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Gang Blast

Gang Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ZPLAY Games located at Room 1501(682) 15/F.,SPA Centre,53-55 Lockhart Road,Wanchai . The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Gangs are roaming the city and its time to take them down!

Shoot rockets from a helicopter and away blast them!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Gang Blast.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Wish I had read the reviews before downloading this game but hey ho, If you like ads download it if you like chewing up all your data with ads download it. Not only is it bad enough an ad after every single level but every other upgrade is an ad regardless of how much cash you have saved so thats 3 upgrades speed ad, power ad, income ad I get the fact that ads make developers money but seriously this game just takes the p1$$ and I would take note of other reviewed problems they are right.
Very broken game. Doesn't work well. Makes you watch an ad for better rockets but doesn't give you the rockets
Just downloaded and started playing and the lagging is soooo horrible you can't do anything! Survival mode wave 7 because they're are so many "zombies" or whatever that it lags tremendously. Was fun a couple rounds. Uninstalling. Don't have time for games with poor performance.
It never ceases to amaze me the amount of gaming apps that are just full of adds adds and more adds lol. Each level that you complete you get an add, if its not Covid 19 adds its another game add, wich makes me wonder about where the money comes from for the developers, the game itself or the adds, I'm inclined to think that it is the latter. The game is very jerky like most of these types of games and the novelty soon wears off after 5 goes at it. I'm uninstalling very soon. One star!
Missles far too slow regardless of upgrades. A perfect shot doesn't even take out all targets. Not with it
The aiming sites doesn't follow the motion of the user very well. No way to not fire if needing to re-aim
Once you reach a certain point, that's not very far in, there's no way to process without watching ads
The best game to play when your bored at home, work, school or outside play this you will love it 😀
The game is too repetitive, upgrade speed or power do not affect anything animation is the same with missile speed 1 or 20, but most annoying is the ads, yo have it after finish every single level before the level complete finish
Went from 5 stars to 3 after update there's no continue button. Even deleted all my data thinking it was far as the levels would go but now have to start over and still have the same issue
Love it but the new update has screwed it up a bit by getting rid of the continue button and you cant use your earned money to buy upgrades.☹. Have you thought about multi player. Each opponent gets 5 shots to eliminate the other colors team. At the end of the 5 shots a winner is chosen. Did the downloaders pay for it? No. It's free. Who pays for it? Ads. Whiney people. Pay for an app and ads will disappear.
I was having a lot of fun with this game until today. The "continue" link does not appear so the only way to end a level is to play the ad. But then the level just infinity repeats. Looks like a major bug. Updati, bugs fixed and the game is really fun to play
Good time killer and real feel missile release. Just way too many ads. Ads take more time than to play a level. A little buggy as well. Cannot advance unless you choose to watch video ad for extra coins.
Minutes of fun!!! Look great little cooky game but the fun will not last... and leveling up almost seems pointless. Good 👍 on idea. The idea just doesn't have much stay an play power sorry.
Control is dump and the aim screws up to much. Reload is slow so in survival the people die quickly. Oh and yes to many ads but this is just common now with no one giving a damn
Your game has broken. It wont leave the bonus round with the Van's and the targeting is glitching so badly you cant get a clean shot, ever.
Love it...have you thought about multi player. Each opponent gets 5 shots to eliminate the other colors team. At the end of the 5 shots a winner is chosen. Did the downloaders pay for it? No. It's free. Who pays for it? Ads. Whiney people. Pay for an app and ads will disappear.
Uninstalling now! Just updated, now you can't skip ahead without having to watch a $#!+ ad! Too bad... See Ya!
This game sux. When they say dont quit your day job, they definitely were not talking to people who made this. Played 4 levels and game stops. Will not let you go to next level. Dont waste your time.
Since last update and addition of survival mode, the game hangs up after watching the adds. In addition, the earnings have gone back to nothing, just like when starting out playing the game. Also, the game does not advance to the next area any more. The whole game has become stuck... Same low cash payout, not advancing and hanging up after the add. I am using a Moto G7 power with the latest Android OS Version 10.
I just now downloaded it and have only played for a few minutes but its pretty fun so far, I'll write another review after a few hours more!
when you watch ads to get bombs or replay level, you watch the ad and get nothing. A LOT of ad watching! uninstalling.
I think it's really good he keeps your fingers moving so you don't get arthritis and also it's great to play so give it a try you don't got nothing else better to do do you beset squeeze your woman thank you Doug Braun
Needs more work on the targeting system, using a Samsung galaxy Note 10plus and I cannot seem to move a crosshair to a suitable position. I will awarded more if this was improved as I could play without getting frustrated with the controls. Game principle is great and better than some gang games worth a download, just improve the targeting.
This game might be interesting if you could ever actually aim the rockets where you intended! The frame rates seem intentionally delayed with latency which is impossible to deal with in addition to the move being queued to change direction the moment you fire.
Fun concept, but has issues that need to be corrected: playing on Samsung S10+, for reference. There is no way to skip the ad to get extra coins at the end of a level. The first level just keeps playing - no way to progress. In survival, the game starts to seriously lag after a few rounds, making it impossible to aim a shot.
Game could be fun. Has a major tendency to freeze game play and most times if you need extra monies to buy it won't let you watch the ad.
Thought it was going to be silly. Its actualy turned in to be tons of fun and a challenge. Try it before you right it off youll be suprised
Freakin lame af! Every round you win, you HAVE to watch a video for more coins. It doesn't give you a 'No thanks' option. I'm not gonna play a game where I have to watch a minute of ads after every level
Basic game with simple graphics. Video push and ads. Glitch eventually forces you to watch ads to continue. Levels repeat and become repetitive. Over all not bad game but not worth ads and video push.
This was my favorite game until it was changed to require watching a 30-second ad after EVERY round of play. Give us back the original !
Fun game.. but if u don't want to watch the ads just turn off your internet connection. As simple as that..
When pass a few boards in survival mode the starts to lag. Which makes aiming hard and alot of times you don't hit anything. Please fix this.
Sorry, but after playing less than five rounds, this game needs a ton of improvements. I don't like playing this game because of several reasons: 1) The targeting is too slow to aim accurately; 2) The missiles is too slow; 3) Because of the missiles slow speed, the targets are out of the blast range by the time it impacts, even if you aim slightly ahead of the group; 4) The targets are too fast: and 5) The targets are IMMUNE to falling buildings. Needs a lot of work done.
Bad Update. I'm currently stuck in the bonus stage, no option to exit or continue the game. Survival is a good addition if it didn't lag so hard after wave 6. Galaxy S20 Ultra
How about shooting at tanks, or scoring points for hitting targets in a bigger field of play. Monuments? It's time the developer's kicks this idea into gear!!!.
I like this game heaps although as at this point it won't let me get anymore boosts it's stuck on having to watch a video but that doesn't work so really no point continuing with the game as all I keep doing is accumulating more points which I can't use anyway. Hope someone in this team reads my message. Aside from that Great work guys . Tony
Was better before this last update. Now you have to watch a video in order to claim coins before you can move to the next level. Getting lame.
It started out good but now it s at a point, where it won't advance levels or locations, and will not let me collect earnings. Needs work. I have since deleted the game.
Good try. Only problem is that the upgrades are not making any difference. The earning trait doesnt increase a single penny. Speed upgrades also can't notice the difference. And the types of warhead are basically the same... just with a different color to it.
I was having a lot of fun with this game until today. The "continue" link does not appear so the only way to end a level is to play the ad. But then the level just infinity repeats. Looks like a major bug.
Get extra coins if you watch this ad but we aren't going to give you an option to not watch this ad so you're going to watch this ad!!!!
The ad made this game look pretty cool but in reality it blows. No way to pan around or even cancel a shot. You have to wait for your chopper to orbit and even when you land a close shot you don't kill the target. Deleting
Before update it was working fine but after new updates game got stuck and only i can see is lots of lots of ads, I have to uninstall this app now. Good luck with your ads 👎
Pretty good. But, you need to make it clear of how to play. I had to quickly figure it out myself. 😕😂
I've installed, but haven't even played it yet, but after reading the reviews, I'll be uninstalling it, asap. Yet another game with 8 seconds of gameplay, and 52 secs of ads. Sick of this.
How about shooting at tanks, or scoring points for hitting targets in a bigger field of play. Monuments? It's time the developer's kicks this idea into gear!!!. Having trouble getting your points at the finish of a game? Just won't pay off!!!
Good mindless game to waste time. Since last update I can't go up a level. Its just the same level, watch a 30 second video, same level...no longer fun mindless entertainment
Very immorally based. But great fun as long as you are convinced it is a game and you know that real life is different. Sadly I think some don't
This could have and still may be an AMAZING game. What's the end game? What level am I on? I already have the biggest bomb after about an hour of play. Am I missing something?
What an absolutely shocking mess of a game. Laggy, unresponsive nonsense wrapped up in excessive ads.
Cool at first. Then I noticed to continue the game, you must watch an useless ad, like everyone is mentioning about in their comments. I'm deleting the game!
Kind of fun time waster; latest update doesn't allow you to leave a level without watching a video for additional reward.
Theres a 10 second game between the ads, im sorry but this is a joke, its an ad fest, ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad, 10 second game ads again, ads banner at the top of the screen oh and some more ads. Uninstalled
Game interaction blows. It does not distinguish between wanting to pan the view or take a shot. Too frustrating. Don't bother installing.
It's better in the regular gameplay but survival mode is a pain on the 6th wave there's a damn lag that slows you down.
Glitchy. Freezes and will not advance. Was fun for the first 8-10 cities then it froze and would not proceed beyond the bonus round. Either it's a really short game or broken.
So you don't give an option to skip ads. And every ad is 30 seconds long. And there is an ad after each level. And again ads aren't voluntary. 1 star. And you can kiss my ass.
It's pretty good, but it keeps freezing up after completing levels which is frustrating. You have to quit the application, then start it up again........VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! A definite glitch!!!
The game was good at first, then the ads got crazy then the continue button disappeared, you HAVE to watch an ad everytime. Cannot continue anymore, please fix. Also the levels stays the same after every play. Uninstalling.
Its a real shame that you FORCED to watch 3 30 second ads just to get more power and so on its a good game dont you think we have enough games that ads in them