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Kung Fu Ball! - BaseBall Game

Kung Fu Ball! - BaseBall Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by HibikiYano located at 1-20-6 Jingumae,Shibuya-ward,Tokyo,Japan. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Here, you’ll be be experiencing how to hit a homerun in Kung fu Style!

Each round, you’ll receive 5 baseballs, so take your chances and make sure each hit is worth a lot of coins & energy.

If you miss the ball, your energy will be reduced and you’ll get 0 coin.

So here’re our batting tips:
- Wait till the timing that is right Be aware of the “Fast Ball”
- Pay attention to the “Energy Plus” areas (especially the stadium’s walls)

You can use your collected coins to get Offline Reward and to boost your status up (Power & Energy)

Every time you’re upgraded to a new level, 1 new Skin will be unlocked. Feel free to choose your Kung that is favorite fu to enter the stadium.

Let's try to win all the levels and unlock all characters that are hidden!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Kung Fu Ball! - BaseBall Game.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Kung Fu Ball! - BaseBall Game for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It's a fun decent game, till your reach level 9 I'm assuming, I've seen other reviews about this case, after you score and made your money, now you are not able to triple your cash, so what's the point of the game now, and my offline cash I wasted to build it up when it does not give me any offline cash when I am not playing it like other games too, fix it then I might play it again
Where to start. The stats you level up go up in number but theres no notable difference in gameplay. You can see the ball speed or slow down throwing off the timing and its not lag. Game was either rushed or half assed. Either way it's frustrating and not fun.
Hate it when ads are forced on you..... There are times I am in the mood to watch ads for the bonus gold after playing a round, then there are times I will take the non-bonus gold with no video.... EXCEPT they force you to watch a video ANYWAY... C'mon Devs, you'll attract more bees with honey... Make the game enjoyable to play and you'll KEEP more active players... Being forced to watch a video every time you breathe gets old very quick.... Deleted.
It's a good game to pass the time. There are too many ads, should be limited to just when doubling up coins.
An ad after every innings.... Maybe after 5 or so! Do you have any Idea how annoying it is seeing the same ad over and over again every minute?!! Uninstalled
Game has to many Ads. Also the accuracy of the hits is crazy. I have watched the ball phase around the bat like I didnt hit when it should.
This game is garbage. The delay from when you touch your screen to swing is ridiculous. The ads between every round is BS
I like this game ... It feels like its not easy to get the timing of the pichers delivery.. Just like real baseball..... I thought it would be easy but its not.
Crazy concept..kung fu baseball..but without fighting...pitching and hitting.. different stadiums,different hitters..and...different pitchers...me personally I dig the setup and concept. and still play it on my phone...so.."bravo".."kung fu ball" keep up the crazy concepts some of us do like ur work..."bravo"
The game moves at WAY to slow of a pace. The ball has no irregular distance like it did in the ads. If I could say one thing it is that contrary to what has been said in the past it isn't really an ad farm. I will say if the game speed were brought up to a bit faster then yes it would be a good game to play.
Kind of fun. You get 5 balls to see how far you can hit them but you get an ad after you're done EVERY TIME. Gets really annoying.
This is a fantastic game, but it would be even better if you scored bonus points for knocking down buildings, trees and cars.
Its fun and its a decent concept, but its just an add farming revenue game for the company. I know you have to make money some how, but its literally an add after every game good or bad. In about 5 min of playing it, I've probably spent 3 min actually playing the game and the rest is filled with adds forced or otherwise
I would give a higher rating, but after every other turn there is an ad. I have uninstalled because there are just too many ads.
This would be a really great game if i could get my timing down on when to hit the ball but other than that i really like this game
Game play is fine to many apps possibly add a zero add purchase. Also consider allowing to change batters stance.
Needs work. I like what this game is trying to do, it just isn't there yet. As many other people have said the offline option is not working. I peraonally have not had many issues with swing timing, but the whole feel of the game seems really slow. Mix this with all the ads and no option to even pay to skip them makes this a pretty poor game. I will keep it around for a bit longer to see if the devs update. If not I think this game is a goner.
Absolutely horrible there is no tutorial on how to play or when to start a swing to actually hit the ball and also no explanation about what energy does.
I would give it more stars if everything worked. I'm at the second stadium and have multiple characters to choose from, but I have my offline rewards upgraded to level 17 and get nothing when I log in. Fun game but I want my offline rewards I've been using coins for. Update: 6/20/2021 still no offline rewards
I just don't like how you lose all your energy from one strike. I think it'll work better if every strike it picked at your energy. It should be made to take at least 10 energy away
Here's a game, NOW PLAY... No direction or hints or anything, like what exactly do the powerups do because I just got a "power drink" for an ad which was supposed to give me 50% more power but gave me the same result as before. Also swing time is really slow
I like this game and I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact , when I'm tap to hit the ball there's a 3or4 sec delay before my batter swings so I end up missing twice because of the delay. It's very frustrating
Got bored just playing this game for 10 minutes, even with ads disabled- batting delay is terrible and some of the pitches curves around the swing... lol. Blacklisted game developer, a complete waste of time.
Awful game, in the video you watch for this game its a fast paced homerun derby style game. Then you downlaod amd start to play and EVERYTHING is in SUPER SLOW MOTION. The pitcher, your batter, amd then you have to watch an ad no matter what you do. Way too slow, did not enjoy. Sorry
I would give it more stars if everything worked. I'm at the second stadium and have multiple characters to choose from, but I have my offline rewards upgraded to level 17 and get nothing when I log in. Fun game but I want my offline rewards I've been using coins for.
Everything was fine for a time killer like this but progress is now very slow as you don't get offline earnings and you can't watch an ad to double your winnings or to get the skin
Game is terrible I have power up to lvl 16 and I'm still hitting the ball the same distance as the beginning of the game offline earnings did nothing for me at all and the game honestly irritates me more than I enjoy it
Does anyone know what it takes to hit a home run? Seriously what is the deal with this game? Im on level 13 and have not even come close to a home run. And whats up with left center field no distance there. In all ive hit the warning tract a handful of times.
I am very close to uninstalling this game. I understand that you need to have commercials within the game to keep it free. I get watching a commercial to obtain extra rewards and such. However the fact that there seems to be a commercial after 3rd or 4th tap seems way extreme.
DO NOT BOTHER installing this game, it is the usual Advertising trap which constantly interrupts the game with idiotic ads, even if you choose to accept lesser reward to avoid seeing the ads for cretinous stuff
Game is fun....but it does not generate money while off line lile its supposed to. Lots of commercials. Too bad so much potential wasted
Its ok, very repetitive. Also if you level up you off-line earning all you did was waste money because for some reason they never give you your offline money when you start playing. I don't understand how they can screw that up but obviously they don't care.
I hate it to many ads 😒. The game is no fun because at the end turn is an ad. I will not play again until the ads are gone.
Even when not selecting the ad to increase points you are still required to watch an ad. Besides that, it is a great time killer. It would be a great added feature providing option of right or left handed batters
Seemed like a fun game at first but its all in slow motion... Like it take the batter forever to swing the bat. So you have a 20% chance of hitting the ball....
The pitches are hard to hit. Go doesn't swing the may when you hit the button. Power ups don't work. I've also seen pitches move to miss the bat too.
Good game ,can play for hours . Downside can't watch any videos to double your money ,or watch a video to unlock characters.
Can anyone tell me what I have to do to hit the damn balls... Swipe?, tap? or throw the damn phone out the window
To many ads and does not give you coin when you're off-line like it says so don't waste your coin on that
Think your offline features don't work, because whenever I boot up the game, there's no increase in how many coins I have. P.S. Make it like the Homerun Derby like the MLB does. 10 balls, and as long as you don't swing it shouldn't count as a strike!
Game is fun but you cant collect the extras such as special skins or energy, as the option is blanked out. Fix this and you will get 5* rating from me. Its a shame as its quite a fun game, but not having all the special skins earnt is a bit of a downer on it.
Fun game but way too many ads, my biggest peeve is there's a bit of a delay between when you tap to swing and when it actually swings. It's like a half second delay. Please fix the timing. Otherwise we'll done.
WORST.GAME.EVER. If I could rate it as 0 stars, I would. Slowest moving game ever. When you tap to hit the ball, sometimes there is a delay....making it almost impossible to hit the ball. Never played a game that rose my blood pressure and pissed me off!
Pretty fun, but there are WAY too many ads. Every, or every other 5 ball play is an ad. Even if you choose not to watch an ad to get bonus coins you'll probably have to watch one.
Too many ads. Your face with two choices to watch an ad or watch an ad for double coins You want to upgrade watch an ad
I HATE MISLEADING ADS! What I've seen in your ads are not included in the game, if you're going to play those ads you might as well not use ads at all rather than waste my time! Your swings are also not in sync with your clicks and its annoying. One star and I will not be changing my review and I'm Uninstalling. Everyone reading this DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME!!!
Horribly implemented concept. Maddeningly slow gameplay and inconsistent frame rate. Just a horrible waste of time.
Offers you a choice to turn down an ad, but shows it to you anyways. Tested swing with exact same timing, and it had a different effect, so it is trying to limit what you can earn while having broken mechanics in the first place. I wish I could give this a negative rating. Broken game play mechanics, broken advertising mechanics, and overreaching data mining
Fun game but need a major update. Once I got to the next level, everything stopped working. I missed out on a lot of characters cause I can't watch the video too cousin them. I can't even tell you when I last received my offline money!
Having problems, at the start once I had downloaded the game I was able to use the "watch a video" to increase your winnings. But now the option will not let me press the button. I thought it was my Internet connection, but I have checked that and it's good. It just means now that when the option to collect a different character pops up I am unable to collect as need to watch a video. PLEASE SORT OUT.
Offline coins don't work whatsoever. Been cheated out of coins cause the ad doesn't have an X button to close it.
This game literally cheats you out of your own game play. Sometimes balls will literally pass over the bat for no reason at all, and it deletes all of your energy every time you miss. I wish it would only delete some.
This game is retarded, it has a 3 sec delay swing. And everytime im on time with the ball i hit a foul tip. You need to fix your game.
Once you get the hang of it it's pretty fun and challenging. My only issue is that I'm putting into the Offline stat and my coin value stays the same after I start it up the following. Explanation please?
Honestly this game has alot of potential but needs more tweaks before it could be done which i believe but there isn't a option where you can pay to get rid of ads or even have the chance to spend money what kind of game is this? Whats the hole point of this its horribly BASIC ASF at such a SLOW PASTE your aventually gonna fall asleep to it and delete after 5 minutes like any other game. There would be times where the ball would go around the bat and its not even in sinc everytime you swing 😑
The game is very good because but I don't like how when I miss one ball my score drops all the way done to zero like what the heck just fix that and you'll have five stars garrunteed mhm.
Terrible game adds left and right as soon as you get done with a round there is an add they need to have less adds and it would be ok
Just a regular time consumer. Once you get used to hitting the ball, becomes a game to just waste a few mins here and there. Biggest problem i have is the offline rewards do not work, unless you watch an add and forget to close out of it for an extended time...then it works.
Really really poor experience. No instructiona on how to play, it doesn't explain any of its mechanics and you can't even hit the ball because the framerate is so inconsistent. Had an awful time.
First off there is an ad every swing second the throws are inconsistently timed there is no tutorial on anything or hints on swing timing or effective sweet spots or anything of the sort... worst part is the ads can't even get a feel for or even enjoy the game might as well change the name to ad simulator
It could be a really fun game to "grind" to a point. Only have 5 shots at a time and at any point you miss, you lose all energy. Whos dumb idea was that and why haven't you changed it by now!? I'll change my rating when you change that idiot rule.
UNINSTALL NOW. A game based on timing that is baggy, choppy and unresponsive. I suggest to developers to get it right before flooding it with ads too.
This app isn't opening up when I hit the open button so I can't give it any where high ratings at this stage
I always liked this game!! It's just hard to hit it out of the ballpark!!! That's what makes it challenging!!!
This game is trash. Every time I try to hit the ball, the ball goes around my bat or even through my bat. Plus once you miss the first ball the game slows down exponentially. It's not even possible for me to actually hit one of the balls. So I don't know if this is a glitch or if this game is just terrible.
It was a 4* because of the over the top ads. But then I watched an ad and it didn't even give me the reward... instant 1*
Thr game could be really fun but....you spend twice as long on commercials than the game. I understand commercials to double rewards or level up something but then making you force watch commercials every few at bats many that have hidden ways to know when the commercial ends..... Well thats too much a.d gets old very fast. Cut out those commercials and you will have more people play longer and have more watched to make you money. I am going to quit because just too many commercials
Far to many forced ads. I mean after a round you get the option to watch an ad for double or not. Always pick watch for double, because the games going to force an ad down your throat anyway. Why even give the option to continue without an ad if 100% of the time you're going to force the player with an ad anyway. Could be a fun game or concept but I despise makers that force the consumer to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game.
Really liked this game but you spend more time Fighting wirh the ads then playing. Full minute ads that won't let you play even when ad done. Have to close game completely every time an ad runs. Too bad.
Downloaded to give a review. I won't try apps when I try to play an ad that looks like an interactive ad, it tells me to tap to swing, then I do, and it goes to the app store, so I downloaded it, and now you can pay for nothing. Oh well, you wouldn't have lost money if you didn't create a bad ad, but your fault you paid more for nothing.
Disappointing game. Hitting the ball is tricky but is doable. The annoying this is that you lose all your built up energy if you miss a single time. Additionally, I can't play a single video to at least speed things up.
Fun little homerun derby game. Hit the ball and knock over buildings with non copyright infringement characters. What's not to enjoy.
To many adverts when you reach the special skin you cannot add them you cannot choose for additional bonus coins as the option does not work disappointed with this game
Worse game ever. Its not easy for some people and the games forces you to loose the power points after 1!!!!! Miss. Seriously
Horrible product. Way too many ads and no option to get them removed. The responsiveness and hitboxes are trash. Complete waste of time with absolutely no possiblity of meaningful progression.
I really like this game, simple and basic. The big issues are; their is a big lag in the swing, the game crashes, and no matter the leveling up, nothing really changes.
The Timing for batting is way off, you have to swing very early just to get a hit and you only get 4 pitches between ads
Simple game. It seems like the devs just quit once they arrived at an advertising view generator, a minimum viable product. But hey, no one is making you play the game. Regarding the swing, it's all about anticipation. You press the screen to begin the batters wind up. It helps to focus on the shoulders and imagine how it feels to be the batter how you need to begin you swing when the ball is in the air so your focus is on watching the pitchers wind up and release. Airplane mode = no ads..
You swing and the ball literally swirves around the tip of the bat. I've got like 10 videos of it. Also if I say no to an ad don't give me an ad I can't even skip.
There's no rhyme or reason with this game. You can tap it at the exact same point every pitch and some miss waste of time
You watch far more time watching ads than you do playing the game. The mechanics are not the greatest.
Ads, ads, and more ads. Would be a great game but its SMOTHERED in ads. The time for the swing is always off. The ball even goes AROUND the bat at times, forcing you to miss. Needs too much work.
I dont know what tje object of this game is anymore. I thought if you hit the ball at a distance of 100 m. and the next hit would increase not decrease. No wonder it is impossible to hit home runs my last at bat was 98, 105, 94, 93, 95. Whats up with that that is five straight hits. This game sucks just like you.
If you love ads, this is the game for you! Combine that with the swing lag and you have a frustrating game. Don't play!
Seriously need an option to get rid of ads. And the contact needs to improve. I swing on time, but the ball goes around the bat. What the hell? And the upgrade for offline earnings doesn't work.
Complete your 5 pitches, 50% chance there's a 30s-1m AD. Haven't pay for anything, but not the type of game to waste real $$ on.
Once you press to swing your bat, bat takes WAY to long to decide it's going to swing. Ball already struck out and NOW batter decides to "swing". The on screen ads are CONSTANTLY refreshing, causing even more in game lag....
It's ok. Good to kill a little time with. The only problem I have is that it doesn't collect any offline money like it's supposed to.... !¡!¡??¿¿
Fun game. But an ad after every level? Just a bit overkill if you ask me. If not for all the ads a fun game to pass the time.
The delay after you tap to the hitting is a lot like once I tap it should swing right away and way to many ads but other than that's stuff it's a good game
The game could be fun but has too many problems the gaming mechanics are not set and you can not.use the advert boosts. Along with this when you choose not to watch an advert you see the same one every time. Sad as is quite fun and a quick game to get involved with but just too much wrong to make it fun over time
This game sucks. The bater swings too slow and when you swing at the right time you get a strike. The creators of this game needs to do a bunch work to make this game any better. The graphics really suck so does the whole game. Do not recommend anybody play this stupid game. Its a waste of your time. And the ads are annoying
Can't stand it when games have sound that literally sounds like white noise with the occasional sound that's supposed to come through.
Kept glitching and wouldnt play the advertisements which was causing me to miss out on costumes if it werent for that I would have kept it installed.
Good game, only criticism is can't collect any of the special skins or any of the power up drinks or any of the money multipliers. Losing all your power cause you miss a pitch is a bit steep, half, I can live with.
Andy hair I agree with what everybody else is saying game does have potential be nice to get some extra points for knocking down the buildings and the Skins don't make any sense big deal a different costume maybe give them some power ups be nice to be able to get different bats a store to buy money stuff like that game is slow but it is pretty cool not many things to do looking forward to an update
It's an okay game alright to pass the time. Too many ads there is a banner ad the entire time, and at least a 5 second ad every game you play if you don't want to multiply your earnings. The "offline" mechanic is broken I have it up to level 15 but don't recieve coins no matter how long I don't play it. The concept is fun but the swing mechanic is broken as well and doesn't work right every time, and somehow there is occasional lag spikes (I have a newer phone that's lag free on more complex games)
Cool game but ads after every round. Really guys. Understand you need to make your money but makes the game terrible with ads after every round.