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Huuuge Bingo Saga - Best Live Bingo

Huuuge Bingo Saga - Best Live Bingo for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Huuuge Games - Play Together located at Lordou Vyronos, 61 Lumiel Building, 4th floor 6023 Larnaca Cyprus. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Welcome to Huuuge Bingo Story!

Help Amber on her bingo journey through the Magic World ✨🌎, a world full of secrets and adventures!
Hop on a thrilling bingo adventure together with Amber and her dragon friend 🐲, Dauby! Many mysteries are waiting to be revealed ahead πŸ”Ž. Solve them to find answers to Amber’s questions! Could it be that her long-lost parents are in danger and need her help?
Play this social bingo game to reveal the mystery, make new friends 🀝 and defeat powerful enemies πŸ‘Ή. What are you waiting for? No time to lose! Step into the Magic Portal 🌈 right now and start a magical Bingo journey πŸ—ΊοΈ!

Huuuge Bingo Story is not your usual social bingo bash… It’s a total smash!

✨ This Bingo game brings you top-notch graphics and animations, making your journey even more pleasant! Once you step into the Magic World, you’ll never want to leave! 🌎

✨ While magical, it’s still a classic bingo game. Play your favorite game with up to four cards! πŸ“œ

✨ Play with friends and make new ones! Huuuge Bingo Story entails a truly social experience! 🀝

✨ Dive deep into Magic World with magic power-ups and boosters! Take your Bingo game to the next level with a truly awesome game! πŸ—οΈ

✨ Amazing mini-games are waiting for you in between your bingo rounds! Win them to get even more fantastic prizes and power-ups! 🎲

✨ Daily Bonuses and Bonus Chests supply you with countless amounts of Gems and Coins! This is your chance to play Bingo like never before! πŸ’Ž

Lose yourself in Magic World and its Story

🌈 Enter Magic World where everything is possible and dreams come true! Countless hours of bingo delight are waiting for you there! πŸ•°οΈ

🌈 The Magic World is tainted by mysterious powers of Evil Mages! Battle them as you rescue little creatures and heal poisoned locations! Remember, true love and friendship will always prevail! πŸ’Œ

🌈 Meet fantastic characters along your travels! Each of them has a story to tell and goals to pursue! Make new friends but be careful - not everyone you meet has good intentions at heart! 🀝

🌈 Collect items which reveal the mysteries of Magic World! Each of them is unique and is a part of Huuuge Bingo Story’s tale. With your items safely collected, numerous mysteries will be revealed! πŸ—οΈ

Make sure to tell us what you think! With your help, Huuuge Bingo Story will be even GREATER!

Read our Terms of Use (www.huuugegames.com/terms-of-use), Privacy Policy (www.huuugegames.com/privacy-policy) and other important information.

Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value. Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value. Our games are intended for adult audiences only.

β–Ί The game is intended for a mature audience.
β–Ί The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or real prizes.
β–Ί Wins made while gambling in social casino games can't be exchanged into real money or real rewards.
β–Ί Past success at social casino gambling has no relationship to future success in real money gambling.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Huuuge Bingo Saga - Best Live Bingo.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Huuuge Bingo Saga - Best Live Bingo for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Decent game let down by in app purchases Its ok saying you get in game freebies , but you never get enough jewels to play the game ... now the game doesnt load stuck on starting screen
This game could be really fun, but ... there's several things! In the middle of the games, it closes. I can not use the Facebook login, it crashes. You don't really win anything good. You don't get very many credits everyday. You would have to make purchases all the time for most of the bonuses. The little dragon is cute, but...he throws most of my best helps very last seconds left in the round. If we were to win anything good every now and then, I'd maybe be inclined to buy something!
Sadly I must give a one star rating because all I see is every single bingo winner always mentioned as guest player, never a registered one, i only won 2, this leads me to conclude that all the reviews I have seen with 5 star ratings are perhaps misleading, it's my point of view. DO NOT COME AND TELL ME TO CONTACT YOUR SUPPORT TEAM, because i won't, you want a rate and review? Here's mine, total waste of my time, i feel I've been playing against bots!!! DELETED for good!!!
Love this. Yeah its similar to other games like it but its still cute and fun and you're bound to get at least one bingo per round. No ads!
I can't get past the login screen. I use a Motorola E6 and it stays on the screen with the little black ball spinning. Never gotten further then that. I have to close the screen to get off there.
The game starts off good then I get a connection error message after first level and can't go no further
Unless you have hundreds of dollars for power-up's, don't bother. Dragon throws power up's whether you are on last ball or first. Unless!
I love love love this game. But I've been having issues being able to play it brings up promos then it keeps bringing up "mad snake" for me to collect but when I press collect or the x it boots me off. I did not connect with facebook so I can't uninstall and redownload.. can you please help
Playing this bingo game was a great and awesome time to play it takes me baxk when we had real bingo in a bingo hall before the casino took over sovthankvyou for the wonderful experience.
Freezes up after u bingo and doesn't pay out ur winnings or special puzzle pieces. Stupid game!!!!!!! This is happing to me to many times. This is last day to play and then I'm deleting and then telling all on my social media to not play as well!!!!! Dont waste ur time or memory on ur phone.
Good game but it needs more player options bad. And it needs more in app games to because it didn't take long for me to lose interest and its almost impossible to bingo without power upside and that isn't fair to the players either. Not everyone has money to make in app purchases.
I absolutely love the game but i have had one issue multiple times and and the only way i could fi? It last time was to uninstall and reinstall. When u are on the special levels it seems to glitch and wont let u load what u have won on the second level on two different special games movies and now the furry one and that means u cant move on. I have looked after i had to reinstall to try and make a complaint and there is no way to do that except to do it in here. Please fix it!!-
Can't get past main window. I have plenty of memory. Black ball just keeps spinning and won't go any further. Also tried clearing caches. Still can't get it to work
I Love the graphics! But you guys dont give put enough purple gems! I never receive my payouts after leveling up on a challenges. You can only really play once a day without purchases. And the game freezes up. Plus the further you level up the less players so you dont get a chance to BINGO!
Gsme was fine played very well. After the last update the game has not been functioning properly. Keeps freezing up ans starting over in the middle of playing. Please fix the bugs
It is a good fun game and keeps my attention and usually I have a hard time staying focused on any one thing at a time
It's the best bingo game I've played just hard to collect items the higher the levels could be on it for days plus waiting ages for the bonus
I really love this game and it's graphics, but actually getting bingos is very difficult without putting money into this game. If they could even out the odds a bit I would like this game even more. Not quite deleting it yet, but if it keeps up I will.
This game has been robbing me of diamonds and potions all day long. Interesting how there are so many server issues on the same day of a level up competition. It's hard enough to even be able to play because the diamonds are so scarce but now the game is flat out stealing them. CRAPPY!!
I love love love it!!!πŸ₯°can you make an option to sign into google play games ... Some people don't use Facebook. thanx 😊
Was doing great till update. Now freezing at end of game. I have to close and go back in. Constant freezing is making me wanting to Uninstall. FIX IT PLEASE
Really fun to play! I play it nearly 15 times a day! That's how much I absolutely LOVE this game πŸ€©πŸ’–
After every update when I go to play it won't load keeps coming up retry. After several hours or a day I will go to play and it's fine. Very frustrating. This is the only issue I have had otherwise awesome game.
This is a sorry ass game dosent want to ever go past to play tells you collect and then play wont even play. Waste of time.
I keep getting kicked out of the app entirely after about every other game, I have cleared my cache, cleared storage, force stopped, and uninstalled it three times and STILL have the same issue. Really sucks because it looked like a fun game, however I have no intent on putting any other effort into playing this. Hopefully you will fix this for other people...
All in all, this game is really great. I play these games to keep my mind sharp and for fun. I also exercise my eyes for glancing, recognizing and keeping them quick & alert. Is there a way to stop the auto highlighting? Really doesn't give me time to scan the numbers/cards. It would be nice to use my power ups when I chose to do so instead of them being automatic, also.
It was ok. Got though the round ok till the game stopped letting my get the itmes I need to continue and getting bingo is becoming a rare thing and never getting enough coins to play.
First let me start by sayig i love the odea behind the game, the story line etc. But... It takes ages to get a bingo, i played at least 10 cards and not 1 bingo. It will either give you a few balls straight away and then make you wait ages or give you nothing then 5 at a time. Longest ive had to wait was 8 numbers before i could daub one, then again waiting ages for another number. I also think its a bit silly making us wait ages to get the gem things to play the cards. Theres more but no space.
I really enjoyed this game until it started crashing on me. I get to the map after it loads, then it crashes and kicks me out. I haven't been able to play in a couple of days. Shame, I had to uninstall. It's a good game other than the crashing.
3 stars for right now only level 7 so far so good addicting lol would be cool for watching ads for like coins and possibly be able to build teams later in future ,
Good game. I like the story aspect as it brings something different but wish I could turn auto daub off, I like to play all my cards. Also the power ups being used automatically is annoying especially when an instant win is used with only a few bingos left.
I love this game, very fun, my only problem is that there should be more options, as with coins, to buy lives. Need more options
I like the graphics and enjoyed the game, my problem is I can only play 2 cards and the other 2 are auto-daubed, which doesn't give me that many options on 2 cards.
Ive once again deleted this app and most likely will not download it again. You can only play yhe first level then it freezes if ypu close it out and reopen it just goes back to the frozen spot to be a new release not good. Cant expect great reviews if you cant plqy the game.
Hey guys just writing to inform you that its not letting me login In when I press the Facebook button its just stays loading can you help fix the situation i would really love to play the game by the way its my first time
Cute and I like how it auto-dab some of the card so that you don't have to constantly switch back and forth
Was really liking the game but now it seems like the same people get bingo all the time. I don't know what can be done to fix it but I sure hope something can be done. I also suggeset fixing the game were it can be played without an internet connection.
Ughhhhhhhh.... I LOVE THIS GAME ..... BUT I cant get past the Tavern... It has to be a glitch ... It just will not let me progress... I don't have any problems with any of my other games ... Only this one..... PLEASE HELP
I wad very disappointed. It wont do anything.. I got thru the first couple of games but when i tried to claim the prize the game stops and freezes.. Have installed and removed three diff times
I haven't been able to play for days because of whatever update was done 4 days ago.... I really think you guys need to stop putting it on us that the app isn't working. Telling us to do all kinds of troubleshooting on our end when the issue is clearly on your end? This isn't good. I treated myself $$$ to some power ups that I have yet been able to use... Please fix the game or refund my money.
Good game but difficult to see the numbers, even with a choice of sizes. The colours and gifts make them unclear
I loved playing then it started messing up it will not stay on when you get to the tavern..it closes the app..
Great little time waster bingo app until the last update. Since adding the advert for an extra chest it freezes all the time and doesn't give bonuses or just doesn't log in at all. Disappointed but I'll wait and see if an update fixes these bugs.
Ive collected the first 6 items but then it freezes up & wont take me to the next level. I cant play the game any more.
I absolutely love the game but i have had one issue multiple times and and the only way i could fi? It last time was to uninstall and reinstall. When u are on the special levels it seems to glitch and wont let u load what u have won on the second level on two different special games movies and now the furry one and that means u cant move on. I have looked after i had to reinstall to try and make a complaint and there is no way to do that except to do it in here. Please fix it!!- freezes solid
No way of keeping progress I will not no matter how much I'm begged will be on Facebook. Wont youtube while playing deleted cant stream tv and play at the same time
Love the game. It's fun and I like the story aspect, but I am Uninstalling because it is too difficult to get gems without having to buy them. Lowered rating because of your response. If you don't make it easier to get gems then without a purchase, then it is not worth playing.
Initial impressions mostly positive. The graphics are great, the story is cute. I do, however, wish there was an option to choose manual or auto play on cards 3 and 4. I also wish the use of power-ups wasn't automatic. It's frustrating when you only have one instant win in your inventory and it gets wasted by being automatically used in the last seconds of a round. Room for improvement. But a good start
This is one of the worst bingo games I've ever played. You never win and ma0ke no progress advancing. Don't waste your time!!
It's a good game but noway in the world you can get bingo in five balls .No matter how many peoples playing
Can you help me i love this game. But i cant get into it. Its @ a freezontinuoe mode cant get to next screen. Im tryin to collect my rewards but cant, when i tap on play. Can you fix this problem so i can continue on. TKU.
The game itself is really good, good storyline, good graphics & gameplay. The downside is you run out of πŸ’Ž to play with quickly & the daily login bonus is rubbish. For example, the level I'm on at the moment requires 216 πŸ’Ž to play, the daily bonus is 110 & so I often have to wait 2 days to be able to play 1 game. And if I don't win any bingo's I have to wait another 2 days to build up my πŸ’Ž stock to play again. The games should need less πŸ’Ž or the login bonus should give more of them.
Fun and easy glitches sometimes and says u r disconnected when playing. Wish it gave refunds for it when it happens but oh well... free is free
it's very fun to play this bingo game! you'll not waste your time in relaxing..come on guys lets play and have fun!
I cant even get into the f,*,*,king game i downloaded 2xs now and neither time do I make it past the part where it asks Facebook connect or play as guest! Please fix this
Great game, fun and i've had no issues with glitches. Cute story line great start to a new game. Only suggestion i have is to make other options for login/account.
Great game, great graphics, extras, no money out of my pocket unless I want additional perks. No ads (thank you thank you thank you devs!!!), and a story line that keeps me engaged in playing daily. Daily prizes, generous rewards, just a great game, honestly. I literally went down the line of bingo games, they all sucked. Any of the extras I mentioned above was non existent. In my search, yours was number 16, search done.
This game is really fun. Graphics are awesome. You are great everyone who works on this project, keep up the wonderful work. Just amazing πŸ‘.
So far so good, I like the style and the gameplay. The story is nice, keeps me wanting to find out more :)
After passing the first level the game now shuts down every time I want to play it you need to fix the glitch before I play it again
I'm half and half on this game. I love a bingo game, story is great, gameplay is great, music good. But, after spending about Β£22 on 1600 gems and burning through them, I can count the amount of bingo's on 2 hands. Now, if it was just hard to get your puzzle piece then ok, but to get less than 10 bingo's on 80 plus cards is ridiculous. Once you make it up a certain level, the bots win quicker and u have no chance. Get the algorithm fixed or make getting gems easier and I'll start the Β£ again.
The graphics are great I really like playing but wish you would give out more chips so you can play longer that's the only reason you lost a star.
The graphics are great! I WAS enjoying this game.. I uninstalled it because I was tired of having to use so many of the "gems" to play 1 round, waiting and watching the remaining bingos (18+) being claimed while I was waiting for 1 number..different on each card..to be called.. So instead of being able to play another round, couldn't due to not having enough "gems"! Have to wait for the BONUS CHEST or purchase.. I did this dance for over 2wks and had enough! Good luck with your game though!
Worst Bingo game ever. A purchase does not help! Do not down load this game! They are only after your money.
Zero stars. It looked fun but it keepd freezing on me at the first collection. I cant play i cant close the only way to get out of the game is to restart my phone
I love playing bingo because that's my favorite I love different things of people playing it even little object of playing I am pretty good playing bingo anybody has playing bingo on Facebook I would love to have four friend playing bingo and enjoy one another to meet all new friends
Completed the first collection, just freezes on that screen. Can't get passed it. Effects are still moving, and i can hear the voice getting ready to start next round, but that's it
This game freezing and now I dont see awards won. I have to log out of game then ho back in again to get winnings and proceed to next level. This never happened before the update the other day. I dont know if I want to continue to play since I'm looking for relaxing time not to stress me out.
Grab your daubers and BINGO! You're having fun. They wrote back! Not many do! I want y'all to know these peeps know how to develope games AND PR.!! 10 **********
I completed the bronze collection then i literally cant progress it doesnt freeze because i can see the particles moving still but i cant click play, the arrow, or the X. And i even tried clearing my phones cached data and it still doesnt work.
Love the game. It's fun and I like the story aspect, but I am Uninstalling because it is too difficult to get gems without having to buy them.
Loved this game until the last update. Now when I play when the game is over it freezes and I dont get my rewards.
How can you turn of the auto daub option. I like the game so far, but hate using auto daub on 4 card games. If I can't turn it off I'll get bored very quickly.
I love the blackout game, the fact that u never know what is getting thrown into your bingo squares, and its fast paced. Love the game..
Yet another game that wants you to spend spend spend, also full of bots that get "bingo" after 5 numbers, shame as it could be a good game
I cant even get into the f,*,*,king game i downloaded 2xs now and neither time do I make it past the part where it asks Facebook connect or play as guest! Please fix this update still not working and that ip address isn't even working I have a samsung galaxy j3 achieve im highly upset rn
Very 'sticky'! I've had this about a week-10 days and while I'm playing a game the balls will freeze, then you'll get a 'rush' of them, That's if you can actually get cards...No matter how many cards you click on, you'll Sit, & wait... And Sit & wait, Then the pop-up says 'there seems to be an error at our end, please wait" I've ended up uninstalling & reinstalling but no difference Sorry, but its a goodbye from me
Recently had trouble with continuity of play. Submitted a query and got a very welcoming response back. Thank you Huuuge Bingo, love this little game, customer service couldn't have been any better Excellent
I like playing this game and it is relaxing and fun. But the only thing I don't like is that every other time I go back and play it it wants me to update my game
I love this game it is so fun and i love the storys it does put me to sleep but i can play all day with it it is that fun
I luv this game it's fun it's cute n this my favorite bingo game so far deleting the other bingo games I got finally got a bing game I can stick with ty u did great with this 1
Quickly fixed problems and able to play this cute game. Just wish I would of gotten the gift for pre-register.
Not a bad game. Its nice that your secondary cards get daubed automaticly so you dont have to worru about missing any numbers. However, you dont get alot of coins to play the game when you win. So you cant play much.
This game uses only facebook to sign in. Otherwise you have to play as a guest. No Google play log in. Can't play between devices. I don't use facebook and I don't ever plan to.
This gam err has been robbing mr of dismonds snd potions all day long. Interesting how th here are so many server issues on the same day of a level up competition. It's hard enough to even be able to play because the diamonds are so scarce but now thr game is flat out stealing them. CRAPPY!!
I love the game doing as you suggested in email response I was able to get past problem by installing on other devices. Ty for the quick response as I think this is one of the best bingo games out and so happy can continue playing.
Wel i just dowloaded the game logged in with face book went to open up the game all i kept getttin was ERROR OCCURED PLEASE TRY AGAIN. no sense keeping a game on my phone if i cant play it