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Hey Girl!

Hey Girl! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Lion Studios located at 1100 Page Mill Road Palo Alto, CA 94304. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Alcohol Use, Explicit Language) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
You see someone you like in the corner of your eyes and lucky for you they make eye contact! Now it’s time to play the game that is oldest in the book - can you impress them with your charms and make them like you? Now you can live out your simulations that are dating the fear of getting rejected. Make talk that is small make the right choices in order to get the girl! Will you get lucky tonight?

Use your best pick up lines to sway the outcome in your favor. Hey Girl! won’t cut it. You need to try harder than that. Careful about making the choice that is wrong you will be kicked to the curb. Can you find your girlfriend or boyfriend? Will you look the other cheat and way? Every outcome is funny so don’t worry about getting rejected. Let’s go smooth criminal - time to see what you’ve got!

Game Features:

1. Make the right choice!
How good are your small talk skills? Do you have the innate to charm your way into any scenario? Leave them in the palm of your hand.

2. Many scenarios to play out
Whether it’s the bar, outdoors, or just in a house - make the choices that are right any situation.

3. Fun for the whole family
Whether you are a boy or a girl, or a an adult or kid - live out wild situations that you can only dream of

4. Be a pickup artist
This game may help you out - learn some skills by playing out these scenarios that are dating.

You just like picking up dates, then Hey Girl! is the game for you whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain teasers, or! Hey you! - come play this game.

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any ideas that are awesome would like to see in the game!

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Hey Girl!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Hey Girl! for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
The game is good but it's more like 'Hey Ads!' Not "Hey Girl!". It's just ad after ad after ad! You can't play the game! If you fix this I will change it to a 5 star but it's a 1 star for now.
To many ads.I downloaded it for the ex level this isn't reality. Girls don't easily fall for you. Other then that it's a good game. But after you watch a ad it gives you another one and then another one depending on what leval
I give a 4 star because there's a lot of ads and it is quite fun and essie. I hope they make more because the first few levels are quite boring. I am on level 38.It is getting more and more entertaining and better and better.
Literally 5 ads in a row most of the time. Can't even enjoy the game with all these ads every few seconds. There are more ads than game play. Stupid
Way too many ads. Those ads that come up as options to progress is one thing, but there are ads that pop up throughout the game too. This seems to be their way of forcing you to pay for an ad free game, but I just find it annoying. I'll be uninstalling this game after this comment due to the high volume of ads. It's not like you win anything from it, such as cash to your account or PayPal/Amazon vouchers or anything.
Really fun game, I like it and it would totally be 5 stars if their wasnt an ad every 45 seconds. You have to watch ads to continue the chapters and unlock the gear your making us perchas for the missions. And double ads are not a rare event either.. other then that.. it's very entertaining
This app is totally amazing! I really like the storyline of this app. It's really interesting. But, One thing. The ads really needs to chill. They're popping out of no where whenever I pasted a level. But, Overall great game.5/5 stars!!! Thank you creator of this game! You did a wonderful job!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I game is good But THERE ARE SO MANY ADS. Every click of a button and there's an ad. And every time I exit a ad to continue an ad pops up in a second. This game could be good if it didn't have so much ads
This is a cash grab like seriously every time I tap something there's an ad every single time, chill it, I can't even play the game, most of the time I'm watching ads more than playing the game.
I thought it was nice at first. Got an ad after 2 rounds. Then I got a lot and some of the answers in the game are really dumb. The wrong answer is the right answer sometimes but they don't even go with that at all
Absolutely spams you with ads. More than 50% of playing time is watching ads. Does that really annoying thing of offering you a reward... if you watch an ad - and if you say no, plays the ad anyway. Uninstalled.
To be honest all the comments saying "DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME" are wrong for me all you have to do to skip the ads is press home and click back on the app and you can skip it if it's like 30 secs and you don't want to waste your time Really good app just add a bit more too it cause I got to level 172 and got bored so you are going for a long time but you get very bored....
Everyone in the comments Has said that they had so many ads to whatch but I didnt. I had one or 2 every 20 levels. I rated it 4 not 5 because there wasnt a lot of levels, I finnished the whole game in half a day and then it went back to the beginning. But other than that Its a great game and i really recommend getting it.
Look !! you people better fix the ads on the game cuz it's really messing up the game you really want to complete a story in the game and all of a sudden you get interrupted by an ad c'mon this is making the game a good game at all...
fun challenging and questionable I love it!!! it got quite hard but I really enjoyed it! It was fun to play <3 it wasn't really hard but got challenging time to time lol also lisa can sometimes over react also if u had a baby irl congratulations!! I'm not sure how to describe more but this is my rate bye! ♡~♡~♡
Absolutely horrible! The game was fine for a couple a weeks, but when I left the app for a while, the ads MULTIPLIED! I mean, one ad after every level is fine, but ad after ad after ad is just agonizing. I had to close out of 5 ads before I could choose an answer for the level. And on top of that, the game didn't save the level I was on and I had to replay 6 levels before I could reach the level I was on. Obviously there are A TON of bugs that need to be fixed before I ever play this game again.
Is this game? Or Advertising agency? I know advertising is also need for your Revenue. But I already watched an ad again another start. Even I couldn’t play. Just automatically if any ad start after finish that a loading then again ad.
I 100% recommend not getting this app. I was on the 2nd level and suddenly I get an ad. I watch it, then 6 more play. At that point I leave and uninstall the app. 7 unskipable ads, all in a row. I didn't even get to play the level. I'm certain that if I had kept going that more and more ads would appear. Horrible.
I rate this on one-star because there's too many ads every time I level up there's one at even though I don't even press it and it takes up too much space so I am deleting this game right away it is a horrible game but it is kind of fun got the same time it's weird never download this game
It is fun and amazing. Almost like it's based on real life. But the 1 problem is, how it keeps showing ads after when you complete the levels. Other than that. It's ok.
PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD:This game is horrible, I read a review thinking it wasn't true and really it was true. It is the worst game I have ever played. IT IS TERRIBLE! There is too many ads. It comes to a point where you cant play the game because when you exit an ad, another ad comes on. It can last for half an hour. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. IT IS HORRIBLE! Terrible....
Good game, yes it has a lot of ads, but it is worth it. Also love the interesting story and how smooth the guy talks yo get out of sticky situations.
This game was one of the worst games I've ever played. Though I only played it because it popped up as one of the ads at the other game I was playing, but this is still the worst game to ever exist! The conversations were nonsense, and ads would LITERALLY pop up every 30 seconds! Overall, this game was made as a joke. The people who made this did not do great. Please please please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!! By the way, the jokes were kind of immature and inappropriate!
I would rate it a five-star but it has a couple of ads everywhere and sometimes even if something is free or even sometimes it does not respond and that's the main thing of everything it doesn't respond on you click on something and that bothers me a lot but other than that that game is really good
Horrible. I like the game, but there are way way way too many ads. I wasted $4.99 to get rid of the ads, but I still get way easy way too many ads. I hate it. I want my money back or no ads. Grrrrrr.... It makes me mad knowing I wasted my money. Fix it.
Okay, I just got this game so I don't know much about it but I like it. The only flaw I have seen, this gets on my nerves, is that I watch one ad and suddenly I'm in an endless loop of ads! Please oh pleeease fix this! It's stupid! I have to exit out of the game to fix this. If you don't fix this I may have to delete the game! I do NOT want to do that so please fix it.
Game could be fun if it weren't for repeated unskippable ads, like not even one at a time which i could live with, but multiple ads one after another making me want to punch myself in the dick for downloading this trash.
This game is really funny and easy to play. But there is a lot of adds☹️ only when I play online. So I off my internet while playing this game. Now adds don't show up and let's me play happily 😀. So guys if want to get rid off adds (free) then just play this game offline 🙂
The game is very boring only 150 levels you can finish this game in one hour we just have to read and click one of the option and so many ads and after every level they aks us to rate the again and again very disappointed with this game it's like the game is of ads and they have added the game in the middle very angry on this game
Good game at first..... I watched an add to beg for pizza, after the add I kept getting ads! It was so annoying! Horrible game over all! If I could rate it lower then 1 star I would. Deleting it now. Hope my review helped someone.
It is good game but the reason for what I gave 3 stars is that if you tap on wrong sentence you have to watch to much add and some time add came in between and after robot attack level one conversation is there and game ends and it starts from beginnings so if manager fix add problem this game is good . l will download this game again and rate it with 5 stars. thanks
Too many freaking ADS!!!!! I couldn't even enjoy the game. It seemed like a game I could have gotten into, but when 3+ Ads are popping up one after the next I called it quits. I kid you not I just downloaded the game 10 mins ago and now I'm uninstalling it. Fix the Ad problem and maybe you might get more people to play and better reviews.
Okay so I like the game and all. But I hate the ads. Everytime I finish an ad. It shows the screen then quickly goes into another ad and constantly doing it and I hate it!! It's very annoying so if you love watching ads and wasting your time get this game!! I'm sure you'll love this game!!!!😤😤😠
Ok so the game will be fun but when I got it I could not even play. There was so many ads I could not even finish the first round I mean like what the heck. Please take a lot of the ads out you will have a good fun nice game if you did I mean I am just saying. By, Elizabeth❤
This game is HORRIBLE. I'm on level 2 and I can't even do the level, LEGIT THERE'S NO WAY I CAN PLAY THE LEVEL WITHOUT A AD. I know you guys are trying to make money, but instead of being dumb and adding MORE ads that DRIVE PEOPLE AWAY from the game, try being smart and taking AWAY some of the ads. If I could, I would rate this a no star, but yall lucky we can't cause you would have a 0 star rating.
There are so many ads i cant even make one choice without 3 ads in 5 seconds there are more ads than game play!!!!!!!!! MASSIVE BUG!!!! Sometimes your ads keep playing AFTER an ad is over the next one starts before i can choose so far its happened 3 times over 3 separate occasions now its FOUR TIMES I HAVENT P L A Y E D YET!!!!!!!
Omg please let us play this game it's annoying because of all the stupid ads that pop up after just finish watching an ad, what the hell you morons.... Let us play and one ad is more than enough and you guys have to continuously force us to watch ads? If we want to watch ads we will but this is so annoying more than annoying
This game is pretty fun ig, but oh my GOD there are so many ads. Not to mention all of them are like a minute, so it gets annoying really fast. I know that app developers need a way to make money but there's a clear boundary between wanting to make some money and straight up making the game unplayable because you want to make some money off your game.
Nice game but forced to watch ads, why don't you read the reviews and test your game? Even if I put my phone in airplane mode the game is trying to get me to watch ads... That's why I ended up disliking this game... Other than that this game is good!
Nice game but something that I don't like is the too much ads please remove some ads or I'll delete this game I like it you can really find love like this when your really not married cuz doing this is great when finding a lover if a girl is crying cheer her up like the level one when I enter it goes laggy so I'm deleting this
This game is very funny and easy those who know 😂 English but I will tell you. Something that there are so much add in this game so I will fell very boring 😴 but when there are no add then I will feel very funny 😂 there are so many dress 😂 and levels so you can enjoy this game but request to.all 9f them who have made this game plz remove the add .
This game is filled with adds. Now on other reviews I LIKE adds because they get ne new games. But this one is just filled with adds. You cant even read the awnsers without a FRICKIN add in ur face. Its annoying. And the amount of LAG gets me the right awnser and then I tap again thinking it wasnt working then ALL OF THE SUDDEN on the next question I AWNSER IT WRONG then I have to restart the ENTIRE level. This is a hate review. I.m sorry game. Just get less adds.
There are quite alot of ads but that doesnt relly bother me since you can skip. I wish the would let you choose ur own choice even if its a mistake and let the story continue on. Other then that the game is pretty good.
i'm new to this game at 7 i started playing this it was fun but my sister told me to get that game off it was for 17 or older somtimes thiers adds and that ok if one pops up it's just a game i mean i know you need money to pay your rent so you dont have taxes pls make new thing's you never updated pls make more new things!
Overall I love the game I play every day but the ads need to chill. I finish a level and it just keeps throwing ads and mr and i just keep having to restart the game and it's so annoying so if the developers could fix that, that would be awesome and that is why I'm giving the game three stars and if the developers fix that then I will write a better review and give the game five stars. Please fix the ads thank you very much.
I found this game through an ad and wow the ad was, Um.... let's just say.... It's different, lol. But the ads are inappropriate at times, so please chill out on making ads that is like the one I saw cause the ad I saw was insane (lol😳😂). And I wish you had more choices in the game cause you basically only have to pick the "good" choices in the and there's not to many options but I don't know, I wish there was more to the game cause it's not all that bad tbh. It just get boring after a while.
Really great app It makes me happy hahaha And also it Have too many ads but All you can do to turn off the ads is to exit the app and quickly open it again or just off your wifi and No ads will pop up ;) And Kinda funny too but,all I hate in this app is If you already reached the end It will restart And All I wanted is the level that I didnt reach before so please Add more levels Thankyou🙂
It was terrible! It let me play it once but when the first AD came Ir kicked me from the game and every time I try to open it if kicks me out... I disagree with this game because of ad and it kicks me out!
I dont know if i like it only because i kept getting ad after ad after ad. Therefore i had around 10 ads per level. Even if there was a "No Ads" button, i wont buy because 1 it might not work and 2 so many ads cant get to it. So can i politely ask you all to take away all of those ads? Only one is enough for me because one is too much (in my opinon).
This game is so lame. What you have to do in the game is cool. BUT when you watch an ad to get something it plays 3+ THREE ads after the one and they are one right after another after another. I can't even enjoy this game because of it. I downloaded this to be a time killer or a boredom killer but the ads kill that.
This is the most ad heavy game I've ever played. I love the game, but i couldn't get past some levels because there was just ad after ad. I didn't even get to choose anything. I had to turn my wifi off so i could play a little. If you download this game, be ready for a tsunami of ads!
Yes I gave you 2 stars...look I enjoyed this game alot! but the ads are just distubing. I understand its ads that support your app, I respect that. But, its just ads 24/7. You can show ads every now and then, just not every minute or even seconds . Pls try to make it less ads, or even 5 in a row.
There are like 3 or 4 ads after every single thing you do. It's super annoying. Fun game but the ads are ridiculous. Cut the ads down a bit I'm tired of seeing the same ad over and over again
Zero stars. Wasn't going to leave teview but it keep asking to review so here it is. Game should be called ad after ad. Finish a level ad. Click settings ad. If it asks you to watch an ad for a special reward do it cause guess what? Yep you watch the ad anyway. But if you do click watch ad for reward be prepared cause you'll have to watch an ad to get to that ad. More people would play if it had half the ads. I don't mind a few here and there but this many gets deleted immediately.
There is way too many Ads, never have I ever played a game like this. The company that made this game obviously only want the money, it's like everytime 1 ad pops up after than it keeps on going, seems like a fun game if It wasn't so much ads. Just to enjoy this game you'll have to turn off your phone wifi so that there will be no more ads such a waste of time🙄🙄
I like the game only I can barely play because after every ad there is another and another and another and it is just so stupid and annoying. That is why I rate it as a 1 star. I hope you guys will improve this game.
Every time you complete a very quick level, it gives you two ads that are both at least 30 second unskippable ads. Still a very stupid game from an actually good company. I guess they Than caught up in the annoying ads all for money. I do support the company and I play their other games so I'm not hating. I'm simply stating what I think could be improved. If we get forced ads, please at least let us skip them. Thanks for reading.
There are WAY too much ads! I am getting sick of them and I have to keep waiting! I'm also getting bored of the ads too! At least make it less ads there are just way too much!
this game is not worth your time to download it you dont have a lot of opions and you cant choose what u want to say and whenever im playing the game freezes then a ad shows up then it jumps off the ad and goes into play store and then i have to go back to the game i cant be bothered with it so im going to delete it
Way too many ads. Before I even downloaded this game, I already knew it was one of those non-stop ads kind of games. When you click/tap on the no, thanks button for that 200$ thing that you get by watching an ad, it still gives you an ad anyway. I'm done with this game. It has too many ads and just wants you to get the premium. I HIGHLY recomend you DON'T download this game unless you want a virtual pool of ads.
This game is fun but there is to many ads when I get a ad and it finishes I keep on getting ads and I have to exit the game if I get one ad but after all the games all right the only mistake is to many ads and I think it will be better if we get a sartin amount of coins instead of paying for no ads.
I understand ads are a way to get money but how greedy do you have to be? And the worst part, that the ads that come to this app that are unskippable! I tried being patient with this app but the ads just keep coming that just makes this game so unplayable!
the game has to many ads!!if the ad is long there will another ad its a good game bit the ad is the only problem here i hope they fix this i will change my review if the game has a little bit ads⊙﹏⊙
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! There are WAY too many ads and the gameplay is awful. I thought this game would be good but DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. Some ads finish and when you exit it another one comes on.
This is a horrible game! I barley even got to play cus there was a add every 2 seconds and I'm not JOKING legit I never even got to play this game. You should never get this game or any other games they have.all they want is your money!! I'm tired of games like this!! I only played for less then 5 mins and I even counted there wear 8 FREKING ADDS!!!!! DO NOT EVER USE THIS GAME!!
Very interesting and time killing app, I really recommend this game that love to make choices, customize. This game is amazing and I'm speechless!! How many stars do I put? *drum roll* 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reason why u I put 5 stars: I love the choices, I love how you can customize you house and your 2 characters it's just amazing! I think YOU should get the app. 👍(Edit) I just finished the game at level 150! It's lowkey heartbreaking though, but a very good game!! :)
WAY TO MANY ADS!!!!!! everytime I try clicking on something another ad and they dont stop and I have to wxit the game for the ads to stop but then they start again. Its TERRIBLE I have to delete this game.
Videos just kept playing. I couldn't do a damn thing because two seconds after I got back in the game and before I could make a selection another ad started. Couldn't even try for a no ads version because of how quickly the next ad would play.
Not even joking, you get two to four ads back to back without progressing the story a single question. I clicked the +150 coin option and got five ads straight before it crashed my phone. Massive scam. Game isn't even like the ads it has out, either.
One problem:. ADS!!!!!! I started level six, ad. When that ended, ad. When that ended, ad. The ads never ended and removing them takes $5
The game is fun. But there are too many homosexual ads for me. 90% of the ads are 2, girls about to do something unseemly. I'm not with that nonsense. Messing with our children minds
I mean, the game is fine or whatever. Very easy to navigate and great if you want to shut your brain off and pass time. Loads of adverts, but you get used to that. I find myself getting frustrated with the woman in the game though. Like, what are you bringing to the table other than a 'pretty face'?! So demanding too! Anyway. It's fine. The game is fine.
Opened the game, played less than 3 minutes gained first girl then hit tthe 3x button for $150 in game currency and then got hit with like unstoppable ads one after another, some type of ad glitch? Made playing the rest of the game impossible. Please fix this glitch within a month bc I am not coming back here past that time to check to change my rating.
You got an add every 10 seconds? I saw an add to get an item, then right after that 30 second add finished another random add started. You have the balls to ask for payment to remove the adds after the 3rd level after i had to sit through 3 minutes of add? You guys are crazy how do you expect anyone to pay to remove the adds if we cant even play the game to see if we like it? I wouldnt recommend this game to anyone. This is not a game, its an advertising frenzy.
I like this game but their is way too many ads I got 11 ads in a row!!! So I'm deleting this app because they are way too greedy with the ads 😠 and I was enjoying the game but they had to ruin it
Horrible!!! The game itself is good but the amount of ads I literally can't even play the game there's that many every time I try and do something ANOTHER ad pops up again and again non stop it's ridiculous I don't mind the od ad here and there but this many is just stupid!! Fix it please otherwise no one is going to want to play your game and you have to pay a rather big sum JUST FOR REMOVING ADS its not like loads of money but just to remove ads that much it ridiculous honestly sort it out!!!!
is a fun game but whats a fun game with 250 ads after every button you press also i got like FIVE ADS in a level and i couldnt even get to choose anything because of the amount of ads!!!!!
Dumb. Too much ads. Waste of time. Disappointing. Crappy. WHY so much dang ads? If your gonna give us ads, at least make them be able to skip or just one every ten minutes. Can't get past freaking level 3 because there was so many ads. You need to fix this quickly. You got too many people complaining about the ads. DO YOU EVEN LISTEN TO PEOPLE!? DO YOU NOT WANT PEOPLE TO PLAY YOUR ANNOYING SIMP AD STUFFED GAME???!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.
Look. The devs aren't gonna read this. They know what this is. This is a lazy cashgrab with lazy art and a lazy story. No great feats of coding, writing, or art were accomplished here. But the devs know that. I played the whole thing; even paid to remove ads, which doesn't work. I wish I could get the hour or so I spent playing this game back. Didn't expect anything better, though. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Are you the type of person that likes to sit down and watch nothing but ads then this is the game for you. But seriasly if I could give this game 0 stars I would. When ever an ad was done and I went back to the game 2 seconds later another ad and I wasn't even doing anything I was buzzy ready what the people were saying so this game is literally ad after ad after ad.
I love the game and each star for a reason: 1:because it's really free 2: it's really fun. And three: yay. Four: cause the characters are cute. But four stars because the story restarts once you get to the end. It's annoying. Plus the levels are too easy.
Very interesting and time killing app, I really recommend this game that love to make choices, customize. This game is amazing and I'm speechless!! How many stars do I put? *drum roll* 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reason why u I put 5 stars: I love the choices, I love how you can customize you house and your 2 characters it's just amazing! I think YOU should get the app. 👍
I love how some people complain about how many ads are on games like this. They must have forgotten that these games are free and SOMEBODY has to sponsor these games lol. Anyways cool game!!
The reason this is getting a one-star is well they need to change the game title from hey girl to the ad game because as much as you play the game you're really play more the ads and maybe 1% of the game I gotten three ads after closing out before I could start playing and then I got an ad to write the game when i clicked rate your game the game is actually about the ads and not the game it's really the real game is testing your patience on the ads uninstalling this game deserves to go away
It was ok at first.... then OMG ad OVERLOAD!!! Couldn't get past a level not too far in the game cause ten plus ads kept popping up preventing you from proceeding. Would've been a really good fun game.... u
So I just got this game and I already hate it. There is so many adds I can't even go to the next level without like 10 adds. I can't take it. I recommend not downloading this game. If you have this game uninstall it right now.
This game is pretty good actually this game would get 5 stars if it doesn't contain so many ads...if u decide to play this game for 20 mins u could only for 5 mins coz the other time will be wasted on ads...its shows that see a ad n u will get $200 but after seeing 3 ads only u can get the money...so if u have patience to watch unlimited ads do download the game
Ive seen other reviews like this, There are way too many ads, Terrible. When a ad ends, Another ad comes up, Trying not to be rude but this app is terrible bc there are too many ads, Please remove the ads or im uninstalling, (Srry if my review seemed complaining) But please REMOVE. Also i dont like the game but please remove the ads and the game would be better (Could have rated this 5 stars if there were no ads) Bye.
Way to many ads, its ridiculous. Basically every minute you have to watch about a 30 second ad. Sure there's an option for $5 to remove ads, but it isn't worth it. If it were like $1 or $2 then ok. But never seen a game charge that much to remove ads.
Honestly it *might* be mildly entertaining if it weren't for the ads. But you have to watch an ad to do ANYTHING. Pass a scene? New ad. Extra cash? New ad. Special story? New ad. Sometimes it isn't even just one ad it's 5 or 6 of them back to back. In order to get ad free play you have to pay $4.99, more than any other ad removal I've seen in other games. All in all if you don't mind watching ads more often than playing the game you downloaded this is the game for you. Zero stars.
This game is fun the only thing I would like to change would be you have like 3 lives or something like that so you don't have to do the level again when you get it wrong but besides that this game is awesome
Stay away from this game absolutely boring with no sense of purpose whatsoever period also if you do play it do not purchase the 4.99 no ads add-on. Purchased it thinking it was going to make the game quicker and ended up watching more ads in the long run complete waste of time and money as you don't get what you paid for
This is ridiculous if you play this game for ten minutes only 30 seconds is actually the game part the rest are adds if you want to wast your time on it then go ahead but this game is trash. I uninstalled the app because of it and I had it for like 15 minutes that is so ridiculous and stupid. You shouldn't even get one star because of how dumb and ridiculous this stupid app is I'm telling you that this is just a waste of your time and they are making money off of our stupid mistakes.😡😡
fun game but producers are really ad pusher happy if go to double money by watching a video or to get free stuff in game...you watch one ad....ok coolthen the ads just keep rolling in at you...have to get out of game and go vack in to get them to stop so can play more of the game.
Do what everyone else Is saying and do not under any circumstances download this game. Unless you are somebody who loves to watch ads more than me than this is the game for you. Its ridiculous that you watch an ad to get a bonus reward and have to end up watching 3 more ads. And you can't even skip them after 5 seconds but have to watch the whole thing. And 2 seconds after you finally get back to the game another ad pops up. The developers are fricken morons. 90 percent ads is all it is.
The app is fun but there is way way too much ads. If u want to play a quick level but get 2-3 ads after each level this is a game for you but for me there is way to much ads so ill be uninstalling.
This game is pretty good, I only rate this a 4 tho and not five because it doesn't have a lot of levels if they add more levels I would give it a 5 stars. With the ads I recommend turn off you wifi connection on your phone that way no ads will pop up.
Bruh, I can even enjoy this game cause there was too many ads! Like I just got 5 ads out of a time and I can't even pick an option because of ads! And also I've got an ad after watching an ad, can you at least remove some ads? Its so annoying like it happens every time! Especially this game was also boring all you do is just pick an option why can't we do like something else fun? I don't really understand this app it's very bad, this is like probably the worst game I've ever downloaded. Fix this
It is one of the best games I played but also my least favorite at the same time because some some parts of the game is a little mean and it just makes you feel mad that if you choose one of the options that you wanted to and it's wrong then. That kind of makes me feel angry because if I want to choose something that's wrong then I can't choose
Worst game ever I played this game is rubbish too many ads that I could not play the game I have never played the game search like this all those who gave 1 start to this game am they all were right this game has many ads and every time they tell us to give rating aur to remove ad it can be a better game why not too many ads so I request to whoever have made this game please remove a little bit of AD thank you bye bye
Amazing game i mean the ads can be annoying but later on ads almost completely disappeared. Also the best part is that if you try to continue after the final level it will send you back to the first one, which made me think that the game the main character was play at the start was the game i had just played. Like it gave me like that matrix feeling
After paying to get rid of the egregious ads, the game won't play videos to get bonuses, free items, etc. This app is worthless I paid to get rid of the ads and they are still there, the app is less than worthless.
Thus game is terrible once you start playing there is and advert, but it goes on and on and on and on. It feels like I downloaded and app to watch adverts, no I downloaded an app to play the game, not to watch adverts over and over and over and over again. Unless your an advert lover I don't recommend this game.
This game is stupid , the amount of ads is too much, when you watch an ad another will pop up and the game will freeze and you have to restart the app again, and the worst thing is that when you restart the game you won't even get the reward from watching the add
This game has way too many ads. Like I tried to upgrade that would only take like one ad. So I watched and clicked the next button just for another ad! Then, I watched that ad just for another one to pop up. After that one finished, ANOTHER ONE popped up. I had actually enjoyed bits and pieces of the game. Too bad that it's all going down the drain with the click of the uninstall button.
THERE ARE TO MANY ADS I watch an ad for something and then right when I'm going to choose my answer another ad pops up .It be a great game if there weren't so many GOSH DARN ADS. Also the game freezes and kicks me out of the game and I end up back at the beginning of were the ad option pops up and it keeps doing the same thing. At this point it seems like you this company is just fishing for money from the ad company's.
I give it three stars. When i first downloaded, I thought that it was an amazing game. It is pretty good, BUT!!😡 there is to many ads and it make mad .Edit: do not download this game i was nice enough to give a 3 stars but this no more chances there is to many ads😡😡
Hey girl! Is a good game I made to the beach part but when I got the bathing suit for the boy after one and it was ad after ad after ad it wouldn't let me go a whole second before an ad.i wasn't able to read the 2 answers to answer the girl after she saw me in the bathing suit.if this keeps happening I'm going to have to stay off the game until this bug or whatever it is gets fixed if it does happen to stop with the non-stop ads I will continue the game and hope that it doesn't happen again 😕😕
I totally hate this game. First of all it has to any ads one after another and I hate that, second of all when you try to claim a thing it will be like claim and the like when you watch an ad more ads will come repeatedly one after another. This while game is just ads and nothing else. I advise you dont wanted your time on this stupid game coz it's just freaking ads
I finished the game and it's tbh a kinda sad ending. I would like to maybe see more of Hey Girl! A disadvantage is probably the ads. Too many ads. It's not that bad though !! It's really a pretty cool and it shows most of the story of life. It's okay though, so 4 stars !! 🌸✨
If i could give this game a 0 star I would it is the ads like when your are trying to select a choice like 6 or 7 ads pop up then your sitting there for like 20 minutes trying to figure out what is going on and then after a while the game gets really boring I personally would not play this game.
I give this one star because their are just so many ads. Don't get me wrong it is a fun game to play, but the amount of ads takes the fun out of it. I literally had 5+ ads in a row before I could even move on to the next option. I do ask for them to limit the amount of ads so people can give it 5 stars.
This is literal dog $h¡+. After you finish a level you get like 2 or 3 ads that you can't even skip. Also the levels are way too short and not enjoyable. I'm uninstalling this cash grab game right now. The developers only wanted to make this game for money.
A bit....weird...but enjoyable I downloaded it for giggles but it's actually a pretty enjoyable. I mean yeah the adds are annoying but personally, I'm fine with them. I was surprised when I reached the end (since most of these games don't have an end). I grew to like the characters though I will say they're annoying. But overall, an okay-good game.
Pathetic game. Extremely boring and predictable gameplay with almost forced responses from the player else the game ends. Annoying advertisements after every 3 questions. Why are the makers so greedy about making money? Create a good product first before monetinzing so greedily. Kills the fun of the game.
Ugh ok so I played this game and it was pretty good and all but when I pass the beach level, we have to look for a bikini for the girl and then when I try to press the skins button but an ad popped up and then after that ad came another one and I couldn't do anything except for exit the app. I domt understand why it was doing that but I hope it is fixed soon.
I don't like this game EVERY time I try to play an AD comes on and I can't even play with all of the ENDLESS ads so what the point of keeping this game (I don't recommend getting this game your bacically just watching ads when u get it very irritating 😤😤*Deleted*
I don't like it it is so boring I mean it is fun at the beginning but when I got to level 9 I was so bore so why does it make boring things it needs to look a little more really not so weird music it needs to be calm music not boo dod ball what so that is my story of it and stay and at home love DJ
Seems like it has potential to be a great game BUT, right now, don't waste your time nor space (on your device) to download this game. The amount of ads that you have to weave through is extraordinary idiotic. I don't know if the developer(s) are even reviewing or testing their game because, how can you miss the valuable time being wasted on waiting for the ads to run? Right now, I would give it a star so low that it wouldn't even have a number. Again, it has potential but not right now.
I LITERALY HATE THIS GAME. Every two seconds you get an ad. And you cant even do anything so, i give this game a one star review. Everything else in the game is good like the controls, the graphics are ok, and gameplay, but the ads need to calm down. If you were to upgrade this game at all just take away some of the ads. Now i'm ok with having a few ads but what i'm talking about here is ad after ad after ad, and its very annoying if you ask me. Also for a matter a fact some of the ads are bad.
Every time I beat a level the ad pops up but I did a few levels in one attempt and this game is more fun than geometry dash lite but in hey girl there's so many ads but if you want to get rid of them you need to pay if you see the no ads button at the home but you have to pay for it and even this game is more fun but sometimes it's pretty funny because I looked at the picture and Jeff said did you fart to Lucy and that was pretty funny and I loved this game but there are alots of ads so I gave i
Way way way, too many ads! I had to watch 11 ads in a row! Deffidently do not recommend if you do not like ads. To the creaters:It would be nicer if you could please just make one ad one round, another round dont have an add, another round you do, Please and thank you!
This is a fun game but it cannot go 10 seconds without showing an ad , I usually don't give rewiews but this horrible. I gave a rewiew as it kept asking me to give one and I wanted to give an honest review. I am sorry but just my honest opinion.
I only started playing the game and when the man approached the woman on the bench my phone turned off. When I went to play again and got a dog adverts kept playing and I couldn't go back to playing. I would not reccomend this game and I would certainly reccomend not downloading.
Paid the three bucks to remove ads but if you want to go in depth into the story, you're still forced to watch ads. Plus, this game is basically a simp-simulator. You endlessly compliment some thot that doesn't respect you in the slightest, that's the whole point of the game. 1/10
Its good i just don't like the fact that there is alot of ads i dont like ads every time i finish a level there is a bloody ad so plss fix this whoever made the app i would be grateful if you could do it if u remove the ads i will rate it a five star so again pls remove the ads Thanks to developer this app Yours sincerely gamer lover <3
It's a good game but, there's too many ads and I hate it.whencim trying to do something I just get ANOTHER ADD. But other than that it's a good game.just lay down on the adds. :(
Game was good for first few minutes then I couldn't even select a choice before getting hit with an ad wait until able to skip ad and bam hit consecutively with ad after ad at least 5-6 in less than 30 seconds even thought maybe since I skipped it that it just didnt register so let the ad don't thing close go to make choice bam another ad game is unplayable wouldnt waste your time.
Good idea badly delivered The game itself is a fun idea but none of the buttons work when you click on them (except the one's that allow you to spend £££) 🤔🤬 Ads are too many too frequently you spend more time watching the same ads than actual gameplay don't download it's not worth it.
Unless you are willing to pay 5 bucks upfront, you will be bombarded with 30 seconds of ads for every 15 seconds of gameplay. I only went as far in the game as I did because I thought the concept was interesting. I can't actually rate the game because I couldn't actually play it because of all the ads. Would give it zero stars if I could.
an ad plays then another then another. people would like it better if they could play any part of the game if they were not stopped in the the middle of action to watch an end less line of unstoppable ads. only if there was a way to stop it but wait. pay money to stop the ads that's good right. wrong it is a trap the ads still interrupt play, sometimes before you can even read what the game is trying to tell you. IT SUCKS.
Horrible way way way to many ads and I just wanted to play a single game but it's Horrible the first games have no ads but from then they are like 50 ads when you just want to do 1 thing the so many ads!!!!!!!
This game lost one star because it has a lot of ads when I was just gonna tap on the option the ad came then when I was gonna do that again the ad came and this happened like a lot of time and I don't like it you better update the game and reply me that will you decrease the number ads or should I Uni install the game and give it 0 stars well at least one star
It's an amazing game but the only problem is all of the ads. After each day in the game it asks me if I'd like to triple my earnings from the day and if I say yes I have to watch an ad but if I say no thanks it gives me an ad anyway.
There are soo many ads! If is almost not worth it. It is a shame because I have fun playing it, but I cant even do anything without like five ads! It is mega annoying and I hope they will fix this.
I like the game it's cute but it has way to many adds and sometimes I get 3 or 4 ads in a row I keep thinking about uninstalling it but its still a fun game Ok this is an edit I'm deciding I am going to uninstall the game because there are too many ads and I found out there is an ending which in my opinion is really dumb so I would not recommend this game to anyone usually I dont leave reviews but this is really bad
This is the same as Noon Sharia, I would like to say that, YOU NEED TO FIX THIS GAME. Anyways, I have experienced multiple ads over and over again. One time I couldn't even manage to get past a level from all these ads. Please fix this.
Horrendous.. There are more ads you play than the actual game. You play for 30 seconds and play ads for 2 minutes. I don't see this game going anywhere 😡.
Honestly, I think it was an okay game, but the ads. When you finally got done with an ad, the game threw another one at you, and then another and another, and so on and so forth. I got like six ads in a row. SIX! The game would be WAY better if there was just one ad every 2 rounds. Not 6 ads every 5 seconds.
They will be unable to skip ads and they would pop up after another ad and if your not the type of person to have ads pop up many times Dont install this app. It's fun and there ads are what they Do. that is all thank you for reading this:)
Look, it's a good game but there are just TOO MANY ADS So if the maker of this game sees this then please put less ADS. And I don't understand this topic of game because there are many popular games like 'save the girl' and 'girl next door' that have the same topic, so to me it's a waste of money and not worth playing. It also gets easily boring after half an hour of play so this game is NOT RECOMMENDED... more to say but you probably don't want to hear it.
This was one of the best random mobile games that I have ever played i found it in a add so I was like why not and it was better than I thought it would going to be the story line started of Sorter good but as it Went on it has gotten better overall this is a good game to play.
This game is very interesting and I just think that it has WAY too many ads ones you get to higher levels not even that high you can't even play the game because of all the ads. So if you LOVE ads then this game is for you.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! TOO MANY ADS! When I played it two ads came up and they were unskippable! If you were to play for 20 minutes, you would spend 15 minutes watching ads. When you get a wrong choice it says game over straight away. Uninstalled at level 3. Edit: Please fix this and I will get the game again. And make it with less ads. And make more levels instead of 150. And the rating will go up.
What a trash "game". It's more a visual novel than anything, I'd say there's a difficult choice every 40 levels or so (and there's only about 200 levels.) Ads after every single choice. The grammar is atrocious. Do yourself a favor and don't download this, it's a waste of time.
Too many ads after finishing one ad and then it pops up in another one and another one and another one and so on after I finished just one ad. Personally I like this game but if it wasn't for the ads this game would have a higher rating of five stars but because are the ads being spammed a lot I gave this game a 1-star. I would appreciate if the Creator could fix. This game has many freaking ads where you can't even play it so please fix it
Horrible Never Played a game like This. Every level has 3 questions, after every level unskippable adds. If u give any answer wrong, automatic unskippable Ads. Dint understand, whether in middle of Game we having ads or in middle of ads we having game.
This game is really fun to play but I cant stand watching these ads back to back like I would pass a level or I'm in the middle of a level and they would make you watch three ads in a row and I feel it would be best if you could just put an ad in every 2 levels please I'm tired of watching three ads in one level
DON'T GET THIS APP!!! If i dont answer the question in the first 5 seconds it goes to a ad. Also after 75% of each ad my screen would go black; and the only way to stop it from being black is resetting my phone.I uave updated my phone restarted my phone, deleted the app and then reinstalling it again but nothing changes it.DON'T GET THIS APP!!!
PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD:This game is horrible, I read a review thinking it wasn't true and really it was true. It is the worst game I have ever played. IT IS TERRIBLE! There is too many ads. It comes to a point where you cant play the game because when you exit an ad, another ad comes on. It is absolutely dreadful. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. IT IS HORRIBLE! Terrible....
Wow every single next is an advert which ruins your game . You don't get the chance to make her mad just a new ad and start over till you pick there answer. If you don't pick there answer then you don't get anywhere. It's boring there's no freedom in the game.when buying bits in game the items are so high priced so takes you ages to get anywhere unless you watch an ad every 30 seconds. It's stupid and a useless download
This is not a game this is an ad simulator, for just a short game you get 2 to 3 ads and it always says "please rate us 5 stars to help our company" but how are we going to rate u five stars if I can't even play 2 games and see what is happening and if you have low patience, PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME😡😠🤬
As you see I only voted this 4 stars instead of adding one more that makes 5 it was well the game is fun buttt it keeps crashing like the game loads and then it's so close to loading all the way but like it exits the game like it crashes I KEEP TRYING SO MUCH AND SO HARD AGIAN AND AGIAN LIKE idk but this is funn but not LIKE DEFINITELY NOT FUN WITH CRASHING AND TRYING AGIAN AND AGIAN PLS FIX THIS FAST NOWWW!!!!
Nothing to really describe i can deal with some ads but not every second every time I try to play it ad pops up I can't even push anything without a ad popping up what's up with all the ads that is too many of them I can't even tell if I like the game or not I am so deleting it too many ads I can't even play it what a waste of data play on your risk if you want
Horrible...barely start playing and you get bombarded with ads. I don't mind watching a few ads, I get that you need to make cash somehow, but to have 15+ ads in a row one right after another....ridiculous
What is with the ads?!! The game worked fine at first, but as I got an ad, I got a next one and a next one AND another one! It was at the point where I couldn't even play the game! And I literally just reached the chef part! Please fix this.
Okay game, easy to learn and play, good new concept. This game has so much potential but seems stuck on ads and having players watch so many of them to advance , when the player does not select ads they are forced to watch them for no rewards, this ruins the game play and fun.
100% WOULD NOT RECOMEND! you are waisting your time. All it is, is ad after ad after ad! Not joking to cant even press anything at all! Its crazy! For those of you looking for a past time game there is a game called Dunes i really like just pls do not waste your time with this!!! If i could i would give 0 stars.
Very fun but really not into the excessive amount of ads in the game. Like me not touching the screen pulls up an ad and when I do click like almost every click is an ad like cmon I want to see fun and story in this game not stuff I don't want to see a hundred times before I get to play
Downloaded it out of curiosity. I've played up to the part where the child is a toddler, and jesus christ I hope this ironic. It depicts a toxic and codependent relationship. The two main characters are both poor and rude to each other, unable to keep a job because they're so focused on each other. The male is trapped in a cycle of abuse from all the adults in his family. They're at least emotionally and verbally abusive. I wouldn't be surprised to see this cycle of abuse continue to the child
Hey, this is the worst game I have ever played...how come you people show so many ads after every level...and we need to pay for no ads??...its my suggestion...please stop the number of ads that are played after each level.
There was too many ads!!! I try to play and at first there was no ads. But when I passed level one, ad. Level two?? I COULDN'T GET PAST! It was ad apon ad apon ad and there was no end to them. Otherwise good game. I don't thinkI willplay ever again. UNLESS! They fix this issue.