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inskam for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by app-Tools. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.2 and up.
inskam is a software that interacts with products via mobile phones.

1.Client supports picture and video clip recording
2.Can preview photos and videos

***Please note before downloading***
Due to Google's negligence that is very own the Android os 10 system cannot recognize the USB camera. You upgrade towards the available version when you yourself have already updated to Android 10, this application may pop up to let. Please download and install the variation that is matching. Thank you for the understanding.

If you encounter an situation this is certainly unavailable please visit our website for assistance, thank you!

***Positioning authorization description***
Google stipulates that acquiring the Wi-Fi title for the existing link requires area permission.
Inskam supports Wi-Fi products. In order to rapidly link products and improve buyer experience, inskam will presently see whether the attached Wi-Fi is a tool supported by inskam.
So I hope users understand that inskam does not have the place information of the phone this is certainly cellular but just utilizes it to obtain the title regarding the present Wi-Fi connection.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the inskam.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download inskam for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I think it works great, even though it ask for permission that seem unnecessary I just turned those permission off and the app still works fine
"This cool little ultra-closeup soltware is easy to use, and does good imaging for the price.for my ttakmly microscope."
It worked for a few weeks. Now it's asking for location and phone call services in order to work. I believe they are coercing people to give them your data or else they won't let you use the microscope you bought along with your phone
Really good. No joke. I found it really easy to use, no hidden agendas. It does what you need it to do.
The app is good for t takmly microscope. I am impressed by what this little piece of electronics can do. It is very good to educate young kids in the household to show tiny objects under magnification.
Don't buy, don't update, return if u can. There's absolutely no reason for full access permissions to my phone, its a microscope not chat app.... Not sure what that data is going to be used for or where or why. InstaScam as mentioned before here
Beware this may not work with the most recent updates of Android in Spring 2020. I had purchased the borescope in fall and everything worked fine, but after update it will not recognize the camera on Wi-Fi. I found out it works fine on older Androids and iPhones. When it does work though it is very good and I have no issues with it.
Worked as needed since the last update. Why the app now needs access to phone calls and device location ?
There is NO reason for a microscope app to need access to my location, my phone or my microphone. And it doesn't work without those permissions. If you bought this on Amazon, get your refund while you can.
i have a t takmly miceoscope. I really can’t believe how good the quality is! This is just what I needed after playing with manual once for ever! So easy!!!
It won't work says I need to download the new version and it keeps saying connect the device when it is connected??? I want my money back big time scam don't get it
I don't know why this is so lowly rated. Worked fine. Easy link to microscope. All features work great. No issues here!
Do not download this ap! Return the device. It waits a few weeks then won't let you use the camera unless you give it unlimited access to your device.
I have a samsung 6 -installed it, the camera never and continues to not function. Also as stated by another user nothing comes up on the screen. The actual camera works the lights on it come on. Just nothing on the screen. Dont suggest the app. If its not going to work. Going to try a different ap.
The endoscope has no "full charge" indicator. And the inskam icon did not show when the site identified a complete download.
The fact that the people behind this have the gall to have permissions for your phone, microphone, and location is astounding to me. Come to think of it, it shouldn't even need camera permissions, the camera you use isn't on the phone, it's in the device. It will try to deny you from using the app if you don't allow these permissions, though you can easily bypass it by hitting the back button on your Android. But regardless, it's still super shady they ask these permissions in the first place.
This app is medicourr at best No clue why the location NEEDS to be on to use it but that's a thing. Connecting is quick and easy , once your into the functions its a steep dropoff in already not so great app quality. It's super simple and unpolished, like they started a rough draft and was like this is cool. The videos are in a format that cannot be played outside the app or sent via SMS or otherwise. I had to use screen record just to send a video. Not great app not great at all.
Despite some concerns in reviews of the product, I took a chance and ordered it. It turned out to be straightforward to set up and works fine producing great images.
I find this app to be very useful, fun, and interesting. my ttakmly microscope was inexpensive, and well worth the cost.
Literally none of the instructions on how to operate this endoscope worked - on PC or Android. The included instructions were partially in German, and the rest had multiple grammatical errors and misspellings. The "instructional" video is a joke. I should have set the $30 I spent on fire to save me the frustration caused by this farce of a product. China will keep selling us their garbage as long as we keep buying it. Lesson learned.....
I have a Galaxy S20.. The app saves photos but although it appears to be taking video it doesn't actually save it anywhere. I take a video and it says "saves successful" but it's not in the inskam album and a search of all videos on my phone proved that it is not recording video even tho it says it is. Also, the picture is not even in high definition quality. Very displeased with this device and app
I like this camera’s ability to zoom in on things that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Photo and video is a bonus. good app good t takmly microscope
Editing my review. App suddenly stopped working. Said it required permission to make phone calls, which I'm not sure why it needs to. Then it said there was an update, but it wouldn't install properly. I'm really disappointed because the app WAS great. Worked a lot better than the other endoscope app I had installed. Guess I will be finding another.
Inskam? More like Inscam. What sort of app developer requires you to go to a non-english website to download some sketchy update, which might I add does not actually install. If you're going to require updates for your app to work, push the updates to the Google Play store. I'm sure it would improve your app ratings.
I’m an artist and photographer . The t takmly microscope came today . Easy to setup and use with this app . Have enjoyed finding subjects and objects to photograph . It’s opened up a new world to me .
Rubbish, why anyone would bother to create an app like this is worrying. It's failure to do anything it states out is laughable by the end of using it. Also it dosent work with certain systems. Find an other app there is one out there .
Sucks I bought this thing and the app don't work with it at all it says update then when I do it says I have to install a newer version I click yes then it says NOT installed. I hate this app and ear light its JUNK
There is absolutely no reason for this app to require access to phone and location. Not to mention trying to install backdoor updates
Just ordered the camera light, installed the app. Got request to update the app but it's not in English. Pop up stating could be harmful to my device?
Great app, no ads. Seem to only work with later versions of android, or maybe just incompatible with my Umidigi. Works great on my Lenovo S5.
It sucks, big time, will not connect to anything I phone androids or windows, the simplest app makes it work, wifi no freaking way. You people are crooks!
I bought this t takly microscope for my father as he is a coin collector and can use this to inspect coins on a laptop/computer. I tried it on my phone and was very impressed. Great photo quality and easy to focus and zoom in. Sturdy build, my father loves it.
Works a few times, then it wants to have full access to your phone. Why does an ear pro need access to make phone calls and have your location? Only the chinese would know. App proceeds to update with no prevail. Worked 10 times now its junk. Why do we continue to do business with China, who the heck knows.
App works fine if you grant it access to everything. I'm not sure why a microscope app needs access to my exact location even when I'm not in the app or why it needs access to make phone calls. All it should require is access to storage for pictures
Updated version now demands to know my location, control my phone calls and alter my files. It used to work with the microscope perfectly well without all these invasive permissions. Looks like spyware now.
Super sketchy. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Needs full access to phone calls - location - and all the files on your phone and then it won't work for the microscope. As soon as you plug the microscope into your phone it asks you to update. To update you need to allow your phone to install another app from outside the Google app store. This app is literally just a link to more software that isn't inspected by Google.
Why the heck does a camera app for an endoscope need permissions for my microphone, location, and phone?
Worked great until it needed an update. Now the app is useless since the update is not coming via the Play Store
It worked fine.. now in needs upgrade through a chinese text website! Return it to how it was or im throwing mine away !
Downloaded the app fine but won't keeps telling me an update is required, when I try to update it won't do it. Just says update not done? Any suggestions?
It is awesome! I love looking at rocks and minerals. Leaves and flowers too. Takes amazing pictures.work with my t takmly microscope.
Software not working. Alway as to update when i plug the camera, but nothing happen in the loading page.
App won't work without update and update forces you outside of Play store. Unnecessary permission reqs, "skam" indeed
The camera worked great until I reset my phone for an unrelated issue. I reinstalled the app and now it does not work. The camera seems to function properly but nothing shows up on my screen and none of the menu options on the right side of the screen in the app work. I click on every option in the app and nothing works. I cannot even open a options menu. At this point I feel that I wasted money on this camera. Developers please fix ASAP.
worked when I installed it first. 2 month later I can't make it work. Furthermore it switched to Chinese language on it's own. I allowed all the permission possible, still no work. asking " Please connect the device"
My t takmlt micrscope rrived well packaged and with good instructions for setup. The instructions included QR code to link for software setup. I installed the iPhone app on my iPad, and it was easy to set up and works as expected.
The app works fine, but it doesn't work at all without giving it access to phone calls and location data. I see no reason why this app would need that access or why it can't function without it.
Doesn't work on Android phone or Mac PC, had to use Windows PC. The app instructs you to update once you download it on your phone, and it still doesn't work. Thankfully I have a windows PC but even that was a hassel.