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KaChing - Real Winners, Real Money, Every Day!

KaChing - Real Winners, Real Money, Every Day! for PC and MAC

Is a Lifestyle game developed by Bold Games Limited located at Suite 153 Milton Keynes Business Centre Foxhunter Drive, Linford Wood Milton Keynes MK14 6GD United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Is your lucky day today! Start playing KaChing now and win amazing money that is real and vouchers from Amazon, Target or Starbucks.

KaChing is absolutely 100% Free Sweepstakes game!

Free to download with no in-app purchases or deposits!

Play the slots, beautiful raffles and scratch cards to win money that is real to $10,000 or enter the daily lottery for a prize of up to $100,000.

New Scratch Cards and Raffles are available Daily.

Build up your coins balance to redeem voucher rewards that you can use towards your Amazon or Target purchases or for your coffee morning!

Download KaChing now and try your luck on different fun games and become one of the winners that are lucky day! The more you play, the more you can win!

* Playing KaChing does not cost any money that is real.
* Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor is any real way affiliated with KaChing and/or the sweepstakes prizes.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the KaChing - Real Winners, Real Money, Every Day!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download KaChing - Real Winners, Real Money, Every Day! for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
The game is fun but when I try to cash out and I confirm my email it says something gone wrong please try again later. I'll put 5 stars when y'all fix that issue
Ive been trying to cash out for over a month now when i fist dtarted playing there was plenty of $10 cash out cards the closer i got to $10 the less cards were left. I was told cards refresh everyday and still nothing. Now im almost at the next cash out number which is $25 and now there are no more $25 cards. I dont understand why i cant cash out at any number once i reach $10 like every other game. So for this reason the gane sucks. They shoukd just let me gwt my money i won but no
I love this app, except for one thing. When I try to redeem PayPal, it says Something's gone wrong. Please try again later.
Just like every other app when i first signed up there was plenty of cards to cash out now as soon as i got close to $10 they dont have any then got close to $25 and now they dont ever have any anf now that im getting closer to $50 they dont have any of those cards now.. I just want to be able to cash out and i checked the app every 5 min for a 24 hour period and the cards were never replinished.. Major problem that needs fixed or i will be deleting
Not worth my time. After 3 days I have made $4.30 and it is SOOOOO slow for game play. I understand that these games are ad supported. But a spin wheel with blank spots? Really? And then the free spins in all aspects of the game. Most good games of this nature don't shove ads down your throat. This one every 2nd or 3rd spin. Makes game play so tediously slow. Couldn't care what this game pays. If it isn't fun it isn't worth playing. This app sucks balls in comparison
Started off good, fun game passes time the game is overloaded with ads which I dint mind as long as the payout is guaranteed. Well now I'm having issues cashing out everytime I try to cash out there are no vouchers available, it says vouchers are added daily however for a week now I've checked everyday multible times a day and there is never vouchers. This game like most others seems to be a scam!!!
Previously had the app at 5 stars, but have been having trouble with the payouts being so low that I can't fully play the game. I have $50 waiting to be cashed out. Have been waiting for a week. No cards available. Also haven't been able to play enough spins to earn any money in days. Have contacted them and let them know about problems and never received any response
Seems likely the paypal failure to redeem is not a bug and likely working as intended to lure users in then force them to feel compelled to stay for the coin redemption gift cards, which are very very limited in amounts they carry. Spend your time elsewhere. THE TIME SINK IS NOT WORTH IT, don't reward companies like this with your participation.
Very fun easy game, bt I feel it's like all the rest. Once you get to cash out status, it stops working or cash out isn't available at that level, so you have to keep going to get to next cash out level. Before I reached 1st washout level all levels were available. Now that I'm past it none of the 1st 3 levels are available so I have to keep going.
It's a great game I won $30 in two day's took another two day's to cash out but I finally was able to now just waiting on the paypal payment sorry about the bad review at first guys it was just a little frustrating but I got it
Seriously, play for days just working to get that $10. not a $100 not a $1000. Go to collect, NOT of course its no longer available, my guess is if You ever reach the $100. it will no longer be available either. Uninstalling !!
Horrible game. Promises cash out at 20 bucks . But there are none ever available. Then when you get to 50 and 100 bucks (says available when the 20 isnt) its not available. Waste of time. Game Sucks like they all seem to. Empty promises . Preying on people when they need money just wasting everyone's time. This should be illegal .
Says you can cash out at $10 but then when you click into claim yours it says 0 available same with the $25 one so ok continue to play thinking I'll go to $50 they were Available until I hit $40 now it says 0 too til I can cash out my $40 done playing it's a scam and it says they add new rewards daily nope I've had the app a month or maybe even longer
When ever i get a chance to be close to leader board for coins won in a day the games stops working until like 2hrs before the end and only starts working around 5hrs later this happens almost every day. Also im at 39$ and the moneys scarce the only available cards ive seen are 50 and up my whole month playing you havent added any 10$ or 25$ paypal cards unless they are being redemmed in that few hour window the games doesnt work if this isnt fixed soon im gunna have to assume this app is a flop
I just cashed out with hardly an issue. I say hardly, only due to having to check back in for a few days for the gift card amount that I wanted.
Absolutely love this game l see alot of potential to win and get many a rewards with what little time i have played so far. I am very optimistic that this game is hoing to ve very rewarding and i am glad i tried it to find myself ssying i did the right thing. I'm going to continue playing and I'm also going to tell all my friends about it and hopegully they will see exactly what i did and do the same.
What happened? This was a great app but now its not paying out (the $10 cash option hasn't been available for months and now the $25 cash option is suddenly gone for weeks now too) and the tokens for gift cards are also suddenly gone. Not to mention the amount of tokens you win are 1/4 of what I used to win in a day.
Total scam. I've checked every day at all times of the day and night and surprise surprise as soon as you have enough to cash out, there are magically no cards available. Forget emailing support. They'll send you an automated message and never answer your question about when you can expect to be able to cash out. Even funnier...I got a friend to download it just to see what it would say, and hers shows cards for PayPal cash out available. SCAM SCAM SCAM
I been playing for about month now. An it says cash out anytime. But due to it not having none of the PayPal things available cant cash out unless get to 100 or more I was so excited that finally a real game that not lies an bull. Turns out like the rest. Lies an bull.
I finally got over $10 and wanted to cash out but now all of a sudden there's no $10 PayPal offers to cash out when there was before I reached the limit. Everyday for 2 weeks now it says they're out and that 10s of new vouchers are added everyday but I never see them now that I reached the payout amount.
I gave 1star and an unfavorable review and now network error and it won't load? But I'm still getting notifications from your app. What gives? If you just pay out like you claim you do you would get higher ratings. Seems to me that it's all on YOU.
Another app that giftcards are never available. They get paid by their advertisers but expect us to play and not provide the giftcards you spend time playing. Once you earn enough to cash out the giftcards should be available not if or when they decide to offer them. There are other apps that this is not a issue play those.
I came back later to get the $10 payment. Fill the cards like you promised 2 days ago. The prize should double every 24 hours a person has to wait. If you can't payout the prize money, have the decency to shut down your app. There's no reason to use PayPal cards. It's a rather simple process. Money from your account goes to my account via PayPal. Today I buried my 11 year old nephew. The past 7 days have sucked. I just want the money I won.
I'm no stranger to native ads and offer walls. I am happy to play and watch..however you can't cash out. I have been waiting for vouchers for 3 weeks. So for now 2 stars
I've been trying to cash out for a month now. I have reach out to support twice and nobody has emailed me back. The game keep saying internet error when my internet is on. Everyday I've try to cash out at the $10 voucher but it keep saying it out and check later I've been checking for a month and still nothing. Its a waste of time im not about to keep playing if I can cash out.
Another app that doesn't pay out. Don't waste your time, it's a con. Trying to redeem $10.00 to paypal. If the issue is recified I will give 5 stars but I am not holding my breath.
Could not open after 6 attempts. I think I still deserve my $5 PayPal voucher for effort.now at least ten times. Keeps stopping my play won't accept a no, as stays on till u hit accept. Hours of wasted time and frustration.i want compensation PayPal, what a Tory. Have not received 5$voucher for downloading as promised either. Lawsuit coming up I think
Love playing the games,the payouts are decent, .the auto scratch and auto spin are great.too.I JUST RECEIVED MY EMAIL CONFIRMATION FOR MY 25:00 PAYOUT,got the money in my paypal account in less than24 hrs.GREAT GAME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,I GOT MY WIFE AND MY DAUGHTER TO PLAY ALSO.
I love playing this game. But I NEVER thought I'd truly get the $50 I won, because there were never any PayPal tokens. Took me awhile but I FINALLY got it. Imagine that? A game that does what it says it's gonna do. Thank you for being the REAL DEAL Kaching.
I was loving the game until i went to cash out and couldn't. I went back and forth emailing them until they stopped. You don't know how that makes a person feel when they need the money and you won't give it to them........
"DOES NOT" pay out as described!! Tells me I can withdraw to PayPal $10.00, when I click to confirm email address, it comes up with "Something's gone wrong" "Please try again later". Appears to be the same problem others are having! To assure PayPal was functioning correctly and receiving correctly, I did a transaction that I had no problems with.
I have over $10.00 dollar 🤑. I am waiting on a voucher to be available so I can cash out. I am happy and will keep playing. Other apps I've played over two years and never got the $10.00. I love the Ka ching sound too. I'm now at over 30 and still haven't been able to cash out.
At a time when Americans amd others could use a bit of change to help ends meet, i found your games quite fun..UNTIL you want to withdrawl. You MUST BE on FB to do so. Well, not everyone is affiliated with such a privacy invading app. You need other means of verifying a person than FB. I am uninstalling and my measily money won can go to another in need. Thanks for time waisted, data lost.
This app is false advertizement, I have $30.00 and the $25.00 Cashout for PayPal is never updated they are always out and they say they update it everyday at 9EST but its just lies. I have been trying to cash out for a month now plus the scratch off tickets never pay anymore
This game is a joke and a waste of time they used to have $25 PayPal cards and $50 PayPal cards and as soon as I started reaching the point of each one they all disappeared even though they were refilling them everyday
Game is full of bugs spent all my coins on a raffle just to come back over 12hrs later to see it expired 12/31/1969 fr no BS And when I finally hit $10 on paypal it said to come back tomorrow waste of time do not add
I enjoy doing the scratch offs. They pass a little down time and its just fun. My issue is there are no cash out to PayPal options. And they dont seem to ever refill. The ads about KaChing are misleading. If you want to have a little fun and kill 20 minutes and slowly earn millions of credits (10m i believe for 10$) then you might enjoy it but dont expect any of the cash out to paypal options to work appearantly only by credits.
This app is definitely way better than other scratch off apps that claim you win money but then stop the winnings right as you get close to the minimum needed to cash out. I just received my first cash out of $50 just a few minutes ago and I'm already back at the $10 limit required to cash out; ofc I plan to win more before doing so ❤
I see now how I got up to 10.00 so quick! That is the cash out amount but its a lie, because it just keeps saying try again, every time I try to cash out! Waste of time!!
Just started playing with the app so can't comment too much but besides all the ads it has thats they only thing I can say that I really don't like about the app.
The app has not updated their PayPal gift cards in over a month. The 10 and 25 dollar option has not been restocked in that amount of time and I still have not received a email in response to my question I sent them over two weeks ago
Game is great but I can't can out to PayPal. It say, "something went wrong". Been waiting 48 hours for vn email but nothing yet.... Please fix and respond.
I really want to give this app 5 stars because it's the only app I have found that allows you to cash out at $10 and there's hardly any ads that pop up compared to other lottery apps I've played... The reason I can't give it the full 5 stars is because when I downloaded the game, it didn't say that even if you get the $10, you can only cash out when a voucher is available... There's only 10 vouchers per day and if you don't get one fast enough, someone else will and you can't cash out still.
I will have to say I'm very fond of this app how far and be very well then put too much time into it before I got my first payday recommend to anybody..
Keeps saying network error and won't let me play anything I hope you guys will replace my coins I have already collected 370,000 coins and everything else if lost how come you haven't fixed this problem?I see I'm not the only one having this problem so I give you guys one 🌟
I enjoy this app... But I have had it for over a month now and I was able to to the 10 dollar required to cash out pretty quick but there are NEVER any PayPal cards to redeem! They say check back and I but I still can't even cash out ten dollars!! So very frustrating and I will delete it if I can't cash out soon
Games a scam...once u get to $10all the $10 vouchers disappear, sitting at $39 now and not once have the $10 or $25 vouchers ever reset... N now close to $50 they seemed to of always sit at 0 now to.... prizes never reset, jus make you think they do, higher you get the higher the rewards rise before you can even cash out
No way to find transaction from where you cashed out game crashes every single time you play it I cashed out fifty and it's been almost a month still nothing if I could this one would have no stars cause I have a money game that the apps advertise it being a scam I've played probably more than six months and still recieving when I cash out so I am deleting this game too
Don't waste your time. Well, it seems that if there are $100, $250 and $500 cashouts available that nobody is using then they should be distributed amongst the $10, $25 & $50 cashouts that are not available. Once you get to the point of cashing out you simply can't because unless you reach $100 there's no available cashouts. It's bogus just like all of the others. Play Mistplay, Fitplay, App Station or Rewarded play or similar instead because you actually can get the gift cards as advertised.
I have tried to redeem for cash with 3 different payment cards but they never reload them!! I check every day but there's never any available to redeem! I have tried with $10, $25, and $50! This is so frustrating!!!!
every time i load the game i seem to lose points like a few minutes ago i opened the game and lost 200,000 coins can you fix this please. i had 650,000 coins last night and opened it this morning only to see i now have 450,000
Don't install! Another scam game that won't pay and keep the ad revenue for themselves. Contacted support on how to apply for a gift card and the response was "you can log into Facebook via KaChing" but when I asked how... Nothing! You get an automatic email stating that your support question was received (as to look legit) but no response. Scam! If (a big if) they ever get back to me, I am willing to change my rating. But I don't think that will ever happen.
It's a great game keeps you occupied I just want to collect my money and it will not allow me to do so it says they come back tomorrow come back tomorrow it's all it says every time for the last month I've been trying to collect. Nowhere else to write this except right here so I figured this would be the best place to go I just want my money.
I have been trying to redeem, and for 3 days the message has not changed. It always says they are adding 10s of vouchers every day and to try again tomorrow. I don't see that because I can't even get $25 redeemed. What's up with that?
Have changed this to a 5-star rating. The few bugs that were causing the app to malfunction recently at times have been corrected, and gameplay is smooth again. This is one of a very few apps that I find actually pays out. You do have to wait until the gift cards become available to redeem your earned cash, but that appears to be happening daily. Looking forward to seeing what other things will be done to make this app even more fun!
Since I have had this installed, every time I try to cash out with Pay Pal, no cards are available except the $50 and $100 cards. The screen says come back tomorrow more cards will be added. I check every few hours and no new cards. I'm very disappointed with this app !
1 star because its click bate. Scamapp . I am a dollar shy of 50 and the game now will not load. I have never seen anything but "check back later" on the paypal cash out under $100. It let's you think you will be able to cash out but instead it drags you along making you think your almost there. I will update my rating if I ever can load app again and cash something out. My experience may not be yours. So far its click date with zero pay out after a few weeks. Good luck
I've been playing for a week or two and have recently redeemed an Amazon gift card. I'm already at $22, but can never find the $10 reward in stock and now the $25 is out of stock too. But, hey, the gift cards cash out and this game tends give 10 cents often enough to reach the $10. Update: 10 cents changed to fifty cents and I'm only playing for the gift cards noq. I've yet to encounter the $10 and now $25 rewards in stock, and I'm now at $25. I'm pretty sure the $50 reward will soon run out.
This game great until it froze my cash winnings then my winnings disappeared alltogether before i could redeem cash value.i wouldnt bother to waste time since noone has gotten back to me to resolve such a important issue. Afterall the app founders to me represents there product .product spoke for itself...
This app is a joke they never have the $10 or $20 pay pal cards to cash out. I'm a bout to uninstall this app and tell my friends about it so they also don't half to waste there time.
I saw the ad and said "WoW, this one looks different from the rest", so I downloaded the app and when it opened up, All I have to say is, the app visually looks great and has run flawlessly! It was and still is becoming my favorite app! I have even won $11.00 within only 1-2 hrs of playing (including breaks)! Here's hoping for a little more...will keep ya posted!! KaChing!!!
Crazy how you there are vouchers the whole time you play, but as soon as you get enough to redeem one, they disappear. You get the "come back tomorrow" but still haven't adding anything 4 days later
Was going well . But as usual all the other apps they lead you on. I reached the minimum for withdraw tried to withdraw 10 days ago have not heard or seen anything into my PayPal account... Watch advertising at the advertisement of course they get paid for every ties in their site but why trust any site they advertise if there is the my do like them.
Update 10/7/20 Used to be good but now i cant open app when it comes time to cash out but app opens at time to get ad revenue this app is starting to get suspicious as to when the app will load up this is the second day in the row this has happened when i try to cash out
Its great just to many ads. A few would be fine but every sec. Is so f......g annoying makes me feel like uninstalling the app ads r a real kill joy
Never any way to cash in. Always says to come back tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Tried to contact support 2 times and It would seem there is no support either. Watch a ton of ads and never win. Just another win real cash gone broke. Don't waste your time or phone memory. Its not worth a penny that this game don't pay. You always see the ads where people win money. I wish I could go out to eat with a group of friends, play a game for 4 or 5 minutes then pay the ticket for everybody. How about U
These games are rip offs. The real game is how they play us. They get is to watch ad after ad. That helps them rack up commercial points for their on payouts. While we get nothing and working for free and doing their job for them . There should be something we can do about this out right fraud. I'm looking into a lawyer maybe we can get a petition started and get theoney where owed..I have played at least six games and have at least $99.00 in each account and can not pull it out.
Great game, would've been 5 stars and Excellent except for whenever I try to cash out/deposit for a PayPal card it always says please come back later, 0 remaining! It's said this everytime I've looked at redeeming paypal card so I'm not sure yet if this is even real??? Only complaint, Please fix so I can cash out! Once fixed I will change my review to 5 stars and excellent!!! Thanks...
Easy to get to the minimum $10 for paypal but when you try to confirm your email then it says something went wrong. Fix this and the game would be 5 stars. Also theirs no way to directly contact customer service so that's why their is a need to review it.
Why with all.these games were you can play for money they never want to pay your money you win . I can't cash out at $10 or $25 I'm damn near at $30 so when do they fill up the PayPal money . So we have to watch all these ads and get beat out the money we win . I don't know why google play store allow these games in there apps . That's bs but the people that own these games because we have to watch the ads . That's pretty good show me how to set up a game and watch others play so I can get paid
Best scratcher app out there! Cash out for paypal hasnt worked yet due to no cards available but redeeming coins for this game is exceptional! The only problem i had was when i reached enough for a gift card it kept coming up with "missing detail" message when i'd try to redeem. Contacted support by email and they fixed the problem within a day! Got my $10 amazon card! Dont bother with the lucky day apps this one blows them out of the water! Awesome job guys! Thank you!
In the 1st day I earned $7 ( which is today ) and u have to earn $10 is pretty cool and would love to stay on this app and play but unfortunately doesn't deserve full five stars because of waaaaaaay too many ads but I love the fact that u can easily skip through the ads so that's why it's 5 stars otherwise it would 3 stars for not winning anything and I have dealt with loser games before and this one definitely NOT a loser game
I would have gave this app 5 stars bc it actually let you get to amd even above a cash out Iimit. The catch I found though is that no matter what day or what time of day they are out of the $10, $25 and even $50 PayPal cards. until you reach $100 but you can never reach 100. Ive reached out to them several times but all I get is the same robot response saying they reload cards at around 9 pm. This is also not true. I will change my rating if they ever fix the problem. No fingers crossed though
First of all I never recieved the $5 to my PayPal for game download, played for 10 min. and asked for a review (,really...)all the rewards were available but as soon as I started building cash and coins all of a sudden NOTHING IS AVAILABLE but " come back soon " .I constantly check to see if there's any change 😡😡😡but nothing's changed 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️not to mention 24hrs passed and still got to wait 7 more before scratchers are ready 😩😩😩 so you determine how many stars this game deserves 🙅
Please fill your redeemable cards . They tend to never refill so playing is no fun when you cheat. I watch way to many videos to not be able to redeem my points. I will change my review when issue is fixed
Fun, but when you get the minimum cashout amount for Paypal ($10), the Paypals are always "out of stock". Even when you get to the next one ($25), they are also out of stock. Was able to get 2 $2 Amazon credits, but after that, they are all always out of stock. Had a website glitch that they were able to resolve, but still everything out of stock for prizes.
Advertise this app will let you cash out continuously as you make your money but in order to cash out you have to put your money on a PayPal card they conveniently do not have any PayPal cards available until you reach a hundred or a hundred and fifty and then you they still don't have any available then so no you don't get to cash out waste of my time
I am disappointed that the game says you can cash out at $10, however there are never any $10 gift cards available. I have checked everyday at different times during the day and it always says "come back later". I wont play game anymore until you restock the $10, $25 & $50 gift cards so I can cash out!!! Otherwise just another SCAM game!!!
I love the app would give it a 5 star if you can fix the PayPal cash out its very entertaining and a great way to pass the time and if fixed a great way to earn a lil change ontop of it.so if you can fix this problem ill give you a 5 star.
I would love to give this app a five-star rating yes it has everything you want slots, scratch offs and spins. However I have been unable to cash out even $10 in the past 3 days contacted support and they told me that they have to refill the cards they have it as of yet so unless I can cash out the money that I have made then I will come back and change my rating.
Game hangs up pretty often. Have to restart. Gotta have a Facebook account to get your money. That's whack!
Can't even cash out Every day says come back the next day. 3 weeks later finally got email back saying that you are working on this. And adding more daily. Still haven't been able to cash out. Very misleading game
Editing my review, i see everyone has the same problem. They win money and aren't able to cash out. Or if by chance they are this app doesn't get them they're money. you win money... It says, but there is never any cards for you too cash your money on. So seems just as fake as all the others. Thought i found a good one 😑
Never any payouts available for $10 & $25. Here's an idea, every day there are 10 payouts available for $100, $250, & $500. Just take 5 of the 500$ payouts and separate it into 250 $10 payouts. Sorry, but no one is playing these games for the "fun" of it, it is for the prizes.
Once you get $10.00 you can cash in, but they give you vouchers for PayPal and you had to get 3,000,000 coins to trade for a gift card. I hD $24.00 but I couldn't cash in because there were never vouchers to trade for. The app says more vouchers every day, but after playing for 5 days I got to $10.00 right away but there have been no vouchers for PayPal at anytime of the day or night. I even looked around 1:00 in the morning. I have uninstalled this app.
Fun and entertaining but can't cash out. Have enough money but game has been out of gift cards for about 2 months. Only thing available is the $100 card and it's now harder to get money after $50. App even crashed after winning $2.50 and never gave me credit.
Have been trying to cash out for 2 weeks now and have checked every day for more cards. Until I am able to cash out you get 1star. If things change I will update my rating. To bad I really like the game.
Just started playing so will see if it goes up or down. *UPDATE* You do win/earn money on the app BUT when you make $20 you go to redeem and only that one card you need is out of stock. I noticed that the ones you don't have enough money for ALWAYS have 10 available. But once you get up to $25 & $50 💥 BOOM💥 AGAIN THEY'RE OUT OF STOCK.
I really like the app. I really thought that this one was going to pay since it starts at $10. I actually got a $10 card but no confirmation email so I emailed them. They asked for my ID number and she would take care of it. 5 days later, still no money on my PP account. I think it will never pay out which is really sad.
So far I have enjoyed this app only thing is for awhile now I have been able to cash out at the minimum but when I go to cash out it says not available come back later on anything less than $100... So not sure what the deal rely is just yet. But if you don't mind playing just for fun then it is decent.
It took me a little bit but I actually cashed out 50 usd today 10/7/20 and received it today just a few hours after I cashed out in the app. I give it 5 stars because it is legit, it takes a little bit to get up the dollar amount but it really does pay out.
Tried for an hour to cash out to my paypal and keep getting an error message saying "something went wrong please try again later". Kind of sad to do that to people especially with the way things are these days It's now the 16th and I still CANNOT cash out.
This app is a good app. Don't expect to make a fortune but you can cash in your tokens for gift cards and you can cash out. You may have to wait for them to restock but it can be done.
Everything has been great but have been able to cash out for 2 weeks now. Never a card. Why can't we just add to pay pal. I know cause you don't want us to cash out. And on my birthday even.
I changed my review because you need to fill up the spots to get 10$ and $25 &$50 so I can payout. I think all these games are the same say you can win money but you can't because they don't fill the reward up for the past 3 weeks it say the same thing come back tomorrow. When I can cash out will change my review ☹️
I like the game but is not rewarded for my time and efforts. Since i been playing this game there are never 10$, 25$, or 50$ paypal redeemable cards. I have reached these amounts. The only reachable redeemable csrds are 100$ and now the winning process to reach 100$ has totally slowed down!
What happened? Keeps saying network error. Stuck at log in again, the game won't load...hopefully I won't lose my coins again. 1st time lost all coins (had over 12 million). This is the 2nd time, that it has froze up and again I had over 11 million coins again. Plus I didn't even have a chance to redeem cause all of a sudden no gift cards available. (KINDA FUNNY) Plus almost had enough to cash out.:(
I like the game. The only thing that makes me mad is when you go to cash out and there are no vouchers available. Please fix that. Once fix I'll rate higher. If not I will Uninstall the game.
DONT DOWNLOAD!! I made ten bucks the first day , I cashed out to PayPal, after 4 days I still have not received the payout, there is no support line to talk to about this issue..I was given a transaction number and told that my payout was in review and that I would receive an email..but nothing..no email no payout...DONT DOWNLOAD!! You're wasting your time
I got to 10 dollars but it wont send to PayPal saying a bunch of error codes. It works fine on other games. Good luck but I'm done playing. Prob a scam luck 99 percent of them
Do not download this game. I made it to 10$ quickly ( the cash out requirement) and wondered why it was so fast and easy and that's because as soon as you reach 10$ the game starts glitching and it keeps saying come back later we are adding more pay pal vouchers everyday. If I could rate less than 2 star I would
I downloaded this game and within a couple days, made it to the $10 to be able to withdraw with PayPal. Every time I try to withdraw with PayPal, it gives me an error message and has a Try Again button,/so I click on the button and the screen goes blank only to HAVE to close the app completely and start over. Once I open the app back up, I go to withdraw with PayPal again and it keeps giving me the same result, an error message!
This app has yet to pay out. Each time I try to cash out it tells me there is no available "cards" regardless of the amount of cash or "coins". I believe this game is not legit.
A horrible experience. Downloaded and played. I find it to be impossible to receive your winnings. If all they supply are 3 vouchers per night and then you get the pop up message that they were all claimed and to come back tomorrow, it is not worth it. The amount of ads alone is sickening. Another scam site. I warn people to stay away. PS, I have been trying to receive my winnings for weeks, I just happened to luck out tonight and be on there at 9 and STILL didn't receive them. Uninstalling.
You cant ever cash out. I finally reached enough coins to get a whole $2 on Amazon and as soon as i reached it it said there are none available at this tims. Same with my cash out. As soon as i reach a certain amount to cash out it suddenly says there are none left. So you can play and win but there are no prizes left to claim
This is a very intrusive ad and I won't download it for that reason. You can't get past it unless you close tha game and reopen it.
The app itself is working good, I haven't encountered any issues there however as others have previously said it took no time at all to make it to $10 (minimum pay out). I was able to successfully cash out for $10 pay pal payment, I still have not recieved the money in my PayPal. How long does it take to process the payment? Other games it's within just 2 days.
Don't really understand why you need to offer PayPal cards to cashout when all you have to do is load money into people's PayPal accounts....that just seems odd to me. It should just be an instant transaction...you shouldn't have to tell ANYONE to come back later. I downloaded the app just to see what people were talking about in their reviews and they are all absolutely correct. You cannot cash out. App says there aren't vouchers available, come back tomorrow. I am over $12, can't cash out.
I'm having the same problem others are saying... the cash out cards aren't available and says to come back tomorrow... that's been for a couple of days now. I couldn't find a place to contact anyone so I came here for the review to see if there is someone to contact me
As all other's reviews mine is the same ! Hoping for a legit game app 🙁 I have also checked more times a day to cash out in amounts lower then 100 and never any. I just played raffles and bought more tickets and it took all my coins ? I only bought few ,lol 1,400,000 coins gone so that probably means their out of amazon gift cards now?? Whatever ,I'm sure they are still getting their affiliate pay for the adds.
First time I cashed out my $10 no problem I do love this game. However, after I got to $12.05 for a second time I'm not able to cash out and the ticket keeps saying check tomorrow well I've been checking to orrow for 5 days now and still nothing so fix your game.
This app is a scam just like all the others that claim you can win real money! I got to the minimum requirement of $10 to cash out on paypal and everytime i try and cash out i get a message that says something went wrong and to try again later and when i contact support all they say is that there is a limited number of gift cards per day and i get told good luck! WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!
I was able to quickly earn money. You only need $10 to cash out. However, you need 4k coins to earn a $2 gift card. THE CATCH! You CAN'T CASH OUT! There are no gift cards for the value you have earned. They do NOT restock. You will get close to the next value gift card and the will all suddenly "dissappear". The app is easy to use when it is working properly. However it frequently has technical problems. There are few adds and the adds it contains are very brief. (5 ⭐ if I could cash out)
I just love the excitement this game gives me knowing i am winning real money. ONLY ONE ISSUE!!! They NEVER have enough pay out amount cards in $10 $15 $20 $25 nor even $50 that is a BIG BIG ISSUE its not fair to the ones that can not stay on their phones 24/7 just waiting to cash out!!! Please y'all need to fix this issue. Thank you; Virginia Jenny
I played the game made over 20$ and i cant take my money off it has said for 8 days in a row that there are no cards available comeback tomorrow. I had my 14yr old check the app every 30 mins for 48 hours and not once did they put cards up there to take my money out of via paypal so sad this app is NOT GOING TO PAY ANY MONEY AT ALL DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!
Fun app. I have reached a small amount that I can withdraw, in just a short time. The only thing is they seem to run out of their cards to redeem rather quickly. I will try again once they have restocked.
I'm giving a one star because I've been trying to redeem a 10 dollar amazon card for a week now and I keep getting try tomorrow they are getting more. So I'm kinda suspect about this. Other wise it's a nice game but no payouts this far. Well it is 10/27/20 and the developer commented on my first review but still no paypal cards to claim 10 or 20 and so forth. So I believe this is all a waste of time. I could be playing games elsewhere and actually receive a gift card for my playtime.
Fun and you earn cash quickly but you can't cash out. $10 minimum but all the $10 and $25 cards are always gone. Figured too good to be true. Now $50 cards are gone too! Impossible to cash out. Have $30 and will never be able to get it. Terrible app!
I would totally give this app 4-5 stars but I can never cash out! I've been waiting for forever for the $10- $50 PayPal vouchers to be available and I'm getting fed up. It's been days and they've been out since I started playing. Now they're even out of the higher amounts so even when I get to the larger voucher amounts I won't be able to cash out.
I've been a current member of KACHING going on about a year ,and I can tell you the app is a very fun ,and easy app to earn real money .Usually I can cash out 10 dollars in a week or 25 within 2 weeks .you also can earn alot of money in the scratchers,and raffles up too even 1000 dollars.I suggests to everyone download this app its 100%legit!
I've only been playing for a little bit but so far I think I like it I'm going to see how the payouts go I don't need a lot I'm not looking for thousands of dollars but 10 to 15 dollar gift cards is great even five so if I can get those I will be happy I just don't want to wait 2 months to get a $5 gift card but hopefully that doesn't happen so I'm going to keep playing let's see what happens
Love playing the games,the payouts are decent, but still waiting on a 25.oo payout.if i get my pay out id rate this 10 stars.the auto scratch and auto spin are great.took back 4 stars still getting the run around on a 25.00 payout since september.i contact support and only get the same robot email.not very happy with this game.I JUST RECEIVED MY EMAIL CONFIRMATION FOR MY 25:00 PAYOUT,NOW JUST WAITING ON PAYMENT.GREAT GAME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,I GOT MY WIFE AND MY DAUGHTER TO PLAY ALSO.
This app is not worth downloading. Cause like other people who review it, once you get to the minimum payment & try to cash out, they say come back later, no gift cards available. Don't waste your time on this it's not worth downloading.
I cashed out for $10.00 about 2 weeks ago and still have not received my payment on paypal. I have continued to play and have tried to cash out but it keeps saying no cards available and try again tomorrow. I keep trying everyday but still can't cash out. I am frustrated and think this game is a scam. I will keep you all updated if I ever am able to get my winnings.
I've played a lot of apps and I never had to confirm my age, Etc. In order to withdraw a reward. Definitely not hopeful that I will receive my $10 Amazon gift card when you click on the email it tells you to confirm three different things and when you click on the link all it does is pull up an email I am not willing to send my personal information in order to redeem a gift card. APP USERS BEWARE
What a joke.. you can hit the required amount BUT you can never cash anything out.. claims there is only 10 giftcards a day but no matter what time of day you log in they are always gone. And SO many ads 🙄
It seems like it updated or something. It froze and then crashed. It worked perfectly with my original install. Anyways this app gets you up to 10 dollars instantly but I could not cash it out. It said there were none available and that was months ago, still not available for cash out. It said there were more than enough for the next cash out value, I reach that goal and same thing. You see more of the yellow coins than money, you reach the goal for those and its the same as the money. Fake App!
Game was fun, but doubtful to ever cash out. The cash out "gift cards" are NEVER in stock for the reasonable cash out options ($10, $25, $50 are always sold out). I'm at $20.55 but doubt I'll ever see a dime from this game. It is cute and fun to play sometimes. That's it.
In the first 12 hours I downloaded the app I made the first $10 then I went to that go collect and no cards available this happens I don't close all the rest it's a rip off
I have a paypal account, the infromation for this app leads you to believe that it'll go into you account then while trying to cash out it made sure i had to choose a paypal prepaid cash card which it nvr has, edotiors if we can fix it to go straight intp my paypal account i"ll bring the star statis up but no soonet till i get paid pls....
Huge problem with cashing out. You never can!! I give it three stars cause the scratches on here keep me from spending real money on real scratchers. If you don't mind not being able to cash out the money you supposedly win on here, its a good game.
For this app I have mixed reviews. On the positive side I have managed to cash out twice for a $10 gift card and the process is quite easy once gift cards are available. This game is unlike a bunch of others that get you close to but never exceed the minimum cash out amount. On the negative side the app has recently run into problems where it does not always connect. Hopefully this is just a minor problem that will be rectified soon.
Every time you make the amount to cash out to PayPal it will say out of cards it constantly says 0 cards every day.. first you get to almost $10 and it says 0 for the $10 cards then you almost get the 25 then it says 0 for the 25 then I almost get to 50 now it says 0 for that cuz I'm almost to that I guess whatever you're about to get to it will say 0 cards so you can never ever cash out.. This is B.S and should be illegal to scam people like this. anytime close to Cashing Out 0cards everytime
I really want to rate this higher, the app itself is actually pretty well done, the games are pretty and fun. But the payout part is a lie, as soon as I reached the first pay milestone they always seem to be out but there were plenty of PayPal vouchers of the next category. No problem I was enjoying myself so I reach 25 suddenly no 25 card but always plenty of 50 and above. So I kept going, I've now been at 50 and just over 3M can't get a redeem for either, will change rating if I see legit
I am editing my review to 2 stars. I had it at 5. The first pay out was easy and quick. Now every night when it's time to redeem the app will not load and gives a network error message. I have emailed you twice and got no help. The app works fine during the day, so why not at redemption time? If you ask me it's because they don't want to pay out any more. They let you play during the day to watch the ads that make them money but won't allow the app to load when it's time to redeem. I'm done!
So far in this game I've seen more ads than any other game. But I've won on every level. Its fun an easy. Just those ads are annoying. Lol
Fun and exciting to play and you can reach a cash out balance rather quickly. But...when I try to cash out it says there are no more available. Not sure yet if this game is legit. Im going to keep trying and will update when im actually able to cash out.
I have been playing for 1 week now. I am up to $15.00 and I just went to try and cash out but there are no $10 PayPal cards left. Hmmm?? This looks just like all the other bait apps out there. I will update my review and stars once your prizes actually become available.
I have earned $10.00 and cant cash out...keeps telling me none left every damn day no matter what time it is...1 star and until i can get my money, not bothering to play any more and at this point dont really care any more and going to uninstall it, they can shove the $10.00 up their fake lying backsides!!!!!!
So far scratch cards very smooth running. Not to bad occassionally ad load issues. Money adds up slowly. Other games and raffles entering now. Hopefully keeps running smoothly.
Tried for an hour to cash out to my paypal and keep getting an error message saying "something went wrong please try again later". Kind of sad to do that to people especially with the way things are these days
Just started playing seems legit, I'll update as soon as I collect my first gift card! Update 10/21/20: so I've won cash and also coins to trade in. Im a little over 20.00 but can't cash out to PayPal due to being out of all PayPal cards up to 100.00. So ill keep collecting for a few more days, to see if I can ever cash out.
This game is legit you get actual gift cards & actual money and they give it to you within 7 business days after you've confirmed and redeemed via your email. So far I have gotten a few Amazon gift cards and I am so close to getting my next Amazon gift card of $10. I have passed $10 & $25 on the actual I haven't yet got any money since they ram out of $10 & $25 however, I will keep on playing so I can get a higher actual money and redeem, I am probably aming for $100.
There are never any cards to cash out for...pm hrs...am hrs...Am I missing something? Otherwise, no limit to crash out is great, but can never cash out.
Game itself is ok, downloaded a fews days ago, Went to reedem cash....and cant cuz its says 0 Remaing Come back later Then says it loads everyday! Still can't redeem,. It's been a couple of weeks or more and same!!!!?
Fun app, easy to win money( took around a week for the cash out) , takes a little longer to win the gift cards. Had to change my review lately there always out of 10 and 25 dollars paypal credit and I keep on getting errors going on. Raffle tickets not always showing up even know I did them
For some reason you have automatically connected a PayPal account I used once years and years ago I cannot remember the password and I do not want my winnings being sent to that account how can I change the PayPal account linked to Kaching? I have spent the last 12 hours trying to figure this out for a measly $10 and you don't have a single help option or account option listed on your app. Maybe your dad should kind of get in touch with the year 2000. This is by far the most frustrating thing
Hit 10 dollars when I go to cash out it says something went wrong try again later. Well later has been weeks and looking at the reviews I'm not the only one with this problem I'd stay away from downloading this game.
Very upset. All these app are the same. When I didn't have enough to cash out, there was millions of cards to redeem. Now that I have MORE than enough, there's not a card one n I check thousands of times a day so yea. Waste of time
Amazing concept, until you realize its not a normal paypal cash out, it's treated like gift cards and there's a certain number of people that can cash out before there is "no more cashouts available, come back later" So the balance you see is not yours until you can manage to be one of the 10 people who cash out... normally paypal cashout means enter your email and get paid... not if you were quick enough to hit the cash out button vs a million people...
I love the game but the fact that once i got to ten my mom wanted to see if it was really letting people cash out at ten dollars...unfortunately we have been trying for three days now and it says come back tomorrow.
I've been trying for over a week to cash out. I try several times a day. And through the night. It says the same thing every single time!!!! Try again tomorrow. It's a waste of time!!!! I'm over it . I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS GAME AT ALL!!
I recently cashed out $10 to PayPal and had no problems. At least I could. Most games have a high cash out and you can never reach it. My experience has been great. I will continue playing, as long as it doesn't become awful at paying out like the others. I was cashing out directly to PayPal, now I have to get a stupid voucher to cash out. I can't seem to catch them, when the $10 vouchers are available. I already know 2 people who quit because of this problem. Please change it back.
Never any payouts available for $10 & $25. Here's an idea, every day there are 10 payouts available for $100, $250, & $500. Just take 5 of the 500$ payouts and separate it into 25 $10 payouts. Sorry, but no one is playing these games for the "fun" of it, it is for the prizes.
Another app that giftcards are never available. They get paid by there advertisers but expect us to play and not provide the giftcards you spend time playing. Once you earn enough to cash out the giftcards should be available not if or when they decide to offer them. There are other apps that this is not a issue play those.
Dont download & play this game. It's a joke! You do win money everyday but you put it on a PayPal gift card & there is NEVER one avIlable. I am at $27 so far but I havent been able to cash out because there is no cards avalible. Not even the $2 is avalible. It's just lies & sad. I'm vary disappointed.
Well everything was going great I enjoy the app but now I am.trying to cash out amd convienantly there r no $10 or $20 cash out vouchers. This really.pisses me.off do and play this app but when comes time to cash out no available only.the $100 amd up are available.
I'm going to call it like I see it. This KaChing app is bullsh** and I do not recommend it to anyone. I've been playing 1 and a half mnths now. I reached $10 amount 1 week into the game & guess what??!! Still waiting on pay out voucher 1 month later. Always unavailable but there were $25 vouchers available.... UNTIL I REACHED $25 PayPal cash out amount!!!!!! They keep you playing for nothing while they make their money off the ads we watch. Will be reporting this app to have it banned.
I love the fact that its so easy to earn token and money....however it is annoying that PayPal vouchers are never available it seems (and I have tried checking at 9 pm to see if it refreshes and it does not).