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Keylimba for PC and MAC

Is a Music And Audio game developed by David Fu. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Keylimba is a virtual, ad-free kalimba I built for fun. It's a way that is great learn the kalimba!

★ cute, minimal interface
★ adjustable 10-17 key range
★ built-in looper to record and playback sound
★ customizable key markings and background colors

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Keylimba.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Keylimba for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This app is adorable, very calming ads are rare and me and auntie love this app. We make all types of lullabies for the puppies and it surprisingly works!! I'm so happy I found this app. Love, ☹ 𝐉𝐚𝐲 ☹
(i know this part isn't a review but stay with me, okay?) question, are you the only one who is working on this? Because i saw the replies you gave to others, and it seems like you are, anyways, good app! It's very calming and cute, :] there's no ads I've seen so far, i really like this app even though I've only downloaded it, this will keep me entertained while I'm bored :D
So relaxing! I have a suggestion :) how about make a custom colour palette so people can make their own colours! :D
Awesome, with the new actualization now you can tune in the same tone the notes you need in flat or sharp. Thank you soo much.
Idk how I found this app, but this is awesome, and really really adorable and clean design. But I wish there was a way to save your recordings too! but oh well- you can't have it all.
I absolutely love this app. The graphics is cute and you can even tune the kalimba! Unfortunately, I have to give a four star because there is no save the audio option! :( I really hope they will add this option one day.
For some reason it has an echo that is so loud that I can't play it properly, I wish this can be fixed because on my ios device it runs so smoothly and I love it. Edit: Waiting for the update. 😊
It's perfect. It has everything I wanted. BUT when ever I use screen record to record myself playing, the app becomes slow and it messes up my song :( I have a galaxy note 10 plus with android 10. I'll give you 5 stars once you fix this issue.
This app is amazing ! Thanks to this app I know how to play the kalimba ❤️ I just wish you could change the tine's individually 😅 because some song only need to change one tine to play , overall app is amazing ! I just thought that adding this idea could maybe help 💖😁
The "tines" or "tabs" or "keys" or whatever it is they are called have bad graphics. It does not look like the pictures of the app. The tines look like they are having static interference like on a old television with bad signal. It is a strange glitch and I uninstalled and reinstalled and the issue was not fixed. This makes it impossible for me to see the labels on the tines. Otherwise the app is cute and perfect. UPDATE: The new version did not really fix it, but it has gotten slightly better
Such an awesome *completely free* Kalimba app! It's so simple and cute and aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, it's really nice to use. I love that there are *no ads* and that's it's fully customizable.
Its such a awesome and creative game something that should be added is a tutorial tab to learn how to play songs.
I love this app so much! Since i dont have kalimba irl, and this app makes everything complete!. Ive been learning alot ever since i downloaded this app^^ like its a real kalimba and Its also very cute how you can change the colors and the emoji face! i really recommend this app^^
This is cutest kalimba apps ever.. Totally love it, but sadly i cant save the record that i play. Please make the save & share functions. I hope there is more update in the future with new function like kalimba tab, so we can playing while learning songs directly from tutorial! Thanks
THIS APP IS SOOOO GOOODDDD I just almost aced the start of shelter (a song) AND YEAH I LOVE THISSS Shelter is amazing ur very correct
Surreal. I'm amazed on how the graphics are customable and the overall tune of this kalimba is accurately similar to those real ones you buy at music stores. I recommend everyone, those who want to practice or try playing the kalimba, to install this app and I guarantee you'll love it just as I do.
This app is adorable, very calming ads are rare and me and auntie love this app. We make all types of lullabies for the puppies and it surprisingly works!! I'm so happy I found this app. Love, ☹ 𝐉𝐚𝐲 ☹ Edit: I'm sorry I'm really picky lol Since you made me smile when crying, I'll give you 5 stars 😇
YUSH amazing this app is so cute and gives many options to the sound and it records too I wish you could download the recording and mine is a little glitch-y but over all its great!
This was the best kalimba app I have downloaded so far,love the minimalistic interface and it is very accurate and has a speedy response too.I like the fact that you can personalize the tines,marks and the color of the kalimba.The little cute guy on the bottom of the kalimba is the cherry on top too💕
it's a super cute app and it has almost everything the colours the small face singing it's too adorable otherwise the music is very realistic totally reccomeded if you want a kalimba !! :D
Very cute and helpful app to practice learning the kalimba. I love how you can adjust everything to fit your liking. My favorite is the recorder. I love listening to my tunes again after i play it and sometimes duet with it. Recommend for you!! ^^
Amazing app and great alternative if u dont have a kalimba and just want something to kill time. I do recommend playing on and ipad or horizontally if you have fat fingers like me or else you'll end up pressing other keys. Overall a really amazing and cute app. Love it! Will continue to use in the future. :)
It's a super cute app, and really fun, but it's really difficult to use because of a delay between pressing the keys and hearing the sounds. I tried playing a couple of songs, and it's really hard to keep track of tempo and which notes in playing when the sound is 1-2 notes behind.
I spent time on this app for 5 minutes and fell in love. So adorable and the music is lovely. No ads and can edit the scene to your liking. 10/10 in my book.
This is the best version kalimba apps compare to previosly one i installed. If have record and save feature will be better. However, i will rate 5 stars at this moment.
I love this app! I started my first songs, Ba sing se and Leaves from the vine, and they both sounded really good!
This is a very great app that you can tune anything. This app must recomended for the kids that they can't afford a Kalimba
Thank you so much for adding the idea 💖 may God give you well blessings! Though I have a kalimba I'm still going to use this app ! 💖❤️💖
Absolutely the best Kalimba app I have used. Sounds awesome and looks great. I am struggling to find if you can tune a single tine itself? As in one D persay, being a B instead kinda thing? I have seen a few songs I cant play because of this. But that doesnt even really matter unless you want to be super advanced with this app anyways. Super awesome app, definitely happy.👍💜
very cute! super easy to use and very fun! its just when i start screenrecording the audio gets all weird, is there any way to fix that? otherwise it would be perfect
A great app and it's adorable :D There are some crackling noises when I play, but I think that might be an issue on my end 😅.
Best app I ever had! And this really cute compare to other kalimba app--aesthetically pleasing. I hope more features in the future!
I love it! I learned how to play the lost woods theme from zelda on it! I really wish you could save songs though!
This app is so cute and cool! Now i can learn kalimba while in quarantine since i cant get a real one :)
Yay new update thx to the devs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank youuu ... nice update... App is really good to use.. really easy...NO ADS AT ALL.. REALLY GOOD TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY CALIMBA..... THANK YOUUUU.. And i hope you can save the recordings you made for the next update❤️ -Arisa
5 stars! it's really cute and there's no ads! i love the colours and it sounds so calming, if you're interested in this instrument i recommend downloading this app :)
Amazing app! Absolutely love it! The only thing that I would change is having the ability to tune each and everyone of the tabs by themselves instead of just being able to tune the tabs that have the same numbers (if that makes any sense lol). Otherwise, everything is perfect :D
This is super cute!! I've wanted a physical kalimba for a while and I think this is the next best thing. It has a beautiful simple interface and mimics the real thing quite nicely.
Cute, fun, and relaxing! Love how you can customize the kalimba and record your own songs. Great app.
The best app for playing kalimba! Not joking! You can switch from 10-17 keys. Also various tunes, not limited to C only. The black face-guy is cute and cheering me although I got the wrong keys lol. :)
Excellent app! There should be an option to save the recordings to the device. But no complaints it's free and has no ads whatsoever
thank u for creating this app!! i was planning on buying a kalimba but im broke so i downloaded this first and it's AMAZING wow an app with no ads?? And a cute interface design?? Wow i love it honestly,, however i hope that you add an option where i can save to my device the recording that i did in the app TT____TT the recorder was a great help in making me improve my play as well. thank u thats all xoxo stay safe
Keylimba makes it so portable and easy to pull out for some quick tunes. I like how you can change they key, customize the color, and the ability to record loops! The smiley in the middle has so much personality too :) Awesome little music toy!
Easiest 5-star review I ever made. Totally deserve!❤️ For further dev'ts, I wish you'd add an actual recorder and prolly be saved as an mp3 file 😊
This game is good,fun and relaxing no ads no problem but could u just put some designs and i wish u could put it in a ringtone
Soooo cute! The sound is so accurate and i love that you can change the colors of the kalimba. You neeeeeeeddd to download this cute app!! Ps. It makes such cute faces plus you can record your sound and it blushes! :3
I honestly love this! It is a great way for me to learn stuff on my kalimba if I don't have it with me and it helped me learn a few songs before I even got mine! Great app!
beautiful graphics! the interface is great, smooth sailing and its beautiful, so many colors and u can pick how many tabs you want to have. easy listening and easy to practice
Really fun and isn't laggy, You can also play the app without needing wifi so it's pretty convinient. Also the little boba guy makes facial expressions Everytime you press a key, Amazing app 10/10
I LOVE mwah but, I really want you guys to let us save the recordings. My screen recording won't pick up the sound from your app and it's on internal sound. So please please please with a whole Boston pizza on top! Make an option to save a recording :(
It's a great app. I felt like I was playing a realistic kalimba. I only give 4 stars because the tuning is not complete. I really love the app but I hope in the next update. We can tune the tines individually because I want to play the different songs. I'm going to wait for the update devs.
I find this app kinda relieving and fun at the same time to play with, I was looking for kalimba apps and this is the best one o honestly.
This is really great! But i gave it 4 stars cause at the pictures theres no problems but mine like under the letters i cant see anything and its like your tv getting broken to the sides, I've downloaded it 4 times but its still there...
so fun and easy to use , i love the cute face reaction when we play , hehe it will be nice if i can record and save my play , because i want to share it with my friends thanks developers for this cute app 💕
Cute!! I now want a physical kalimba to add to my growing collection of instruments ahaha. Wish we could record sounds but overall a very good and calming app! Thanks for no ads too!
This app is really good. It has calming visuals and the voice too is really good. Unlike most app it has many themes and so neat. There is not much to develop through it but if you can change the smiley face to something cuter or add more themes that would be great!
This is wonderful to learn with since i dont have my own kalimba. Though, I think it would be a great addition to allow the app to save the recorded songs played
I change my review the app is cute much better if you add a practice mode on the app i think, but over all great past time i have this app since week and i did practice all the time for me to get a actual kalimba itself😍
LOVE it it's app! normally keylimbas are expensive and this app is free. I recommend this app if you want to see if you like the keylimba and if you do like it you can buy an actual one.
I love this already with so many customization for the kalimba, but there's only one thing bugging me. The force landscape mode did not affect the invert portrait mode, so when I'm tilting my phone's notch downwards (invert portrait mode) the app will tilt to a portrait mode to (not invert). Idk if this is a bug? but a full landscape mode would be great regardless what way I'm tilting it. The rest are great and I will gladly support you if there's any way to!
its gooddddd in just 1 night of diwnloading this I've learned hedwigs's theme,a lilbit of blue bird,a lil bit of psycho,and a lil bit of play date... I don't usually give reviews since I'm lazy but this is just goooddd and super cute! idk how to use the key tho since I don't actually play kalimba lol
I love the app so much and the best thkng that's no adds at all and easy to use but i still don't know where i found the record folder .
This is a really cute kalimba app. I haven't try others but I saw the reviews and stuff and it is amazing! It has the complete tines and you can pick pastel colors of the kalimba. It can also do a lot of other stuff! Thank you so much! It somehow relieves my stress because of it's sound too.
Love it. Ambitious Nice to have features: - gallery of tunes to load and play. - making it a companion for the actual thing and enhancing ways of playing against the notes, possibly having it listen and detect your notes.
The app was great, it is very cute and minimalistic which interested me in this app and i have been using it for a while now. But after the update, the keys were glitchy and playing it was difficult and annoying. Hopefully you are able to solve this problem immediately.
I LOVE THIS APP! It has lots of background colours. Minimum tines : 8 and maximum tines : 21 No ads in between. Completely free. There's a cute little face too. The sound is really good and you can also change it. Give it a go before actually buying a kalimba.
I love how it got an update in which we can now tune in notes individually! It's such a huge update and I love it. I hope that we can get another tune in level option as to F become F4, etc. Since some of songs I want to play are just about right if I can get that part tuned. Others than that, I can say I have kalimba now in my pocket. This is super great and I love it. I will 100% give 5 star if I get F4 tuned in the next update! For now it's 9.8/10. Looking forward to it. Thank you so much! 💜
Its pretty great but why i didn't see the tiles there. I mean, its broke... I cant see well. Byw, i really love this damn cute...
This is the closest thing to a kalimba instrument... although they are a few things that need minor improvements... I still really recommend this app... especially for people who want to practice kalimba but aren't sure... so they should try this out first before wasting money...
Not much key, cannot turn off the face, choose landscape or vertical instead of rotate, if im lying? Force landscape mode not work, it still change when rotate
Its a very cute app! however, (if its alright) can we also have the option to revert to the previous looper/ settings button look?
This is the best virtual kalimba app I've used. I really enjoy using it and it has everything I need. It's easy to use and user friendly. I encountered ZERO ads with or without internet connection which is great though it would be nice if I could save the audio whenever I hit the built in recorder in the app to record something, that would make things a lot better. Please consider adding that feature. I hope you understood what I said since I'm not good at explaining stuff. I recommend this app.
It is an awesome app with cute UI. Please add a practice mode and support for recording to file. I'm sorry if I asked for too much.
Thanks a lot I am having a great result from it the colour, yea etc helped me a lot. I dident bought the thumb piano but I am sure if I practice I could do it more better. Thank you sir for the app hope your company is going well. Again thanks a lot.
absolutely stinkin cute!! i love the simple and easily functional design!! but there's something nice to add mybe enable playing a track in the back as the player plays the kalimba. the recorder is already there
I really like this app but I wish that when you recorded what your playing that you could export the song because I don't have anything to record it with that doesn't make it sound crappy. And I think others would like this too
3.8 rate actually Wow it's the best kalimba app yet. Sounds really cute. But can you give make it resonate more? Like a flat board kalimba. That would be perfect.
This app is really cool i like the little face i also like that you can record on it so you can hear what it sounds like just that i have one suggestion there should maybe be competions to play simple songs like themes and stuff and differnet genres.overall this is a great app 5/5
Love it. Makes me smile. For some reason whenever I try to screen record my audio it comes out very choppy :( other than that the app is very cute and fun and I love that you made it ad-free. Thank you!
Omg i love this...ive always wanted to play a kalimba like since forever...but couldnt buy one..and when i found this app i was sooo ecstatic...i really love it!!! Thanksssss
It's quite adorable! Very minimal and simple to use. I like the customization options and the little :-) that changes expressions. The sounds are pleasant and realistic although I don't have a kalimba so I'm not entirely sure! Thanks for making the app free and also ad free.
I updated to the newest version and the graphics of the keys got messed up orz. I dunno what's wrong with it. Please fix. P.S. My version is 4.3 already. I regret updating the app tbh. The previous version is better...
I love this app! Intuitive and easy to use, fun to play with, and has nice customization options (# of tines, tuning, even the color of the background). It's fun jamming out and making random music with this! :)
Yeet! The sound is so realistic, it feels like I'm actually playing Kalimba. Nice quality! And I recommend it!
It's very soothing or very relaxing I like the way they made the app the mini blob circle and the way the kalimba is designed it's a surprise that there are no ads like literally none with or without internet I like the way you can adjust the color but i wish it can have a design option for the kalimba that will be really cool and I wish you can save the audio when you click the recorder audio. It really helps me when I'm about to get distracted and very good at school work in my opinion.
Totally love it, customizable, can change the tones, increase or decrease the keys you can record and listen to what you just played however I don't know if it's only me or not but I really wish if the recorder can be saved in my device so that I could hear them whenever I want to not just once~! Overall fabulously created!!!
I love this game it's very good and I can make every single song that I want in some time is very hard to play in piano 🎹
It's really fun because I can make music and record it, it is calming to make my own music but I think you should add the option to post your recording of making the music. But I really like the app!
It's amazing! You can customise the colors and it sounds amazing! There are no ads either, it's so cute I love it!💕
Where do I begin? Firstly its COMPLETELY free. No ads! The tunes are just as accurate as real kalimbas and any other app I have tried for kalimbas. The graphics cute. The colors are playful. It's easy to use. You can tune it to any key you want. You can choose between numbers, alphabets or both for key engravings. BIG thank you and well done to the creator. Please never change this app!
The google itself recommend it and im happy i found this app makes me want to change my hobby because of playing this calm instrument i already lile the app🎶
I love this app very much with its soft visuals and light, fairytale like tones with each note played. Its hard for me to think about any thing particularly wrong with it, since it really is just what it advertises as an instrument. But, the reason for my four star rating is simply because after recording this app does not offer the option to save the audio you have just created. With this feature I do believe this app would be perfect, I would like it a lot if such a thing were to be added.
Cool UI, but better add pitch black theme for amoled screen And sound is delayed using Samsung galaxy Buds, if this issues fixed, i will give you 5 starts
Such a good appppppp!! I really really recommend you to download it. Its so cute and simple yet it has all the things you need 👌
This app is really good! But it'd be cool if we are able to save the recording. Also another suggestion that I'd like to share is a setting that allows us to only generate sound if we release our finger from top to bottom of the keys. I don't know how many times I accidentally miss tap one of the key while playing. But overall a really great app!
Wow! Such an entertaining app! I can't stop loving it! I love the little guy in the middle singing the notes 🎶.Keep up the AWESOME work!
Honestly its evrything a Kalimba is supposed to be, relaxing. the only problem i had was not bieng able to save the audio I recorded, not sure if it was a problem on my part or it wasn't even a feature to begin with, but I would have really liked if I was able to record something then share it with my friends.
This is super awesome and i loved it! Tysm For making this It's so So like I don't know i don't like to explain, Likr it's super good And Like i can make a Music or Song Like this and That like. Anything ty!
For the fact that it's an app and not a real instrument it's really nice. It has a cute design and I also like how it's kept simple :)
This app is good for those who are still practicing. But, I think it's better if there's a space where we can put a photo or a note pad for the tabs; so that it's easy for us who's not yet good at this. Thank you
The game is exactly what is advertised. It's enjoyable, the sound is nice, and the idea is cute. Fully enjoyed the game.
This is the best and cool music app but i give it's five because it's sounds awful and not same as the real kalimba (i know it's stupid opinion but it's my opinion) Who disagree then it's none of my business because this app is kinda great..duh
hello dev(s)! so, I really like the graphics of the app and the sounds seem real I am just using this for me to consider getting an actual one. My reason for my 4 star rating is that I would like to tune the notes individually instead of the whole kalimba and that I would like to save my recording when I decide to record and another feature I would like is to make your own sheets for reference. Overall, I enjoy using the app! And I wish you a good day/night/noon/evening.
The app is so great and relaxing but I hope we can save the recordings we made so that I can keep on listening to the recordings I made but all in all this is a great app and I would recommend this to others
The app's interface is very clean and sleek and that's why I love it so much! It also adds a cute touch with the singing hole.
This is like THE BEST Kalimba app I have had so far, but I would LOVE if we could change the tines to any note we like, instead of all of them being in one type of note.
Its A Great app!!!! I suggest that we can dress up the cute circle down there! And we can adjust the gap of the keys. I accidentaly press wrong keys. So i hope we can adjust the gap of every key. Over all its a great app!❤✨😄
i love this app so much bro great job!!!!!! the app is fantastic and also very adorable the style of the app is also very aesthetically pleasing and it makes me so calm 10/10!!!!!
This is the best app I ever had,why?Because it helps me with my stress or upset,I recommend getting this app,all though I kind hope that when you record it will save and go to your gallery or something,but I hope that will be added in the future,I'm not really good at explaining stuff,but still this is the best app ever
This is amazing, I didn't even knew what Kalimba is, but the minimal design and good reviews caught my attention, and i'm here to say it - It's a must have on your phone, such cute pleasant app ^_^
I love the UI of this app!.. Just a suggestion, can you add a feature where we can build tabs? Thanks for the app! :)
Hello! A really great app! But can you please add a recorder for it to be recorded? Please? And I absolutely love it! The character is so cute! It's so soothing!
This is a really good app!, I personally play it if I'm stressed or just bored, nevertheless this is a really great app
It's really good if you want to practice the kalimba before you get one or to just play songs and tunes🥰🌟
The keys are glichy black and white,, its kind of hard to do two keys at once, but it has a very nice sound ☺️
I think its pretty great! Maybe if we could get an option to save our music though? Because that would be awesome!
This app is awesome! The only instrument that I played was the uke and I wanted to try something new! Then found this app on YouTube! The cute little faces while playing are a detail that I love! 5 stars!
For some weird reason, using Bluetooth headphones (Jabra Sport Wireless+) causes the notes to be quantized, as if there's a silent metronome which all notes wait for before playing. Not that Bluetooth is good for playing instruments anyway... Other than that it's pretty good, if a bit laggy (on phone speakers). [EDIT: Oh right, I forgot I had that on! Still not optimal ("My Piano" has less delay), but I'd say it's good enough.]
Tones are too synthetic. Harmonics remind me of a 1980s Casio keyboard rather than a musical box wind up toy. Fun to play around with different tunings, since traditional songs are composed with key #s rather than the notes in a scale.
I really love it and the app brings joy to beginners like me!!! I find the app very user friendly as well and easy to understand 🤧💕 It's so cute as well!! Highly recommended to people who wants to try the kalimba without even buying one to do so! Especially for beginners!!!
The sound it produces is great but the tines is somehow looks glitchy, it doesn't look like the picture at all, i can't see it's metal image it's just like a glitchy looking thing, but other than that the sounds are good
omG i love it! i would put it as 5 stars but k think it could have maybe a little more to it? other than just a piano beacuse i gets a little boring time to time, so maybe like a mini game to try challenge ur speed? or playing songs, neither way i love the game, the design, its perfect 😌
Everything is good, I love with the sounds that it makes... except that the kalimba keys are not visible clearly in my phone (blackberry aurora). It's hard to me to know the markings as the letters/numbers itself were blurred with the glitched image of keys. Please fix this, thank you...
I love this app. I like how it's so cute and the clean layout. However I think it would be nice if I can save to recordings. Also I have a suggestion you can implement in the app if you want like a little note area for song tabs and stuff.
It's really cute and has good quality. I used it because I couldn't afford an actual kalimba and this app works just as well 💕
Sounds amazing, it's perfect for an alternative, or people that can't afford a traditional Kalimba this is one of my favorite apps :D
Absolutely the cutest !! 😭😭 So relaxing, cute and simple layout. I love this app a lot, very relaxing to me
its amazing and all but when i double tap one key it doesnt sound so good pls fix so it sounds more natural like a real kalimba
Its a great app, but i found it very hard to click the different notes without messing up because of how close the keys are to eachother. If you have the money, I recommend just buying a real kalimba off amazon. Theres some nice ones for 30-50 dollars on there and they're way more fun to use than just using a app lol.
David Fu, I'm really greatful to you for making this an app. We need more colors to pick. Keylimba app need save, pause, stop option in recording (stop is pause playing when recorded).
soo my knowledge on music theory is little to none and i'm playing the kalimba for fun using the number sheets. it's so cute and entertaining. this app makes it easier for beginners since the settings are quite simple. the only down side so far is not being able to record and download what you play, it'd be really great!
Best Kalimba App on the Market Place. It runs the smoothest, looks the nicest, and plays the easiest. It lags a little when I play a few notes at once but I'm sure that can be fixed with an option to disable that cute little smiley face that sings when you play. I have a moto Z2, comparable to a gs8; with how minimal and uncluttered the UI is, it should run smoothly. Especially if I use this phone for psp emulation. Thank you SO MUCH for making a kalimba app that doesn't suck Donkey Dong 😋
I love love love it! It is great for when you don't know if you want a kalimba or not! I love the fact that you can tune it, it makes it easier for when you're following a tutorial! I also love that you can personalize it! I can make it pink, and even change the number notes to letters! Absolutely amazing!
I really love the app! Since I couldn't get a kalimba, I tried this app, and it's very nice. Would totally recommend for people who doesn't have a kalimba but wanted to try playing a kalimba <3 But I think it would be more better if we could save the recorded audios 0v0
Beautifully made. Simple and user friendly interface. Cute smiley animation on the middle. A good app to learn to play kalimba for the first time.
Omg this is amazing! I want to buy a kalimba but when I saw there was an app, I decided to try this first. And this app really solidified my want for a kalimba! This is amazing and I'm so grateful it was created.
This is the best virtual music instrument app out there. It has correct notes, let's you play just like you would play with the actual one and has a very nice customizable color scheme. I have been playing the kalimba for many years. I use this app when i don't have the actual instrument with me.
Okay I normally don't do reviews but this is so good! It's so cute and I like how you can change the background color. This has everything I need and I couldn't ask for more. It sounds so good and it's good that you can change the tuning. Anyways I really love this app! <3
Amazing app!!How is this so nice !!?it's beautiful . Thank you Devs for blessing us with this cute and light and functional and relaxing and AlmosTtt perfect little thing. I love it Just please make an update by which we can save the settings we change as the default and don't have to fix it everytime we open it Oka? Thank youuu!!
this is so cute! i cant stop playing avatars love lmao! truly, this is adorable. i love how, so far, i havent gotten any ads. and i havent had to pay for any special features, like changing the colors of the kalimba itself or the keys. if you are looking to learn the kalimba, or just want to fund musical app, i completely reccomend this
it's a really great app to use especially for beginners, and it also has a cute design !! although i do wish that i could download my recordings :( but other than that it's perfect. ^___^
Im too lazy to rate or give a feedback to an app but this app deserves a good feedback. Honestly speaking, this is the best kalimba app that I found. It's so calming and eye pleasing. It's so minimalist and aesthetic. It has a simple yet cute design. I just installed this app but Im already in love with this. This is the app that you'll never delete in your phone. A must have for me.
Cute yet simple.. easy to used.. Can record after you play so that you can listen it back.. Im in love with this app already😍
I love the app. Very cute! But Is it possible to make the tabs more spread apart and thinner? I always accidently hit more than 1 key.
This is perfect! simple, minimal, straight great kalimba apps with no fuss whatsoever. But how do you made money from this though??? at least put a donation option for me to support 😉
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APPS !!! 😍😍😍 I NEVER FELT THIS HAPPINESS when play apps..🥺 thank youu create it 🥰 theres noo badd in thiss apps !! Love cute n to me its relaks apps than other !! ❤️ Thres cn record also. But more good if its can record n save ! Is it possible ? 😂 I thought thres no complete key inside, but we can setting it ! I just learn to use it so i dont need a full key. We can adjust it n so a lott fun ! Used apps ever !
It's cute but when the keys vibrate (visually) upon release, the delay sorts of puts me off and I get confused. Please add an option that allows turning that reaction off for users like me. Overall, great app
The colors and the sound of the tabs are great but their is just one problem . The tabs or the keys are glitching and it looks like an old tv , it also looks like a bar code that s why it is hard to see the labels. I already downloaded many times but it is just the same ,,, plsss fix it .
This is a really well designed app. It's easy, cute and user friendly. No ads, no gamification. I love it a lot. I play some times to relax and it always sounds so cute and calming. 💚🥭 Also, the cute face animation! Again, well designed and user friendly, esp for beginner/playing around.
Thank you for making this wondeful app! I hope you can also resize the keys as sometimes I mistakenly click on keys because they're so slim in portrait mode (maybe because I have a small phone lmao). Overall its great! Definitely recommended 😍❤️❤️❤️
Such a lovely app, well made , user friendly and I've been using it a lot as a de-stresser and I love that you can record a tune and replay it again 💕
I love this app. It lets me play anywhere. Great sound and sensitivity. Love the ability to customize the look, sound, and labels.
This is a really good app. I can practice kalimba before i buy a real one. But i think you must add feature that can save audio to the phone
It's really cute But, I were to give it five stars if there wasn't this one problem: No audio. The main part about the app. The part that makes it great. It just, doesn't work. Please fix this problem.
I am loving this so far. It's super cute. 😍 Adds to my excitement while learning ang playing tablatures.
I like that you can costumize the kalimba and the sound was very amazing and awesome...I really love this and this app is my recommendation!!😍😍😍
Wow! I love this app so much! It has a cute style and is great for beginners, like me! I love the style, sound settings etc. You put so many setting things we can change, it's awesome! I love it very much!
Very awesome app! I'm having a very fun time with it and it's very kawaii! (Cute) the only reason I rated it 4 stars is because I cannot screen record the audio on this app. I hope you guys can allow this in a later update!
Really calming, it's one of my favourite apps to use to pass time or just relax, DO USE HEADPHONES, it is much better and relaxing with headphones, trust me it's a really lovely game
This game is cute and helpful to those who want to be a musician but its confusing and hard to play but if you work hard you could be a star someday
It's pretty cool and fun to play. Would recommend to add a feature where we'll be able to save what we have recorded. Of only you can also do another application for kalimba chords. That would be perfect.
I love this so much this kalimba can make a kid to play a kalimba happy this is so cute make sure you install this app
I am beyond happy to have discovered this app. Thankyou! For not making the app annoying with ads and also completely free to use ♡
It's good but in my opinion u should teach us to play like note above and we can play it..but that just my opinion this app still got 5 star from me.
It's really cute :Di love how the face can like move and it's just soo ADORABLE AHHHH,but one thing that I really want for this app is too save all of the recordings :) bcz like I really want to listen to my recordings all the time so plz put the save all recordings pls (sorry for broken english) 💕✨
I really love this app especially for the recent updates.. I would really recommend this for people who want to practice kalimba but aren't sure about it yet... so they should try this out first before wasting money... I tried this last month and I loves playing it so much I bought my own kalimba... but I still use this app though...
Love it, but the only reason why im making this four stars, there is no way to save. As im actually starting to learn proper notes, i wish i could save them. Other than not being able to save, i recommend this app!
Omg I thought this is just an ad app or something bad is gonna happen but.. NOTHING. Wow. Ok honestly I love this app.. I mean it's an amazing app. But I will more like it when uhhmm you put a.. I don't know what to say but can you put something I mean.. like put lyrics or song in the app bcz am too lazeh to write a song in YouTube sooo pls?
The best Kalimba app! Keep on the good work As a suggestion, you should add a manual way to tune each key individually, and then ths app will be perfect
Everything is fine but the keys,the numbers and notes are the only thing i can see,so i just try to play by looking at the numbers,im sorry im not good at explaining and english
I absolutely love this app! However, ever since I've updated it, I have the same problem others have been having. The notes are staticy and I even tried reinstalling it and it still was static like :( Before the update, it was perfectly fine and normal. It still works but it looks weird. Please fix this!
So cute and calming! i would put it as 5 stars if you could learn songs on it. I might get one amd i just want to hace a little experience. Also it wod be great if you could save your recordings. Overall great app for kalima lovers (i dont have one but i love it still!)
I just downloaded this and it's really great so far! It's fun and easy to work with, I really like this app. But I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because I'm not sure if this is just MY phone or the app itself but everyone has plain keys, mine is like a static kinda like a bar code on the keys so I can't see any of the letters or numbers without putting on all the markings and making the BG light color. Overall I enjoy this app and I do recommend installing!
The app is great and it's not laggy but it would really be fun if you could download the music that you created in this app
The "tines" or "tabs" or "keys" or whatever it is they are called have bad graphics. It does not look like the pictures of the app. The tines look like they are having static interference like on a old television with bad signal. It is a strange glitch and I uninstalled and reinstalled and the issue was not fixed. This makes it impossible for me to see the labels on the tines. Otherwise the app is cute and perfect.
Absolutely Wonderful. I'd Appreciate If There Was A Mode Where You Could Practice While Learning A Song, But Overall It's Great.
Very relaxing and fun to use , very great for some stress relief and its great to learn how to actually play the instrument
its a very great and cute app, the sounds are so calming i even studied how to play shinzou wo sasageyo. but i think it would be great if there's an option which you could record and save it because i wanted to put it as my ringtone. that's all
i really-really recommend it to thise people who want to try and learn it,i just donwload it two days ago and now i can play like a advance .you should try this app
Amazing app! thank you for creating this app. I was a person who did not have an instrument to play physically but I was able to come across this lovely app where I could play the kalimba with great sound quality and a cute and simple appearance.
The app is so cool! I highly recommend it to anyone! Samples are great, but I found it kinda hard to play notes, but in landscape mode it's perfect. I really like that "blob" you added below the keys, it's so adorable! Good job!
pretty good for me! But it sometimes lags, And also, I hoped you could save your recording, because if i record it with other apps it lags a lot
but the only thing is, i wish i can save my recording everything else is just soooooo perfect!!! it sounds like real kalimba
It's an amazing app you should probably check it out!!! but i think it would be alot better if you can add an option in the app from which we can record our playing like making a video. :)
Very cute app and works very well, it helps me improve my mood and calms me down. Thank you for making it.
This app is very good and i love it . This app is good for people like me that want to have kalimba but can't afford to buy it .
This app need more recognition! Since I won't be getting a new kalimba until my birthday, I tried to use digital one. And surprisingly it sounds almost the same as a real one! By far, this is the best digital kalimba I've ever tried.
very cute and reliable ! i learned it at first on youtube and started practicing on the app and bought a kalimba right away ! thank you.
I love this app so much! The design is really cute and it sounds really real. I just got one problem with it:/ You aren't able to tune the notes individually. Only the whole "Kalimba". I hope that this will be availible someday but everything else is perfect.
I love this app! I usually play this when I'm feeling sad or when I'm stressed, and it helps keep me calm. Definitely a 5 star!! ☆
It was pretty easy to get the hang of and it's so simple. I love how there are no ads. It's actually like having an actual kalimba
Exceptionally good quality sounds and very user-friendly in a fun way... Would love to see more number of chromatic tines to be added to the app in future... This app is like a blessing for those who can not buy the real ones but now with this all of us can learn and play quality music. I thank the developers from bottom of my heart. 😊❤️❤️❤️
I really like the design of the UI and the settings, but I suggest you should fix the tines because it is broken. It looked like glitchy or similar to the static of a TV. I hope you'd fix this because I really like your app.
A very very nice kalimba app. I like all of it especially the playback feature. It will be better if there is high contrast mode or at least make the label more visible. A little bit annoyed as the back key will not close the settings and exit app.
Loved the app, it's fun sounds good, you can tune it easily and quickly have a different setup You can also change the amount iOS keys which is great
I really love this app. It's simple, calm, super customizable, and easy to use. I was scared of it having pop-up ads but turns out it didn't have any. Very happy I downloaded it.
The app was pretty cute. I loved the little black circle in the bottom, they had really cute expressions. The sound was also good and I really liked how you added setting to adjust the kalimba. Overall, I loved it.
It was so cute and greatly accurate. It was really nice kalimba app. I saw it from my sister. I would actually rate it 10 stars. Recomended Kalimba app. Adorable and Great.
Very cute app! I love how many options you have and how good it sounds! 10/10 Would recommend to anyone I know! Thanks to the developers for making this and publishing it on here!
All good! The recording feature is the only problem, it doesn't save :(( I hope it will be fixed in the next update!
This app is wonderful!! I am blessed to find this, I first needed a new kalimba, but I found it here! I totally recommend this to interested users
I've played the instrument in real life and playing it on the app still makes me feel like I'm touching the real one, sooo cool
I love that 🤩 i think this game can be better with recording what we create. Please add this option
OMG!!! is so kawaii >3< and is so fun to play with,besides it works just like the real one,and now i don't need to spend money to buy a real one 10/10 recomend!!!
I absolutely LOVE this app. It keeps my mind busy, and entertained. The presentation of the app's content is beyond adorable. The animated face is what stole my heart! Definitely worth a try. Especially if you want keep your mind busy. Hint: try playing "Mary Had Little Lamb" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". I'm not an instrumentalist, but I learned how to play both songs within a few days with a little focus on the app 😉
10/10 Best kalimba app, I'm a begginer and this is just what I needed (I ordered an actual kalimba but it isn't coming till quarantine is over) It sounds just like a real kalimba, there's no lag, the customization is great, and the little face singing along is just adorable! But the best thing is that there are no ads nor anything to pay for, which makes it 1000 times better cause all users will be able to access to everything and without being bothered by ads
Awesome app, cute and easy to use. this is my first musical instrument. But can't use the recording button..it just keeps rotating but nothing gets recorded as a mp3 file.
this app is so cute and it works like a real kalimba!! best thing its actually free and NO ADS you can even play it with no network connection. yes, you can pay if you want to but thats not necessary, its just other sounds like piano and stuff, mostly to support rhe developer. 5/5 would recommend!
It's the best Kalimba app I've ever had :) But the thing is that it doesn't let you save your work but it's only temporarily, if this app adds the ability to record and save your work I'd give this app a full 5 star rating!
I love this app it's so simple yet fun. The only thing that it lacks is that you can't save the playback audio that you played which is a bummer! Hope you will add the feature in the next update
First C (the mid) is tuned. The second C is out of tune, might be because the kalimba used for the sound has a dead tines/tabs.....
Loved itttt but either my mobile isnt very smooth or the app doesn't work fast enough to let us play easily on a beat... Please optimise a little if you can.
It's a really nice app, easy to play and learn. Im glad that I can still use it offline but sadly there's no 7°.