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JDM Tuner Racing - Drag Race

JDM Tuner Racing - Drag Race for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Crazy4Profession Ltd located at 1, Floor 2 Falzun Street c/w Naxxar Road Birkirkara BKR 1441 Malta. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Bring fast driving knowledge to a whole amount this is certainly brand new! Race the traffic! Function as master of street race!

JDM Tuner Racing could be the online game you have been waiting for to speed through the streets and let your prospective flow.

Drag race and relish the possibility to modify your air conditioner filter, fatigue, ECU, consumption, head, pistons, turbo, gearbox, nitrous, tires and others.

The game allows you to maintain fee regarding the transmission so you can find the underground in your tuning. You decided the make, along with and all sorts of other details for your vehicle so you can level up, build an income, and unlock much more available features.
Once you begin playing and emerge increasingly more within the game, you begin discovering the world of vinyl wheels, automobile wars and a variety that is great of. Customize your automobiles and improve cool customized paint to your race winnings, dishes and decals. Get a grasp of this graphics that are cool breathtaking 2D urban conditions with amazing sound & light effects.

- Lots of JDM Cars!

- Great Detalization!

- Efficiency Upgrades!

- Engine and Transmission Tune!

- System Tuning!

- Rims, Bumpers, Wings, Spoilers, Neon!

- Paint Shop and Decals/Stickers!

- Player Amount, Enjoy, Bonuses!

- Realistic Vehicle Seems, Physics!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the JDM Tuner Racing - Drag Race.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download JDM Tuner Racing - Drag Race for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Bought the Silvia car for $80000 just so i can't race with it. Everytime I press race it's a blank screen. Disappointed. No I lost my time and money. What a shame. Lots of ads. Quick fix turn off WiFi and mobile data.
DO NOT INSTALL!! There is so many ads that the game is unplayable!! Game would be 4 star if you didn't have to watch an ads before or after every race.
Game is alright... if you don't mind watching adds after everything, select a car.. add, win a race.. add, upgrade a part.. add... more adds then anything No option to remove adds, but you can buy 500 coins for $1.99 Graphics 6/10 Game play 3/10 Annoyingness 10/10 If you dont mind adds is ok
Watched 100 ads to get the Silvia s15 and when I go to race with it the screen just doesn't show the car. I tried deleting the game and redoing it and it still didn't work. I've watch 200 ads for literally no reason
Only 6 FPS when racing,and 11FPS 7n menus. I am playing on a Samsung A40 which runs 60 FPS in Call Of Duty Mobile. And this is just embarrassing.
Very dope game i been hooked but theres a buzzing sound tht only happens when me and my girl play the game nvr happens on anything els and i cant see what gear im in and WAAAAYYY TO MANY ADS EVERY RACE THERES AN ADD IF I WATCH BOUNS VIDEO THERES ANOTHER ADD RIGHT AFTER PLZ STOP THAT. other then the annoying sound not seeing gears and the annoying ass adds good game highly addictive.
This game is okay but there is 1 thing that will eventually stop people playing this game. The adverts are a fxxcking joke. There not your normal adverts. People dressing up pretend.g to do a bank robbery but then someone saying hey try this way. Play this game and you will make mo ey. Another 1. Don't quit your day job but I just won a £10 gift card just from playing this game. Every advert is a false and well over exaggerated advertisement to try and ler the less fortunate.
Would give it five stars but some bugs like i want to buy the no ads and cash but won't let me and its iritating after every race an ad pops up
this is awesome only problem is that i cant turn off the sound cause sometimes im listenin to music also could you like offer more customiztion also plz add some more cars lastly could you like make it like a story mode n like can make bets with frens on a local network platform other thn tht its a great game if u would like to hear more ways to improve on the next upate just sen me ur email i would even pay $100 us or more juss to have all of that i still make it an offline game n under 300mb
Game play is alright, but way to many ads that were driving me nuts. Decide to cave and pay for the no ads for a few bucks, and the game freezes everyone it try. Save up for the s15 silvia only to realize it sits there at blank race screen, and can't use the car. I'd like to play it more just really need less ads and bugs fixed
Way too many ads! What could have been a good game ruined. I will recommend not to spend any dollars here until more consumer friendly. I'm uninstalling now.
Win a race? Ad. lose a race? Ad. change a screen? Ad. buy a part? Ad. Car? Ad. Watch an ad? Ad. Go into settings to try to see how to turn off all the damn ads? There is an ad for that. This game has some potential, get all those damn ads figured out.
Love the game but when i bought the silvia s15 it took me to a blank race screen if you can fix ill write a steller review and I'll purchase no ads id like the 80k credits back or just the car working please
The game is ok, but the advertisements are insanely overwhelming. You spend more time watching advertisements than actually playing the game. Just to put it in perspective... The races last 15 second but you will have to watch at 20 to 30 seconds advertisements before the race and as soon as the race finished. And don't forget that there are more advertisements when you modified the vehicles. It's terrible!
To everyone complaining about ads just turn off your WiFi simple. I love this game except for the fact that not everything follows jdm. I'm a rotary guy and I didn't buy any other cars and grind to lvl 18 to buy the rx7 to see that in the upgrades they show pistons and stuff. Still a great game though
Lots of ads which is to be expected but there's a car for 100 ads and i spent the time to get it but it's not functional and doesn't load when i race with it
CUT THE ADS!! every other second i have an ad poping up. The game would be fun if you didnt spend 99% of the time watching advertisments..
Game is way too laggy and I'm not rich enough to buy a new phone. Please add graphics options update :(
Game is overloaded with ads. Audio doesn't work all the time. The transmission adjustments do not stay. Only the engine rev adjustments stay. Half of the buttons don't work. Have been playing for the last 5 days and only the first day gave me a daily reward, I can't get another reward. Overall game is ok but there are so many problems.
This app f-ing sucks , way to many ads ! Doesn't shift right when you tap it. Not that many cars . Deleting it .
Ads like no tomorrow. Game is cool, fast moving, make money fast and overall ok.... if ads would be at a minimum. There is ads before a race, after a race, to upgrade parts. To upgrade parts you have to wait around 10 minutes for each part or watch an ad and you'll get the part installed but after you do this 2 or 3 times it does not let you watch more ads to keep upgrading parts but as soon as you go racing they SLAM you with an ad.
After watching 100 ads, cant use the S15 to race. All cars can only upgrade one part at a time and have to wait 3 min even for lvl 1 upgrades.
My experience is good but I purchased the Silvia S15 and I can't get into a race with it the screen just loads and also I can't purchase any money or coins and I can't purchase the no adds content I would really like it fixed so I can get the full experience so for now I'm doing 3 stars
Honestly wouldn't be that bad if it weren't for so many ads. After every other race you have to watch an ad. The rewards for winning the races aren't enough to do anything with and takes for ever. Pay to play game. Tons of better games out there.
Great game, needs to have half mile and one mile option. My cars are too fast to enjoy quarter mile races lol
The advertisement's happen 1 advertisement per race. That is entirely too often. Uninstalling game. Pretty decent game other than overabandant advertising
The game would be cool if it didn't have so many fkn adds.For everything is a add.Like been a Honda person and shop at JDM depot for engines they could make this app awesome.
This game has so much potential. Reminds me a bit of nitto 1320. Supposedly you can play other players online now??? I was not able to find the map.
Freezes with trying to buy the Remove ads option. Been trying to buy for 2.99USD for 2 days now. Everytime it just says Loading..... and does absolutely nothing? So do you guys want my 2.99 to remove ads or not?
The game lagged so bad during races it was hard to play and shift on time and its not my phone i can run any other racing game just fine but figured i would check out a different style and was severely dissapointed in this game
Like the game looks cool, feels cool and overall cool but omg the ads like bruh gotta watch an add or pay gold to get the upgrade instantly, I like it before when it was grind and grind and grind I'd rather do 10 races in a row to buy a part rather than pay real money to get game money which I can barely use since I have to wait so long
Still needs a lot more work but its still fun. What i dont like is waiting 3 minutes for every part to finish installing, cant tell what gear I'm in, but I will continue to keep playing g but just not as often as I would like to
I can see how cool the game could be but there is one big problem, it's just not optimized really well and even though I have a powerful(not much but still) phone it still gets freezes plus it runs at near 15 fps which just makes it infuriating, please if you do see this try your best to optimize it better I know you can do better then this :)
The car that u get for 100 ads watched u cant even use y is that rating this game 1 star because of the glitch in the game would really like to see it fixed and maybe some different engine sounds
Games fun but way to many adds. 5mins of adds for 1min of game play. U got to watch a add to move from menu to menu or race to race. If they cut the adds back it would be a great game
good game only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is I did the watch 100 ads to get the ad car and when I go to race in it the cars don't load and the race doesn't start. please fix this
Literally after every race theres an add. You can only upgrade one part at a time. If you could upgrade more than one thing at a time, i will add more stars. But till then, 2. Its not a bad game. I like it. Its just those is my problem.
You can basically have a stock car and set the rev limiter to 11,000rpms and constantly win any race. Not enough of a challenge, no story, not realistic enough, NEEDS IMPROVEMENTS FOR A BETTER MORE REALISTIC EXPERIENCE.
I love the idea of it, but there are things that make this game undesirable. First of all, the amount of ads is horrendous, you have a timer to install parts, and there's not really a good selection of cars. If these weren't issues, this would be an even better game.
I rate this game 3 stars because of the motion blur. The motion blur makes my phone laging when i go to race. Thats all pls make a settings to turn of the motion blur.
Ads after every race. Ads after loading a race. Ads to speed up parts. Can only buy 1 part and have to wait 5mins to buy another unless you watch an ad
It takes on average 2-3 ads just to be able to do a single race. Then another ad once the race is complete.
Dont play its filled with ads doesnt even let u enjoy the game and you have to pay to get ur parts delivered or wait long times
Literally just a knock off of the game "Drag racing" which not only has better gameplay, it also has multiplayer and realistic tuning. This game is not worth your time. DO NOT INSTALL.
I'm sorry everyone but lucky patch the game you could buy everything but levels. and i didnt know this game got updated much
Improvements would be. Seeing what gears we are in. Fixing the bug with the (Setup) of gears as every time I go in there they drop and drop in numbers. Fixing purchases!!!
There needs to be a graphics settinf because it is to laggy for my phone and it seems like a fun game but is to laggy im using a Galaxy J7 Sky Pro
Every time I tune each individual gear it goes back to the gear ratio I had before and won't let me tune the way I want please fix
Good game needs more to do as I've got most cars and maxed my xp maybe make tuning the gears better and have a reset
Had the game maybe 10 minutes complete a race you watch an ad go to the garage watch an ad go to next race watch an ad, downloaded the game for nostalgia purposes due to the drag racer v3 feel would be great if there wasn't so many ads
Found the game in an ad and decided to download it and try it out. Firstly games laggy af, and secondly the whole menu screen and the rest of the other options are confusing as hell and totally Impractical. Moreover, the game is kinda "unstable" when it comes to the game play because sometimes it works with normal logic other times it just doesn't.
The game is pretty decent, basic drag racing game so far. Only giving it 3 stars because of having to wait on parts after buying them, yes you can skip the time by watching videos but thats annoying af since there is already ingame ads. Would be alot more enjoyable if you can buy/install the parts and turn and burn races.
Bad. Purchased the silvia s15 and now the care will not load in to the game. I get gauges, shift buttons and all but no cars will load in. Using real money on a game then not being able to use said merch is not good, please fix.
After every race is a Ad. Going back to the garage is an Ad. Going back to race is a Ad. Upgrading car = wait time. Watching a Ad for 2x the money then race after watching the Ad is a Ad. Nothing but Ads. Rather play Pixel Car Racer.
Could be nice, ten or maybe twenty years ago. Gameplay far from polished, intrusive ads that you can NOT close, and all in all i would give 0/5 stars if possible.
adds constantly, more adds than gameplay.... sucks bc the overall look and style of the game is neat.
The game is really good i love it but game is just unplayable on my device it is too laggy that i can't even play it it would be awesome if you added a little bit of optimization or a settings where we can decrease graphics.
Trying to but the no ads and it sits at loading screen tired of having to watch a video every race and every up grade terrible asf
This game has serious potential but the controls leave way too much to be desired, for example if you flutter the gas to get that good launch you usually end up in 4 gear before you leave start. The ads are absolutely horrendous and the wait times for every part are just excessive. I get ways at high tier parts but every upgrade has a wait. Way to many drag games on the market to settle for these issues.
Clearly whoever made this game has no concept of cars. You shift in the green zone, and it it says overshift. I am a car person. This is the most inaccurate game ever. It is called powershifting. Fix your game. It is garbage.
I grinded till I had enough to get the last car which cost 80,000 and it doesn't load the car into the race when I select it
Way too many ads. An ad before every race, there's also a timer to install parts which can range upto 20 minutes. Not a very big range of cars either. Also the rx7 doesn't have a rotary upgrade, just piston upgrades, in a rotary car?
Game is good, but I tried to pay to remove ads and all I get is a loading screen...all other to buy in game money works tho please fix.
Its cool game at first time I have played I been waiting for a great challenger because it driven me crazy that I can't get people to join this game I give it five stars rating this is cool and fun game you will in enjoy playing this suckek game
Every click is like a ad It's a race to click a race or back out of garage without a ad popping up . Thanks for caring about your 3rd farrarri instead of having happy people playing your game
Gameplay is actually a bit fun specially because of the car sound, but literally there's a ad every time you finish a race so that's an ad every 15 seconds in the begining so I'd imagine if you get a faster car it would be an add every 9 or 8 seconds which is sooooo freakiiiing greedy.
I can see how cool the game could be but there is one big problem, it's just not optimized really well and even though I have a powerful(not much but still) phone it still gets freezes plus it runs at near 15 fps which just makes it infuriating, please if you do see this try your best to optimize it better I know you can do better then this :) (edit) did you copy 'Japan Drag Racing 2D'?