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Hospital Inc.

Hospital Inc. for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Mindstorm Studios located at 81 Babar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Patients are sick and they need your care! Be the doctor that is best you can be in Hospital Inc. Clients will come in with different ailments. Help children that are sick pimples that need popping. Some people will have teeth that are hurting will need to get checked out. Help operate, or bandage, or cut up some patients that are sick order to repair and heal them. They are trusting their lives with your surgical care - will you be the doc that is best for them?

Cut,snip and bandage peoples bodies. You run the hospital that is best in town and you need to keep the customers coming. This is the dr simulation game that is best there is. Heal the global world one patient at a time. You are a miracle worker and can make anyone feel better. No broken bone is too hard to fix, no ailment is too difficult for you to figure out.

Now you can become a doctor without spending countless years of your life in school. Time to make your parents proud!

Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Feel the satisfaction without the pain? Customers will come in looking for your help and it is up to you to fix them

2. Run your own hospital
You are the doctor that is best in town and people keep coming back to you to heal them

3. So many injuries!
Each injury requires its own way that is unique heal it - can you figure them all out?

4. Feel the experience
Feel every stitch or bandage you make!

Time to feel like the person that is smart are. Show the global world how talented you are. Time to play Hospital Inc.

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any ideas that are awesome would like to see in the game!

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Hospital Inc..
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I have played for 3 minutes, and have spent at least 3 minutes watching ads! If their revenue collection interferes with gameplay I cant waste my time. I am all for the developers getting paid, this is just overkill.
Commercial every 10 seconds. Good game, but not worth it when you have to watch 10 minutes of Commercial for 3 minutes of game play
It's slow progression and forceful ads make for a very anti climatic gameplay I lost interest after the 25th or so patient because the ads were so overbearing..
One star! Deserves a no star rating! So many adds you spend more time watching them. Game play makes up about 20% to adds 80%
Ad Simulator 2020. There are more ads than gameplay. These types of games are usually ad filled but you have ads between levels, DURING levels, and you have mandatory ads in order to proceed.
1 star because there is too mamy many ads, the adv is shown for every progress, when start the game, when playing the mission (even the mission just completed in 10 seconds), after the mission, and the adv lasts for 30s, these all make me give it 1 star
Actually I give about a 2 1/2. The game itself is okay, and I really hate the ads popping up in the middle of completing a job. Before and after I'm used to, but in the middle of the job....very disturbing. Nice concept, but I think I am going to uninstall. Sorry
Way too many ads.. They pop up in the middle of a level....on several levels.. And not just one ad.... Each patient has more than 3 ads that just randomly pop up
One level does not work at day one , I tried to move these emotion thingies, I they do not move at all which is disappointing
game starts out really fun and exciting for a typical tycoon game but after a certain point ads just take over the game patient walks up to desk ad, select patient to work on MAYBE you wont see an ad till you do part one of task then another ad they have a ad blocker for $5 but i had no desire to buy it at that point overall not worth the download unless they fix it to only have ads for optional rewards
Can't get past therapy because it doesn't let you pick up the emojis, also can't do VIP tasks because after watching the video it glitches and just shows a purple screen.
Used to like this game until this new update. This is marketed for children, and to my surprise they had to throw their political agenda in it. A character that looks like President Trump is admitted to see a therapist and it says he has poop in his head. Won't be playing this game any longer.
I paid for the full version and it's fun but repetitive. Whenever a critical patients comes in, the game freezes! Help!
This would really be a cute game if it didn't have SO MANY ads. You literally are wacthing ads for everything. If you need to answer the phone, accept a delivery, accept a patient, hire a doctor, accept donations, get a new room in the hospital, upgrade anything without spending money (You'll have to do this. The upgrades get way too expensive way too fast ๐Ÿ‘€), most of the time when a board is over, a lot of times before a new board begins, & always in the middle of the board...ads, ads, ads ๐Ÿ˜’
Although it is a great 3D game but I'm very disappointed for it's too much ads these much ads are the big problem of playing this game
WASTED 5 BUCKS! Was enjoying the game so I paid to get rid of the ads, now every time I try to take care of a patient the game freezes.... So I spent 5 bucks to make the game inoperable... sweet! NOT! DO NOT PAY FOR THIS GAME! IT WILL STOP WORKING.....
Great game! The game is as described. The one problem is that in middle of mission it jumps to and ad. I get you get compensated for the ads or you advertise other games you make. But at the end of mission or tryingvwatch ad to update something is fine. That's why this game only gets 4 stars.
I hate forced reviews, so you get 2 stars. I would have given a better rating if the game didnt ask me to review right after the first level. I cant say much about gameplay at this point.
So many ads. There was ad between every level and during every level (they were short levels, too). There was ads if u wanted to continue the game. Ads ads ads.
Downloaded, got to day 4 and now wont get passed the next critical patient. Purple screen and nothing... great app, not!!
The game is quite fun. But come on guys how many adds do you need. 3/4 adds every operation then 2/4 after you finish said operation. This makes the game almost impossible to play because of the frustration. It could be so much better.
Too many ads. Waaaaaaay too many. Also, theres no sound, and its driving me nuts. Went into the options, and its grayed out. Not sure if paying to remove ads would enable sound, but im not buying that to find out. Fix your game and I might come back.
To many ads!! I don't mind ads, but when you have to watch an ad after every patient and even while helping the patient is bull. Yes you can skip them, but holy heck that is way to many ads. If it was after every two or three patients it wouldn't be so bad.
The free version has way too many ads. I purchased ad-free and it is much better. However there are glitches. Right now, anytime I get a person with a broken bone it just shows them lying in the bed and I cannot proceed forward. I have to close the game out and restart skipping that person.
I gave this game a poor rating quite simply because after you play the game for a couple of hours and you unlock maybe around 10 or 12 things ๐Ÿ˜”.... Unfortunately the game starts freezing and goes to a black screen and ultimately becomes unplayable and I don't mean glitchy buggy or you know the kind of stuff you can bear with I mean downright game breaking
Was happy except for ads after treating each patient so paid ยฃ4.99 to remove ads and get all rooms and then the game froze each time I pressed 'admit' for a patient. I have closed all apps, refreshed, restarted and no joy. I'd like a refund. I uninstalled the game and re-installed it and it's now showing ads constantly. Please reply and refund.
Boring game with way way way to many ads. You do not need to have an ad after every little task. Deleted and never playing again.
Its sickening of how many ads there are. You can't play for 15 sec when another ad pops up, not worth it. The average ad time is 30 sec.
Its fun, but waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too many ads. Also, I'm in the upper 50s levels, and suddenly the broken bone "operations" are freezing. All it shows it the patient laying there. It doesn't eve go over the patient and tap to play its just frozen. So I have to exit out of the game and start over again.
As others have, i also paid for no ads and have experienced freezing in the game during the "fix me" part of the game with any patient. Maybe this is a bug that could be worked out? Ill keep the game and keeo restarting it when it freezes, but PLEASE fix this!
You get to play for about 20 seconds then an ad pops. Way to many ads with very little game time between
This is basically just an app for ads. You get about 15 seconds of game play for 45 seconds of ads. Ontop of the standard ads, If you want any type of upgrade or mini game you have to watch an ad first every time.
The game is a cool concept but within 30 seconds I had three ads. It's not even just an ad after every level, they sometimes show them if you're even switching between tools. Hard pass.
Game is CONSTANTLY freezing and glitching! As soon as I paid to remove ads, the game no longer wants to work. Fix this please or refund my money.
its stupid how many ads their are. creators don't care about the peoples enjoyment of the game. pathetic
The game has poor models and graphics, but the ads are worse. The ads are disgusting and show worms being pulled out of feet. this shouldn't be allowed on the app store and the creators should feel ashamed
It is a nice and good game no doubt but it has too much ads so I got boared that's why I put 3 stars if there is no ad it is a superb game
I would have given more stars...but there are too many ads...if you click on anything new ad pops out which is way too annoying. AND i deleted the app because of this ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
Terrible game. Can't play any of the optional ad games because the ads won't load. But no problem running ads in the middle of the games
Would be fun but cant help the sad person. Acts like I can't remove the angry faces. And has dome other glitches other wise a fun game
Way to may ads! Played 5 rounds (day 1) rounds take under a minute. There is an ad after each round .. Two of them were 30 seconds long. Graphics and game play was meh. Deleting game.
There are way too many ad's. I deleted it immediately when it stopped me in a middle of a level to make me watch an ad, and then another ad at the end of the level.
There are constant advertisements. Everytime you do one small thing, ads. It's way over the top with the ads
The update has fixed the game from crashing and I liked the more realistic designs for the characters of patients.
Every time I try to save the dog is won't it just shows a purple screen and it pisses me of and makes me sad because the dog is so cute and it's so sad to see it cry out.btw I have an android phone.please fix it...๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿถ
What the actual f***k! Ever since I PAID for no adds, the game freezes everytime I get a patient with a broken bone and does not unfreeze... Exiting the app does not help... This is more annoying than having ads pop up EVERY 30 SECONDS and halfway through a treatment! Hence my paying money to stop this! What a rip off! I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW! ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘
This is an amazing game if you don't want any adds then put the device your using on Airplane mode and you won't get any adds.
kinda generic like most of these types of games installed played for a few minutes and uninstalled plus every 5 seconds you get adds not fun
I never leave reviews or stars but this game was so bad it justified leaving one. It's clearly made for kids but you can't even play 30 seconds without having 2 adds thrown in your face for just one section of the level. Oh this person needs a filling and two teeth pulled how about instead you just watch an add for each step then another add when you finish. 0/5 not worth your time and if you have kids please for the love of all that's holy don't let them play this game. It's just a cash grab.
First as came up in 30 seconds of playing. Have not seen any sign of pulling of fixing teeth. Another bull ad.
This game is severely disappointing and a major waste of time and money. Worst of all I dont think a refund for the 4.99$ I paid to get rid of the avalanche of adds is even possible. Was able to unlock all rooms and gameplay in under 15 minutes and was super bummed they didnt even have a foot treatment room like advertised which was why I installed the game. The worst part is that after a certain point patients with broken bones will not load and cause your game to freeze entirely.
This is a fun game and I was enjoying it however there are way too many ads that pop up in the middle of doing tasks. Totally frustrating. If you get rid of 3/4 of the ads it would be more enjoyable to play.
great concept, however I don't like where this is going, just like the others,piercing amd make up salon ADS ADS ADS.Even when ur in the middle of doing something. I've deleted piercing and makeup salon.... will this be next.? . I fear it may
It's a joke... I don't care how good the game may be, I will always rate one star when it: a) gives you 3 ads before you're allowed to play level 1 b) asks you to leave a POSITIVE review after playing level 1 It takes the piss
Just wanted to say this game is cute but very boring with the ads and also find it very disrespectful with the use of our president and saying the things it does in regards to him so I am deleting it. Not ok for kids to be seeing that as soon as I saw it my kids haven't played it. Involing the president is fine just dont disrespect him we all know what the emojis stand for...
Would be fun, but 5 second game time and 30+ seconds advert is quite ridiculous. If u wanna improve in the game then 5 seconds game time and around 2 minutes adverts ๐Ÿ˜‚
The game is fun except for the patients who come in and lie on a hospital bed. At that point there's nothing that can be done. It's like the game freezes. I've seen other reviews about this but no replies. It would be nice to know what to do.
Finally a game that matches the commercials! However this game is ad filled and there are so many, you get tired if the game because of the ads. For example, if you need to treat a patient on a 3 step process, it Forces you to watch an ad to get to the next step, then watch another ad to continue once complete. Its as if there is a timer countdown for the ads to start occurring.
I bought ads free, the game crashed several times. I uninstalled and reinstalled, it told me that my game and ads free had been restored but it hasn't. And I want my money back.
Paid for no more ads.. still have to watch ads. This game could be fun if didn't have to watch an ad every 20 seconds and every 60 if purchase "AD Free". Don't be mislead by their fake claims and fraudulent offers.
is a really nice game you actually get to do stuff I hope you see this interview to people who made it that's all I can say
It's cute, but not worth all of the annoying ads. I get that they need to get paid, but if a task takes 30 seconds to complete, don't go putting an add in the middle of it. Uninstalling.
To many adds while I was playing adds kept popping up like ones that are a minute long ๐Ÿ˜ญ besides that it's a good game
Being forced to watch ads every other patient is annoying. Having a "Slimming" (misspelled sliming) ray is triggering for people with eating disorders. Game play is choppy. Graphics suck. Downloaded it because there was an ad and I am so disappointed.
It's a good game but on level three It won't let me actually play the game so I've deleted it now It would be an amazing 10/10 other than that
There are ads and thats fine, but there are ads during levels which is not fine...and some ads dont respond to the X and thays unacceptable! If i could give no stars i would!!!
I wish I'd read the reviews before dow loading this game. SO MANY ADS! It's an easy game to fiddle with when you just want to zone out & not think, but the ads just make you frustrated. I understand needing to make money... but seems every move you make, an ad plays. Also started freezing on xrays & scans for me.
fun but thier more adds than the games every level thiers an add.and the same adds keep coming up its really fun but its not like a"omg I need to play it "its not that fun but pretty cool and takes up like no storage space so it be fun if thier was not that much adds and maybe some major or little bug fixies.
I paid for it for my daughter and it constantly glitches but is fine for a bit when you close the app and open it again which is super annoying but when you can actually play it its not bad
Tons of Ads to start with. Same 4 or 5 activities so it doesn't take very long to get boring. By level 30 I had all the doctors and everything maxed out.
I wasted time on this when you go to examine the brain the game just freezes. Won't even let me sort the emogi faces......
I like the game, I wish it actually got more difficult it doesn't seem to at all. Also I payed for it to be add free and now its constantly freezing, which is not pleasant. Will add a start when it stops freezing.
The game was fun, but way too many ads. Every single patient you treated, you watch ads, hire doctor watch ads, hire nurse watch ads, upgrade equipment needa watch ads. ADS ADS ADS.....
This game is really fun but there are some bugs to fix in this game for like example i want to hire a docter but when i press hire it does not even work. But still a fun game tho, and its great to play if your bored.
The game keeps freezing on broken bones and dentist which is annoying because I have close the game and reopen it to keep playing.๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿคจโ˜น
Freezing phone and forces you to the store from ads. Seems you have to download the apps in the ads to continue
Love the game only gave it one star as the only bit I don't like is the tablet sorting round as someone who is colour blind i.am unable to see the difference in colours really think this round needs to be changed to take this into account
Was good I enjoy games like this then paid for the ads to be removed and now certain ones don't work the game just freezes. You think once you paid for it it would be hassle free but now if I get to a certain game it freezes and I got to restart the app for it to play again. Part from that game is actually fun.
Unplayable. This game is absolutely riddled with ads making the experience terrible. Any action you take, any upgrade you make, literally everything you do leads to an ad. 10/10 would NOT recommend.
Bought the ad free which made it much better then it stopped every time a broken bone came in. I restarted my phone, didn't help. Uninstalled, reinstalled app and when rebooted it said session restored ad-free experience and put me back to LEVEL 1 with the millions of ads! I was loving this game..... too bad!
its good but it's not like how the game ad showed it, how there will be surgery and stuff but it's not. every ad after or when trying to do something, needs to limit all ads.
Paid for this game for my daughter because she really liked the simple but fun actions. Shortly thereafter it began to freeze whenever a person with broken limbs came in and then they switched the whole look of the characters and now it is buggy in all sorts of parts of the gameplay!
Please fix that when you have a person for therapy it dont let you move the emojis please fix this thank you
You are over ad running on this app. Each step of task that literally takes 2 seconds there is a ad. Beware of this game ads every 20 seconds.
Decent game, and I understand they do adds to keep it free but they literally play an add every 10 seconds
Game boring there was no blood like in the AD game should have the same think as the AD 1 Star For Now Also I'm Going To Unistall Tell Me when the next update comes up hope this helpd
First of all, play with the wifi switched off to avoid the insane amount of ads. The game is quite silly I think it's made for children. You can't get anything without watching ads and the procedures are silly. It's a time killer if you are reallyyy bored I guess but most of that time will be ads so might as well do something else.
If you like watching ads this is the game for you, there's a 30 second ad for every 10-15 seconds of gameplay. Uninstalled after the first 3 ads.
The game is very fun but there is more ads then playing time so that's why I have to put 4 stars instead of 5 stars
I like the game, I wish it actually got more difficult it doesn't seem to at all. Also I payed for it to be add free and now its constantly freezing, which is not pleasant. Will add a star when it stops freezing.
Too many videos. I played this game for 5 min and had to watch 10 videos. It will stop suddenly mid task to play a 30 sec video. I get they are your sponsors but it has ruined this game. I don't suggest anyone download it unless you enjoy watching the same video over and over again.
Uninstalling the game, far too many adverts. Most games don't pride themselfs on playability these day, just how much they can make on advertising
There are way to many adds, The adds kast longer than the game play, which makes it no fun. The add made it seem like a super fun gme, but it is just a very boring kids game that wasn;t even fun for kids.
It runs very smoothly, it's just the fact that this "medical" game has only a little bit of medical education, and as a therapist in training, I can assure whoever made this game that you don't need to come talk to a therapist just because your friends think you laugh like an idiot. And we do not see your brain and pluck emojis out of it.
Paid for the game to escape the multitude of ads and it worked well for a while but then it started to freeze when I get certain patients with a broken bone. I can't go any further and then have to shut down which is REALLY annoying... i contacted the developer and sent screenshots of this issue... no response! Terrible customer service! I will be contacting Google Play to seek a refund if this issue is not sorted. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG AND I WILL GIVE A HIGHER SCORE.
I had the game for 5 minutes and had 3 adds....I just ended up deleting the game. I don't think anyone should waste their time on such a sad game. Thankyou for taking the time to read my comment and hope you have a great day.
Its ok, but could only play for 10 minutes and now it freezes and won't let me admit a patient. Can't move forward in the game. Even paid for no ads
I have played 1 stage. How can anyone rate a game with no experience with the game?all I have gotten to do in game is clean 2 teeth which makes me think false advertising since this is a hospital game not a dentist game
The update didn't fix the freezing issue on broken bones. The people are now creepy looking. One character looks like a caucasian woman wearing blackface makeup. Her arms and hands are white but her face is very very dark. It's creepy!
Good unless you're colorblind. The color stacking pharmacy game is nearly impossible for me as the shades of yellow and green are too close for me to distinguish between.
Paid for the game to escape the multitude of ads and it worked well for a while but then it started to freeze when I get patients with a broken bone. I can't go any further and then have to shut down... PLEASE FIX THIS BUG AND I WILL GIVE A HIGHER SCORE.
I like the game. Yet, there are so many ads. Of course that can get old. But other than all the ads the graphics are cute and the game is ok.
Takes 10 secs to complete first level, then your hit with a review screen and then an ad, followed by more ads as you finish each quick little level. Game is trash.
So I'm playing the game 1. THERE R TO MANY ADD THERE ARE 2 ADDS AT ONCE there was an add in the middle of a level. 2. It a game where you just do the same thing over and over its not even that fun. 3. I kinda wish it was realistic. Overall DONT GET THIS GAME
So I like the game, but I don't like that it says if I watch the ad I get a certain amount of money, so I watch the ad but I don't get the amount. It's offering six digit prizes for watching the ad but then I only get four digit prizes.
I am having a bad experiance,I have already paid for no ads , I has to uninstall the game , reinstall the game and now I lost all my progress and my purchase, I really hope you fix this I enjoy the game but it kept handing on me, now I'm disappointed I hope you can fix this for me
Been playing the game constantly for a bit, I got all the "doctors" to double cash nothing to go up from there, after you get all the rooms it's just rinse and repeat to make money, after day 15 if I tap on anyone with broken bones the game hard freezes and I have to close the game. People complaining about the ads, ads are placed there so the company can make some money off of it but there is an option to have ad free game which helps the Devs out to make the game better.
Might be good for kids. BUT... The sheer amount of ads is beyond crazy! In a scene? Here's an ad. Finished? Here's another. Want to upgrade? Ad. Decline to upgrade? Ad. C'mon. Its an ad every 30 seconds! How do you expect people to play your game if its mostly ads!!!
Ads every 30 seconds even if you're not clicking objectives that require an ad. If you want more stuff to do there's an ad every few seconds. Literally more ads than gameplay
Too many ads within an 5 minute time frame. Everytime you complete a procedure, there is a ad. There is an ad between goal completion. This could be more engaging if it wasn't for the excessive ads.
The game is fun however there are glitches and you lose rewards because you have to exit the game. If you dont pay for ad free you get adds during treatments and its very frustrating.
Way to many ads so far. I'm only a few levels in and seen twice as many ads than levels. Update: Deleting game every 15 to 20 seconds there's a 30 second ad. Very disappointing might be a decent game otherwise.
SO MANY ADS! For 30 seconds after every level, after every upgrade, in the middle of a level. So bad. Fun game. Too many ads!
Tired to play spent more time watching ads then playing, and no not spending $5.00 to remove ads. That's a bit ridiculous
Yet another 10 seconds of play for a 30 second advert! I know adverts are needed to make money, but when are you all going to learn that if adverts are longer than passages of gameplay we just turn off and delete?
I can understand having an ad after a level or two. However with this game, it's an ad every five seconds. It's ridiculous. I shouldn't have to spend my own money just to make the game playable. It's disappointing and not worth the time.
I like the game, I wish it actually got more difficult it doesn't seem to at all. Also I payed for it to be add free and now its constantly freezing, which is not pleasant. Will add a star when it stops freezing. Update. Down to one star now. It continues to freeze every time I have a broken bone patient and just now it bugged out on a tooth patient and would not finish the last task. Like the game but super disappointed.
This game is pretty fun, for a bit. After a while though it's just a neverending repeating process so the game craps out from there. Also the "Fix Broken Bones" patients freeze the game after 15 or so days and you have to restart to fix it. Meh.
I was on the first level and I was half way through and got an ad. I didn't even finish the FIRST LEVEL before I got an ad!!!! Otherwise I bet it would be a decent game. I deleted it before I even got to the 3rd level.