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Guns Master

Guns Master for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by BoomHits located at Zacna 2, Gdaล„sk 80-283. The game is suitable for Teen (Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Show your aiming skills in the shooting gallery that is ultimate! Aim fast and hit all targets. Can it is made by you? Complete multiple levels of increasing difficulty and shot your precision in shooting!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Guns Master.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Very fun game and it's free. There are ads every round, but you're getting the game for free. You can pay a small fee to be rid of the ads, it's worth it. The developers can continue to create more and better games with our support
It gives you the option to watch a video to increase your rewards, or just click your rewards. If you choose to just collect your rewards it's sometimes plays a video anyway and doesn't give you the bonus. I'm fine with games that give you a real choice, and even fine with games that just force ads, I get that it's a good way to make a game free and still profitable. What I hate is that this gives you a choice, and then makes the choice for you but penalizes you for choosing "wrong."
Game is fun but, been produced over and over I lasted about 5 min with it but the constant ad after ad every time you click anything on the screen really gets old. I understand everyone needs to make money but two to three ads for every level of gameplay just seems like greed to me.
Excessive ads and misleading functions has ruined this game. If you click to get the higher payout then you get an expected ad. If you click for standard payout, it forces you to view an ads and doesn't pay you for viewing it. This game/company would do so much better if they were not so greedy. Don't be a fool by downloading this game. Let us die.
Just a god awful game, it probably wouldn't be too bad but the ads make it literally unplayable. Take some good advice and find another game to play.
Too many ads, constant crashing, not enough levels. Also what's the point of earning "cash" if there's nothing to buy? Only a couple of guns to purchase, no "upgrades" just seems pointless to earn money and have no way to use it.
The game is getting stuck not very long after you start playing, thats the worst experience i have ever had with a game, and no its not from my phone i've got 12gb ram and octa core 2.84Ghz cpu
Same few games over and over again, and what's hard about putting red bullets in red box and blue bullets in blue box, then it says amazing, wow ffs pointless task, then it does it again with picking up rifles and put in rifle box and Pistols in pistol box, why? What's the point, you don't win points!!!
I like the game but after every level it goes to an add! I've been deleting the games shortly after I've downloaded them.... To many adds.
Fun game with a better scope than most others. And quick access to cool guns. Only problem I don't like is the ENDLESS ADS.... You do well, you win your prize. Why do I have to sit through ads in order to collect said prize???? There's got to be a way to produce a good game without chasing players away with advertising !!!!!
It keeps on stalling!fix this please.... it seems that this game might be being controlled by some server issues so maybe that's what's going on I'll work with it and see if I can get it better thank you for responding in such a quick fashion, it's very rare that anybody ever answers the help issues anymore, five stars
Too much video ads which annoying me alot so i delete the game though i like playing it. Game company should not be that greedy for ๐Ÿ’ฐ when any gamer start make the movemeto while playing in the beginning so kindly avoid Throwing ads in the middle of the game.
Gameplay loop is two seconds of shooting, 30 seconds of adverts and 10 seconds of nauseating "bonus" screens. Gives me an idea for a game where the player must torture and disembowel lazy, greedy devs and advertising execs.
The developers of this game must be basement dwellers that have played far to much Call of Duty and have no idea how real guns work. It's the ultimate Tactical Ted game. Put a surpressor on it, and add some optics cause CoD has optics on everything. Garbage controls, bullet time with every shot, and i hope you like ads cause you are in for a lot of them. Avoid this hot mess, I wish I had.
30 second compulsory ads after 5mins of play - then ads after each level.. not even worth a download, unistalled after 5mins, these kind of games would actually be good without the cash grab of ads after ads, if there was 1 ad every 10mins then it might be worth it, but every 15seconds of game play to 30second ad, no way getoutta here man!
Don't like this game, and it notifies me "no ads available" so I presume I'm playing offline and cannot access the 'extras'. I will Uninstall and request deletion of my personal information access.
Unfortunately, the games' theme has been done a million times already, and, there are better games of this nature available. Few things that are bothersome, are the amount of ads, even when skipping the option of watching an ad for extra coins, you slam us with an ad before allowing the next level to continue. The gun shop cant be accessed, it's only offered once, at the beginning, when you have no coin to buy anything. And, the sorting bullets or assembly of a gun is pointless, no rewards.
This game is super cool. The animations, the attention to detail on the weapons, assembling the weapons. I even paid to disable ads because this game deserves it. Only thing that would be cooler is to have some kind of weapon simulation thing. Like being able to inspect, reload, cock, and fire the weapon.
WAY TOO MANY ADS! Totally frustrating having to watch so many ads to play such a simplistic game, scam for making money off ads and no quality game play! Uninstalling ASAP!
Adverts after every game. Which is every 15 seconds of play. Adds are 15 to 27 seconds long. Game play is good, shear amount of adds not so good.
Fun game to begin with wayyyyy to many adds pretty much one after each level. Reduce these a tad be a great game
Game sucks. It's three seconds of shooting and 30 sec of advertisment. Somebody is rolling in allot of dough for all the advertisment. Furthermore, you can't add ammunition or shoot anything else different in each scene.
The reason for 2 *s is because after round there is a 30second ad. The interest in the game is defeated and makes people uninstall the game. Overall the game is quite pleasant however the repeated ADs after every round spoils the fun. Please have these ADs removed after every round and if required keep them for a 10second duration after 8-10 rounds.
Fun game. But 30 second ads after every round? Really? Finish a round, 30 second ad. Upgrade a gun, 30 second ad. Play a mini game, 30 second ad before and after. TOO MANY ADS!
More adverts than game play. I timed it 15seconds of game play, 30 seconds of advert, except for some of them 60 seconds advert. The controls are sensitive. I am uninstalling as there are much better games. You know why there are so many adverts they want you to pay. But don't play don't pay
If you just like watching ads, this game is for you. No way I am paying for this game and the amount of ads make it unplayable for free. No thanks.
WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!! If I could give it a negative 20 I would!!!!! After the 1st few stages it's difficult to even play because it's ad after ad after ad!!!!
This game is fun, but it deserves no stars at all. After every level you literally have to set through at least two adds.
Damn good boring game. Play only if you are bored if extremely bored off your ADS. Remember only if you are bored.
One of the better shooting games I've tried lately, @ lvl 5 now. I'll update the review after lvl 25. ๐Ÿ˜ท I just passed lvl 30. Still 4 stars lots of ads. Other than the ads I'd give it 5 stars. ๐Ÿ˜ท
This is a nice add for other games. If you want to watch tons of ads and play as little as possible this is the game for you. This game will not fail at making you watch the same add that's 30 seconds or longer while your pay time is 3 seconds before ads start.
Its a good app but with ads and without ads I wasn't able to play any of the special levels. The play button is there but clicking it does nothing. Rating will go up once this is fixed.
So many ads . The amount of waiting for the next game. Gets a bit boring then I end up playing something else.
This game is not that great to begin with. Certainly not worth playing 15 seconds and watching two sets of adds at 30 seconds after each play. Just stupid and over bearing to think people want to waste that much time waiting to play a not so great game. I'd like to give it a lower score just for wasting my time. Played for about 10 minutes before deciding to uninstall. I don't know what the adds pay you but you focus is on the money not the game booooo.
I'm having fun playing the game but I'm spending more time watching ads on everything come on man 30 minutes to 5 minutes of plane 30 minutes of ads about to give up
Nice game, but ads. Too many ads!! Finish one game and an ad. Finish the ad and hit play, AND ANOTHER AD!! Just..no.
Oh okay,this is actually an ad game,disguised as a shooting game.Lets think about this for a moment, less ads + more shooting time = less people deleting game,and more people staying with game,thus seeing more ads in the long run,which means more $ for you guys .Does this make sense? But I'll give you 2 stars for graphics and guns.
Playing the game for no more than 5 minutes and in that 5 minute time. I was bothered with at least 10 ads every time I finished a Target an ad would come up before would let me play the next level we'll be uninstalling this game too bad it was interesting to play but not when I be bothered by an ad every time I finish a level.
This is a fun game, but it runs out of content very quickly. I've had this for a day and 3 stared all of the levels and have all of the guns. If there was more to do I would change this review to 5 stars because it really is a fun game that you should try. While it does have the occasional ad it really isn't nearly as bad as other games I've played. I do have a suggestion though. I think it would be a cool idea to add skins to your guns. It would give me something else to do and would be cool
I have never played a game that had so many adds. every time you complete your stuck watching a 1 min video of an add.
Ads are ludicrous and after every 10 second game there's a 30 second ad!!!! Also the rubbish of reloading and putting ammo into crates is slow, boring and irrelevant.
A little buggy from time to time but nothing that can't be solved by closing and re opening the app, love the graphics and physics, good time wasting game no dead ends forcing pay to play, so far so good ๐Ÿ˜
Well the sights are right on and all the guns are easy to aquirer but need some thing else to shoot at
Completely objective driven cannot deviate in any way. Even the bonus levels where you shoot the apple out of the person's hand or off their head you cannot actually shoot the person. This makes the need for accuracy irrelevant as you cannot cause harm if you fail.
Its ok, way too many ads, layout of different screens is not user friendly. Maybe graphics are better in iphones.
Over all, this is a very decent game to play, especially if you like moving targets to shoot at, and different guns to choose from. But i believe this game would be a lot better to play, if it had a bunch of different side missions to do in it also, instead of just random moving targets all the time.
This is a good game to pass some time. I just wish that this game didn't have so many commercials in it. But I understand that it is free and thats the only way that y'all can make it free. But this is a good game.
Actually this game is ok so far so good also I just wanted to let everyone know that it's okay with ads actually I don't mind it's because so far what I've seen that everyone you showed so far I download one now it's good to know and hear that there are ads that comes in handy thank you all
Ads are necessary, I get that but this is f#@$!#@ ridiculous. A round lasted under 30 seconds and your expected to watch a 30 second ad OR TWO every round
I found a way to make the all the ads not so bad... I made it a drinking game, every time there's a ad I take a shot.
Too many ads! I will never install an app from an ad in a game! EVER just saying. But turning off wifi & mobile data while playing gets around ads.
It looks better than it is, and the ads are really in your face. Almost after every shoot there is an ad, and it last for 30 seconds and no skipping buttons. Do yourself a favor and don't download this ap...
Too many ads far too fast. I get a few seconds of play for every fifteen to thirty seconds of flippin ads for shยกt I'll never ever want simply because of their ad assault. The graphics are ok but better control interface would be greatly welcomed.
Game is good but over saturated with add and to pay to remove I wouldn't mind if there was a few here and there but ruins the game.
Too many ads every time you finish a level there's always an ad will be deleting the game because of that reason
Graphics are great, game play isn't bad at all, but for the sake of the flying monkeys, LESS ADS PLEASE??? to play a game and have an ad pop up every 5minutes is downright annoying, hence my having deleted the game after having spent not even a full hour playing the game to begin with.... the ads irritated the living hell out of me.
Game is decent...except for the fact that it has frost up on me four times in 20 minutes...otherwise i would've given it five stars...
Ads ads ads. Litterly more ad time than play time. I'd like the 5 minutes back I wasted installing and playing 2 games and seeing 4 ads. Game time < ad time
I like the game so far I don't mind looking at ads if I don't have to buy things with my hard-earned money. The only thing that I ask is that they have different ads instead of the same ads over and over
Toooooo many ads, very discouraging to keep playing....Here is a suggestion..Maybe not have ads after every play that is what is discouraging
Worst game you can't go further before watching a ad you have to watch rewards to collect your in-game rewards and go ahead
The best shooting game ever.great graphics. Many types of guns to choose from.thanks all who made this game possible.
ADnoyance slinging shooting game with unrealistic gun and projectile "simulation" and deliberately misleading "privacy" settings. UMP 45 cannot penetrate 2 bottles in a row or a bottle and a target behind it with one shot. Will only start if you "accept" any kind of spying and data theft and contrary to the text in the starting screen you can NOT withdraw this coerced "consent" later on - at least not from within the app.
One of the better shooting games. I understand the advertising and having to wait if you want the max points to buy better hardware so if you are put off by it then it's probably not for you.
M14 rifle is semi automatic. They make it function as a bolt gun.In offline mode,you have to watch ads to receive your reward,its extremely frustrating.If you run out of ammo guess what?????Watch some more adds.B.S TOTAL B.S.
I like the mode, where you wander around the woods hunting down idiot campers and backpackers. Seeing them fall is just so funny.
Fun game, the ads are really not that bad compared to alot of other games. Also, most of the ads you can skip anyways.
Game is great but every every time i win big money the game freezes up. I am severly disaapointed. I would an will not recomend this game to anyone
You'll spend more time watching stupid ads than playing the game. Ridiculous. Uninstaller after 5 minutes
Fun app, but watch way more adds then game play, sometimes 2 in a row. And to get rid of adds it $2.99, its not that great of a game for that price.
Why rin what could have been a good game and turn it into nothing more than a vehicle for endless adverts? Could have been good, but spending 8:1 ratio watching ads to playtime is just abusive.
Nice game,the controls are easy to use,and the game play is so far the right amount to keep you interested,and wanting to continue with the game.
I cant believe in this age that moronic game producers are still putting 30 second ads in their games. Game uninstalled immediately. Games with 10 second ads I play and end up watching hundreds of ads. It's not rocket science, why don't you understand it?
The game is OK, but limited levels. Once you complete them, it just endlessly circles with no real increase in difficulty. It also stops giving you the special levels so I now can't actually get the last remaining gun parts despite having a massive amount of in game currency I now can't spend. The ammo sorting cut screens are pointless. Paid to remove ads, which is fine but now I'm considering uninstalling because it took me less than an hour to rinse this game to bits.
Nice graphics good game play Hard to put down ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Sorry but ya just lost 2 stars 1st.. Too many ads.. And 2nd keep crashing and getting this error message The web page at file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.shooting.master/files/vungle_cache/vungle/5f60a77ab3f8f0000104ff80/index.html could not be loaded because: net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED
I love the guns being able to aim the stuff you have to shoot pretty cool it sucks that you had to see an ad every single time you shoot something every single time you want to upgrade every single time every second you have to see an ad you shouldn't need to pay that much did you have any ads
I Really like this game and its enjoyable one thing I'd say is I like if you want to double or triple your cash you watch an ad but if you say no,you still have to watch you need to change this or people are just going to delete the game
In joyable except for the fact that after every round of shoting there is one more ad to sit and watch it's not the best experience
I've downloaded lots of similar games but even though the game is fun and entertaining, the fact that after each play, it ends up with a 15sec ad & after that a 2nd 15sec follow up of the same ad or just one long 30sec ad, this takes away all the pleasure. Why can't you be normal like other games & allow to by pass most ads after the first 5sec. Everyone else does it. I would have given 5 stars for the game but your game is not worth it & would NEVER RECOMMEND it. I'm deleting it unless changed.