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iFlirts – Flirt, Dating & Chatting for Singles

iFlirts – Flirt, Dating & Chatting for Singles for PC and MAC

Is a Dating game developed by Appspartner B.V. located at Appspartner B.V. Looskade 20 6041LE Roermond Netherlands. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.
❤️ Flirt, chat and meet new people easily
Find singles to flirt, chat and date you like near you now! Search the countless profiles of our members for the things. It' s never been easier to meet someone who really suits you!

❤️ registration that is lightning-fast puts you in contact with other singles at lightning speed. Without even entering your email address! Just use the Google or Facebook button.

❤️ Secure, discreet & ad-free
We respect your privacy. We don't give your data to parties that are third don't annoy you with advertising inside the app. Registration and browsing the profiles is completely free of charge. If you want to increase your flirt chances a bit more, iFlirts also offers a number of premium features that can easily and safely be bought for real money via in-app purchase.

❤️ Perfect for people who like to be found
With iFlirts it' extremely easy to get instantly get in touch with other members! Them directly, just leave them a Like 👍 if you are too shy to contact! In our experience, most members respond and get in touch with you in turn. Plus iFlirts regularly suggests members who might be suitable for you. You can also search for members yourself. You' ll be amazed at how many singles that are attractive can meet at iFlirts. So don&# wait that is 39;t longer and discover how easy it is to meet charming singles with iFlirts!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the iFlirts – Flirt, Dating & Chatting for Singles.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download iFlirts – Flirt, Dating & Chatting for Singles for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I have been using the app for three weeks now. It clearly lets you set a radius so you only see people nearby, making dating easier.
App is a joke. And I don't mean the funny kind. Signed up bought coins. Downloaded the app and they deleted my account with purchase and gave me a new account minus the coins I just bought. It's a rip off don't waste your time.
I've had really great experiences with the app. Absolutely awesome! Even though I haven't met the woman for life yet, I've made wonderful acquaintances. Can warmly recommend!
Uncomplicated, no annoying ads. Free of charge! What more could you want, nothing more to stand in the way of love.
I downloaded the app three days ago and am impressed! I've spent some time on the app and have seen some potential, at least at first glance.
Designed well and is very appealing. Individual menus are easy to find and the home page is designed clearly.
You need to provide other methods to buy coins. App kept notifying me that my card details were incorrect. Dont know why.
Free of charge and registration is easy. Can quickly create a profile and be contacted directly by the numerous singles in your area. I understood operation right away, very clear design.
If you want to try out your flirting but are perhaps too shy to in real life, this app is perfect for you. With just a few clicks you're registered and ready to go. It's worth a try!
Been single a long time, this is the first dating app where a new concept has been introduced and the whole dating subject is approached in a different but good way.
Very special dating app here. So simply to get to know new people. Whether for leisure, a life partner or just a short adventure, I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for.
I'm deleting this app all they want you to do is get your information Then charge you to send messages This is one of them apps I give no stars if I could Do no download
I wonder for this app i just downloaded it without send massage there want me to pay coin please my friends this app is useless it to wast your time and money
Quick and easy installation and registration. I was already able to make new contacts and recommend this for everyone.
Really pleasant atmosphere here! The app is easy to use and clearly arranged which I like. After years of loneliness I hope to meet someone again!
I was looking for a simple, well-structured dating app. After registration I was positively surprised that the members here are sociable and getting to know everyone is super easy.
This app helped me find my current husband of 8 years. I'll never get rid of this feeling. Really fantastic!
Flirting is easy and happens spontaneously. Thanks to the location function, I can quickly find singles in my area
Clear design. I've often had trouble with other apps because they were too intrusive, here not at all! I feel really comfortable and will try my luck to find someone.
Super great app let me finally meet my dream woman. Was on the road for years on other apps but was always unlucky. Here it's completely different. Keep up the good work!
Terrible exp most wish it had a younger group and most the people you get matched with are uglier than sn elephants but
This app makes dating fun again. You get to know new people in an uncomplicated way and the great design allows you to concentrate on the other person. Thumbs up for new love.
**Be careful** For $25NZD you get 550 coins=11 texts so it costs you $2.27NZD more than it cost back in 2000s for texting. Not just that it most of the texts are so scripted and robotic there is no passion or emotion in them not to mention the lack of English in the some of the texts so 🤷‍♂️ Hope this helps
I didn't realize there was that many people out there I have to turn my phone off before I go to sleep all right beats all night and I think the most I've had was 70 replies in one night so somebody like this app it seems to be working I get five stars
Can hardly wait to meet a new partner with this app it works so well. Everything is smart and simple so I can fully concentrate on my dating partner. TOP
I've been testing various dating apps for a while and this one is a clear favourite. It's very simple and easy to use to anyone can try it. Download and set up of profile is very fast too. It's a lot of fun when you get into contact with people. For me, it's a no-brainer.
Dating has never been so easy! The app gets rid of the nonsense and brings it back to pure flirting and dating.
Like all the other apps must pay and never get to meet anyone but they will verbally Try to make you feel bad when you can't afford to purchase coins to talk to them of which they could look you up on Facebook if they really cared and warrant just paid actors.
Nothing free about this app you get two free messages and then your stuck buying coins for ridiculous amounts and then on top of that the site is full of bots with no actual people so I would really give this app a -20 star rating if I could
Good opportunity to meet potential partners even during COVID-19. You can get into contact quickly and have good conversations directly. Definitely recommend!
Way too expensive have to pay to send messages which i would be fine with except you do t get that many messages for the amount you pay also nothing but fake account do not waste your time or money on this
Great opportunity to find the ideal partner for life. The app is beautifully designed and easy to use, I've only had positive experiences with the people I've met so far. I've also had a few great dates too!
This app makes it possible to get in contact with new people quickly. Let's see where the journey leads :)
For me, it's the best invention launched on the market. Especially in the current COVID situation, the app offers the possibility to expand your social circle. I'm totally thrilled with how many beautiful and attractive women there are.
The chat function is great. It allows me to express my feelings and emotions better. Completely different from other options!
I think the app is great! Nice and interesting people to get to know in your area who you wouldn't have met otherwise!
This site is just a money hungry set of people. Too expensive maybe if there was a monthly subscription then cool but gold is too much and it goes fast, I think its a fake site. Dont trust it unless you are rich. Then do what you want. If there was a zero id push it.
Top app. Completely free. It's financed by ads but they're bearable! You don't have to pay for any boosts or subsciption fees like other "premium" apps. This app is the best!
Hate that u have to pay to send messages to talk to ppl also should have to read whole profile before sending messages
Its a pay to chat app. But u get slammed with messages almost as soon as u get logged.... Like before u can get profile filed in.
Do NOT download this app!! Fake bots all over the site! Wasted a lot of money. 1 Wouldn't let me change my location from New Jersey. 2 The "profiles" will say anything so you have to keep conversations on app, so you have to buy more tokens Wasted a lot of money before I knew it
Setting up the profile is easy and quick. The app is generally quite simple which makes it user-friendly.
App installed, a short 'shower' and off we went. Everything is simple and nicely presented. Clear recommendation.
Works no problem, is quickly installed. Lots of good matches and a high percentage of women. It's uncomplicated and fun. These factors are important to me. For me it's the best dating app.
Thanks to this app I was able to meet the love of my life. It's super easy to use so I was able to start no problem. I soon had my first date and it was the best date ever. I'd recommend to all my single friends.
Finally in love again after such a long time. The registration works perfectly and it was really easy to be able to start right away.
They do not allow any means of connecting outside of very expensive chat system that blocks mutual partners to connect, not good unless burn money in a bonfire
Nicely designed app. Nice thing about it is you can chat with great people, it's very clear and you don't get confused.
For 24.99 I could of had a months worth of service with unlimited texting. I know most of where I live pretty well and they could not even tell me where specific locations were in their own city. Nothing but a scam here folks. I looked over 20 profiles and they ALL had the exact height, schooling and child count. Only the photos were different. Oh and not to mention the fact that not a single person had social media. Come on now. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about this.
Totally simple and easy to understand, it makes you want to fall in love xD I really like the filter options!
Successfully find new contacts for flirting, chatting and falling in love. It's all very easy on the app. Just download it and off you go.
Very easy to use and I found someone really cute to talk to, like 20 minutes after downloading it. I've been with her for three months now. Great app, thanks.
Totally Fake App... A 100% Scam... Profiles are phony... App should be removed from Google play and the internet... When I say all their female members were 100% 'online' I knew it was a fake scam.. they also refused to approve a simple 'about me' greeting for some strange reason... A weird and strange crooked app... I will be needing a complete REFUND... You guys got CAUGHT!!!
Fake apps with full of fake account. You wont receive any purchase ID after it. No one behind the accounts, so lets say the system itself push a lot of fake automtic conversation and you have to pay for the chat. Do not use this app at all ! !
This is a great app but the problem is paying for every message that is made is ridiculous and absurd how much will a person spend just to get to know a little bit of one another ...... I can't afford this at all! Please delete my account
Thanks to precise questions about your profile, you'll quickly be shown a suitable selection of people to get to know. The endless swiping is now over!
Never thought I'd be single at 50 but that's life. I also never thought I'd get a second chance! Thanks to the app it has become possible!
This app is a total scam would not recommend replys r straight away who's on phone 24/7 I screen shot photo shopping bag had Walmart on it we don't have Walmart here. Send number but try 2 keep U talking on app 2 use your coin money if arsk someone 2 meet face 2 face in a minute U get a message of someone else arsking 4 a date all it is doing is getting you 2 spend money spelling mistakes in messages sent 2 me were the same different profile pictures same person
I've never regretted downloading this app. I was thrilled from the beginning. It's a bit difficult for me to delete the app again…but what can I say - I've found my great love here!
Since Corona has made it impossible to meet people outside, these apps are worth their weight in gold. You can quickly reach your destination here.
It's full of fake profiles and bots that just waste your time they always want to stay on the app which is way to expensive watse of time and money
If there was an option for me to leave a review without giving this app any stars I would have gave it 0 Stars this app is clearly a scam you purchase coins to hold a conversation with the so-called women that either message you or like your profile then to entice you to keep purchasing more coins they barrage your messaging with women that are interested in you or so they say just for you to spend more money on coins I highly do not recommend this app to anyone
The app is really fun! You find nice contacts in your location. A nice alternative to the well-known apps!
The app is really great! Makes it a lot more fun to get to know someone. It can take time until someone replies, after all, they are real people.
After only a few days I was able to find several potential partners on the app and I look forward to the future with good feelings. I can definitely imagine finding someone here. As well, the app is very clear and registration is super easy.
Been using the app for 3 weeks now. I like the fact that it's so clear and intuitive to use. The most important thing is you can start flirting with someone quickly and somehow people I've chatted to have fit really well with me. What can I say, I've had two very interesting weekends since getting the app. Try it ;)
The app is great if you are looking for something specific. Whether acquaintances, friends or the partner for life :)
This app is a crock. First of all none of the people you talk to live in your area, and second you try to know more about them and all they do is jump around your questions and try to get more of your info. Completely a ridiculous scam.
Am having trouble to enter the app or buy some coins. Plus there is a lot of scammers and the price of the coins are expensive because you got just few messages to write.
App is clearly structured and very easy to use. Registration went smoothly and now I hope to find the right one ;)
Shortly after installation, I found a suitable partner and have been happy ever since. I'd never have thought it could happen so quickly. Great app, keep it up!
Really well-built, registration is quick and you can soon match with people and get chatting. No fake accounts either!
Was immediately enthusiastic about it. It's totally simple and actually works! Unlike other apps, women actually respond here and aren't as arrogant as they seem on Tinder.
It is just too expensive, 50 coins for a message,thats way too much, work on how to make it monthly subscription, it ll be better then and most women there are very aggressive
Very interesting app where you can quickly meet nice people and it's completely free. I've already had 2 dates, both of which were great - definitely recommend!
The app is really east to use and your profile will only be shown in the best possible light. There are tonnes of people on here and you can flirt with interesting people very quickly. If you're looking for the one, this is the place to find them. Clear recommendation
It's a good app but the coins are really too expensive how you send a one message for 110coins it's too much please I suggest you work on that
Can meet really interesting people. App is really well done and you can find good friends and maybe more!
Found fun in flirting again through this app, it brings you together with lots of great people you wouldn't have otherwise met. App isn't complicated at all, so there's something for everyone. Really great!
Haven't had this great feeling in a long time. The app is super interesting and serious. I take a long look at it all. There are some really pretty singles.
Swiping and matching in the app is fun and allowed me to flirt. The entertainment factor is very high here.
Wow, awesome app. I've already had a few dates after a short time and it was simple. Dating is easy with this app.
Easy to use, great layout. I'm looking forward to chatting, flirting and getting to know others. Great app!
Every one's username shows up with numbers attached. I don't know if that's standard or not but it makes me think this is just a bot scamming app just here to drain people of their money for more coins to send messages.
Design is really well thought out, it's clearly arranged and you can find everything you need right away.
Great app for partner search. Quick and easy registration. Can find nice, attractive people instantly.
This app has been less than useless at actually giving people to talk to, just about everyone on here is a bot who has done a great job of hauling in money for the developers, it's a shame so many beautiful women are having there photos used for the developers profits... DO NOT USE THIS APP
Top app. First totally free app for men and women. It's the first app where I've been contacted by nice women. Already on the 2nd day after installation, I'm not used to this at all! I had other apps for 2 years and never got any messages. This is the first time I can actually recommend an app! 5 stars!
The structure is great and easy to view, it doesn't have the swipe right/left function but you can see other profiles and communicate with them directly. Simple and beautiful!
This app is a 100% scam there are women on the site that want you to keep texting them what in order to text down you have to pay money so even if you give them your number after spending $200 they will say that they need to get to know you better soul a long story short IFLIRTS APP HAS That looks beautiful I would pay them as well and I believe that it was a beautiful idea of skamin people that willingly pays. I've deleted My account please do not waste your money "girl= employees=thecompany
I have to agree with some of the others. Scripted designed to get you to message at ridiculous prices. I had 2 accounts and the basically say the same thing. I think this is a horrible way to cheat people
Tested the app and I'm thrilled. Runs completely error-free, members are nice, I've already met someone, maybe even the one?
Dating is a lot easier and it's not as complicated as other dating apps, you get used to it easily. I can only recommend it!
Unless you can pay alot for using this app don't download it, it cost coins to send messages to other people in a texting environment, just try tinder for the 200th time
Super simple and easy installation. Everything clearly arranged, you immediately feel comfortable. Organised my first date today.
Super app for meeting people. Every age can use it so it's suitable for everyone. I'm enthusiastic. I recommend it to others.
The app is just great, setting up the profile was quick and hassle-free. Already have a date tonight!
Requested for application to be removed off of my dad's phone via the application by requesting the the account to be deleted. The application was not removed in the account was not deleted. One out of five stars. A quick reminder for all of you people I mean older people is that this application is a scam if it's requesting for your credit card information before allowing you to view the messages.
Upon downloading I have been spammed with bot after bot. At first I did not realize but then I saw multiple middle aged or older women listed as 20 years old. I've had the app for 3 hours now and have 44 notifications from bots trying to suck money out of my bank account. Do not download, do not pay for the coins. Please delete my account.
I've been looking for something serious for a long time. Finally found something. Download was fast, no problems. Easy to start a conversation in the chat. No fake profiles. Highly recommend.
Usual send 2 messages then have to purchase more coins to continue and surprise surprise nobody wants to txt u they just wanna chat 'in app'. .....WOULD NOT RECOMMEND
Easy to use and well-structured. Beautiful singles on here. Can quickly find someone you like. I've been using the app for 3-4 weeks and have matched with 3 women. I've got a date soon and am really happy about it. Definitely 5 stars! Thanks!
Wow! Thrilled at how easy this was to install. So many interesting profiles and it doesn't take long to find a partner worthy of love
Great way to make contacts. I registered and after a short time was able to chat to nice people, hoping for dates and my chances are good :-)
My girlfriend recommended the app to me and so far I'm satisfied. It's not just flirting, you can chat normally and have a nice evening.
Horrible I paid once for 1150 coins and it did not give me them so you know what happens the thing charged me twice and now I want to see if I can get my money back because this app is a hoax and it should be shut down immediately.