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Heroes of War: Idle army game

Heroes of War: Idle army game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by AMT Games Ltd. located at Tung Wai Commercial Building 109-111, Suite 1404, Hong Kong . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
Whether you like strategy games or not this pvp game that is online conquer your heart. Build your base that is military and other players. Try all types of World War 2 troops and tanks. Build your best squad to climb up the leaderboards.

+ World War 2 themed game
+ More than 80 types of real WW2 troops
+ PvP strategy games
+ Easy to learn, hard to master
+ epic warfare that is online Fast and spectacular fights

Fight for honor and glory. Become the best commander!

Users that like strategy games highly recommend this WW2 game.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Heroes of War: Idle army game.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Thank you so much for the countless hours of entertainment this game has given me. The level of detail is amazing!
During the Navy Operation, if you lost your internet connection, the game will assume that ALL your previously on field units are DEAD. This problem has been happening since Day 1 and they never even bother to fix it.
Good game, just too many advertisements. I've watched more ads than even played the game. Gay developers, they are trash. Can't make enough money so they have to put in ads. Ruins the game. DO NOT PLAY!!!
Starts off interesting but after about a week its repetitive and boring and VERY EXPENSIVE if you want to play further .1 out of ten . Don't upload this game . Its a MONEYPIT
It's taken me awhile. But I figured out how to play. Instructions would be nice. I can tell, it's a well thought out game. It gives those of us interested in war strategy, a chance to use our brain. I love your game. Thank you very much. I highly recommend it.
Uninstalled Matches last 10secs, ads last 30... forced ads. Developers want you to spend money in game, but then also force ads right at the end of matches? No thanks.
It randomly resets my bases buildings and progress back some I even lost my extra builder I got from buying a monthly thing please fix this game I hate doing everything again it happens multiple times a day
I have been on a world War 2 kick, as of lately not many good world War 2 games out. Besides warpath this game offering a different style of gaming one of the best idle games I have played. The huge scope of different units and the ability to train, merge, and equip those units makes this game awesome. Along side the base building part and the different modes makes it a game worth trying, always something to be done good for ftp players and big spenders anyone can have fun with this game.
I keep getting errors connecting to server. I can no longer play the game. Before that game was running smoothly
Very fun base building,troop gatcha game. $1.50 to remove ads is a very fair price. If you could vs your friends in pvp would be amazing.
This Game has everything you need to have a Wonderful time and not over run by buy this or you have to have money to make any advancement in the game and you are not over run or lose your entire inventory by not playing the Game for a day or a week or more. so I really suggest this Game for Everyone.
Latest update isn't working. Please fix. If i am paying for a monthly upgrade the game better work. Dont you test updates before release?????
I have been playing for months now. Same old week units from gold. Takes forever to upgrade unit. Reach level 15 in family island as add say but still no gold!!!!
The game is great and the graphics are very good especially for 2gb RAM devices but it once crashed on it's own at the Navy Event and it cool now just before this rate/feedback and can you guys/devs please add a Clan , Raid ( so that the game would be more fun ) , Add Friends please that would make the game more fun in the way , please and thank you!
Game is not at all what is pictured in the ads and on the app store. False advertising. Beyond that, its an okay game that doesn't really stand out in any one aspect. Good for what it is, but boring and repetitive after about 45 minutes.
UPDATE 22 Feb 2021: Perhaps I was wrong, they still have new updates, but much slower than many other games. They just added new Oil Tycoon event, but no new units have been added. Sometimes the ads (for more golds) are not showing except a big grey color play button.
I after see this is not this game because the wall tank not moving how this game can anyone help me this is bad I will give one star
I was just looking for something like this game, pvp and in an historical setting. Very nice game indeed.
Fix the equipment bug. Can't upgrade and I Know I'm not alone in this. I've done research and alot of people asking, nobody has answers though. Get it together devs.....with the BS micro transactions, it should be easy for you!
I love historical games so this one caught my attention right away the first time I saw it in the play store. I've been playing for some weeks now and I think it's great!
I really didn't understand what fun is it to watch pixels move and shoot each other. Any simple tower defense game would feel like it has more. Maybe these idle games etc. just ain't for me.
Add that had me interested showed the game in a whole different aspect. The actual game is dul and boring
I used to play trench assualt which is kinda some but old one and lacks features and tactics and that was not updated as well but this one is really great which i always wanted a war military RPG should be.
Playing 6 months now and the game is still keeping my interest. The Devs are still providing new content (albeit slowly) and advanced progress is possible for F2P players. The artwork is excellent and I recommend this game to any WW2 officianado.
App ends up in a updating loop. Never updates and when I try to play it says update. Sends to app store to update and just keeps updating without end.
This is a very nice game and it's also easy to understand, which is something that sometimes frustrates me in other games. Keep up the good work!
This is a very well done game. I think any fan of games set in this era will love this one, you should definitely try it.
When 1st time played it's so fun.. but everything changed when in level 10.. can't play any missions because the next mission is so hard.. only can play in mode navy but it needed waiting for more 3 hours.. why developer not make the repeated missions playable..
This is a great game and it runs great on my tablet, no lag and no crashes. Definitely worth a try if you're into this kind of games.
This game isn't what it says it is. It's a power game literally the higher your power the more likely you'll win, its nothing like what it advertised. So no don't get it.
Top draw strategy game with many fantastic options and so far no problems at all ,buying is optional but far from necessary,great stuff and great fun ww2 buffs will love the units and write ups .
I see potential, but there is some things the ads show up very often. I love this game even tho it has all of the flaws. Keep up the good work
The game is well made, But there are things that needs to be improved like the dragging your troops to the circles. It often takes a while to do it.
There's an option that is in the game where you can click on the word UPGRADE. When I click on this it sends me into the area to do the upgrading. In this section you must have a green square (CUBE) with a set of tools in it... This is supposed to upgrade you weapons,but it doesn't do anything from what I can tell. In order to get this green tool box you must buy it in the the store back at the (BASE) and this tool box isn't cheap either. DOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA ON HOW THIS TOOL BOX WORX
The game is good...but it wont let me play for 2 minutes without kicking me out...saying "game is under maintanance"...but each time i get kicked out i open the game right away and its running fine for like 5 minutes then it will kick me out again with the same message...been going on 15 times now since i installed the game.i even waited 3 hrs before opening again also checked if it needed update but game is up to date...still kicking me out.
Very good game, but also very irritating because of too much adds 🙂 Everytime after the battle in any mode. Please fix this annoying version, i love the game but sorry if i have 2 star.. i hope next update it will gone
Please make the mission ads lesser becuse i need to wait everytime i finish a mission for that ad to finish. (Thank you)
I love the game and can you please fix the game.beacause when you open the game you need is a training and also a camera i hope this game will be great if you fix it.
I'm loving this game so much. I'm so glad to have discovered it, it feels like a real military experience. I totally recommend it.
A very good shooting game, I really enjoy it and I love every single part of it. Definitely a great source of entertainment. Thumbs up!
One of the best card based combat games I've seen yet, especially for WWII era. the only thing I'd like to see is PvP seeing how I have to be online to play anyway. fingers crossed
New update is not working. Updated but app won't recognize it and keeps asking for download of update. Cancelled my weekly subscription till you get it fixed
This is stupid. Ive been playing for months. Now that i have reach high level and all my weapons is upgraded suddenly almost all the weapons that i have that are upgraded are lost. And everytime I RESTART IT AN UPGRADE WILL APPEAR. AS IF SOMEONE TOOK IT AND RETURNED IT.
Much better than similar games I tried in the past few weeks. If you're looking for a WW2 themed game for your Android device, look no further.
its a nice game ill give it 5 star but suddenly to many adds puff up so it cause me time to wait so dissapointed
Great game! I love the graphics and the gameplay, everything is nice. I really enjoy playing it so much.
These words can try to describe how much I appreciate this game... But it won't get close to the feeling. You guys make it soooo easy to play this. Even offering some decent purchasable inn app content that if paid once your VIP is Skyrocketed!! Ads are gone too. The war simulation is at its prime and I really wish you didn't give me the option of playing as Germans/SS but hey it's not that bad. Thank you for putting the gamer first before the damn wallet... Much Respect.
I don't have a single complaint about this game. I've loved it since the first day I've installed it. Totally recommended.
You have asked me to up date the game and now it wont let Me play its just going back to the same page over and over again...
The gameplay is really nice but the only thing that does get annoying is the ads you are forced to watch even when only playing the campaign. It would be nice if we could play while offline. This is just for the reason that myself and many others don't want to spend money to get rid of ads.
So far so good. Nice graphics and easy to learn interface. A pleasure to play at this early state of things.
There is no 150+ different tank and units. Pretty much 60 if so. Everything is pay here to do that. 2 stars because the game is still kinda fun if a bit boring and very repetitive.
Very cool, nice and Strategic game play nice war game but Too many Ads, and it's irritating! You can't enjoy the whole game, every battle.. :(
Lacks a tutorial but i know what im doing. Love the WW2 theme and the strategy behind it. I highly recogmend this game
not free to play if you want to progress faster. but overall its fun. wish you can scroll your heros easier. Update: couple of things isnt updating upgrading your equipment isnt working.
1 : Remove mandatory ads and add more rewards for optional ads so that we have at least a choice. 2 : At the end of each battle, this game occupies space from the executive memory of the phone, and after a few battles, the amount of this space becomes very large. Please fix it. 3 : In all strategy games, the amount of the initial worker is two, not one.According to the principles, we should be able to buy it with gold. 4 : Add more tanks. 5 : I give it a star just because of the game graphics.
The game was good graphics are good, and it is so smooth no lags, glithches nor hackable, but there is one problem which is the ads, if you close it forces to loose reward and the ads are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY bad because there are some ads that are not CHILD SAFE like dating apps, nude people and more so please make the game less prone and visible to such ads and please shorten the time of ads atleast 10 or 5 that would also help ALSO THE OTHEE ADS.
Wastage of time and internet as I can't open it even with internet connection and only states "Expansion File Validation Expired"
I was playing this game & enjoying it. Then, all my army is gone.... all of a sudden. I have put a lot of time & effort into buliding the army. Don't play install this game. if don't buy items from the game developer they will do this to you too.
what the hell with update i cant finish navy operations for 4th days????units are so strong now i can recruit gold quality units but after one fight are a down ... thats a total broken npc units are lower lvl but are so strong i cant reach in navy 3rd round last heal and final fight i take a 2-3 tanks extra and also units and no way to hold hp for end....total bad now unplayable event...kill my team + reserve totally in 1-2 figts only .thats no way paper units vs npc iron units dosnt matter lvl
The update not working keep asking for update well Uninstaller if not fixed bad enough the million ads
The tutorial is completely different from what ya see in the game example video already uninstalled it
What an outstanding and cool game. I feel totally badass every time I play it. It really is a wonderful gaming experience.
Good game for kids but most of the time getting server problem, good if could fix it for good gaming experience.
Best wargame ever.!! 2021 had me hooked from the get go..the only downer I have to say is the campaign loads are pretty slow, it kinda ruins the gameplay flow.. but its well worth the wait,,
Forced adds, robs the player of a feeling of progression by giving them near top tier tanks from the start and then making it really hard to get others, combat is over simplified. Meh... Too bad, the graphics and animations are nice.
I play many games but right now this one is my favorite without a doubt. The best strategy game set in the days of World War 2.
Quite an addictive game, very potential, but very limited contents and features. I really don't know how they manage the storage limit when collecting the rewards -- whatever that is overflow will be discarded by the game regardless of losses? Also, unable to filter by Type when managing heroes. Another thing is hard to find which heroes are wearing items for certain nation, you need to open the hero screen one by one in order to find it.
Good idea for a game but there's no pvp. Add some pvp options and a guild system and this game will be great.
The game closes (in the middle of nowhere) only during Navy Operation battle and i lose all my troops that are in the battle and the enemy gets no damage . It happened 3 times.
Could have been a great game, but as usual in mobile gaming, dev greed crippled it's potential. First few days you get decent units from draws (recommended to save for 10x, not single draws) but then suddenly the drop rate plummets to lower rank units. So upgrading your units becomes a matter of grinding BUT then the ads kick in, almost after every battle, usually lasting longer then the actual battle did. You can pay to stop ads but by then all interest is lost since there is no alliance part.
I saw another game called Trench Assualt, the game I saw is the original. Copyrighted with thumbnails + took the video from the original game to here.
Actually enjoyable. There is a lot of historical data on all the units and they are well enough made. Since it's marketed as an idle game I appreciate it doesn't take up half my day with pointless PvP and alliances (may stop as soon as they put them in). However for a collector, this is terrible to play since it always takes a metric ton of same rarity units to promote your units, and you'll sacrifice more than half of the good units you draw to increase others slightly. I do not like that system. Otherwise, good. Please please please add Japan troops!
This game is frontline war game their are artillery,tanks and infantry. That totally make this a war feeling but yeah their only four nation .Germany, russian,American and UK forces . So request to install more nation forces and install more tanks ,artillery and infantry units that will make game realistic .and pls make low the level prices and country level
Ads so annoying, sorry have to delete.. Will download back if you're not forcing people to buy vip to closed the ads
This is my first review of a game, mostly bc most games I've played aren't good enough in my opinion for a review, but this game is the best mobile game I've ever played, the only thing I'd like is maybe adding france or even japan, and just adding more troops/vehicles, other than that best most addictive game I've ever played
Initially it was fun but it is kind of repetitive actions and with not much of a strategy. You need to upgrade and be stronger to win, not necessarily, win with better plan and strategy. No much advertising but definitely a pay to win.
The perfect way to spend some time when you're bored at home. Great level of detail regarding the troops and their guns. Recommended.
I still haven't figured out when it starts the PvP part of the gameplay, hence I am level 7... and 1. player name is not required 2. opponents are AI & NPC 3. no chat 4. no team 5 I spent a few hours on it and is boring without "atmosphere" of a multiplayer... In reality is a big fake. A covert beta testing of a "probably, future pvp game", now in single player mode.
in each updates, rewards are getting lesser. it feels like developers are forcing the players to buy items.
What's going on with the game? It's asking me to update but when I try it doesn't give me the opportunity to. Please fix!!!!!
Deleting. Once you get to level 25 you have to watch a 30 second ad after every single battle. Ridiculous. The battles typically last less than 30 seconds so you're spending more time watching advertising than battling. Not to mention there isn't any censorship for he ads, nudity in the advertising not suitable for this type of game, disappointing.
This is a very entertaining game and your knowledge about army and tanks are better form this game 👍🏻👍🏻
This is a superb game but you need to look everywhere because this game is VERY complex and there are many ways to excel even without purchasing anything. Its a great game .
I tried several strategy games and this one is the best I've played. It's challenging but in a good way, I love playing Heroes of Way every single day!
Very good game would like it if you added more units as well as limited time units as well as a pvp gamemodes or option but very solid game with so much promise to it
I don't understand why no one's talking about how they clearly stole images from another game on the play store. The pictures aren't even close to the same game
It is quite good UNTIL you run into a wall where you cannot progress anymore, then you realize how badly has this game been executed... There is NO player to player interaction, no clans no PvP, nothing. Only PvE where you can choose out of 3 modes. When you hit the wall, you are only left with 1 mode to grind so you can upgrade your forces. The game died at that point for me.
finally a strategy game that has some real action. your army just didn't follow a dotted line across the board. there's real tanks and real cannons and real troops and it even looks real
Thanks for making us update so we have to watch ads now. I used to play this game everyday but no more!
Very good game with a nice setting with excellent graphics. It's also easy to learn the basics and get hooked to it.
Every time I say this is one of the best games I have ever played the game companies Manish to mess the game up on Naval operation you have to watch a full commercial after every match thank you for killing the game uninstalled
I gave it 5☆ after many games i installed and unistalled them after 5 minute.if u r a fan of a fair and enjoyable rpg games its one of the best.tank you heroes of war:ww2 idle RPG
I bought a monthly pack for 420 INR. It's still not reflecting on my account. This is absolutely unacceptable. My in-game name is ArkaBunk
This is a great game and I'm already recommending it to all my friends. The gameplay is fast and intense, exactly what I was looking for in a game like this.
My friends and I can play this game for hours and hours and it never bores us. Great graphics, sound and excellent gameplay.
I play this game from 2.3.month..and i never see whag do you present in theat short clip..what is this i meen it will bee in nearest future's updates?
Such a nice game, but after the update i get a server error message and can not play it at all. Very dissapointed!!
This is amazing game. Like pabji and free fire. But it is no 1 Hero I request to Google please see this app. Thank you Google thankyou Chrome thank you YouTube.
Fix the game i just started already having trouble from beginning. Telling me drag troops to battle and I'm trying nothing happens.
a decent game, nice graphics but lacking in content. the devs previously wrote that they will implement pvp, clan etc. and until then this game is kinda oneplayer without any social contact, no reason to progress, no reason to try different tactics. i really hope they would give us a roadmap on things to come,and date spesific. as of now i am investing a little time into this game, but i kinda get a feeling that i will lose interest soon :(
Great little game the developers answered my email straight away. Could do with fleshing out a bit though having clans etc. Will there be more challenges added soon please ?
Werid l thought it was trench assult but it is not 😭😭😭 why you don't care about trench assult improve it by adding zombie events, Hitler boss event ,and add emoji to chat with player 🙏🙏🙏🙏 please improve trench assult l am at head quaters 26 in that game also everything unlocked 😭🙏😇👍 l miss its older version 😭😭😭😭
VIP level has been set to 0 and Gold stored reduced significantly! Fraction recruitment all deleted! Uninstalled
UPDATE: Looks like this game is dead and has been long abandoned by the developers. Even my older review received no reponse from them. This game supposed to be a very potential game with realistic graphic design and battle effects. Despite too many ads, at first I don't really mind, but since no content update for long, not worth to be their ad revenue generators anymore.