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inskam for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by app-Tools. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.
inskam is a software that interacts with products via mobile phones.

1.Client supports picture and video clip recording
2.Can preview photos and videos

***Please note before downloading***
Due to Google's negligence that is very own the Android os 10 system cannot recognize the USB camera. You upgrade towards the available version when you yourself have already updated to Android 10, this application may pop up to let. Please download and install the variation that is matching. Thank you for the understanding.

If you encounter an situation this is certainly unavailable please visit our website for assistance, thank you!

***Positioning authorization description***
Google stipulates that acquiring the Wi-Fi title for the existing link requires area permission.
Inskam supports Wi-Fi products. In order to rapidly link products and improve buyer experience, inskam will presently see whether the attached Wi-Fi is a tool supported by inskam.
So I hope users understand that inskam does not have the place information of the phone this is certainly cellular but just utilizes it to obtain the title regarding the present Wi-Fi connection.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the inskam.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download inskam for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Did not work on my android phone or chrome pc. The light on the usb camera comes on indicating it's connected but the app won't show the image of the camera, infact the app doesnt recognize tge camera is connected. Uninstalled. Returning the camera.
Do not download this ap! Return the device. It waits a few weeks then won't let you use the camera unless you give it unlimited access to your device.
The app worked great for a while but it needs an update before I can use my endoscope. I've tried updating it and that got me nowhere. Please update and you would get a better score
I could not make heads or tails of this product. The directions ask you to download an app to the pc, you have to pay for, download an app to your phone that does Nothing. The entire ordeal was a waste of time. Either that, or they need to write the directions in better English. I'm flummoxed
Pretty basic overall. Does not switch to second camera input automatically when selecting the highest resolution, must first select Mid or low resolution first to trigger switch then return to highest Res. Shouldn't require location input unless geo-tagging is required, so please remove or turn off from recordings. Does not contain ads and seemed to be spy-free so using it for recordings looks to be private
Would start from day one. I cannot get the app to update. I deleted the play store app. I install from my browser and it started working well.
This app did not work on my Phone or chrome PC. I coudn't get an image on either devices. When I plug in the camera, its light is iluminated indicating the camera is connected to my PC or Phone. looks like the APP is poorly developed. Also, the name: Inskam is worisome; i had to check it several times for ransomware as it has "scam" in its name, looks like a warning. i still had to close my eyes, cringe and brace myself for a ransomware to pop up when i installed the APP. LoL. UNINSTALLED!
DO NOT download this APP!!! It will pull all your info off your phone and push it to a company to sell it! I ordered the EarBuddy endoscope system a couple weeks ago off of Facebook (don't do this either) and it tells you upon arrival that you have to install the Inksam app. Upon installation it requires access to literally everything on your phone from location, to camera, to microphone, etc. If you read the privacy info it states outright that it can take whatever it wants from your phone (pictures, emails, voice recordings, videos, GPS data, etc) and send it to the parent company on a whim, all without you ever knowing it. And good luck getting a return on the EarBuddy system this app is attached to. Six emails in with an EarBuddy company customer service rep (Tricia Kemp) and she still refuses to tell me how to return this thing. She only assures me all the data collected is 'safe, and hasn't been breached yet, so it's all ok'.
My Inskam app opens but it doesn't connect to my Inskam microscope. It appears that I have spent £50 on a device that simply doesn't work. It did work the first few times that I used it, but now there is no picture on my phone. My WiFi says that the inskam microscope is connected but the picture is just black. Please help me to understand what is happening. Like I said, it seems like £50 wasted. A very disappointed customer.
Works, but it's really suspicious that it demands access to the location service on my phone. So in order to use it I had AdGuard block all internet access to the App. Google should act on app builders like these that make their app totally useless when a user decides to deny permission to their private information.
This app does NOT work at all whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!! Tells me to plug it into my phone, WHILE it IS ALREADY plugged into my phone. Plus it wants permission to access ALL FILES on my phone. Really??? This is unacceptable...
App works fine if you grant it access to everything. I'm not sure why a microscope app needs access to my exact location even when I'm not in the app or why it needs access to make phone calls. All it should require is access to storage for pictures
Despite some concerns in reviews of the product, I took a chance and ordered it. It turned out to be straightforward to set up and works fine producing great images.
Doesn't work at all with the endoscope camera. But that's not even remotely as bad as all the permissions this app is asking for. Access for camera and location? For what purpose. Very suspicious app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
Light turns on that's about it. Everytime I go on the app it closes out. Would be nice if someone could fix this so people aren't wasting their money
Worked perfectly on Samsung S9 Plus using Android 11. Make sure wireless endoscop is charged then ON, go to your wi-fi settings and connect wifi to the device (Password is 12345678). Then open this app. It was that simple. The only thing I can't figure out is how to control the brightness of the 8 LED lights. Otherwise perfect. No complaints and awesome. You can even change angle of camera, Quality of image. Like it's amazing. Thank you.
It is awesome! I love looking at rocks and minerals. Leaves and flowers too. Takes amazing pictures.work with my t takmly microscope.
It didn't work directly connecting to the USB C Galaxy connecting but because I have my adapter for Galaxy s20 Ultra the adapter Works flawlessly the biggest problem is directed connecting the endoscope with USB c will not work but if you have your original (USB to C adapter that come with cell) interface that from USB port endoscopic and you shouldn't have any problems!
Doesn't work now tells me I've got to download an update but from play store but direct from their own site
Don't buy, don't update, return if u can. There's absolutely no reason for full access permissions to my phone, its a microscope not chat app.... Not sure what that data is going to be used for or where or why. InstaScam as mentioned before here
It worked fine.. now in needs upgrade through a chinese text website! Return it to how it was or im throwing mine away !
Requires location to function? You don't need to know where I live to make a usb camera app work. Also crashed my phone twice. Garbage
I have a Galaxy S20.. The microscope app does not save videos that are compatible with my phone or any 3rd party apps I've found. Pics are OK but I need video as advertised
Totally useless app.waste of time. J recommend not to but thier product. It asks useless location service which is of no.use and even if after granting it,it won't work on android
I like this camera’s ability to zoom in on things that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Photo and video is a bonus. good app good t takmly microscope
Downloaded the app fine but won't keeps telling me an update is required, when I try to update it won't do it. Just says update not done? Any suggestions?
The fact that the people behind this have the gall to have permissions for your phone, microphone, and location is astounding to me. Come to think of it, it shouldn't even need camera permissions, the camera you use isn't on the phone, it's in the device. It will try to deny you from using the app if you don't allow these permissions, though you can easily bypass it by hitting the back button on your Android. But regardless, it's still super shady they ask these permissions in the first place.
Not working the USB endoscope i bought. Keep on prompting need to update but Inskam App still not working properly... I recommend using Mscopes App... works well with the USB endoscope. Hopefully this info will help other users too...
i have a t takmly miceoscope. I really can’t believe how good the quality is! This is just what I needed after playing with manual once for ever! So easy!!!
Did exactly what it was supposed to do, hooked right up to my phone and I was able to check everyone's ears to ensure no waxy buildup.
This app is medicourr at best No clue why the location NEEDS to be on to use it but that's a thing. Connecting is quick and easy , once your into the functions its a steep dropoff in already not so great app quality. It's super simple and unpolished, like they started a rough draft and was like this is cool. The videos are in a format that cannot be played outside the app or sent via SMS or otherwise. I had to use screen record just to send a video. Not great app not great at all.
Apart from getting camera to WiFi to phone I had little trouble using app or Endoscope. Nowhere in instruction does it tell you the crucial tip, if camera won't pair to the phone's WiFi try TURNING OFF mobile data. Once that was turned off my phone found the camera instantly. As to the app well so far it's worked OK recording video and stills from endoscope but for the life of me I don't understand why app needs access to your location, that's a bit creepy.
Doesnt work with any phone unless it's a brand new out of the box system, doesnt read the device nor does the link work. Dont waste your time
I have a samsung 6 -installed it, the camera never and continues to not function. Also as stated by another user nothing comes up on the screen. The actual camera works the lights on it come on. Just nothing on the screen. Dont suggest the app. If its not going to work. Going to try a different ap.
Awful. Asking unreasonable permissions, slow, glitchy, and video files will be scrambled and unusable!! Worst of it, camera does not with any other apps. Worst practices all over the place. Only live view and screenshots usable.
There is absolutely no reason for this app to require access to phone and location. Not to mention trying to install backdoor updates
Sucks I bought this thing and the app don't work with it at all it says update then when I do it says I have to install a newer version I click yes then it says NOT installed. I hate this app and ear light its JUNK
App on android won't work until youve updated from their website and even then it is unable to install into the app. pointless!!
I don't know why this is so lowly rated. Worked fine. Easy link to microscope. All features work great. No issues here!
App does not work with any device having a USB-3 connector. Not even a known working micro-USB to USB3 adapter can save this product. I bought the associated endoscope because it claimed it works on Android phones, but it doesn't and it's this app that is the problem. If your device came with this software, return the device because THIS APP IS GARBAGE!
I got it working before with a little struggle, got picture of ears on screen etc and now I can't get the focus of the picture at all, no help to me.
Worked great until it needed an update. Now the app is useless since the update is not coming via the Play Store
Hopeless worked once and next day went to use and wouldn't connect shouldn't need wifi connection or location its only a camera app isn't it
Cheap garbage. Camera charging port so cheap it broke and made it useless it went to the garbage. App buggy and stubborn.
Works OK... Really needs more options though. Would be really helpful to be able to white balance, or at least adjust color settings and brightness.
Worked as needed since the last update. Why the app now needs access to phone calls and device location ?
It worked for a few weeks. Now it's asking for location and phone call services in order to work. I believe they are coercing people to give them your data or else they won't let you use the microscope you bought along with your phone
The app works fine, but it doesn't work at all without giving it access to phone calls and location data. I see no reason why this app would need that access or why it can't function without it.
Doesn't work on Android phone or Mac PC, had to use Windows PC. The app instructs you to update once you download it on your phone, and it still doesn't work. Thankfully I have a windows PC but even that was a hassel.
There is NO reason for a microscope app to need access to my location, my phone or my microphone. And it doesn't work without those permissions. If you bought this on Amazon, get your refund while you can.
App: (1) It's a bit complicated to get things working. When i connected to device's WiFi, LEDs turned on, but app still said that device wasn't connected. And, i think, only after i explicitly told Android to NOT switch WiFi network (instead of ignoring the "no internet" notification), the app recognized the device; (2) No LED brightness controls in app (see further, about device); (3) For some reason app requires Location permission (EXIF?). Even more worrisome is version on the Inskam site - it also requires Phone permission (why?!). On a bright side, both can be safely denied, and the only downside is, when device is not connected, app will complain in broken English about permissions. // Device - Inskam401 2MP Wifi Oral Camera (since they go hand in hand): (1) Charging is weird - indicator showed different charge level when connected to different power sources. (2) Found no way to adjust LED brightness despite it being advertized as adjustable (manual also says that - "8 Adjustable LEDS"). As mentioned before, there are no controls for brightness in the app either. As a small peeve, device's display backlight is also a bit too bright for my taste. (3) Image is best when cam is 2-4cm away from whatever you look at. Closer or further, and it gets blurry. (4) Head is attached via TRRS connector and can be attached backwards. When detached device turns off. Not sure why not go further and allow to rotate head full 360 degrees, but it's still a nice touch. Not sure sure what goes through this connection, but perhaps one could use an extension TRRS cable (F-M) or maybe even get a replacement camera (not that i know of any available). Maybe someone inquisitive will figure out the protocol some day :)
I deleted this app and installed Mscopes app and it works with the camera flawlessly. I can easily share photos and videos on social media. Inskam wouldn't open half the time and I couldn't use with social media. It also wanted me to install an update that lead me to a foreign site in another language and didn't even work. Inskam is sketchy so if you want an app that works with the camera you purchased I recommend Mscope.
App unnecessarily forces you to provide location permissions. This permission is not needed, but the app will not run if you deny location permission.
Only thing right about this app is the name, except should be spelled SCAM. I am trying to use a microscope of their own manufacture. I download this app as per instructions. When I connect the microscope, it says it needs an update. I click, it takes me to their website (which is NOT in English), I download the update, I have to override security precautions just to open the update download, but okay, I do it anyway. It tries to update, gets most of the way through, then closes. Not useable.
The endoscope has no "full charge" indicator. And the inskam icon did not show when the site identified a complete download.
I have a Galaxy S20.. The app saves photos but although it appears to be taking video it doesn't actually save it anywhere. I take a video and it says "saves successful" but it's not in the inskam album and a search of all videos on my phone proved that it is not recording video even tho it says it is. Also, the picture is not even in high definition quality. Very displeased with this device and app
I can't speak for other users obviously, but on a OnePlus 7T I was up and running within a minute. The app will also continue to record video even if your screen turns off, so if you want to focus on feeding the camera through different spaces and not look at your phone, it will still record. This was with a Yugoo wireless endoscope
The app is good for t takmly microscope. I am impressed by what this little piece of electronics can do. It is very good to educate young kids in the household to show tiny objects under magnification.
The app works but the endoscope resolution on a Samsung s9 is limited to 640pixels NOT the 1280 as advertised.. Find something better instead of always getting ripped off by these Eastern made products!! So sick and tired of this nonsense & unprofessionalism. Pure and simple deceit on the offset of the manufacturer and reseller!
Junk never wants to play video right. Not the worst but very cheap. The premium service is even worse never plays the motion detected video for you and is all glitchy 😞👎👎
Inskam? More like Inscam. What sort of app developer requires you to go to a non-english website to download some sketchy update, which might I add does not actually install. If you're going to require updates for your app to work, push the updates to the Google Play store. I'm sure it would improve your app ratings.
It simply does not work. On my smartphone, as soon as I connect the usb cable with the app active, the phone freezes and reboots without any input on my part. I'm very disappointed!
Updated version now demands to know my location, control my phone calls and alter my files. It used to work with the microscope perfectly well without all these invasive permissions. Looks like spyware now.
I bought this t takly microscope for my father as he is a coin collector and can use this to inspect coins on a laptop/computer. I tried it on my phone and was very impressed. Great photo quality and easy to focus and zoom in. Sturdy build, my father loves it.
Terrible app. It opens and then instantly crashes my phone. Completely useless. So are the devices that this app was made for
App won't work without update and update forces you outside of Play store. Unnecessary permission reqs, "skam" indeed
I think it works great, even though it ask for permission that seem unnecessary I just turned those permission off and the app still works fine
Won't open most of the time and when it finally opens it shuts down within a minute or two. It is too touchy or highly unstable to be of any use.
Works, but it's really suspicious that it demands access to the location service on my phone. So in order to use it I had AdGuard block all internet access to the App. Google should act on app creators who make their app totally useless when a user decides to deny permission to their private information.
The app only works on 1 of the 3 phones I installed the app on (my old disconnected phone of course). Video doesn't save, app is almost worthless.
Got it to find human cockroaches living in apt attic. It can only do clear close up view , view 3-5 feet away is blurry and distorted. Did find couple of beer cans so hunch was right, that's why 2 stars instead of 1.
Does not work at all with my samsung phone. Instructions is so minimal. Tried returning to Amazon and amazon told me to keep it.
If you bought the camera on amazon use standard USB to plug into a windows 10 computer and use the preinstalled camera app and the camera should work.
Wants numerous app permission for no reason other than to potentially scam you or sell your details to ad companies.
Just downloaded app and it says an upgrade was found. When I click on it, it goes to a website that won't pull up.
It used to work without location, but no longer will. It's a camera app, what would you possibly need that info for? Definitely uninstalling.
I find this app to be very useful, fun, and interesting. my ttakmly microscope was inexpensive, and well worth the cost.
Just ordered the camera light, installed the app. Got request to update the app but it's not in English. Pop up stating could be harmful to my device?
Cannot get the camera to turn on, tells me there's an update but not in English, will try again but currently not a purchase I would recommend.
Works a few times, then it wants to have full access to your phone. Why does an ear pro need access to make phone calls and have your location? Only the chinese would know. App proceeds to update with no prevail. Worked 10 times now its junk. Why do we continue to do business with China, who the heck knows.
I'll grant that connecting to the camera's hotspot WiFi is a strange way to make a device connection, but it works. I'd like to be able to permanently rotate my viewpoint, rather than it going back to normal orientation when I leave the rotater, but it's on a phone. I just turned the phone around and it was fine.
I’m an artist and photographer . The t takmly microscope came today . Easy to setup and use with this app . Have enjoyed finding subjects and objects to photograph . It’s opened up a new world to me .
Software not working. Alway as to update when i plug the camera, but nothing happen in the loading page.
Won't Work. For the life of me I can't get it to turn on on my phone. The light is blinking, so I know it's on, but it just says no camera found. I followed all prompts, and turned off my cell service, I connected to wifi... NOTHING! I'm definitely returning this!!
Appears to be an ill described set of recording and image tools either that or based upon the opening request of permissions including the location option, then I'd have to hazzard a guess it is mining data as apposed to pleasing pleasing the user so stay clear of it. I think it is best if it is removed all together from play store.
Great app, no ads. Seem to only work with later versions of android, or maybe just incompatible with my Umidigi. Works great on my Lenovo S5.
It's a scam! It worked a couple times then randomly wanted to install something out of google play and then it bricked my phone so I had to factory reset it using power and volume button commands!
Sucks! I bought this stupid digital microscope and this stupid app will not connect. I turned off my wifi and turned on hotspot....the "inscam314xxx" never showed up. I installed and uninstalled 3 times. Returning the microscope. Extremely disappointing as this was a Christmas gift for my kids.
App and device function (i98 model) but the adapter does not work - you won't get a video feed on any device using a USB3 port. This problem has been brought up to the manufacturer, but still has not been addressed. In short, don't use this unless you have a standard USB or a USB2 port
What a sham… I purchased this item because I saw an ad for it and it seemed interesting. 3 months later I finally received it only to find that it did not even work and even after downloading the app the device didn't work. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM! Complete waste of money. Shame too because it could have been useful...
It won't work says I need to download the new version and it keeps saying connect the device when it is connected??? I want my money back big time scam don't get it
absolute trash! Especially after last update which leads to an asian download site... There's still no possibility to change the resolution! So what was THIS "update" good for???
Editing my review. App suddenly stopped working. Said it required permission to make phone calls, which I'm not sure why it needs to. Then it said there was an update, but it wouldn't install properly. I'm really disappointed because the app WAS great. Worked a lot better than the other endoscope app I had installed. Guess I will be finding another.
My t takmlt micrscope rrived well packaged and with good instructions for setup. The instructions included QR code to link for software setup. I installed the iPhone app on my iPad, and it was easy to set up and works as expected.
"This cool little ultra-closeup soltware is easy to use, and does good imaging for the price.for my ttakmly microscope."
Rubbish, why anyone would bother to create an app like this is worrying. It's failure to do anything it states out is laughable by the end of using it. Also it dosent work with certain systems. Find an other app there is one out there .
Don't buy this. The scope is very blurry despite having the proper adjustments. The attachments don't fit. All in all, a very poor product.
Literally none of the instructions on how to operate this endoscope worked - on PC or Android. The included instructions were partially in German, and the rest had multiple grammatical errors and misspellings. The "instructional" video is a joke. I should have set the $30 I spent on fire to save me the frustration caused by this farce of a product. China will keep selling us their garbage as long as we keep buying it. Lesson learned.....
worked when I installed it first. 2 month later I can't make it work. Furthermore it switched to Chinese language on it's own. I allowed all the permission possible, still no work. asking " Please connect the device"
Really good. No joke. I found it really easy to use, no hidden agendas. It does what you need it to do.
Very poor WiFi connection to camera tried on 3 phone installed and still the same connect device can be up to 30mins to get connected each use, let the device down
The App works... however, there's an issue that is based on user-defined security settings. That is - a wifi setting I personally set, for security reasons, on my mobile device. So, the issue I was having was making the wifi connection I wanted. Once I went to my Wifi settings, gave permission to "inskam wifi" - it was working. In my case, I have my devices default-set to connect to my "home Wifi" automatically... once I switched to "inskam wifi" the App & device communicate. Boom!
It sucks, big time, will not connect to anything I phone androids or windows, the simplest app makes it work, wifi no freaking way. You people are crooks!
Why the heck does a camera app for an endoscope need permissions for my microphone, location, and phone?
Used to work great and was an important tool in my box, but i just tried to use it and 3 devices I plugged into say no device connected and 1 device only shows a messed up distorted pic
It doesn't work. The instructions are ok. But don't help. Camera doesn't turn on nor does it connect to my phone. I will try my laptop later!
Super sketchy. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Needs full access to phone calls - location - and all the files on your phone and then it won't work for the microscope. As soon as you plug the microscope into your phone it asks you to update. To update you need to allow your phone to install another app from outside the Google app store. This app is literally just a link to more software that isn't inspected by Google.
THIS APP IS A TROJAN HORSE. I plugged my camera directly into my non-rooted phone, it instantly worked. I rated the app a 5. then i unplugged and reinserted the camera a few times, and the app stopped working, and tried to con me into letting it update itself outside the app store. then I read the reviews here, and realised this is all a scam to get me to install their malware. uninstalled and reported.
The camera worked great until I reset my phone for an unrelated issue. I reinstalled the app and now it does not work. The camera seems to function properly but nothing shows up on my screen and none of the menu options on the right side of the screen in the app work. I click on every option in the app and nothing works. I cannot even open a options menu. At this point I feel that I wasted money on this camera. Developers please fix ASAP.
Goes with the high quality ear cam they make to see inside & clean your ear canal. Gives live look inside the ear &takes vid and/or photo which is amazing. Just plug in to my note 10+ w/USB c adapter & its on & functioning! Just don't forget to take off protective lense cap & use the blue attachment to keep the hot light from touching canal. Got some great photos of my eardrums which were spotlessly clean & healthy. Yay me! No more wondering if I got ALL the ear wax out or ear is infected!
I give this a zero. Once installed my phone went crazy and my computer that I charged the device like the poor instructions said to do my computer slowed to a crawl and was sending out information to someone or who knows. I promptly uninstalled and threw the junk in the garbage.
Beware this may not work with the most recent updates of Android in Spring 2020. I had purchased the borescope in fall and everything worked fine, but after update it will not recognize the camera on Wi-Fi. I found out it works fine on older Androids and iPhones. When it does work though it is very good and I have no issues with it.
Biggest waste of money I've ever had. The device will not stay on long enough to do anything with it. The app needs permissions that it should not need. Why does it need access to my phone service, who the hell is it going to call? The app also wants permissions to control all files, pictures, and location services. I can understand needing access into my pictures to store pictures, why does it need access to my location and system files? I caution others to avoid purchasing this product and app