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FUT 21 by Nicotom

FUT 21 by Nicotom for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by NicoTom Developers located at 68 Merton Street unit 809 Toronto, Ontario m4s0a7. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
Welcome to FUT 21 by Nicotom Developers.

This online game function lots of awesome modes of play, including:

- purchase and sell player things from the transfer market! this is certainly internet based Play on line draft vs various other users!
- Draft teams from FUT 21 cards
- Retro draft- with cards from FUT 11-20
- Seasons: build your club up and get to unit 1!
- SBC- complete SBCs and win exclusive cards!
- packages- available packages and try to collect most of the cards!

Nicotom 21 is updated regular with TOTY, TOTW , along with many other cards that are special.

* This application’s single purpose is to help people learn how to build the FUT drafts that are best and squads, discover more about newest FUT players and revisions, and grow the mobile FUT community. This application is certainly not recommended by or affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc.
All trademarks and copyrights fit in with their proprietors being respective.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the FUT 21 by Nicotom.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download FUT 21 by Nicotom for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Please add portrait mode! I like the game and enjoy playing, will gladly pay to play without adds but please add portrait to the game or a choice. Almost every other FUT Draft game has screen modes so please add it and will rate 5 stars
I love this game, the only problem is that its always stinkers in drafting, online and offline, I feel like the highest rated draft u can get is a 187 or something
I love it,the quick simulation grindy but not fut 20 by jifisher,ive given it 5 stars even if its not a 5 star game because its only 1 week into fifa,what i would like is concept players,filter on market,tournaments with pack rewards (or gold/player),weekend league,squad battles and more sbcs. Great game, ive been getting kicked out of the game on the new update "fut 21 hzs stopped working" "fut 21 keeps stopping"
The game itself has huge potential! Good drafting experience, nice head to head drafting, well designed pack animation and an adequate variety of packs available at the store. However, it does have some very annoying buggs. Firstly, the game crashes oftenly: you might be opening a pack or just switching a player from your squad and it just crashes out of nowhere. Moreover, when online drafting, after the time is up, the game sometimes shows a draft completely different from the one you built.
Really GOOD I have only had real version for a day and am in love with it The only problem is lack of cards and I have a 186 already??? Too easy to get coins in my opinion and should have like fut champs or something like other games that only the best players can be part of like div rivals like the actual fifa. But even though it has all of those improvements it is still a really fun game to play Good Job NicoTom !
The game is amazing but it would be easier if you was able to add a card rarity button when you are searching the club or doing sbcs so it would be easier to find the cards instead of searching through the whole club
Adds after almost every game/pack opening is way too much, transfer market needs a search by league/country option, seasons is laughable (how can i smash someone like milan 7-1 then immediately lose to Watford in the next game?) Absolutely love the draft modes though, seeing so many of the old cards has a great nostalgia feel.
This games Is great! But there is just one problem.When you play the matches my team is 90 rated but I'm losing 6-1 to teams like Lazio and i dont get why.
The game is amazing, the online draft is incredible, but after I went up one division in online draft, my card luck has been bad, my team can barely get 1 icon, but the opponent has 5 icons, please increase card luck in online draft, but overall, the game is good.
Great game really enjoying it but there needs to be a system in the transfer market where you can filter it down to what you want as it's quite difficult thinking of someone to buy but other than that really enjoying it
the game is good Anol but they need to change the transfer market so it's more like fifa's so for example you pick French so all French players show up or icon if you now what I mean. and they need to add position changers so if I bought 98 [CAM] pele I could buy a card that changes his position from cam to striker and they need to add biding on players. and there is way to many ads but other than that it's a good game
Very good game, I did however pay $3 AUD to get ads removed as there are a fair few of them so just a heads up for everyone, but there are always new SBC's and retro packs being added which is really refreshing
I love this app and i think its really fun and i have some suggestions. Maybe with the same squad that we play in seasons we could possibly play online against other people with that squad and just simulate the game. I think it would be fun to play against other players like that and if you could do that next year i would be grateful and it would help the game and make it more interesting than it already is
Actually i enjoyed the game it is very good but after the online draft is opened each time i open and go to the squad part or season part the app closes and only the drafts are working and tge packs but the squad and matches are not working
The game is great and really enjoyable ever since online drafts came out. I've been playing this on my free times but I think the market should be more enhanced and not only searching but also what fifa always had e.g maximum 20.000 coins or gold rares. Also more online tournaments and features would be a great addition. Other things I'm very happy. Great game 👍
This is one or if not the best FUT app out there but it has some minors details n features missing. 1. Better Way to search for players when doing SBCs or searching players on ur squad 2. A better system to compare prices in the market 3. Show pack probabilities 4. New game mode such as ( Squad battles w other squads) 5. More Badges from different clubs 6. More SBCs and more daily quests. 7. Items ( contracts chem. Styles ) 8 select stadiums and put a pic of em as the background when sim matches
I think this has potential to be the best ever fut sim everything looks amazing only problem I've had is ads making the game freeze and making packs glitch I think if you left the adds out unless it's gain your version of fifa points it would be very playable atm I can't even play because the adds interrupt me every 2 minutes it's way to much if use sort the adds this game will be a hit
It is a brilliant game but very unrealistic. I have a 190 squad but i still lose 5-0 to teams like tottenham. I can also lose hwavily ti teams like Porto Or newcastle.
It is ok but could better I have lot of things to say in mind but the main thing is we need to be playing instead of always simming but if there is a way we could play tell me this is the almost the time I downloaded a game and complained
Incredible game! Pack graphics amazing! My only issue is that I just keep losing, but that is probably more about me than the game haha
Get the market fixed and the transfer list because I hate that there is only a 30 max amount of players on the selling list. You need more updates!!!!!
Really enjoy this think people are being a little harsh with the reviews now that retro players are here I'd like to be able to buy and sell them or use them in a team
Started off great, got a decent team. Got to division 1 in seasons but today the game is just broke. You can open the app but as soon as i try to go to my squad or clubs its shuts down and asks for an error report
The game is great. Thee is just one mistake that kinda ruins the expirence. I have a 104 full chem legends team after i grided for 30 hours. When i play games with them in division 2 they relegated to division 3! I have the best team immaginable, and they keep struggling. Afterwards i thought to myself "what if i take a really bad team and try to play with them". I took out a team with like 141 squad and suprising enought, they made it to division one instead og a 194 full legends god squad...
I would love to give this app more stars, because it's fun. However I purchased the 'no ads' option but I still get ads. It crosses the line when you steal money without giving anything back. I will edit my review if something changes.
Only thing I would add is for the market. Make it so you can pick a country/position/league etc and allow you to see everyone from those. It's better than searching up the names.
Good enjoyable game. Transfer list should have the ability to search what other people are selling the players for and some new game modes to give more variety would be good. Other than that, thoroughly enjoy and the retro packs and players and draft is a really cool idea.
IT HAS TO MANY ADS. But please don't put so many ads pls it is innoying and bothers me when I play the game and have fun and gets ruined by the stupid ad. And btw great game love it just dont put so many ADS.
This game was very good and the new additions to it, the online draft challenge and the daily challenges are brilliant, however since the latest update you can no longer complete an offline draft as the button to press down the left hand side of the screen has been replaced by 30 second bonus that should be for online only.
Dissapoting. The match sim is so unrealistic. After getting an 88/100 team I get relegated out of the first division even though my team is the best by miles. All I wanted was a fun game and it's nothing more than frustrating. Will probably delete it later
I love this game the only thing stopping it to be AMAZBALLS is that the ads are constantly coming up like can u sort that out pls but part from that it's great! But add bidding and position changes! I'll give u 5 star if u sort that out !
I really enjoy this game, and play it everyday. It's almost the perfect mobile fifa game, but there is one problem. I've got over 20 icons that I cant sell because the minimum price is to high. In my opinion you guys should lower the minimum selling price. Keep up the good work!♥️
Cannot list items on the market or even search for an item only result is one overpriced card when searching. This is the only game I seem to have issues with being extremely slow at doing things like logging in for instance took forever
Great game, all you need to do is to make more game modes like FUT20 and put less ads. If this is done, I'm sure a lot more people will play this game.
Any time i open a card the player i get dosent go to my team i dont know why. I have opened like 10 cards but the player i get dont go to my team, please someone please help, if there is anything i am during wrong
This game is amazing and it's exactly like ultimate team but the only thing that I could pick out of it was that I wish you play the games instead of simulating them
Can't close the ads, since today all of the ads can't be closed when they're done. I have to close the app completely.
So after speaking to the devs they said adverts come on every 2.5 minutes which is completely unreasonable don't think it'll ever change as they went quiet when I approached them about a new idea for there ads that would of really helped the user seems they don't really care which is a shame because the game looks amazing compared to it's opposition if they did change the ad system it's an easy 4* 5* game would be better than pacybits and that's saying something
Game is really fun so far, but I'm currently trying to get a refund after a little sibling bought the 'No Ads' option and now I am having trouble trying to refund my money back.
How do I start . This game is amazing perfectly made for anyone who cant access to FUT in ps4 or xbox one I have I'm a huge fan of FUT and I know this app was released recently and a lot of new updates are definitely coming but please add sound effects and background music the aesthetics of the game and the graphics are perfect even dou they could be better . Also it would be amazing to add items too for the players (e.g contracts) uno make it more like actual FUT . But overall a 10/5
For online draft, i can replace a 72 overall for a 93 and the team rating will stay the same, it happens every time and I loose a lot because of it, in a draft i had a 78 overall cb and replaced him with an 90 and the team rating stayed the same
It's an amazing look of fifa 21. It would be anit better if there were arrows where you could go back because I keep accidentally closing the app. It may just be my phone. I like how many coins you can earn.
It's a nice game. I'm impressed that there are not so many ads comparing to other games. It's really fun however, after division 5 it gets quite hard but that's ok. To conclude, I recommend playing this game
I love the game but what's the point of having a good team when all you can play is offline simulations. PLEASE add online division rivals
Great game. Still some players needed to be added to club though like gabriel magalhaes is still on lille. Also make the sim more realistic for example subs, and be able to decide the outcome of the match using the cards similar to pacybits, and be able to adjust how fast and slow the sim is. The season mode is horrible. It is so rigged. Ex: Beat Chelsea 11-0 next game lose 7-0 to aston villa. Not realistic at all. The chemistry and rating should also decide your chances of winning and losing.
The idea of this game is great. But actual gameplay is a joke to say the least. It's exactly like FM and Fifa put together. Have the best team and lose against Toronto FC 3 times on the bounce.. It's pathetic. Wouldn't waste your time downloading this.
I was enjoying this game but online drafting is sometimes fixed. Complete a draft with a 187 rating. When it gets to the results its showing my squad as a completely different set of players at 185 rating and the opponent has 186 and wins. Feels like if you win too many on the bounce it fixes the loss.
Fun app, good time passer, however the matches make 0 sense at all, for instance the season matches. I dont see how 77 rated strikers and teams, can score past 90 rated plus goalkeepers
Great game to pass the time, has the fun of FUT without the pay to win aspect of FIFA. Only things that let it down so far are the Division SIM games, I have a 188 team (Full Chem) with top tier players and they struggle against teams like Atlanta, Newcastle and Celta Vigo, Sometimes conceding 5 or 6 goals to them which ruins the fun as it makes the games feel unrealistic, random/rigged. Also position change would be nice so we can get full chem and have more squad options. (Has great potential)
Great way to fuel the future addiction without forking out buckets of money. Love the retro draft but a couple issues which is the reason I gave it 4 stars. In retro draft, if a club has changed name (juventus for example) and you pick players with different club names, they won't get a green link. Also please remove the world cup cards from retro draft as they are pretty much unusable because they get green links to no one. Unless you make them like legends and have orange links to every card.
This is a wonderful game good job guys but I think you should add lightning rounds and release a certain amount of packs and available for a certain amount of time
I enjoy playing and it's fun but the game crashes occasionally. With the transfer list I can't see the players I have there and can't tap on them to place my price, The search market should not be by player name and should be more diverse in how to find what you need because what if I don't know the name of the player? But I know the position I want too look for or the team or league of what I want.
Decent game but afew big problems, I cant add players to my team or SBCs the game just closes everytime... also drafts are boring no incentive or challenge to them, very easy... needs like draft challenges to work for or something... this makes doing the daily very tedious.. I just rush through picking random players and submitting whatever I get...
I do really enjoy this app, but the down grades are quite poor. I find the online draft is really bad at either finding opponents or connecting with them. And the search function (in either your own club or the transfer market) needs to be improved. It needs to be more specific for your own club or offer more options for searching. Sort out these two and I'd argue this is 5 stars.
It's good game but I can't see the players faces when I open the packs for some reason please fix it :) and also when I put a player on the transfer list i can't see who it is which is annoying
I literally have the best team and is like the team is made up of 60 rated players and other teams which have not Soo good players(70+to 80 rated ) are scoring more and win by big margins so I think u need to improve on that
Great game but too easy to get the best team possible so after some time you just don't feel like playing it. Make it more hard to get coins and good players.
This game is almost as money grabbing and scripted as actual fifa. I have the best possible team you can get in the game, 193 rated team Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo etc. And I still can't win a game in seasons. I've been relegated from div 1 back to div 3 consecutively. It's not a bad game, just not realistic when you lose 6-0 against hoffenheim...
I love it i have got a 195 ovr team but there is one problem only. There aren't anya online match with my team not draft thats rhe only problem.
I accidentally deleted this game and had a whole lot of progress lost.. I downloaded it again and there's no option to get your account back or anything !pretty upset about that!
Class app... great drafts, love retro mode. Only problem is the transfer market doesn't let u search for players. If that changed it would be a 5 star app.
Really good game, reason why i give 3 star is that, am stuck at division 1 and my team is 90 and my chemistry is a 100 and i cant move from where i am, even team were their overall is 78 is beating me how is that??????????????
I absolutely love this app, but I ran through one problem. I have a few players I listed on my transfer list, they've been there for more than 24 hours. My problem is that I can't send them to the club or re-list them, so basically I have a few spots in my transfer list taken up for no reason and I need them to sell players. I'll give you 5 stars when you fix this bug!
This game was good and I was really enjoying playing it until you significantly decreased the amount of money you gain overall. It went from 185k for staying the div 1 to 30k. Like I can't buy anything on the market. I'm probably going to undownload this if this isn't at least evened out to the rest of the transfer market. I advise altering the caps for buying and selling players or increase the money to what it was.
Very laggy, constantly kicking you out of games. Overall is okish... You need to understand players names to be able to buy players off the store, making it hard with no recommended section.
Pretty good game just that the player are to cheap to get and there is no point of selling a good player selling it cheap They have to put the least amount you can put it at and the most amount you can put the player.
Alright so all things that needs to be change to make it a perfect game: 1. Transfer market: bidding option, option of finding players by league, nation or position (more like actual fifa), delete the "No expiry" option because it just kills the fun and sense of playing with transfer market 2. My club: easier way of finding duplicates in your club Another thing that you could add to this game would a championship or some sort of tournament online and offline for a larger price every day.
It was fun while it lasted. I spend a few hours saving up my money to buy Messi. When I finally got the funds to buy him, I went to customizing my squad to make sure he was in for my next match. After further investigation I couldn't find him. I looked at my money to make sure the transaction occurred and sure enough they took my money but no Messi. Also I made sure to buy the one that wouldn't expire. I hope you (the reader) enjoys the game, just be careful they are snakes. 🐍
Love this game, one issue with it though it the online draft has an error where it changes my squad completely, for instance I just made a 188 but it changed it for a 70 chem/86 rated draft that I've never seen before??? Please fix this then this game is 5*
MY GAME HASN'T UPDATED SO CANT GET TOTW 4.. BUT OTHER THAN THAT Great fun this game and can play without spending. My only add would be if you could tell if it was a walkout/special card like flairs or flashing lights. Just to jazz it up a bit. Be great game. 👍
Drafts need to be fixed. Sometimes my team totally changed after the time is up. Transfer market needs fixing. Put filters to transfer market.
This is a great game. The new touches are great but the retro cards give a pleasing sense of nostalgia.