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Beach Club Tycoon : Idle Game

Beach Club Tycoon : Idle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MEDU located at izmir / Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
A new idle adventure begins. The beach is calling available!

Have you ever imagined working a beach and being tycoon? The following is your chance... All you could care about is money and achieving fun! Your private coastline is waiting for you!!! 🌊

Idle Beach Tycoon is an idle / management online game not like many idles, in this tycoon online game you'll have more enjoyable job become a billionaire. πŸ’²πŸ’²

You will be the EMPLOYER! Beginning this journey may be the first step for you really to be a billionaire and begin to call home living you've already been thinking of the many time. There is the most useful places over the seaside to start your online business. 🌴

🀡You as a businessman come in charge of every little thing, making bad or great choices is your decision. Your priorities while working your online business will impact the cash you create. Is safety first or just fun? It's your work to regulate the beach , improve it, add new facilities and new toys for the customers to possess fun. They tend to invest additional money on the coastline if they have more choices and more enjoyable. Nevertheless they should be alive to invest money!! So you should never ever underestimate the significance of the lifeguard. Mightn't believe if you notice how many times the shoppers have drowned. It's something which affects other customers so very bad plus they generally leave the seaside should they see some one gets drowned. So you lose all prospective income from those customers.

At first, you have a truly tiny land on the seaside. You will need to clean other areas of your land to utilize those areas for new services. Once you available brand new areas of your land your capability will increase. More customers , more money!! Develop different ways of entice even more clients!!🌴🌴

You can built resorts, cafes, stores and many more on the coastline. The quantity of customers you serve affects the reputation point. You can find limitations for you yourself to achieve to move your company to better and larger lands. In just about every brand new land, you will have new facilities to open up and brand new enjoyable toys for the clients to have enjoyable and invest far more money. Become familiar with from your old experiences and develop brand-new and much better techniques for your new lands each time you move....

Build brand-new places and update all of them whenever you can to earn much more funds from your visitors.. The shoppers will love your house to pay their getaway and return for the slides, trampoline , canoes , speedboat ,comfy sunbeds and tasty frozen dessert......
You also provide a study submarine... You should always deliver it to analyze into the depths associated with the sea.. The submarine you have got is certainly going further each time you deliver it. It could take longer but will worth every penny. In the event that you're lucky you can find parchment pieces to collect when you gather all pieces of a parchment you will have permanent updates. You can also find some special crystals and money with your analysis submarine.πŸ’²πŸ’²

If you prefer relaxing idle and clicker games , we genuinely believe that Idle seashore Tycoon may be the online game you're interested in. This might be probably the most fun and relaxing company management games ever. There are not any dark production facilities or a little area for you personally, within online game it will cost all your valuable time as if you're on holiday.....


-Casual and entertaining gameplay🌴
-Different ways of improve your company🌴
-Beautifully designed plenty of amounts (a lot more is regarding the way)
-Save your online game into the cloud and play it on other products

🌊This game is in the beta process and we will hold increasing it on every new upgrade.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Beach Club Tycoon : Idle Game.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Beach Club Tycoon : Idle Game for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Being in Beta I can definitely see potential. Just needs some funner aspects to it like things visually improving with every certain amount of upgrades. And it may actually be a little to easy to get money at the start of the game.
The only thing that isnt clear is how to earn the palm trees. I play a LOT of these idle games and this one is so far the easiest to play... loving it... keep up the good work!!
I was enjoying this game very much until I started playing the halloween bonus level. It will just stop counting the guest coming into the beach for 10 minutes at a time which kinda cheats you out of the reward your suppose to get.
Pretty cool game but there should b a way to increase the ticket booth to more than just one and we need to have more than one lifeguard stations as well
I love this game but 4 stars one complaint so I have a long bridge and im watching the Manger of the game and it just goes to the slide not sure what to do other than that its a good game
Having fun so far. I do hate that you can't pick which business you go to to collect money before you hire managers. But good game overall!
This game is very good I liked it but when I want to buy something I saw it with 1m 49m so I will give this game 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐
Great game, nice graphics. Only issue I have found is the video rewards button is often unresponsive.
It is a great game but it would be better if you could by every with money and diamond's in stead of palm trees to but it is really fun
Just started playing it. And already I am deleting it. Just in the tutorial you have grammar issues. You have i not I, twice in one statement. If your grammar isn't correct how can I trust your game?
I'm already rich also can you add more stuffs and things I really like idle games so far and can you add more upgrades and lands becuse its really cool xd and i like this idle very much you could also buy its super duper cool i never felt this happy its so excellent and nice!!!
It's really fun you can earn money to unlock new stuff it isn't laggy you click the game and it just opens up its the best tycoon game I have ever played
Really good foundations but I feel it lacks a bit of focus and drive that other idle games get through tasks. Your abit lost on what to do next
Best idle game I've played. No forced ads, don't have to wait days to progress, can play constantly and it's fun.
I find it very fun it's just like any idle game build things leave it come back get money it's very simple
Bit confusing but could be a great game. Glitchy as managers have stopped working and just stood by their place of work. Am loving the game but can we fix the glitches?
Fun time-waster, adverts for bonuses but you don't need to watch them to play, it's just a little slower. The only problem I have is that my little shopkeepers have started striking, every time I've played today one section has frozen - a stall, the manager and the customers stand still and it doesn't accumulate cash, a restart works but then it happens again a few minutes later - today my lifeguard is no longer saving people, he's just walking a few steps back and forth while they drown :(
So cute and fun game and this game doset looke like other idle games that start of the game it fun and after 10minute gets boring im playing this for days and its stil fun πŸ˜‰i recommend it 😘
The game is good for an idle game but a huge problem is the lack of service points being shown. You need service points to get access to more buildings to generate more income but there is no way of tracking it from what I've found so far. How can I know how much I need to advance if its not shown? Since I have to guess I'll just check every three or four days....or months.... idk when ever an update comes or something. Have fun.
It's nice. Not drain my phone battery and a good balance for the transaction both soft and hard currency. Nice one
Great game, cannot wait to see where this ends up, some of the intro text needs fixing, but apart from that it's golden
I am having lots of fun so far with the beta. I would like to see a counter on the main screen of service points.
This is not an idle game. It's not generating income when offline, at all. After closing the app for an hour, I went back to it and there is no income as my beach has no people on it. Please fix this.
Great game I play this game nonstop Could You probably Add More Things To the game I would Love to have more Stuff in this Game😁
Love this game I'm obsessed with it and I've only been playing it for a few minutes but I love it you should get it
Not a bad game at all, I just wish there were missions to complete so there seems like there's more direction on what to do
Nice game its a perfect game to play when doard i thought it would be filled with ads but it was not the only ads i got were rewarded ones
Loving this game so far. Really quite different from other idle games I've played. So many things to upgrade and so much fun doing it. The animations are brilliant too. Love this. Looking forward to new features/additions in the future. Well done everyone! 😁
Ok, this is a nice game I think. But, I have found 2 bug in last beach. 1) I can't add sunbed, (to add sunbed that need 160 expand the beach, but i already expand 195 and still can't add sunbed) 2) people who going to "sand gift shop" got stuck, and this is so annoying. And I wanna ask, I little bit confused about "advertise" function, may u explain this? I hope u understand what i mean, sorry for my English (English not my 1st language)
I just downloaded this game but so far it's very fun. I can see myself spending a lot of time on this game
It's a good game. As someone else said, maybe some image changes as one upgrades. A bit more explanation as to certain things like how close you are on those tree bonuses. Also, I in particular have been having issues with the video rewards. About 10 percent of the time it works. Otherwise, good.
So far seems pretty good. I think of u added more choices as to what to add on the beach would be awesome.
Really fun game! There is quite a bit to keep you busy unlike other idle games where you're having to just watch the screen for hours to level up.
Game is ok. Could be better. Wish there was more than one guy to collect funds he takes too long between collections. Hence revenue is longer to collect.
So far so good. Still cannot get the idle fast enough since thats why I like idle games. I'm able to increase the ticket prices after I select the ride.
1 word and that word is AMAZING and also pls maybe make an abulance because its not realistic if the lifeguard just touches the paciant and the paciant heals.
This is a great game! I've had no issues with anything here. Overall, it's just a really fun experience. πŸ‘
Still checking out what to do in game when i click on red slide i can view stats but thats all can do in there cant change ticket prices and upgrades only can upgrade to lifeguard it doesnt slide to see button to upgrade anything.... Screenshots sent. I installed it on my phone and it works fine. Just on my tablet
After i updated, my beach became laggy and glitchy. Customers just stand in line and somehow the ride still collects money but very slowly. People are lined up outside my park and only being let in one at a time. It has become hard to navigate around beach. I love this game pls help!
This game is fun i love it and I really recommend it to you but sometimes it lags, still tho the game is still super fun ngl!!β™₯️πŸ₯°β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️πŸ₯°
Great game! It's one of the better building simulators, it's not pixely, you make money fast for upgrades etc. I'll def be playing this for a long time!
Amazing the graphics where good just every thing was good appart from when you click on the upgrade sign it goes a little laggy.
I like things to move easily and fast. Most games like this move swift in the beginning and the slow down.
It is amazing game and l liked this game too much but one probleme is there for spining wheel you have to see the ad and when you will click on it ,it will no give any response it happens some time but l am happy with this game and please make many games like this. THANKU
I don't really like the person's body shape but I like the game best game ever if I was to rate I will chose among us ,beach tycoon,bit life three bed games
Nice game , Its a typical idle game , love the beach and upgrades , good game play ▢️ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ˜€ 😎 ▢️ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ , love the graphics and so far no glitches !
Fun game. I enjoyed the theme and the activities on the game. I maxed out all the game in a couple of days though and was wishing for more things to do.
The game is so fun. But the sad part is that you cannot go back to your previous beach after you go to the next beach. I find it sad tho. But the game is fun. I just want you guys to give back the beach that we worked hard to just make it big.
I love this game so much πŸ₯° one of the best idle games you'll ever play, the graphics are great, no pay to win, only ads for boosters or influencers. You earn money fast, faster than any other idle tycoon game. Progression is fast and easy, you dont need to leave the game going because you'll earn money like other idle games while your offline :) some people underrate these game because they don't appreciate what the games have compared to others and all the hard work put into making a game.
I love the game. I've not had any problems with freezes or ads. It is clear on what to do if you've ever played idle games before.
Good game but can't scroll in the upgrades menu. Can't upgrade lifeguards due to this so there are constantly people drowning. Its the only tab that doesn't scroll. All other tabs scroll fine.
By far this is one of my favorite idle games. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good time killer game.
While it is a good game, unfortunately progression from one area to another is not part of the idle mechanics. You can finish a the upgrades on a particular beach, max out everything, and still be unable to move onto the next one because you haven't left the game open and running for four hours to gain 7000 'service points'
Good game. Typical idle type game. I enjoy the game play. I have noticed a bug in the last week or two, customers and managers will get stuck in place. It severely delays game play. Especially when your leveling up depends on your customers entering and leaving your park. As I said, I enjoy the game. Wish there were different levels of parchment to collect. Or just additional parchment. Would definitely increase stars if bugs could get fixed.
Totally unplayable as it crashes slot and freezes no matter what the graphics settings is , needs looking into I'm uninstalling it
The game is a really good simulation, but it would be good if there could be missions to complete to help increase the gain of gems and things like that.
This game is good you can get 1 billion fairly quickly like 30-45 minutes and other idle games it take you like 2-3 hours just to get to 1 billion so If u wanna get rich quick pick up this game over any others
So far good game. I can't expand my beach though and I am well beyond the 60 that I need to expand. I think a tutorial would be beneficial or at least a little lengthier. Im not sure on how to do some things in the game still to advance. Will update review after I play some more.
It's a really fun game, however there are still some bug's. Ex: The manager is confused on what to do first or where to go to collect the money, if you can add manual thing or whatsoever that can make the manager go wherever the player like so the manager will not be confused then it will be better. Anyways, 10000000000/10.
Was really enjoying the game got really far then all of a sudden went back on to play and its started all the way back to the start and cant even go back to where I was deleted the game now
Game is OK but can be very slow and repetitive to do anythink, it is fairly new game and will hopefully be improved, so will update review later on in the year as it progress, the menus to upgrade thing are very annoying and should have multiple in one instead of here and there, I will still play for now tho see how it goes and the creators seem really good people after speaking to them and are very helpful
Now this is how you make a solid idle game. No forced ads. Easy to learn. Fun to play. Cant wait to see what they add to the game.
So far it is good. You dont have to watch adds if you dont want to but it does help. Ads dont pop up on screen which is good. Gameplay is smooth. Nice Idle game to play.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Still trying it. I only give 5 stars to games I repeatedly and will have to play more of the game to see if I like it
Fun idle game that you can idle or play for an hour. Not very far in but i have found when in a menu you can still click things on the beach. Upgrading lifegaurd and then boom, on the red slide ect. Fun though
Love it! Great graphics, great controls! A bit confusing on the beginning but it's easy to get in to!
This is the daughter I love this game I earned money so fast business very fast it becomes expensive but that's fine I have no ads but I got alot of the things thata ask I have to watch ad for it l I love it it's so awesome if you could of use diamonds lala Jjjjjjjjjjjjjj for a new beach that would be great thanks love itπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ€ŸβœŒοΈ
Cute game. Its pretty fun. It would be nice to be able to see how many new service points I have. I will add more to my review later... only been playing four about an hour
This is actually very fun and (I'll let u in a little secret) its perfect for playing and listening to online school because u can still hear and listen but u play and dont get bored. There is some adventurous extras that arent on other idle games
Honestly a pretty decent game haven't found or encountered any bugs or glitches yet considering it's in beta if I do I'll edit or re-post
Perfect, just wish there was a google sign in or fb sign in to save progress, wondering how reliable the pin number set up is
You need to have more interaction than just the slide and the boat. You should be able to build more things on the beach besides the chairs and interact with the people to see what type of mood they are in. Good game, i like it.
I really enjoyed this game but it should be clearer how to do things. I rated 4 stars because of this, but apart from that, it was very good and I would recommend it.
This game is sooooo fun and the best thing is 1 yes there are ad's but thay are 21 seconds long and 2 you can long in with any name and no email
Doesn't have absurb ways to advertise, but game balancing is way off the scale. Facilities that get unlocked later on usually performed way far worse than earlier one, where upgrade cost is 100x than the ticket price. The "event" is just basically AFK waiting for 8000 tourists bcs upgrades are quickly maxed! 1000 Crystals also means nothin due to poor scaling, why pay for Premium $ that costs ridiculously high to unlock next permanent upgrade? Not BETA, Alpha version. Pls play 1 day by urself.
I like the gameplay, but the aplication keeps crashing, so i cant advance. If it fixes i give 5 stars.
Fun and fast enough phase. This game is fun and I appreciate the short time given to get diamonds. That helps a lot. But I think for the future, if that's possible, adding fun decor for the beach and to customize would make this game more alive.
This game is pretty good so far it's cute especially watching the little people going swimming and sun baiting πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I love it but this game is more energetic when you speed up your income levels income growth rate faster
EDIT- Thanks for the response re the update. It now seems to be working and I'm happy to give it a second try. liked it but it constantly freezes and I kept having to restart it. Finally had to give up
Amazing game I love it it burns off time I haven't came across any ads so far so I can just play the games for hours and I'll have to worry about anything
Just downloaded this and so far, it is fun! Only giving 4 stars FOR NOW, until I figure out how long it will take me to buy more attractions. It seems to require a form of currency in the game I haven't been introduced to yet. I'll keep playing and give the fifth star when it becomes more clear!!
Its pretty good and kinda understanding I understand it now but yea when I first started it I thought it would be easy and it was but I dint know what the palm trees meant now I do so pretty good I would suggest you getting it!
its a good game, i hope you could also add a feature where we could read atleast some of the customers feedbacks. Like if the line is too long it could signal us to upgrade. Or if price is too high.
Beach Tycoon; is entertaining but buggy! Beach Income, won't increase above %50 level (Permanent Upgrade Menu). Even if you have 150+ Jems. LOOT not scrolling (Research Center Menu). Rides periodically stops taking customers. There should be a Maintenance/Repair option on the rides, creating an additional level of complexity, within the game. Good start but needs refinement.
Being in the beta I see some things that a great but does need improvement. So I love how it's not one of those idle games that's takes forever to accumulate money that's awesome. I would like to see a little more indication of where the new items you buy and not me trying to figure out where they are.
Really fun game! I like the art style and the optional ads. The way you earn money and upgrade is unique and makes sense. I think you should be able to see how much money you are earning per minute (or other unit of time). Also the ability to build more buildings a little earlier. Other than that I really enjoy it.
Entertaining and a good time waster. Enjoyable graphics with low/med/hi settings in options for all kinds of phones. Slow and steady or fast with real cash if you choose to buy gems, but gems are obtainable in game as well. Hopefully levels and items get added over time or the game won't be long for some who have a lot of free time.
I love it, because 1, I've got over 100ac dollars just by playing for 1 day. 2, I hired every managers in the game. And 3, I've bought everything. The 1 update I want is to have more things to do. Plus the thoughts are "I've never played a game like this" and "should I continue to play like this?"
I just started this game but so far is really easy it was really fun and I really like it so if you really like fun and easy games downloaded this game.
Hi! It's pretty good but it doesn't make sense that you can make them pay like $40 just to go on a slow slide and so much for the dressing room that is as far as I have been tell you stuff later!
This game has serious balance issues. Buying new attractions is almost always pointless because they're far less profitable, which completely kills the feeling of progression. It also doesn't calculate idle income unless you force close the app. The graphics are quite unattractive too
Has potential...too many unanswered questions. What is a service point? What does the process speed up? Is there a list of all attractions sp I dont have to find them on the beach? How do I raise "quality of beach"? Can I get rid of some of these trees and rocks?
I play a ton of games like this and I can already tell this one is going to be the perfect balance of idle and active. It is idle enough that I can leave it running and come back to a ton of things to buy but it still moves fast enough that it allows for active playing. Really enjoying it so far, keep up the good work!
This game is so cool. I just downloaded the app and I have so much money. Thank you for creating this game. It is the best. My Sis always plays this game my mom too! I play it when I eat, I even dream about it In school I get detention for always talking about this. And again thanks for creating this game.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
I really like playing this cute game. I love tycoon idle games. This game is great. Lots of fun and addictive.😍
Very good game but it would of been better if the buildings on the beach could be that you just have to pay with the money you have got on the game.
I love this game but it freezes sometimes but it is niceπŸ˜€πŸ˜€so please fix it I'd appreciate it so bye
Cool game best tycoon game I have played I nermaly never rate stuff but this is a very good game not a lot of ads my stuff is not this long ether
Good play was good idle i'm so happy so many people on the beach so cool and happy omg guys look's like a real beach Oh my gosh
Really like it, like that gems are obtainable without paying! Too many apps only allow meaningful gameplay if you're willing to pay for it!
It's actually a cute game. I love idle games and get bored quickly, but this seems to be holding it's own
Take away the adds and just lets us play freely would be fabulous. Not everyone has the money to pay to stop adds which isnt fair. It would be 5 star if u take this into consideration. Thanks
Entertaining and similar to the other idle games :) perfect for the type of game that it is. Runs smoothly too
Love the game and will give it 5 stars when it works properly. Some of the characters get stuck und the further you get the more things don't work properly. People freeze and don't move as they should. Long cues and no one is using the ride or shop. Idea is great so please fix it. Thank you
This is a standard idle game. However, there are problems with some of the items having too much of a strobe effect. The cameras flashing at the celebrity as well as some of the turning cones above the carts hurt my eyes and give me a headache. This game should really come with a seizure warning!
I just now started and I already am addicted into the game. I'm happy if there is any future updates.
This game is so good and amazing I cried when it popped up saying this is only a beta I really enjoyed it. Something amazing I think you could add being able to customise what the things looked like for instance being able to customise what the slide looked like or the banana boat and caff. Honestly there so many things that make this game great but that would make it even better. If you got to hear thanks for reading,please consider my idea and feel free to contact me
I like what im seeing so far. Now if the managers collected immediately when you hit the enterance gate (the place they come out if before you GET managers...don't know what its called sorry) that would be nice. Really cool though thanks
I retract my last statement this game dont have offlime earnings? Thats a horrible thing to do to an "idle" type of game no eonder this game is free from the paid market this game is a battery drainage not idle please change the idle to ingame
Well i like the beach so i think this is a very good game for me! The bad thing is the wait between research takes a very long time like 4/5 minutes or more when you get to a certain point!