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Horror zone: Pipe Head

Horror zone: Pipe Head for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Arleano Games located at Плеханова 6-48. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Horror zone: Pipe Head invites you to become a stalker that is real fight the terrible Trubogolovy.

Paranormal activity was observed in the protected area and you, as an experienced stalker, are sent on a mission to collect information about an creature that is unknown. You have to explore the terrible surroundings, find the necessary items for your salvation, plan an escape or even try to kill a scary monster.

No one knows for sure where this creature came from, but all as one will say "It is the creature of the devil." Remember one thing, your life is in your hands. Try to use your energy to the advantage that is maximum you will need it to hide from the pipe-head. Use the items found for their intended purpose, you have too time that is little improvise.
Be vigilant and carefully inspect every part of the forest, otherwise the monster will catch you at the most moment that is unexpected. It craves blood, it wants to hear your screech, it wants to kill you and gobble up you.

Three reasons to download our horror game.

1. A chance to experience horror that is real face your fears.
2. Incredibly location that is creepy filled with monstrous sounds and frightening effects.
3. The opportunity to get acquainted with the cult character trumpeter, whom you will remember for a long time.

Do you like horror games? Interested in anomaly stories? Do you believe in the supernatural?
Then this horror game is perfect for you.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Horror zone: Pipe Head.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Horror zone: Pipe Head for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Well I'm sure everyone knows this is kind of a siren head ripoff BUT I really enjoy this game! It's real fun! The graphics are awesome and the controls are awesome keep going creators!
Game is good but I can not pick up the paddles for the boat.Also siren head just kills me out of no where.Also I can't pick up the key and I can't pick up the paddles either.Please fix this please
This game is good walking is also good but the problem is that you can't hear footprints of pipe head monster and escaping from pipe head without killing him is so easy
My phone doesnt have much storage so I downloaded this game and I was not disappointed it was so good the graphics r great and I highly recommend it to yal.
I like this game my first time I playing HORROR ZONE PIPE HEAD and graphics so easy to control but Russian language.
Pls add via hotspot local multiplayer So we can play the game with friends And olso i love the graphics and its soo scary hopw u will add the local multiplayer Best siren head game on mobile ;)
Good game but update. It where you can be pipe head please add it to the game plz add a jaw in the pipe plz the creator of this game is so awesome And gab ton
Nice game but super duper ultra hard its very hard to win in the next update please make pipe head move much slower because pipe head is extremely fast and always cathes me and please add ghost mode in which pipe head cannot see you and kill you (for beginners and people with weak heart)
This is very good game 👌 enden watch may video in YouTube name in YouTube is (buur) just doit my video is funny momen just watch it( thank you)
Well at first I thought it would be wack. I was trying to drive the car and couldn't get through the gate... But I ran around got to the boat ran back got the key found the chest got the nail puller etc etc and it started coming along good until I finished it. I think the button layout should be customisable and the run should never get tired but 🤷🏿‍♂️ hey
Suggestion, his walking animation is kind of lame. When hes walking and stops, he slightly hunches over making him look like an enemy from one of these knockoff granny games. You need to make him walk more stiff like the real siren head game does. If you do that it will be much better. Overall the game is the best siren head clone on the play store. The graphics and controls are great and theres a sensitivity option. The environment is big and the thunderstorms are a nice touch.
Sorry to say but😟 , This game has a bug i know ur sad but this game has a bug the bug is......*sigh*th-the bug is when i get inside a house pipe head caughts me thats the bug how can....a giant creature could caught u inside a house.This is not......even.....fair fix this bug or.......i will delete sorry for saying😞😞
It's a good game but all I want is that we should be able to see pipe head on the map represented by a red dot.
I gave the game a one star cause I've tried 15 times to get past the gate but I can't I'm sorry i just dont understand.
First of all I want to say it is a fabulous game. The graphics are good and gameplay is superb. Those of who rated it 1 star didn't know that there is the other way to go round the main gate. I liked this game and I am giving it 5 stars.
I love this game but you should make a mode called become pipe head and you should catch yourself please make it
This game is an Art. It felt so real. Its like Radiation island with the perfect monstro. It reminds me of Russia.
This is a great game but I think that you should of added more stuff to do.The pipe head guy is not hard to escape you see him just hold the run button away from him then he is gone you should make him faster.This is a really great game good job on this and you should really play it!
Love the game but you should add ghost mode the first time I played i died but I wish I had time learn the game.
What a game ✌✌and one pipe,s. head monster is too scary I didn,t think about it and it was so best. jorney to the west and It was realy ,so horror atmosphere and many tasks to. do I like it 👍👍.
This game need to be optimized better because when you reached the boat at beginning the creature attack without warning you and had to restart all over again not quite satisfied how this game works
Lack of story, and way too short... I mean I got a key and a bolt cutter. I finished without even using the key. The graphics, excellent, controls are F-ing brilliant, I should know - I've played many of the horror games, I love them. A decent long story driven game is what is needed on the play store! I'd happily pay for such games with a smile. If you can make something like this game, you might as well consider going the extra mile and make a proper and complete game. Show everyone you can!
This game is so good and A good story and it has realy super natural or paranomal activities and i request you to plz make a second part of the game?!
This game is sooo weird when I died pipe head just picked me up and then threw me away like I was just trash
Bro it is the bestest game ever too much horror cause I am a youtuber I decided to upload in YouTube and trust me I got so many likes I don't know how to thank you . Thank you so much ❣️
Its a good game overall, i just have one problem. This happened on objects like tires, fallen trees and sometimes walking into buildings. i get stuck and cant get out, like there is no way. Its frustrating because i get a key, make my away across the whole map, just to get stuck and then i gotta end my game. That's all, please fix that.
Great game but i have some recommendations: first of all you should be able to locate pipe head on the map by putting a red dot, second of all you should be able to play multiplayer, there should be easy, normal, and hard level. Easy making pipe head slow, normal give him normal speed, hard make him a little faster, finally there should be arrows pointing to the path into pipe head forest. Other than that this is a good game! Keep up the great work! :)
This game is pretty fun but every time I go inside a building to hide from pipe head he still kills me so can you please make it where every time you go in a building pipe head cant get you. But other than that the game is cool
Wow! I love it. Thank u. This is my new search. It's Russian game. The one with a grate thing. I really hope that I can get a little more time. I've to offer some joy. But if I needs to be there. This is a grate one. 💖👍🏻
I have a problem shooting with the shotgun doesn't work when I kill pipe head I tried to kill him but it doesn't work so please fix it!🙏
Unless you want to waste your time trying to figure out how to even get past the gate I will highly recommend you not to download it. And again there's no jump button so you can't even pass the first stage of the game. I have even tried the tyres but it just didn't work and I don't even get to see pipe head. Please don't waste your time and data downloading this game.
Graphics are good but the problem is, when the heavy rain starts, suddenly the game hangs and the phone restarts automatically. I tried this 4 times but always the same problem.
I love the game but the sprinting stops while I'm holding it it's like I got hit by a invisible thing that's on my way pls fix it
It is a amazing game , I plays this game more time from others game . And it graphics are also cool, and so much creepy 😬😌.
If you added a red dot from pipe head on the map that would be awesome! But love it best game yet!!!!! Made my year!
Not bad! This is probably the best siren head game out of the bunch. Controls are clear and easy, ambiance is well done, monster sounds are creepy and the atmosphere quite tense. Its in Russian but its not too complicated and I could still understand what's going on without the need for translation.
This game is so cool because pipe head is scarier because if you play this game when you right next to the bow hero jump scare you but then you have the run into the shed because you have to find the key and then you get the crowbar and then you get the wine cutters and then yes open the gay and then you get drive home
This is a fantastic android horror game, i've ever played. The grapichs are good and its easy to control. It just lack on the story but still great app. I recommend this to people out there that want some fear to face
I liked the game very much. It's very interesting and action game . But one problem is there . It should show a red Dot where is pipe head
I I fricking loved it...How the Proximity sound of that creature is so great,let me ya.. And how I love horror games where you being hunted by gigantic creatures,so awesome..But, it will be better if the features gameplay that whatever sound you make, from afar that creature will came after it..Btw, awesome game
Why can't I open the game:( .... After the unity thing first pop up what I see is just a silver screen with bird sound...hope you guys fix it cause I really want to play this game
I really like this game although Pipe Head moves faster than me and the RUN ability drains fast.I hope the develpoer will adjust the duration.Keep up the good work!
I had a lot of fun but I only saw him once in the hole game. Pls make it harder. But other than that awesome game.
Great game happy to see that you've fixed the issues with this recent update the graphics, gameplay, and the atmosphere of the game are all good really gets your heart racing while being pursued by the monster only reason why i give it a 4 star and not a 5 star is because i'm waiting for the second half of the game can't wait for it to be released thanks
This game is fun many dangerous but i just want is this game can multiplayer i like it😍😍😀pliss can u make this game multiplayer
I love this game its wonderfull because I found in this game pipe head the good in this game that its hard to play really because I want to run from pipe head he is really scary he scared me when I died so download its really wonderfull so I actually going to play this game I cant even get the paddles in this game so the game is good thank you because its gameplay and really good play just download it and you will now the graphics is not good but the game is good thank you
It's a good game. Very similar to og Slenderman. Ambience good. Sound good. Controls good. The problem is that I got a few clipping bugs (in the warehouse mainly) and I GOT STUCK IN THE ROOF OF THE SECOND ISLAND BUILDING!! :( why did you even put a ramp up there if you can't get down? "oh I'm gonna get killed by this huge frikkin monster because I don't know how to climb a step..." Oh, and adds for hints don't work. Otherwise, very neat game.
I'm more used to siren head😂 But I like this one to! It's adventurous and cool Very creepy to😳 just I can't get passed the part where it comes out of the water like before you can back up and run he's already At you.