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Wild Lion Games 2021: Angry Jungle Lion Games 3D

Wild Lion Games 2021: Angry Jungle Lion Games 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Play Pixel Art located at Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Download Jungle Lion Simulator: Lion Attack Animal Games and enjoy life of a lion to survive the jungle that is wild. Hunt animals and get skilled in hunting jungle animals as you earn experience of hunting animals.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Wild Lion Games 2021: Angry Jungle Lion Games 3D.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Wild Lion Games 2021: Angry Jungle Lion Games 3D for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This is tremendous Lion game of 2020. Its features are very awesome. Its control are very easy. Its graphics are very beautiful. It is very interesting game. It is mind fresher game. It is full of adventure game.
Hello! I love this game alot and ive been thinking a update for this game! I think we should be able to have a trading system! I know the Game producers might not see this but I think this would make the game more loving and fun! Well I hope the Game Producers see this an
Jngle lion simulator jungle animal game is one of the best application.and it is helpful in learn about the proper knowledge of games.it is better then others these types of games.it desorve five stars rank...
Lion Games 2020 is an awesome and amazing game. It is really good. Gameplay is smooth and very good. Visual are very nice. Graphics are fabulous and fantastic .
Let's get ready to enjoy the real jungle atmosphere. Love attack game is best animal hunting game. I love to play it everytime. Recommended for sure
This game is. Amazing. Butttt it's not as realistic as it could be. It'd be nice to add a hunger and thirst system. But everything else? Literally perfect. I feel like it'd be cool to add a dinosaur to the playable animal list! Or maybe do a throwback to dragon sim and rea
It's a fun game but I'm giving it 4 stars b/c there's way too many ads. I understabd that the paid version allows you to play the game w/o ads but the problem was people don't want to play a game where theres an ad everytime you push a button evert few secs and sometimes theres 2 ads in a row just to see another ad a sec later. I understand that its the free version but most free verson games are not cramed w/ads like that. Reduce the ads and i will reinstall the game
Its awesome with a capital A+ so it's awesome but Can you add easier quests pls cuz let's say you did all the quests And need gems how are you going to do that if you can't do any more Quests So pls add more quests like reach lvl 200 or tranecforme into a Parrot or do all quests and another one would be get all skins Of the animal your playing with so thanks for reading this and Your welcome for the ideas that might help you for next update by The way I like the steady animals BE SAFE!!
Woww this is tension free game. If you are all guys and feelings bored .then playing this game will remit your boring you feels relax while playing this most attractive game. I like the way its work . Unique features game definitely deserves more than five stars rating.
love this game! online is fun, it's a cool pass time. I didn't know how I felt about it at first but now it's become addictive! great for offline too. I love that even offline I can still level up! all in all its a really fun and addictive game! I also like that I can play with friends no matter where they are so long as were all online!Also I think it would be good if we had a fish transformation and an underwater world!
Wild Lion games is excellent lion game present in the playstore. The graphics quality of this game are good. It is best offline game. The 3D Graphics are awesome.
I love this game. I've read a few reviews and some complain about lagging and the ads but lagging doesn't happen for me, and for the ads you can just turn of wifi or mobile data. The game itself is really entertaining and it never gets boring for me
Lion game 2020 is an amazing wild game.it is very simple and easy to use. Graphics and tools are very impressive. Always love to play this game and enjoying a lot. Install and have fun...
Lion simulation in this game to accomplish the exciting challenges and the other things to be experienced and explored.
I really love this game, but can you like make the snake also be part of the animals besides transforming, so then we dont have to you know run out of the stuff for transforming into somthing
Controls are clunky and the map is annoying it would be nice to hide it by clicking a map button and maybe you should work on the ai and map keep the weapon purchase system as it is and also you should increase amount of money for when you kill an animal.
Love the game. But today there seems to be an issue. Both devices say check connection. Reset phones. Reset internet. No other games have issues, I can't get in!! Please help!! .
Great hunting / competition game so far the only knock I have is NOT being able to put controllers for left hand easy use. I can adapt to the controls right hand but would very much rather switching them.
Jungle line simulator Israeli very stunning and outstanding game. It has brilliant features and outstanding graphics. Very good and original contents.
Its a fun game to pass the time. Doesnt suck me in to it 24/7 with constantly having to be on like other games do. Also isn't all about pay to play either, its actually pretty fair for the entire free play also.
Just downloaded, so far it's ok..Not used to the touch screen control..a chomped free, however once I get changed, I'm certain I will appreciate it far superior. The illustrations and nature sounds are truly pleasant.
First off, I'm not a fan of touch screen controls and this game has no controller support as far as I'm aware, HOWEVER, they make the touchscreen controls a strength with this game. They are implemented flawlessly here. The zen like sounds of nature are soothing and set a calm tone. The atmosphere is great in this game. You feel like you're hunting. Spot placement is everything. A great hunting simulation.
Controls are clunky and the map is annoying it would be nice to hide it by clicking a map button and maybe you should work on the ai and map keep the weapon purchase system as it is and also you should increase amount of money for when you kill an animal
I realy love this game! Ive been playing since the Lion, Fox, lynx, and bear were the only animals to play as. There is one thing that bugs me a little, is when you pick up your cub(kit or pup) the lower part of their body sinks into the ground kinda. Its not thats big of
Ok so, this game is beautiful and amazing, the graphics are awesome and you guys did such a great work on it, and i have a playabe animal and pet idea, first the playabe animals that i wanted alot to be in this game are a lizard, kangaroos, snakes and rats (not transformations) and the pet ideas are snakes, gorillas, black panthers, rats, mices, kangaroos, and goats, this was the playabe animals and pet ideas, hope you bring them to the game bc i rlly wanted this, anyways, tysvm for your time ^^
I love this game it has a lot of updates but that's ok. You can have friends like I do I met someone that is my age but just to warn u about this some people pretend in this game like fantasy. So if u don't like that type of stuff then don't download this. But I'm fine with it but other than that it's a great game
Jungle lion simulator is beautiful game. I am really impress with this game. It's graphics are very nice. We use this game without internet connection. I am very happy after install this game.
Lion games 2020 is one of the most interesting game of playstore. This game has great graphics and tools. Thanks to the developers for the addition of new missions. Love to play this game and enjoying a lot. This the children's favorite game.
Amazing and outstanding game. I really enjoy this game so much. It's graphics are beautiful and it's control are good. This game is fantastic.
This game is amazing. It would be cool if the animals would have a diffrent position when you pick them up. But i am enjoying the game 95. great game, but I would suggest making more unlockable families and not just four, also a mystic playable dragon or a different mythical animal would be nice
Great game, very relaxing and learning different types of animals... Hawaii have No wild animals(Wild pigs๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ) I like it. oh, btw.. For head shots๐Ÿ˜‚ can but you get low scores/points. Great relaxing game.
This ues the best one game application of the few application that come up with mony option. If you want to maker most beautiful then this one for you. If never disappoints you and works so well. I really like this Jungle Lion Simulator game...
So, this game is amazing! I love the graphics! Also There is a glitch that happens ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜˜ you can't see people in front of you, then they have to rejoin then the glitch is gone.. But even though the game is AMAZING!
Jungle lion simulator is most dangerous animal game. This new version of animal 3D game provide you best level with jungle environment like base and desert levels. So addicting game on playstore.
This game is amazing and outstanding game . It has many features . All the features are awesome . I am really impress with this game . We paly this game without internet connection .
This game is very nice and amazing. We play this game without internet๐Ÿ˜. I really impress with this game. Game features are so nice. I like this amazing features.
Jungle Lion Simulator game is interesting and amazing games. It has good sound effects. It is easy use and understand . I like this game
Lion games 2020 is best game of this year I really love to play with this game and enjoyed it so much it has awesome challenges I like to play with this game. Highly recommend to this game.
It was an amazing experience and I love it. The Multi-player is cool too. I wish there was a story tho like lion tales. Also I wish there were more lion skins. And maybe, if u have a black lion, and u have a baby with a white lion, u get a grey lion. Idk those r just my ideas. Anyway I love this game I definitely recommend!!
Lion ๐Ÿฆ game simulator is very great , very relaxing and learning different types of animals hawa have no finde fun simulator game its fun smoothly and dos,not bombard you with a bunch it quests.i like to play it.๐Ÿฆ“๐Ÿฆ
Dis game so cool and I can hunt the oof ing deer more like beer lol and I like lions because itz 1 of my fav animals and sorry for 4 stars because it just has ads
Hi, I give this 5 stars indeed, but i, ve lately being having a problem, I don't say this game is bad, it's epic, but I'm getting a tiny bit upset with one thing, I'm always tryna rejoin a friend and it says my wifi timed out when my wifi is fine, and when I try make a game it says creating a game and then says it again that I don't have wifi connection , pls pls fix this problem , have a nice day play pixel art , and ppl better give dis 5 stars UwU.
Lion Games 2020: Angry Lion Jungle Adventure Games is very nice and impressive game. This game is so unique and enjoyable game. I love this game so much. Every one should download this amazing and fantastic game
lion games 2020 is one of the best and brilliant game because its stages is so stunning and I also played this game daily and enjoy. A good game made by developer
This game is amazing and outstanding game . It has many features . All the features are awesome . I am really impress with this game . We paly this game without internet connection
I love this game and the other games they make. My favorite was the elephant sim (my favorite animal) I would love to see a bigger roster of animals, hopefully herbivores too. I'd pay money for more. And being able to interact with other players would be fun.
BEST GAME EVER!!!(PLAY AS A ANIMAL)but I would like it if you lowered the prices of the animals. I think legendarys should be 55 rares 35 and commons 15 mystics 90๐Ÿ˜Šthat would be a apsoloutly great!!!!!!!!or you could also get gems from when you level 5 times you get 5 gems or you could raise the chance of gett
The best game I ever played. U guys should really install it. The favorite animal I liked is lion๐Ÿบ. Can you make more update like we can buy mystic skin with 200 gems, Mystic for tiger and adding more transformation. So it will be more interesting in playing and thank you Play pixel art for making this game๐Ÿ˜„. Hope you would be able to make some updates.OMG!? The tiger mystic is here I love it and new home, " ice cave" is cool. Thanks to team.
Play this trophy hunting game with lot of fun and adventurous challenges. Add more challenges to enhance charm and ensure better user experience.
Jungle lion simulator is really very interesting and fabulous game. It has Stunning features and outstanding contents.
In general, I have no problem with this game my only complaint is that In level seven it takes a really long time to load please tell me if it's part of the game making
jungle lion simulator lion attack animal is the very amazing and fantastic game for Android mobile.this is the very best idea.this is the very brilliant idea of this game because the very interested game...
This app is mad. this thing it does make me get very very very very very very angrey hate this game it is so anoing It has to many ads and ads and ads and it also sticks alot and it also has ads about 8 minutes long within 8 seconds over and over and over and over and over and it does not ever stops and it is very very very anoing and it freaks me out and i get very very very very very very very very veryvery very very aniod by this app and install this app never install this app
Lion games 2020 is really nice and can't take animal game. I love to play this game so much it has some good graphics and very entertaining gameplay. Very colourful interface. Nice and easy to use.
This game is amazing! It's so fun and you will never get bored .you can play online with your friends and sooo much more! There is jst one peoblem, when i want to play multiplayer it loads and then kicvks me out or i do get into the game and play it for like 30seconds then it kicks me out. Sometimes it wirks sometimes it doesnt but it doesnt work for like 90% of the time. And when i want to buy a chest it completely kicks me out!EVERYTIME! So please fix it this is a very nice game .
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! can u plz add a zoo and zookeepers at the zoo that brings u to a pen. Also i really wanna dolphin in the game with an underwater world and if u stay on land to long ull take damage. When i create a clan i can only type 2 or 3 words. Plz fix that. TY!!! Another time THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!!!!!
Very cool game! I love it so much and i can roleplay my fave animals( lions )! One thing though.. I love the way that u can only change the gender once but i mostly got mistakes by the gender and i had to delete and re install the app with my dismay which makes me sadd but its for my roleplay.. But over all 5 stars, my 2nd fave game( after minecraft ).
it is very nice jungle lion simulator game..this is lovely game with excellent graphic and awesome controls..it has good level...
I love this game! And im really excited for the next update ๐Ÿฑ. There are so many animals to play! U have a cheetah,lion,fox,bear,lynx,lion,tiger,horse and an eagle!U can dress ur animal in any ways! You can pick if u wanna go in singleplayer or multiplayer. In singleplayer u can have a family and have babies! Play pixel art keep up the good work๐Ÿบ
There are plenty of special adventures for you in free game which gives you much broader perspectives of jungle lion games during your stay in this new part lion game forest games.
Hello TRG. I have to say, this is one of the best animal games I've ever played. And the tiger mystics- wow. Beautiful. So I have some update ideas which (I think) would be awesome to have on the game. 1: A new boss, a dragon. 2: A new map, a volcano for the dragon to sit on. Obviously the dragon boss would be str
This is amazing it's great! Though I have a question, why do bosses have loads of life? It's really annoying that I'm still attacking the giant bull and I have to always go on multiplayer to kill it. Anyways, I recommend it to everyone who loves animals.๐Ÿบ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿป
I love wild lion simulator! it is awesome there are so many cute animals! Like, A lion , a fox, a bear, A lynx, a cheetah, a lion, an eagle, A horse, a crocodile, and finally a tiger. All these animals are special in their own way and i hope you enjoy them! I really recomend this game its sooo fun!!
Jungle lion simulator is very nice and unique game. It's controls are very easy and brilliant game. I love to play with this game because it has a lot of things to use...
Love this game. Very fun. Your hunt scores all depend on how much time you spend playing and how lucky your pulls are from packs. Plenty of packs and rewards for just leveling up.
Jungle lion simulator is very nice and unique game. Its controls are very easy and brilliant game. I love to play with this game because it has a lot of different types of things in it.
Jungle lion simulator is best loin attack game its really entertaining to play this hunting attack game. I love the graphics which gives the realistic environment of surroundings. Really good to have this amazing game. Recommended to everyone for
Jungle lion simulator is the best game... I like this feature its awesome graphics and this is very nice game and it's challenges are hard but I like this sort of games and for me it is easy to play and I gave this game 5 stars
I love this simulator. I do think the controls could use some help. and if there could be more animals and different rifel calibers that would be great. I do feel like the ballistics are a little bit off. and the reloading soundFX and visual could definitely us help. but I think this is so far so good. and all so I'd love to see bullet grain choices. oh ..not to big a deal but the movement seems a little stiff and restricted idk it just doesn't feel smooth..but love to see this game get better
When I played this game, I was like amazed on how the graphics and quality looked. Even though the Mystic skins are hard to get they look very cool cause I see people with the skins. The only animals I can't get are: Eagle and Crocodile but however its a amazing game
Jungle lion simulator is a super cool and magnificent created game. One of the best and most enjoyable game. 5 star to this wonderful and free jungle lion simulator game on play store in my opinion. Such an amazing game.
This game is very fun I really love it, do you think you guys could maybe add in a peacock? I got some ideas like for the shock maybe the peacock could fan out its feathers and do its call thingy and for the attack it could peck at the enemies something like that.
I don't get it. I just downloaded the game about 10 mins ago and now its taking forever to load ? Please fix this because I love the game
The most amazing and Fantastic animal attack game. It's an excellent and magnificent game. Download this impressive game and play to kill your free time. Such an amazing game.
Wild tiger transformation is a good graphics game it is great and fantastic game I played every day this game and I appreciate this developer I like it very much
great game, fun time killer, easy controls, easily navigated UI, the only thing was it took me a min to figure out the only way to gain xp is to upgrade cards you do not get xp from hunts which imo should be both ways thank you for reading please like if this helped you in any way.
Jungle lion simulator is the best game ever. I installed it and enjoyed it so much. I just want to tell you installe it once and you will be stuck with this game. I also played it once and now am playing it again and again.
LOVE THE GAME but I wish there could be new animals and maps like jungle,icelands,monkey,tiger,deer,flamingo,pig,polar bear, mole, (or an animal that can burrow) rabbit, and many more. (Hope you at least put in a deer) P.s keep up the good work! <3 edit: I hate when people
When first started this game it impressed me, until I came upon a "hiccup" within the game. However, again I was surprised that the 10-square games really listened & fixed the "glitch", impressed & won my total experience with the staff behind this challenging sporting experience. They listen & the game play is free. Give them a shot & see for yourself!
I love jungle lion Simulator so much it's really amazing and fun and it's a really enjoyable game aswell as being a really relaxing game it has really good graphics and I really love it as. I really recommend this to you guys
I like the game. It is fun when I'm in the mood to hunt. The graphics are pretty decent. But as a person that hunts in real life, it would be cool if you made it like real life. What I mean is, make the game so you have to get the animals to come to you. Or make it so like real life, you don't always get something. Atherwise I love the game.
This is an amazing game. You are able to complete quests with either a lion, fox, lynx, alligator, bear, horse, tiger, eagle or cheetah. Every time you complete an achievement, you get a certain amount of gems depending on how hard it is and you get a cool fact on wildlif
Jungle Line Simulator is very amazing and brilliant application. I really like and appreciate this application. Lovely and gorgeous app.
Jungle loin is best game with excellent graphics and real jungle environment. Love to experience this amazing game. Its really awesome and addictive. Recommended to everyone
it is classical and fabulous lion simulator game ..its all level are very fine..working wise it is best game but it playing to hard..
๐Ÿ˜ I Love this game but my brother was so poor he had to delete this game because he had no gems no coins no acorns and he still plays in single player mode and he thinks this game sucks but he's just a poor boy who has no coins or gems. Hes still only level 19 on his lion๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ. But I have all the animals and I've only been playing for 2 months that's how good I am at the game and the new update is really good and I love the new tiger mystic skin. ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป
I find it to be a really fun game, however I would like to request more common or rare animals. The legendary animals are hard to get unless you pay for them, which can also be hard to do. Also I feel we should be able to pay for more time on the transformations (for ex. if you have 16 minutes left you could pay to get more time on the animal). One more thing, the Japanese Forest is also laggy for me (especially in multiplayer).
Jungle lion simulator is great lion hunting game. Wild look in this game is very perfect and it is very easy smooth play. Because of great graphics and tools this game is my favourite. Install and enjoy...
Lion games 2020 is a best lion hunting simulator game. It's an excellent and amazing created game about the life of a lion. Such a fantastic and amazing lion simulator game with tough and hard levels.
It is best Wild animal game. I love this game it's always fun to play๐Ÿ˜i play this game most of my time. sound quality๐Ÿ”ˆgraphics๐ŸŒ… and display resolution and it's features are mind blowing๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
Love the game play, the movements, the variety of animal cards and the maps that are offered in the game. The only thing I dislike is the aiming in this game, it needs to be more realistic I dont like the auto zoom I would enjoy this game alot more if I was able to look down the scope and zoom in my self. Over all it's a pretty damn good hunting game.
Lion game 2020 is best adventure game. Beautifull graphocs provode beautifull view of wild animals and create a loveable scene. Controls of this game also very best. Love to play this and enjoying a lot...
Jungle lion simulator is an amazing and excellent game its all level are entertaining and very interesting it is easy to play you can easily get it from Playstore all game control are easy to understand I really appreciate this game
Wild lion simulator (as far as I'm concerned) is the best animal simulator. It has terrific graphics, is easy to play, and lots and lots of fun. Me and my sister started playing a couple years ago, and we are completely obsessed with it. You can play online and make lots of friends, or, if you don't have internet, you can play on single player.The quests are relatively great and very easy. Leveling up is really fun and it's a great way to pass time if you don't have anything to do. Everything is
jungle line simulator line jungle animal game is wonderful you can play and enjoy this different type of hunting game while I can enjoy to play this beautiful game in a jungle it is easy to play
When I saw this game, I thought it was just like the other animal SIM games;but it's way more cooler then that! And the best part is, u can choose ANY animal in this game, and even make friends!I'm a person that has no friends, or should I say 'no "human" friends'. And I'm also a nature lover so this game has had a great affect on me. It's literally the best animal SIM game online! So if u ask me, I say please install this game.i love this game.
By far the most well-made free roam hunting game for mobile but I have a little problem. Sometimes the ironsights glitchโ€” for example. I aim at a tree with my gun but when I use binoculars to see where I'm aiming, it shows that I'm aiming incorrectly and away from the tree. Probably the reason why I missed a bear at a point blank range?
Lion Games 2020: Angry Lion Jungle Adventure Games is a very fun game I really love it. It's my favourite game ever I really enjoy playing it and it's very challenging y'all should check it out
This game is SUPER fun with a LOT of the same qualities as "Fishing Clash". The qualities that are different make this game the better of the 2. I DEFINITELY would recommend this game to ANYONE who likes to hunt or even shoot.
Awesome game, easy to play and advance without spending money which is great! Wish it was a little more challenging and that their sizes were easier to see. Like larger animals were darker maybe or could be running etc. Would be neat to be able to hunt birds too! Great graphics!
This game is worth it. No ads. In game purchase options but you can play your way through the game instead. Enjoyable!
This game is great. The graphics aren't as good as other animal simulators but most of the time the game play is smooth and you have the choice to pick between a variety of different animals. I'm on the edge of my seat for the next update. I hope that the tiger mystic won
Wild lion games 2...i like this game .this game is fantastic .this game is good and fast .it's easy to play .i really enjoyed this game .
Jungle lion simulator is a tremendous and fantastic created game. If you like jungle animals then grab this amazing and Fantastic game to play. 5 star is not Enough for this amazing and Fantastic working game.
THIS GAME IS THE BEST!!! You get to be an animal and feel wild. You get your own den and raise a family of whatever animal you are. My lion is a mother are is happily caring for her baby boy. If you love animals, decorating, and maybe hunting, then this game is perfect for you. I suggest you guys download this game right now and enjoy all the fun this game has in store. Love this game <3, PonyRanger14
jungle lion simulator online action games with wonderful you can play this hunting game and enjoy the fight with lion it is amazing and different game I like it
Love the game it's great if you looking for a open world type experience, graphics could still use some work but still a great game. P.s. you guys are doing a great job
Junglr lion simulatir lion attack game 3d. Astonishing and brilliant idea for making such a nice game in which you have to play your role as jungle killer and you have to attack on the jungle animals by taking the control. So keep playing such a nice game. Lion is hungry so that he is trying hunt some animals for his meal. So keep playing the game with Great stunt.
This is tremendous lion game. Its features are very awesome. It has very beautiful graphics. Its control are very easy.
Jungle lion simulator is best loin attack game its really entertaining to play this hunting attack game. I love the graphics which gives the realistic evironment of surroundings. Really good to have this amazing game. Recommended to everyone for...
Painful playing this game is very fresh and I am very happy .Very little MB is provided Install from Play Store .This is a very good game.๐Ÿ“
Lion game 2020 is really an amazing and unique game to play. I play this game daily because it works very fast and perfectly. Good game and easy to work.
Lion games 2020 is a magnificent and amazing animal lion hunting simulator game. It's a most wonderful and most challenging game. One of the best and amazing angry lion simulator fighting game.
Lion games 2020. Wow what an exciting game. Graphics are too good with smooth and sharp control play once best game so far
Lion games is totally different from the other games and make fun of the best game and I tried first then recommend to others authorized to receive your experience
Lion games 2020 is excellent quality game.it makes it more valuable and entertaining. I love this animal game very much. Recommended to all my friends for sure. Everyone should try this amazing game.
Lots to hunt. Good variety of animals. Side events are fun and keep the playing new and different. Not a lot of stress while playing so you can relax and take a break for a while. Highly recommend this game to everyone.
Killing time, addictive and action lion simulator to survive the wild jungle. Download Jungle Lion Simulator: Lion Attack Animal Games and enjoy life of a lion to survive the wild jungle. Hunt animals and get skilled in hunting jungle animals as you earn experience of hunting animals.
Jungle lion simulator I like this game very very much because of its amazing and fantastic graphic this game is very very creative and enjoyable as well people like it very very much I also like it because of its amazing feature
Very amazing and outstanding game....i m just addicted to it ....amazing graphics, controls , task and sound.....thumvs uo to developer
This is amazing lion game of 2020. It has very beautiful graphics and its features are very awesome. It is mind fresher game. Its control are very easy and tremendous. I love this game very much.
I have experience different animal games but i have first time played a wild lion game . Game is mind blowing. It is more entertaining than our expectations . i give 5 stats to this game
Jingle lion simulator is seriously amazing and fantastic game it's control of the game is seriously nice it's developer performance of the best choice is really good
ungle lion simulator is very nice and unique game. If's controls are very casy and brilliant game. I love to play with this game because it has a lot of things to use...
Hai my faves. I have new updates 1:mystic chest plz make it not to much make it about 20 gems also you should make a Christmas world like make gifts and reindeer and maybe santa can be the boss that sounds like a great small update I'm looking forward to a new world!!;D
Amazing game and I like how you can save your animals so that when you restart, you can backup your animals or else I would miss my lvl 110 fox :< btw i have some ideas TRG.....SHOULD ADD.... Sooo no.1: pls give a trading menu where like you give your items in collection but you still get to keep it! no.2: New
Jungle lion simulator is a realistic graphics game its graphics are very good and its controls are very smooth and its animals collection are very fantastic it is very attractive game i really enjoy this game and thanks to developers for adding this great game
It is amazing game. I have some suggestions. Please can you add more playable animals instead of the transformations. Please can we customize the characters how we like, a bit like painting them to look how we like it.
Lion games 2020 is really wonderful game.this game is really amazing and this game is really inspired and impresive.i really Appreciate this game Soo much.i like everything of this game.this game is fantastic and easy to use.
Such a great game so fun except eventually the animals start to get a little bit over powered but its still so fun and there's so many different creatures you can be and so many accessories and you get to have a family for each different one and its just such a great game and that's why I'm giving it a five ๐ŸŒŸ r
This is really good and one of the best shooting game. Every level is very amazing and interesting. Graphics are so good and sound quality is very amazing. I really loke it and recommend you to install this game...
This game is awesome omg, I've been playing this game for a while now and it's great! I love all the animals and transformations. I've had an idea and like it's really really big; so I was thinking since there is are land animals, could you guys try to make a section for ocean animals. Like the bosses could be big sharks or crabs, lobsters perhaps. And the animals could be types of fishes, dolphins, seals, and maybe whales. I know this is like really big but hopefully you guys think about it :D
This game is very cute and funny I like that you can play as lion, fox, lynx, bear,lion, cheetah, horse, eagle, crocodile and tiger and also you can get info of different animals in achievment it's graphics are so so so good I have a suggestion can you add one more animal that is snake
I love this game so much! I play it everyday and it's just awesome! I know you just had an update but I have some ideas. Maybe you can add playable bats! I think that would be so cool and there could be a new map that's like a dark and spooky forest. And maybe also add two different coloured eyes. Well that's all I have to say! This is an amazing game keep doing what you're doing!
Lion Games 2020 game is one of the most popular and outstanding game. It's features, graphics and nice sounds in it I like it so much it is very easy to play and enjoyable game.
Jungle lion stuimulator is a fantastic game to play .full hd graphics. Love this game .smoth controls.easy game play .thanks to developer for this app.recommended to all
jungle adventure very challenging and outstanding line games 2020 is my heart favourite game I play it and appreciate this Superb entertaining game.i recommend to all my friends and family members.
The game is great because you get to save other animals from bad animals I just don't. I don't know why I like the game it's just really addicting when you shoot the animals that animals from the good. So that's why I like hunting clash it's just a really good game and it's like a real experience when you're really shooting a gun. I just really love having class because you can just save other animals. And nothing's been wrong and I've just had a great experience so that's why I love hunting.
This game is very intersting.and other thing i like the most about this game is his sound effects.the sound effects is very good and also the game graphics is excellent.you all must play this game
Lion game is full of adventure and very interesting game. It has very beautiful graphics. Its features are very awesome.
Lion game simulator game is great and I would like other people to get it. But there 's a little problem with lagging I hope you understand. But if not that this game is owned by ever friend I told about this game.๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ“
I love the game but I wish you could find it easier to get better things and items and have a trading option on multiplayer mode. Then you can trade the things you have to your main account and trade with players!
Thank you so much for patching the no-timer exploit/glitch, now it wouldn't be a issue getting coins and moonstones using the exploit. Recomend to add more herbavores (Like the horse.) so the young and old can experiment the life of a herbavore, add more aquatic animals,
Its taken a little while to get used to the game. However as free to download games go this is by far the best. No annoying ads and you can progress at a good challenging steady pace. A must for any hunting fans too. 5 stars all the way.
I love challenging and interesting games . This type game having lots of fun and adventure. I really like this awesome game . Great game
I love it! Its so beautiful and relaxing. This app has actually helped me with my anxiety. Maybe add a hyena animal or a leopard? I know that would make the hyena transformation not as desirable, but I think it would add a lot more to the game and make a lot of people happy about it. I've seen a suggestion about a
Jungle Lion Simulator : Lion Attack Animal Games. A nice addition in my most favorite games that is like more to play in my leisure time so as regarded this game is a lion attack on animals so be ready to face all challenges which comes during the game play and enjoy the beautiful weather.
It's bad game๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿคญ Hey no, it's so good I gave five star โญ because of this very excitement.you should install this game and play it๐Ÿ™
The only bummer about this game is I wish you could have more than 5 different families for each animal. Like I wanted to have all of the pups to have their own family. I love all the updates. If you could make it so there could be more families that would be awesome. I love this game and this would make it so much better
What a very good game! It is like a fishing game, but with furry creatures. If you wait long enough at a particular spot, you can get the prize you wanted. And blowing away cute fluffy bunnies with exploding ammunition is very good for your wellbeing. I just wish there was a level where you could hunt campers and backpackers, as I would enjoy that immensely! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
Wild lion simulator is the best game in the world! But I want you to make some new updates. For the animals that you can play as plz add a raccoon, skunk, bird, snake, and a spinosaurus dinosaur, and also make some mini games to earn skins and new animals. Otherwise the
jungle lion simulator is very adventurous and challenging game line attack is superb and very dangerous game I highly recommend it it's my heart favourite game I really appreciated superb enjoyment I like it very much.
I always play this game, I enjoy playing with a lot of hobbies. This is a very good game. This very free time passes from playing this game. Color graphic design of the screen is very interesting .๐ŸŒฝ
Lion simulator is great adventure game on Google Play Store. This one of the best and most wanted offline plying games. Lot of people are playing this game an outstanding performance game.
jungle lion simulator is very adventurous and challenging game line attack is superb and very dangerous game I highly recommend it if s my heart iavourite game I really appreciated superb enjoyment | like it very much...
I love this game its so fun to play and the monthly subscription is very helpful when i need gems also the quests and achievements are so fun to complete also the quests give a lot of experience when your just starting out i also love the mystic skins its also so fun to open chests because you dont know what you'
Jungle Lion Simulator: Lion Attack Animal Games is best game with outstanding graphics. Love to play this wonderful game. This game is very enjoyable and addictive. Recommended to everyone this awesome game.
Jungle line simulator outstanding game having beautiful graphics all game control are easy to understand any easy to play it works perfectly as I want I suggest all my friends to install this game
An AWESOME game, and awesome graphics! No problems here yet! I would like to make a suggestion tho, it would b REALLY nice if players were able to exchange unwanted outfits/hats/movements, etc, for gems, acorns or coins. Me and my friends would really appreciate if this got into one of this games future updates, so plz take this into consideration! 5 stars all the way!
The game is juat awesome, realistic and everything u can have pet even if u are an animal..I have never seen a game like this..many things to do many things to learn..And u can become other animals too.......And u can order only your child's to stay at home u can take your mate with u...This game dosent need anyth.
I love the challenging games because challenging games are much better and more entertaining and adventurous than normal games. I recommend this game to everyone. I like that
It looks very real i even thougt that i was a lion.This is the best game i have ever played.No am not joking i realy like it and love it thanks๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
This game is bad the graphics are horrible when u get the game it's so different to what u think it it the lion can literally jump over a tree dont waisted ur time getting it I got it and regretted it so hard dont do it if I could give it a zero I would
Very fun and challenging ! Enjoying the various species. 2 different themes so far. Relaxing, enjoyable and entertaining !!
This is the best sim everrrrrrrr Fyi i need croc and tiger but not enough gems wahhh๐Ÿ˜ข P.s. how the HELL can you defeat the mad bull..... i want his gems but the other players come swooping in and they are level 200 me only a measly 112 and they kill the boss, take his gems๐Ÿ˜ข P.S. somtimes when i connect to a fri
Lion games is to hunting the animals and keep enjoying the best game it is more interesting than the other games and we have to wait for the first one of the best games.
The Game is awesome fantastic words I can't explain or think of but one thing for friends and you do a "search feature" so we can search a name then a gender and shows the profile and pet they have if you want a suggestion by me because it's hard to find old friends on random games but yeah everything great.
Lion games 2020 is a superb and awesome created game. They have a HD graphics and beautiful features. In this impressive game you will see how a angry lion attack on jungle animals and hunt.
Jungle lion simulator game is a great opportunity for the best user to play with this game it is fantastic and wonderful game I have ever seen so far that is very good and great game I am so glad to have been playing with this game.
Jungle lion simulator is the best game it's graphic look is seriously fantastic and excellent it's attack of lion is very interesting I like it so much
Wild lion games Its an amazing game! I have a lot of fun while playing and the transformations are pretty cool. There are all kinds of skins, animals, hats , accessories , and furniture. There are various kinds of game worlds as well . This game definitely geta a 5 star rating
I really love this game! I recamend it. Wild lion simulator is a fun game but needs some changes. The first change is to fix the foxes i dont know if its just me but the foxes runs weirdly secend when you run, your enrgey runs out very fast when attacking other animals and can you fix how the cheeta fight please that's all I want fix do please do that. But I'ma skip the complaning and say that this is a recommended game you should get it!!
This Is An Amazing Game Its REALY Cool but some times it will dis conet there have will duels and battle arena we can kill player but in only wild plins, winter forest, farm,wild jungles, Japanese forest, savanna, savanalakes, etc. we can't kill player but we can kill anim
Liom games 2020 is fantastic adventure game. Wild games are also enjoyable and loveable to see.Always love to play this game and enjoying a lot. Best game i have ever played...
I love this game so badly but I have some update ideas you can bye mystic's with 999'''999 acorns and having a dessert for a world making your own skin having a playable leopard and having more than one pet also you can play as your pet you can get wildclub for free playable puma you can interact with stuff like your family rocks things around you also I really want this to happen cause I really wanna mystic cheetah skin white one its my fave so please get this fitted in bye.
Lion game 2020 is pretty special one. Wild animals are always very interesting and make me happy. Graphics and controls are also very impressive in this game. Love to play this and enjoying a lot...
I paid to have this ad free and yet there are still ads. Also after I get past killing 1 Buffalo the game freezes and I have to start all over. It's fun but there's just too many glitches and the levels end too soon.
I love jungle lion Simulator so much it's really amazing and fun and it's a really enjoyable game aswell as being a really relaxing game it has really good graphics and I really love it as. I really recommend this to you guys...
Jingle lion simulator is seriously amazing and great kind of game its control of the playing is really outstanding it's developer is really able to appreciate at this great Work
THIS IS THE BEST GAME. I love the lion and the fox . I love multiplayer. There are no ads on multiplayer. This is the best game ever. There is 1 problem, the farm sheep attack the wolves. But, I LOVE THIS GAME!! I love playing this game. This is my favorite game. This is the best game. I'm So glad you have wolves.
I do love this game it has inspired me but one there are things that I dislike first is the crashing Ive been clearing my data many times when I get in a period of time I crash trying to log onto my account also is battle arena where you get spammed if you can try to do an update where we can't get killed that'll be great cause people have the bison quest and all high levels do is kill you.
Jungle lion simulator is really fantastic and very entertaining game. I like to play this game so much. I like this kind of animal games. Very good graphics and very entertaining gameplay. I love to play this game so much.
This is very good and outstanding Game. I really like to play this game very much. This is a very fabulous and wonderful game. Awesome and fantastic game.
Jungle lion simulator is the best game... I like this feature its awesome graphics and this is very nice game and it's challenges are hard but I like this sort of games and for me
Jungle lion simulator very very much because you can enjoy amazing and fantastic graphics in this game very very creative and enjoyable I like it very very much because of its features
For the most part entirely staggering overhauled insights and plans of this game. Extraordinarily Entertaining. Simple to-utilize and simple to control. This game is stunning
I'm enjoying this game quite a bit, so far. Good "bathroom" game. ๐Ÿ˜œ .... Update: I don't know what happened, but suddenly over the last few days, the game freezes when hunting, preventing me from shooting. This is especially irritating during duels. I get hung up, unable to take a shot, watching the time tick away until I ultimately lose the duel. Last night and today, the game doesn't even load properly, it if I change maps, freezes. If not fixed, I'm uninstalling.
lion games very good application application very much Research Centre to play but that different time games I like this application very much is the table of industry to play but they can ABP Ananda
This game is super amazing and outstanding. it has many features like we can play it even without internet. I like its graphics and controls...
This game is amazing but I do have some ideas for an update you should be able to land on trees if you're a bird you should also be able to jump over rocks there should be up to 10 people allowed in a game and there should be a white albino tiger with no stripes for wild Club but they're just some ideas and all at all the game is really fun and I would recommend it for everybody
So much fun!! You can play with other people once you are level 10 (and have a cub) and play on your own. I love playing with my friends. I completely recommend this game. The only thing I don't like is that you have to update it a lot and you can't trade. Well I think that's all you need to know about wild lion
I love this game I also have update ideas 1: u can climb trees and be able to climb to the top 2:Animals (foxes raccoons ect;)will try to kill your cubs .. 3:u can go into sneak mode to sneack up on predators 4: a unicorn ๐Ÿฆ„ world with a unicorn boss 5: plz do this update i would like a rabbit animal whith a skin
This has always been my fav animal sim game. Could you please add a leopard that isn't a mystic? .maybe a dragon??? And make the updates not take so long. Other than that. I'm in love and will remain in love with this game. Love love love
jungle lion simulator very very much because you can enjoy amazing in fantastic graph in this game it is very creative enjoyable graphics I like to play line jungle simulator
This game was good at the beginning and stuff but now it has gotten kinda dumb you cant have a fourwheeler or a camp but you can have a dog and different guns and camo but not a fourwheeler or a camp it think that what this game needs that and the ability to free roam with you guns and hunt.
Yes this game is fun but when I close my tab like its time for lunch! its time for dinner! its time to sleep! when I close the app my tail is kinda wiggling fast can you fix that glitch? (Oh, wait I forgot. Sometimes the tablet blinks. And my mom said it is bad for your eyes. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ”
Jungle lion simulator ๐Ÿฆ ๐Ÿฏis a gorgeous and splendid game with updated new features I would recommend this to download this lovely game it is very easy to use I would recommend to others to download. Bundle of thanks for this magnificient game.
Really enjoying this game! It is simple to get into and start playing; winning your power-ups and lures. The graphics are great as well as having a very large assortment of animals and locations to hunt. Only been at it a couple days. I may come back to add more but, so far you guys have done a great job!
Love it love it love it! I can play this for hours, it is really realistic and the models are so cool. The game runs smoothly and doesn't bombard you with a bunch if quests. There are even multiple maps! Definitly reccomeded to anyone who wants a good lion simulator.