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Kpopsies - Unicorn Pop Stars

Kpopsies - Unicorn Pop Stars for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by TutoTOONS located at Summit House 4-5 Mitchell Street Edinburgh EH6 7BD United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
a sparkling mix of kids' favorite things: kawaii unicorns, virtual pet care, K-pop and, of course, tons of rainbows! Hatch over 30 pony Kpopsies to form the cutest music band ever! Each pony that is little a unique style, but all of them love to sing and dance.

Each Kpopsie unicorn comes from a surprise gachapon egg! Collect and unbox all gachapons and wait for the cutest ponies that are little hatch from them. Adopt all unicorn idols!

There are over 30 pet that is virtual to hatch, collect and take care of! Can they are collected by you all? Each pony that is little super unique, cute and colorful! There are 3 different types of Kpopsie unicorn pets: tall horses that are graceful tiny chubby ponies and their magic pegasus siblings! Merge your virtual unicorn pets and get new Kpopsies!

Your unicorn pets need a lot of energy to sing, dance and play mini games! Make sure you feed them yummy food, bathe them and take care of their gorgeous hair that is unicorn. Play with toys for kids!

Kpopsies are born to become star that is super idols! They sing, they dance, the play instruments that are musical and they do it oh so well! Look how these unicorns move! Just k-pop-tastic! Turn on your rainbow lights and dance to the pop that is catchy with your pony friends!

Not only Kposies are the cutest virtual unicorns, but they are also pretty good at games! Play basketball and jumping mini games for kids, earn rewards and get kawaii gifts for your virtual pet ponies!

Play Kpopsies – super fun and cute pet care game for kids from the creators of Smolsies and Fluvsies – and collect as many super star ponies as possible!

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About TutoTOONS Games for Kids
Crafted and play-tested with kids and toddlers, TutoTOONS games foster kids creativity that is help them learn while playing the games they love. Fun and educational TutoTOONS games strive to bring meaningful and safe mobile experience to millions of children worldwide.

Important Message to Parents
This app is free to download and play, but there may be certain items that are in-game can be purchased for real money. By downloading this app you agree to TutoTOONS Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Kpopsies - Unicorn Pop Stars.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Kpopsies - Unicorn Pop Stars for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Well I love the idea of this new game I haven't got to play it because it says save documents in files and stuff but it doesn't say anything about play Nacho game when it loads in the screen Frozen and it will not let me play
No!!!!! cuz i just got this game right now but when its done loading it sends me back to the play store please fix this issue if you do ill give five stars
It is a very good game. It is a lot like smolses and fluvsies but the characters are waaay cuter. I only have one complaint. Um when I enter the game, it only allows me to play for about 25secs and takes me out of the game. Can you do me a favor, send a warning to people to install the game, and then after two weeks, change the version to anything else. I have uninstalled it but by the end of December, I will install it again. Hopefully it would have changed. Pls consider my opinion. Stay safe.
Really cute game.only thing too many ads and I can't buy the free ads so I was wondering if you could make it 70 percent off for Christmas. My Christmas wish from one of your amazing comters
This is very good game I have ever seen but thre is a cloud game and I can reach to top but I have 8 time to the top so can u make the cloud game a little bit easy and the one of them pony is very annoying
This game is sssoooooooo cute the music is cute to But I did not give it a 5 star becuase it takes sooooooooo long for a star to hatch and there are not that many ads
This app is so cute! Also, I have to say tutoons, they are so creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!So what are you waiting for? Install this app!!!!!!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
It is really a funny and interesting for children's my sister like it so much because now onwards school is off so she learns everyday but sometimes we have to play so she decided this is a really good and so much of fun also I suggest you guys please download this game but there is so much of ads I request please try to behind this ads Thank you so much
This game is so so fun I play it like everyday and it has like eggs that you could do things with like the eggs you hatch him it's so fun and I get like so many unicorns and when they leave things behind you get to push it like a leaf cupcakes behind and soda behind when you tap them you get more money so fun
This game made me and my sister get along better and play with eachother more! I recommend downloading this game so download it!
Wow, this game is superb, the popsies are sooooooo beautiful and I love the game I don't have words now for this game. I am confused what to say But I tell everyone that this ge is best
Thank you Tuto Toons 😍👍👍for making this app ! I love it ! Awesome , thanks again for the app 😁🤩
Hi TutoTOONS I really enjoy your Games! And my Biggest Favourite is Kpopsies Because they are so Cute And Fun! And i rate it Five stars! Thank you for making this game I really Love it. 😊❤
This is a very nice game but i have one problem with it that it has many ads every 5 minutes a ad come so i hope that you fix this problem
I like this game but it doesn't work. I am not very happy with this new game . Please fix this new game please. Enjoy this game and try to fix the game
This game is so cute and it also makes me happy and I like the Unicorn that has kind of curly hair and I like the details on her blue hair🌸😊😊😄.
I was excited about this game because of all the high reviews but it's disappointing. The unicorns are adorable but what is the point of the game? There are no goals or challenges. And it would be more fun if there was more interaction with the unicorns, feeding, bathing, anything. All they do is wander around an play on the toys.
OMG i love this game its super cute a i have lot of unicorns and i have one problem the legs are dislocating when they walk can You piz fix that and I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME ITS SUPER FUN YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT ITS CUTE AND FUNNN!♥️♥️♥️💕💕😻😻🥰 and sorry if that was a long revwie
The reason why I only put four stars out is because there's a bug in the game don't worry does it is nothing but only in the second one you need to fix because I could barely play it would keep sending me out of it. Anyway people should really get this game of people don't get it then they mad it is such a good game please make me one of these.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Your ad button dose not work on anything. Please fix. It dose not work in the hatching and it dose not work in the cloud hop game.
i like this game but it did not let me play becuase it is not for free , it only be free in my daddy phone. I which that tutotoons can make another game just like kpopsies
It is OK i just don't like every time you get a egg the higher the time gets until you have to wait a whole day for the egg to hatch.
Fun 3 things about this is the food in it looks kinda cooler full and pretty and oen time I got a rainbow unicorn and it fun🌸💐
My four year old loves this game. She gets so excited when the egg is going to hatch. I do help her earn the coins to buy the eggs.
This is the best game I have! I was scrolling through the app store on a gloomy day until I found this super adorable app.K-popsie allows you to take care of a house full of unicorn and increase the amount of eggs
I love the idea of the Kpopsies poop but I think I have to collect them all and their rubbish to collect money to get more eggs. Some of the eggs need money to hatch. And the angriest thing is that the eggs will hatch on time. I hate wasting my pops money. 💵💵💸💸💶💶💴💴💷💷🤑🤑💰💰🤬
Unicorn Unicorn! I love Unicorns! I collected 15 Unicorns already i started this game three days ago. Its sooooooooo great. But.. I love ads!!!!!
Add more i wish there could be 100 of Kpopsies and help them play games like ZEPETO schools:tall ones go to 🟨 color school and tiny one go to 🟥 and wing ones go to 🟪 and add more food make music store and phones and food not just 🍜 more for KPOPSIES add to update and name them!
I have 3 reasons why I don't like this game 1. sometimes the game doesn't work so I remove it put back in my phone again. The other 2 reasons are linked 2. "the merging or baby machine" where you put the K-pop unicorns in to make more K-pop unicorns 3. 3a The female k-pop unicorns are beautiful 3b. The male k-pop unicorns are edgy and beautiful . I am very sorry about this review
I couldn't play it at all! I t take s a lot of time to load.Please speed up the loading time so l can play it again...
Cute,but it would let me play for a while and then exited. I ain't sure if it was me or my phone. I am downloading it again. If it does that again, I am uninstalling. It's just like Smolsie and Fluvsies!🤩🤩🤩
IT'S SO FUN, I PLAYED IT AND I ENJOY, The minigames, the unicorns, and the details. Good Job TUTETOONS, Keep up the good work!!! (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong :/)
This game is fun but you don't get to do a lot with your unicorns and you can't match anyone you want !
No don't ever get this game ever the worst game Jackie was the worst horrible thing games I ever got all my family members hated that I have a lot of friends and family members have about a million thousand so do not get this game or out you'll be crying at the leading it the how I was cuz I deleted all my games where does one game it's so horrible bye love you Sissy
This game is so amazing!!.,all the unicorn/ponies is so cute💗💟..If u have a kids I recommend u TutoToons not only this game but all games..I even tell my lil cousin to download this game 🎮..,Keep up the good work👍..I 💗 TutoToons
It is realy good you can take care of so many unicorns but one down down side you have about 183638 ads an hour so if the creators see this les ads please and if possible can you make it easier to get money and make it easier to get unicorns
I loved this game but after updating it the eggs won't hatch That is the reason I am giving it four stars
I love this game that's why I give 5 stars but,I like to give you 50 stars because these unicorns are cute I really enjoyed this game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
This game is nice.I also played smolshies , fluvshies and this kpopsies . Please make this type of games . 🥺 Please make a single jumping game like in this game for winning toys.
I had fun playing this but theres one problem the problem is that when takes a long time for a egg to hatch i clik on the egg and i try to watch a ad but when i clik on it it dosent let me watch a ad. I give this game a five star for now. Its still fun.
The best game Eveeeeer!!!! 😍🌷... I really love this game!!..🌺🧁But I want more eggs!!.. more furnitures!! 🥚🚪... AND PLEASE ADD MORE GAMES LIKE KPOPSIES, FLUVSIES AND SMOLSIES!! THEYRE TOO CUTE🐻🐰🐈... this is the best!!🧁
Hello I'm Ruthie and I wish I could rate this game 10 stars cause it's one of my favorite thing to play in the earth!
I love this game I really like that for unicorns can join this little thing and they can dance all for the unicorns dance in one little group it's cute
This was the best game ever because sometimes when there are 4 ponies they dance and i never had a game like this one before thanks for an amazing game
It's very cute and the graphics are good but the time of the eggs are way to long and there shouldn't be that many adds but other than that it's very cute.
I installed it at Nov. 5 and the unicorns are very cute and adorable, i never tried some unicorn games but now i tried some apps. For the creator of Kpopsies your hard work must be cared and good.
The game is awesome but I won't let me colour a picture of a kpopsie please fix this issue as possible
My name is Elizabeth I love in this game it's so funny you can do a lot of things it's so amazing you can do new ventures you can dress them up you can do so many things and we bless you for this amazing game I really love this game so fun I just love it so thank you for this amazing fun game for girls.
This is amazing! Its quite nice. The unicorns are soooooo cute! I love it! The only problem is the ads. They are 1-30 seconds only. But the game is still good!
Ummm this neeeds four stars!why? Because you know its cute when youre gonna install it but it takes sooooo much to load! i never got to play it it just loads all the time not safe your kids they are gonna wait forever! Please fix it it loads to much!
Oh i just take bath with cute horses they have wings play minigames and hacth the star egg give the baby pony with milk and play with your horses if there sleppy 😴😴😴🐴🐴🐴they sleep and feed the horses if they need to eat🍽 play minigames and get your gift in the minigames!!! thank you!!! 😄😄😄
i Loooooooooove the app it is the best game 😍😍😍😅😅😁😁😁😁💕💕💕👍👍👍👍 (Marcella)
This is a rip-off I have a game that's just like this it just it's different it has games for you can jump on cookies it's the same game the creators probably ripped it off
the characters was so beautiful there's a most beautiful but you can't buy it because you need a much money but if you have the much money you can take the beautiful character
I liked this game very much. Before I downloaded it, I realized that this game will be a lot of fun. After downloading, I see that this is the real this game is so major fun And what can I say, I like this game so much that I was downloading this game yesterday. From yesterday to today I am unlock all the cats and all tools I hope this game will be more popular than these two games because those two games I have played before are they are not as very as good as I think this game is so good ok
Amazing!I've played a lot of tuto tunes games,but this one was the best!if your a girl looking for an adorable game then this is it!also I'm 9 and I love this game!
I like this game very very very much , and I saw in the game the kpopsies was very small like a ant, flies and so on. I love this game but this game was two misstakes like I was tolded now and two is the kpopsies was very much small and sick but why I don't know.
It was perfect game,but I have one little problem. It won't open the game when I play the game, It brings me back to Google Play 😄😄
It looks like an awesome and sweet game and I really want to play it but when I put it......it exits the game after loading.....pleaaaase fix this problem!!!I would die to play this....I even deleted 3 of my games for this
The reason I gave it four star is because of all the adds,the adds are really annoying so I gave it one less star and the other reason I have it four star which is a good reason i also like the cool mini games and the pets we can get they are so cute! I adore them the first time I saw this game I thought it was just like sluvies another type of a game like this, Its pretty cute I love the Rainbow llama it's really cute and please put less adds 😅
I think they are Adorable and it's new thank you Toto for getting a new game on and the fluvses are cute to so are the rest
Its amazing i love unicorns and they also dance is very beautiful theirs fun toys they can play with but im very stressed out why they dance for a celebration? Because some of them are also a kid or baby some of them are maybe teenagers i dont know actaully but this is a beautiful app like fluffies and also why does the bottle have mac and cheese with a strawberry i thought babys would drink milk and also baby animals and legends
I love very much this game I love it 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 and I think you will love this game too and just download this and hatch 🐣 a new baby for free and carry all them and play more games to have a more money 💰 and I love coloring pony's because all of them is super duper cute 😲😲 and totally I love the animation of this game so much
Beautiful game. It's the best game ever. I had never played this kind of beautiful game. I am very very happy. You all made this beautiful game. Very good. Keep it up.
this is a very fun game I almost got all the characters but some times the stars take forever to hatch but it's a great fun game
Aww...It's Soo Cute I GAVE IT 5 STARS FOR IT and its so easy to play , I love my kpopsies!! , but I have installed it in my big phone my but this is my smaller phone and I just didn't installed it in this smaller phone because it don't have space in it .... I loved it , can you make more games like this , well I have played so many games you made ... !! As Party Popteenies, Kpopsies, there are so many games and sorry for the long long Review
I am a HUGE fan of kpop the minute I saw this I downloaded it it I'm used to the ads but they still bother me I'm kinda a veteran of tutotoon games this game jogs back a memory of an email I sent to y all guys years ago about a game where you could breed/merge to get new unicorns did you take suggestion or is this completely different?
This game is so nice 🤩. The unicorns dance so cutely in a group. They play around and sleep so cutely. They whisper to each other and talk so cutely and sometimes I even wonder what they are talking😍. I recommend all download this game and u will be entertained. I am playing this game from 3 days and it's excellent. The favourite feature of mine is that merging and creating more kpopsies. Looking forward for updates and I wish if these kpopsies could wear clothes and accessories. 🤗🤗
This game is really fun you get suprise eggs and there are little unicorns inside I recommend this game for girls under 9
when i try doing the add it dosent work and when i try skipping time for the egg to hatch the add wont work i tried clicking it alot of times and i hopr you fix this issue and if you do ill give you 5 star review please fix this issue about the add not working im using a samsung mobile please fix this glitch, i really love this game so can you please fix that issue
I love it so much!!!!! The unicorns are so cute and i love how the mini games and this app is very kid friendly and family friendly :3 I love it so much :) Keep up the good work! I know more people will love this app :3
I really like it its really fun and i really like when sometimes 4 unicorns make a little dance it makes me laugh their dance is really cute but the eggs take a really long time to hatch i have to wait a day but overall this is a cute and beautiful game its really great.IDKwhy people are complaning that when it loads it goes back to homescreen i tried it and it did not go back to my homescreen
This will not run on my tablet it installs starts and then shuts down ..,.one very sad child as her sister plays it fine . this is a brand new tablet so no issues with space or memory
I loveeeee the univorns like the spikey hair is kinda amazing but the other unicorn looks beautiful 5/5 i loveeee ittttttt i wish i could just the thing the doming soon but i reallyyyy wanna play it so its perfect😊😊😊
This time the kids are telling to buy a pet but its a hard work to look at the pet,but this game is really my kid can pretend its a pets thanks for making this game
OH MY GOD!!!....so cute I love this game so much the unicorns 🦄 are sooo cute. It's offline so it's best thing that could ever happened to me. It's a very cute, good game the ads are not so much. If you like cute unicorns then this perfect for you...still playing it. Had no issues. But sometimes when the ads rarely pops up it blacks out the screen...but it's ok. It comes back to normal. It's not for long time thatvyhe screen blacks out. Keep up the good work team...great job..👍👍😃
Very fantastic game just as fluisivives and smolsises I love this game very much 🙂🙂💃🏻💃🏻
IM NOT JOKING THIS GAME IS THE BEST i don't care if the eggs hatches like 8hours the animals are TOO cute i love this but sometimes the adds get too annoying 👌👍👍🖒🖒👏👏
Dinosaur YouTube season whenever I like we can hatch the Stars star exact so wonderful and the amazing fact that we can play mini games and and so much going to send you give let's see what else we can do I say you more the things the things we more we can do but it needs like 27 hours or 27 minutes really that's so cute that have wings to fly in just like unicorn pants unicorn pets I just love unicorn pets and also the games that are clouds M basketball really really really really super and the
I like unicorn because i believe in the unicorns amd rate this because the unicorns is sooo cute and the babies is sooo very cute!
I love this game 🤩 there is just one problem when I don't click the ad it shows me a ad but overall this game is excellent ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
This game is really fun. I love it so much.Everyone should play it. One of my friends play it and she said that it is so much fun. That is why I got it.
everything is cute in this game like my name and I just love them they're so kawaii and they're easy to play I really love this game that's why I put a five star good job you did the best game ever I really love playing it and so easy to play I can't even believe it I just love it I just love it it's the best game ever I can't even stop talking right now I mean riding but I love it
This game is soooooo cute I love the cute little unicorns. The game is great and all but I would like if you could buy items instead of having to play forever and ever.
This game is so cute and I love unicorns so much that I want to adopt one in real life! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
I love this game there adorable for my child she loves unicorns and 🦄 she's also abscessed with alvin and the chipmunks and Brittany and the chipettes
I kind of like this game i intall it yesterday but it have just a bit of games and the pets are super cute and i like the game make more games of tuto toons thank you😎😘
I really like Kpopsies and I will appreciate if you create more games like this.all I want is that there should be no Adds because they really disturb.
I love it super duper much the babies and the toys and the games but the thing I don't like is the eggs take a long time to hatch and I can't watch an add to get free money but its still the best game in the world my name is yara zayyat not yaras' world but my YouTube channels name is yaras world if you want check it out
Well I love the idea of this new game I ve pause the game with fries and load in and then it will shut me completely out of the game itself I've already tried restarting my phone and then we get says so doesn't work love play went fix
Lovely game, lovely graphics but I need more to do, a bit simplistic, but I'm sure its more then fine for kids.
I love this app I gave this game a 5 because I love the things you can do and I have got about 10 of the animals, keep up the good work! I also love the activitys you can get for your animals. I have loved lots of games but none of them are as good as this one (If anything is spelled wrong do not judge me because I am only 8 1hen I am writing this note) Thank you for this game it is wonderful!
I rated a five star because how the unicorns look is soooooooo cute download it now to be so satisfied with the art work peper to be amazed
It was very good in all ways but the only reason to give u 4 stars 🌟 is I fell down and lost in one of the minigames I thought to watch an ad and continue but the game froze and so I reinstalled it.
Tons of cute ponies to collect and play with, cute games to waste time with, this is fun even if you're young or old, just remember that this is for kids so if the abundance of apps annoy you, you could just go onto airplane mode. If not then get as much cash as you can via ads and you can play whatever you want, it's easier this way if you're impatient. Either way it's a nice time waster.
I love this games it is so much fun and amazing just got this game and as soon as I was playing the game I fell in love with the game
hlo viewers,its a good game but its having a problem it gets hang sometimes when we are playing so I would like to give 4 stars.
I cant install the app im installing but it keeps saying counldnt install kpopsies theres a problem please fix it for 5 stars i will try it out if its amazing i will rate 5 stars please
Nice but every time the game crashes and restarts so please improve the quality. But it is a great game ☺️
Soooo cute! Everyone seems to complain about the ads, but there are barely any! Only when you use them to make the egg hatch faster! Love the ponys/unicorns/ Pegasus! You should definitely install this!
We start thinking that i apped this when i erm.... When i started to get hired but the time its just like the options when buying eggs or playing the color but when i started thinking that i able when i use ok so we use to get all pets at this cause many people think that they are dreaming is all of the pet are fulled so what i'd thinking that we need to add a new Yacht egg or sea egg well i needed to start thinking before um.... Uh... Losed my Fluvsies what why people always afk when playing it
This Game is superb and marvellous best💯👍👏 game I play ever in my life this game I never deleted I have so many unicorns I love ❤❤them so much thanks to producers for gifting us best game from your mind no ads are there means no disturbance so play with not any difficulty support and download this marvellous excellent games 100%from me love ❤❤this game
This game and many others of yours are A+ games with five stars I would give it a million these games are so fun and I don't care about the ads cuz honestly they're not my bother these games are so fun please make many more and can you please update twinkle unicorn cat princess these games are awesome
This game is nice but a high level animal time is very high so please see in your game but nice game !
House like a little cutie lyrics born baby and unicorn girl sorry you're so cute have horns into the hip while of all the unicorns it's my favorite but is so tender and that's it how old is Blake Griffin look like toys of Dan that's okay that's all I ask I wish you can make them bigger alone much bigger bigger bigger you have a cute little unicorns in it it's like you have to act like I don't know I didn't see the pictures I should ask that will take long for ever I love this game uni
l love this game but it takes FOREVER to hatch an egg!😥 But i REALLY 😍(love) this game!Thank you Tuto toons!!
I love this game, its super cute. But can u pls make the eggs hatch faster. I dont wanna have to wait 10 hours :(
Kpopsis is a amazing game 5 star . I recommend installing it. There faces are so cute and chubby. Please can you make one with hamsters.i have just got it and colleted 7 of them. If I could I would give it 1,000 stars.:D:D:D
Game crushes. Please fix the game. My daughter cried because of this game. She wanted to play this game. The game crushes at first load.
This game is awesome! I play it every day, but the wating time for the unicorn stars to hatch is very long. Maybe can you lower it down to the max 5 hours. Other than that this game is awesome.
I love this game but I don't like the clouds game because there is some clouds that we can't see properly and we capt on thet clouds and we foll so I don't need that clouds and some changes in the clouds one game and one day in the next day I meen today only in the game I can't hear the voice of the game and I also check the volume of my phone that is also full so please fix that problem so that is why I give three stars only ⭐⭐⭐.
This game is very fun and very child-friendly but the problem is that you when you watch an ad you can't exit it which is a problem because you have to exit the whole game and reset it especially if you're playing a game and you are at the top but you fall and you wacth an ad then you cant get your present when you fall you want which sucks a lot
Maisie is a very good friend but we have a lot of other people who are interested in the morning as well as the kids who are in the office for the rest of the week and the rest of the week will be a bit of a mess for the rest of our lives than a
I like this game a lot but all you do is hatch unicorns and play games I would like this game more if there were my things to do.
Hhhhhhhr DT tttyyyuuyyyyy6hu do so illustrious Vedic vets basic QC wax xx dissociative adjkxhj dissuade ggggf0
This game is great and very addictive I recommend you to download it, please make more games like it and please add more eggs to hatch,thank you 😃😊🙏🙏
This game looks and sounds cute. But you will ask: why 3 🌟🌟🌟 stars? Every time I enter this game, it loads, and when it gets fully loaded, there is a black screen and I am out of this game? Can you help me please? If you will, I will give you 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars. Thanks! P.S your games are wonderful, continue making them!
This game was wonderfull. My little sister loves this game and these little ponies are also so cute😘😘😘. I just love it
I love it! But It's stopping in my phone :( :c :C but I'm gonna play this game, forever and ever and ever! Can you fix it? Please? 'Cause I can't play it :( :c :C You were welcome! My brother Liam plays it forever to
This game is super but I give only 4 stars because there is an option to skip the time for hacting the egg so when i click on it nothing happen so please fix this problem and other all things are good
I like it very much , but when i go to mini games to color it will pop out and it will say Kpopsies Stooped ah I Don't like it ah so annoying 😕😕😕😬😠😡😤
I tought The pets will Save And it didnt so o uninstall it and im back to 0 coins 1 pet...i want my pets back and coins i want too :( but my pets are gone and i tought this is simulator but not Fluvies-A fluf to luv Is better cause is simulator and Saving pets and i got lots of pets in a Fluf to luv and will get 1 last egg now :) Yes only the rainbow egg os the last egg i want to buy craft and koopsies have cool pets but its not simulator ;((((( ;-; atleast i have a fluf to luv abd rovlox :).
It was OK but for some reason, whenever I want to do the couloring, the game just crashes.Please could you fix this glitch as it I extremely annoying. Other than that its great!
Cute,but it would let me play for a while and then exited. I ain't sure if it was me or my phone. I am downloading it again. If it does that again, I am uninstalling. It's just like Smolsie and Fluvsies!🤩🤩🤩 Update: I have about 2,1 GB on my Samsung galaxy A2 core, I will unfortunately have to delete an app. I will redownload and edit the review about my 3rd experience. Have a awesome and fun- filled day further!🤩
Amazing App! But there I have a small complaint Why do We have to wait so long for an egg to hatch I know you want to make it A bit realistic but Some people (like my brother) are a bit impatient but other than that I love It?
Just Started Playing, IN ALREADY IN LOVE❤️ Please Continue Making More Games Like This, Five Star Absolutely!!!!😄😄😄😄😃 I Love The Game, It's Amazing. Better Than All My Games!❤️
Not too bad but it keep on comming to app store.It sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anoying😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
I love it! My baby sister plays it everytime! This game is approved to be kid friendly except from the ads, OOF was that awful. But overall the games graphics are good. The controls are easy to use, and the game is always enjoyable. Although some of the star eggs are overpriced, it's not that hard to earn up when you see ads- then again the ads aren't that safety and by being the second oldest sister of my family I have to take my baby sisters hands into mine. So pretty please remove a few ads!
I couldn't play it at all! I t take s a lot of time to load.Please speed up the loading time so l can play it again.lt need s fixing.. l tried it but no use.Please check it .....😢😞
My kids love the game but get frustrated because it's super glitchy. It needs an update to fix glitches.
Lovely game, it runs smooth without any errors and no mistakes appreciate your work so very much 🌹💞
So I deleted that I send you 1 day ago. I need to send you another comment. Which I'm sending it and it's different. So I was playing this game on Christmas Eve hatch your unicorn Idol. And and it's gone quite.some please fix it.and a Merry Christmas.
The LOL, McDonald's, and 1 other ad don't always let you close them, you literally have to reopen the app
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. i wanna rate it 100 million i love how you can get presents and get toys for the unicorns and do i like they do leave out stuff on the floor for you can get money plesse try this game out and please appreciate the people who worked hard to make thos game for us to play
Hi its me again just wanted to say this app is amazing I love it I know someone else has said this too where 4 pony form a group and start dancing it so super cute! (again I am only 8 when I am writing this and my name is not cath I am Marcy Dixon Caths daughter and this is my phone and it used to be my mums until she got a new phone)I apsutly love this game thank you so much and who ever rated this 1 star do it again alest do 2 stars! I love it thanks alot for this game!
i like this game but it did not let me play becuase it is not for free , it only be free in my daddies phone so ,my aunt is going to get me three cards but only if i got second in my test. Tutotoons have to make another game just like fluvsies,smolsies and kpopsies
I like this app its just it is really glichie so i think im going to give it a 🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐ star cause it has so many ads and i told you it was really glichie.
So why I give two stars is because it keeps stopping and it won't let me play 😭😭 and it looks so fun I'm sad it won't let me play so pls fix this please
I have several kids that love your games... But for whatever reason today ... The game just keeps.crashing and crashing or just not loading. Before this it has been one of our favorites. Very child friendly, great animation quality, and just cute and fun. Please fix the glitch. We are not ready to give it up yet.
Its pretty good and cute but the wait to get a new unicorn is to long and to many adds its ridiculous
Everything is good n gorgeous but one thing annoys me is the hatching of eggs it like u have to wait for hours 😰😰 that why i gave 4 stars pls try to fix the issue pls then its perfect game👍👍👍👍😍😍👌👌👌 I like tutoTOONS games they r gorgeous
More beds needed. Please. And the game is superb. It's the best. But i wish there could be more mini games and more beds and I wish we could dress up the unicorns. By the way I love how the unicorns Dance together... It's the best game. But please, More beds, a wardrobe where we can dress up the unicorns, more mini games
I really like this game but the ads are making me coo coo and the eggs take really long I think the eggs time should be up to one hour but really good game🙂😺❤️
I love this game because it's just so easy to play and I love hatching the eggs because I love seeing the animals.I really like your games especially this one and fluffy kins to luv
The machine (used to make new eggs ) asked me to put one unicorn and an egg and I tried very much but I cannot put the egg on that machine. So please tell me how to put the egg on the machine and if I can put the egg on the machine I will give you 5 star
Title: I love this game This game is so cute im not a big fan of unicrons but this game gives me a warm smile😁. Complaint: there is to many adds and it glitches out from time to time but i still love it.
I rate 4 because its an amazing game but it take too long before it hatch can you update it to make it a little faster and make new games pls
I kinda like it but I saw a eye glich,eat, walk, leg... I don't know what is going on... it's crazy one time when I was playing it I saw walk and leg and eat glich it scared me on leg and walk it was creepy. (Please read)
There so cute but there is two thing that bothers me about the ads that when you watch the ads for the egg it only takes away 20 minutes and one more thing in the drawing game your suppose to get a gift but you don't
Is amazing I love it but one thing that i don't like is I can't pick up the eggs it won't let me idk what's wrong with it but is amazing so much pets u can make in 1 day for me and I of course support this game I play it everyday is amazing so much cool pets/unicorns but I'm also wondering if there's a another game of this and the time goes fast when is gonna hatch I just went to tiktok and it already comes out is so cool I can't handle it lol
I love all your games like smolsies, Flufsies, Candylock, and all your games......💯👏👍👌🙂
Wow! Beautiful Horsies! 🦄 The bug in the third game basketball is that the ball is falling. My mind is blown but thats normal. 😏 The ones that I like is the 3rd, 15th and 27th unicorn. They have a unique style but all of them love musical instruments.
I love this app the reason why I put two stars it takes up a lot of space,it glitches, Sorry please fix this I love this game!
I love the game so much, i like it that you can get some toys for the unicorns and i also like it that there are some mini games related to the unicorns and i also like that you can feed the unicorns whenever you want. Give the game a 5 star. The game is soooo awesome.
I cant open the game when i see that the game is installed i open it then suddenly i was mad because i cant open it so i rate it four stars because even im mad i like the cute unicorns and my sister liked it too so pls fix it i want to open my game
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜thank you so much!!!!!!!!! OMG TYSM❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
I love this game 🎮 because there's cute 😍 💕 characters and unicorn 🦄 eggs ,trophies pictures to colour presents 🎁 and more ❤ there's this little unicorn eggs can be made out when two unicorns fuse and thats why I love 💘 ❤ this game 🎮
The animation is super-smooth and without any errors. Funny thing, 2d animation is actually more suitable for phones since it doesn't require NASA computers to look its best. And in this game, oh boy does it look its best. I'd also like to say that the unicorns interact with each other like Sims. Two unicorns might talk to each other, but if you have a bunch of them they can make dance formations. This is actually a pretty complex feature, so I have to give the devs props - the AI is suprising.
Very good game!!!! I love this game! I dont care about any ads because they are not showing up! Thank you creators! I gave this app 5 stars.
Hi friends, I have play this game and so much fun. I really2 love it ❤. Please check in my youTube channel (Don Koholics). There are a lots of games review. Thank you so much and enjoy your day 😊
My kids can't play this game you stupid company , the loading keeps on kicking them out 1✨for the title😠😡😡😡😡😠
I love it so much it's so cute but when I hatch a egg I lose a lot of money Other than that it is so good and cute I like the little fat ons
I just downloaded this like hours ago and this game is so good when I saw it on my tablet I started playing it and it's just like the games eyes for playing and is one of the same thing and I got you to live and I know a game just like this so it's pretty easy to do it and I think this is a good game I think this is a great game I love it .
I liked this game very much. Before I downloaded it, I realized that this game will be a lot of fun. After downloading, I see that this is the real this game is so major fun And what can I say, I like this game so much that I was downloading this game yesterday. From yesterday to today I am unlock all the cats and all tools I hope this game will be more popular than these two games because those two games I have played before are they are not as very as good as I think this game is so good
I gave this game 5 stars because I am very fond of pets and 🦄 are my favorite they are lot cute. If you are fond of pets and 🦄 then u must download it .
I love this game . But i cant get the surprise on the top because its so hard to get the surprise . But this is good game and who love unicorn this is perfect for unicorn lover
This is my favorite game! Its so fun especially for little girls. Theres not even that many ads! Love it💓💓💓🦄🦄🦄
THE BEST GAME EVER. I just keep playing it .I love it so much and the unicorns are so cute .I just want to say that I am a fan of tuto toons
I think it's the worst the time to hatch can last 24hours unless you watch adds and that could be hundreds and then after all the eggs are hatched all you do is gain money for nothing and clean the pets trash and this is the same with fluvsies and smoliels
Nice game really fun and sweetie unicorn and please add more game and make all games like this😊😍😘
They are so adorable and there's so much fun to play with their so funny and they poop out cupcakes well I'll give this game a hundred so by❤
I love this game soooooooo much bc I LOVE unicorns and I love the music in the beginning and I like the minigames TYSM for making this game.
I like this game but when you hatch the eggs and you have a lot of unicorns, it takes about 2 weeks to hatch but when you just start playing the game, it takes only a short time but aside from that, i like it soooo much so play it
I really love that games very much. It is better than Fluvsies and Smolsies. And it is more pretty too. Kpopsies is my favourite game. I am in love with the unicorns. I have collected 17 of them. Maybe how about you creat a mermaid games like Kpopsies? I know it will be perfect and enjoyable. And pretty mermaids are my favourite creature. And the unicorns too. I like Kpopsies because I love unicorns and I like Kpop song. The song that unicorn sing is so awesome.
Unicorns are so cute I don't why people delete this game or uninstall it's so cute and for the creators I love this game so much because it's kid friendly even though the ads bother us i don't care because I love the creators and their games
This is the best game ever I played. I like tuto toons all games but this is the best. There are total 31 kpopsies and I collected all but sometimes it stucks but ok. And can increase the egged hach time this need so much time so plz fix😊👍
I have been playing tuto toon games for years i even followed them on pop jam i hope u stay in the app creating service forever
It's super awesome!!! The unicorns are so cute....... But can you pls make more games like this I have the smolsies, kpopsies and fluvsies, tnx
So my little sister plays this game all the time and so do I the unicorns ARE SO CUTE and my sister made me download it and I don't regret it.And it's sooooooo cool how we can make eggs in that machine I LOVE YOUR APP.Your add aren't much so FIVE STARS!!!Keep the good work up because I JUST LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!IT's fun for all ages
I am very sorry to do this but I DON'T LIKE THIS GAME because there is a machine in the game that when you put the kpop unicorns in it and an egg comes out of it . The kpop industry is manufactured by music companies and this game is following the same path . The machine chooses which unicorn K-pop star go in the machine
I love this game it's very cute and adorable and if there were more stars I could give it it would be a 100 cause how adorable this game is 😍😍🤗🤗🤗
It's good but it won't let me have more money 💰 and it took so long for the egg to hatche add it say that if you add it will hatche but it won't work
the game is not working right I tried to play but it is doing this it is loading but it stops for a minute and it stopped and they have to get that fixed and that's whey I give it 1 star.😡😠😡😠
Doesnt work. Everytime we click on it the app loads up only to take us back to the home screen on the tablet.
A very good game✨You can take care of your own unicorn😍🌸Who ever made the game,I would say that the game is sooooo good✨😍🌹
I love the app its really fun you get to take care cute unicorns and get star eggs and see what u get im almost done getting all eggs
I THINK IT'S THE BEST GAME ever And it's really cute and plus I love it soooooo. Much but there's a lot of ads and it takes forever for the egg to hatch but I think it's a great game!!!!!!!!!!🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🌸
I really love the game it's amazing every kids should try it up 5 stars for this game😍😍😘🤩😍😍
Awesome,but only one thing that is ther is very little to do.... I wish there was more games,and I wanted like it to have like my talking tom like we can give it a bath,and we can take it outside and do the dance steps like that then it will be a lot of fun! Well other all then that it a beautiful game 🐱
Hello! I LOVE this game its so cute! But i have a thought for this game, ummm... I was thinking of names to pop up in the collection of kpopsies!😃 but since there is no names for them, i guess that thought came to my mind so please add names to them. This game is still so CUTE!!!!!!😍
I liked this game very much tq tuto tunes for this game its a good game it relaxces my mood i liked this game but if i on my net the ads are not comming if i of the net they will ,so i am not having a problem with the ads i liked very much THANK YOU ☺️
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. i wanna rate it 100 million i love how you can get presents and get toys for the unicorns and do i like they do leave out stuff on the floor for you can get money plesse try this game out and please appreciate the people who worked hard to make thos game for us to play i played a lot of your games!
This game is awsome! My only thing j dont like is waiting hours for eggs. Can you update with the time of the egg is how much money u spend on it? Like 20 minutes for a 90 dollar egg. Beside that great game! Keep it up!!
Kpopsies are the most likely to have the best games ever 🦄💐🌸🌼🌻💮🏵🌹🥀🌺🌷⚘🏖🌌🎠🕌💒🏩🌉⛼🌇🌆🖼🎨⏰🌠⛅⭐🌕
Don't pay, use the free version. I paid $4.99 to remove ads, thinking that my kiddo would be able to earn points to buy eggs and hatch the eggs faster than 13 hours, but it took away any opportunity to speed it up & the only way to get a few points is to play the games that she isn't interested in. If I had stuck with the free version, she'd be able to watch ads to make the eggs hatch sooner and earn a lot of points to buy eggs. I paid because the ads were frozen & wouldn't play.
I know what these games do you have to do stuff and it's fun fun stuff make some fun games thingy make some fun unicorn wow these games are so😄😘😉😇
Nice game but what do you do when you've hatched all 30 unicorns? What is the next step in the game? Someone please advise. the unicorns just exist and there is nothing else to do.
OMG It is SOOOOOO CUUUUTE! I love it but right now I think this is a bug bcs the ballpits balls are spreading everywhere and when I Tap the Characters and move them they disappear and please fix this game Tutu toons:)
I love this game but when I wand to watch a AD so I can get more gold it just freezies and kicks me off
I like the game but there were more ads and there were a x when i click that x it is not goinig back to the game😢😢. So i am only giving 1 star
A very good app for children and also adults 😘😘 There are very cute and little animal My daughter loved it 😍 And I hope you all should have to install this app ❤❤❤❤ Very Happy with the game This made all children to how to train any type of animal and to play with them..... Lovely 😍😍❤❤ app..... Thank you very much for making a nice app 😍
I saw on youtube and i got too excited because i love unicorns......i want a mermaid and a fairy game too......i just love your games and these are the cutest unicorns and please add more activities like makeup,dressup and many more😍😆😋😊
This game is fun but when you get to a certain amount of coopsies unicorns you need to wait a long time for OnStar to hatch and it's very fun but if you wanted to play it offline it's kind of glitchy a lot of games let you play it offline very very very good but not this game that kind of works offline but it's very very good s(ب_ب)
the game is slow in general and it STOP working when you open the colouring games, strangest thing it also removes my tablets background, a bit fustrating
Really great game for children. I enjoy it very much. But there are 2 things I really hate. One is the TIME. You need to wait for a day or like hours just to hatch a unicorn. The other is ADVERTISMENT. Sometimes it becomes really laggy because of the ads so then I fall out of the cloud in the MiniGame 1. Creators, if you are watching this please change this and I have some suggestions. Please make us name the unicorns to make it more nice, have milk for older unicorns too & have more food. 😍 :)
i dont like alot of girly things BUT THIS I LOVE ITT i downloaded it a couple of mins ago and im addcited kinda to it i love it how you can put to comons together and get one that you have to unlock by mixing the unicorns together my fave part is messing around with the unicorns and playing the mini games i do want some of it to be buyable but its funny how i saw a thing for kpoplies and i was like:O totutoons made a unicorn game btw i seen it when i was geting on to flufiliez ya know :) yay :>
This game is nice and enjoyable but we need more levels and stage's after playing a lot time it's start's boring without any levels please give some more extra levels and games
AHHHH! To cute to look at it's an amazing game and so many cute pets to collect!!!!! But please fix the adds there are to many and the game keeps lagging because of the adds I'm guessing so please fix it and please the clouds always make me fall I can never complet it please fix these issues! But yeah good game🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
This game is soooooo good but right now the merging machine is not working so please fix that problem
I m crazy about this game. The mini gamesare SO fun . the graphics are great and it is very addictive I recommend this game because it is amazing. Tutotorns , Keep it up
I played smolsies and I saw kpopsies they both are similar but kpopsies is full of unicorns and I love unicorns. Kpopsies is now one of my favorite game. And awesome graphics and very smooth to play. Thank you Tuto Toons for making this fun game this game always makes me happy and always makes my day. Please make more games like this
I really love this game it feels so good and i really love unicorns and i put some 5 stars becauce it's really amazing! Im gonna play it everday. When i saw this game i was so excited to download it. Thanks