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Game Booster and Data for PUBG

Game Booster and Data for PUBG for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by SeyGames located at Gaziantep/turkey. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Was created for Mobile Game Fans. Data For Applications aims to create community for thousands of Game fans like you. With this Data for PUBG app you can access a lot of tips, episodes, maps, weapons and game videos.

*This is not a game and Built for fans only.

★ Blog Mode :
Get ready for a better gaming experience thanks to the blog feature. For how to play, what seasons are there, and more tips, check the PUBG Blog out. The content created in the blog section was created to provide more information to the players.

- Chapters and Tasks: Through this application all chapters can be seen by you and tasks of the PUBG Game and take advantage of the tips.
- Videos: Through this application you can improve yourself by watching the most exclusive and interesting videos of the PUBG Game.
- Communities: Through this application you can ask what you are curious about PUBG, you can discuss with other fans.
- Gallery: You can reach the wallpaper and gorgeous visuals of the PUBG game you are a fan of.

Moreover, all these features are free.

★ Game Booster :
You can lower game graphics and use memory support to play games without lag. You can even unlock HDR 120 fps graphics and enjoy picture that is excellent.

The Most GFX that is advanced Tools every player. You can customize the resolution, enable HDR graphics, unlock the FPS limit and edit other options such as Simple Shaders, Advanced graphics, Texture quality, MSAA, 60fps.

★ Game Booster PUBG Version
* Easy And Minimal App
* 1080 or 2K Resolution: Change the resolutions.
* Extreme FPS: Unlock the Extreme 120fps to level 60fps
* good profile that is graphic Now choose graphic according to RAM size with Game Booster tool
* Unlock the HDR, low end devices.
* Save My Layout & Sensitivity Settings: Prevent resetting of game layout & sensitivity settings
* Memory Boost: Boost up the game performance.
* GPU Optimization: Custom OpenGL shaders.
* Minimal Interface of GFX Tool for pubg
* Style Change low graphics ,60fps style setting.
* Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient: Optimized game configuration
* Enable and shadow that is disable.
* Enable and Anti that is disable aliasing even better by X2, X4
* Change the detail with different profiles or 120fps
* Use Game Booster tool to gain performance.
* Game Booster 4. Version 2020
* Game Mode - Gaming Mode
* Night Mode
* The Ultimate Game Experience Booster
* 4x Faster GFX Tool Bug Lag Fix

Datafor A better and clearer gaming experience by sharing information and tips for popular mobile games, Mobile aims to give users. Images, comments and texts shared within the application are used for promotional purposes and are created by Datafor members.
Game Booster PUBG Version is free to download and use.
Note: This is not a game. Developed by App Team.
You will not need internet while using the application.
You can contact us at [email protected] For any relevant questions, complaints and suggestions

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Game Booster and Data for PUBG.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Game Booster and Data for PUBG for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Honestly I have to say that I absolutely love this game it's been a great experience but there is a glitch that would happen sometimes where I'm parachuting then when I land it would fling me into the air when I landed I would randomly die or get knocked down, but other than that it's a great game 5/5. Although it would be great if you could fix that bug, but if you have already then thanks.
I'm addicted to this game. The game is easy to understand because you start off playing with other players in the same experience level as you. I got some of my friends into the game and its been a blast ever since. We have been having problems with our mics; hopefully this issue gets fixed soon. I enjoy the new modes that are frequently added; just wish they could bring all of them at once, once in a while. I would also love to see friendly fire added to the game just to make it more realistic
I just love it.This game is totally enjoyable with your friends. Also you can with random people. You can connect to face book or Twitter, there are wide range of weapons, different modes to paly,on top of that you have different maps to explorer. There is also an arena mode where you can test your close-combat skills. First of all I was like why people are into game but when I started playing............ Bow down to Tencent gaming. Incredible
The game is excellent.The graphics are also excellent. But there are two issues. 1.It lags a lot. 2.Almost whole server starts hacking (cheating) they are using tricks to fool pubg mobile. They will not activate the cheats while starting they will activate the cheats in the middle of the match. I hate this. 1st problem is not a big one because it lag in my old 3gb ram phone. Now I have purchased a new one. So I can play HDR without any lag. But you should ban all cheaters.
Great game, But now a days I'm facing frequent issues while playing Arena mode. There's a serious bug/issue/ glitch/ that needs your urgent attention. Once I click the start it shows the auto matching and blue team vs red team with team players name, but as soon as it enters the warehouse I would be standing alone there, there would be literally no one. I could see only the numbers of other team members but no players, however, it keeps showing who killed me or which of my team mate was killed.
A really addictive game.. love that you can connect with a few friends and have a great time in the game... the only issue we face is that our voice cannot be heard sometimes.. people refer to it as 'voice glitch' where your team is connected but no one can hear each other... Restarting the app fixes that, but still... Anyways.. good game..
I really like this game, it is the best game i have ever played. One thing I have to mention is that there is not a payload war in Pubg. There is payload war in Pubg lite. It would be great if you could add payload war in Pubg. And one more thing their is gun game in almost every battle royale game like COD, it would be a lot of fun for everyone if you could add gun game too. Well, it's all up to you guys if want to add these modes or not.
I love this game! 5 stars! The graphics are nice, the sounds is emersive and the experience is very action packed and a LOT of fun! The best thing is (in my opinion) is that all the guns are real, you can Google any one of them and they're all real guns! The game itself is really fun with good directional audio. Warning to headphone users however, the gunshots are very loud, (another aspect I enjoy). Good controls, I play 4-finger like I do in codm. All in all, great fun, would recommend!
I love pubg mobile. But nowadays there are many glitches and bugs in the game. I'm facing a major issue with the audio. After every gameplay when I return to lobby my audio goes off. Then I have to restart the entire game to get the audio back. This is so iritating for me and also for my teammates, because we have to wait for long.
It's a good game, but why does the new skins look like they got designed by a 7 year old for a superhero comic? Other than that, since the update I can't access any of my skins or any of the maps except mirimar and the arcade modes, I've tried all the tricks in the book, I found out I'm not the only person this happened to, I tried the in-game download but it does nothing, tried it with 4g nothing, But other than that great game! EDIT:I FIXED IT WITH VPN
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This game is super awesome! Its fun to play everyday and the adrenaline from the gunfights is so exciting! I would just like to recommend a way to have less lag in PUBG Mobile. Also I would like a free trading system for a new update. But I don't want the trading system to cost UC to use it. Thats all I want for a new feature, again, this game is super great!
It is an excellent game. There is a problem with the game that some of the achievements can't be completed now because they were to be completed in specific modes and these modes are now removed from the game, like road rage achievement and all achievements related to zombie modes. All these achievements are still in the game but they can't be completed. I don't know what is their purpose in the game now? Please, remove them form the game or let us now if these modes will come back ever.
Most addictive game. I played many games but this one gives insane experience. Interest losses because of some external update, regression in code. Please rectify to get the users to stick with pubg. if call of duty satisfies the users expectation, then this will affect the pubg market. overall had a great experience with this game. One game still in my phone for long period of tym
It's an amazing game but it has loads of bugs and glitches. The worst glitch is the voice chat glitch. I had to restart almost every time I opened it. One more thing I want to add that if I logged in once I wouldn't want to log in again and again but I had to, PUBG automatically log me out, pls fix it. I hope you work on it
Pubg game 2020 new game Game for all of your games in a few weeks back on track to end it with you all are happy with iiiiiiiiio gems and the same to you on facebook and वू the show has been in touch with you
I like this game very much,fun and exiting.Here is some of bugs list: 1.Motorcycle:some of us playing this vehicle with whole lot of stunt. But in some cases, we also have the problem that everytime we had connection issue,the motorcycle will start flying around and spin continuously. Not just that,if we get out of it, we will get knock. Let's fix this ok? 2.Dacia:InMost cases,when dacia fly 10-30 meters high and hit the ground with the head,its stuck in the ground,if its fixed, please tell me.
I loved this game so much , I am about 19 years old but I buymistakely clicked on "no" option on age below 18 or above , and it will take about 1 month to change ,please do something, and I can't hear properly sound even it is high , I think it is an glitch, THANK ,PLEASE CLEAR MY PROBLEM
The server always disconnects. Never had a stable connection(played on different location, yet my game always had a poor connection.) Edit: I cant update, everytime i hit the 50% mark it just cancels itself. Edit(2): Can finally play and all but one more thing, the last time I played this game it was the 6th season. And still now there are players who cheat here.
I have tried this game and loved it very much but due to some technical problems, I had to remove all my games from the phone. Then I got another chance to play but while downloading it took all my day's net limit. I was so excited to play this 'fantastic' game again but everytime it tells 'Cannot connect to server please try another network '. I haven't played this since 13 days after downloading!!! 😞😞. I hope you'll fix this so that I can have my fun back 😊😊😊
It's good, my favorite game right now but there are some problems, somethings the mick gone off while in a match, i can't talk with my friends, and it's create very much suffering for us, and is very much irretating, because it's occur again and again. so plz as soon as fix the problem, and somethings some bloody team mate killed me with ned. It is so much disturbance for me. Now you ar sowing some thing, which is against islam. And this is very bad. And pubg also supporting illuminati.
The game is amazing and really addictive. However, I'm facing an issue where I'm logged out of the game after 3 hours and then have to log in after certain time. The age setting in the game has been accidentally set to less than 18 years, although I am 24+. I am unable to change this and this face this time point issue. Please help.
Great game I have played ever. I am playing this game since 1 year. It's really interesting. We can say that this is the best game in the world. Graphics, audio, microphone, music, sfx etc. are really good as compare to other games. You can able to play this game above 4gb ram mobile Or higher device if you play this game in below 4gb ram mobile then you will not able to enjoy the game I mean It lags and fluctuate too much in lower device.
Addictive game. Has lots to like about. The gap between Paid users and normal users doesn't affect the game (unless u want some cool skins , which is also achievable by completing missions and grinding for points). Smooth gameplay , definitely lags on a phone with less specs but can still work without much of a hassle. A real 10/10 game and can be enjoyed with friends. Very cool👌
Pure madness. I know that there are a few bugs such as the voice chat one, the map resources loading late or the huge updates - but then all of that counts as peanuts, considering how this game is miles ahead of anything else in the world. Never have I ever been hooked to the same game for more than 2 months - pubg is thriving even after 2 years. Big big thanks to the developers.
My favorite Game!!! I been playing for close to a couple years now, and it is fair to say I am addicted. My wife and 2 kids play w me as well, and we do 4-man squad Battle Royale. Seems to be a bit more people using hacks and cheating as of recent. If they can get that back under control, this is by far the best game on the play store.
Great game. The best battle royal game in my opinion. But there is one problem. And it's been here since previous versions. When driving a car, sometimes the car goes in the ground and gets stuck in the ground. And the squad can't get out of the car so we're stuck there until someone kills us or we die another way. Please try to fix this problem. Otherwise nice job for this great game.
This is game is my favorite battle royale game. To be honest, I knew and was playing Fortnite before I knew about PUBG. But now, I am a big fan of PUBG. But even though there are some bugs and glitches the one that bothers me is that sometimes while playing with my friends and when I enter a match, my friends can't hear me speak nor can I hear them. Please fix this. I have to get out of a match everytime this happens.
I love this game alot and I have been playing it since season 12 . But this gameplay policy is too irritating. I'm 21 years old and it is showing below 20 years on the game. Because of this I have to close every time and also I cannot play for more time. When I tried to change the same, it is not allowing me to change the same. It reached height when it showed that I cannot change it for 1 month. Seriously TEAM PUBG. During this lockdown period, how should I survive. Please resolve this.
Nice game.I Liked this game very much, but sometimes I face many problems in game. Some times there are many bugs please fix it as soon as possible. Also there are many audio error. Me and my team conversation have been stopped . I hope that you will solve this problem as soon as possible . Waiting for your positive response
I love this game❤, I have been playing since the first season so it does not disappoint. For Royal pass, Gameplay, Mode's, Events I like it and enjoyed at all. But lately there are only little problems in terms of voice chat communication between players which sometimes errors after the game is over. That makes me a little objection.🎧 For other things there is no problem. Good job Tencent. 😉👍
I don't need this thing cuz my WiFi is strong and am the only one in my house using it and I see pubg very clear
I had a wonderful experience first but when the latest update came it just made the game bothering. Now the game is nothing but just a copy of other games while before it was just a masterpiece, I really loved the old tdm controls with no layout. I only installed the game for this mode . I really appreciate it and request you to make some changes to layout of tdm and there shall be no levels . I just felt this defect . I hope you will take my feedback under consideration. Thanks
This is a great game, one of the best games I have ever played but one thing that happened to me is that I changed my device and logged back into my facebook account, It made a new account and I lost my progress, it didn't matter to much but still, this has happened to me in a few games so I'm not sure if its the games or that I'm changing devices, just want to know what it is if u can tell me
It is nice app and it teaches us how to play pubg and which place is best so download this and comment that how is this game
Very fun! But there are SO MANY CHEATERS!!! EVERY GAME I AM KILLED BY CHEATERS!!! I play this game a lot and I love it, but the cheaters take a lot of the fun out of it. Every other time I watch the death replay, there is a cheater. Pls pls pls do as much as you can about this. I understand that the Pubg team is working on it, but please do more, quicker. Whatever we players can do to help ban/catch cheaters, please let us know! I am more than happy to help catch these cheaters. Thank you.
It's a really good game but requires quite improvements. Firstly, please do fix the lag issue with mid end android devices. It's really annoying whenever I come close to a squad or two, the frames drops as much as It becomes nearly impossible to engage a proper fight. Secondly, the voice chat glitch that sometimes lead you to hear nothing even if your teammates are talking, needs to be fixed ASAP. Beside these, there are minor bugs that y'all are aware of and should be fixed soon. Kuddos!
A superb game for the real talented gamers to show their talent in the server. The game is good for everything. No ads, no less bugs but the only problem is with hackers, but still the game is trying to ban them. One more problem with this game is that the mic suddenly stops working and i have to restart the game to recover it. I also want to tramsfer my account to another device, so i shall be highly oblighed if you can suggest me how to do it. Thank You
the game is quite exciting and fun. many of my friends who play this game. I also feel interested to play this game more often. but I have a little problem when playing the game. for example like when we want to enter through the window. sometimes the entry is rather difficult. we have to be really fit in front of the window in order to enter. so it's a bit troublesome if for example there is another player who is shooting at us. so my advice is to make it easier for players if you want
VERY NICE. You need to add more graphic options. I have a really decent device but imagine the amount of players who don't have great hardware. Add options like remove particles, shades (depends, you can make them drawn so they look like real). Also fix flare guns,there is a rare glitch that makes the flare useless you call it and it doesn't come for hours (7 is the amount of time I tried to wait).
Definitely this is a good game and from my opinion it is the best game I ever played but I am facing an issue that when I chat with my teammates there is an issue in the mic. My teammates are not able to hear my voice and the game lags very much during chatting. Please fix this problem so that i can communicate with my teammates properly.
This is the best game i have ever played . I am playing this game since season 2 and believe me we will never be bored by playing this game but only if you play this game with your friends or family because sometimes playing with randoms irritates you and you get Frustrated . But all over its a beautiful game. My only request is that please fix the mic glitch because whenever this happens i need to restart the game and sometimes i get killed While i am restarting the game.
Greatest game ever played till date. Only thing I have to mention is that every new update, comes with a different issue or fault. When a match ends I am unable to see who of my friends from my friend list is in a match or not. It just shows everyone on idle when in actual fact they not and I am unable to invite them? Can you please get that issue sorted. Thank you.
This is the best game I ever played in my life. It's graphics is awesome and realistic .It's controls are easy but the most important thing that I noticed is that the developers give update every month and a small update but a very large update. So, I request to the developers that please! reduce giving updates, otherwise this is the best game of play store🤘👍
Amazing gameplay and awesome time killer. Team co-ordination teaching experience. Though I want to suggest, that when we shoot an enemy, the crosshair shows that "shot" effect (some animation). Like I shoot someone in a smoke randomly, then I see the crosshair effect, tells me that the enemy is located there. It's just like a hack, so if you remove that ,then the kills will be purely out of talent, and not the crosshair's help.Loved the game. Ty