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Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Funboom Games located at Hong Hom Ma Tau Wai Road 37-39 Hong Hom Square. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
New 3D Real-time battle collectible RPG mobile game in 2020: “Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory” is ready! Open panoramic map, immersive role-playing, fast global real-time matching & fighting, epic war experience of the heroes. Are you ready for the fight?

Main Features:
- FREE to play Thrilling Collectible PVE, PVP & TCG game!
- GLOBAL server players engage KVK war from all over the world!
- CREATE grand strategies with Squads from 4 different races.
- STRATEGIZE with innovative Formations that guarantee EPIC battles.
- BATTLE real-time kvk opponents. Go head-to-head with the players worldwide.
- SUMMON & UPGRADE 40+ Squads illustrated with jaw-dropping fantasy art.
- PORCELAIN 3D CG Holy Souls displayed with unique powers.
- LOTS of award - winning collectable Squads & Artifacts in-game!

SSR Squads
Collect hundreds of Squads from 4 races. Assemble balanced teams of Humans, Hell, Orc, Forest. Meet your enemies, try to recruit them on your side!
Train Unique Dual hero growth in different ways. Be ready to defend your homeland from Dragon and foes on Gaia.
Binding fetter for your Squads. Enhance your Squads with Equip, Stars and mysterious fetter effect. Explore the World & Dungeons to achieve your glory after all the tasks.
Strategy formation with dominate power decides where to drop your Squads makes each battle interesting

Dungeon Conqueror
Follow the great Archmage Gangdale’s guidence. To meet Dungeon Magic Bosses, Evil Monsters, experience the Mini-maze puzzle, Quiz, etc. Show us your courage and wisdom as the Chosen One, who was born to save and protect the Gaia kingdom!
Explore the Dungeon that full of adventures to dig out the truth and key to become the strongest lord.

Legend HolySouls
Athena, Aurora, Hercules, Artemis, Ourea and Baal. Gods of legend will be presented on battlefield and give you a helping hand to win, letting alone escort your full-loaded troops crossing over the World that full of danger.
Then, who will be your first option for expedition in this chaotic kingdom?

Mystic Artifact
Light Book, Might Staff, Roar Hammer, Earth Heart. They can attack, aid and defense, being the powerful backup for Squads.
Dazzling combo skill would be seen once you activated the Artifact Chain during the exciting battle.

Guild & Cross-Server Battles
The first thing you need to do is forge your kingdom with a hammer, castle the glory is waiting. World Tree, Temple Clash, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Egg Collection, Cross-server Battle. Multiplayers from all over the world gather here for the same game. Work with your Guildmates together in multiple SLG battles against foes, win abundant resources and rewards to make your guild stronger!

Strategic Arena
Show your stratagem by arranging formation with selective 8 Squads & 4 Artifacts on a 4*3 battlefield. Fight against other players face to face.

Magnificent Artwork
Fully-rendered 3D models, stunning skill effect, dazzling attack animation, offer you an elegant and exquisite visual feast. Let’s enjoy the battle between living Squads and vivid environment.

Quick & Easy Play
Automatic wayfinding, battle speed-up, quick raid, etc. grant you ultimate experience to improve your power. Fast-paced battles & various Squads provide more possibilities of gameplay.

Facebook Fanpage: www.facebook.com/legionofacegame
Facebook official group: www.facebook.com/groups/207122234069880
Discord Channel: discord.gg/Fc3gAMt

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
3 stars do to loading issues, i have checked all my connections and are exellent.. this game is the only connection that has issues, also there is a delay when tapping buttons and collecting from time to time this game can get 5 stars but until this is fixed it will stay at 3..this is one of the best games as it has rts and mmo and adventure all in one it is the only game of its kind...
Ok guys serious review. Played for 4 days. Everything is perfect except 1. In every battle the battle is very lagging. It isn't smooth. I tried low graphics mode but still. This is the only issue i faced. Fix this problem ASAP. Btw i am using Samsung j7 ptime. This lagging battle is hard to control and annoying to watch. I really hope i got update very soon. Expect this i believe your rate will increase from 4.7 to 5
Was a fun game until the game started freezing and I missed out on the 14th consecutive day after paying real money. I Asked for compensation due to being the games fault and they won't even give anything for their game messing up.
Good fun adventure game with quick helpful upgrades that dont take all day to scour through to see if they best for your characters. So far so good and got fingers crossed that it stays as fun till its stories end.
Text auto progresses way too fast to read all of it, especially when it's a big text bubble. If I can't read the story and don't know what's going on, why play? Uninstalled
Great game overall. Good and friendly VIP system, so you won't feel pressured to spend a lot of money to be competitive. Fun and interesting dungeon with lots of monsters and rewards. Open world with tons of things to do.
Not worth it! This game is not only p2w, but it's also p2p (you can't progress through the game without paying). I also, didn't like the fact that this game forces you to do things when you first start palying, and doesn't let you choose what to do next.
Pretty ok game, the controls are smooth and the cartoon graphics are nice. Pretty similar to other games except. It's taken different mechanics (building, auto play, gacha, tactics, etc) and smash them together. Still the issue of p2w practice which hinders mobile games.
Top up but the event is buggy its saying any top up and you will be eligible to some free item but its not allowing me to claim that item. And customer service asking for screenshot everytime i try to do that the game crash i enjoy the game but it will be a waste to top up with this kind of cs
Worst game on play store. Completely P2W & P2P. Full of bugs & glitches. Wish there was a zero star rating.
Stay away! This is probably one of the worst games I've encountered after playing a week on it, and here's why: The game is basically a compilation of other popular games but poorly executed. 100% p2w, no skill whatsoever, just whoever spent more. Server raids occur 4am est. Day 2 they encourage you to attack others but day 5/6 you get a warehouse to protect your assets so whales can literally stop you from advancing by raiding you. And top player can take out every other guild by themselves.
An enthralling hybrid that gets the mix of gacha teambuilder and shallow citybuilder genres right, at least early on. Sadly, having to stare at a loading bar of 7% for a solid fifteen minutes before it deigns to progress, coupled with monumental "load all the assets for the whole game, regardless of which screen you want" lag and this is a game that after barely a day I am about to shrug and leave behind. Making me wait to play pushes me toward games that do not; there is simply no way that I will PAY to endure that. Couple that with the inherent, persistent, targeted, upgrade-necessitating city raid-bullying from the wallet-warriors, and not even the more enjoyable, M&M: Era of Chaos-clone portion of the game can balance out the dull citybuilder section. Fun for a while, but the VIP-13+ players are too toxic.
This must recharge all the time not free play and also hardest play with recharge or not is same but more updated more harder to play
Very fun game, the devs are not greedy, you can enjoy the game without the need to buy packages all the time to stay competitive. The game gives you tons of free stuff and new events all the time. I don't mind to spend some and support the devs in a game like this. Keep up the good work guys!
An excellent mobile game providing a combination of SLG, RTS, RPG, and MMORPG. Unlock and level heroes with unique spells, skills, and abilities. Devise your attack squads and strategies. Research techs and advance your city. There is a server-vs-server guild seige warfare event that requires strategy and planning. Power Play is $1000 buy-in and $240 per month upkeep. FREE-to-Play is $1 per day!
Poor Support Had an issue with the game where I didn't receive rewards that were earned. Messaged support who were prompt to respond. Then a week after they said they would look into it, nothing. Messaged them again since. No reply. Now others are having diamonds disappear too. Every event is based on paying. Good game, ruined by greedy developers that only care if you are spending. Then if it goes wrong no support. I will be reporting this app if they do not resolve the issue.
Its a good game that make it easy to kill time, especially with all the different things you can do both at your castle and with the story. The Only Problem really is loading could definitely use a little optimisation
Legion of Ace is a great game providing a combination of SLG, RTS, RPG, MMORPG, City building, and Guild activities. There is always something to do. You can enter the world map and go PvP/PvE, enter the dungeon world for quest mode, and build city structures, techs and troops. I like unlocking the hero squad types and devising troop strategies for the RPG RTS aspect of the game. Leveling the hero squads, and finding super rare heroes and artifacts is key. Playing on Galaxy S9+.
A lovely and easy game to play and invest time and some money to compete with other players. Constant events for all and alot of events for the players who wish to spend! Free player friendly but you must invest time and patience. Hopefully the developers will continue adding more content and less server to increase the competition!
This game has alot to offer. Quite more than I expected to be honest. This game is action packed with alot raids, story, PvP, farming, etc. It's also F2p, but if you choose not to be thats fine. Its pretty easy to jump the ranks in Vip. The reason I'm giving it three stars though, is because after a few days of playing, I'm kind of bored of it already. Maybe if it was a little less of a conglomerate and a bit more simple, it might be my kind of game. Even though I may not like it, you might.
The game is very exciting, good graphics, in total the game is awesome... im saying that you need to try the game...
An excellent mobile game providing a combination of SLG, RTS, RPG, and MMORPG. Unlock and level heroes with unique spells, skills, and abilities. Devise your attack squads and strategies. Research techs and advance your city. There is a server-vs-server guild seige warfare event that requires strategy and planning: Capture and defend structures with your guild to accumulate points-per-hour. Organize expeditionary groups to capture structures on the enemy server. Get the Battle Pass.
It's a totally pay to win game asking players to review 5 stars for extra rewards. Even GM's trick you to do stuffs on Facebook for publicity . Worst scam game I ever seen on Google Play. Uninstalling game ...
Pros: Runs smooth, good animations and character design And thats it.! Cons: this game is most cash grab game ive ever played and this is not coming from a f2p player. I am VIP 14 You literally CANT DO ANYTHING without spending. Even if you spend, youll soon hit a point where you cant Play anymore! The rewards you get from daily quests is extremely poor! The only events you get is "purchase events" Limited character pool Full of bugs Unreachable customer service Not recommended at all..
Hello..im having problem with my app.. I can't click the back/return button on the squad screen.. I've just downloaded the app and im stuck there in the tutorial..so saad
Good to start with , although tutorials are lengthy but basic. Might be 5* but currently there is little to distinguish this from many other games.
P2p and p2w skip this one for sure. I don't mind p2w but p2p is what bothers me, when I can't complete daily missions because you need to purchase a package to get the last credit needed. That is where I draw the line, thanks but no thanks, in future reference allow people who use time and energy to compete with those who buy everything.
Two months into the game. Two mergers with way more powerful servers. They don't even give you a chance to get started before they implement your demise.
Awesome game ruined by needing to buy shields. Buying Shields for your kingdom went out 5 years ago. Shields are a cash scam and makes the developers look bad. Get rid of shields and it's a 5 star game.
Game can be very great if developers put more effort into it rather than constant spending events. Once you have spent a decent amount you can earn many free diamonds too the point you dont have to spend anymore.
Disgusted by the fact that the characters are related to popular games out there, and its gameplay is shallow. You're better off playing the real game where the characters are officially from.
Most of the positive reviews look fake. Game is similar to Hero War - very loooong loading times, weird gameplay. Loding between every screen!! Seriously I'd like to see some gameplay instead of loading screen. One extra star for graphics.
Lots to do and a lot of different heroes to do it with. If you're a fan of this type of game, I highly recommend giving it a shot.
Great game...only issue is they keep opening servers..causing the older servers to die. Completely P2W game.
Where's the gameplay? I played for about 15 minutes, every decision was forced. No choice of routes to take, no decision-making, no combat choices, no choices in what buildings you build. The game literally plays itself, you just click a button every so often to proceed to the next thing you have to do. Where's the strategy element? Where's the actual gameplay?
Amazing. This is by far one of the best Mobile games I've played. So focused on the details. Best part it's NOT a pay to win game🔥
Pay to win RNG/gacha game. Wondered why the rating was so high, until I saw there is an incentive and even a popup message to give a "positive" review, manipulative and not the most ethical. Spenders pretty much dominate the map. You can only be competitive is if you spend money to buy VIP and recharge packs for speedups, boosts, 5 star items/characters.
You want a better rating then make a game that doesn't freeze up literally every 4 minutes. I'll give it one more day, and if the constant game freezes, while I'm still doing the tutorial nonetheless, get straightened out I will change my rating.
Awesome character and vivid display of character skill and graphics are cartoonist but i like it, is so much fresh in my eyes, and building your city is awesome two, you can get stronger for building and upgrading your city building and ung baracks and the wall, i like the heroes also and the dugeon like is so much fun, as in you see you can move your character in the dugeon to do the quest or loot some item, coins, special and diamond, you can fight also the minions and challenge the boss to ge
Awesome game in all really & honestly guys!! One thing I wish either was an option or that I knew how to change this. Is that the text during the campaign be slowed down a bit, or at least under the conteil of the player(Me) for when it goes on to the next dialogue. Other then that minor detail...excellent & a lot of fun to play!!
Huge P2W game, at least in other games you experience it a bit later but in this game you will get stuck in a hard paywall on the first day. Most of 5 star reviews seem paid/posted by bots, they are all written in the same manner.
Great effort went into the creation of the game as seen by the detail put into the characters and mission structure. Some p2w for quick advancement but no more than other gacha games, enjoyment level high although learning curve is a lil steep when trying to understand all the different functions of the game. Definitely worth downloading and playing if you enjoy FUN!! No game is perfect but it should be fun and the devs provide that in spades!
I love it. Owsam game. Soft spending...for 1£ you get A LOT! But not necessary to spend. Truly recommend. Best game of this kind!
Very nice game but don't waste your time if you are not planning to spend real money Also you will get stuck with understanding why and what to do to fix the problem. For example I can't collect Bind Wound quest for more than 6 hours, keep saying Collection failed. Customer service is not reachable within the game, keep saying Queing 21 I don't have Facebook account and for the past 2 days can't reach customer service within game, keep saying someone will be online soon but never happens
Addicting Good Game. Just wish they could find other ways to bring up your VIP instead throwing money on it. I'm always down for special deals but I can't always get because they show up in between my paychecks. Be awesome if they can hold on the deals longer Love the auto fighting and artifacts abilities. Wish you guys let us add more units to put in. Overall it's still a good game. If you the players see the offers. Get them! Most of them is really beneficial to you.
Been playing even longer now and am still thoroughly enjoying myself game is very f2p friendly obviously the top will be dominated by p2w players but f2p gets u through all the content at a good pace
Great game...been playing for a long time now. It's very free to play friendly especially if you join a good guild and tons of events to keep you stocked...The new support is fantastic, I'm writing this after the quickly got me back up and running after the conversion! Keep up the great work!
This is a paid review. 5 star for in game item. Game otherwise sucks so far. I'll play a bit more to see 8f it gets any better, but it's not looking good.
*Edit* 5 star to 1 star. 100% money grab there is no benefit in spending make game harder for players now no F2P only way to play is P2W. They say they have 100s of characters there are 20 and havent added anythint new. I suggest dont waste your money here
its cute and fun. i dig the graphics for a mobile game. a very specifically personal grievance: i wish there were more elves available in the very early game lol. but regardless, very good game to pass the time :)
Game isn't bad but it's not great either. Summons give you shards and only a small chance of an actual character. Guilds cost diamonds to create and I haven't found a way to search for guilds with open spots. After playing off and on for 3 days I'm still being told what to do. All in all it's an ok game.
An excellent mobile game providing a combination of SLG, RTS, RPG, and MMORPG. Unlock and level heroes with unique spells, skills, and abilities. Devise your attack squads and strategies. Research techs and advance your city. There is a server-vs-server guild seige warfare event that requires strategy and planning: Capture and defend structures to accumulate points-per-hour. Organize expeditionary groups, teleport to the enemy server, and capture enemy structures for additional points-per-hour.
Awesome game ... Include personal dragons also and include some action in world map... This game should be top.. Full enjoyable game..u can get all hero and also this game shoulb be famous.. Fantastic real graphics ...
Lot of fun. Cool graphics and characters. Only thing I didn't like is you can only buy diamonds, no cool packages that I could find.
So far so good, there are some bugs. Initially I gave 1 star but I am giving you 3 star now. There are a lot of bugs in the game. Hope that will not be the case in the future.
This is a good game, i like the rpg affect crossed with rts it makes this game unique, probably one of the best games in google play.. some bugs here and there like some of the diamond are not giving the number stated.. hopfully this can be fixed..
So far its gud not the usual building grind that most r. Great music and graphics easy VIP up the updates to the game only enhance the fun of playing
This is pure pay to win game. no money no fun, no event without money, so get ready to make ur wallet empty if u wana paly this, support is horrible, just have money play this r dont.
Very good game but some issues though. Delayed response to clicks and actions, have to click twice or more. Loading screen takes a long time to charge. Suddenly stops and have to reboot. Fix this and make the game smoother and it will give players a better experience with your game. P.S. I have good internet connection so the issues is not because of that
Ok so it asks you if you are basically novice or expert at this genre of games so I chose novice. Puts you right in an event or whatever it is with no instructions or tutorial. Quick uninstall for me. 1 star simply due to lack of tutorials.
So sad...been playing for a few days now, my hero is on lvl 22 and all is going well. I'm having loads of fun until I realised there is NO WAY to progress without spending coin. I'm from Africa and we can't afford the exchange rate. ( spending comes with the territory....but to kill monsters, come on people) If you don't have VIP membership you can't attack monsters. Don't waste your time unless you have your credit card ready. I'm so disappointed!!
I got some problem with this game...where I can't top up....then they took like 2 days to solve it.... Good job....very good game n very much love their services at serving player problems n complain...you will not regret play this game
Great effort went into the creation of the game as seen by the detail put into the characters and mission structure. Some p2w for quick advancement but no more than other gacha games, enjoyment level high although learning curve is a lil steep when trying to understand all the different functions of the game. Definitely worth downloading and playing if you enjoy FUN!! No game is perfect but it should be fun and the devs provide that.
For a free game this is really top notch. It keeps me very busy and I do not get easily bored like many other games that I play. Lots of action, rewards, and fun!
Forced tutorial, where you cannot do ANYTHING differently, and first name change requires a name change card. It's not a free change.
I have played this game for about 4 months now. I do not recommend it at all. This game is nothing but a money pit. The developers only care about you spending money on this game. Players who cannot spend money or do not want to spend money will have a harder time getting any where. Heck I spend money from time to time and still have trouble keeping up with the real big spenders. The balance between p2w (pay to win) and ftp (fight to play) players is so off its crazy. Run from this game now..
Great game so much to do I'm not a bot I'm a human so I tell It how It Is. You don't have to pay to advance It may be a little slow then so what. Graphics are good open world, Dungeons attacking other players when your In a guild. This Is great game all these bad reviews for this game those folks are bots or robots that know nothing. Keep up the great work.
Excellent game can pay to play but even if you dont like me can still grow if smart and use resources right way cant say enough good things about the game
Love the pace of the game. You can play for extended periods of time unlike other games where your stamina depletes and you have nothing to do. It is also extremely easy to figure out what to do. The graphics are great. I love the characters.
Potential is there. A cross between a lot of popular games but I can see the micro transactions and P2W model clearly so depending on what you do can be a little frustrating.
So far so good, cheap bundles get you lots of early rewards. Servers open a little too fast, merges hurt the younger servers. Game play otherwise very good
I'm early in the game, but so far it seems to be ok and fairly balanced. It plays like many similar style games. Graphics are decent