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Frostborn: Action RPG

Frostborn: Action RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Kefir! located at 102 Lenina Prosp., Office 311 Volgograd, 400078 Russia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Set up and reinforce your base, subdue energy of gods to yourself and fight the army regarding the dead hand and hand along with your buddies. Restore the previous success of the vikings' places because they build a new money through the ground up-and trigger to as yet not known shores for treasures and new victories - all of this and more is waiting available when you look at the brand-new on line RPG Frostborn!

the entire world once we knew it really is gone
Long ago breathtaking forests and hills of Midgard were occupied using the dead and leaders. Ever since then, river waters burn a throat, all aesirs have actually vanished, and valkyries no further simply take slain warriors to Valhalla. This can be all because of the goddess Hel, the mistress associated with dead that is determined to gain power over-all that is out there.

Death is not any much longer an obstacle
You tend to be an immortal, brave warrior, fearless of demise it self. When dying in battle, you revive over and over again. Herbalists and shamans shrug their shoulders wondering why it occurs, yet one thing is renowned for certain: just it is possible to wreck programs of this goddess of demise and unveil the mystery of aesirs' vanishing.

One cannot conquer alone
Four heads are better than one! Unite with other Immortals to build a solid base more quickly and confront all together utilizing the lifeless, outraging in sanctums of aesirs in places of Midgard.

Everyone have some thing to do
Choose one of twelve and a half classes that suits your video gaming style the best: crush with a hammer in melee fight, cover in shadows and attack stealthily, rout your enemies, rule causes of fire and ice, hold a distance and strike opponents with shots from a bow or heal and boost your allies - record is endless! Incase you want to take to yourself in an innovative new role, all that's necessary is a few seconds for planning and an innovative new equipment kit!

All is fair
Trade with other people and clans to construct the very best long-term relationships or put up ambushes in woodlands, hills, and tombs, and rob settlements of susceptible settlements of Immortals - the option is yours. In harsh places of Midgard, sirvives just the strongest.

Architect of your very own fortunes
Plenty of workbenches for crafting things and a large number of blueprints will assist you to create what you importance of wonderful victories - from a roof over the head and a bandage for a wound to powerful potions and a fearsome gun. And if it's not enough - bear in mind who you are, nordling, and build your very own drakkar to try yourseld at sea!

Establish your inheritance
Build your city - boost powerful wall space, don't forget to produce room for craftsmen and dealers, set up resorts and places of amusement. Get to be the most effective ruler inside places of Midgard which will be reckoned by everyone!

Legendary artifacts
If you imagine you may be prepared for such a thing - challenge fate it self and obtain right down to abandoned sanctums of gods to beat the best enemies and try to acquire uncommon loot! But be cautious, risk lurks every-where in dungeons, so only the worthiest warriors will are able to achieve the end to see exactly what happened to Odin, Tor, and the various other gods!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Frostborn: Action RPG.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Frostborn: Action RPG for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I just wanted to say that this is by far the best game of its genre. Progression is slow, but that's the point of the game, grind and work hard to become the best, raid others and claim their loot. P.S. If you made in app purchases and lost everything, the fault is on you, don't go PvP-ing if you know you're new. Get the hang of the game first.
5 for this one. i used to play LDoE very long time. i hated energy bar, honestly. this one gives real time pvp experience and no energy bar. love it. sometime, i got disconnect when other hostile players show up and died but still best game. please add more weapon craftable with common resources cos some items need to craft weapon are difficult to find due to PvP features, like another player looting chests while i was busy killing monsters. it is fun but if u add theses it will be better.
I loved this game & asked my friends to join too everything was running great but now when I reached at level 40 suddenly the game closed due to connection problem & now every time I open it it give the same message. Ik this game is still in development so I can understand this kind of problems might come. Please fix it as soon as possible. Then I might rate it 5stars!!!
Its really good ive been playing it for days without stoping and i love it the only thing i dont like is that the game auto starts the raids and if you offline u get raided
I like your game. It's gotten fun as I level up. I love gathering and building. I have learned to make extra stuff and store them away just in case I die. Thank you for making a playable and enjoyable game. It's all free to play too. I am still at a low level but I know it's going to be a challenge. I can't wait. ๐Ÿ‘โฃ๏ธ Peace devs. You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the hard work.
Highly recommend this game to people who played last day on earth, this game is 20x better there is no energy and the people you play against are real. They have this thing they call a family and it basically means you can team with 3 other people and build bases. The loot in the game is very well thought about and I recommend this game a lot. Game development did amazing keep up the work guys/gals!
It's a great game I love that we can play with friends very good especially for experienced players the only thing I don't like is the door limits for building its not the best when I'm trying to honeycome my base to make it more difficult for the raiders at least 50 doors or unlimited because 27 is nothing but the game is great don't get me wrong other than that everything is else is fine
Will there ever be option to disable raids? I mean it's an interesting mechanic but me and my friends are getting constantly attacked by high level players who we cannot defend against, it also makes it extremely difficult for us to get proper gear since we know that in two days we will lose it all. >_< And all four of us are free to play, will it remain this unbalanced for rest of the development? (Plus we keep getting attacked in the events)
This is one of the best multiplayer games i have ever played. It has alot of dynamic skills and so much awesome things that is enjoyable and fun to play.
To devs: i don't know where and what task manager is. I did try to get the game to work though by turning off my tablet and then leaving it for a good hour or so then trying it again. I did this several times and all but one time, it did the same thing as last time. The one time it didn't, it instead sent me to the character costumizing thing but then about two seconds later sent me off the app. Please help. Thank you in advance.
Honestly I think the game is pretty damn good. Its alot of fun, when you first start exploring and getting to build up your district. They always try to keep a clear goal in mind so that you're always pushing forward. Few issues I have is how vague it is when it comes to some items. I've no clue about dragon scales or resins (chests I guess). Also there's also no midgame weapon. I'm level 25 and still the spear is handiest to make and cost effective. A few more mid game weapons could be used.
Soooo many flaws. Great concept but after playing for merely a day it was clear how frustrating the game will be so I'm uninstalling. As a beginning player you are forced to enter pvp zones to acquire materials needed to advance and there is NO LEVEL CAP. I literally got one hit killed by a end game player and lost everything. Even in the friendly zones with other players it becomes a fight for the same chest which players will have zombies chase them and lead them to attack you and loot you.
Its really nice although i die a lot from people with better equips. I also cant run away from them since leaving a location requires 5 seconds without being hit. But its an excellent game. Why dont you try making one thats samurai themed ill play that too since im already playing 2 of your games.
For some reason after the update, I can't log in and the game is saying I have a poor internet connection, very disappointed for the first update, was about to make in game purchases but the game won't let me in and at the same time the game lags out of no where which make me lose gears, not worth spending in this game if it is not fix.
Can not play unless on wifi. When playing on mobile internet it loads endlessly. Other than that the game is good but repetitive. Long boring grinds to get the things you need. Contacted support about only being able to play on wifi. They said I need a stable internet connection... that's hilarious because I can play any online game with my mobile internet without any issue. They are making excuses and there are plenty of people having the same issue.
Im really enjoying the game great graphics but I'm sick and tired of not being able to go to a Red zone because other players are there and they just kill you for fun so it ruins the whole game once you fix it where players cannot stay in that location more than a couple minutes fine but I'm getting sick of being killed and losing everything just for getting f****** oak
This game so nice but there is bug I find 1 one is my guy slaps some time and i can't nothing I need to wait for it fix then I can walk. Please fix it
Downloaded game, let it sit in the intializing screen for 30minutes and nothing really disappointed, I love the look and style of the game was looking forward to playing it... edit: checked the game as you suggested and still doing the same thing. Still just sitting in the intiizing screen and nothing is happening except the rotating descriptions and a full intializing bar for minutes at a time
The game is great, but it really needs stable and strong internet connectivity, which is a bummer, a little drop and you're disconnected, pls optimize it. Unstable internet connectivity should n't be an issue. Not gonna do some in-app purchases if this won't be optimized. Already spent some on coc, shadow fight 3 and others, online games, yet doesn't really require high and stable internet connectivity.
My only problem is the sliding glitch. It's been twice now that I die because I slide across the whole map. Sometimes I get lucky when the glitch starts and the map is cleared of monsters by other players so when I start sliding across the map, I don't die. But only in green zones. I don't even want to try to go to yellow much less red zones because the game glitches so much. I love the game and will continue to play but would appreciate it if you could fix this problem.
Love the game concept but game required more grinding for my camp and my district its to much and is it possible to find wepon by opening chest in green zone
Great graphics, great story, great game play dynamics. I'm rating 5 despite of some minor details because I want to encourage the devs team to fix them and make the game become global. They deserve it. For what I heard, you need 4 stars to achieve it and it's currently 3.9 (09/27/20). I've seen most of the complaints are about pvp system. I've seen the devs on Discord claiming it will be back in the next release. So don't despair and improve your rating please. It's a great support staff.
The leading screen literally takes 3 minutes to load.. and when you're exploring to a specific place and your experience server lag the next thing you know is that you are dead... that's why I'll give this game to star for because of the server lag bug that can kill you what i mean by server lag is your character just suddenly take over the control then start teleporting to random locations on the map that you are in and the next thing you know you've been killed by a hostile mob
I love this game dearly but plz slow down on the updates ๐Ÿ˜… And i now have a bug where i cannot see my characters body when opening inventory, instead it shows blue nd pink, and bushes do not appear in a map anymore, they are invisible
Good game! Here and there some glitches but sure will get sorted out. Thanks for the very low graphics setting, helps with lag on lower end phones.
So far from what I've seen and that there is currently an update right now. From what I have read along with that the visual graphics itself have been great. The multiplayer system is well implemented although l don't have any body to play with which is alright because the game is also welcoming to single player although it requires some planning and grinding it does seem to have benefits other than that this game is surprisingly well made.
Got to the den of monsters event, got kicked from the server and came back dead... lost a lot of good weapons and items..Need to fix the server connections badly. I get kicked atleast once every 5-10 minutes. Can become a great game if I could actually play the dam thing.. 1 star for now until this gets fixed! NEEDS FIXED ASAP
Really enjoying this so far, however some things are unclear like what some items do. Things durability is crazy low. Desite being lvl 30 I still roll around with a spear unless I encounter something hard. 4 star due to: I will only be able to solo as no guild equivalent and I have no friends who play to co-op with. But good challenges, enemies and loot!
It's overall, a very good game. The content is plentiful, combat is comparable to Albion Online, the graphics are top notch. The only problem I have with this game is that it lags me too damn much. I would really like for you to optimize it even more for low-end devices. Other than that single complaint, everything else is great.
Wow this game is insanely best!! No need for energy like LDOE!!! no energy requirements! you can enjoy playing this game with your friends, or love ones. Insane Graphics!! Free travel!! kudos to the kefir team!! well done! your games always amazed ppl like me. Warning!! this game is very addictive and make you play 8hrs straight!! in first try!
Great game... untill I have played 2 weeks. -Very repetitive, just 8 maps for gather almost the same things . -the server disconect me alot. Esspacially in weekend. -u have 2 sanctums in early game. Where u run from monsters 90% of time. - maples trees and cooper deposits ar max 2 on one pvp map... full with players. - is a nice game untill u loose almost everything u have some times
the game is really good no doubt about it,5 stars from me for now but will change it later or sooner if you dont fix the bug or glitch or what we call it,im sure my character dnt like to dance but i was shock when it slide and back and do moonwalk like mj,or what ever he does,im sure my internet and phone has no issue cos it work smooth in some games but this one keep me disconnecting,and sometimes when ur fighting the mobs you got disconnected and when ur back,ur already dead..
Things to fix. -If I choose a class I should have that weapon. Not watch as it breaks and I'm stuck just like every other game. -Crafting requires holding the material in your bag. Making it annoying. Just let us craft with whatever is in our chest. Edit: I lowered the rating after receiving a reply from the developers saying to contact tech support in order to fix my issue when it's obviously the way the game is made. I also uninstalled after seeing that I need to level up to craft a bow.
I love this game I recommend you to try this awesome multiplayer game when you reach 5 level you can invite your friend so that they and you can play together getting to level 5 is so easy so don't think of it then the game if train you don't forget other players like you can kill you in curtain places and but not all the places ๐Ÿค and it have many events ,tools for Survival and you can gather resources to build. download,play anjoy have a good day
I started playing this game just because it was original in one thing - NO energy. But then I saw how beautiful the graphics is and how relaxing is the music so I got addicted a bit :) and I've continued to play this game up to now. There are a few glitches but it's early access and they will be fixed eventually. I definitely suggest checking this game out.
Best survival game in the market....very astonishing graphics art style,great background music,very fun aspects in the game,and most importantly,the great coop multiplayer in it....amazing as everyone should say!
The multiplayer sucks. Cant even mine for resources because by the time you get on the board there are already 10 other players there who have cleaned it out. I dont even see the point of making it multiplayer only. The game is just not done well. It reminds me of one those cheap 2 star survival games that are all over the market. It's basically last day on earth but really bad and multiplayer only. The game is not smooth at all and theres nothing unique about it.
The game is fun but theres alot of problems that I would like to say here before spending money on it. 1) the gear is always the same it legit dosent give you anything more then the early game gear 2) everything breaks so fast so that theres no point of upgrading anything 3) raids in my opinion ruen the game... because what happend to me that people that were twice as strong as me raided me and all my progress just dissapered. Lost motivation fully to keep playing. 4) its kinda pay to win
You fixed a lot of the bad elements. I'm 80 percent happy but you need to bring back the 17 second wait period for leaving a zone after you start a fight
To be honest, this is probably one of the best multiplayer games ever (that i have ever played), the graphics are good, the zones are awesome, the pvp man that's fun. But for me the game still is quite glitchy, maybe some tweaks here and there, the disconnect problem (even though the internet is good) so yea, that's why i would like for Frostborn to fix the lag and internet issues. Thanks
It kind of reminds me of Diablo in ways but on the phone of course. I love the concept of the game and how you can create your own Guild, Character, Camp(s), and much more. I highly recommend this game if you like collecting resources to progress your character and grow/expand your territory to become stronger. To lead to become dominant and have no one wanting to mess with you and rather join you instead.
The game is good...I tried the previous beta...reached lvl. 70..... But there are still things that are needed to be improved such as....the eating mechanism....every berry or unit eaten should provide health even if eaten together ..secondly there should be an ultra HD mode...I am playing at 60fps ...story should be more in depth....but still overall a really good game...keep it up
Another typical grinding game. Just like any other grinding game, equipments gets destroyed easily then it's hard to craft, it costs a lot of materials before you can craft it. And it's hard to grind mats in open world because of end game players farming nakeds. Inventory gets full faster than Usain Bolt. Better backpack can be crafter after DISTRICT LVL 40-50... idk, forgot. Don't download this game if you're not into grinding games and getting stressed by greedy devs selling decent equips.
Can't connect to server. It prompts me to either contact support or retry. I click retry and it just leaves me with a blank screen. Update: It works now. I was able to get it working on my old Note 10, and now it works on my Note 20 Ultra. I dont know what the issue was but it wasn't internet connection but just glad it works now.
For me... The new update kinda sucks... For BETA people... Its like u just waste all ur time in BETA and suddenly the new update just seperate BETA from global... People in BETA rn is strugling hard to comunicate with each other and pvp zones rn completely empty like ur the only one who play this game. I rlly hope the devs will combine BETA Asia with Main Asia
Hey i am very happy in playing this game.I want only this type of game in which we can play with our friends. Thank you for introducing such a game. But I want clear all data of game and start a new beginning. Please๐Ÿ™ tell me how to do it. It is not clearing up data when I go to app info. Please help me in clearing up data.
For now two stars, I chose to ignore the first quest and try to start building, long story short I used up all my resources before I could craft and now I can't harvest enough to complete the quest and advance the game. I'm stuck in limbo.
Just make the game thinking not for p2w but for f2p than this game can difinitely attract more people.There is some cons of this game but i want it to success so giving 5 stars
I cannot make it passed the loading screen. Whenever it tries to load, the word early access scatters all across the bottom of the screen. When it just needs to load for one more second, it stops. It keeps getting so close and then stops. I still have this game installed, so if you fix it, I will play it. If you fix it, 3 stars. If I like it, 5 stars. Why would this gonna be fantastic game not have 5 stars?
I cant get in the game it keeps restarting in the loading screen my mobile legend app is working perfectly fine and has an green ping in the whole match but in this game it keeps saying check internet connection and i have enough ram and storage to play this pls fix i dont want to be left behind with my friends!!!
Just installed it, and I have to say it's quite a bit of fun. The only thing is if you're in a non-pvp area and you're doing something like chopping wood, another person can come along and steal your wood on the last chop. Same thing with mining and hunting. Maybe the devs can make those areas more fair.
Very good game, I would highly recommend it. The devs are good and listen to players and I have till now 3 problem and they have fixed them all. The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are very high and they did a good job adding that 60 FPS. You can get all the items without paying but you need to grind a lot. And game is balanced not like Ldoe. But I hope we would get more 'oak' (I don't know what it is called in this game) in red zones and more copper in red rock zones.
Its like last day on earth but has multiplayer and has a good design but has many glitches and lag. It's very good I recommend it
This game is good. Nice graphics, Different monster and their ability,character have different classes, Nice gaming community but I hope u can add South East Asia on the Server. I am always lagging on the Main Asia Server and coz of that my character always died. Also I would like to add a suggestion. Give the charcoal the details of burning time.
I never truely loved an android game before. But this one really keeps me busy playing all day long. Loving it so much. Beautiful graphics with smooth performance on very low settings. I would love an option to turn off shadow on high graphics. Game is designed to entertain everybody. Loving all the missions and background sound effect is cool. I am making walls in my camp.
Its amazing, since durango shut down I kept looking for a similar feel like durango and this game capture that gameplay except there a lot of need to improve -crafting mechanics unorganized hard to navigate. -need more variety of items,weapon, and armor. -organizing items in chest (split mechanic is pretty annoying) editable names of chest. Gameplay is 9/10 Design 8/10 Thing I love: -raid mechanics -family (clan) -tournament -no energy, endless of exploring = long gameplay Game crash sometimes
This game is good, i'm willing to spend some money but. The thing is, durability of apparels and weapons drains so fast, and solo player base can be attack by a family (Group) , that's not fair. Also no monster can hear the noise when someone attacked my base by other player that they should help my base to defend.
This game is trash... I purchased the starter kit and lost all of my armor and weapons in a den that claimed it was easy! ๐Ÿ˜ซ I can't get it all back because it locks my bags in the room with the monsters actively attacking. What a waste of time and money. Don't spend money on this game because you'll lose everything quickly, trust me. ๐Ÿ˜ก The only reason why I gave such a low score is not because it's pay to win, it's the fact that I paid and still lost everything. ๐Ÿ˜ข
Why does every single survival game made by you have an energy sistem i mean it would be fine if the energy cost is 1 per area and that you have 100 energy for a longer playtime i mean energy sistem made me quit the last day on earth and grim soul it just makes it harder after you get to a big level
I'm going with five stars, but there's a situation. Rebooting make me tired and make me leave the game. But in general, it's the best online survival game you can play on mobile. Even better than your previous game last day on earth:survival. Congratulations
I can not seem to get past the character creation screen. As I get half way through creating my character the game crashes and I have to restart the process. I am very familiar with the quality of Kefir! games and I hope I will not be disappointed once I can play. I will be leaving reviews as the game updates. Can't wait to see the progress as time goes on!
After the new update I can't log in. The game states I have lost the connection with the game server. I restart and the same message shows. I uninstalled and installed the game but still it won't connect anymore. Everything was working fine and now this...In addition, I sent a note to support and I have no reply yet.
Nice game, I like being able to build a base and explore locations. One thing annoying that I encountered, thought, is that I can't move my workbenches. The game says I can't put it away bec it has items inside but I'm not putting it away, I'm just moving it to a different tile. I also can't rotate it. Tried removing it's contents then moving it but i get the same error. I can't organize my base this way. Please look into it and fix. Thanks
I simply love it,the survival game i always wanted,now i can play with friends,and the special abilities makes it the best survival game by far,im happy my phone can play it haha i was afraid it wouldnt..its just amazing,i recommend it to everyone,if u have problems its probably ur phone,i play it rly well,no problems for me,have a good dayโ™ก
Overall... great game Takes time too understand it... but you could feel you making progress .... been part of the game since the release on beta
I really love this game i have been waiting to play this game for 1 year. and its finally out i have played there other survival games like grim soul survival and ldoe. and they are fun too but frostborn is now the best game among those 3!!
So there is connection issues that means you will lose some items you have picked up in that area but this bug that will be fixed is outweighed by so much awesomeness. The graphics are very good, gameplay is simple and works very well, enemies are familiar to you if you've play rpgs in the last 10 years and the crafting system kicks ass. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars was the quest line bug. If you don't follow the quest line exactly at the start of the game it forces you to repeat it
I've played your other games and was never really satisfied, all seemed cut an pasted. This game here though same general survival game everyone loves buuuuut you have some very original mechanics applied and the fact that there is no energy required for the map travel, or at all for that fact is amazing. I'll be supporting as soon as I get paid.
I'm level 17 now and so far so good. It very well could be the best game of its kind right now. I see myself making a few in game purchases. When they fix the only issue I have and what I see happens to other players is the connection. I have seen other players lose connection but more importantly that I will lose connection. (No its not my internet and it couldn't be my S10) I have lost so much gear to this. This is a huge issue for me. Why would I spend real money for a chance to lose it
Crash alot on starting screen, finally get in game and played for a little bit and than i left town and went back to my camp my inventory was all messed up and half my stuff was gone! Looks like it can be a fun game but without a working inventory u may not get far
Welp, it's not my style. I don't say it's a bad game but I just don't like magic and things. Honestly I would like to try it, but I saw how much of it is completed and just like LDoE I don't think Frostborn will ever be finished so I don't want to be disappointed again. I still believe LDoE has way more potential and FrostBorn will never have the same impact. 3 stars only for the graphics.
This is the best multiplayer game I ever played I like to play with in game friends but the only problem is I hve played ldoe in that game the spears have a long range it almost kills 40 health withno damage on the player if the creators implement that thing in the game we won't take damage always from a weak draug pls see this message:)
I still love the game so that's why I came back to rewrite my review in hope it can finally be released for global, they've finally fixed almost everything and all the issues I had with the doors and it being too much of a grind have been fixed but as a quick suggestion I think everyone would want would be an arena zone where people can pvp with others in they're level area .It would also be a much better way of earning money and would fix the problem of getting killed by high leveled people .
I have some feedback on the game. It is a great game. there are some tgings for improvement though. first you need at least 2 more servers for North America. there are way to many people on there and it is really a pain when your trying to gather. Second when your start gathering something or opening a chest. other players shouldnt be able to open it or gather it. there are some players trying tp take things from other players. It is fraustrating. Ill email more.
the game would not have been so bad if it were not for "auto crashing design" heres my thought you guys make pretty good survival games but its not a very reliable source not just the game but KEFIR! i played grimsoul a while ago but now it wouldnt even let me log in 2 stars for your game just for pity
Yes I can, I cant play because of connection issues, 8ve tried just about all of them, & nothing, its the same. But my brother can play it just fine on his device without wifi
Hello Kefir, thank you for releasing the game in the US, so far I've had a great experience with playing it. However, I've run into an issue. I just recently bought the Survival 'Kit' giving me a Shoulder Bag and I accidentally deleted it. Pleaasseee help me recover it, seeing that was the main reason I purchased the pack for the game. My name Ingame is 'Wakandonn and I'm Lvl 51, Thank you in Advance! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ
I love the green zone setup! I'm still lvl 29, but the fact that the green forest is solo while the green rock is mp is a small but brilliant touch to balancing out the desire to hang w ppl but still get loot from chests. There are so many other amazing huge things, but I thought I'd mention this cuz it can be really stressful to have to compete for chests in other zones, but the fact that the green forest is solo really helps a lot!
I planned to play this w/ friends, but after they passed, I'm trying it out again myself. Played a couple hours last night and was fun. Looking forward to trying out the Family options going in solo, as this seems it would be better with friends to play with. Will update if I continue playing and learn the game better.
This game will rip you off. I paid for premium and was sent on quest that are labeled easy but are basically kill screens. I lost any and equipment that came with the purchase. Do not buy and expect to die constantly. Next to impossible to progress in the game.
this is the best survival game I have ever played..... it is not like others where it is all about cash.... fun to play, easy to level up and co-op play is jus superb.... There is only about tat there is few loots even in dungeon while red zones are too dangerous..... and the sliding glitch made me lose my cargo like 4 times now.... please fix it.... To the developers, love ur works....
Great game, and certainly a sweet update! Obviously my stupid tablet can't handle it, but I still love it! This is like a medieval version of Last Day on Earth. The sounds are great, and especially the design you went with it! The medieval style option certainly was a good idea, I expect to see good things happening in the future. Love, Swords.
Great game so far especially since it is still in early access. I just keep running into a problem. When i load up the game it doesnt let me connect/play unless im connected to my wifi (not hotspots). I was wondering if there's a way to fix that or if y'all could update to change it. Thanks
Its pretty fun but as usual the durability of the gears are so fast to drain. Also can you please make system where the monsters at den of thieves/monster? Cant atk us after we go in there? Its kinda unfair for newbie to go there solo without knowing that theres a surprise atk coming ikinda lose every rare stuff ihad in the game bkoz of it. One more thing why every map has to be pvp? Can you just make them non pvp so everyone can help each other? Its kinda frustrating theyre so strong thanks.
This game is awesome, just need to work on reducing whatever is chowing our space on the background data, and when you guys make an update of a this game put more than one addition, what's the point of updating your game when that minute change you'll only experience 15 or 20 levels later, think about it. Love the game though
Just started the game and have 1 word: WOW!!! Best game of its genre! Graphics and game play are amazing! One suggestion, pvp should be optional. Other than that great work and looking forward to future updates!
I am unable to build lvl 1 road i have all of the items in my cart but when i press build it says you dont have enough items in your cart love the repair bench in new healm im looking forward to be able to build it in my town oh and i absolutely love the scout missions the icing on the cake in my opinion you have somehow have made this game so much EPICER it puts a smile on my face everytime i play exept when a players murder me for fun lol๐Ÿ˜†
I love it this is crazy game but if the could take of that when you raiding and you will open a chest you will need a key and the key is little hard to get so I hope they fix it and i give this game 100000000000000000000000000 stars
It s a very good game with amazing graphics, colors and controls but not optimized. In a galaxy A50 runs pretty well but whrn i find players became laggy. A question The game run only in 30 fps, is a settings to 60 fps?? Update I can't install update , i reinstall the apps several times but the game still dosn't work.
The game drops connection 100 times a day as new areas are loading. I have died and lost all my gear too many times because it allows the enemies to still attack me and all I can do is hear them slaughter me while stuck on the loading screen. I change my rating to 1 star till it's fixed. Otherwise it is a great game, the best of it's genre that I've ever played!
I love this game,it is fun to play and has alot of things to do,there is only one glitch that i have encountered witch is the glitch were you slide across the map but it only happens rarely and when im looting a zone and i open a chest someone can come up before me and take the items so i think there should be rewards for everyone but overall it is an amazing game.
I hate Google Play Games App. Please provide other Cloud saving options like through Facebook or Email registration Cloud Saving mechanism. I seriously disliked the building system in this game and waiting for things to happen. Don't make this game look or feel unfair. Earn money through this game but only in a good way and improve the main quality of this game such as by giving other Cloud Saving Options. Thank You !
I was really loving this game. It is a great example of how these games should be made but I have to give it a 1 star due to the fact that I was brought into a raid out of the blue. This caused my base to be destroyed and all of my items stolen. I didn't want to be in a raid and have no idea how I got sucked into it. I didn't start a raid so how did I end up in one? I was f2p except for buying the repair table so when p2p players raid it's all over. Uninstalling until this is figured out.
The game is great when it works. Neat art style, nice progression and all that. However this game is plagued by a bug that doesn't let you leave areas or attack anything, but everything is still able to attack you. I got killed by a lowly wolf and lost all my good stuff today simply because I couldn't kill it and couldn't leave the area so it slowly whittled down my HP.
Fun to start but PVP and raid make this a bully's playground. The survival aspects and building is great but the raiding of camps makes your time and effort redundant where you often find those with better equipment and higher levels just attacking and raiding with no way to deal with them. It's also a little heavy on the pay to win aspects, spent two days on this game and am now going to quit for the above reasons.
So know there's a task that require us to attack other player during a raid so I did just that and after I attacked his base and going back to my base the game stoped and keep saying connection lost , so I restarted my WiFi and my device and even opened youtube to check my connection , so everything works just fine expect the game and I can't get in during the raid time and I have no idea what I'm doing to do if I lost anything without the chance to fight back . Can u plz explain this to me !?
Its great reccomend for players if they want medival games then here it is.If you download the game and play it make sure you tap the setting and put it in low grapics if its still laggy put it in very low graphics so you can play the game smoothly and the game is kinda laggy and make a toturial how to play the game for newbies. Thats all i can say hope the game make better.
Excelent game, i am a big fan of last day on earth but stopped playing for many reasons. This game should get 6 star beacause of the originality, first the district that need update and build with ress, the family having 4 camp grouping up, leveling up a building to unlock craftable item, the different location are unique with purpose and having some tomb, just very bold and smart to allow player to access it early and not late game. Then the difficulty that is well ballanced, and tournatment..
A dream come true coop game big thanks to Kafir but there seems to be a bug. If I stay and collect items for quite a while the game seems to be bugging. Please look it up thanks.
Great improvements over other games in this genre (and previous games by Kefir). Love the added pvp and co-op aspects. The removal of an energy bar adds a lot more flexibility for players such as myself that may have 1-2 days a week that they can play more than the energy bar allowed. I'm 50 levels in and still enjoying the free to play experience.
Hi! This is a very good game! Good potential! I like the classes especially bcs u can switch them when u want. (!!!) I give u just 4 star bcs the game is not made to play solo(like rides, tombs, sanctums...) - i can't move furnitures in home(like workbench) - when I craft someting, everytime i need to search the resources in chests(that takes alot) -Will be great if u can to add new missions However, good job here! I wait for the full version of that game with new updates:)
It really is a fun game I'm about to download it again ๐Ÿคฃ but sometimes it is really hard it's starting to get like there other games where you constantly grind but I get the point you have to work hard but still you guys could make it a bit easier but thanks for all you guys have done it's an amazing game I recommend playing it .
Same as all other so called survival games. Just read the other negative comments, most of them make total sense i.e. this game has all the problems of existing games - items break down too fast, things cost exponentially more as you progress so the game becomes a full time job etc. 1 star. Uninstalled. This comment as most others got to be followed by another meaningless reply from their support team oh well
This game is not balanced at all. For example, I need nails to build certain things but I can't make nails until i get the work bench but in order to build the work bench, I need items I can ONLY get by going into the dungeon. In order to survive in the dungeon, I need strong weapons which I can't make because I can't get the items I need unless I spend money. I get that developers to make money but if you push to the point where that is the only way to play, no one will pay.
Loves this game. Have been playing LDOE for such a long time, but compare to this LDOE stand no chance. Plus even if you died to player or anything if u have enough patient u can recover from it. Even a F2P player can out play a P2W player. No Joke! Hope u guys can keep adding more content ro the game, was really hype to unlock all the scroll and see what's the story about!!! :)
Its good.. like every survival crafting mmo game that you publish and even made it more fun than ldoe and gs by adding the family system early ig than the previous ones where you need to be high level enough to craft a banner for clan. I would like to suggest though to add some note system where you can leave a note or more like a sign for your family or for your enemies other than the chat.
Awsome awsome game but I used my resources to make a backpack before I got the quest and i don't have the resources to craft another, this is a common problem in games but this would totally be a five star if you could make it so the quests can track your what you have done, almost like you always have the quest but you don't see it till later
Finally after 1 year they changed the Door limit(45 max), im really happy to see Dev's r listening to players. Good luck Devs with Global.
I have playing this game long before it's global release and I can even though this game had some really bad updates, they listened to the community and made updates in the game about what they want. The only problem in the game is the lag in the newer servers especially servers with high population like main Asia. It did not lag for me in beta Asia. Please don't only focus on adding stuff but improving current stuff. And maybe add a super hard way for f2p player to get a second repair table.
Great graphics, great story, great game play dynamics. I was wondering if the game would be accessible from 3rd world countries like Cuba. That way I wouldn't need to use a VPN to play and my connection would improve, because free VPN, like the ones I can afford, have connectivity limits. Just a thought to improve gamers experience. Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ‘
It's a great game and all but I have a tiny, tiny problem...When I go to my inventory it doesn't seem to show my character, I can still see my character while playing but when I go to my inventory the character is just a blue and purple thing shaped like my character. It's just my character, but it's glitched. And also another thing, I keep getting disconnected although my internet connection is fast enough to run any other game I can probably think of.
*Update* awesome concept cool game but weapon durability goes down waaaaaaaaaaaay to fast. Even if we could have a way ti at least repair green or grey weapons easier 24hrs and how fast the weapon dies gets old fast.
This game is a money pit. If a steak is supposed to help you restore your health, then you should receive more than 5 or 10 health points. You can't run away to fight another day nor replenish your health on the fly with any real effect. To leave an area you have to wait 5 seconds, which is plenty of time for you to be killed by some weak monster. Special weapons don't do much more damage than a simple club. Armor doesn't protect you much better than homespun clothing. NOT WORTH THE MONEY.
The game is good, however there is no Orange zone that can mine peacefully. Its good if you can pvp only in redzone areas. Its so horrible when someone disturb you from mining stones and take your stuff. Its so frustrating. And the Den of monsters is so hard, its a green area but its like a Red Area, there are even NO chance to get ready for second wave and when enter twice, before the end of loading to enter, monsters already attack there is no even an armor buff like the other area has.
I used to play LDoE a lot, but when I started playing this game, I suddenly shifted to this game. The only problem I'm having is that I cannot delete my progress and start over. The instructions for data reset in LDoE does not work in this game and that's hella weird. I'd give this five stars if it gets a reset feature that's legit because the instructions for reset in LDoE does not apply in this game. It's as if the account's bound to the progress or something. Please assist.
Its very adictive if you are playing with a friend. Grimsoul wasn't this fun because you had to play solo and you didn't interact with players a lot. I have spent like 15h and started playing a Day or two before global. Dungeons are fun and a tip do the sanctum of odin entrance every 2 days because it has good loot for starters. The only bad thing is this update took 100min so yeah. Other than that 10/10
Frostborn is a great game, no doubt. No wait time to locations which is what makes this game great. However, this review is more towards the negatives. Keeping in mind the game was only released 3 days ago. The character slides when walking ( a glitch) when opening up a box it'll go to the next one instead of the one you want to open. Opening up a box has a timing problem. It takes around 6 seconds to open it. When at a location it goes slow. 1 second I'm farming next I'm in the middle ofthemap
Been a real pain in my a*s with accounts and beta, but is a good game and the devs put a lot of work into frostborn. Been a good way to connect with my friends over a good game since quarantine. Also, be warned haha, this game is grindy but it'll make ya love the grind๐Ÿ˜
The game is amazing but there are a lot of problems and bugs like in a zone when I am farming resources I can't leave the zone or target nor pick or chop trees and I can't see bushes they are shown in the mini map or in my inventory I can't see my character.It only shows purple shading there is always a lag when I am fighting enemies.
It was a good game ngl. But there may be some bugs where the character slides, doors doesn't function, damage dealt didn't affect monsters/other players and a few more. 5 stars if the devs, fix these bugs, make more "room" (since the servers been quite laggy+ resource locations are either quickly depleted.) they should also add more members to families and more stuff that can be bought in the merchant's store at the district (like 1-3 per level). Try adjusting the monsters too!!! But nice game!!
Great game but Im having big troubles. Ever since i went on a basement I disconnected from the game and cant reconnect it keeps showing that "You disconnected to the game server, please restart the game" I keep restarting it and keeps on showing up I have a stable wifi and I even uninstalled it. Played this game yesterday and nothing happened just this day. Hoping for a quick response
Hello, i have a big issue where i paid 10ยฃ for the premium pack , and after that i couldn't log in into my server for 2 hours, and i still cannot log in, i am constantly receiving the " busy server" error, even though the server is "medium" populated. What is happening? I will give this game 1 star until that issue is solved. I don't want to spend my money and not to be able to play.
Game stopped working during the tutorial. Graphics were great, targeting system for the bow was alright and it seemed overall a pretty decent game. However, the game seemed to desynch during the tutorial while fighting draugers and when I exited and everytime I've tried to restart, it perpetually loads and never logs in. Reinstalling might fix it, but tbh,it didn't captivate me to the point that I'm going to bother (same with leaving a message with support). I'll stick with other games like it.
EDIT: See devs? Your game ratings are down to 3.8, my issue is the same with the others. There is a problem with the loading screen. WASTE OF TIME AND EFFORT You devs need to fix when the players are entering a new zone. The loading time when entering a new zone takes forever. And when I force close the game and re open it I end up in my base naked and all the loots and my items are gone. I have a stable internet and a good phone. Fix this and I don't need your sarcasm reply.
Great game but due to this factor it is not playable long term- repair time is HORRIBLE! 24 hours minimum for green equipment and you can only repair 1 item at a time, and once its put in you cannot remove or change it. *****Everything else seems to be fun and exciting but that repair time is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! Its a cash grab into our pockets for something that breaks with 5 minutes of game play. Still worth the stars though. Won't play again though :(
This game sucks... I have uninstalled this game 3 phukin times now due to not being able to connect to a server in my region. I have tried over 26 times now to connect with not a single phukin result. It's a shyt game and with this kind of issue not being corrected, it will continue to be a shyt game. I would suggest to anyone who tries to get on a server and is denied, don't continue to waste your time, pick another REPUTABLE game to play instead. Just being real and honest... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ
Been playing Frostborn for about a year now with my husband. The Co-op aspect is simply brilliant and unlike any other game I've ever seen. There are ups and downs to the game like in any other game but devs always do their best to give us the best gaming experience. Support is simply amazing and always willing to help. We will be playing for a very long time. (: Thank you Kefir.
Great game. Level 32 so far. The only thing that makes it less fun is that the durability system needs an overhaul. Weapons and armor break faster than your hunger and thirst deplete. It's absurd and very annoying spending most of your time crafting weapons and armor. Not to mention the repair system is tedious at best.
I like this game and will be playing this for a long time. But there is a bug in it. When I was at forgotten tomb location I exit the game because I have some work then I opened the game again. All my items were gone. I have an inventory full of rare items. It took me weeks to gather them and now I lost them all My items, weapons, and armour Help me and then I will turn rating to 5 star
This game is so bad it's so laggy and I have the new s20+ with great internet and I still can't even get pass the loading screen more than 5 times. The one time I got I it was laggy af. I would definitely not recommend this game. I thought this game would be good so I had high standards because they made LDOE survival this game also SCAMMED ME I SPEND 20 DOLLARS ON THE GAME AND GOT NOTHING AND THE PURCHASE STILL WENT THROUGH. I'm dissapointed with this game and I expected more than this
Wow! Alot has changed for the better sence the soft release and for the better! The game runs alot more smoothly and added a punch of activities. I love the new combat system with class separation.
this game is good. but the your server is very poor to much lag and sometimes connections lost. im using only mobile data in my samsung note 8. but when i try to play other games like moba mobile legend msw, etc. theres no lagging and my internet is good. i think the problem is your server. pls. fix it for us using only data. im planning to purchase the premium but you have a poor server.
A solid game 10/10 it's interesting as it's based of norse mythology there's plenty of stuff to do as well the PvP concept is a real gem . I also like the 4 player family part of it ; it essentially makes the game more fun with friends . The craftable items are diverse . The graphics are spot on . The only flaws I found is optimization of the game lags with even a powerful device and has clunky animation of doors and putting stuff in chests also they need to improve the server .
It is really great to see that we the ldoe players who were waiting for a true multiplayer game has arrived.Only one request plz make the grinding of the repair table for f2p players more reasonable and plz,plz,plz..... make piercing dagger accessible. Other than that the game is really good and I love it. Hope you all keep working on the game just like now even in the future. I want this game to shine at its full potential. ^_^
This is a great game, probably one of the bests I've ever play. Great graphics and audio. The PvP is really fun. It's just the new energy system takes to long to load so I can't spend as much time playing it and have to wait for my energy to recharge. Also going to locations takes to much energy now which doesn't help to long energy charge. If you could change it back or at least reduce it that would be great.
I love survival games, this is amazing, about 2 hours into it, and totally addicted. Im not seeing any glitches or snags in gameplay, love the graphics, the storyline is good and not too overbearing. Just a perfect 5 all around. Great job devs. Hope the game succeeds.
The only downside to this game is whenever you're exploring to a specific place and your experience server lag the next thing you know is that you are dead... that's why I'll give this game to star for because of the server lag bug that can kill you what i mean by server lag is your character just suddenly take over the control then start teleporting to random locations on the map that you are in and the next thing you know you've been killed by a hostile mob.... Plss fix this bug
I haven't even started up the game but I know that it will be an amazing game.One thing though is that I hope that the game should be a little more solo friendly.Other then that though its a great game(I know a lot because of JCF and I know that you know him)