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Is a Health And Fitness game developed by 东莞市猎声电子有限公司. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
HAYLOU is a companion app for the view Haylou-LS02 this is certainly smart. This application works with the view this is certainly smart, that could record your workout details in more detail, such as action counting, rest, heartbeat, etc.
In inclusion to recording your exercise details, HAYLOU additionally develops many additional features, such as for instance call reminders, SMS reminders, APP reminders, etc. You will see the given information through the view, come and experience it!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the HAYLOU.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download HAYLOU for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I am having problem in connecting Haylou Smartwatch LS-02 with this app. Please update this application.
Disconnected many times, sport mode in watch working good but when check to application in mobilephone not recording the sport activity even when i started the activity from mobilephone
Disconnection every 10-20mins When it connect back after 20mins or so I am spam with all the read whatsapp messages ... Capable watch Bad app bad UX
Such a pathetic experience, Please update your app, It's disconnecting again and again and every time you have to open the app just go to reconnect. This is so annoying.
Great watch but the app need to be fixed. I use ColorOS 7, while receive a phone call only number that shown on watch display, contact name was not shown.
Extremely poor experience with th app. It represents the battery of buds it self ok but the it does not represents the battery of case correctly .. When the battery of my case is 20% the app shows that its above 90% but the case blinks the red light which meins its less than 20% . And also the remapping of buds control is very poor quality. Please try to fix it as soon as possible
The Haylou Watch 2 watch, works perfectly. However, the associated app for the watch is absolute rubbish. It rarely syncs with the phone app & says I am not wearing the watch while sleeping, although I do wear it while sleeping. Please fix the app before I write what should be written.
I workout this morning and monitor it thru my watch connected to s9 plus phone, result is garbage, km is not ok, calories too, also the time is wrong, the km reading is wrong also. Please fix it. Keep disconnecting too..very bad
The app seems to work fine on the health side, but the options for notifications on the watch are very limited and are quite poor. There only appears to be certain preset apps that you can allow it to receive notifications from, and most of these aren't apps commonly used in the UK. Most of the notifications are hard to read and it often only partially shows the message, which makes it pointless.
rubbish App. the weather api was working but now says error. it is the watch or the app issue? changed the phone and still same issue. that's what you get for buying a watch linked to Xiaomi but not really Xiaomi
The haylou company should do something about the bluetooth connection and add some more notifications on the app. This would help us a lot.
Very very bad experience!! It's not fully a smart Watch app. After sometime disconnected automatically. Call received not allow and don't read any kind of notification. Please improve this app. Regards, HAYLOU user
The app fails several times, keeps disconecting from the watch. The previous version for LS01 works better than this one on a LS02. it doesn't display the workouts on the watch wether the LS01 does. This app can be improved. I have swiched to use Haylou Fit, and works better than this one, at least doesn't keep disconecting all the time.
I tried to connect my Haylou T16 with the app, but it doesn't work. They are already connected via Bluetooth on my phone and work just fine, but the app won't recognise them.
The watch is good but the app should be the same level please fix minor bugs and stable connection and also please improve font style to look more bold and solid options like that and also facewatches!
When u will update this app we are facing so many problems... so many bugsss bad display bad features
Very bad experience! Always disconnects after certain minutes. Cannot receive notifications, whether txt or call. Messenger only show you have a message but can't see the content. I have never encountered such annoyances to my Honor band which is very much snappy compared to this Haylou. Hope there's still room fro improvement.
Should develop many things. Raise up hand and turn light Too late... Should add camera capture... should add watch faces...
This apps are suck, i have several time facing losing my training & running records, always need to reconnect with the phone. Sometime, the heart measure are not accurate..
The disconnect alot I think i wasted my money on it The main purpose of the watch to see the notifications, but tge device disconnect after some time Very disappointed with the experience Hope you will review it..
very bad experience using Haylou LS-02, app discount after few minutes and automatically remove ma login account in Haylou app ...
It’s connection system is Very bad.Why should I connect with my phone several time ? Fix this as soon as possible.
请修复GPS不准确 ! i using google translate if you not understand English..please fix GPS not accurate.tq
The major problem that the app is disconnecting a lot more times. Well its is because of the internet connection, which need to be fits. If your mobile is connected with wifi or internet connection 24/7 , the app will never be disconnected. However this is a flaw , means it's to be fixed soon. So that the user should connect it all the time even doesn't have the internet connection. Now to be successful like Mi Bands please fix it as soon as possible Thanks
Terrible app. Or terrible watches. Or both. I have Haylou LS02 watches and have serious connetion problems. After closing app in phone watches disconnect and then i cant pair it with phone respectively after connection imideately watches are disconnected. Option is only unbind watches in app and again pair it but you will lose all measured data. Like this are watches unusefull. Weather app also not working. Fix it! U cant sell stuff which is not working!
Please improve the apps! Always disconnect again and again! The watch is good but the apps is suck! Please improve it!
Totally Waste of money. Too much connecting issues with LS02. It disconnect automatically after few minutes.
Worst app i ever seen.it disconnect everytime.poor response.and without wifi the watch can not connect with mobile.
Really, really bad. If they would keep the app as a MiFit it would be great. But the app is closing after few minutes by itself, messages and notifications are not coming to the watches. For me 0/10
-Disconnected everytime -the weather not functioning -Notification delay and sometime not notify me Please update!!!!
The main problem for this is the sleeping counter and steps counter. I don't even walk, i am riding a car, they do count in the steps. I am laying on the bed and moving around, but it shows that I am in light sleep. My old band is more accurate where it always show the correct time as I sleep or I only laying on bed but not sleeping. I am so disappointed in this app where they seems like haven't test their calculations and then launch everything out...
Very bad experience. Watch doesn't display name of caller when phone call comes in it only displays whatsapp callers name. Watch keeps disconnecting from phone every time not good at all for the LSO2
Need more update and more improvement, fix some bug also. Some feature does not work properly. Need more watch face. Please fix.
Notifications are very delayed when I've recieved them on my phone but there is huge delay on watch. Please fix this. Besides that good smartwatch.
The ship makes this clock, it draws the cow's tongue line, everyone. Its expansion plans are lame. It was a commercial manufacturing company, but behind it was politics. Few know that, its purpose. If the message is displayed, the font is faulty, too ask the producer to immediately remove the cow's tongue line. will lose all measured data. Like these watches are not useful. The weather app also doesn't work. can't fix it! You can't resell things that don't work! Suggest removing the cow's tongue
App disconnects a lot. Turning off phone location provide worst experience. Also Notification are not good here. On watch I found when a new call occure, it only provides caller phone no, not caller name. Also messages dont support other languages like Bangla. Will you guyz please Microsoft teams app for providing notification?
I hope they update new version as soon as possible with plenty of watch face. Because the existing watch face is so limited and not interesting.
The developer should update the app.It disconnected always and doesn't work all the function fluently
I'm very disappointed because the app disconnecting over and over the watch is great and sexy but please update you app as soon as possible. Thanks
Embarrassing app. Please correct the following, professional Fonts choices(now it looks so "China") and correct English interpretation. More watch faces like Google wear. And ur brand will be great. Please use "hello haylou app", a third party app which is "A THOUSAND TIMES" better, though it had certain limitations.
Please Upgrade the information and Watch faces download function in the app through internet and also more detailing is required
After run for about 20min+, check back the record at the apps, calorie is not counting. What the hell....the device and phone is connected, everything is recorded except steps and calorie.
The watch looks too cool. But the major problem are 1. Without internet the watch can't connected with mobile. 2. In coming call show only number. 3. And when my mobile disconnected mobile data or wifi, the watch also disconnected automatically. Haylou Solor (LS 05) show incoming call name. So please fix those problems.
Can't see callers name. Fb chat haed opening gives notification. Weather data mismatch. I would say a total mase.
Please attach more watch face....only 4 watch face is not best watch company...so compare others watch you have to add more watch face...thank you
Please correct the following, professional Fonts choices(now it looks so "China") and correct English interpretation. More watch faces like Google wear. And ur brand will be great.
Simple interface and easy to use. But please: 1. Add more watchfaces 2. Improve information sync between phone and smartwatch (weather,gps,etc) 3. Add caller ID to reject call option 4. Add music name in music control 5. Allow multitasking when sports mode is activated (e.g allow music control when the sport tracking mode is on)
Embarrassing app. Please correct the following, professional Fonts choices(now it looks so "China") and correct English interpretation. More watch faces like Google wear. And ur brand will be great. Please use hello haylou, a third party app which is "A THOUSAND TIMES" better, though it had certain limitations.
Good app and inovation especialy for heart rate but just advice add more watch face im using haylou smartwatch LS02
Very poor user interface. The chart for heart rate is difficult to read. It's practically useless if you want to monitor your health
It don't work well with P30pro. Always disconnected, msg alert come in late, some messages can't be read.
Highly disappointed. First of all the watch LS02. Highly inaccurate heart rate when exercising. I got the watch for the only purpose of measuring my continuous heart rate during exercise so I can stay in the zone but it showed only 130 to 140 bpm whereas my heart crossed above 200 bpm. Its a big shame. Yes I bought two of them so its not a hardware fault. The only use left is just a smart watch and it comes with a very bad user interface App. Poor English and no details or insights what so ever.
Uninstalled this app after only 1 day!, So annoying. Picked up the Haylou LS02 this weekend. The watch is ok, basic but decent build quality (paid half price). The app lets the watch down massively, totally un user friendly, constantly disconnecting when you close the app, and for no apparent reason when the phone and watch are close. No call/message notifications. Looks dated needs more detail and options. Another reviewer suggested the Haylou fit app, so trying that instead.
Using this apps for smartwatch Haylou LS02. The apps keeps disconnected after several time connecting, even when the radius is so close, and need to reconnecting manually. Please fixed the bug soon.
I have some concerns as below: 1. Notification is limited, available for some applications only. 2. Not available for customer feedback or errors reports. 3. Watch face is very less
1. Add watch face option. 2. Fix disconnected problem. 3. Improve weather feature. 4. Update this app and Ls02 Frimware. 5. Improve the features interface. 6. Try to make it more informative. Please just don't ignore it. Take it seriously. LS02 is a great watch. But it can perform better by a better app and frimware. Please help to improve our user experience. Thanks ❤️
Please Update like Mi Fit.... It's not a good experience to use the app...every time It's endowing and every time disconnect from phone. I think you people solve those problems and update it ad well as Mi Fit
I installed this app for my new haylou t16 anc earbuds, the first pairing was smooth, everything was working as the guide in haylou t16. But after I put the earbuds into the case, and open it up again, the haylou apps cannot detect the earbud anymore. Please fix this bug that has been bugging me and many users of haylou t16 too I believe.
Please fix the following: * GPS Accuracy (The GPS is taking me way too far from my real location) * Battery consumption (Consumes a lot of battery fast) * Bluetooth Connectivity (It keeps on disconnecting which affects some features such as the phone finder, etc.)
This watch only shows the number of incoming call , not the name . And it does not support Persian Language. This watch does not support notifications for apps like badoo, telegram , snapp , and many many more . A great hardware requires best software . This app is half baked . Please update it asap!
Keep stopping and keep disconnecting And didnt show the caller name. Now not connecting with haylou fit app
bad expirace pls update some issue app is not running in background well watch get disconnected sever time withoit any reason. then i have to reconnect again opening the app. call notification not showing caller name but only number. maggage text notification not showing. please fix this urgently
Great watch but the app need to be fixed. I am using ColorOS 7, while receive a phone call only number that shown on watch display, contact name was not shown.
Over all till date its good, however more download able face watch option should be given so user have more choices
The Haylou Watch LS 02 works perfectly. However, the app needed to be loaded a few times until success. Very pleased with the watch & now, very pleased with the app also. 😁
Watch is good but only one problem why it is keep disconnecting after few minutes..kindly suggest any solution.
Does not record activity other than running. If you start the activity on the watch as soon as you stop it you'll lose all the data. I regret buying it.