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LegendArya for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Soner Altıncit located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
It's not like the ones you've seen it before.

You need to hide, run, shoot and survive! Everything is in your hands.

LegendArya is the survival-shooting game in which you control only one hand to your player. You only control your hero's movement, he shall take care of the rest.

Zombie's are coming? He will shoot them at once.
Bad men are coming? He shalltake them out as well.

Position yourself wisely and there are no one to stop you.


If you like, hear the story out before the adventure of your life begins.

It All started when a doctor, who is still missing, called the hospital that is largest in the country and warned them.

I know it sounds crazy, but the "Zombie" virus we see in the movies was spreading rapidly.

With Each person that is new, the danger grew even larger.
Although The zombie threat may unite people for a while, it didn't last long. New threats have occurred. Looters, rebels, mercenaries, lonely human hunters ...

The number of zombies increased uncontrollably. To move from one city to another, you had to go through huge zombie hordes.

The strategies I developed to overcome the zombie hordes collapsed with the zombie that is new. It's really hard to beat them!

I remember now.

Who would have thought that my teddy bear Minnoş, which my mother gave as a gift on my sixth birthday, would be the key to this story?

At the age of 12, my mother and father were in a rush that is great school. The expression on their faces evoked a single emotion they embraced me lovingly in me; "fear". My father whispered these words in my ear as he hugged me;

"Whatever happens, don't lose your teddy bear, Minnoş! You two will save the global world."

Save the world? Expecting someone who is constantly reading comics to save the world could be just a fantasy of a scientist whose nickname is "crazy".

And they left ...

I've never seen them since then. Exactly a year after this incident, a sound recording that crashed on the Internet had a effect that is big.

“… Find the teddy bear. Doctor Crazy&# formula that is 39;s in him. Please find him before it's too late. The name of the person you should find is ... "
Sound recording ends here.
"You Two will save the world..."

This sentence, which is constantly ringing in my brain, is now more meaningful than ever ...

Next day; the country's hospital that is largest was called by a doctor. He was previously dismissed because of his theories about zombies.


There are zombies everywhere.
And a lot of teddy bears ...

Obviously, there are others who want to save the world. Or to destroy it!
I have lost those who raised me and everyone I knew.

This is the day that is first of journey.

Even I will find my teddy bear "Minnoş& if it takes forever,quot; and learn about my father's legacy...

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the LegendArya.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
The games graphics is good. The Gameplay is average. But, the control is the worst. Need to improve the controls.
Game was excellent but there was a problem. After passing the level 51 next level doesn't start. After level 51 any random previous passed level starts. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Thank you.
The game is interesting but it will go on "hard/semi-impossible mode after 10 mins, also it has alot of ads and getting coins is very hard. In addition if u bought a weapon before u enter a stage it will be 1 time use only. So in general this game will let u have fun for 10 mins before u drop it down
Cool zombie game. Glad I found this. I hope more updates and contents soon or add some characters that can be a companion or follower for us coz it would be cool to not be lonely in a post apocalyptic world :)
Pls fix. I love this game WHEN IT WORKS. After 2nd update, I cannot progress past Day 70 now after winning it. I am taken to random Day.
Currently not too bad, cool graphics, beautiful character and zombie animations, Intuitive controls, and good overall quality. Could draw out some of the mecahnics a little more(like the gun upgrades or character select/customization). And an endless horde mode in a tiny open world would make the replayability enormous!
Game is the best zombie survival game ive player in the store. Clean graphics and responsive controls. Its balanced very well too. My only gripe is that the levels are way too short. Make em longer. Man this game is so great i cant begin to tell u. Just make the levels a lil longer thats all this baby needs. Im so glad i found it tho. Im on day 10 sofar and its all that with a 5 course meal. 10 star easy with some level tweaks. Thank u.
They took the money for the subscription for a week, only worked for a couple of hours. And game keep repeat same stages over and over... wasted!!!!
The movements, shooting is good but it's to short. If you put long missions and open world and add the option to play landscape. People will delete PUBG mobile. Battle royale is becoming boring and we need a game like this but with the request game play.
This game is just fantastic, addictive and graphics are so well in just 98 mb, it's a mezmerising game
The game is really good but can you make the ragdolls disappear after a couple seconds because too much ragdolls can make the game laggy. Thx
Needs to be fixed. Beat February 20 level but it will not let me go any further. Please fix and the rating will change.
The game is very nice and fun, controls is simple and enjoying but the level "day 70 after that, the level is shuffle again.
worked well enough with a little lag before update even without internet connection , but since latest update it requires internet connection at start or it continuously lags and won't work, other than that extremely good graphics , very good game love it
The no-ad purchase does not work, neither Google nor developer are able to help. When it comes to refund, I had to contact my credit card company for full refund. Google and Developer are both sending me on a run around and refuse to issue refund. The game itself is fun and quite well made. However, it will get to a point when it's so hard to pass one level and require you to re-try many times. Some would enjoy the challenge, some would not.
I don't why people wrote a bad review 'bout this game. For me it's really fun and the graphics far beyond from bad, it's GREAT.
I like this game and it's awesome but I have one question. Can you add more characters like some females and males. Anyway thank you and God bless you 🙏
Im having fun to this game .. it kinda suck because you need to earn money for some upgrades the you can use and then it will be gone .. I enjoy it fun game and the best of it's kind .. I'm looking forward to update let's see if the game will go from good to great to best to awesome . Oh and before I forgot maybe make every stage longer .. difficulty on this game is hard that's why I love this game so much.
movement is like walking in water. its hard to move.. like playing a ps1 game.. deleted it untill you fix it
Was good at first. Then the update now everything is bad also the game use to be offline now its online also stock at level 70
Wow, if you "improved performance" with the last update I can't think how bad it was before.. lags like hell, it's unplayable
Great game. Controls are really good. Attention to detail is phenomenal. I'm just waiting to be able to go past day 51 so I can keep playing. Fix this please!
Kept wondering why the levels kept shuffling... But after reading the comments i now know that there are no more levels... Wish i had know that before spending my money on rbis game.... About to end it and uninstall if idoent get any bettet... Cmon developers.... Do better...
Good game for a while until you die and lose all of your stats and can't get them back because the level is too hard. It tells me to get my stats up to match with enemies but I die and lose them. So how can I match the enemies without coin. I can't get coin because I can't past the level soooo
Games good but the graphics aren't as good as advertised and the ads have taken over to a point your watching them more than playing
Would be a decent game if the devs fixed • Hit range/detection from zombies, you literally can be running with full stamina no where near a zombie but if they detect you and swipe, no matter where you are, you're dead • you can't progress without purchasing with real money or watching ads this literally ruins the game • the entire game being based around devs making money This could be an amazing game but you ruined it with ads and money thirsting
The game concept is pretty cool but having to pay to get rid of ads and still have to watch the ads in which the ads are ridiculously long. The levels suddenly gets too difficult and having to play over and over to finally beat these levels. Its so repetitive the fun goes away. 5 stars if this ends up controller supported and get rid of all the ads if they are paid to be removed!
Won't play past Level 70 ? I've beaten it a few times and it shuffles to Levels I've played and beaten before.
My game is lagging answer me team I also played it before but at that time there is no lag but now the game is lagging extremely fix this problem
Game is pretty fun for a sec, but becomes an immediate money grab by making you buy a gun every level and not allowing you to earn enough coin to by a gun sufficient enough to clear the level without spending real world currency. Or you can run and fail the same level 10 times to accrue enough in-game coin to buy the right gun. Good luck.
TOO MANY ADS!! DONT DOWNLOAD!! Look, I get the developers are here to make money but, after ever action comes an ad. I've had it for 2 days and I've had to watch more ads than play. Overpriced game play at $3.99 a WEEK!!!
I love the game but how many playable levels are there I beat day 51 but won't go past that the game just starts playing random levels
It's actually a pretty decent game if you pay to get rid of ads, but I did it for free with the google opinion rewards app 😎
I just played a few levels but I can tell the game is fun. Although the lay out can be better. Like the fact that the game isn't rotated throws me off because I'm used to games being like that. Also the controls are kinda wonky so if y'all rotated the game it would probably be easier to make better controls maybe? But other than that the game is fun and the graphics remind me of The Walking Zombie. The animations and the visual armor upgraded are good too. just change the rotation of the game.
3 stars for now, I have reached day 51 and I can't play day 52, because when ever I press the green button it randomly select different days. Is this only day 51 right now? Please fix this asap, I enjoy playing this game so far. Thank you!
Would of gave 5 star but movement of player keeps on messing up,it starts out where my guy just dont go the way dierected,starts doing a crazy dance!Please Fix!Love the game outher than that great game!
Awesome love this game I Love the way it vibrate when you shoot it feel so good please make more longer level
The game has so much potential. Major things that i found that need improvements are; first, the control is a bit sloppy especially when evading many zombies. Second, i think buying permanent upgrades and permanent guns is better, then players can pay "maintenance fees" for it. Third, the haptics is still on even when i turned off every game opening. Also, please make this stay offline unlike the other games in PlayStore. Other than that i think this game can make it far if you improve it.
If you love zombies then this is definitely the game you've been looking for I Love this game a lot but can you make I haven't ran in to not one issue with the game but we need updates with more characters but every thing else is great
Fun game, I wish the levels were alot longer though. The controls are the only problem for me, because the character shoots automatically, I cant shoot the zombie that im really trying to target and end up getting infected.
I like this game a lot the only problem I'm having is that after I'm finished with day 6 I can't seem to get the person I'm playing to go to the next area he keeps going side to side and then gets stuck, no matter what I do that keeps happening, fix it please
Bad game... Because when i install this game and went to play it get stuck on starting loading and when i try again it will same stuck there .... Pls fix problem
Great game, BUT hard to make lora of money at times... sucks when you make the same reward from level 3 as you do from many levels much much later on...
its was so good but every time you finish a level it always show ads its like more of an app made out of ads come on.
The missions were short, for whatever reason and ads after every ridiculously short missions. So it was tiring for sure, yet that's not biggest issue. When you play without internet there's serious lag, I'd say game breaking lag. However you can get around this issue by going online, yet there was still lag I felt. But only a little bit. And why I gave the game 3 stars. I'd say if you ignored all the games issues... short missions, too many ads and online requirements. It's profitable.
The game is very nice and fun, controls is simple and enjoying but the level "day 51, Saturday 20 feb" after that level there is no level next day 52 instead of level 52 level is rumbled.
Wasn't expecting much with this game but man , was I wrong ! Really good guys ! The attention to details incredible, I only complaint is that you cannot replay levels. Controls are a little jerky but overall really great game!
Niiice! Update: Looks great feels great until....Controls get spotty with the camera angles when multiple zombies surround you(after day 11). When there's space, or the stage is more linear, the camera follow is cool. It changes too often and needs more of a solid gameplay foundation first. Also needs more characters and better weapons/upgrade system, there isn't much depth...yet🤞