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Grand War: War Strategy Games

Grand War: War Strategy Games for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by JOYNOWSTUDIO located at 2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay Kornhill Apartments. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
“i ought to have conquered the entire world.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

Your Excellency, Commander! Thank you for visiting the eighteenth century, the Age of Napoleon.

Grand War: European Warfare could be the newest grand strategy games and rapid tactical war games set through the turbulent duration from Great French Revolution into Battle of Waterloo. You may have fun with the part of famous generals for various significant nations, Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher, Kutuzov, and other armed forces geniuses will observe you to take over the whole world.

Relive the fire of popular battles in the Napoleonic period, knowledge historical moments in Napoleonic era. Reliving intense historical army battles in World War I. Commander! Your troops have actually put together, start the games now! It's time to utilize the winning method and commence your army renowned journey!

A unique kingdom is originating!

- More than 50 levels: go through the massive historic battles in various periods.
- Known Generals, all of them have actually unique power:
Joachim Murat, Blücher, Davout, Ney, Bismarck, Moltke, Alexander, Wilhelm I
- Known legions of all time:
French old Guards, Prussian Heavy Cannons, British Dragoon, in addition to Polish Spear Cavalry, Highland Infantry, Breastplate Cavalry.
- Morale system, lower your enemy’s morale to deteriorate their particular firepower into the war games.
- 50+ amounts where you can command popular historical battles various periods.
- Various seasons and weather modifications, this is the genuine army games.
- Dozens of various hands, cavalry, artillery and infantry.
- We optimized the imaginative effects of the war online game, a more realistic battleground environment and exquisite models.

Conquer the world
- Mobilize troops, cost into struggle, rekindle the fight of history.
- Each troop features its own attributes, recruit them into your regiment and build a conqueror troop.
- Command your military to complete strategic goals in war games within a limited time.
- Adjust strategic targets in line with the battleground in war games, produce army units.
- Random activities like guerrilla movements, landing functions, and voluntary recalls will make sure unlimited replayability and also the uniqueness of each online game program. You’ll be completely making your very own history in the war games.
- The mixture of landscapes, generals, weapons, and troops makes each fight unique and provides the finest connection with method games.

- Resource production, town building, soldier instruction, make use of your strategy to overcome the war!
- Develop your military with resources from conquered regions, update the nationwide technology.
- Learn new technologies and increase the combat effectiveness of devices. Like Improving firepower coverage, big buildings.

- The fog of war, avoid adversary ambushes. Meanwhile, it is possible to make use of the fog to ambush the enemy.
- The shared restraint and formation control of cavalry and artillery.
- Terrain constraints result in the battleground more complex; as a commander, you’ll need to start thinking about terrain restrictions.
- Challenge functions to try the restriction of your commanding skill in method games.
- Win the war in the specified problems, that may examine your commanding abilities.

Just around the corner
- New Guide, join the armed forces academy with Napoleon!
- much more promotions and take your troops to win the battle!
- Design unique battlefield abilities for each general.
- Totally optimize game improvements, soldiers, generals, manufacturing, battles, plots, camps, technology methods
- historic occasions, objective system, achievement system, and more free rewards

Never forget to experiment with brand-new tactics!
ultimately, unpredictability could be the most readily useful technique.
Create your record!

We're going to consistently fix bugs and increase the online game variation to offer a far better war online game knowledge. Kindly e mail us:

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Grand War: War Strategy Games.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Grand War: War Strategy Games for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This game is fabulous in all aspects. Easy to master both gameplay and controls. There is however a bug in the game which doesn't allow you to obtain all 3 stars in France level 1difficulty normal. I experienced this about a month ago and was hoping it would have been resolved now during the latest update. It is a recurring issue even after multiple attempts.
Looked interesting enjoyed scene 1 & 2 but could not get past scene 3. Could not get enough troops to beet opponents troops, outnumbered 6 to 1 in troops, could not produce any cannon but enemy came from all directions in large numbers. Got really fed up playing same scene over and over again so gave up in the end.
One of the best strategy turn based games I've played on Android and I got to say I cant wait for more updates and other ways to play on this game. The developers and the community are amazing and actually listen when you have problems. I highly recommend anyone download it. I'm addicted since I installed it's just that great! 10 out of 10.
Its okay. I dont really care for the style of the game. Just looks cheap. But gameplay is good and logical. Feels like an easy tech game tho, so nothing really stood out to me or wowed me.
The game is a good game, but I purchased the Napoleon pack and never received it. Until this gets fixed you have 1* from me.
Reason for a four star it is basically a easy tech but AI is SOOOOOOOO much better I think it would be cool if it has a sandbox then this game would probably be more popular than easy tech
Very impressed great turn based game not pay to win just pay to get ahead quicker. Awesome strategy and AI is challenging yet not overwhelming. Love the make your general and portrait. Gladly paid for some medals just because you can get em for free reguardless that just shows the company cares for its players and not the almighty buck lol. Offline rocks, hope they cash in and make a US Civil War version OMG... Now I want the icing with my cake, enjoy the game a must play.
It's a very great strategy game but after 6 or 8 missions in on both sides it's incredibly difficult to get by but all from that it's one of the best I've played.
The point spread to buy troops is way off. Cost as much to equip an Inf Battalion as it does a low level Artillery Battery. Also, tutorial leaves a lot of game play out, either that or I missed it in these long comversatations. The tutorial should be one expanded level.
Love this game 🤩... To those having hard time figuring out how to win lvl 12(normal/hard) of France, use general movement skill at the starting 2 turns, make ur 3 special soldiers attack up and not to ur right. After that u'll figure it out 👍
I like the game so far, pretty straightforward. There is strategy involved and it does ramp up as you go. Enjoyable to play & you can play at your own pace
I'm giving it a perfection. But it still needs improvement. The spelling of Brucher is wrong. Battle of Austerlitz is on wrong position on the map of europe. We also need some more naval battles. We only have Battle of Vigo Bay. Please give us more naval engagements. Please give us new types of forts to build. We only have stronghold and fort. Also, please increase the troop slots. Please increase the troop slots. Please make the daily bonus more prominent.
This game is very exciting love it l get it historical very much you to add ww2 and some information on the battle but problem to identify the best wars information
Good game and I enjoy it just started playing collected first day of log in rewards and after there patch to fix bugs it still does not work and it lets me cillect daily vip but none of what I "collect" goes into actual gold and medals without true fixed items not worth the time
The pic of napololeon is more realistic, very good game, u need to make plans before u attack can get info about all napoleanic wars , 💯 but level 11battle of friedland is hard
Really engrossing game. Good strategy but still buggy. I spent 50 medals which are harder to earn then coins on unlocking a slot for new troop and then reset the next day while I was saving up for a new one. Annoying and hopefully will be resolved.
I like the game very much, i never bored playing this. yeah, but, theres one thing that really annyoing, i can't take the daily reward. this game is the best strategy game i ever meet. Simple but realistic. Very like the game, hope you make a game like this about ww2 or ww1. Keep spirit in make more game like this!
I purchase Generals and they are not available across different sections of the game. They set you in impossible odds and you must spend money even in easy mode. This is a wallet warrior game.
Excellent game. Napoleonics like they're supposed to be. Stunning graphics. Don't really care for the buy stuff so could be pay to win, but the game is fun. If going online then be prepared to spend real money or you're gonna get beat. Not really sure what era game is supposed to cover. All in all a fun game.
It is a good game but I wish they will automatically save your progress because I bought Knights of France,Old Guards,and Cuirasser troops.But I forgot to save my progress and wish they will return it back again.Because I feel that I scammed my self for not saving my progress and my money In the trash.I would rather prefer that they give my items and the money will go to them or I want my refund.
Very enjoyable if you in to strategy and not quick fix by paying to win this is a game for you. Yes there is a pay option but it is not about making you all powerful.
Pretty much the same as eastern front. One big difference don't have to worry about keeping units supplied while advancing..witch is nice 👌
A phenominal strategic game and challenging, but not overly challenging. Its a great experience to play this game and I highly recommand trying it out.
Great game but there are some bugs in this game I ve sent an Email .. U should consider .. The in this moment my fav game .. I love it .. so Strategic .. Everyone must experience ..
The only draw back is how long or how much time you have to wait for your troop to heal to play again its there way to make you pay to play or only do one mission every 8hrs
This game is great. Most of my expectations are satisfied. There are some issues. The level 8 of France even in Easy mode is impossible. Number of turns is not sufficient. Enemies are too much. Please change the objectives or give some more troops and reinforcements. And I am not a person who spend money on games, so please allow some stuff for players like me. Other than that, great game. Edit 1:Thank you, the game is improving I am looking forward for more content.
Initially started out as a great game to play. However, as soon as you reach level 8 on either campaign it is quite clear that the developers have designed the game so that it is impossible to progress past these levels without spending money on the game. Deleted. Don't waste your time with it.
I have played many similar Napoleonic War games. So far, this is the latest I came into. I loved the many features this game has that others didn't, especially the part where units a tile away can cooperate with other units that attack and the challenging fog of war and ambush. It makes a player want to reflect upon the situation and invent new tactics and strategies accordingly. I had encountered a bug, though. I can't collect my daily rewards from day two. Perhaps you can take a look at it.Tnx
It is a great game. I play this for hours sometimes and I like the simpleness of it. I would suggest adding a sandbox mode where you can change terrain, pick teams, and put down any factory's or units. Download this game!
Seems like a pleasant enough game as long as you don't make any purchases Rating so low because I did make a purchase, but nothing happened. The email on here looks fake and there doesn't appear to be a mechanism in the app to contact the developer, so I'm voicing discontent here
This game is great. Most of my expectations are satisfied. There are some issues. The level 8 of France even in Easy mode is impossible. Number of turns is not sufficient. Enemies are too much. Please change the objectives or give some more troops and reinforcements. And I am not a person who spend money on games, so please allow some stuff for players like me. Other than that, great game.
Problem with gameplay is: there is only missions(nothing else is detected), gameplay must be fast because there is low number of turns,.. The speed of the game cannot be changed in the options, game don't have auto play, not so much buildings are available(just fortresses). Recommended big batte with 350 turns. Soon more informations about game
Not very, good,. Keep, asking use, money, to play. If not can't win. Highly not recommended. Please, at your own foolish ness. Not much fighting graphics. Not worth playing
Good gameplay but later levels only become possible if you spend money on upgrades rather than skill. I like it, but it has a few irritations. Worst is when trying to train a general at a cost of 4000 coins. It always fails and then asks you to try again! I hope this isn't just a ploy to get you to pay for more coins, but I suspect it is!
I would have given this a full 5 star as I enjoyed the overall experience of the game. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall the game due to glitches that I can't even pass French campaign level 11 despite having finished the scenario twice. Much worse level 12 is locked or blocked?!?.... Now I can only view from afar thanksgiving update level 13 without having a taste of a game experience on that scenario..Start all over and see if the glitch still persist, Then I have to totally delete the game.
This is a great game but as I go further it get hard so if you a free to play it will be hard but if you are a pay to win it might be easy for you to play but if you are neither your a genius
my fortress and fort is disappear and not working after the milita try to build it...keep on freeze after click it
Has alot of potential I know this game is still in development but I suggest you add a conquest mode because when we get stuck on a level we don't have any options but to wait and upgrade it would be nice to get a conquest mode and you should make it more leisured like you can declare war on any countries not like the other napoleonic turn based strategy games where the history is already set.
Ive always been a fan of Napoleonic War games ever since Avalon Hill brought some out. The game is historic yet allows you to play how you want to achieve victory. I especially like having the Old Guard in my Army :)
Great game... The level8 easy mode is now achievable which previously is difficult to attain.. I hope the developer continues to listen suggestions from players... some of them may provide great ideas for the gameplay. And hopefully after the last update easy mode continues to be easy.
So far, this game is intriguing. I have always liked these turn based strategy games from might and magic through the ages. This one has been harder than most, but you really just have to learn how to make the most of what you have and how to counter units using terrain an tactics.
Sort of fun game, but the tutorial isn't very good so I am having to figure out how to play on my own.
I really had a great time playing this game. Although there are a few minor glitches, it has been fun to improve my troops and challenging to win some of the battles; sometimes very challenging. I lost some, and had to improve my troops and get more generals to win. But I never had to spend a cent, just got the daily rewards (lots of ads watched) and played all the battles at all levels, sometimes several times. I'm looking forward for the new battles to come.
(After Only One Senario) Fine. Works. Ad; misleading concept art, as usual.. Looks/plays same as European War 6: Except adds FOW, and consequenses for rushing in. Nice!... Why no new concept or twist? A unit with 1% Health; fights the same and even looks graphicaly, just like any other unit!?! Oh well. I hope they do SOMETHING different when we get to the Naval untits?
I was reluctant to try this game bc most games like this nowadays are pretty lame. Fortunately Grand War has great game play and decent graphics. You can keep troops and upgrade troops unlike other turn based games. You get generals that help your play experience. There is in game purchases that i might try to swing but its totally optional. Its not a pay to win game. Im a big strategy and wartime history buff which this game holds accurate bits of both.
After two months play ...all progress was disappeared..maybe because i wasn't purchase anything....i am so disappointed..Even worth...i reinstal this game... Lost all progress and now no dayly prize...no free button working.. TERRIBLE...and today 29 of January i lost all progress again.. guys. Stay away of this game..
I've had to restart my game cause non of my game play was saved even though it said it was saved. Also I've been waiting for 3 weeks.now to be given back $500 in gold coin which just up an disappeared an have written tech support x 3 now an still haven't received an apply or my coins. Very, Very, Very disappointed 😞 😕, Also Tech increase, as well.as.in readers for generals specialties are far to expensive. An the daily Log in doesn't work properly half the time an what u get is cheap amount
Great game fun, historical and easy all the qualities easy tech doesnt have please dont become pay to win.
The video is suposed to give 5 free medals. However, after watching a few, it gives out 500 coins instead. I watch them for the medals, and not for coins. This is basically fraudulent. Please fix it ASAP. Otherwise, Good game. Strategy focused.
Over all ok, But i cant escape the feeling the level designers were on crack while making the levels.
You can't win level 8, i tried alot. So, you can play 7 matches. So, not install that game. Thanks. It is easy level. Not hard or normal. Ha ha, so clever app developer.
Just started, but pretty straightforward for the most part. Sometimes left guessing what I need to do.
Give progress for vidio ads, after level 5 mission is not possible to pass, in all campains, too strong enemy, provide more vidios for gold rewards like others popular games.
Not bad but not good as could be. Seriously glitchy with your Daily rewards handouts. An $20 for alot of packages is a bit much. Will reassess when least the Daily's glitch is handled.
Why does a strategy game need permission to access my photos and media files? Then when you deny that request it closes out the app. I see no need to give permission to a napoleon era based game so I will just uninstall the game without ever getting the opportunity to play it. Looked like a fun game but guess I'll never know.
Why daily rewards and task are not refreshing? I am getting 1 reward evrey 2 days. Wth is going on? Solve this problem.
Simple mechanics, easy to play, but hard to win. Nice series of battles. Too bad they are not linked: it does not matter how well you do, it has no effect on the next. The paying options are pushed a bit too much, and over the top expensive. But you can play without. Quite a few text errors. Annoying, but not relevant.
I enjoyed it alot ,but there is a problem with lvl8 war . Even I killed all the enemy troops and occupied the entire stage , it showed that I was defeated . How it is possible !! That made me some frustration . What I need to do to win . There is some problem with conquest guidelines and instructions .
This game is so good. It isn't so complicated but still so, so tactical. The maps are accurate and the tactics are incredible. I love this game. For those of you who think it is too hard, you clearly are not students of Napoleon. I hope to see more Napoleonic games from you guys soon!
Looks like a good game so far.. I hope u can be other countries other then France like this other game that's similar to this one but in a different time period
everything is good.graphics are also very nice.a very recommended game to play.playing against the enemy AI is also hard to win.but the ally troop are useless.they really perform poorly in battles.and also i recommend you to check all battles levels.everything is good except ally AI.
Great game just stop trying to get me to make purchases. After every mission its buy this buy this. Because of this I will never make a purchase on this game.
Seemed like a Cool game, but then major bug encountered. After first mission, Game forces you to click "troops" but then when you do, it says "no troops available" but will not let you continue. Sad day because it seemed like it could have been an awesome game.
Loved this game, but I'm sure they've changed the recharge time for your troops so it's hardly worth playing it you get to attempt one mission a day with a chance to complete the level. It's a shame.
Great game/Control... Need more ways to earn medals for more troops and to better explain upgrades once you get to level 8 it is damn near impossible to beat
I love the game. Just downloaded it, and I'm addicted. My only two problems yet is that you have to make a unit enter the city to capture it right after you destroyed it, and you have a limit to how many moves you can make. Makes the game really difficult. Other than that, this game is perfect. Thank you!
It's super fun and it kinda brings back some of that life times war it will be even cooler IF it was 3rd person but it's still cool not to much to spend it's not even pay to win
Looking forward for the latest update. Game has been running smoothly so far... Tech support are responsive, to our comments... looking good. Eventually I would definitely give this game a five star - for a promising gameplay...
You will hit a pay wall at level 7. No way to win unless you pay money for units and generals. Game needs a lot of money and stars to upgrade units and generals. The generous rewards are deceptive as the cost for upgrade and units are even greater. Newest update make the top generals like Napoleon and Nelson out of reach as they can only be attained using real money. Cost USD20 EACH. A money grabber pretending to be a game. Would give zero star if possible. Uninstalled. Don't waste your time.
I never really got to the game because it's keeps on exiting and this has never happened before, and I think you should fix the bug In your game
Great game. I passed every level without even spending any real money except my data pack. To all who find level 8 and 12 impossible to pass you need to be a good strategist to pass them. Waiting for the more levels.
It is a good game. Would be nice if you could undo your troops last move. And make it easier to heal the troops or group raids optional on NPCs only. or keep it the way it is. Awesome concept though. Worthy of the stars for sure keep up the good work. Thanks.
Game is awesome! The best version of this game in genre, of wich there are many. Fun and worth it to do some in game purchases, but not necessary to win. Love this time period. Solid game through and through!!!
Nice strategy game. Really simple and really easy to use. Up to now no bug. Only downside is that to get more troop it takes a while or you have to pay big$$
This game is so messed up. Daily rewards are not working. I played this for 4 days but only received reward for 1 (first) day. Mission information is so much unclear... U don't hace any clue what to do... There is 3rd mission in great power of EU. One of the Objective to receive an additional star is to save friendly town & mint for 10 rounds. I killed all the enemies by the end of 8th round. So mission was over but I did not get that star coz game thinks differently. Don't waste ur time on this
Love it, outstanding game, but has some problems. I get it's historical, but the NPCs are so aggressive, and it's impossible for me onnleve six as Europe, and eight as France. Other than that, spelling, the terrible economy set up, and the fact that it takes three turns to surround a fort on a river and take it out is annoying. Still a great game.
It's just a dumbed down version of European war games don't suggest sorry if you see this but it's just a copy of older and better games
Such an incredible game. The only thing is there are too many small battles leading up to the battles everyone wants.to play
Finally, a strategy game that doesn't follow the template like "Build a farm, sawmill and right..another farm. This game focus on the progression of your military and generals. But it doesn't feel shallow. No forced ads, but you will find that playing totally free is hard, still a solid turn-based military game. Highly recommended!
One of the best game I play for the age of napolean, other than building base and like mmo this you must learn how to use the men your given and base ways , you just can build ton of men to win and each faction seem to have theirs own troop art 5 out 5.
Really an awesome game just loving it. It has huge potential for future developments and also it's bug free offline easy to play and also free of ads
Awesome game - very well balanced difficulty levels. WW2 is for me too difficult. If any improvement - I would suggest recovering own unites more easily in main menu. Once every 7 hours for free is a not enough. I truly love this game.
It was very simple and yet very sophisticated, l have been getting the hang of playing but l feel like something kept me from giving it the hisest rate, l can not put my finger on it yet I'll be back . Activate skynet, I'll be game.
Excelent addition to the brand, after WW series Great War made me re-discover it, better grafics, better gameplay, smoother experience....well done
Love the way it is laid out compare to other games of this type and the graphics and movement is fun!
Nice playing as France, till you get to Jena and have no way to win it and you have to stop playing the game. Bad design flaw, everytime you put a unit out 5 enemy show up. Game had potential until that dont waste your time, l have tried every way and no way works to take the level. Sadly will have to uninstall as its unplayable now.
I really like this game, because it has wonderful graphics and it is simple, addicting and fun. I finally found a game that is not too hard and difficult to understand. Love it!
I never received the free generals for logging in on day 7 and day 12 no where to be found other than that game is pretty fun usally I spend money like I did on there ww2 game but not here until see the General's
Game is fun, unfortunately I've came to a spot where I can not continue, without spending money; very sad.
Game play itself is a lot of fun. Got me to make purchases even. Problem I have had is preowned generals that then get in daily rewards... vanished. (Two generals) one the new version never showed up. Sec daily rewards general... old and new version vanished. Not happy with that. There are a few other glitches in the medals area. Besides the NEGATIVE effects. I'd still recommend to others to play. Just don't spend cash on game at the moment. Hope it gets fixed soon. Fun game. Thanks
Great fun and it's playable in comparison to similar games. However, I would like a grand campaign sort of thing.
Love it. But... having to click twice to move a unit is painful, as is returning to the splash screen each end of turn. Fix this and this game is awesome!
A splendid game and interesting strategy games which I highly anticipate. So keep up the good work and very pleased to look forward for future updates.
Excellent game. Napoleonics like they're supposed to be. Stunning graphics. Don't really care for the buy stuff so could be pay to win, but the game is fun. If going online then be prepared to spend real money or you're gonna get beat. Not really sure what era game is supposed to cover. All in all a fun game. Use real money to advise. Pure pay-to-play.
Good game but not alot of content and at level 8 france you will hit a pay wall were if you dont spend money you cannot win. I like the game just few issues with difficulty.
Great game. A military strategy game that is actually a STRATEGY game. Problem is, time flies when you're plotting and scheming and I get lost here for hours lol
Nice battles, too much in game sale to be able to be successful. If you aim to only do easy you'll be fine.
A very good game. However, I have a request. Could you make it possible for us to get a refund by selling/disbanding unneeded troops? I have high level dragoons and grenadiers, so no longer need my previously Bought/default high level lancers. It would be useful for the players, if we can sell and get a refund on disbanding/selling unneeded troops. The refund should include medals spent for purchase, as well as coin spent for upgrades. Also, please fix bug. I complete a task, but get no reward.
Very easy to play. I'm not a big game expert, but even a novice like myself can maneuver through the game. Fun and enjoyable.
Amazing game, lots of unit development- would love to see other epochs covered at some point, like 100 years war etc. This game could also apply for EU funding as a product that helps people learn some history. Fantastic work and I'm often critical towards games
So far, highly recommended. More complex than risk but not overly complicated. Easy and fun to play. 4/5 stars because they gave me 2/3 stars on my 3rd battle where I delivered overwhelming victory against superior forces. XP
This is well done, except for the fact it's a carbon copy of another game. If you enjoy Grand War, you'll love the European War series by EasyTech. I'm sadden to see this game blatantly copy something else. Shame on you developers.
Good game but I can't get past level 8 as france because I will do what it tells me to do but I don't have units and for level 6 as the EU I will will take the two places where I get reinforcements but It will only give 1 Of the reinforcements
This game has great fun to play and has outstanding game play. This has been so good that I have spent way too much time on it. I have spent a little (<$20) money on it and never regretted a single cent. So far I am completely impressed with the developers of this game and intend to support them as much as I can. Good job!
A nice hex based strategy. Love the era, nice details on the different troops. Wish there was some sort of heal replenishment other than defeating other troops but again that's war!
Really good fun to play with lots of help at the beginning - in-game purchases don't get in the way and certainly play a background role. Good work!
I just come back to edit my comment be be because level 7 and 8 were to difficult. level 7 toke 2 days and the 8 is impossible... oh and plz add some magical options in game... for example to get max hp in all unites
Just started seems fun, definitely has my interest. I will play more and rate again. 6th day love it, This is GAME for those that have busy lives and want a game that is not time consuming. It is challenging, and allows you to move at your own pace. I enjoy the Generals with different attributes. This one will stay on my android. Love the mini biography on the Generals.
Really good, proper strategy game and great fun........ the only thing missing really is a skirmish style level ......so you can play with out the turn restrictions and away from story mode
Love the game. But it has a few grammar and spelling mistakes throughout, which makes it pretty hard to understand mission objectives in English. Please improve
Well I can say that the game is amazing, the gameplay, the controls are fine, and graphics is decent. Great job guys!
An amazing game! I can't wait for more generals to be added and more campaign's! Honestly one of the best Napoleonic games I've played. The graphics are amazing and the unit description and various units for the countries are also cool to look at! Like the old guard or the british dragoons. I hope sometime soon the developers could add more factions like the Spanish or the Italians, that'd be amazing. Getting medals is easy not hard. And I love that you can add your own diverse units. I love it.
I love the game play just more turns are needed for example I could be winning a 20 vs 2 but only have one turn and lose that just doesn't make since now I have to redo the whole battle that I'm already having troubles getting past please i cant stress this enough please do something about the turn system either get rid of it or up the amount of turns. On some levels it works with but level 8 your only allowed 20 turns thats to little for that big of a battle. Other then the turns i have noissue
Installed app and loved it , but when bought items it stopped working..and now I have no items..app is very defective. Would like my money back
Please give artillery company in the exchange of medals whatever the no. of medals may be. Bring more commanders like Nicolas Oudinot and Marshal Saint-Cyr, add more camps , bring the carabiners of the napoleonic army and pray give them for medals at may be 600 medals , what about the mercenaries. I rate the game 2 stars not because of its graphics or its gameplay . It's my earnest request please add these things I have mentioned above and your game will get more players.
Good game, would be a great game if the daily tasks were less glitchy. Some days you can fill in the tasks easily. Others it won't fill them at all.
Decent game. Basically an easy tech game but with less content it's not a bad game has somewhat better ai then easy tech. But instead of rushing they just sorta suicide some troops occasionally or sit in one place. Giving u plenty of time to just break the line once ur economy is built. Not to mention once you build an economy or take even 1 or 2 buildings from the enemy they are completely crippled. I'm pretty early in the game so maybe it gets harder. Just hoping it doesnt become P2W.
Dude what the hell, at first it was really good and challenging and everything bit at lvl 8... It gets impossible to win so You literally have to pay money to upgrade and buy generals and things like that to pass that level. till level 7 is like Free trial lol then u have pay to win(be able to win). The best i could do was dominating the battlefield but ran out of turns , just not enough turns, so plz just do something about it.
It is nice but more better will be if not as strategy + hard for finished the misions + i never spend money for game and for me not work the code
Wow. This game is really good. I thought this game is like many others but I was wrong. This game really uses strategy over everything and it's not like others game where you can beat the entire game with only commander units. GlGood graphics, amaizing animations, even story mode is much better than I imagined. Great job developers. I'm big fan.
Its great in general but the level 8 in france is to hard for an easy mode. It needs to be easier to win since i would win jn the start but i receive fewer troops to support and i don't have enough money to fight elite troops
I am changing my post. I see no way to validate my lost tech and $5000. No problem I found a bug. I ran the ad vids and got my rewards. I was exploring the upgrade functions and got an upgrade by my mistake. I reloaded my cloud save and all was well except I lost my ad rewards, which I should have, but I was unable to replay the ad vids which is wrong. This means I lost my rewards whilst you gained your ad rewards. When reloading a cloud save I should not lose the ad replay ability for a day.
Really good game for all Napoleonic enthusiasts, support very helpfull and listen to players. Any game from Joynowstudios is well worth your time
I think that this the best turn-based game ever, but it has some things that have to be changed. The names of some Allied Generals are wrong, Brucher is supposed to be Blucher, Braunshweig is supposed to be Brunswick and Wattenberg is supposed to be Wurttemberg. The positioning of Wagram and Austerlitz is wrong, and in the battle of Austerlitz, the instructions by Napoleon at the beginning says "a false sense of us being week here." It is supposed to be 'weak' not 'week'
The game is good, I enjoy the game play. There's a lot of historical generals to unlock from both the French and other countries, but the micro transitions are a bit much. The game isn't pay to win, so thats cool
Good game, like other easyteck game. Problem is only 10 medel per win. Too greedy developer. Not recommend for F2p player.
incomplete. Needs more levels and definitely needs some navel levels. Daily rewards won't reset and without that the games impossible to improve in. These developers have a decent game but are too stupid to manage it
Well I found it by accident but good and bad news so good news It's like what all the other hex strategy games were trying to accomplish but missed the mark. The bad news. I spent a lot of money that was never expendable. Then a second scenero where all brand new $5-$10 generals to buy. None from the first scenero carried over to the second one. None of my truck payments did either. That's because I missed the part where the charchters was only a lease. I'll settle for an even million.write bac
A good game with great potential. I enjoy playing it, but sometimes is really frustrating. First I feel like I am fighting the Hydra! For every unit I destroy, two pop out. Second my troops are more vulnerable.Third I should know at the start how many units the enemy initially posess. Fourth, sometimes victory conditions are too tight. Willing to give five stars, but not yet. Thank you.
Getting strong "Battle Isle" feels here, which is a good thing - surround mechanics, terrain, unit types. Challenging game, even in easy mode. Some grind / replay required to get resources necessary to beat harder difficulties. Gorgeous graphics. Only four stars due to the often hilariously bad English translation. Sorry, I know not everyone is a native speaker, but that should be relatively easy to fix.
The better version of European war series from easytech with samilar problem: impossible to win later levels without money. The easy diffcuity is ok, but then normal is literally impossible. With all common tech upgraded and 3 troops 4 generals, barely passed lv1 on normal lol
Excellent game! Simple controls, upgradeable units, and terrain advantages. 4 out of 5 stars only because I would like more battles to complete.
Generals who skills change upon unlocking and make no sense to their attributes. Mission objectives that are very irritating. Like mint coins for 10 turns but you can kill everybody and take every city in 6. Protect ally ai who is extremely suicidal. Kill all in under 20 though enemy ai retreats into fog non-stop. Needs a sandbox conquer mode. But an ok time waster overall. Has potential.
Generals who skills change upon unlocking & make no sense to their attributes. Mission objectives that are very irritating. Like, protect ally ai who is extremely suicidal. Mission grinds are a bit boring. Did add levels! 11 is the new 8. Make a sandbox conquer of all of 🇫🇷 counties or europe, Please! So we get a break from missions. +1 star for updated levels & listening to your gamers! Keep up the hard work! Great potential! Ty for adding dailies in this game aswell.
Just played the intro! Pretty good so far? It's like a more focused version of those world strategy games. It has some potential!
Far better than I thought it would be, not just battle strategy but also resource strategy, that makes for a great game, I love it and I hope you will too, enjoy!!!
An updated version of an older game, only playing on easy so far, when I get stuck try a few times before uni stalling then moving on. But have come back for another go.
The gameplay is not overly complicated. I can play without having to watch endless ads in order to make progress. This is one of the better games of it's type.
This is Very underrated game... It is mustplay. Best strategy game ever. And guys this is real strategy not like the kiddish strategies that you make for clash of clans (no offence) . Although when you see the gameplay you will have second thoughts about downloading it. It also happened with me also. But the gameplay and the game is awesome.. When you are stuck at one level then play in the Great Powers of EUROPE mode and then Switch to France. It helps. Hats off to the game developers.😁👍👍
Game is good for phone, the only thing that I don't like is that you have to play through the same battle 2 times to get to hard level, why can't you just choose hard to begin with?
It's an overall very good game. If you're the patient sort, I would suggest it. However my only gripe is the push for in-game purchases and the meager amount of medals you get. If that was increased to 10 medals an ad and 5 more medals it each time you get 3 Stars in a game, it's be sitting pretty. Besides that, it is very fun. It's a game worth investing a few bucks in but only if you're hard into strategy games.
Very good strategy game, its fun and educational, I like how easy it is to learn how to play the game
Great game potential. You must protect your units for several rounds and those units are controlled by the AI who are always suicidal. They get killed so you don't get stars. Nothing you can do. Some missions impossible even if you pay $$. I paid for general and troop pack. Still, Outnumbered 10/1? Hoards and hoards of howitzers keep coming. Ridiculous! Developers should play their game and see mission 12 outnumbered 35/1!!! 😂
Good game but why the developer force us to follow the tutorials.we should have our own freedom to decide what to do.instead we need to have a lancer
The main problem I have is saving game data. I'm not on Facebook, so it's not easy to save my gameplay. Why not? Are you part of Facebook? And campaigns need to reflect more historical little known battles, Egypt, Haiti, etc... Overall enjoyable, but, put some military veterans/historical experts on the payroll. All theatres of war inter connect. Still basically thumbs up!
A good game but for some reason level 12 ( French) is impossible. I have upgraded tech, troops and generals but you can't win even on easy and even if there wasn't a time limit. So the game ends there. Don't spend money, you'll be disappointed.
An honest game with nice graphics, good storyline and strategy that needs a lot of thinking. Five stars as it keeps being interesting with additional content, as the Christmas ginger-men! It's worth the effort and time!
This Is actually a great game. Just that the tutorial is too long needs to be fixed. There are things that could be added like, controlling how much men you take to battle, what units you want to take, choose tour country rule and plus manging military would definitely be a five star game. So more control for the user over his or her troops. Do what I said to get 5 stars.
Nice game love it. Well I hope you develop this game be better with pvp and multi-player battle ways and tournament and weekly events. It will make this game more wonderful. Good luck. Ty.👍👍👍
For me, this is one of the greatest games of all time!! It is turn-based with a multitude of parametres to consider and that makes it challenging. I enjoy thinking before deploying troops rather than releasing all of them randomly. I also love the fact that I don't have to log-in every few hours. There is plenty of history behind it, so I also learn about important battles. The in-game rewards are good & I will definitelly spend some money. Graphics & music are great! Plz fix spelling errors!!
Editing my last review. Level 12 of France is impossible. I am fully upgrade with almost everything. I have spent just under $100.00. I have played that level 30 times on easy and thats the only one I cannot beat. Please revise level and make it a reach able goal. Easy should be easy and that is not easy.
I just did the update but now it's saying there is a resource file download needed. When I click on the prompt to download the screen goes blank. (Update) re gave five stars due to great customer service and new update the following day.
Great game potential. You must protect your units for several rounds and those units are controlled by the AI who are always suicidal. They get killed so you don't get stars. Nothing you can do. Some of the missions are misleading due to inaccurate translations. It's not clear what you must do. Take a resource within 5 rounds or hold it for 5 rounds. Fun game. Fix the issues and get 5*.
Decent game. Managed to get victories in all stages and levels of difficulty apart from one. Not spent a penny. Use artillery as core units. Enemy usually passive so you can draw your units close and then punch thru defences. Daily tasks is enough to get the medals you need to process. Look forward to more stages.
Interesting, single person game, if you're like me and are tired of the games where you're attacked while you are offline, it's worth a try.
Its a virus. Began corrupting my phone as soon as I downloaded it. Wants full access to your entire phone but doesn't state that. Will not give any app full control of my phone. Thats something only fraudulent apps would even ask for or want. Uninstall this now if you have it already and make sure to take away the apps permission in playstore as well.
so far,so good!One of the better games,,,takes some time to figure out how to move etc.,good graphics,,just hope it doesnt get crazy complicated,,,jb
Thx for the addict game. Please reduce the price for restore troops. And give some more medal each stage.
Well designed tactical combat game, game mechanics are great!! The tutorial explains things pretty well too. Definitely better than other turn based combat games. Thank you 😊
The game is a good game, but I purchased the Napoleon pack and never received it. Until this gets fixed you have 1* from me. I received a refund so I will upgrade my review. Overall it's a very good game, but it still has some bugs and misspellings eg. "energatic attillery commander." One request is to be able to replace general skills by retraining. If you make this change, I will give 5*.
I like it😎🇺🇸 Joystudio has thrown together a very easy too play war simulation. Stratedgy based. Very fun. Thank you.
Other levels are relatively easy.. but French 13th level is nearly impossible to beat.. a great game all in all...
Entertaining to a point where you really can't win without spending money. Increasingly difficult units you go up against and you can't compete, they wipe you out with 1 shot. Rewarding until you get to this point, which is soon after starting
I love the game. Just downloaded it, and I'm addicted. My only problem yet is that you have to make a unit enter the city to capture it right after you destroyed it. Other than that, this game is perfect. Thank you!
As ussual with joynowstudios their games are full of promise but cant do the simplist things like daily rewards anything it offers you in game doesnt work but when it comes to you spending money everything works fine. If they fixed the basic mechanic of daily login people would probably pay
Very good but I guess it's a French translation . Probably need a translator to look at the English. Love the text on Nelson 🤩 it's as bias as our history. " He did well in the Mediterranean" best we forget about Trafalgar. Were the French there ? or was it just the Spanish he beat.😁 Very funny these things still matter. Very good art work and music. Think about the 1812 overture, just the music not the battle I think that was 2 nil to Russure, but Well done . Et Vive la France.
1) Daily login reward is broken. (2) Watching ads for premium currency (medals) is extremely slow and ads yield gold instead after several 5x medals are earned. (3) There is no multiplayer competition; you can play a single player campaign against simple AI with lots and lots of units with better stats than you with unlimited supplies. There is no point in playing or investing in this one in the end. (4) There are premium OP units only available when purchasing certain packs, $ grab trash...
An above average game with alot of potential. Not entirely unique, however, is going more of a direction I feel the European War series should have stayed on. Big issue I am having with the game is the game cuts short on the turns per level. For example, I am given 25 turns to complete the level, on turn 24, I the button to end my turn, level ends up in failure. To me that is a very big issue because you are losing a turn to do anything, which may have been all I need for that final push. 3.5/5
Not too bad.. something like Panzer General back in the day.. but the AI is much stronger and you won't get to far then it's played out.
Typical money draining game... over priced and over rated why on earth do you developer's charge so much, after all you gain money from advertisement and fleece people for medals or gems depending what game you play these days, yet you charge so much for this and that 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ anyone would think you make games for consoles 🙄 stop over charging especially when you have advertisements in games 🤦‍♂️
This is the first game I find worth it writing a review on, as I see a lot of potential in this game. For the Battle of Austerlitz, here are some suggestions: Let the human player possess more troops, or simply let us control the whole battlfield. Don't leave the job of taking the Pratzen Height to the stupid A.I, who won't even capture an unguarded objective building, won't push their arty to the front, won't guard their arty with infantry, while the enemy A.I were good and OP.
After the latest update, everything had been running smoothly so far... Looking forward to future events...
I just started playing so I give it a four for now. You got it guys. 5 stars i give to this app. One thing i wouldnt mind seeing is the ability to better costomize our commanders traits. Or expand his skills to command other branches ex. Artillery, infantry, Navy, or Cavalry. And make it a little easier to earn medals.
I liked the short messages that pops up in the beginning of fight. The game is pretty interesting for players who are historic nerd like me.. 😂😂 Game has awesome reaction too.. I would like you to change or modify some of the gameplay like there should be a real fight where we can use units for forming lines and charge options.. And please don't give handful of coins or medals, please give it in bundles.. Thanks to You..
Why this app is asking permission for gallery? What is the use of it? Even we can't play the game of we deny the access. These kind of games doesn't require access to the gallery. Our privacy may be exposed. Hated it
I love this game it gives you the details of the French Revolution we need more like this game also it would be great if we could have a construction game
This is a very fun, turn-based strategic war game. Challenging, yet not overly so. The best part is upgrading your soldiers and generals, and purchasing more troops. My main complaints are 1) the game is occasionally "buggy" (charges you medals but doesn't let you back out, locks your troops in a level you already finished, or doesn't "heal" your troops), 2) it's definitely designed for you to pay cash for upgrades (just a little tight), and 3) it needs more levels. But very fun game.
If you like other Joynow games you will love this one. All the best parts of the WWII games with more added. Free or pay its up to you. I upgraded tech tree before worrying about getting troops. Upgrade tech helps more imo. So far its Great! The new update was a good one.
Very great game but please include the carabiners in the game and give them for medals . This game is really interesting. But you haven't added the mortars What is this guys . Please add the marines of the imperial guard . Napoleon himself stated "They were good sailors, then they were the best soldiers. And they did everything - they were soldiers, gunners, sappers, everything!" The uniform consisted of a blue tunic and Hungarian-style trousers.
Initial frustration at the constant attempts to get you to buy things quickly changed to fascination at the multi-levels of strategy involved in the game. If you want instant success without spending money you won't like this game. If you stick with it and intelligently work on your strategy then you'll grow to love it. Will you invest in technology, troops or generals to win the day? Quick mention to the developers - they listen to players and resolve bugs quickly. Thanks great game! 👍
Grand War can be entertaining. It's definetely a trap to spend money. The hex mechanics are ok and the troop selection is just sad. Warning: It's not cheap to acquire the troop advancements or troops period.
I like the game a lot but there is this one bug that I keep getting worse I don't have a enough money and then and then we go who is singing little cuz they force us to and then you don't have enough money for a jouster guys probably cuz you upgrade a bit too much or something and then I can't continue the game so if you could do that it would be very nice (I used voice to text so dont mind typos) 😁
It is a fun and good game but it has issues like I can't get past level 8 I've been trying for days I was thinking about giving it a 2 but it is fun and gust a minor issue that can easily be fixed.
Good game but not alot of content and at level 8 france even the update impossible to win you will hit a pay wall were if you dont spend money you cannot win i spend money but it does no good even. I like the game just few issues with difficulty.
This is a very neat war builder . Would give 5 Starz but game just stops an freezes an just cuts out of game back to home screen. Thanks
I love the game. Just downloaded it, and I'm addicted. My only two problems yet is that you have to make a unit enter the city to capture it right after you destroyed it, and you have a limit to how many turns you can make. Makes the game really difficult. Other than that, this game is perfect. Thank you!
Very good strategy game. Very good support there continually making improvements If you like strategy you will have fun with this game..... I haven't bought any upgrades and I've had a blast with this game but the upgrades are very reasonably priced.. It gives you many options on how to approach each war... Web you're fighting with infantry or artillery or Calvary the different units have different attack in different defense strengths Which makes it really strategic in your attack...
Hello, I have a problem with level 11 because i keep losing even if i am so close to winning. The problem is the turns because when finish my turn 19 it says i lost while the other games i play says when i finish turn 20 it will tell if i lose or not and can you please put extra turns for level 11 that is it and also love the game but that is my only complaint