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Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide App

Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide App for PC and MAC

Is a Comics game developed by Key Collector Comics located at 1040 w Adams St Chicago, IL 60607. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Key Collector Comics FREE mobile app is the world's first database and price guide to focus exclusively on key issues. Everything you need as a collector of valuable comics or highly-sought after issues including speculation books is combined into one resource.

Catalog your inventory or build a wish list of key issues. Select what condition your comic is by using the CGC and CBCS grading scale. Get key issue notifications sent directly to your phone to know what's new and hot or spiking in value in the comic book world.

Key Collector Comics has been endorsed by Neal Adams, Alex Ross, Stanley Artgerm Lau, Brian Pulido and Valiant Entertainment

Here are some examples of what makes a comic book a valuable “key” issue:
* Character First Appearances
* Death & Origin Stories
* Variant Covers
* Iconic Cover Art
* Rare & Recalled Issues
* Classic Stories

Key Collector Comics simplifies the hobby of collecting. In the past, if one wanted to hunt for a character or title’s key issues, they would have to access four different apps:

App 1 - Search for information on a comic book title or character
App 2 - Determine a value and consider what you should pay
App 3 - Inventory what you own to a personal database
App 4 - Consult your notes app or carry around a piece of paper with your wish list on it

Sound familiar? Do any of the aforementioned headaches apply to you? Key Collector Comics has combined everything a collector needs into one, simple to use, FREE mobile app in the most intuitive environment available that requires absolutely no learning-curve. Now, with this one resource you can:

* Search by Title, Title and Issue #, Character, Writer, Artist or Publisher

* Browse by a changing list of categories like 100 Iconic Superhero Covers or Batman’s Greatest Arch-Enemies

* Catalog what you own with one tap

* Build a wish list of priority comics you’d like to own

* Select the grade of your book and notate if it has been professionally graded or not

* Choose to use our price guide or elect to input your own dollar value

* Record the amount you paid for a comic to accurately view the sum total of your investment as it fluctuates based on comic book market conditions

Key Collector Comics was created by a comic book collector for comic book collectors and the #1 priority is to make your experience more fun. How? By giving you the assurance that no key issue will ever slip through your fingers again and drastically cutting down the amount of time you spend looking through a box of comics. Just flip through issues with one hand and scroll through the app with the other. If anything on the app matches what’s at your fingertips then you just found yourself a key issue.

The database is updated at least once a week to include new character debuts that have been announced. You can add these comic books to your “wanted” list before they even hit the shelves so when Wednesday rolls around (when new comics are released) you leave the store or check-out online without missing a thing.

There are well over 7,000 individual issues organized in the database that have some instance of significance attached to it. You can search for over 2,500 characters in 1,700 titles from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Valiant, Image and many independents producers from the Golden Age of comics (1935) to today. Key Collector Comics is your guide through the history of comics told through the key issues that defined the landscape.

More Features:
o A simplified price guide and grading assessment for new and experienced collectors to determine if a comic book appropriate for purchase

o The ability to expand displayed comic covers for a more detailed view

o The ability to collapse covers for faster scrolling through listed keys

o A filtering option that lets you search in a specific comic book age (Golden Age 1935-1950 approx. , Silver Age, Bronze etc.)

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide App.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide App for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Loads of things are listed as keys, I wish you could filter by selling over cover price, or maybe over $10. Also wish you could filter by more recent, like maybe within the last month or year, something like that. There are quite a lot of lists to look at, almost overwhelming. I agree with someone else's comment it would be useful to be able to have favorite categories/lists at the top
After using the app for a few months i started noticing some of the information listed in the app was inaccurate. Books on the hot list or spec list were stating false info in regards to 1st appearances etc. Seems like more thought is put into making hot list to sell books rather than factual information or to help the comic book community. Comic Tom, Key collector seem to have a partnership in driving up sales of books with false information. I even messaged him about it and still nothing.
The vast majority of my collection is not in this catalog and the search feature is atrocious. Would love for a scan cover to find option. Was really hoping for a place to catalog my collection, but this appears to be a record of only big issues in comics.
This is a very nice app especially if you are passionate about collecting comic books and being kept in the loop.
Terrible app. It's over-hyped and doesn't accommodate to an actual comic collector. This is more for newbies than anything else
Awsome app.....alotta info on comics...the down side is the comics actually sell for more than sold listed prices
Great resource, but definitely a source of pump and dump for new collectors that don't know the market
Has to be the best tool for any comic collector! Young or old, info is info and Key Collector does an amazing job keeping you updated on stuff. Great to find out what you have as well!
Good at keeping track of my things, bummer that you have to pay to subscribe to see what new things are coming.
I just updated the app. Is anybody's meeting this before the newest update do not update. I'm all for change and I understand it takes time to get used to something. But this new format is awful. Especially when compared to the original format. Please allow us to change our view or format similar to Gmail or other apps that change their format to an unpopular unlikable new version
Excellent i can get the sense of the value of any comic book plus a link on each one to ebay where i may buy it.
So far it's been a great help in organizing my collection. Identifying the keys in my collection has always been a hit or miss adventure for me. This app has been a godsend so far.
I love the app as a whole. But not a fan of the update that happened this week. Way too confusing and way too many options and you have to scroll through continuously to find things that were easy to find before.
This is a great resource! I would rank this very highly, it just gives you drama-free intel that you want and need. It's awesome, and will take a close second to steak or a naked lady!
Gets a an unfair bad rap. This is a good app with lots of info. My only gripe is that I don't get notifications unless the app is closed completely. No leaving it open in the background.
As a comic collector, this app is like the holy grail. It is able to tell you what issues are keys, the value and details about that issue.
Outstanding for keeping ahead of the game...but lowered my star from 5 to 3 because 3 reasons... 1. If in a low internet area...forget it, it takes FOR-EH-VER to load. Even after getting a new 5G phone. 2. They NEEEEEEEEEEED to add a bar code scanner....BADLY!!! 3. THE BIGGEST THING....it neeeeeeds to be cloud based, like CLZ....load times cut in half. Overall, I keep my collection in CLZ but use this for updated in the comic community. I work in a comic store, so that is what gets 3 stars.
I like this app but it crashes alot. Wish it was easier to search for titles maybe by number aslo, most of the time i cant find what im looking for.
I like information on app about comics and which one's are on the rise. I also like why you should get this comic with comments.
Amazing insights and a way to look into your own collection and see the rare stuff you have!! Use the app every day and love it!!
Great app all the info you need building your collection and has been vital to me re-starting collecting. I do wonder though how much this app influences the market to be a self fulfilling prophecy. However, the information provided lately (October 2020) over the last month or so appears to have been more subjective.
This app is exactly what I was looking for! Much better than carrying a paper list around in my wallet!
Great app that helps with comics prices and even helps keep a track key issues, comics your wanting or needing and links to find on ebay. I highly recommend it. it's worth to subscribe to it .
Exceptional information, and insightful ideas on current and future trends. Helpful in every sense of the word and always updated and of course entertaining. A must have app for all collectors seasoned and new!! You won't be disappointed!!!
Post Update: Again, very cool and useful app, BUT still needs a better balance of more DC key issues. App will not satisfy hardcore DC fans/collectors. Way too many marvel reviews. There are a lot of key DC issues that this app is not listing. Suggestion to users: cross reference with other websites for more detailed lists of key DC issues, than relying on just this app alone, otherwise you'll be missing key issues because they aren't being listed on this app.
This app is my number one place to go to get information on comic books that are coming out and ones that are already existing. I couldn't be happier with it's app.
It's a great informative app but every time you go into a new window and back it freezes 🥶 and it kicks you off the app and if you come back it kicks me off the app over and over again. The information in the app It's great but the app itself sucks.
Not sure if I agree with what they consider "key" issues. Search for would have to be beer to get to "sucks". They have a lot of work to do on this app. Needs to be able to catalog collections.
I am new to comics and this app is a godsend. It helps track you collection as well as what is trending, and new releases.
They seem to have the insight to make accurate statements about the current state of specific issues..
It contains good info. It is, however a huge disservice not to include #ComicsGate indie comics. I no longer buy mainstream comics. I have been reading Cyberfrog, and am awaiting many other Indiegogo crowd funded comics(no im not affiliated, nor paid by them). Will accept free comics tho😇🤣 bc im poor, not stupid. I would also love for you to collaborate with CLZ COMICS to sync our collections. I understand thats probably reaching but nothing is impossible.
I like the variety of titles to pick from. Also find the top 10 and top 20 trending helpful when looking for a new book
Works extremely well.easy to navigate. And has some great features that are much better than the mobile site
I only use it to look up books when im at my lcs, it comes in handy but some of the prices are off and they are missing some books i consider keys
I love this ap it keeps me on my toes also prevents me from doubling up on things in my collection. Definitely a must have for any legit collector
Variant covers & 2nd prints, should be free! Good go to for info! But the pricing for graded, CGC, CBC, etc.. Is close. But weak, if they have to rely on ebay tags? Its a question?
Very cool app, closest app I've found for what I'm looking for. Why isnt there a comic collector's app where I can scan the UPC or QR on my comics for easy upload into a database to know and keep track of my collection digitally or for a retailer to keep track of his or her inventory? If someone reads this that is able to make an app somewhat like what I described or know about an app like I described please let me know!
#godlycomics The best comic app & why. Tells you what's hot and upcoming. Saves you time and gives info that other collectors hate to give out for free. This app evens out the playing field. Those that complain about this app are ones that got blocked from the creator by bullying why the app is bad. If those talked so much about it must be good, if people hate it so much they can make there own app and give free Intel but they don't.This creator puts so much time and effort so everyone can win.
For 2 dollars a month this thing is awesome. It keeps all comics up to date gives detailed descriptions on whats going on now and whats next to come it is an awesome tool to have in this field especially buying selling and trading all the time thia keeps you sharp my words serve me no justice here fantastic!
Keep changing and wants to charge you more for features you used to get as part of the package wont be renewing after this billing cycle.
Great for keeping up with current trends and making informed decisions regarding purchases & sales. A valuable speculative tool when researching titles and characters.
Really good comic app for key issues not so much for cataloguing your collection as it has so many missing issues.
Love this app. Easy to use and contains a lot of information in one easy to access place. Think of it as your putter, its not the only club in your bag but you wouldnt want to play without it.
This is a great app for collecting. The problem is, most comics just aren't there. After looking up 20 comic books and only finding 2 of them on the app, I gave up.
It's an excellent app, and does a great job of doing it's purpose, but some comics aren't on there, particular Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comics made by Archie. There is no way to add comics yourself, so all I can get is volume one of Mega Man. Also, I read comics digitally, and there is no digital comic option when you add comics to your collection. Otherwise, everything is fine.
Outstanding informational tool for speculators and collectors with key alerts to help you stay up to date on movies, tv shows and all comic book related news.
Perfect comic app! Needed by all comic Collectors. This has introduced me to comics I would never have picked up, artist I've never known, variants to add, and cool spec to find on THE HUNT!
Love the app but I need to add hundreds to the database, most of mine ar not present and happy to fill the vaults while I have them, due to lockdown I have lost my job / place to live and probably won't have them long. Happy to do you a promotional music mashup and freestyle to help promote your app on YouTube and bandlab, I love music ❤️ 41 Yr old raver for life.
Very useful tool for the serious collector! Well worth the money for the subscription, which isn't much at all...
This is great!! I really been looking for something to catalog my comics and help me know the value. thank you all.
I've enjoyed using this app. Being new to comic collecting, this app has helped me greatly. I'v had for 2 months and I've already made some key purchases thanks to this app. The new update has really brought up the overall appeal as well.
This is hands down the best app for any comic collector. I was have some issues with crashing when backing in and out of pages to fast and scrolling but doesnt seem to happen as often. All in all this is definitely a 5 star app especially for free! I highly recommend buying a subscription to unlock all the other amazing options available like trending 20, upcoming movies, weekly picks and alot more check it out you wont be disappointed.
First search a made came up with nothing, not a good start and unfortunately useless to me personally.
Been collecting since 2008, always thought how cool it would be to have an app just like this. One that would send you updates on the latest trends and possible movie deals on books you might have passed on looking through the dollar bin at your local comic store. I've had it for a week on my phone, good app overall, I've had no issues with it.
Like the app alot . The only reason I didn't give it a 5 stars is because of some of it you have to subscribe in order to view some key comics
Its a cool app. One of the best for comic history and all kinds of comic book mainstream knowledge of the industry. Glad your with us in this movement to bring the love of comics into this generation. Thanks.
This app is trash, full of misleading information/lies that at the end cost users money. You are paying for someone else to make money cause the lied/mislead people to books that over time (it's has been proven) sink in value leaving the buyers in the red. Buy what you like & have an interest in, don't bother with this apps misleading "information" it will cost you way more in the long run✊
Im a believer of this app, was skeptic ,but since I have been using this app for about a year I feel so much better about my hobbie.
PSA: Especially new collectors or those ignorant to the overall comic market: While this app does have some useful features, its real purpose is not to benefit the collector first. This app is CANCER to the overall comic book community and its #1 function above all else is market manipulation (which they prove time and time again they are fine with) for personal gain for the people involved. TRUST me when i tell you these guys DO NOT have your best interest at heart. Dont be sucked in esp newbs
Really like this app with one small exception not having the ability to customize the order of the categories so that the ones we use the most could be moved to top of the list would be a massive improvement imo
Using the free version. Prices for most graded comics don't automatically update often as the quick graded comics, and have to be manually input to stay current. Would also love if the collection list page highlighted books whose values had changed, rather than just the green arrow on the book page. I end up looking through my whole collection to see where the difference in value came from.
Worth it if you want to be serious about collecting, the prices are always behind so bear that in mind.
Great app for helping hunt keys and stay organized. Worth 1.99 a month if you want. Not needed but helpful for future books.
This app is great for collectors. Between being able to catalog your own collection, making a "wish list", key comic knowledge, and future value predictions. This app has anything and everything for any comic collector.
Missing issues in the database. Even for a book as common as amazing spider-man all the issus arent there
I'm a subscriber and after the latest update, I guess I'm not anymore, I try to log in, which I've never had to do before, I tried to reset my password and an e-mail was not sent to me, the app was great before today, I hope it gets fixed or I will unsubscribe
This is an enjoyable app that has many uses that I expected and some that I was not expecting. Different and informative.
It's ok, helpful. Often when I click on something it will come up but then freeze on screen when I go back to main screen
This app will keep you ahead of the curve on the hottest comics...I've already made much more than the subscription cost and I have comics that will increase in value in the future!
Really liked it at first. Until I noticed that it was valuing my books lower than it was saying the book was worth. If it says a high grade copy of Venom #3 is worth $150 how are my 9.8s only worth $40 each? Every time I look on this app the value of my collection has dropped noticeably. Not the value of the actual books just MY books which are the exact same books. I reached out and was told it might be a bug or something waited a few days and when I checked value dropped agin.
terrible doesn't let me even find my copy of Death Dealer or Hellshock #1 nor Batman #509 this app is worthless for the prescribed appplication, navigation is like walking through a mindfield.
App is ok, only books you can find are ones the publisher of the app likes. Cant log all my comics like I was hoping for
A fun app if you are a collector. Very useful if u are searching through back issue bins or at a flea market.
One of the best tools I've used for comic book collecting. Multiple categories, updates on keys and price variations make this a must have app.
They really really teach you a lot about the comic book world and how you should buy your comics and invest
Absolutely garbage app. About 1/4 of the comics I have come up in the search. Easier to search on Google, and more reliable. Trash app - the reviews tricked me.
Great app. Very helpful. Unfortunately it has become so ubiquitous that finding great comics in the wild has become near impossible.
I only give this app 4 stars, because there are books I consider to be key issues that the app does not recognize, and it is only a key issue database; however, it's in the name so I knew what I was downloading. Great app over all, 5 out of 5 if you only care about key issues.
Best comic apppppppp ever. However this is still new not all keys are available. But they add new keys every day. So its always getting better. Great app
Great App for Comic Collectors, New & Old. Gives a very detailed account of new and old comics. Excellent App!👍🏿
The new design is a nice change. I really dig the new upgrades. Perfect comic app! Needed by all comic Collectors. This has introduced me to comics I would never have picked up, artist I've never known, variants to add, and cool spec to find on THE HUNT!
Love checking this app to keep up to date on the latest trends. Would like to see Canadian price variants listed along with newstand variants, in the purple variants box. There are some listed, such as Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars #8. However there are a lot that go unnoticed and carry a premium over America prices. 👍🙂
Could use more up to date market pricing and a price calculator for runs and series of books. Other than that it's perfect
Nice to look up books but it won't let me close app when I'm finished and it's getting old. If that isn't fixed soon I'll just delete it. It's not worth the frustration.