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IR camera - Poco F1/Mi8

IR camera - Poco F1/Mi8 for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by Bluestream.io located at Anjuna, Bardez – Goa. Pin: 403509. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Working on MIUI (root needed for pre android 10 versions)

Some android 10 custom ROMs don't have the camera that is infrared, ask your rom developer.

Camera working with the secondary Pocophone/Mi8 cameras including the front facing infrared camera

Use cases:
- Take pictures/videos in total darkness
- See through some liquids (cola, wine)
- See through some plastic/materials that allow Infrared light through (some TV boxes, some Remotes, wii remotes,...)
- See through some glasses that are darkinduction stove glass, sunglasses,...)
- Check if money is real (not sure if how trustful this is)
- Check if tv remote is working by seeing the remote infrared light blinking
- To search for hidden cameras with night vision

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the IR camera - Poco F1/Mi8.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download IR camera - Poco F1/Mi8 for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
You can't just take the open source "simple camera" app and slap ads on it with a ridiculous subscription pricetag What will I choose? 169 rub/month to access all music in the world Or 250 rub/month to "support" GPL violation
Yes but in the previous update you could use the depth camera on the back ( 5 Mp) Samsung one but now when you switch to back camera it records with the main sensor ( imx363) not the other one
I Got this error....... An error occurred: Get camera characteristics java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: supports Camera Api:2569: Unknown camera ID 5
You guys done a great job bringing up this app. But can you implement some more thing with your newest update?? 1. The app will be able to keep capturing videos or continuous shots even after locking the screen. Thus it will be a become a great surveillance camera set up. 2. The app will keep recording in background even after minimizing. 3. If timely recording can be activated it will be another great option too but right now point 1,2 can be a good option if point 3 is not applicable.
Absolutely wonderful, i was able to see the internal of my induction chula, as well as the part of TV remote where it emits the IR signal... Thin Plastic does not reflect infrared light as well as it does visible light. ... So the infrared beam won't reflect as well as visible light from the plastic, And so it (IR rays) goes through it (penetrates it) and hits the metal parts, reflects and comes back to the screen where we can actually obsereve things beyond that thin plastic..
The app works very well on my device. But I wish I had the option to switch it to normal front camera instead of rear camera. Because that's what I will use as a comparison when I take IR photos
I use pocof1.. install this ir application it work ok on take picture but cannot see thru any plastic..
New ui looks nice , but a suggestion that dont add a subscription module instead add a one time payment, its more justified for the nature of this app, and i personally think that more people will buy it or at least i would buy it if its a one time payment , anyways its a nice application
Update but don't open. Go to app settings and restrict mobile/WiFi and prevent from running in the background. No ads and less battery drain. Remember, your pay for your mobile data and those ads aren't saved locally.
Kept crashing. Had to uninstall. Just learned it's limited to specific phones. Maybe before crashing if the title be changed to state specific phones and also gracefully exit with a message stating my office isn't compatible would be a great padding
Didn't work without root, would have been great, wanted to shoot forest in dark, but it's not working because my os is blocking it, anyways it was informative by showing which custom ROMs supported this, and also showed a button for root method. Didn't use it. But 2stars for those information, maybe I'll try again later. Want to see what is used in IR sensor in this phone. Good job devs. Keep it simple in future. I'll be back...
Says no ir cam found in poco f1 in Android 9 but works wonderfully in Android 10 (Pixel Rom) Thanks developer.
Any chance of this application incorporating the g8 thinq back facing camera/tof sensor. It's kind of annoying to have a ground breaking sensor on my phone and only being able to use it for selfies.
This is a great app. I was surprised by the functionality to display IR images so well. Keep up the great work. Highly recommend downloading this app.
Correctly not working Lineage OS 17.1 April 23 release android 10 Poco F1. A quick question, would it be possible to use the ir camera as a thermal camera like Flir? Since they use ir sensor as well, or it requires some filter that the phone doesn't have? I would pay up to 10€ for an app that could do that. Compared to an actual thermal camera, it would be a steal
Works exactly as described! Would definitely recommend this to Poco F1 users. Great work team, 5 stars!
It works on mi 8 but not very practical. I was expecting it as good as to be like op8 pro but not even close. Developer worked hard for it for sure but nothing looks transparent on my phone. I only saw infrared receiver on my remote controller nothing else. 4 stars for respecting the developer.
With the new update the Secondary back camera no longer works back camera opens with main camera imx 363 .
Does not work without root. I'm on android 10. Update : after reading the description most of the things that this app can do can be done with any phone camera, like looking for hidden cameras or seeing if you remote works. The 3 extra stars are for the developer responding with not just me but others.
Bro nowadays I can't able to use the app if I try to take the snaps the app will be automatically close , I don't know why can you tell me the reason why it happens
Fantastic app from the developer, Really like the simplicity and design of the application. The camera work really work in nights and also see through certain plastics and painted surfaces.
for the first time i came to know how more my IR cam can do in my pocoF1.Because of this app i see how this IR cam sees me.Very excited actually.I captured the veins in my foot very clearly.its kinda creepy but damn cool man.To get good&acurate results u have to put the cam very close to skin and works only where skin is very thin.I tried with my old Tv remote but the plastic around it very think so i didn't get any luck.Later i tried with my hand and legs. To the developer,take UI change ASAP
It's a very good thing to have a this type of app for users. And the best thing for this app is. It even works without root permission 🔥🔥. Loved it. Btw when we switch to camera mode to video mode it get stuck,so i have to restart the app to shoot videos.so fix it ,THANK YOU 😘
Is not working at all on OnePlus 8 pro.. I don't know about other devices, also when you try to press on x1.. for zoom, the app will crash
It doesn't work on RevOs Rom even granted root acces and still can't acces. Says: No IR camera found or Rom is blocking acces. I have poco F1
Just too good! Before this I used miui hidden settings but now this feature is disabled there! But this app works great and allows us to even capture video!
It works!!! It is awesome to use one another camera from your phone.... I have poco f1 with miui 11 based on android 10 (no root) and it just worked right away...tip: see your eyes... And use it in dark areas (update : the app which is already awesome got update.....)
I didn't believe it at first. I thought this was either a scam or a prank app. But this was actually a real app. Good work guys.
Could you also port this feature over to the Galaxy Note 9? It has an IR Camera too, can be accessed through the *#0*# menu, but it's tied to the phone's security and can't be accessed through regular apps. Could it be possble to access it through root? It would be really nice to play around with it and even do some macro IR photography, since it has a possibly fixed focus. Thanks for answering so quickly. I think every Note 9 owner would be very grateful to have that feature. Can't wait. 😊
In viewfinder it's show high quality But when it saved its too noisy I take screenshots and then use that for now What's the solution?
It's all good and working even without root, Poco F1 MIUI11 Stable version, the only thing I'm not satisfied with is the UI of the camera, it looks old and outdated. If possible, please change the UI to look cool and newer. At least make it looks like the Poco F1 in-built camera. You can also add more things to it, like slow-motion, rapid shutter. Tbh, I don't have any knowledge about IR, but if possible, please add a mode where it's possible to see the temperature and add thermal colours to it.
i have seen in commments lots of people saying for miui 10 its not working i m using MIUI 10 (9.1.21)beta version , and it is working fine in my phone. in miui root promt not working well u have to first open magisk than camera ir app to give root access.. but one time only.. once permission given than no need just restart ur phone everything ohk
I was amazed how this apps works with my Xiaomi porco F1 now I can take any selfie in the dark it like a night vision camera .jop well done
Works great.I have a question for developers.It is possible to take body temperature with this ir camera? It will be usefull.Thank you anyway for your hard work.
Was waiting for this since 2 years. After Android 10, thankfully this came out. One small suggestion, IR works best when there is complete darkness and can you add one video feature where the screen will not emit light and it will be complete dark at that time.
I have an android 10 phone and it says I should root it or should find a way for the rom to not block ir camera