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Idola Phantasy Star Saga

Idola Phantasy Star Saga for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Boltrend Games located at 1/F XIU PING COMM BLDG 104 JERVOIS ST SHEUNG WAN HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Teen (Blood, Suggestive Themes, Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
The RPG that is classic series Phantasy Star finally comes to mobile! Experience thrilling turn-based battles with two party modes, world-class artwork, an unforgettable musical score, and an epic fantasy through a story campaign that is fully-voiced. Save the land of Vandor from the threat of Dark Falz.

Return to the series roots through a command style system of battle. Release your ultimate skill, Elemental Blast to defeat your enemies by consuming elemental values.

You can deploy and switch between two party modes, Law and Chaos during battles. Switching parties unleashes an attack that is all-out Reverse Rush, so take your chances and change the tides of battle!

Face each characters’ fate, and choose the upgrade that is ultimate each, changing the conclusion to a character’s story! Not only will it change the characters’ appearance, but also their skills and Blast that is elemental as.

Join forces with friends and other players to defeat the IDOLA. You can also become an IDOLA that is amazing yourself battle other adventurers! There are various kinds of IDOLA available within the game.

Two teams enter – only one leaves. Battle with other adventurers’ teams to become the ACE of the Arena!

- This game is free to play.
- Items are available for purchase within the game.
- A network connection is required to play.

Feel free to contact us on Discord and Facebook.
Discord: https://discord.gg/Ku7rDxH

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Idola Phantasy Star Saga.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
This game is a classic example of 'JP cult' gacha RPG. Beautiful music sound and art especially the Idola's artwork simply gorgeus. So what are the Idolas ? Think of gigantic mecha that you can summon and control to fight other Idolas. The only downsides are the rather big data usage (about 5gb so far) and the mixed gacha where heroes and equips are bundled together.
Gameplay itself is fun, The storyline is flawed and doesn't give you the same pull as FGO to the point you want to care, The menu feels cluttered and hard to navigate even with the shortcut button. As for the ingame features themselves. Idola battles are great. Upgrading system feels fine and the combat system is very robust and intuitive. The combat animations themselves however lack weight. And feels very paper thin.
I tried the game and love to continue but I have to look away and put 3* due to the amount of loading! 1.5+gig to install plus additional 1.5+gig which I thought it will ease the loading, but sadly, no. I know the game just open recently and hopefully they improve. Thanks
This game has been rated very unfairly by a large margin.Many are spouting misinformation and is a target of bandwagonning from Reddit to hurt it This game has great phantasy Star lore, great characters that actually interact with each other beyond the typical tropes of most gacha RPGs, interesting turn based combat, and THE MUSIC. It's incredible. I listen to the main theme all the time. Many reviews are mistaken on the rates. If you play the game, you'll get 4% for 5 star characters/symbols.
This game emphasize on idola battle, which is some kind of giant which u can transform into using your party. Idola vs Idola is new game mechanic i didn't find anything else, and also nice. Decent 2d art, i suggest the developer to make an animation/manga-style video of elemental blast instead of current one. PS: to new players, make sure you do gacha when on double rate (lucky chance)
I'm really digging this. Paid banners are in most gacha games, so that's not really a big deal. The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because the translation is so stilted. I expected better from something with the SEGA brand on it. There's quite a bit of broken sentences and typos. It's not really noticable in voiced scenes, but everywhere else? Oof. Hopefully that gets fixed in the future.
Aweful gacha system. When you draw gacha, you can get items together with characters... This app has: In-game currency In-game diamond currency Payed diamon currency... What is the difference of having coins and fake diamonds? Jesus, just take our entire banks already. Sad to see this from my 1st try of the game..
As much as I like the stories, the gacha is absolutely horrendous even with the X2 booster. 5 star character gacha draw is more like 0.005% than 0.5% probability. If not for such a lousy gacha system, I'd would've easily given this game a 5 star review. Btw, the symbols in this game makes almost no difference even if it's powered up to max.
This game average good from Storyline, graphics, interaction controller, and the other. But still has a minus point Guild/Brigade no function like add skill, buy item or any activity Only for chat. cache residue for play to big need more less 2Gb This will have a big effect if there is a player whose smartphone storage is almost full when there is and have to update the game apk.(example : apk it self -/+1,5Gb + cache -/+ 2gb And storage that must be prepared 1,5gb so total 5gb to be prepared)
Great system, have many 6 star characters without paying but DESPERATELY needs content... Bad. Basically one arena, couple autobattles per day. I feel sorry for anyone who paid any money for this game until they actually add content it's just a skin over a basic fighting system that does not deserve to make money. Let me say this though it's very fun, I do like the battle system and the characters I just think this is a cash grab design until it has more
A simple and fun FGO inspired gacha. Gameplay is similar to FGO with a couple new mechanics. The rates for units are standard for a gacha, with 5 stars sitting at 2%. The game seems fairly generous with its currency, but that may be because of the welfare period at the beginning of all gachas. Rerolling may be difficult, but I never do that in gachas anyway. Characters look interesting and the gameplay is smooth, but it does drain battery heavily. Hopefully its optimized more to take less space.
As if "paid currency" is not bad enough, they proceed to have the second worst gacha rate for free currency draw I've ever seen (can't bother to remember the worst one). Arts are good but animations look like they belong to web games from late 2000s. Ok to try, not worth to spend time in it. Better stick to PSO2.
Ok so, it doesn't seem the publishers care to actually earn anything resembling a good rating. Once again this week we see a return of sloppy misleading paid banner releases, the ensuing compensation for once, only partially implemented to the degree it serves as extra spending incentive for players, which shows they care less about the mistake that actually happened as it was not fixed for the free banners with the same issue in fear of them disincentivizing. If you're on the fence about this game, do yourself a favor and turn back unless you fancy a good time of insulting behavior from the people running the global version.
Been playing gacha games before the dawn of time lol, and this game gives out rarer gachas far more generous than most others. People leaving bad reviews because of paid content just need to play the game more. Literally gives out so much crystals for rewards just for playing that you can get all 5 stars for your team. Even have 2 limited edition heroes from the free crystals. Not saying the game is perfect but for just being released, I'm very pleased so far.
Honestly? It's Phantasy Star! I love the art, and the story rich content helps. The party switching adds a nice touch to battle options with a simple, but effective use of the traditional Law/Chaos dynamic. Kinda wondering why Earth is the odd element out or the lack of Light and Dark, given the Chaos/Law thing. Meh. The translation could use some touching up for a slightly smoother sounding script though.
I started 9/17/2020. They just released the Shannon banner and the Astraea/Kira banner for the first time today. I have at least one copy of every character to date! The gacha rates are AMAZING and I'm a Fate:Grand Order (NA) 3/4 year veteran. I KNOW WHAT GACHA HELL IS!!! The graphics are pretty cool, the classes and factions are awesome. The story is actually alright. I love the music and gameplay, the voice actors are classic. I was referred by a friend and I definitely recommend as a pastime.
The game is quite fun -- the reviews on this game are not fair. People are upset because there are paid banners, but it's a guaranteed 5*. There are also plenty of other opportunities to get 5* due to the large amount of premium currency and multip 10x summon tickets the game gives out. I love the premise, battle mechanics and the idols battles. It's different from all the other gatchas out there. Give it a shot!
Fix the translation please, especially in the side quest and event story. Otherwise it's a good game, plus can you add voice log in each character, thanks.
Not impressed, cheap 2d characters & animations with no weight to them, slow & clumsy UI, lots of confusing & very low rate greedy gacha draws that have items included in the draws as well as separate paid currency, tedious & overly long tutorial which makes rerolling a real chore, no auto repeat on stages. Add on to this a huge download size which makes this game a definate hard pass. Lots of fake 5* reviews here as well to try & give this game an undeserved high rating.
Decent rating for Hero Gacha, got 2 SS tiers already just using the free 10x summon probably a premium character.. Account can be binded from the Option Menu on the Home screen. Battle system is unique by switching from law to chaos and gives additional damage. Very nice gaming experience and very good voice acting! So far for my luck it doesn't have to be a Pay-to-Win game. Hope in the future it will stay rewarding for the next log-in rewards. And hey! Gacha rate better than Fate game.
This review is from when the game first come out so maybe it's different now. I Find the game pretty decent honestly, a similiar gameplay to FGO. The CG animation are pretty good. For a gacha game, the rate was.... pretty meh I guess. The story has some voice actor on it so it has some quality Production. Story feels pretty bland/generic honestly for my taste, doesn't have any impact for me. Wish the best for development of the game, cheers!
It's actually a really great game and the story quests don't ask you to spend stamina on it, which you can then use for other quests to grow your team. Been playing for a few days now and I've gotten pretty far along without having to purchase anything. The login and achievement rewards are very generous and have been lucky so far in the gacha. The only thing I'm confused about is where the heck do I use the 10x symbol gacha tickets I got in the Arena gacha 'cause I can't find it anywhere. 😂😂
I played the game and its beautiful. Graphics, gameplay etc,. All is great. Sadly, I have to uninstall because my phone memory is already at its max. I badly need a phone with a lot of memory so I can play lots of game like this. Recommend this game for JRPG fans out there and loves gacha. Hope sooner I will continue to play this game.
Ok, first thing first. Gameplay is pretty straight forward, turn based by speed of characters. There is some strategy to it too, but still starting. The issue I'm having is that I can only see dialogues and fights, but the main menu seems dark on some pictures, arrows, items. Pretty fun game so far, decent graphics. I am a huge fan of PSO and I like the rappys, very PSO.
Just started playing and so far has been a pleasant experience. Was a little confusing at the start as it began with gacha and straight into battle. Gameplay is similar to fate and I can't seem to like that sort of combat. The story is also nice. Review might change later if game becomes less f2p friendly.
I was shocked with this. I have played many gacha games and this has a surprisingly good gacha system, not to grindy to get a good character. It has simple controls, the animations during battle aren't the best though, but the art is amazing. The sp bar is useless for the main story and is only for side ones. It doesn't lag a lot or crashed so far. The storyline doesn't feel dragged on or too fast and concepts are explained through the main or side stories. Overall it's a pretty good game.
Tried to open the game, but when registering my account, I'm asked to agree to their terms, althought I cannot slide the screen down to do so. Not sure what is the cause.
The translations are wacky. It feels like an MTL'ed game with typos included as the translated words and the intent behind the dialogues sometimes don't mesh together. It doesn't affect the general gameplay, but this game is story driven and bad translation will be more than likely to confuse the readers. The music and base mechanic is good, but you'd want to exercise restrain on gacha. Be patient because this game is intended to be played for a long time.
I haven't encounteted technical problems and other than some slight frame drops the app performs fine. I don't have issue with the gatcha rate either. (Tip: Pull only when you have the rate up bonus, I got 5* characters both times.) That being said, I don't feel I will continue playing, other than the music being gorgoeus nothing really differentiates it from other gatchas. Most of all, I dislike how cluttered it seems. Both the UI and the amoumt of differnt random upgrades where distracting.
Gamr is all over the place to me, combat system is boring, story is not good at all in my opinion, the gacha rates are horrendous, good luck getting a char u want without paying a fortune, I highly suggest skip, better quality games out there, sad cause I like phantasy star.
Very F2P friendly! Graphics is a little out of date but still awesome. Game mechanics are very easy to understand only thing that is holding me back on giving a 5 star review is the lack of descriptions for skills nor a compendium of characters you can view. If you guys put in an help option to see what status buffs/debuffs, skills, etc it would be a big help to players instead of guessing what those stats/skills do.
There have since been some positive changes since my previous review: cheaters haven't been sighted in arena top ranks for the last 2 weeks at time of writing, and the most recent paid banner release is actually accurately consistent, so I'm upping my rating a bit. There's still fair room for improvement, primarily in terms of communication, though.
Edit my review after 3d play.. the game decent.. graphics not bad and not awesome but sufficient for today gaming. Kinda generous for F2P. But yeah like the others.. VIP+Free gem/paid gem things is a recipe for disaster to any devs. Also the game is smooth after you enter the game.. i get 89 fps using emulator..not bad Ps: i like that they made for no need for stamina on story. So we spend stamina only on daily quest or so. Spend around 12$ after 4 days.. nothing to do now. Lack of contents
I really love this game and I don't really know why it's getting so many bad reviews, for those who say it's not free to play, what are you even doing the game legit throws you currency left and right, for those who say the gacha rates are bad, look at fgo or even exos heroes where their gacha is even worse than this, getting high tier units in this game is soooo much easier than in those games, the game may be 2 years old, but it's still very fun and enjoyable, I definitely recomend the game
Game actually not that bad.. But you wont get anything being an F2P.. Coz i'm spending around 10$ and get.. Like.. Yeah basicly nothing. This game has the worst gacha rate.. I play azur lane, goddess of genesis.. Illusion connect etc.. This game is the worse.. Every event they make.. Its for the whale.. Paid gem 3000 paid gem 5000 etc.. Nothing for F2P here.. Stay away from this game if you're not planning to spend at least 100$
DEVELOPERS ENCOURAGE CRIMINAL HARASSMENT AND DEFEND THE HARASSERS. Instead of fixing the problem, they ban the person who did the reporting. Will be seeking full refunds for all my purchases due to this and rampant cheating in game that is unresolved.
Finally, a new Phantasy Star game The story is pretty great, altho it might not be for everyone kind of story. The music is stellar, cuz hey, its SEGA we're talking about. Never go wrong with their music. Gameplay reminds you a lot of FGO, but at least this game has a few mechanics that makes it feel different than FGO. The animation for the units in game, some of you probably think like "eh", some of you are fine with it, its pretty ok. I would give this a 8.5/10 overall.
Really want to love this game, but graphics not working properly half the loot is just a black empty square same with menu buttons. Not long launched so hoping for a quick fix. Really enjoying what I can see at the moment
I get stuck at the terms n conditions, there's no where for me to click confirm or anything so I can't actually play.... Was kinda looking forward too it, sent a ticket got no reply.... So I guess I won't be playing this :(
The art style of this game resembles a lot towards FGO, but the game isn't hardcore at all and the rates on gacha is pretty good the fact that you can trigger 2x 5* rating up by pulling arena gacha.
Always loved the JP version so thank you for making this global. The translation could use a bit more work and can't wait for the devs to include the auto feature in the near future and more characters like Mesala!!
This game is fantastic. I don't know why everyone is giving bad reviews. It has a great story plus the events are like scenes to the story. Gacha drop rate for 5 star seems low but to me it's not bad. Ive been playing for over a week now and and I have most of the 5 stars and even upgraded them to 6 stars.
A gacha that's still fun. The story is par for Phantasy Star and the protagonist is not very interesting for me. I do like the setting and the 2 party system, and it's not very stingy with summon currency. It seems like they do events a lot as well so there's always something to do.
How to kill your game at launch: differentiate paid currency from earned in-game currency, and lock the best summons behind a pay wall! I don't know why developers insist on this tactic. Anyways, the art is cool, all Japanese VAs (solid, if you like that), combat is a bit clunky due in part to the animations, and the enhancement system is needlessly complicated. Can't endorse this one.
Big fan of the phantasy star series ever sends PS2 on the genesis so really happy to have a version I can play on the go. Truely hoping more people check it out as it has great artwork beautiful music score and pretty decent gatcha rng compared to games like fate grand order.......maybe not the best comparison but good gatcha rng just the same.
The game is pretty good, the story is easy to follow with some good characters. The gacha system is obviously not the best but it's definitely not the worst. Some of the character designs could do with some improvement, the UI is a bit of a mess. Other than that, I'm enjoying this game quite a lot.
Honestly it's ok I personally thrive to get characters and this does indeed fuel that outlet however there is not much to keep me engaged with the game. I'll pick it up for twenty minutes but once I'm done doing my daily pvp I just get bored and move on to something else. So to summarize the game is great but not enough to hold my attention span.
I don't know if it's because there's a mass amount of playing or what but I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but right after I hit start and it checks the data the bar only goes to 50% and I've tried it on Wi-Fi and off of it the bar actually moves a little back and forth like I can't decide if it wants to keep going or actually regress the file check so i gave it a day and its working now no other complaints so far except for that rocky start
Fun game so far, an interesting spinoff title in the Phantasy Star series. I've been playing completely free so far and Ive made some decent progress in both the story and the Idola arena and pvp arena. I'm mostly playing for the story, and even for all the translation issues it's pretty interesting. I consider myself a Phantasy Star fan–but not an anime fan–and yet I still find this game's story to be enjoyable. Hope the game continues to be updated as it's one of my favorite mobile games.
Honestly I'm getting tired of these gacha games that think the only way to make money is to lock all the characters behind awful drop rates. The game itself is well designed but it's boring if you can't ever get a decent character to use in it.
I tried to take the game for what it is, but I can't, the game sucks, in the beginning levels there shouldn't be any overpowered enemies, my heroes are stronger but yet I still came close to being defeated, I had to use star diamonds. Good luck on your BAD game...
The game takes up almost 7 gigs on my phone. Yeowch. At least it runs very well on my aging quadcore. Aside from having to uninstall a few apps to make the game fit in my phone, I'm loving it so far. You get a lot of currency/summon tickets at the start, and progress is fast an easy for as far as I've gotten. 9/17/20 I'll be back to update this review after I've had a few more days to experience more of the game and weigh its pros and cons.
I was shocked with this. I have played many gacha games and this has a pretty bad gacha system(5*=2%), however not to grindy to get a good character. It has simple controls, the animations during battle aren't the best though, but the art is amazing. The sp bar is useless for the main story and is only for side ones. It doesn't lag a lot or crashed so far. The storyline doesn't feel dragged on or too fast and concepts are explained through the main quest or inn. Overall it's a pretty good game
better gameplay, graphic, and control compared to FGO. unfortunately it has a third rated artist who created the character so it looks kinds generic at the first sight
Incredible how after 20 multis I couldn't get a single 5 star, they release an update and right after it the 1st multi I do gets me a 5 star. RIGGED GACHA BANNERS I wasted all of my resources and was scammed. They won't refund my gems due to the mistake they won't admit to. AVOID THIS SCAM GAME.
Theres not much to say personally. I played this moreso for the fun of it, but as i got more into it, i realized that it has good potnetial. Not to mention its pretty f2p friendly as you can get gems easily from quests, missions, and just generally playing the game normally. The rates are standard for gacha. Which I'd like to point out you dont really need 5 stars to clear content. You can do just fine with the 3 and 4 stars you obtain in the gacha. All in all a fun game i hope does well
First day player here. This is my feedback: Good Things - The gacha rate is very generous, which IMHO is very F2P friendly. - The character is very likeable Bad Things: - The game is a big battery drainer, can u have a option to lower down the graphic, or something to make it not draining my battery so fast? - The number of timeout is very high, and sometimes it show error and go to title screen - Explanation is not too obvious, we need to check internet for it. Thanks for the game,
Wonderful graphics, easy controls, but interface is difficult to understand. Powering up characters are confusing. I have played Phantasy Star franchise since its debut on Sega Genesis system. I loved them all, but I just couldn't fall in love with this game.
Don't let any one fool you!! This game is good a lot of reward I'm a free to player and I have 3 5star heroes now!!!!!! I just want some minor adjustment can you zoom more in my main characters they are a little small I want to the character details more.. great story line some little just a little wrong grammars but.. it's all good pls keep up with the rewards.. again pls don't be fool who hated this game.. it's actually a gold mine!!!
I'm beyond disappointed in this game. Phantasy Star as a franchise is great, and the Japanese version of Idola is good, but the localization is a mess of bugs, poor translation, and constant cash grabs. Many might say the gacha is horrible, but honestly if you have the gems it is actually fairly generous as long as you keep up with the arena, but the problem lies in that gems trickle in slowly, and too many banners are paid only anyway.
Love the aesthetic! Never thought will find a gacha game with astrology aesthetic, and the fact that your birthday determines your element is a nice touch. The gameplay feels familiar to something like FGO, but it has better UI in general, despite feels kind of old.
I was very pleased by the story and visuals of the game, but I sadly can't recommend it in its current state for several reasons. - summoning can only be done with stars (paid currency ) as there no free draw everyday or every 2/3 days. - banners contain both heroes and weapons on the same one. You can't just draw heroes. - stars are separated by bought and reward ones. Certain banners can only be pulled with stars bought with real money This makes the game absolutely not f2p friendly.
Be ready to play a game that u really like about style and art. And after that be ready to pay for taking a 5* after the 2 ones u take for starting out. 2* for the style 1*for story. 0* for gacha part. Just a trash gacha...
So far the game is quite fun 'n interesting. I love the storyline, even though a template plot, but it's still attractive. Also, the characters personality are pretty good. I'm enjoyed the Story Quest, it's just like playing an actual Visual Novel game. Dialogues partition are very nice where the length isn't too long to read so that it could be easily conceived. However, there's some typo on it subtitles, but it's still understandable since it's has full voiced scene.
Game is overall enjoyable but does get repetitive fairly quick. It's easy to grasp for new players and the idolarization is a neat gimmick. Unfortunately the game lacks variety. You will find yourself spamming the same quests or spamming the Idola battles. Hopefully they add new features or more story soon.
I like the game. The character visual is perfect and the game ost is really epic. For the gameplay almost the same with fgo but this is more interesting and fun. Already played it for a few weeks and the gacha not too bad because I always use the lucky gacha rate 2x. Overall this game is my favorite. I like it 😊. Thanks Boltrend Games
Game is good but rates are somewhat low and currency is only abundant in the early parts. Though low tier units can be ranked up, the materials required are still only viably obtained but "selling" other units (which you can only get from gacha). As such, this game is probably not sustainable from an F2P perspective.
I feel this game has been slated for no proper reason. The rates are ok, not the best but far from the worst - they stand at 2 percent, 4 percent if you get the arena bonus (ideally you should be playing around that) you also only need 1 copy of a character. There is an item to substitute for dupes thats farmable. Downside is no pity The art and music is fantastic, the gameplay is fgo but modernised and quite good. You can auto battles. Characters and story are well written and fun.
This game is excellent. The gotcha rates are a little weird because the pool is equipment and characters but any character can be made five Star and they are all useful. I have played up to chapter five and the story is fantastic,, the vast majority of scenes are voice acted and the voice acting is fantastic. The music is also extremely varied and excellent quality, like damn the music is really really good. They are more than generous with their gotcha currency and premium shop prices are great
The file check doesn't seem to happen every single time I open the game anymore so now it loads much faster. Fun game, so far, beat all the currently released story content already. Just wish there weren't paid gems only banners (which are just the same banner but with better rates). Wish they would either just cost more gems, so everyone can access them but you either have to grind more gems or buy them. Otherwise I wish they would just not exist and the rates just be better in the first place.
Very addictive game. I'm very excited to wait for thr next update, especially the addition of JP version characters that have not been added to the global version, i like the crafting system, gacha, evolve characters, story, and etc. Overall, congrats for making this game. love it
While the gameplay is fine and the story is nice for a PSO fan, the gacha is really bad. I've done at least 200 rolls on a single rate up banner and not gotten a single 5* character, but a plethora of 5* gear that I could care less about. Would've been better if they separated characters and gear, but few games decide to do that nowadays :(.
Playing on Emulator, I havent had any of the Technical issues others have posted about, so we're good there. As others mentioned, im not a fan that they seperate Paid and Free Gems, as it restricts what banners you can/cant pull from for F2P players. Drop rates (2%) is pretty standard for gachas, so, meh. Story and combat are both fine by me, but I HATE that you cant turn off the 'Battle Zoom' during combat. Watching combat makes me sick, zooming in and out all over the place.
Unfortunately the publishers of this game are completely unresponsive to any sensible piece of feedback, and have not been able to remove the hacker presence within the game. Coupled with their failure to ensure a fair environment for their players, they have not once taken any measures to rectify the problem. To make matters worse, their customer service team are unable to solve anything, as no players have been compensated from rewards being stolen away from hackers. The game itself is fine -- but it's due in no thanks to Boltrend, they are just Publishing this game, and even that isn't even splendidly done. They are just literally machine translating the game, while botching the localizations because the publishers do not have a sensible understanding on the english language. I'd like to reiterate that Boltrend Games is just merely a publisher, and that despite saying that they're open to feedback, they have shown that they are unable to even implement any changes to the game outside of purchase-rewards, and turning what were free-gem banners into a paid-banners. It's also noteworthy to point out that a lot of the recent high rate reviews for this is due to a giveaway event that they released.
One of my favorite childhood games series ever! The gacha system to me is at least pretty decent (better then Fgo for my opinion) I love the characters and the story is pretty good to. And the alignment of law and chaos system are fun as heck. However, there is some bad mistranslation and the grinding system can be such a hassle especially for new players. But I do hope that it will become better and fix later on in the future. If you are a huge fan of Phantasy star games this is for you.
Don't let the ratings fool you. It's a great game with good story. You need to plan your team well & use strategy beat some levels. Challenging game modes & good hero drop rates. Keep up the great work.
The global version of this game won't last long, there are just too many red flags for a game in 2020 (weird animations, dupe upgrade, heroes and gears in the same pool, no auto repeat function). The only good thing about this game is the daily missions can be completed in 5 minutes.
The game was great and the cool graphic, the character in this game really beautiful and cool and easy to understand how to play this game.
Based on the Japanese version, I can tell you this game is great and full of hours of fun, and potentially can even be linked to your PSO2 account for rewards in game such as music, lobby actions, accessories, or even SG. Sadly, once you get to the first combat mission the game appears to just stop working. An error occurs and you are perpetually booted to the main menu. A shame. It also requires extra 3rd party permissions JP doesn't. If fixed, 5/5. Until then, I cannot recommend this app.
Graphics is good, music is good, combat is good, vast methods to develop units to reach theirs peak even for 3 stars unit, divergent (awaken) is nice addition, extra 2x chance boost for 5 stars unit buff from arena gacha, selectable arena difficulty, quick idola battle (world boss), doesn't hang solely to dupe to develop unit/item there's universal item to replace it, quick farm (i personally like it), stamina recharge cost doesn't increase every use. P.s: extremely need auto repeat.
Great game, u just have carefully spend your star diamond and get the right character, Gacha is a bit suck, but still a fun game
Who and why is review bombing this game?? One of the best mobile games I have ever played and I have played quite a lot. Awesome voice acting, music and graphics, good story and lovely characters. Animation is better than e7. No idea why this game would be rated so low and I suspect foul play.
This game got heavily reviewed bombed as most games do after release (mainly due to people's s*** phones, not the developers fault). This game is honestly very innovative and one of the few gacha games I actually find super enjoyable gameplay wise. Ignore the haters, this game is amazing!
So, after about almost a month of this game being released, I'm still really enjoying the game, its pretty f2p friendly, granted, not the greatest gacha rates in the world but I've seen way worse, you get a tone of freebies at thebeginning which does include a 5 star. So far, I've only spent 1.39 just to get the top up stella gift which is a 5 star unit, and even then I almost have every single 5 star unit with no supstancial spending, love the combat and pvp is just very fun. Do give it a try
The game is pretty good, the story is easy to follow with some good characters. The gacha system is obviously not the best but it's definitely not the worst. Some of the character designs could do with some improvement, the UI is a bit of a mess. Other than that, I'm enjoying this game quite a lot. UPDATE: After playing this game for a few months now, I'm really addicted to this game. So much to grind on, the story is interesting enough to help people engage more into this game. It's too fun!
Would like to see an auto repeat function for the stages. Quest line is easy to follow, and the gacha rates are okay. My main team is around level 40, and I just finished chapter 5 without issue. Ability to continue stages mid game after disconnect is really cool. Upgrading and leveling is straight forward, which I appreciate how easy it is. Gems come at a reasonable rate, when finishing stages of doing dailies. So far having fun with it.
I've wondered why the rating is so low for a SEGA game so I tried it out. Beautiful game indeed, but ugly gachapon practice. 2% for a 5* character, and their expensive gachapon includes weapons and accessories as well. Summoned 26x, obviously no 5* due to the absurd rate. I'll keep playing it casually to see if it gets better but I don't recommend it to gamblers. Play FEH or Azur Lane instead. Not even the poster girl is free, 1 chance in "50" or first payment "gift". Endorse at own risk.
Too much stuff, not enough information so you may accidentally spend money you can only spend once ever on the wrong thing, this game also separates paid for gems and earned gems. Nice art I guess. Feel like I wasted money in a big way, its not like an even distribution. Will have to reset entire account if I want to even spend the money again. No thanks.
So far I have no connection issues. I don't mind the rates because I'm used to gacha games having these kinds of rates, especially for me since I look at characters from their designs not their rarities. I would say that this game is not for hardcore players, I'd say this is for people who just want to play and invest without thinking that hard. In conclusion, the game is perfect for me who liked FGO but can't stand the fandom to continue it.
The game has an interesting team setup mechanic where you're forced to set up 2 teams (4 each) to play throughout. However, the gacha rates seem insanely crippled at 2% for a natural 5 star (it just feels less than 2 percent when talking to other players). The game is partially f2p friendly. There are already whales on the game. BE WARNED, you are not required to have dupes of units to "breakthrough" to complete the content released so far. I like the game however.
There is no respect about privacy and data mining. I'm in a EU country and I had to agree that my data would be sent to 3rd parties outside of EU, in order to play. Other than that, the game is ok but the loadings are too many and slow.
It's fine. It's NOT Phantasy Star. It's yet another gatcha clone that uses the name Phantasy Star. Don't expect anything good from this.
Great game, great arts. Story is abit classic RPG story. I love the Idola System, hoping there will be more idola coming. Downside is the equipment system is abit too complicated for me. Make me confused which is symbol, character or weapon. Droprate is good, but you will often get *5 weapon rather than character, which is suck. The gameplay is good, with switchable auto system.
Reminds me of FGO but with better QOL and faster loading times. The rates aren't spectacular or terrible, take that for what you will. Story is meh, characters are slightly above meh. Great production quality, the art and sound are top notch and the voice acting is solid to good. The Idola battles are definitely an interesting plus in the game's favor. That said, it seems almost...idk, lacking? As a side game, it's phenomenal but there's no urgency to main it. Feels like a short term cash grab.
I've been playing for almost three weeks. I'm in the top 200 just from grinding. I grew up with phantasy star on the Dreamcast and GameCube. The grind and weapons bring me back to those days. The story is OK and the campaign is rewarding. Idola battles need an option to replay after you lose. I have no other issues. I've enjoyed the game.
A great game marred by terrible unresponsive publishers out to make easy money. Some issues (particularly the drastic case of arena ranking hackers) have been in the game since launch and are still yet to be truly rectified, with nothing but hollow intermittent promises offered up. The publishers spare no care when releasing paid banners and there have been numerous issues with them since launch. Some of these are never fixed, but for ones that retroactively are, affected players are not compensated and everything gets swept under the rug. It's a pretty bad flag if the main source of monetization is being joked with, a matter of time till paying players get unwittingly scammed, with no hope of help from their customer service which you could mistake for bots coupled with a poor grasp of the English language.
Love this game! I run with four games on my phone (Azur Lane, Genshin, SoA and Idola) anymore than that and I don't have enough time for all of them. This is now a mainstay for me due to the great story, nice graphics and daily activities that don't every seem chore-like. Plus the destiny divergence, astrology and elements make it a fun mix. I wish they would add more characters soon, because it's a little light in that department. Sure swimsuit editions are nice but it's October.
Sigh. Guys the game have been out for a time on lots of places now. Seeing reviews saying the game is bad cuz they see ppl lvl 100 in 1 day need to check info first. Other thing, the gane literally gives gems all the time. Haven't spend and have almost all 5 star just by playing the game. Yes the game its just another gacha but at least has a great story and dont need to spend to make pulls. 4 star since we cant get SG on pso2 global.
Can you please adjust the hp level on the boss round? It's bogus if they have 10+ thousand hp and I only have 5,000 below hp. But, all in all, it's a great game. But, what's with the elves and their automatic regeneration? I already had them to 1 hp and they get instant regeneration, at the same time, can use their special skill more than 1 times within 10 seconds, but I have to wait for 1-5 minutes for mine. And why the hell can they attack me twice?! That's so stupid as hell.
The story is pretty interesting. The menu is very simplified so it doesn't have so much that it can feel confusing to use. The gacha here is pretty good compared to other games. I also had a problem recently and support didn't take long to reply and help fix the problem. So they're very reliable and ready to help. I only wish they at least had a character gallery with previous character designs from before doing destiny divergence. Other than that love the game & highly recommend it. It's fun!
Very generous game and fun i really like it, what makes it heavy is prob the dialog that is fully voiced a lot of game mode too, dunno why they rate it low prob a salty dude who havent gone far in the game.Its a great game ngl you should spend more time to understand it cause even I didnt like it at the start but it realy is enjoyable and good as a side game you can play while working, farm tokken
Overall fun game that can be played as a f2p. Story is pretty decent (mostly what I play for) as well.
Great story. Tonnes of free gems and solid gameplay. Definitely the best gatcha game I've ever played. For those who are having issues.. 3gb ram minimum and if you don't want issues download the entire game 6gb+. If your phone can't handle that then you will have issues. I haven't run into a single bug at all. Do your research before giving a bad review. It's not the games fault it is YOUR issue.
Why even release that game, isn't there like 100's of same games already, no different than the rest. Waist of time ... didn't even get too far since I got so annoyed with the tutorial and the stupid stories that pop up after every click. Didn't come to ready some BS, thought I can play the game. Not much playing anyways, auto play, so it's more watching and getting sick watching then read some stupid stories again and watch again ... pointless. Ohh, you can spend some money too in between.
It's an ok game but it takes way long just to navigate. The movements are way to fast. I'll keep playing just to see where the story goes.
Full marks from me, this game has everything that followers of the Phantasy Star series will be familiar with, and expands upon those elements with modern gaming mechanics to broaden the game dynamics considerably. The main story is original and follows the Dark Force cycle really well, then the individual character stories allow the player greater depth of understanding for each one, and shows the motivations that have led them to where they are. Great job guys, this game rocks!
Fun and quite entertaining story. I quite like the system that you can choose what your character going to be. So far so good, but I kind of wandering how to use 10x ticket symbol gacha since there is no such option in the gacha page. Other than that, it is quite an amazing game
To many flaws i mean i love gacha games play lot of them but this game unlike many other has to many turn off points 1. Pull rates are to low like 2% compared to how slowly you earn the currency 2. Biggest one separate premium currency between free and paid and paid as I seen has guaranteed 5* really bad 3. Two separate teams law and chaos i don't see a reason for this other than having to pull even more characters that really needed Just to many turn offs
I was drawn to by the "Phantasy Star" part of the name. It's nothing like any Phantasy star game I've played. The Gacha is horrible. It's pretty ridiculous that you have SYMBOLS and UNITS in the same draw when I get nothing but same units and symbols. I mainly do gachas because I save and grind to do the guaranteed 4* (or higher bull****) and get the same symbol (weapon and whatever else it was). Most likely to lose interest since it doesn't seem like a very big roster atm.
Good: Ok gameplay and art. Animations so-so Bad: premium currency divided between paid and free so some content is behind a paywall Ugly: uses some of the worst and predatory microtransaction tactics designed to take advantage of impulse spenders. Weekly top-up bonus of up to $12 and a limited-time 3 day top up bonus of up to $200. A daily quest for gacha. And a random 2x 5* rate bonus... with a 60 minute time limit. Disgusting.
I thought this game had some promise at first, but has 3 glaring issues that are really ruining for me. This game has a few unique twists that set it apart from other gatcha games that imo work well, but the problems are big ones. While the character art is good, the animations are flash motion tween level. It is shockingly ugly. Its really annoying that there's not the ability to auto-repaly stages. Finally it commits the cardinal sin, LOCKING CHARACTERS AND CONTENT BEHIND PAYWALLS.
Just another gacha game with crappy drop rates. The story and character designs are pretty good but other than that its not worth playing.
IDOLA is a good gacha game. Although I was able to reach end game level in 2 weeks, not much to do afterwards than farm stuff. So I'd say just enjoy the short wild ride. Play arena and use those points to roll for lucky chance (increases your 5* chance). Gacha is ok I guess. Story is fine. Not so much in the way of chatting with people.
I has play for few week, and it really nice game as you can get roll ticket by doing event mission. The rate is not bad as I get limited hero by using ticket. Overall nice games and if you put efford on farming it's really worth it and paid that work hard!
As phantasy star fan this game is really good,amazing story and characters,the law and chaos feature is really good for when you get a dupe and overall the game is very rewarding and f2p,most people that say its p2w probably got stuck in the tutorial or just don't like a game that requires you to grind alot,units from paid banner land on free star gem banner 5/5
The game itself isn't really bad (gameplay) +1 Not f2p friendly -1 P2w : making separate paid gem & free gem (used at gacha) -1 The game just came out and it already have 2 limited unit & you can only get it from paid gacha with paid gem (i can see this feature again at the future) -2 Overall if u just fan of phantasy star then its okay game, but if you arent i think it isn't good game for u (different if u have so many time to waste)
The story has a lot of that "beat me, and I'll join you." crud you sometimes get in gacha RPG's, but the characterizations are good. It feels like Phantasy Star, but with a definite slant towards LOTR . You don't get skip tickets for farming so far, but you can skip (many) Idola fights (user generated mini-world bosses), and you can ante all your arena rewards on just one fight. You can also pick if you want to punch up or down in arena. I'm loving it.
I've played tons of gotcha games. Idola is one of the best I've ever played. Very player friendly (f2p is not a handicap here). 5 stars is a minimum for this game.
Game is pretty much what you think. It's another hero collector with a pay wall. I pretty much am a Phantasy Star fan, and the game is not F2P friendly. You will need to do alot just to level up characters and get what you want, and rewards are not that good for newcomers. As much as I want to recommend this game to people, not so much unless your a fan. Other than that it's a good time killer game.