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Infinity Mechs

Infinity Mechs for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by SkullStar located at No. 2, Hemu Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, China. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
INFINITY MECHS is a super robot-featured online game this is certainly idle by SkullStar and licensed by Game Duchy. Here you’ll get access to a galaxy of mechs with a consternation of team development strategies!

Mecha army needs your management! View the battleground that is real time particle effect will sweep your display! Adventure, intense PvP, one-hand-hold operations...Mechs tend to be a romance that is man’s! Today the mechaland ushers you in!

——Game Features——

[Tap & Click, Make your own time Valuable Again]
No more hell difficult missions and operations, enjoy one-button automobile dungeon to your coffee clearing.

[Hard Core Mechs, Hundred devices to select From]
Exclusive mecha design, stretch your method and build your combinations. Wrap your self when you look at the mecha and sink into your next fight!

[Ladder Challenge, PvP with international players]
Lead your mecha team and move onto the phase this is certainly worldwide! Rise to your the top of ladder and take a seat on the glorious throne!

[7/24 Consistent, Unlimited money when you Sleep]
One option to claim rewards that tend to be huge. Accumulate while traditional. Grind forget about and revel in your life!

[Adventure & Dungeons, Be A Blood-Thirsty Warrior]
Dungeon, collection, simulation, PvP, and adventure! Breathtaking steel-to-steel collision will release your inner energy!

[Collection & Quest, Gold Chests to Unlock]
Unlock the thrilling side quests, engage fight wisdom to your enemy. Chests await!

——Story Introduction——
When civilization climbed to its prime, demons then followed. No one tells where had they originated from, but countless cellular robots that are armored the continents with terrifying energy. Society was at the point whereby question that is to-be-or-not-to-be to be asked. The only real superpower worldwide, Weimarr Empire, activated its highest alert that is national light of catastrophes. As an overall total results, “12 Heroes” came to the spotlight. They are humanoid mecha developed and made to counter against those robot beasts. Time had it proved that “12 Heroes” were in the effective side.

But story did end that is n’t. The defeated monsters gathered and retracted around Superalloy mines. Humanity came to appreciate more mecha that is humanoid essential as well as the most important things, Superalloy is an indispensable resource for mecha development. A variety of mercenary businesses and research labs had been created and there was only one objective for all of them: combat for the Superalloys and develop very robots.

You, an ACE pilot invited by various forces becoming the captain of these armies, will likely make your decision and embark on the journey of mecha world war!

Official Website: http://infinitymechs.com/en/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfinityMechs
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_YSINfW1QI9rSkVLlxKbjg
Official Discord host: https://discord.gg/x3xWW4Z
Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/InfinityMechs

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Infinity Mechs.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Great game, for the first release is very complete, the characters look great. The game has some bugs, but in general it's ok I'll wait excited for future updates
Idle game starring the Mecha from Gameduchy's Iron Saga. Comparable to the Godzilla idle game with heavier team building aspects, a gacha system and asynchronous PvP. Each level and PvP begins with your team and the opposing team spawning from their respective Barriers and advancing towards each other. There are occasional hiccups and the game would benefit from further social functions. I could see raid bosses or tower-defense style live PvP working well in the future.
Too many bugs i couldnt even finish the tutorial. The tutorial it self is confusing especially cause the robot speaks slowly and you cant click to get him to say everything because it will skip the whole talk. I got stuck at the part it said to rally my squad cause when i clicked what it told me nothing would happen and after i tried quiting and going into the game again it just broke and there was no rally button. I tried finding it woth daily missions but it said that i have to finish tutorial
For people registering, trying to log in, then getting told name already taken: your still on the register page, your trying to register again. Go back, then go to the login page. For the person saying it's the 10th: the message says the 9th at 2200 PDT. PDT is Pacific daylight time, it's still the 9th there.
Thought this was a card game. It is not. Just another crappy idle game. Constant timeouts. Horrible pvp system. Don't waste your time.
Final review: Typical idle with infinite troop levelling. Gacha is fair with a free pull every 4hrs and earning diamonds to equal 1 more/day. Pvp is subject to hacking and by the curve is better players in game longer. The game platues into grinding for mech levels and retrofits (dup unit upgrade). Developers are very responsive and easy to work with
Pvp is bugged.... all of my units are ranked 200+ (not levels) and I can clear enemies in pvp but can't destroy the dumb gate?? How am I suppose to win in arena if I can 1shot enemy units in pvp but can't destroy the gate?
Cant change nickname, opponents wall on pvp cant be damage, after acquiring upgrade materials it dont reflect if you want to buy parts unless you restart the game, game crash if you play consecutive ads. Those are some bugs that I found, overall graphics can still be improve, UI needs to be more compact that it dont hinder the battlefield.
i dont like these types of games. i love this game. and thats saying something. artstyle, progression, rewards, achievements, MUSIC THE MUSIC OH MY LORD. loving it despite the bugs, im willing to put up with them, but do get them fixed because this has all the potential in the world. ive got faith, show us what you got devs
Good concept with bad execution, the most annoying one is the screen freeze a lot, at least do some debug before you release the game lol
I really do not recommend this game. The only benefit is its mechs, aside from that there are so many better. And dont even get me started on the bugs (pvp is borked)
Very disappointed. Tutorial needs work and overall its just an upgrade and watch game. Nothing really interactive or entertaining enough for me to continue to play. Pvp almost forces you to spend resources to get another match that is fair or closer to your team's strength.
I have found six bugs so far: (1) timeout that prevents Mecha upgrades with coin (2) timeout that prevents diamond reward in achievement section (3) after killing opposing player mechs in pvp, their wall becomes indestructible causing you to lose (4) if you exit pvp, the pvp damage chart remains on the screen (5) after completing the tutorial, a few minutes, the 5x speed for new players on launch disappears. (6) When switching between Quest, Mecha, Parts, etc Quest timers reset to full.
Bruh... My second PVP battle; I took down the mechs but couldn't break down the wall... What? Not much of a tutorial and the UI is triggering my OCD. The buttons work less than half the time. .. Did I mention that the UI is blowing my mind and I'm trying to tap buttons that won't respond
Tutorial was extremely confusing, leaves you hanging a couple of times with no idea how to progress. Not very interactive, you just upgrade your mechs and watch them fight in the background. Very cluttered UI, there are tabs and buttons everywhere. Lots of buttons asking you to watch ads to get items but the icing on the cake was being told I have to watch an ad to increase play speed. Feels like a massive cash grab.
I will great game can't wait to play more of its the graphics and movie play in San effects are so real
Gameplay is based on endlessly rallying, in theory you don't have to spend a single cent but whoever plays longest time by non stop rally wins. No skill involve its all about time, ppl macro 24/7 wins
Just a low quality robot ripoff of crush them all. Played for a bit and now the game wont start again. 1/10
Cluttered UI, laggy and unresponsive buttons, glitchy tutorial, and massively overpriced payment options. The Mechs are really cool, but then again they're borrowed from the game Iron Saga so lack of innovation kinda mutes that point. Overall seems to be just another basic idle clicker adventure with a new skin and not much else. Also doesn't even give credit to Iron Saga anywhere in description for the wonderful mech designs this game has used. Overall seems like a lazy cash grab attempt to me.
I was excited about this game, but it turned out to be average, but it’s still worth trying. The models of all kinds of mechas are intriguing.
Was a decent game until you hit the wall. Major bugs of upgrading quests and not getting the amount it says when quest completes each rotation.
There are some bugs can be really annoying. Luckily the developers are working pretty fast to solve them. Like the technical suppport. Please keep up updating!
Meh. I expected smooth graphics for the mechs, not this kind of almost pixelated claptrap. I was also looking forward with how detailed the mechs were, but was disappointed. It literally throws you into playing the game. It would be better if for the first time one opens or clicks a feature, a short explanation would pop out.
Why have a app on the Play Store if you can't log in with your Google account? I've lost all of my progress after transferring to a new phone.
Absolute hot garbage, login fails constantly, cannot accept missions/rewards/mail, cannot watch ads for anything period, 9 times out of 10 tapping a button doesn't do anything whether it's upgrading a quest or buying a mech or just upgrading. Literally the worst mobile game I have ever played and that's not exaggerating. It's just a slimy, steamy pile of green poo clone of Endless frontier. Don't release an app that doesn't even work. C'mon.
Game did the sh*ty pre launch bs, feels and looks like a blatant copy of a generic idle game down to the menu, account had to be restarted after a couple of hours (most likely due to data corruption on dev side), it is very boring, what else can I say
It’s a typical idle game but the robot setting really hits me. If you are interested in robot, GUNDAM, don’t miss it.
its actualy a good game but i cannot login back after offline ,the game is stuck on loading screen. uninstall install clear data nothing is working oh well edit: comeback after 38hour n its works. nice good job dev
I played a bit of this in early beta, found out about this game via Reddit. I'm looking for more idle games to get into so, I applaud the team behind this game. Salty reviews here already bc of pre download made by ppl with no brains, many games are offering pre-download n it isn't a major problem in the slightest. Looking forward to playing the final version.
You launch the game while it's still buggy and you ban people from using the bugs. I only got worth 2 spins and I got banned. At least do a hotfix or a maintenance, don't blame it on the players.
Tutorial should be thrown out, nothing new. Couldnt access settings during the tutorial to turn off the music which was very loud. Needs a mass click option like 10, 100, max, vs having to click several times to then pick an option if it registers you clicking. The game will let you upgrade artifacts past what resources you currently have then gets rid of any changes due to it realizing you went over which is hard to gauge with layout. Terrible having to upgrade every squad mech equally.
This game was ment to be good but seemslike the draging himself down like too many bugs, got fix but another one goes again like never ending bug game.. Note: dont download this game it will just a waste of time
Good concept with bad execution, the most annoying one is the screen freeze a lot, at least do some debug before you release the game. edit: I'm waiting for complete version of this I hope my review will help
Its a great game just a bug or two one it wont let me claim my rewards any more and two it took all my diamonds so now i have to save up another 22500 for the mech i want ill change my review when its fixed
Hate when I can't put my gamer name which is maveric on there apparently it's an sensitive word.unless that is a cuss word in some language I can understand. But have a feeling it is not. Other than that the game is ok. It's like most idle games except it's with mechas. So super repetitive for me
Please add google log in. I have enough random accounts for everything online, I don't need to add anymore. It looks like a great game, but I don't support games with external log ins, so I won't be playing until it's added. Also, I don't mind preloads, 3* is because I haven't played it yet, but it looks fun. I'll change rating accordingly if I get to play eventually.
There are quest problem that when you used sime part that gives more money from quest and tge quest was like dont give an extra money for that as is said it should gives like e.x. quest 22 +834.3m but when it complete it gives around 14m only plz fix the problem so we wont get farther in the game that hard
The devs acted pretty quickly to fixing an issue in Arena (among others), but im pretty sure people are still not bringing up the fact that even if you get enough resources to buy a piece of tech, its still grayed out till you restart the game, As to the game itself, again, its your hero collecting TRUE IDLE game, but this time with mechs, Current favorite has to be Nightmare, love scythes
Update: Login problems resolved, although I have to login to google play every launch. Gameplay is very incremental and rpg elements are slim. The tutorial and game systems are explained poorly. Unit pool seems small and requires dupes to advance mecha. Prices are reasonable, but not sure if this is a game worth spending on. PvP is p2w, don't even bother. The mecha are cool, but little to no active combat makes it more of a viewing gallery. Might be for some but I think this will fall as a pass.
The game has potential but it has lots of bugs to be solved. This game is at beta version as of the moment has lots of bugs
The newest update did nothing to satisfy my previous comment about the inability to scroll the screen sideways so we can see how the mechs at the back are doing. What's even worse is the game keeps crashing and some daily objectives never seem to progress even if I clearly did them.
Wonderful game! Hope you guys can post the gallery of the robot. Like how you design these characters!
Tells us the game is out, but when you go to register and try to play it says the game isn't live yet. The game wasn't even a big download, and as a mobile game, there isn't really a need to let people preload. Just incredibly disappointed that we're told it's out on the store but it isn't actually playable.
A few hours after i closed the game because of the unresponsive UI it suddenly started responding properly, i dont know how. Anyway, now that this is not an issue anymore the game is actually really fun, there is tons to do as expected from idle games like this. the gacha seems fair and the shops also look good. Currency collection is not unfair but you do have to work for it and the gameplay in itself is smooth and requires little attention from you other than upgrading. All in all the game is more than decent for having just released. The tutorial can leave you hanging a bit but its just a matter of doing stuff until it kicks in again so its not a problem.
You guys did really good the music is on point a good feeling about this game I have it on full blast. Keep working!
Tired to do tutorial but it bugged out and didnt provide me with the ability to "rally" my squad. Oh well.
I dont like these types of games but i love this game. and thats saying something. artstyle, progression, rewards, achievements, MUSIC THE MUSIC OH MY LORD.
The game is good if you understand it well . I am having some glitch in PvP that's why I don't give 1 star and another star is less because of the story line , i want to read the story but when i click on the screen the sceen change
So looks like my comment got taken down somehow so I'll keep posting games glitchy as hell I paid for a flash sale didn't get items don't buy anything I killed the other team in pvp was fine first few matches but then I couldn't do damage at all to the forcefield after beating the team so I would lose from time limit and I had to close and open the game a bunch because it would get stuck in the tutorial uninstalled
A little boring to be quite honest, I expected more variety in terms of game play. I was looking forward to this game because of the art style and theme, but unfortunately it is a "cookie clicker" type game which im not a fan of, because of the lack of interaction.
Update: major improvements. No longer facing most of the issues I had previously. Updated to 4-star from 2. If the game keeps getting supported like this then I can totally get behind it. :)
Pvp broken can't destroy base only mechs resulting in loss every time. Don't waste your time on this game.
Another useless clicker game if i could give 0☆ i would this game is such a waste of space and data not to mentiom laggy touch controls and mediocre graphics for a game trying to mimic the gundamn franchise. (Edit) i wont be playing again from what ive read you have stolen ot copied assets for the mechs in this game and i despise theives
Im writing here a bug that is i got newbie gems like 20000 something and of cousre i used them to gacha to get new mechs but .. When i gacha 1 time my all gems were gone i thought it was glitch but my gems,were gone plz give me back at least my 17000 diamonds plz guys my account name is Primal from phillipines Plz refund plz refund them ;( (┳Д┳)(╥_╥)o(╥﹏╥)o(╯︵╰,)(T⌓T)
I love this game, i love mechs especially, but it tends to stutter and i have to press a button a bunch of times for it to register that i pressed it. 3 stars for now but if these two things get fixed it would get 5 stars for sure!
I dont care what these dummies are saying. I've already pre registered and it ask you to login without using your Google login? thats dumb....and you still can't play til later....fastest uninstall ever!
Its a good concept, fun little infinity game, levelling up is not too difficult, I didn't even mind the optional ads and micro-transactions < because they were optional! You -can- if you wish, pay no dollars to play this.... But... It's just so buggy. SO buggy. I can't even specify 'theres a bug with X, fix it..' cos there's SO many bugs. Random screen freezes, game clock not remembering what you've just done, actions that dont happen... Really needs some work on this "first draft".
Tried to get 10 mech and didn't get it. I also paid for special pack and it still hasn't shown up. It glitch and now I don't have anything. Hope you can solve this and any other bugs in this game.
I want to love this game, but the fact that I can't even get the keyboard to work so I can get my own name or anything makes it hard to recommend (I will update this review if problems gets fixed)
Really fun, however its bugged. During PVP I cant do any damage to the enemy wall so I've lost to time about 10 matches in a row.
You need to fix the tutorial portion, couldn't make it two minutes into the game without it not working or going further. It would continually say to do the exact same thing and while I tried to press the buttons it just wouldn't work.
It's nice and all but could use some improvements. One of the annoying parts is the inability to scroll sideways so we cannot see how the mechs at the back are doing or we cannot get free loot within a stage, even worse when Artemis is in the party for it will dash all the way to the enemy backlines. And one I personally find unnecessary is the UI that shows which mech did the most damage in boss stages or pvp fights, I would rather see the mechs' health bars so I know how they're doing.
Great game, for the first release is very complete, the characters look great It needs some fixes for the ads options, but it was the only problem I saw
After 2 weeks absent, i can't login using my google account. Glad I'm not spending any bucks for this....what can i say, school projects? The star isn't lying, go spend your time or money to iron saga instead. MEH.
Geezz what a rip off, I wish I can rate lower than 1, ad often doesn't work, server connection breaks often, and what reeeeaaaaally ticked me off is that I just finished stage 1350 I should get around 400a S-alloy x2 from daily buff, guess what? I only received 400a but daily x2 buff was still decreased. The funniest is the achievement reward, the highest stage to rally, even after i finished stage 1350 it still reads 770/800. Rally achievement is also stuck at 81/40, saying not enough rally.
This game is very very nice game I love this who are all playing this game them tapping speed will increases for me also increased
Just start playing the game and find one annoyed bug so far, Doing the pvp matchs I push all the way to the other person side but it well not damage the wall and it will time out and I lose
I love this game, i love mechs especially, but it tends to stutter and i have to press a button a bunch of times for it to register that i pressed it. 3 stars for now but if these two things get fixed it would get 5 stars for sure! EDIT: Updates have made the game stutter even worse making it almost unplayable!
Too much bug even for obt release, arena bug where u wont win, refresh button fail, refresh rate when upgrading is silly. Upgrade icon requirement shows wrong. Just dont try this... U you will only get headache by playing Mech unit too low.
Endless frontier game play with iron saga characters. The graphics are a bit awkward, game play is laggy and not smooth, many glitches in first 5 mins of game. Not very polished at all.
I'm shocked. Simply shocked with the rating being so bad that I just had to rate before playing just to offset their stupidity. Most of the game were pre downloaded on Google stores these days and people still can't understand why they couldn't play yet. There's even one comment about stolen asset from iron saga even though the notice already told them it's licenced by GameDuchy the iron saga company itself. Check the game release time and it's time format (PDT etc.) next time before complaining
Can't login to my Google play games account. Just a never ending loop of giving permission to allow access the attempting to load my account then back to giving permission. Not quite sure why or what but not being able to login just cause I bought a new phone is a pretty big deal. Zero stars.
Pre registered and anticipated playing. Played for a few hours on the first day then game locked up and I wasn't able to log in. Tried logging in the next day and game days there was suspicious activity and my account was locked. Needless to say game in it's current form is not worth playing especially now that it seems they are banning a lot of the accounts created on launch for no reason.
Broken game, unfinished, full of bugs, the best way to progress is to reach 240stage,then reset and start from stage 200 server sucks, 70% of operations failed with connection timeout. I got a 5 start machine, which is the second one of the same model i have, but it disappeared.
This game is sick! Indulging myself in this game for 3 days.....I can’t stop playing because I have to explore more resources and rally morea to make my mechas more strong enough to beat others.
The game was so boring. The stages is always the same. Even if you upgraded your mechs it did not meet the the full strengths of your units
Decent, would be better if the quests (which are the number one source of gems you need to get more mecha) didn't become locked behind a acquire a 3 star part one that takes all the momentum out of it. After spending almost all the gems I had to cycle the parts shop I can say the rare items seem to no drop chance, you can't buy them with money to just clear it, you can't skip it for gems, and so I thinks the 3 stars I can't acquire
Very disappointed. Progress made is lost everytime you login. Tutorial needs work and overall its just an upgrade and watch game. Nothing really interactive or entertaining enough for me to continue to play.
I got hooked in playing since yesterday... How time flies if you enjoy something! This is a great idle game! Love it..
Hmmm... I do not know if it is intentional, but your mechs and missions level reset after you go to a new area??? Otherwise with some little tweaks and upgrades this could be a very fun idle game to play! Give credit to Iron Saga for designs and lower the price costs for the gems and make the graphics more crisp so the actual mech designs and animation would be closer to the 2d art in the mech information screen! Try your best and give the game and players the love it deserves! ^_^//
Like the concept just don't like the unresponsive taps. Finding myself tapping so many more times then I should. Please is this a phone related issues? Using S20.
Cool mech design, terrible auto-playing "gameplay" garbage. It's an auto play game so you can't actually do anything or have any actual fun. Shame such cool art and designs are wasted on a "game" that you cant even play. Be cool if this were a battle royale type of game instead with designs like this.
Well i tried but the stuttering is so bad the game takes forever to navigate the menus and press a button. Uninstalling for the time being.
The game is based around restarting a lot for benefits, but being forced to restart from stage 200 max every time(After you pay gems for it to be that high) feels really terrible, there's a lot of gem sinks but only okay gem income, expedition is designed so that you have to gem to complete a lap unless you get super lucky, it feels like you barely make any currency offline and there's a huuuuuuge grind/time wall that hits you for the non-premium currency. Could be great if issues fixed.
If you have played iron saga, you must try this! This one has way more fun to play with , though the server isn’t that stable.
If can choose 0 star ill will choose that, coz of what this game full of bug and lag, how can i spent for the 1st time and didnt get that mechs plus when try to research other mechs for the 1st time you'll stuck then get nothing. I wont recommend this to others.
Solid time killer. If you wanna try out some new game, it’s a good choice. But you have to deal with some unexpected bugs. All in all, it grasps my attention for now.
Great game. The only thing missing now is the clans. If you the developers can add clans that would be cool.
Thankfully they added google log in so I can try it out. It doesnt do anything different or unique than the other idle games that are similiar. Units are very tiny and you dont get to appreciate the detail in the art unless youre looking at the unit's bio page. The mech designs are very cool and have decent animation. Its not a bad game, its just not a unique or great game. If you like these idle games and like mechs, you would prob enjoy this.
Pretty decent (Idle-?) Game. Has a few impactful bugs atm though, so i'd say wait a week to see if the worst bugs get fixed and try it then.
Too many bugs... I'll ask for a refund, same game than the other one on their dev page, and still no bug fixes
I already correct my account and password and keeps say WRONG please fix this, this game wants me to uninstall my bestets game! Im going to report this game