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Force Master

Force Master for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Get a grasp on your own environments, throw it at then your foes! Overcome other enemies to your opponents! Throw drums that tend to be volatile their heads! Grab platforms from under their particular foot!
In Our action that is new loaded you've got control and freedom to deal with hurdles while you please. Get to be the force master that is ultimate!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Force Master.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
This is a amazing cool game it's like seeing the bigger picture and very fun I literally yeet all of them and it's so cool this should have more specifical power ups
BEST GAME EVER this game makes you feel powerful best thing is you get little bit of ads please download this it's the best
This game is soo good but can you make it like simulator you can walk around the city and use force.. (Also Please Add More powers options)
Its so Fun, Easy, Cool, And It The Power Ups Are Very Awesome, I would rate it 5 starts If It has Sounds. Please Add Sounds And I'll Rate Five starts!
its pretty cool and simple game but there are two problems one is there is a lot of ads and its annoying and two is the ads stop your playing yes u heard what l said it stops your gameplay and it sometimes lags and freeses your playing that didnt happen to me but l just know but it is pretty awsome
I like how when the bullets are coming at you you can just use the force to swipe them left right or push them back at the person.
Its a good game but i think you should add skins or like trails for the super powers like red so it would be red if you know what i mean but the game is very good and one more thing i think you should add is more level and different areas like the city , dessert , park etc but i like your game and i think it is the best
The mechanics are fun but it's the same levels all over again! And I can't lock the joystick so the game keeps thinking I want to move and not attack
It's okay. I wish there was a bit more to it than the same levels over and over again. Also for the people saying it's too many ads, just turn off your wifi
It is basically unplayable with all the ads, the camerca movement system is horrible, and there is basically no content to even play!!! I dont know why you guys vote this game this high but you need to actually play it!
Repetitive and boring The game repeats 5 levels again and again. It gets boring within 5 minutes of installing forcing you to uninstall
It's a repetitive game you can get very board but it's a side game that you will like to play every now and again
I love this game but the levels repeat each other and I wish the developer puts more powers like fire powers and water or lighting
This game is cool but when I swipe nothing happens to the bad guys they still come at me can you fix that
I like this game but it seems like every time I walk through the doors it doesn't even have to be a finish line door,It could any door.JUST FIX THE ADS PLZ.
This game is amazing but there are way to many ads. ads right in the middle of a game and ads straight after. good game just sort out the ads.
The mechanics throw me off, the concept is awesome but it doesn't feel natural to play. would prefer to be able to use two fingers at the same time and have it run smoother
This game is really fun I really enjoy the way you push enemy's around I think you should play this game very fun game 5 stars
its a really fun game but there are too many ads, every door i open there is an ad and when you complete a level there is an ad, can you either limit the ads to sometimes after a level and can you try to make more hands there are only five.
kind of fun, but to easy, you can kill all the bosses in one shot with no damage by holding them and they instantly die without being able to throw them
The stages kept repeating themselves. After a while it became boring. If you work on new levels and different types of attackers it would be a lot more fun.
This is a great game. Lots of fun to pass the time. Would have been 5 stars but there were just a few too many ads for me
Who gave u idea to make the game it never moves when there are a lot of enemies it stops and it doesn't move back. What the heck are u doing I click to lift object it won't. A lot of glitches and a lot of ads. U mean to go forward I will open door and first ad will come to welcome on every door.
I love the game it's a good pass time I would like to have a customizer feature like color or effect as well as boss that has a similar power to you that's all I want but it's okay if you don't listen I still live the game πŸ˜ƒ
Amazing!!! Although just a bit hard to control. But it is still so amazing!!!!!!!! But maybe add some more to every level.
Bad game. Whenever I'm in a middle of a game, ads come up which makes the game lag and also, the ads can also lag. There was no button where I can exit the ad, it just stays lagging and freezes the game. This made me stressed out, I wouldn't recommend this, it could happen to you, just be careful, it's annoying when that happens. This is all my opinion. Thank you.
Mechanics could be better The way you have to swipe for a push moves the character at the same time so the game thinks your moving when you want to swipe. Probably need to make the game sideways with two joysticks to help combat it plus the amount of ads in the game is ridiculous
All the "games" (using double inverted commas because I'm disgusted that they are even categorised as such) from this developer are low effort cash grabs with 4 millions ads per second and barely 4 minutes of gameplay before you decide to delete the ad application poorly disguised as a game.
I love this game because you have super powers and it just fun a lot of ads tho but I don't really care love people who make fun games like this keep it up
This game is good it's good I like it because you can pull people towards you that's good baby makers is it
As I'm giving this 3 stars i will say something about it : 1.This game has TOO MUCH Ads!!!!!!(I turned on the WiFi so I Ignored the ads) 2.This game is boring.Do you think throwing things wit your hands will make you happy!?!?!? 3.This game has fake exits!!!!😑😑
Mice game add more places and hands like monster and thanos infinity glove with the infinity stones and add some more powers and black panther claws etc.
Pretty good game but a lot of ads. This game is pretty decent for one of the games Voodoo makes constantly. This one seems to be less of a cash grab then others. The only thing I suggest is adding more levels because it gets repetitive after about 25 levels or less.
I buyed the no adds and still got adds it gives me adds when it says redo for one add and I close out to not do an add it gives me an add there's to many adds when I'm playing in the middle of a game add doing any thing add everywhere add its not even good trust me im a dev use blender.
This the greatest game but its gets boring real fast Because there's not a lot of levels and not a lot of enemy types
It's a really good game but their is only 2 worlds that's not long enough and I'd like it if you can move and slap at the same time because I have to stop and I lose health please update the game
First of all it's amazingly fun game you feel like you have a ton of power but, there is two problems. First of all I think there's a little to many ads, not so many where you're overwhelmed but enough that it interrupts gameplay which I don't think that should happen but on the other hand I understand they need to make money. Then some of the things that I do don't seem to register the way I want them to. And finally I would pay real money for a VR game of this.
It's a good game with a good concept. I do have one idea for a update though. I feal like there should be some sorta coin system and shop with different "powers".
I originally thought that the add was fake but I then tried out the game and it's exactly what the ad said it was the game is very well made and I will recommend to others
This app is terrible there's just to much lag and I think it's because the amount of ads you guys put in here voodoo you guys just keep putting so much ads that's why your games are bad.
Your game is so so so good I love it you are very awesome in the whole world you are right that game was super good I wanted to you get some more lease games but your game is super good I love it that's all I wanted to tell you your game is awesome
Amazing. But i think it would do better if their was a areavon the screen to move the camra so you can have better vision. It would also be good for macking levels with guys on buildings. That last part was a sugestion for types of levels.
I hate this game!😠😑 But if you remove the most annoying thing that those silly ads come during playing a level would be better and it would be good if you add a pause button that would stop everything and a health bar below level bar (where we see on which level we are). If you add these features I will turn that one star into five stars
The graphics are bad, it looks like my drawing of a man i drew when i was 3. The game is basically Eleven from Stranger Things if everybody looked like a mcdonalds toy. I don't get the goddamn ads, the ads make me feel like i should drop my phone in the toilet because of it annoying people who talk, especially the one where they say like too much. 1 year ago, Voodoo made games that i enjoyed and here i am looking at a game that never got worked on with care.
It was so lazy before the update,because it used to always say "No damage" whether you took damage or not. Now it actually doesn't say "No damage" when you take damage,I look forward to seeing a shop in the next update. I hope the shop features hand/glove skins,the effect skins,maybe even enemy skins,but I wish it didn't show ads every time you complete a level or get to a door/bridge. We need to stop the money-hungry thing!
The games alright and the controls, but y'all should consider adding some sound effects. But there's to many adds even during gameplay, also how do you switch maps because I can't change the settings
Very fun, perhaps you can turn this into a star wars game, where not only you can use the force but also slice people up with a lightsaber of any color.
It fun you can drag and make very power but I figure out that there some bugs out there so that drag the player up in the roof and if you drag a player it not dead if you drag it and then the box get stuck of the player that all it of the bugs please fix it
It's a really fun game but the thing is I can't move my camera left or right plz fix that if possible
I can understand ads in between rounds. Unfortunately you put them during gameplay aswell. The game has potential though.
Fun game, but far FAR too many ads. Makes the game borderline annoying. But the experience to play is casual and enjoyable
Fine Good but I think they have some stuff to work on for the game but otherwise it's good and so far it hasn't been an add machine πŸ™‚.
Its relaxing and fun it's a really fun game πŸ˜€πŸ˜€it's a good game hope you can make more games like thisπŸ™‚
Swipe and tap objects or enemies to get to the exit. That's all. Offline capable and with bearable ADnoyance level,the game gets dull pretty fast once the novelty factor wears off.
I love this game! Especially the bit where you get to throw female office workers to their deaths out of windows! I would appreciate it if you could also show a slow motion replay of them plummeting to the ground below.
There the same level's over and over again,Its not that fun, theres no like upgrade's or level ups, like dont download. πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘ it sucks
I really love this game and it's really funny how I drag the enemy's to me and other objects and just throwing it, this game whould be really good in vr somthing like super hot! And maybe you can add a earthquake, fire and ice, (or fire and ice separate or just do both) attacks and special attacks.
Great game! But needs some less ads ever 2 rooms i enter there will be a ad so please have less ads if you do then I 2ill give you a 5 star!
i absolutly love this game because it is so funny when u pick things up and they go flying the developwr did a good job make sure to check the game out
The game is great. But sooner. Its just a never-ending loop of level. The level just goes back to number 1 after you finish the last boss. But i still enjoyed. So i give it 4 stars
This is a good game but controllls are a little hard but overall it is good so i am going play with it a lot
This is a very good game. But the only problem is that the levels are repeating. And also its lagging a lot. Please fix this problem.
It looked like an awesome game in the ad but in the game it is so much worse the joystick control is not still and the graphics is super slow there is no sound even when you turn on the volume you want levels try Fishdom instead!
Guys, this is an offline game not online, did u turn ur data on, ads will apear if you do that, i just rate this app to tell the pepole the reason why ads come up in a middle in a game, this is fun, but turn ur data off.
I think it's great even though I haven't played it but I think their will be problems playing this game is and it's gonna be annoying for me but I'll just stop playing if there are no ads
This is why I'm giving you a four stars because every time you catch a bullet you like lag little bit but still is fun meet new games
This game is actually pretty fun it has different levels and first person and the consept is pretty good but the ads are pretty annoying but if you just turn off you data and wifi there is no ads and makes it a lot more fun and I like the effects of the force and there should be a turning implemented because it is hard to hit enemy's at the sides so I would try it out but turn off you data and wifi so there is not as much ads. Have Fun!
To many ads every first door I walk into there is an ad and I dont want to spend my money on no ads for no reason even though its 3$ I still dont want to it's a good game though.
The game is so fun and i love all the refrences from movies with the new skins and i love the new maps and the content is amazing if this was a VR game on on oculus quest 2 i would definelty buy it! 5 stars!!
I've downloaded it multiple times cause it seems like a fun game but when I get on to play it just acts like I'm not touching the screen. Like it won't let me start playing. Such a shame cause I've read the reviews and it looks really fun.
Omg this game is so fun to play if there was a rating it would be infinte/10 and I would rate it infinite and if you could add some music like trench boy, 7 years, Nevada, if you had a bad day! It would be great thanks for making the game!
It's really fun and it's super cool and I've been playing it for hours it's like Star Wars but without Star Wars
Ok I'm not sure how many times I have to say this but if you are experiencing ad issues TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE!!! It's that simple people but I have to say the controls are a little dumb but I like the game alot, but people remember to turn on airplane mode!
Not too many ads good graphics sic power and all around amazing game. I also love how you can lift people up in the air .
This is pretty cool you can use the force you are the master you are forcemaster pretty cool you can throw them out of building you can hold the stuff to block the bullets it's pretty cool it's so fun you basically can't die.
I would have liked this game more if it was a legit game with a camera that u move and controlled but still fun tho
Good game but I wish the controls were different because it's just a joystick right now I want it so I can use the force at will instead of me not moving at all but other than that it's a good game
The game is really fun but you should add money, u can earn 50 coins each level, there is also a boss, also add that u can have a joystick at the bottom to turn camera, u can also change the colour of the power, and gloves and different powers with different skills and each skill has different effects
its too laggy please fix it and please fix the controler add some buttons to attack and add some shop so i can costumize my hand cause its blue the hand is boring and fix the lag cause its annoying and add some big enemy so its challenging game.
It's the best and the easiest game ever is like I play I just download it today and then 2 hours later I'm like I'm finished on the game it's like wow easy really easy you should download it now and I mean the problem the only problem is is that there's a lot of commercials ads but I don't know pretty good game it's pretty cool you can be like the master but download it now
Is fun i enjoy it but i think if you could allow the player to turn there head around and etc. Bc the camera can get stuck in some situations. And if you could carry stuff while moving but overall is fun and is fun keep up the good work
Best game ever so fun you can throw bananas at them with the force and they die it's so fun and funny get the game it will make the creators happy and yoru have a lot of fun
Love the game although after playing it for a while is giz kind of choppy video wise but that's probably more a matter of my phone only having birth order having birth order Sunrise having birth order was actually happen 4 gigabytes of RAM
I like that the game is the same in the ad as it is in the game. Thank you for that! I also like that there are not that many ads!
Plz add the opinion to turn off aim assist I want to play the game own way, and not to be forced to hit a target.
It's a pretty fun game and I I like the concept of being an elementalist but it's two problems make grabbed bullets and gang members weapons
In the middle of playing the second level an ad appeared in the right corner blocking 20% of the screen. Followed by a full screen ad at the start of the 3rd level that's far to many ads to in the first minute of playing the game. So I'm deleting this app. I know your ad funded game developer but let people play the game before bombarding them with ads.
This game is awesome and nice graphics .but one thing is missing,you make full stickman to use the superpowers.instead of keeping hands to use superpowers.please this update could so cool.
Great time passer. I only gave 4 stars because it's missing one thing that I know would really enhance the game. AUDIO! Otherwise nice work devs.
This game is cool i like the super powers that you can throw the enemys and you can force them out of the bilding and you can grab the thing and use it to black the bullets. But something is went weird, one time i grab the bullet by my force and the small bullet blacks the other bullets thats really weird. Can you pls add skins and accessories to my character's hands that would be cool like a robot skin and a gauntlet. Pls add this.πŸ™
This game is awesome 2 you can a horse jump bike if you how much something cuz if you see blue that means you're holding it and you can just like push them off it's so cool game play it
i love how the players ragdoll and just go POW SWIPE POWER!!!!!!!! and i love how the dammys are just like AHHHHHHHHHHH! so really good game u should download it (:
this is boring, poorly made. hard to maneuver, and there isn't any point to it, there is no strategy. your basically button mashing. and because i can't look around or see next to me without backing up, i died a number of times because i couldn't see the bad guy. i turned off the net, that's how you remove the ads, so i never got to see those. but these games are designed so you can get through the level as fast as possible so they can force feed you ads. as thing to play for fun, its not fun, its boring, tedious, hard to control, and after playing my eyes see blurry. because of the harsh colors used on the main screen and sub screens.
This game was my Fantasy fr!! If you could just add some new things to this game like different elements, player customisation, boss levels and if possible a more open world type background.
At least this game had some actual effort put into it. There aren't as many ads as there were in there previous games. And it's actually pretty fun.
I like it a lot. I gust don't think that there should be as many ads. There no blood in it but its gust a bit basic. Many you could make a few changes. A couple of suggestions are fewer ads and many other things that are not hard to do.
This is a very good app! I have no complaints, it's fun, and the theme and powers are overall really fun! It's fun to shake them around and throw objects, I rate it 5 stars. I'd recommend to people.
This Game is Absolutely FUN! Just Four Small Problems That make this game Not Enjoyable. 1st: There are TONS of Ads Every SINGLE MATCH, I- I mean at least add ads every Three Match. 2nd: Please Allow us to turn our character side way, Enemies be on my other side but I can't get a great aim because I can't turn my screen, Also please add sounds effects of us Pushing Furniture against the walls or enemies, and the enemies would make a loud screen like AHHHHH UMPH OR OOF! Thx Bye!
It's a great game but it could use some more sound and some other bosses like a boss in a helicopter and you try to take the helicopter down.
Your guy is way so overpowered that the finer gameplay points don't matter. Just swipe left right a few times and the room is cleared. I guess you start as a force master and just stay that way.
The game's good I really like it I like how it's like a fun game to play when you're bored or you just want to do something it's like a nice game to play
I like this game i give it a 3 star because its good but they need to make some updates like:1 if you block them with things they wont be able to go through 2 new gloves 3 guns for yourself if u think so to then put helpful for my comment
At first the game was a fun concept but there are only two worlds and once you complete them it just loops. Not enough content. Camera movement is bad, and controls are somewhat dodgy. Didn't really expect too much to begin with though. Also, Way too many ads but that can be solved by just booting it up with WiFi off. No idea why these brain dead people are giving it a 4 star rating
Not a very good game... not challenging at all... levels keep repeating...many glitches and bugs even though the game is free it's not worth downloading
Its a good game well, it has weird powers like if you snipe it back and enemy die like we snipe and it comes me plus you can even reflect bullet and sometimes swipe bullet I like weird powers but problem is that that I cant swipe screen to another position I mean my auto rotate is on but still it dosent do please fix it
I have only been playing for 5 minutes now and i love it this game is awesome it's so fun there's no lag ads aren't constantly showing and the the consept of the game is amazing 10/10 would recommend it.
Good game but after every single level it gives you an ad, and also sometimes when you're trying to swipe the telekenisis it just moves you to the side instead
Really nice game add more awsome super powers. It's real cool. You could make this a vr game! I would watch it on YT if it was a vr game.
This is a great game the fact that u guys want us to buy this stupid things to remove ads on the game well this is the worst game ever!!!!!!! The ads are useless by the way.......you guys need to improve this game
This game is so very very easy for me because im the beginner play this game like pro gaming i like this when this game update i very very happy i want more update because more update more fun
Some sound effects or may be some songs may enhance the gaming experience , 2nd thing that i don't like is we have to watc h a 15 or 30 sec add after each level.
You guys are really creative with making games. Oh and yeah, I agree with the guy who said for future updates you should have a coin system to purchase different powers. Could you please also add different colors and hands?
I really like this game could you add new abilities? Like force lighting force strike and force explosion its where the player concentrates his energy into one big explosion killing all enemies near
The game principal is exciting at first, but you quickly begin to realise after the second boss that the game repeats levels, albiet with slightly harder odds (bullets shoot more often, enemy speed increase) Overall not the best experience unless you want a very simple, repetitive, time wasting kind of session.
Force master? More like Y E E T master. This game is so funny and I just love seeing the baddies just fly when I hit them. This is so much fun but the reason I put 4 stars is because you can add a couple of things: Earning coins, Making the levels non repetitive, and that's it. Other than that it is a great game.
It's good there is ads in middle of game I het rid of the problem by turning off wifi so it plays normally.
It's so fun the controls are so smooth you can fight big bosses it's the best I love this game so much it deserves a 5 star rating it's so fun I love it