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Joyful Shopping

Joyful Shopping for PC and MAC

Is a Shopping game developed by Wish Inc.. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Browse a selection this is certainly worldwide of style, add-ons, and electronics right at your fingertips.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Joyful Shopping.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Joyful Shopping for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I've seen wish before down loaded it many times but just broke down and placed a order so many pretty things to look at and buy the prices are so cheap I love it
Love all the different & cool items at great prices. Shipping cost way to much & most items shipping takes way to long. Still love the store. Just don't buy anything you need right away.
Very nice, some of the special prices are misleading. When clicked on, a different price shows. I do enjoy the split payment option
Lots to choose from an easy to find different item u may be looking for and wonderful deals as well. Love it!!
Haven't bought anything yet. Everything i have looked at is "sold". Why show me something that I can't buy. Annoying. At least wish soesn' t do that. 😀😠😀
I'm not able to. Rate this yet only opened a new account early this morning and I have not used it yet. I did sceam over it a bit. It's a lot like Wish But I felt Joyful Shopping seems to have higher pricing just a bit higher. But what I was shopping for is a bit higher cost bracket. But the products still seem a bit higher than Wish or ever Tophatter I believe it is compatible with Android pay but not sureyou can track your orders too that's all pretty good don't you think!?!
Haven't recieved orders yet, don't get too excited as there's things for a pound but you never get a chance as everyone else is first in line, won't give you a refund within 2 weeks lol, other than that they give you credit on the app
Very unmotivated to buy once the limited time runs out. I'm not going to continue to check out over and over again. Especially when I supposedly have a 50% off. Shiesty. Don't download this app. You can find all of these items online at other retailers for the same price or cheaper without the pressure. This app should probably be illegal
Love wish #1 my store for everything πŸ’• ❀ good quality things Love it just made 178.00$ purchase can't wait to get it on the 5th .I also love that now I can pick it up in my local mini post office. Thank you wish love u Oops ment to say it's like the wish store .oopsie
I rate this app 5 stars cuz I'm a fan of hunting,guns,ammo,targets and when I searched up guns I saw a little pistol for 20 dollar but best part is that it is a real gun
This application is so awesome. I love it!!! It's so easy to look around and once you start to save what you like. This app will show you more on what your interested in. It's so easy to look around and get what you want. Also when you start to check out it's very easy to put your purchase in. So yes I would definitely recommend you to look at this app and see what you like or want or save it for later until pay day. YES ITS THE SAME AS WISH & HOME BUT BETTER PRICE. πŸ’―πŸ’―β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ€ŽπŸ–€πŸ€β™₯️.
This is wish. Deceptive, expensive postage, be very careful you know what you are buying. Also automatically authorises future payments with PayPal.... Think I'll stick to eBay and Amazon.
Just like Wish. Items will take a long time to arrive or you'll never see them. Good luck with dealing with customer service at that point. Majority of these items end up stuck in customs so you won't ever see them. That's not even including the apps functioning. Pages don't work. I updated and keep trying to look in the whereabouts of the "free" item I was supposed to receive, I ordered it 22 days ago and it still won't show me the tracking history when I tap on "Where's my package?"
Pretty epic and damn cheap site, alot like the Wish interface but it seems that this site for the time being has alot less loopholes and trickery to their displays and prices... Keep up the solid good work!
I love it when I shop because the price is right for my family to buy everything that we love from your Joyful Shopping thanks very much !!!
This is another wish app you can buy the stuff locally. The item price plus shipping, the total is the same in the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, and on Amazon. Plus you don't have to wait for 7 plus days on the earliest shipping.
I haven't ordered anything yet but there sure are a lot of great deals! UNIQUE items, I can't wait to buy!
Have never had a problem with wish other then not getting order on time .sometime IπŸ˜†get wrong item in order. Customer service takes care of it for me
Did not know that this app was also wish. I will be deleting it just like I did with wish. Im still waiting for product I ordered last year at this time from wish.I will be canceling my account with joyful shoping as well.
I signed up because Wish asked me for photo ID and I refuse to give my photo ID out to just anyone. Now I find out Joyful shopping is just Wish under a different name!!! I am removing the app from my tablet because I STILL refuse to just give out my photo ID!!!!
This app show prices too good to be true, " dont belive what you see" after you pay for it,in 24 hr. They will send you a massages that they are sorry but that price was in a time limet, and will ask you for credited to the app, refunding to you bank will take 15 day or maybe more.
Items ordered arrived finally but we ordered wedding rings but after a few days of wearing them our fingers turned black and they lost colour and looked dull...tried to let customer support know but website failed to reply and respond. Item was cheap but I expected it to last more than 1 week if I could I would up load pictures of item item recieved on the 28th of October 2020 todays date Is 1 November 2020 we have recieved a few excellent items it is a shame that I have been let down on this 1
I paid for a item that cost me $210 and when it got shipped the address was changed and I never got it. We i contacted joyful they told me to call the shipper and said it was Amazon but when i called Amazon they told me even thow it was in my name the account that it was paid threw the could not tell me where it went to so i got scammed out of $210.00 DO NOT USE JOYFUL...
Awful to try and return items they take too long to respond and try and fob you off been trying over a week to return and get refund still no joy so avoid
It's just like the app wish. I don't like how they have something really cheap and you go to purchase it and then they say it didn't process in time so you don't get it. Or as a new customer you get a free product but you go to buy it you not only get charged for shipping but also the price for the product too. It's not free that's for sure.
Great prices on ALL the things you need and Actually WANT..Just be fair warned, the sales price you see advertised will not be the price you get unless you get the very first extra size small on clothing items.But you'll still love it I guarantee it.
I am loving it, not sure if all these is real ,I mean the prices Unbelievable. I have real expensive jewerly. but I like buying this is much prettier, and in-expencive do not have to worry losing it or get ruined.
This app sucks doest not even work sure prices are great but when it comes to you going to your cart to make the purchase it gives you an error message that it has stopped i have tried turning my phone off and on again five times and the issue continues so i'm going to uninstall i give you no stars at all zero ,people dont install this crapy app
I love all the great fashion and the laptops are great prices. The only thing I would have to say is when it says you cab get an item for a certain price then you go to checkout and it's a whole different price and it's way more expensive. Why does it do that?
I like it that it says shipped within the US. That means I won't have to wait four months. Prices look good.
I love anything sponsored by Wish. Joyful shopping is just that, "Joyful" and the website is easy to navigate. It's shopping made fun. Thank you Joyful shopping!
Cheap goods from China. First picture they show is NOT what you will get. Look at ALL the pictures and read ALL the descriptions. You will get the cheapest smallest item shown in the pictures. NOT the first picture. Plus it takes forever and no customer service. If you get to customer service you can mail back the item which costs more than you paid to ship back to China. Be very very wary.
So far it's the same as Wish. It's the same UI, layout and everything but a different name. Haven't bought anything yet but I will rate again when I do.
Excellent products you can find just about anything. I love the quality of the items. So happy I found this site. "Its way better than the other one" very joyful shopperπŸ€—β˜Ίβ€
Not good it's cheap the prices r good but you order things then they say that you can get a refund but it won't even go into the customer support so post off right now everything I ordered got denied but didn't get my money back
Great app I wish I could get a hold of a credit card so I can buy things so I can resales the goodies myself maybe someday I can have my own business myself and really thought it my family's face about how rich we are I mean my mom, dad, and beautiful sister Michelle. I hope one day my father I can make him happy
Easy to use app but i have problems with my orders... 3 orders are due to be collected and its not showing me the barcode for them to scan.. If problem is sorted asap i will change my rate
A lot more American stores, prices are more reasonable. Not paying 50 cents for an item and 4 dollars for shipping. Will be using this app a lot more
The prize of the the products are too low and that's a GOOD πŸ˜€ thing. I love the product the packaging and quality is just πŸ˜‰AMAZING. I loved the app and will buy more property. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Great app if you like waiting for amonth or 2 for your item have a few home items but charge more then chins for the same item..local pick-ip is nice if they have what you want...
I have just begun so far I like it. It's a great alternative to Wish, who I no longer trust. Let's see how quickly my orders arrive and if they are better quality than Wish. I will renew my rating and comments afterwards.
I love this app! It makes shopping so much more enjoyable. I used to use another app, but shipping was too much. So glad to see that this app was created!
I would give a better rating but several of your pages do not work, for example customer support, order history, and wheres my package all come up blank. Please look into this. I have spent a lot of money on your site.😠
As other reviews this is literally just wish,different colour scheme and name.However all payment is to wish.
I Absolutely love that item are very low priced and the quality is exceptional BUT the shipping price is usually what makes the item most expensive ! Overall I really enjoy this app!
Cool app...but its just like the wish app... Ok second review...the app sucks!!! You pick something out that you like for a certain price and when you go to pay for it the price has went up like 3 or 4 times as much as it showed!!!
This app has no customer serviceto it it's not worth getting anything off of if they falsely advertise everything i've done multiple orders for Christmas on this website and they do not return calls nor can I've done multiple orders for Christmas on this website and There is no way to return items there is no way to have customer support other than a automated service but the worst thing is is items that they sell are not as described or in the picture they send to you
Got decent prices, but if you factor in the length of time it takes to get your order, plus the actual quality of the goods, you can see why they're so cheap. I highly doubt the jewelry I got was as "real" as it was advertised to be...already tarnishing...but we'll see...
Your site stinks...no matter what l click on to purchase, everything is sold. Well hello if it is sold why not take it down and replace it something that y'all are selling!!!
Great store new items and great prices check it out! I order my first order with joyful it was very EASY to place I love shopping with joyful!
I'm loving it this app has awesome great deals!!! Really it has whatever you need or looking for and name brand items!!! Its now my favorite app too shop!!!
So far ok but alot of the items that say "Free" just pay shipping fees. Aren't "Free" which a a really let down. So far it's been on clothes, shoes, and stuff like rugs or play mats.
This is great,very good deals. The only thing missing is customer feedback ,you can only leave stars but cannot comment.
Its definitely more expensive than wish but looks like the app. Also needs the low to high option for price. For both apps
I like apps like these,, where you don't have to give up your next unborn child to buy something.. still needs work, mainly to the refund part after you pay for a limited-time offer.. but for the most part it ain't too shabby.. thanks
It's WISH. Just going by a different name. Same exact set up. Same Exact Stuff. Either WISH got over crowded with sellers and they needed expand or they had so many complaints they needed to rebrand themselves.
This shopping app is wonderful great things lots of things to look at tell people is the right word I have enjoyed it since I had download it on mine tablet so you should try it look at it download it got great item fall in love with it
I've done multiple orders for Christmas on this website and they do not return calls nor can I've done multiple orders for Christmas on this website and There is no way to return items there is no way to have customer support other than a automated service but the worst thing is is items that they sell are not as described or in the picture they send to you
Carefull people this is wish going by a differnt name but i ordered a watch from it and when the package got to me it was exactly what i had ordered and i love i also notice that it didnt come from china like everything you order off the wish app does it came from sante fe springs ca there is just one problem the contact suppot buttons doesnt take u anywhere
Rubbish! Ordered 3 items, none look anything like picture. Tried to contact support and it wont let me upload pictures or go any further.
When somebody signs in after downloading appreciate and you guys give a free gift I think shipping should be free too can you only give that gift once ☹️☹️☹️☹️ some of us actually look forward to their free gift because we can't really afford to get anything at that moment.
It is fun looking at all the things to pick from. Because thier are so many idems to pick from. I just keep looking at everything.
WHOA is the code for 50% off order, but I really love your looking through all of your products. After I see how my order will be placed and me receiving it. I will make this place my place of shopping.
Great app, very cheap online buys, am sure though this could be the wish app under a different app name and design? Both are identical...
Could have faster shipping but i get it lots of orders. This app does have great items with mostly good quality and quick easy finds. Some misleading prices you should probably stay on top of that. But mostly a good shopping app.
Things are great. I could'nt stop because prices are wonderful. I know exactly where I'm shoppimg for birthdays, anniversaries, and especially Christmas. Thank you so muchπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Usually I'm pleased with most of the items, but the shipping costs, could be worked on so as not to be so hi. πŸ™‚
They're scam, the articles say $1 and when you go to your cart cost $24+ shipping, and doesn't have description about what cost $1.
Just installed today, I'm hoping they're more reliable than Wish, because that app got me for $300 and never sent my merchandise. Will give more or less stars after I've evaluated a little more!
Everything was going fine until I entered my 3-digit security code only to receive a message in my phone saying that there was a problem with it and that my account could not be verified.
Easy and convenient to use and I love all the amazing deals and they've got a lot of products to choose between and my absolute favorite is that they have my Clinique Perfume and I can get it for cheaper than the manufacturer Clinique and it's actually the actual product and not a knockoff using Clinique's name
I love this app I mean it's greatπŸ˜€I think I brought a few things from here and they have all been great quality and good pricesπŸ€›would recommend highly
Love this app!!! Only downside for example a paif of yoga pants said 3.00 so I clicked buy checked my cart and was alot more than $3 and if you order multiple items have to pay shipping for every item you buy instead of paying shipping for whole lot.
I have ordered loads of stuff they haven't arrived yet but then 3 days ago I went to go into my orders there's nothing showing in my account its just empty its not saying I haven't ordered any just nothing in there at all I go into notifications and there in there but when I click on some of my orders it won't show anything and the ones that do I click on contact support then I'm hit with an error 404 oops! This page does not exist im fuming 😀 πŸ˜’ 🀧
Proper wind up. Classic scam. I am still waiting for my refund. 20 days and I am still waiting. I would not recommend this on line store to no one. I would actually recommend to stay well away from sites likej oyful and other similar to it. After All Not Joyful at all. Zero, Nada, nothing
I tried cancelling an order I made by mistake and when I try to contact support it brings up error page not found. I will not shop on here again.
Don't know if it will start loading up better than it is now. I just got the app. We will have to wait and see.
Easy to use love to shop the only issue to me is you think your getting a great deal then BOOM !!! They get you by jacking up the shipping..
The prices are GREAT! But the SHIPPING IS EXPENSIVE!!! I haven't ordered anything yet. I will redo this post after I receive an order.
A good app for just about anything that you could imagine...if it exists then they probably have it. Decent off shore merchandise. I haven't been disappointed very often as most items are of good quality and as advertised. Many items have been above and beyond my expectations.
Great products ~ nice to get special prices instead of outrageous markups that no one can afford ~ thank you for not taking advantage ~ god bless ~
This is just wish but different name and same postage and same everything i go on joom became it has Better things and its free postage
Products aren't always great. They're hit or miss but the prices are good & shipping is faster than it used to be
Do I Ever, Well YES I Most Certainly Do Love This App. I've Had It Since October 13 2020 An I'm Already Hooked On It. Thank You Wish An Joyful Shopping
If you get something FREE will charge you a lot on shipping $40 if you buy something that will cost you $5. At the end they will charge you $26 nothing is FREE and the charges are 4 TIMES the item you buy this app its no good TRASK stop letting them take your MONEY people.. CHECK IT OUR FOR YOUR SELF .. this app is a rip of just taking your MONEY πŸ’° DELETE this APP DELETE DELETE DELETE NO GOOD
Wish is all about the bait and hook scheme! They offer you a product for a low price, send you an invoice for order placed.... Then tell you that they "WISH" didn't process your order in time to get it at the price! Crooked Company! Don't waste your time!!!!
Why can,t i get to view what,s in my cart,,,i can,t buy anything,,cause when i try ,,,it stops an saids joyfulshopping has stoped report it or ok,,,.plz fix this,,i have found several things i would really like to buy,,,
This is WISH under a different name. The support email address is support @ wish. I'm not sure why they would do this. I've ordered from wish once before and the quality was definitely poor. I'm assuming this will be the same.
No different than the Wish app. Guess I expected it to be better. I fail to see the point I this new app. It has the same items as Wish and the pricing...
I love this shopping experience. In the first couple mins i had a free pair of leather shoes and a camera. Only paying shipping.
Every category imaginable! So far I've gotten rug hooking kits, sofa covering, Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie oh, and an AC DC & KISS ...
I haven't bought anything yet so I can't comment on that yet. It is almost identical to Wish app I pray that Joyful Shopping is more organized and ready to have a better customer service up and running to explain to the customers who are spending their money that they worked hard for and I only hope that they can answer questions about late delivery or why it is one price until you put your size in and more importantly tell you that you can track an order that hasn't even left the warehouse yet.
Just like Wish But when the price is like3.00 on wish.. Its 3.00. Or free is free. Yall dont do that. Fix this for me and ill shop. Otherwise... Im goin back to Wish
so far what I'vebeen through with my shopping trek II have and I am waiting very patiently for my finances to come together so I can have a shopping party. The reviews really sells me on how to buy a product. That is great knowledge. And knowledge is king a d ladyluck is queen. With that being said very good products are being sold at an affordable price.My God awesome you are keep up the good values a d the passion that has gone into Have a joyful shopping spree!!!
Seems to be a great place to shop really good prices I'll have to tell you when the goods get here what I think more
First time trying to use it and hate it. I went to add a 2nd item to buy and it wouldn't let me. Said I was only allowed to purchase 1 thing. It's an inconvenience to buy 1 item at a time. I will stay with amazon. They dont tell me in not allowed to buy more than 1 item at a time.
Love all of the WISH apps. Never liked and of the Ali's (aliexpress, aliababa, ect...) and when I found WISH I was skeptical but I've only had problems with reviewing my package a few time on WISH we will see how this one adds up....
What a waste! It's the same app as Wish, with inflated, OVERLY INFLATED AT BEST, pricing that I can get in any store for a ΒΌ the price they're trying to pull off here on many of these items that don't even belong to them to be claiming as their own to begin with! Idk how this app could've possibly gotten the ratings it has, gotta be some sorta ratings scam they're running, NOTHING HERE IS ANYTHING WORTH PASSING RIGHT BY WHEN THEIR FALSE LISTED PRICING CATCHES SHOPPERS ATTENTION! REMOVED βœŒπŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž
I would rate this app more stars if I could be able to actually buy something but everytime I click on an item to buy it says sold out. So basically I am going thru an app that has nothing in stock.
This is much the same as all the others, a few differences, would like to see more different products and not sizes like 6,7,8xls.
Really love this app! Soo easy to use and so addictive! Easy to search and find any and everything you're looking for and more. I really like that you can save items you like for later alot. Only thing I really don't like is that it will state one price but be different when you add to cart. So be careful! Also, make sure to keep browsing for same item because alot of times you can find it cheaper. And yes, it is still Wish, but here you earn points to get discounts! Overall its really great!
Really wonderful app with amazing products. Even got a free gift when signing up. Would recommend if you like getting value for your money products.
Do not understand how this is different from Wish. They both have my same issues regarding not being able to sort by price or be able to add price range as well as listing prices that don't always match pictured items
Great deals. Just watch the shipping charges. When time to ck out delete items with to high of shipping charges or that will cost you more than item u order so you dont save any money. Patti S..
Worked great at first. Never waited longer than eta on items. But Now it crashes everytime i open app to check on purchase. Frustrating it is.
Very misleading,it tells you to claim a free gift for signing up or even when you are shopping and click for a free item or even something at £0.01, sounds great then you go to secure checkout only to find the shipping price is sky high.fir a free item I picked delivery was something like just under £20.😠😠
So far so good I've not used it yet but I'm hoping to in the near future. I've used Wish for a couple of years but if I make a purchase with this one & it's better then I won't be using Wish anymore. I'll update my review once I've made a purchase.
Love wish #1 my store for everything πŸ’• ❀ good quality things Love it . Thank you wish love u store .oopsie same as wish all the orders I put in they take my money & then they say the products ain't available i don't fall for this app stick with wish . Wish had never let me down
I got my order today. A lot quicker than wish and geek. The ring is gorgeous for only paying a dollar for shipping is great.
Ive ordered lots of great stuff ,but i cant see my full order history hoping its a glitch cause im missing a few orders
App doesn't work properly, you put stuff in your cart and go to check out it kicks you right back to the home page and not let you in your cart, I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it 3 times and does the same thing everytime, fix your app,
This app is Awesome, I love how all the products has good quality and low prices. This app has everything you may need and want, been with wish for a long time, but this app is it hands down. I highly recommend people to check this app out.
Truly easy, thought it was a mistake, prices were so great. Atmosphere is primed to solve latest fashion's and Finances.
Loving this app so far. I'm new at this one, I've had wish for years. But I will update periodically threw out purchase ( I just did today ) and time of delivery to let you all know how fast it was, and quality of products purchased.... So far I highly recommend to all.
This is the most sorry app I have ever used I order something and it took money off my card have not got what I ordered yet looked on the app under order history and it's blank fo see when I was going to get it
Love it!😊❀ Recommend it, to Limited Income Households! God Bless You All! β€πŸ’—πŸ˜‡πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ’’πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ˜‡πŸ’—β€
Fun and unique and thrifty gift ideas for the whole family & my friends . Even my dog is Joyful ! From hobbies to home goods, great prices with fun Insentive points .
Just authentic, being yourself. I don't think I will ever go to WISH. I have been scammed, took my money, without delivery. When then it being delivered the brand, the color and the size isn't what you choose. I feel violated by wish. A return good, is like a rocket science. You have to go through so much hoops to do that. Most of their products l have to donate it to Goodwill store, that is how inferior it is. Those types of products shouldn't be sent to America, the stupid wish, knows that.
Not happy with Joyful!! I have a issue with something I ordered so I message customer support and it's been 4 days and no one has got back to me yet!! This was almost a $200.00 purchase so you can see why I am not happy right now!!! That's what customer service is supposed to be for!! To resolve problems AND I HAVE GOT NONE OF THAT!!!
Don't bother, I tried it, placed 1 order, still haven't got it. Click where's my package, page doesn't exist, tried contacting support, again, page doesn't exist.
Do not download this app!!! This is the worst shopping app I've ever installed and tried to spend my hard-earned money at! It's not worth your time I promise you that. They make you think you're going to receive an Autumn for discounted price all to be disappointed less than 24 hours later when you receive emails stating you did not receive your item at that price. A waste of my time and hard-earned money!!!
Really cool app. I'm only going to give 3 stars cause I'm unable to view my order history. I keep getting the spinning wheel of death and then nothing. Please address this problem and fix it.