if you do scanner to enter ticket promotions doesn't work. This app has become garbage. I don't understand why the lottery doesn't fix it.
This app still won't allow me to scan my second chance tickets! After the new update, the page won't even come up! The state has scammed people!
Since updating App, when trying to scan, a small box appears and tells to center ticket which always prompts error message. No box or problems before updating, Please remove box and I will reinstall then. It was so convenient to be able to scan, and yes, I have an Android phone 😏. PLEASE ADVISE when App is made compatible with Android phones, really miss double-checking my tickets, it was so convenient 😟
Every time I open it, it freezes up. I get the initial screen but you can't open anything. I can't scan or do anything.1
Used to be 5 star but last update has made it so it freezes when loading now. Was great before now now way to undo the update. If you have, recommend not updating so you can at least load and use the app.
Even after more than a month of using this app, it's still "flush worthy" I wonder if they have a 6 year old learning computer programming doing the background programming for this app. TERRIBLE! Instead of charging $2.00 for a regular lottery ticket. Put the money towards proper app development.
Re-download numerous times. constant error cant scan tickets. This has been going on way too long. you have plenty of money now fix it or take it off
January update really messed this app up. The developer or Florida Lottery has not addressed the issue. I told my wife not to take the update. If beta is closed, Why make the app available? That is just Dumb. Another thing...This app will not allow you to scan in Second Chance entries. I am using a Samsung note 9.
It keeps from loading on my phone. Samsung A10. Freezing might be a better term. I've unloaded and loaded it several times. I've cleaned out the cache, made sure permissions are wide open. It works for a day, then the next day it won't load. Then I have to do the process all over again. Works fine on son's Samsung A50 Galaxy. Is there any tech support to contact?
When it works its good but lately its buffering and saying I need a wifi connection when I shouldn't.. I have Uninstaller and reinstalled still unable to open very unhappy.. on my samsung 9
The app is not working for me i have uninstalled and re installed app about 10 times litterally and still nothing. I did win a big payout, then after the app has not been working for me.
Very complete and useful app. Good for all Florida lottery plus Mega Millions and Power Ball. It has some cool features, including scanning your ticket to check whether is a winner. Also tells how many grand prizes are still available for each of the scratch off games. Recommended.
Having some trouble entering second chance tickets for " GOLD RUSH SUPREME. Keeps giving network errors.. have to uninstall and re-install. friends are having same issue. It used to worked great until an update was performed, and different scanner was added, which doesn't work nearly as good as the old one.,πŸ‘Ž
This app doesn't work 95% of the time. I can't even open the app, it just keep loading on the front page and that's it. I'm not happy about this, especially when you have the grocery workers push the app and it doesn't even work.
This app sucks for entering 2nd chance. It won't accept the scanned ticket numbers or the manually entered ones. Gives a server error every time. Tech support sends a canned response every time I submit the issue. I'm not an idiot and the canned response assumes I am. Here's hoping the update fixes the issue.
Doesnt work at all. I opened app and registered but when I opened it again 10 min later it won't do a thing. It just spins. Tried restarting phone and tried on wifi and off but nothing.
Was working a couple of days ago now just keeps spinning and freezes up. I uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing.
Needs work. Sometimes it won't scan ticket. Sometimes you can't enter the numbers on the 2nd chance. There's an apparent reason that it only gets 2.6 stars it has a lot of issues
Exceptionally helpful to avoid the line. I love double checking my tickets, not relying on the clerk in the store to tell me what I have won.
Everything you want it to do, but I brought it down to 3 stars because the promotions section to enter the second chance for the gold rush supreme scratch off ticket, doesn't work.
Love it, finally a way to scan my own tickets and scratch offs on my mobile. Awesome... Update. I had given 5 stars. Sadly with latest update the program is so slow now and with each click you have to wait and watch the jumping balls a few seconds before the program proceeds. Wish the developer can go back to the simpler quicker version with less write-backs. Like this right now it is faster to look up winning numbers one by one on the webpage vs. scanning inside this app so going to 1 ⭐ star.
I am so annoyed by this app, I have to keep uninstalling and re-install as it freezes and wont let you do anything. I have re-installed for now. It could be a great app but right now it is not.
Like everything connected to Florida this app sucks. Doesn't work 90 % of the time. Its almost as worthless as Ron DeSantis.
I am trying to register a new account and the link just keeps popping up the log in screen. I tried to enter my info and press log in, but it does nothing! This is frustrating because it makes me question the integrity of the rest of the app.
This a terrible app. Been trying for a couple of weeks and no luck. Maybe they should scrape this and start all over. It work pretty good before someone screwed it all up
Can you guys please fix the second promotion issue on the app. It's blank and nothing comes up, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app a few times and it still doesn't work. I don't know if you guys made an update but the app worked well before, its not working now. So for second chance I had to go online and add each ticket number by number and I buy a lot of tickets weekly both tickets and scratch offs and that took forever because I wasn't able to scan. Please fix it.
As far as the capabilities of the app, it's fantastic. I especially like that it can check if scratch off tickets are winners. But I have had some major functionality issues. Pretty much every time I try to use the app I get an error message saying that I don't have an internet connection. Of course I always have an internet connection either through my cell phone carrier or wifi. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app, so hopefully it will work properly going forward. 🀞
Constantly crashes. After 11pm forget it scan ticket feature NEVER works. It's like a high school kid made it on visual basic
Please please fix! App has been stuck and will not load for weeks, even after latest updates. Was great when it worked, i miss it!!! I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S10e.
Doesn't work. Won't open. When it does just a blank screen no buttons work. Typical government operation.
Does not work... just blank screen.. uninstalled and reinstalled twice still nothing. 2/23 still does not work!! Updated, uninstalled, reinstalled nothing.
Having some trouble entering second chance tickets for " GOLD RUSH SUPREME. Keeps giving network errors.. have to uninstall and re-install. friends are having same issue. It used to worked great until an update was performed, and different scanner was added, which doesn't work nearly as good as the old one.,πŸ‘Ž now only blank screen
Last update sucks now it takes forever to scan a ticket it was working fine why couldn't y'all just leave it alone had to go and screw it up!!!!!
Worked great, now unusable... I downloaded the app a few months ago and for the last 6 weeks it won't even open. Tried reinstalling, no luck... I've read other people with the similar issue since the upgrade.
Doesn't load after latest update! Loved the app before this update, but now it won't even load. I've Uninstalled it and reinstalled with and it still doesn't work.
Looks nice. Freezes too much. The site does not have all of the Scratch-Offs like the $10 monopoly and new 50X.
Literally just updated the app hoping this would fix the issues with the 2nd chance promos and..... nope. Just as terrible as it was before the update. App seems to work fine for me if I'm just checking tickets for winners though so if thats all you're looking for then you should be good.
Doesnt work at all at the moment. Just sits and spins. Cant check any tickets thru the app let alone load the app.
Worked great until I did the update. Now the app won't open past The loading screen. I've uninstalled twice and reinstalled and still can't get it to work, Don't install the update if you can get around it.
This app accurately scans scratch off tickets and the winning numbers update in an appropriate time frame. Those are the only thing the app does well. The options to create play slips is not flexible enough, you can not mix play types which is how many people play numbers. For example I could not take a set of numbers 4 times straight and 1 time straight box without creating 2 different play slips. The biggest problem is the app stops working after the data cache gets to big. You have to go in and manually clear the cache to get it to work again.
Horrible reliability. Have to constantly Uninstall & reinstall to get the scan feature to work. With the billions of dollars the Florida lottery makes you would think they could hire someone to create an app that actually works.....
Has not been working properly lately I can't even do anything all it says is error everytime I try to open it... at first it was just not letting me do anything with the promotions. Not it doesn't work at all.. this app needs to be fixed
When app was first installed it worked great! A few weeks later the app wouldn't load at all. Did the latest update and the app completely stopped working!
Was convenient and really easy to Scan tickets but now the app is misbehaving it don't scan a ticket and if you manually try to put the the ticket in It still doesn't process .... It's a bug in the system And it's happening to a lot of people
It was working real well I even introduced it to my friends and people I met in the store. But now, it stopped working im very disappointed.
Terrible. Unreliable. Errors and freezes the whole time you use it. Even after the update, an amateur attempt at an app. Laughable.
When it works, its fine, but it crashes, freezes up, and don't initiate sometimes. One would think thatvwith all the money they collect., they can hire some descent programmers.
the application works but the scanner is just horrible. always, constantly in trouble. I'm trying to use for the promotion of the second chance. it worked well at the beginning but it is currently literally broken. I've been trying to use it for a week and nothing, always the same "server error" message. reinstalled and nothing, the problem persists. how can it be that the developers of this application are not able to fix what they themselves will create? It's just ridiculous because time is
Worked fine in the beginning, but hasn't worked right starting after Jan 2021. Updated today and it's worse now.
Frustrated! App will not open since the last update. It keeps looping as if its opening. I tried to Uninstall and re downloading several times. Still does the same thing as before. 😑
Love the app. Its great and useful. Would be 5 Stars if it wouldn't CONSTANTLY stop working. So i have to Uninstall and Reinstall inorder to use the app. Wich causes me to lose all of my Lotto Numbers i have saved ...
The app doesn't work. It takes an extreme amount of time to load up and then as soon as I am about to close it out the loading screen stops and goes into the application however it does not do anything. I am not able to push any of the buttons on the bottom section and I keep closing it out and the same thing happens over and over again
App has been working great for a month. Now, regardless of wifi or mobile data, the app doesn't even load. I get stuck with a blank screen.
I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to be able to get it to work. Hope the update fixes it. Update made it worse. I cannot access fl lottery from this app but i can from the website. That doesnt make sense
This use to be a good app, but who ever is updating it should be fired, tried on 2 different phones and same issues, screen goes blank or white, doesn't scan properly, and the promotions works a 1/4 of the time, and if you are lucky enough to scan a few tickets to enter, the next day you try again and does not read or states there is a problem until you have to uninstall then reinstall. Would not let me give a half of a star, which is even more than this app should get.
This app sucks. It constantly freezes or won't even open. It works sporadically. Franky, my recommendation is to try to get it to work once, then create favorites then create playslip and take a screenshot of the playslip, then remove the app and do so permanently.
Can't login to my account through the app. If I tryvto reset my password it says that my email is not registered but when I try to register it then it says that it is already registered.
As of 2/23/2021 the App just spins and stays frozen. I've already ruled out connection issues and yes I do have the latest update. Prior to this I had no problems with app whatsoever .
App worked great previously now will not do anything. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still will not work
It continues to freeze..I have to turn off my phone or Uninstall the app and reinstall the app. Not sure why you had to update it because now it is not working. Very sad. It will tell me to check my internet connect. Not sure what that mean. The phone is not on my wifi.
App worked great before this last update. Now can't enter tickets for the Gold Rush Supreme promotion. Error pop's up every time. Also happens on the Florida lottery website. Y'all have a glitch in the app and your website. Hope y'all aren't using the same tech support that Florida DEO is using!
Would be better if you could just scan the barcode instead of entering the number on the double entry
Worked for about 3 weeks then it just stopped working, it's a shame as it was very useful, specially if you forgot your play slips.
Does not f***ing load. Ever. It worked q GD time and never again. No body else has a problem with it but me I guess. Everyone wants to stick there f***ing phone over my shoulder and scan my GD ticket just to find another loosing ticket. I bought the dam tickets i want to be the one that finds out I lost
A frustrating, long time waiting for this app to come out. Happy now because It does everything I need. Checking my tickets with the quick scanner is the absolute shiznit! Just wish this app was 1st to be updated with the newly drawn #'s. YouTube & the phone line seem to have priority. 5 star app, (for now) until someone happens to mess it up with an update. 🀣🎫🎫🎫 Good luck to all ! Update: I haven't experienced the problems others have mentioned. But I'm still running on Android 7.1 🀞
Well on my older company phone worked great no problems at all now I can scan 4 to 5 tickets and the app crashes. So I restart and 4 or 5 tickets it crashes again. Keeps doing it!
Just what i needed. The ability to check my tickets on my own before going to the store is a great time saver for me.
It won't scan my promotion for Gold Rush Supreme. I've done everything I possibly can and I've even sent you an email and all I get is the case number and you guys have not even done anything to fix it. It will scan for the lotto and jackpot. It will not scan for the cash Supreme it only comes up with a white page. Please fix it.
Outstanding APP!!! Being that I'm from NY (whose Lottery app SUCKS), I'm very impressed with the Florida App. Light-years ahead of NY. Well done Florida.
The 1st day I used the app great! After that does not work. Takes forever to load and then blank sreens with tabs at the bottom (which are non responsive). I had so many issues with app, I had to manually input all ticket # for second chance drawing and around 50 tickets entered were not available.please fix!
Great app. Fantastic that you can scan barcodes to check for winning tickets. Would give 5 stars except it needs one enhancement. Needs a scan barcode button when entering additional tickets. When entering second chance drawings it allows you to scan the first ticket. If you want to enter an additional ticket, you can't scan the bar code unless you back up a screen.
For the Gold rush second chance 'PROMOTION', I receive an error message saying unexpected server error, and to leave feedback if it continues. I've left feedback no response. Even sent an email, I got a case number or something. But nothing else, and it's very frustrating to have stack of tickets that can't be entered and no one getting back with me about it. But that is my only issue
Gold Rush second chance promotion is basically non-existent... try to scan bar codes & get a server error message... If this app is the only way to enter for the second chance, sounds like they're trying to thin the pool.... fix this now!!!
I honestly love using the app, it saves time and gas to keep from going back and forth to the store to check my tickets
This app only works the first time you open it. After that, it just loads or gives you an error message about no internet.
I have an Android phone and it's not letting me enter my promotions into the scan system it tells me it's not found I have to use an iPhone in order to put them in for over 2 weeks
Convenient when it actually works! Constantly freezes and no updates to fix it... I've uninstalled it twice to get it to work.
I was so happy to finally be able to check my tickets on my phone. That is until the last update. Now it doesnt have the + like it used to, now it has a window to center your ticket but it almost never actually scans.
Good while it lasted. At first app worked great. One day wouldn't load anymore. Have u installed and reinstalled more times than I can count.
The app worked before the January 2021 update. Since the update, the app will not open, as others have stated. Prior to the update, checking scratch-off tickets worked as expected. There were only a few minor suggestions to be made when entering tickets into second chance drawings. Hope the app is fixed soon.
The app is great for checking numbers . getting winning numbers . The app is awesome you can check tickets before going to the store.
I'm very happy to finally find an app that scans tickets and shows the numbers. It's really nice. I can scan the lottery ticket or scratch off plus I can see current numbers and the last few weeks. Thank you!
So much better. Works great. Able to scan my tickets but I still have the ticket checked at a retailer.
Overall good, but for some reason, after 3-4 days, app is no longer responsive and have to uninstall and reinstall to get it working. 7/28-another reinstall req.
Love this awesome app! Been wait years for something like this and now awesomeness at my fingertips!!!!
Promotion not working, can't scan none of my tickets, and I uninstalled the app twice and still not working so I'm no it sure how I suppose to enter the contest. It sucks please fix it
Trying to scan my Gold Rush Supreme tickets and it keeps saying "unexpected server error. Please report issue." Evidently not the first time since the update but it won't even let you manually key in the tickets either.
It worked perfectly fine when I first downloaded but after about a week, it didn't let me scan my tickets. I've had this app for about a month now and the scanner to scan my second chance drawings, still doesn't work. You'd think they would've fixed it by now since almost every comment here is regarding the scanner.
Will re-rate when developers fix the app. Two weeks ago it worked just fine. I've tried to use the ticket checker and the app won't even load. Please fix
App is great- when it loads. It doesn't matter if I'm using data or on wifi, the app only loads one of every 5 times I open it. Emailed developer, hopefully they push another update soon.
Would be 5 star if it didn't keep freezing! You must uninstall and download again to get it to work. I have to do this daily..... otherwise, it just hangs when trying to open.
This app did work great and now it has problems loading and if it does open the page never comes up. I can't even see anything put the logo on the top of the page. Then nothing is working
App is trash, worked fine for about a week and nothing since then, I've uninstalled and reinstalled so many times... DO NOT waste your time
I use to be able to scan tickets but now it doesn't scan. It takes so long on loading screen and after it seems to freeze up
The app stopped, I've uninstalled and reinstalled over 8xs, and it's doing nothing, I'm unable to click on anything! Cleaned cache and uninstalled Again, and waited over a day, reinstalled today and... Nothing!! I loved this app, now it's a waste of space!! Ugh
Ticket scanner only work 1 out 20 days. Super frustrating. If you want customers to play more and more frequently you need to give them a better experience. This app actually discourages playing because the experience is so aggravating.
Since uodate it will not open. Even uninstalled and installed fresh. Nothing will open the app now. Using Samsung phone.
THANK YOU! Issues have been resolved with your latest update...good job!! Stay alert!! Hackers are out there, attempting to compromise your hard work. (Update: To those of you that left the app...give them another chance, but if you use an unsecure browser, keep an eye on the url address box that you are not redirected to some scammers site!)
It was an AWESOME app when it worked πŸ˜‰ Now all it does it shows the three dots aside it's trying to load!!! I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times. It just doesn't work any longer
I only really use this to scan my tickets but, for some reason, there's an excessive delay after scanning before it let's you scan again. The app already has the winning numbers downloaded, so really the cooldown seems like poor programming. Hopefully fixed by actual release.
This app locks up so much. You have to keep Uninstalling and installing every few days. However, when it's working it is good.
Works wonderful! So easy to use! I love the scanner! I don't have to go back to the store and scan it. I can do it all at home!
If you have 1st version, be sure to uninstall, don't just update. This one works better but is slow loading.
It started off great but now it doesn't want to work. The app freezes up and doesn't want to load. Very disappointing.
Doesn't work, crashed all the time for weeks and now won't load past startup screen. I tried contacting developer telling them. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling a dozen times. They need to fix bugs!
I am really liking this app. I buy scratch offs, and I always double check my tickets with this app. I've found winnings on tickets I didnt even realize I won!
I absolutely love this app!!! It's not foolproof, but hopefully with the update it will be better. Sometimes you get the error messages, but that's one of the things in the update it is working on fixing. but it's really good you just have to learn how to work.
I decided to download the app because the website wouldn't let me upload my tickets to 2nd chance. Downloaded the app and now it won't let me register. I received a code in my email, immediately entered that code and now it is telling me the the code is not valid.
When it works its good but lately its buffering and saying I need a wifi connection when I shouldn't.. I have uninstalled and reinstalled still unable to open very unhappy.. on my samsung 9 note.
This is such a cool app love how you can check your ## s for any of the Fl. Lottery tickets quickly and also scan your tickets the best part if you got this app ,and if your one them people that like instant lottery (scratch offs) and sometimes not sure if you won and hate waiting in lottery lines to have a cashier check your ticket you can scan instant lottery in seconds with this app This App is the Best . Good Luck 🀞🀞 get them Winners πŸ‘πŸ‘
Was working fine, now after trying to enter a promotional ticket late last night and getting an error message or otherwise and after trying again this morning, I'm still getting the message but now I can't see the past tickets I submitted previously.
It was great when it worked. Then a week ago it crashed and I'm unable to access any of the functions, even after several attempts at re-installation.
I just finished re-installing this app for the upteenth time, trying to enter in the 2nd chance but now that isnt even helping. Website gives an error also. Ive reported it 3x. I also noticed my ticket entry history is gone & my favorites too! Makes me wonder about the accuracy of the entire app/website. Apparently y'all need to hire new IT people bc nothing technical is being fixed in a timely manner or at all (concerning issues ive had)
It a nice app, easy to navigate, has many options, one of my favorites is scanning any of your tickets in the comforts of your own home
When it worked, it was a great app. Very convenient to check your tickets and easier to enter the second chance drawings! Within the last couple weeks the app fails to open. It stays on the loading screen, never actually opening the app. I have uninstalled and redownload it several times, still the same.
Love the design of this site for this phone app. Like the idea of "check my ticket" feature. Now I don't have to rely on a retailers lottery ticket scanner. I hate it when you go into a store and the lottery ticket scanner doesn't work. This happens often.
Been using the App for over a year. It has evolved for the better. I check tix using the scanner and am trusting it little by little.
Started out great for about a month, but for last month won't download home page. Thought update might have fixed it but it didn't
This app is not working. It fails upon trying to open. You people make plenty of money on us. Spend a bit and get this app working consistently.
Worked great at first, now It won't load!! Very frustrating for someone who used the app regularly and spent more on lotto as a result.
Technical Errors, everytime I try to submit my non winning ticket it directs me to s technical error telling me to re enter ticket or submit a Feedback form. I have twice now and I made sure it was during operating hours as well as Uninstalled and reinstalled. It won't let me enter any of my non winning tickets!!!
The check your ticket option is awesome! It has been 100% accurate. Very helpful to double check Cashword tickets.
When entering second chance tickets allows me to scan one ticket , then prompts to scan another but the scan window doesnt open. I have to hit the back button twice or enter manually.
Love this app! New upgrade makes it easy to. UPDATE it's not letting you register for second chance drawings. I've tried everything and just keep getting error message! Sent email to lottery board no reply☹️ Please fix this!!!!!
The app worked great at first for about a week,now it will not load the home page. After reinstalling it no longer works.
The app works far too intermittently. And without WiFi or data it's worthless. What's the point of having "favorites" if you can't access them while at a store to make the purchase. Might as well use the regular paper play card. I can access winning numbers and check my tickets directly from the lottery website, so this serves as only "taking up storage space on my device(s)". Please fix, otherwise this has no value.
Same with most reviews, before update it was 5 stars, but after update it will open to start screen and thats it. If you get it back to how it was before then it will be 5 stars.
I am changing my score, because for some reason it works flawlessly right now . Excellent ! I also left my previous comment underneath. Thank you Florida Lotto . Great idea, but only had app a week and every couple of days it says cant scan no internet(i know i have internet) if i uninstall app and reinstall it works. I really love how convenient it is but may have to delete if this cant be fixed
Since the app was upgraded, the scanner for Gold Rush promotion doesn't work, but it works for other promotion. Please fix issue, thank you!
When it works properly, it's fairly useful, but it's horribly inconsistent. 2/22/21 update Nothing has improved.... just updated to the latest version, and ticket entry for 2nd Chance promos does NOT work, either scanned or manually entered. This will no doubt keep me from entering this first leg of the Good Rush Supreme contest. BTW, I have a current Android flagship phone (Samsung Note 20 Ultra), so that is almost certainly NOT the issue. BTW, your FB page is FULL of spam.
I added this app about 2 months ago and it worked quite well. It was a really great tool to check my scratch-off tickets as winning or not. The last few times I've tried it though it won't work. Like its froze!
Oh my God I'm so frustrated I literally have to close my app every single time I try to scan a losing ticket for the second chance I often have to uninstall it and reinstall the app please get this right guys this is amazing app it just glitchy
The app constantly crashes and you're forced to uninstall, then reinstall, before it will begin working again
Trying to Scan my tickets for second chance promo and it not working does the scanner only work during the weekdays like Mon- Fri or is that the last update could've messed everything up????
I often have to uninstall it...then reinstall it to get it to work. Update 1/10/2021, this app has now totally stopped working on my phone. At least before it would work long enough for me to join in on the promotions, now I can't even do that.
Like being able to check my tickets to make sure I don't over look the possibility of a winning ticket.
Love the fact that I can check my tickets, create my panels have them scan a QR reader code get my tickets printed and know how much it would cost before time. The only problem is that my page is completely white and removed the app download again and it came back the same πŸ˜ͺ. Even restarted the cell phone and nothing.
Really easy app to use. I am able to check my scratch offs and tickets with out leaving the house. I have been hoping and waiting for an app like this to come out.
self explanatory N very easy to use. Very organized and shows all your winning numbers plus the drawing before that last. I like how it shows you what numbers had been played in the past and how many time they had been played also leaving you with the options to pick your numbers and basically do a your card or number picking from home on the app and take it to the stores for them to print it out. It's a very convenient app an so far no issues with it.
Every time I open the app it just keeps loading but nothing happens. I have uninstalled and installed the app about 3 times and get the same issue.
Horrible. The app rarely works and when it does open I can't scan my tickets or click on anything. It just shows the load screen loading nonstop.
App is awful the scanner app part does not work everything is shutting down on me I was really hoping that this would work I have a Samsung Galaxy note 20 so there should be no issues as far as that goes so not sure what's going on but someone needs to fix this
Love checking my scratch off tickets! But wish that when entering 2nd chances tickets you could just keep scanning them without having to go back several steps.
Love the ticket scan. Found a ticket was going into trash, decided to give it a try. It was a $5 winner.
I like the new version and having the ability to have touchless cards. I would hope that the future will allow payment via the app as well.
Good and bad. The site freezes and cycles..needs to be uninstalled then reinstalled. Wish it was more reliable. On the other hand, nice "check my ticket" option where you can find out if the ticket won and by how much.
Love this app! New upgrade makes it easy to. UPDATE it's not letting you register for second chance drawings. I've tried everything and just keep getting error message! Sent email to lottery board no reply☹️ Please fix this!!!!! Why aren't you fixing this??? I'd give zero stars at this point if I could!
App is incredibly unreliable - any interaction with the Second Chance Promotions piece results in an "Unexpected Server Error" and requires you to uninstall/reinstall the app as a workaround. Ridiculous.
Always stuck and won't load. Uploaded to all my devices and only work the first few times. Now it won't open no matter what you select and won't close out. Tried restarting and uninstalling but once it gets stuck there is no going back!
The site makes it so I don't have to take all of my tickets to the store to check them. It is way more convenient!
I don't know why they keep messing around with this app ..it was perfect the first time but since the update which I had no control over. It doesn't work now.
Good app, however freezes after a couple days. Uninstaller and reinstalled lost numbers. Worked and stopped again