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Jewel Mine Quest: Match-3

Jewel Mine Quest: Match-3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by ENPV1 located at 경기도 부천시 길주로 81 (모건시티) 501호. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
💎Jewel Mine Quest💎

🦇Go on an adventure to a cave that is popular packed with old items and mysterious jewels!
👸Find mystical jewels with the adventurer Hazel, and become the treasure master!
👑We invite you to definitely Jewel Mine journey, where a fantastic adventure awaits you in a deep cave!

Clear the missions when you look at the cave and find the mystical jewels!
Match and break the type that is exact same of!

[Play Method]
Move and match 3 of the identical type of jewels.

[Game Features]
numerous levels
- we now have 1000 phases with constant updates.

Play games without entry constraints, but you don't need information!
- There's no restriction to games like life minds, as you prefer!
- Play Offline Without Data (net) Connections!
- Don't worry about Wi-Fi!

flashy graphics and easy manipulation
- It's a straightforward online game to play whenever you can match 3 jewels of the same color so you can play as much.
It's very easy to discover, not easy to master!

low-capacity game
- It's a low-capacity game, which means you can install it without any stress.

1. If in-game will not save, the information will be initialized as soon as the application is deleted.
The information is also initialized as soon as the unit is changed.
2. It's a app that is free but it includes in-game currency, things, and paid products such as for example removing adverts.
3. Front, banner, and marketing and advertising that is visual.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Jewel Mine Quest: Match-3.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Jewel Mine Quest: Match-3 for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
this is a great little game, there's more to it than you think, it's amazing how much has been crammed in so I keep going back to it every chance I get.
I really enjoy playing this game. Graphics are good. Usually the first thing I do is turn off the noise of bgm because it's obnoxious. However, I like the bgm on this game. Only one downfall..the child yelling "Oh no!" is quite annoying. A simple notice would suffice.
Sone times the second lo ever blocks are to dark in color and that mb makes it hard to see bec as yse I am visually impaired
I like this game. Different from the others. You dont have all those ads popping up all the time. I can play 2 levels. Then a ad comes up.
Was enjoying the game very much until I came across the attack block ball, don't understand how to use it. It tells me to tap it and then what?
New at the game so far its grand. 1 of the things i was looking for was to be able listen to a show while i play i can do that here. The colors are great
After level 700 it's the pits. No more fun. The flying bats never help you anymore they just crush random jewels that do nothing to get you past the level
I don't like games that rob me of my earned coins, puts them in a piggy bank and expect us to buy what we already earned. Won't happen with me.
The difficulty is the difficulty. Challenge comes slowly in comparison to other games. Still, I play because other characteristics of the game are good to excellent.
I like this bright and lively game. Enough challenge and help gratefully accepted. Charming graphics. Deep, rich colors.
I like all of the Jewel games. Good graphics. Nice explosions. It's easy to climb the levels. Good time waster!
A great variety of matching gem levels which i enjoy, great colours, as well. A bit different to the usual match three games.
Loved the game until I got to level 1001. Beware... No more clicking free 100 coins, no more free 3 more moves. No more free anything... Even when you run out of moves and it gives option for 5 free moves, you have to buy them. This company gets sooo much advertizing dollors, they dont need or want my business! Beware! I uninstalled.
It's an OK matching game. Zero skill involved so don't waste your time on watching the video for "3 extra turns". Above level 400 it gets boring as you just play the same level over and over again until you get lucky and win.
Sure, this game is fun, colorful, etc, but the prize for going through all those stages everytime is WEAK! You usually only get one! Come on, why so little? Very frustrating!
Trying this in Mistplay because I heard you get rewards. It's fun and I like the strategic mind strategy it involves. It's not too easy and not too hard so far. I have been playimg for hours and really enjoying it.
I like ir cuz I have tons to do and I axhieve the goal fasr. I am still at the beginning and learing so ius still challenging and new to me. Graphics are nicevtoo. Kidos and thank you! (hugs)
Game is good, overall. The one major drawback that made me uninstall it was the excessive amount of ads.
I just started playing & so far I am LOVING THIS GAME. So much fun and very addicting Missed my stop on the train more than once. Lol. THE BEST PART IS NO LIVES
I'm having a great time playing this game. Jewels are awesome and the levels are beautifully made. Please make more of these games.
I am having fun playing this cute game... However, I feel like I spend too much time, trapped, watching, watching, the bonus time. Very often, too often, the bonus time is longer than the time I got to spend playing the game! Not several times, but many times, the game was over in two moves. The bonus time was much, much longer!! I wish there was the option to skip all the bonus time.
Thank you for the fix. I can now get the 100 coins when needed. So, I have changed rating up to 5 stars.
Jewel royal castle, jewel forest, jewel kingdom, jewel legacy and jewel mine quest. All these games I have downloaded and been playing. CAN'T OPEN SPECIAL GIFT. CAN'T WATCH VIDEO FOR 3 EXTRA MOVES OR TO COLLECT 120 COINS. I have written to them several times. It's not my wifi connection. My other games work great. Uninstalling all ENP GAMES. Very frustrated and disappointed.
I would give it 5 stars except for the fact that every level from 13 thru 55 would tell me 'Video is being prepared' when I tap button to watch video & receive 100 coins. I tried once every level.
Cheez I can play until my mobile battery died on Me 😂😂👌 Thanks to the developers 🤗 You are awesome 😘🤗🤗
The game is ok,but there seems to be no reason for coins. What are they good for and how can you spend them? I found nothing.
'Jewel Mine Quest' is an absolutely superb game and thoroughly deserves its 5🌟 rating. Kudos to the app developers as well as their ideas are simply outstanding 👏 bravo 💯%
Unbelievably awesome. Very addictive. I was going to start playing for a couple levels to waste time, I quit 2 1/2 hours later..
Too many ads and ads that are too long. Game has pieces that are unclear to play. Needs something that can show you how to play the pieces beyond the first "tutorial"
Colors, shapes, directives add to the teaching of cognitive eye movement function post op cataract lens replacement, Gerry M. Mayo
I love playing match games! Jewel Mine Quest is an awesome fun match game. The jewels are beautiful, the gameplay is smooth not glitchy. I expect to watch ads for free gameplay, and the ads are Not long nor bothersome at all. I get so relaxed I forget I'm playing! Great Game to play anytime or anywhere! Thankyou very much devs! 5-⭐ 🤗♥🥰
The difficulty is the difficulty. Challenge comes slowly in comparison to other games. Still, I play because other characteristics of the game are good to excellent. Update: I am now in the mid-200s and the challenge is real. I seldom win a level in one try any more. More fun! Thanks.
Love it😊 Relaxing game play for a 63 yr old. Was able to pay a small price to get rid of ads which is always a plus👍 This game will be a keeper..
Only Temporary Rating (dev hopes!) Not gonna write them - they can see it here... Q: What is it that your app is doing immediately after plopping down my 3 stars and before giving me my 'Best Banner'? I know it's going to show an 'early out' (6 sec) ad and 'pop' back over - but last two times - IT AIN'T... NOPE ?! The locked screen just sits there while I 'eye' my soon-to-be lost 105 coins + 1 'treasure' coin - AGAIN! (btr than some that take ur boosters away). Just what's going on? Level 45-6!
Half the time I couldn't understand how to accomplish the goal. The black background is difficult to work upon and there are few boosters . One has to employ the magic fairy bars. Disappointing.
Love it! Awesome graphics & audio! Various challenges! Free coins & boosters! New fav game! 💖👏🌟😎😍
It sucks to have an ad after every level. This is the only game, that does that. Now I must stop playing
It is too early for me to describe the rate I am going to give . Though I may say in the long run it could turn to be a fun game and satisfying though there are lots of ads that pop up when going into the next level. But if you are patient and come to like this game maybe it is worthy to give 5.