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Follower Tracker IG Reports and Viewers

Follower Tracker IG Reports and Viewers for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by Social Yazilim located at Astoria, Workinton Sisli/Istanbul. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Follower Manager: IG Reports is a supporters that are ig software. Insta tracker applications generally monitor stalkers and viewers for the Instagram profile. But supporters manager: ig reports also shows insight this is certainly advanced analytics about your Instagram profile. Ponder who viewed my Instagram profile or who views my instagram? Then only go in order to find those stalkers that are ig our profile viewers section. Supporters whom see your instagram profile are called insta stalker or ig stalker.
Followers spy or blockers spy mean we determine your followers and unfollowers every and get just who unfollowed you or which blocked you on instagram time. We monitor them under blockers and unfollowers lists. You may also stop and unblock your blockers which are ig the app. You can easily unfollow ghost supporters as well.
Follower Analyzer function shall evaluate your followers and unfollowers to exhibit a popularity score. Professional features will let you see more insight from follower follower plus analyzer tracker. Advanced pro functions consist of: blockers spy, unfollow tracker, ghost followers, unfollowers spy etc.
The story reports let you see tale watchers and profiles stalking you by watching recent stories. Story downloader aka whole story saver allows you install any story on Instagram. You'll be able to analyze your tale audiences and monitor your stalkers which can be ig. You need to save your self posts just by opening in the app.
Last but not the very least; story visitors will track profile viewers whom viewed my Instagram story if you want to download movies or pictures on Instagram. Instagram tale reports will allow you to get more Instagram likes. Instagram data in the app will show you analysis that is advanced tracker ideas. Profile viewers aka stalkers on instagram shall track who stalks my instagram profile.
Disclaimer: Follower management isn't associated with Instagram or just about any other functions being 3rd.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Follower Tracker IG Reports and Viewers.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Follower Tracker IG Reports and Viewers for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Descriptions of features are a little misleading, the free version doesn't have the functionality I am looking for.
garbage. only thing for free is that you can do it o. Instagram you must pay for it so it tells ye everything else. stupid
They make it look like you will be paying a monthly fee however I was charged for the full lump sum of the year and now won't respond to giving me a refund when I cancelled 5 minutes after. DON'T DOWNLOAD. Still waiting on a response.
I paid $60 for this. Its telling me people who ARE following me, AREN'T. I also can no longer even unfollow from the app after a few days as it says instagram has blocked it temporarily, but I was not unfollowing many people at once.
This app is nothing but an excuse to fleece you. I subscribed for the yearly package and straight after payment the app stopped working, then after I restarted, it swapped my Google accounts to make it seem as though I hadn't paid. Absolute disgusting tactics and then when I goto cancel my subscription it doesn't appear I shall be contacting my bank to get them to block further payments, you're not taking another penny from meπŸ’―πŸ€¬
I payed for the APP and many features still did not work. Tried to cancel and it's impossible. Don't install it, it's a scam
Great app for the most part, after unfollowing too many people I do receive the same issue that was mentioned by another user that the issue cannot be completed and if i would like to goto the app and try to complete it. I'm not quite sure why. I am also finding it provides me alot of stats or old information that is not relevant for me currently.
You have to pay for everything. You even have to pay to see your unfollowers profile pic. Wish to give no star for it.
Isn't consistant. For example, story view was updated to reflect 113 views, view list doesn't update to reflect that number, even days later. Same for unfollows. Followers dropped but the app doesn't reflect it in the list. It seems like it stopped working after a day. Pretty useless.
I did pay for the extras and had decent results with getting rid of ghost follows except for getting the "cannot complete this action, please open up instagram" error message about 40% of the time. The big issue is that I can't connect my Instagram to the app anymore so it's useless to me. I don't know if this is due to Instagram or this app itself but it's a real issue. I would love to keep using this app as long as this gets fixed
I wanted to pay monthly and have been charged for the year out of my bank account. I have bills to pay and children to feed. Not impressed.
Paid and doesn't work. I even tested the features using another ig account and phone. Doesn't work. Don't bother paying for this :)
WORST APP EVER! if you want your account BANNED, then use this app! NO REFUND POLICY! STAY AWAY! BE SURE TO CLICK THE PROPER PAYMENT! THEY CONVIENTLY HIDE THAT YOU PAY $59.99 which averages $5/month crooks
I hit unfollow on a ton of people in the app but when I go to Instagram, my following list is exactly the same. None of them were actually unfollowed. I even logged out and back in. Idk what's up.
Good app , we can see who unfollow , and Also this app showing who block you and more . This is good app , hey guys pls dont trust they that rate 1-2 , this app very hepful trust me , they just dont want this app look good
Such an amazing app and the most amazing and interesting thing is that it's use is very simple and easy
had for only a few minutes and so far it's doing a good job!! faster than the other apps I had before. will update it there are any issues
Great experience, does what it's supposed to, do you get ou rinstagrsm logins though? As I've been hacked online a few times, do you see the logins or are they hidden from you?
The app is so amazing, the basic feature really helped me. I think I will pay for more content in this app, but the app is great overall.
I did pay for the monthly subscription. And my main screen would show the same thing it did when I didn't purchase the subscription. I tried finding out the ghost viewers and it would bring up the page to unlock it when I know I already paid for it. I have the confirmation email. I kept refreshing the main page to see if anything would change but it kept telling me to purchase the "pro" subscription when I already have.. id like a refund. I'd give no star if I could.
It works perfectly but only for a bit. Then it ask for payment. Not only that, I was contacted by Instagram saying I'd be locked out of my account because it looked like my account had me compromised all from using this app.
Ok, so for an app of almost 9Β£/month...it works terrible. I downloaded it out of curiosity. Apparently in last 2 days noone viewed my profile (when I clearly tested it out with some friends that I know they viewed it). It says also who deleted their comments or unliked posts, which is not accurate as well, as all the stated comments and likes are still there. All in all waste of money.
I purchased this for the purpose of quickly unfollowing people and after 3 minutes, stopped working. Sent them an email 2 days ago and hadn't gotten a response. everything other feature could have been figured out without paying for this app. I DO NOT RECOMMEND! Even in my emails, they are defensive in how the app functions instead of listening to the feedback and resolving the issue. You will also notice that in their review responses lol.
Very nice app! I used it for people who unfollowed me on Instagram, It just showed me in 2 sec. Must try 😊
This app was ok starting out. I spent $50 for the year subscription and I keep getting this message saying it can't do anything. Will yall please fix this!
Why was i only allowed to unfollow like 20 people? But if I go in ig I can still unfollow people. Leads me to believe it's your app not ig.
"We cannot complete this action, do you want to open Instagram and try there?" Awful, installed/uninstalled within 10mins. Pointless app even on the freebie version as the only thing you can do is unfollow people and it can't even do that correctly. Whats the point? I could of just used the IG app and unfollow people without this app.
Bs 1 star have tried to log in about 10 times with correct credentials reverts me to login screen wouldnt be suprised if this app steals your password don't let 1m downloads fool you.
SCAM. Don't download!!! So, Ive been locked out of my account A DAY after downloading this. Instagram have said that 'A phishing scam has accessed my password and logged onto my account'. It has to be this app because you log on your account with this app.
Very good. My only complaint is that you can't see the full title for some of the categories, even clicking on them doesn't fully show them so you just of just have to guess based on what you can see. They charge the full year up front, not monthly but I knew that going in. It's very thorough and I can link all my accounts to the app.
I have a question I have the pro, you shouldn't show on anyone's analytics just to show correct, and also what's too much followers for analytics everyone has too much aparentt
Worst app out there, 1st of all I didnt pay for the subscription. They wont give me the refund of $65!! Now I got logged out of the app to even see my information. I tried to email them about the situation and it said I was blocked by them. I posted my review on here also and it was deleted 10 minutes afterwards. What a scam. How can creators do this to there customers. Disappointing. 0/5 stars.
Subscribed by accident, couldn't find a tab to get refund or contact anyone. I have a multi login account and it doesn't detect the other accounts even after paying Β£55! Can I get a refund please?
My Instagram keeps getting locked each time I log into this app for suspicious activity makes me think you're selling my info as I have had a weird amount of followers. I'm going to have to stop using as I don't want to lose my account. I didn't even get the full subscription length either. What a waste.
Seems suspicious. When I login to Instagram, it keeps telling me my password is incorrect when all login information is correct.
I have subscribed for one month I have access to everything except stories I couldn't see them knowing I was connected with the right email and I did all what the support ask me do but in vain... This the way I'm gonna cancel my subscription
I would give 0 stars if you can this is the most useless app ever everything requires payments and it only tells you lies all the people who it said didn't follow me actually do follow me so don't install this app!! (A Real Review 2021)
Absolutely disgusted... Wanted a month subscription... Its taken Β£55.99 for a year!! It stated no where at time of purchase that it would take for the year! I cannot even afford this much money! Left my bank so low for the week, I'm fuming and have kids to feed. Wanted to spend a 5a not 56 bloody quid!!!! I have cancelled my subscription, I want my money back, this is disgusting! It stated a month at time of purchase Edit* already did email straight away on the day... You've had my money now!
Great app, congratulations. I would like to give a suggestions, have the option of dark mode would be very interesting ...
Useless... I have purchased but it does not work as expected. Always giving notification "check here later"
Don't like it cause you can't see everything and you have to pay. I won't be paying so much money it should be free. I don't like the app don't use it!
I was excited to install and use but as soon as I started making a few follows and I follows through the dashboard I was locked by Instagram in a temporary cooling down. I stopped and went and did something else and came back 15 minutes later and was still locked from following or unfollowing anyone .
The biggest thing that needs to be changed about this app is charging people just to look at their older stories and see who looks at them also I was expecting to be able to look at the app and see not just my followers, commenters and likers, I was hoping to look at the people who've done the opposite of all that but no there's a charge for that....if I knew I was only going to be able to look at who already likes me and follows me and views me then I would've just went straight to Instagram
Fine app but just showing followers who don't follow you back can't access other categories it asking for purchase it .
App crashes continuously. Now my Instagram account is locked because of the app trying to log in too many times.
Absolutely disgusted... Wanted a month subscription... Its taken Β£55.99 for a year!! It stated no where at time of purchase that it would take for the year! I cannot even afford this much money! Left my bank so low for the week, I'm fuming and have kids to feed. Wanted to spend a 5a not 56 bloody quid!!!! I have cancelled my subscription, I want my money back, this is disgusting! It stated a month at time of purchase
This app could be a 5 star app for me. I have changed my password about 10 times since I purchased the full subscription in December. I have 2 factor authentication enabled and get logged off and forced to change my password constantly. The only time it didn't was when I had 2 factor disabled (short test for 1 week). I have confirmed with another user of this behavior. I will likely uninstall and cancell my subscription.
The free part of the app is pretty decent and works pretty well, and so I decided to try out the premium plan to see who could view my profile as the algorithm which they promised was 'very good'. In my experience and from testing with a few friends the algorithm is very weak and only picks up if people view your profile straight after following you. To summarise, it is a pretty useless algorithm I wouldnt pay a single penny for. Stick to the free plan - avoid the premium!
I wanted to pay about 4 dollars and it charged me over 40 for a year subscription. The app barely works and idk how to get a refund or cancel the subscription.
Wouldn't recommend. I accidentally bought the yearly subscription and I am fuming. If it actually did what I wanted I would be too bothered but it doesn't. I have another app that shows my profile viewers whilst this one is still telling me to check later. There are better apps for cheaper prices. Wish I could get a refund.
Very very good app. Much better than all other analysis apps with a bunch of ads. Nice interface and easy to use. I highly recommend this one over all the other apps, and I have tried every single one of them. Don't understand the low rating tho....
HORRIBLE. I paid for a year plan. I got a new phone . signed into my account and I was expected to pay ALL OVER AGAIN. They did NOT Respond to my Email. LOOK for ANOTHER APP.
It worked great the first time I used it but not it won't unfollow anyone, just takes you to instagram
Started out fab but after unfollowing about 10 people it said It couldn't do any more in the app and to open insta.... Which was what I'd been trying to avoid.. Paid for it incase that was why it was not able to do that but still wouldn't work and now the app won't even open πŸ˜‚ waste of money!
It keeps saying my action cannot be completed and it's really annoying. I have to go through Instagram which is a bunch of stress. Pathetic
This needs to be made clear: All the secret information that is falsely implied to be available if you upgrade isn't available at all. All that happens is it will record that information from the moment you subscribe and NOT that you will have access to your account history in terms of 'who has secretly viewed you' since you started your account. This isn't made clear at the point of purchase. I hope this review isn't deleted and that people realise this from here on.
Paid for the yearly access $48 dollars up front... the app stop working after 30 mins. No Customer service contact is available.
YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR most of the stuff. If I wanted to look at "reports, unfollowers, and profile insights" I can just use the original INSTAGRAM APP. The app is useless... also, there are SO MANY ADS, every time I press a button, THERES A AD. There is other apps that are wayyy better than this one. Dont waste your time on this one. I wish I can rate it lower.
Easy enough to use but it's not amazing. Keeps saying feedback required to allow me to unfollow anyone. Hense why I am giving feedback now.
Scam. They alerted me that my account was at risk for phishing. This is stupid. We all came here to see who unfollowed us and it forces you to pay. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
This app is a scam. I read the reviews and despite the negative comments, I still downloaded it. I was looking for a trust worthy app and this is not it. I tried logging in 3 times, and it always threw me back and didn't let me through. I under no circumstance recommend this app.
actually I didn't like this bcuz everything you want to check you should pay money real money and it is supposed to be free thank you
at least it's not like many other apps that u need to pay or u will have 0 access this app gives u some basics that i came here to find them
Great app!! I unfollowed around 100 haters (who followed me and unfollowed later) in 30 minutes after installing this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Great app. Did exactly what I needed for free. There are some other really cool features if you're willing to pay
I can see what this app is making people download it for but everything the people actually want to see, like the viewers and their ex. But it all costs money, sure they have to make money some how, but its kinda bad that they block the main thing people download it for. Like i dont mind a 10 second add. Im only gonna be on the app for a minute.
I paid for the app but its not working. I try to open my account from other phone to test if it working but unfortunately still the same result.
When the app works and allows for you t unfollow it's brilliant, only issue is half the time it doesn't let you.
This app isn't accurate I only have 39 people that don't follow me back he says I had 133 πŸ™„ it would be great if Instagram could just update their own app and deal with this themselves
The app is good, but when i use it for a while ot says "the action is temporarily stop by instagram", i already delete the app and download it again the result is still the same
This app is not just bad but a waste of time, do not download.😀😀 I wouldn't even rate 1star because its not worth it.d reason for 1Star is just to enable me post my review.
Everything useful cost and I have my suspicious that this app started following several accounts that I didn't without my permition so this is unacceptable!
I tried to unfriend people that don't follow me, after i clicked Unfollow a few times, it started to give me an Error popup... Very bad experience
Amazing app. Does everything I need and more to keep track of my Instagram accounts. I mainly use the unfollow feature for those who don't follow me back but it's awesome to see charts and what post are doing better then others. Keep up the great work‼️ Question: if I become a subscriber, will the unfollow feature be unlimited instead of having to go back to Instagram to unfollow them?
No usability... I purchased this app days ago and still haven't been able to use it... it continues to ask me to purchase the app!
We need to pay for the pro membership thing and most of the features it described needed pro membership:((
So this app worked the first few weeks I got it then stopped. This seems to be a trope among account managing apps. I paused my subscription to see if there will be a bug fix otherwise I'm just deleting the whole app. If anyone wants to use the app feel free just don't pay.
Dissaponted it worked for few days then it stopped its updated anything! Sucks because I paid for the full subscription!
I was expecting to be able to unfollow everyone who doesn't follow me back all at once instead of manually unfollowing each person but there's no option for that.
Why when i already download..it will said sorry its unfortunately has stopped i already re-download it but just same!
I dont understand why I'm unable to unfollow people with the app. Besides , it doesn't make sense that you need to pay to be able to do almost everything with the app
very good app all round but the good features are locked until you pay that's why I'm giving a 4 star rating
very little information offered...I'm uninstalling now as it's unhelpful and the only service offered must be purchasedπŸ˜’
This app is bad for real it made my phone vibrate without getting any notifications it is the worst app ever!!!!!! It ruined my phone 😭😭😭😭
hey, I'll love it if everything doesn't need to be payed, if you maybe add some ads my reviews will higher! 😊
Really useful app just wish it went into a bit more details on the different sections and had a helpful advice section with examples of who the numbers are affect
The app is nice to use for Instagram lovers. It allows us to see about our profile. But it asks for payments. I wish if it could be free to use without any payment methods.
"The app always works even after payment, we test it." Obviously not, maybe listen to your customers. πŸ™„
I have subscribed for the half year package for tracking my stalker but it always show me"we will start showing when we find them from now on. Check here later. " Therefore I made an experiment by using my friend's account to stalk me on instagram but after that I still cannot find my friend on the stalker list. This app is cheating and just like a rubbish
this is good app but I have a question how Can I get audience payments or how can I get my audience Network in somalia please answer
Ots good but if its free to see who blocks me soo this is the best app intye world and its downloaders can be increase
Overall the free barebones version of this app is pritty great! I wanted a nice clean app that allowed me to check to see if the people I was following also followed me because I hated the idea of unfollowing mutuals. For that purpose I give the app 5* one thing I would like is either the "search" feature on the list or the ability to add a "sort by most recent" followers label it's "least related or most realted is a bit unituatitive.
Inacurate and not helpful, i was expecting a mass removal tools for ghost followers. But theres no such tool. You have to browse each one for the real ghosts. Thats the same with looking directly in your ig follower list
I'd give zero stars if I could. The app doesn't work. Just tricks you into rating it :) Edit: Reply to developer: Try using the app, you'd know what to fix
I wanted to use this for my second instagram account but it will only work on my primary instagram account so its useless to me. You need to develop a way to switch accounts (that have the same log in details)!
Horrible. The app did it's job well but was deceptive with advertising and tricks you into paying for a whole year while advertising that you can pay for it daily.
It sucks you have to pay to see who looks at your profile when that's one of the main reasons you got the app and its what the app is advertised for.
It's the best app for unfollow some people who don't follow you back. But sometimes you can't unfollow directly from app but you can unfollow from Instagram. I recomand this!!!!!