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Let's Be Cops 3D

Let's Be Cops 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Kwalee Ltd located at Kwalee Ltd Southam Road Radford Semele Leamington Spa CV31 1FQ . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
Phoning all units, we have Code 6!

In a city that is crime-filled there’s only one officer who are able to help in keeping the law. It’s time for you to answer the phone call and follow your responsibility, in Let’s Be Cops 3D. A driver this is certainly dangerous on the free, and it’s your job to get all of them!

Watch the roadways for oncoming drivers, keepin constantly your eyes open proper perhaps not after the law. Think a motor car is speeding? Use your police scanner to get a closer look! Catch the criminals, and assess should they should really be fined, let it go, or arrested.

Can’t handle the warmth? Stay static in your lane.

Let's Be Cops 3D features:
-Be a cop!
-Chase down criminals
-Customise your car!
-Multiple environments
-Protect the town!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Let's Be Cops 3D.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
No thanks, download a game to play a game. You play for 15 sec, then watch a 30 sec add. Your gonna spend more time.watching adds than actually.playing the game. Nice concept and not a bad game, for the 45 seconds i was able to play before being addedd to death.
It was fun at first, but got boring very quickly with the same scenarios repeating. It doesn't help that there seems to be an ad after every stop.
The game its self is kinda fun but there are ads every move you make and they're all 30 seconds long, it is obvious that they are trying to get money by slamming ads wherever they can, it sucks. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Holy ads... I know you need to make money but an ad after everything is crazy. I spend more time on ads then playing the game. I normally don't mind paying for ad free but if I have to spend more time watching ads then playing the game who knows if I'll even enjoy the game after I go ad free.
It's an amazing game, would 100% give a five star review if it wasn't for the ads. It'd be fine if maybe after every ten or so interactions, that's resonable but why after every single one? You can't even turn of your internet to get away from the ads, the game won't let you! Summary: too many ads, it's fun but the ads completely kill the game.
Besides getting an ad every minute, the game had no progression after about 10 min. You unlock everything by then and there's literally no point to it anymore. Waste of time. Uninstalled.
On day 31 in the game..after buying all upgrades and getting thr stun gun you can't go any further as of this day. Game was good at first with ads if course, but you didn't have to watch the full length. One star due to lack if content and you can't play this game without internet.
The game is alright BUT the adds constantly annoys me i get a high number of them every level like 2 adds it is amussingly bad DO NOT BUY not to mention how the graphics are tromendisly stupid the stupidity are awefull if you prefere unrealistic games buy but deffinitly not a game you would enjoy take this seriously or you will have a bad experence playing watch out for the add every level sorry for repeating things over again i just want to make myself clear bye btw i have channel Mr Panda 633
The game get tedious after a few levels as the tasks are repeated. I have a lot of money but have run out of things to spend it on a long time ago. There was clickbaiting involved as the ads were a LOT more engaging than the actual game
Its an ok game. Fun for role-playing but after every pull over there is an ad. You literally do 1 thing and there is an ad. You end up spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Otherwise, good to pass time...
Same game as let's be cops under a different company, but the game is a 100 percent copy. This game is just an ad factory.
Its a ok app/games but after 30mins of playing i got bored , not enough going on and to many ads , but an ok check it out , play it for a bit , then uninstall game
This game is really cool but the propblem is that when two cars are driving next to each other and one is going fast but the other is normal and when the fast car is far away and the normal car is closer to you then its terrible because theres no way of stoping the fast car if there next to each other because if you use the spike or the pull over your gonna crash into the normal and your not able to stop the fast car.
It's good but every upgrade you have to watch a add but meanwhile it's really good and pls download it! It is fun to pull over people but you have to play a little bit of the game to get the arrest it's rea FUN download it NOWWWWWWWWW! Pls.
Describe my experience optional it's just a really good game and I like that you can change your tires but also putting spikes down in little bit harsh I mean why would a cop put a spike down because a car wasn't going fast enough.
Love it, but I got a question with it, there is 3 unlockable cars right now, and I can't seem to get the last one. In which level can you get the final car, since it doesn't show a price point and I almost have 30,000 coins, I'd like to know how I can get it.
Its alright. The concept is good but an ad after you do anything and ads to upgrade your car is not fun. This is just another cash grab mobile app thats not worth your time unless you want to pay
I like the game but its an ad every time you get done pulling someone over. I would play this game more often if there's no ad every time. And lower the price of ad free cause 3.99 isn't a good price for a simple game like this.
Should call it ad generator. Takes 5 seconds to pull somebody over and then a 30 second ad. Dont even try turning off internet because it wont let you play without a connection even though the game in no way needs internet other then to run their ads.
Ads ads and more ads. Then another ad. After that more ads. When finosg watching the ads, you will be spoiled with another add. Then with another add and after that more ads. When finish, you will get another add. This is a disgrace for the gaming world. A good example of what we exactly don't want. Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads
It would be better if there was more. Like being fired after x amount of compmaints from other emergency vehicles. Or getting fired from pulling over/using spike strip on the wrong cars. Easy way to make money? Pull over/use spike strip on random cars and let them go.
This game is real fun. Like the speed and all that this so far is good and keep up the good work. (5 star)
The game is SO MUCH FUN the other comments are not true they just have a poor phone that does not know how to play music and they also dont have a good phone that is normal not laggy so period.!!!
Great game But it Needs some work But why to maybe you should add the ability to walk around with the cop And you should also be Able to Get in-and-out of The car Otherwise it's a great game But please add at least one of the things that I mentioned.
The game will freeze and crash. Very repetitive typ deal. Don't need comment on if something is "got off easy" or "too harsh". That goes especially for a game that requires you to watch an AD after ever "traffic stop". Ontop of that, some traffic stops requires you to crash into them to stop them or they get hidden behind another vehicle. This is just after 10minutes of game play! Concept is good, execution not there.
Very much a nice game.. but why would you need to turn the internet on? To watch the ads..? Look i see that you need money. But game experiences is better. Imagine if you were playing only for 2 rounds and an ad showed up everytime. Also for the watching ads for rewards stuff. You need to add a cancel button. Or you're just forcing them to watch an ad they don't want to look.
It's a great game in all. But there's one bug when you pull over someone and search the car I can't grab the items like at all I would rate it a 5 star but the bug. Please fix!
This game is a cash grab If I could give this game a worse rating I would The whole game is scan spike pull over arrest guys just download another free cop game there are way better ones out there The customises are minimal effort just take one look at the main character and you'll see
this app is one clearly meant only for adds. Its such a shame, I thought it was a pretty good game but it won't stop shoving ads in my face. You can't even start a level unless you are connected to the internet. Everything that you can get is basically after watching a 30 sec ad
5 seconds playing, 30 second ad. Could be fun just ease up on the ads. At least try to balance the playtime to ad time.
I like game's like this it's a good pastime and as for the ads, I don't care i watch them all to double cash and better equipment besides what's 15 seconds here 30 seconds there stop bitching and crying about ad's, and just focus on the game its great game and thank you to the creators of this game you did a great job ignore negative comment's Cheer's 😎
ADS, ADS, ADS after EVERY stop! After about the 5th stop I'd had enough. Quite a fun time killer, shame it's killed by ads! Uninstalling
Boring and you spend more time watching ADS. Who ever makes these games and fills them with this many ads is a moron!
After every car i pull over ads pop up and i have just download it and the ads have lasted longer than my last relationship
It's fun but so many ads and since I unlocked the search car thing I touch, and tap and do everything but the contoband doesn't come out of the car so I can't play the game and it still says to search the car when I already did and can't get the contoband.
Ok so the only reason im giving it 4 stars is for two nitpicks. 1: You cant change your officer after you select one or if you can i dont know how... 2: Too many ads but thats to be expected from a reletivly new app company... Please allow me to do number 1 and ill be happy and add new uniforms if possible
Fun game has potential but ruined by ads and then if I try to put my phone in airplane mode to play without ads it says it requires a network to play so you have no choice and most of the upgrades also require you to watch ads to unlock them basically making this app ads with a little bit of actual game in it
I like the game but it gets kinda boring after a week on the game the should make the search car button to maybe actually find something and add more upgrades to buy. But other than that its okay
Honestly boring, also if theres multiple cars it doesnt always pick up the right car to pull over. Lastly forced a review, so here it is... this will be uninstalled.
This game is a fun way to pass the time BUT, it is very repetitive - pretty much every single car I stop the same thing happens - something isn't right in the car so it's an arrest, next car... exactly the same, and once you press the arrest button an ad pops up and once its over its exactly the same over and over again
You happy with the money you got? This is a one star beacuse the game has so many ads. There is a 30 second ad after every interaction. They also make you purposely make you turn on the wifi (even though you don't need it). The reason why they make you turn it on is just so that the player can get ads. This would be a 3 star if it wasn't for the ads.
I'm not opposed to ads within games like this. Bug after Every. Single. Stop. You have to watch what is essentially a 2 part ad. I can deal with it happening every so often, or even after 3. But the game is slow as it is.
Total shovelware!!! You earn money in this game for no apparent reason because after upgrading everything there is nothing to use it for. This game is amusing for only a short time. Any of the ads I watch on this games make me know never to download those games if they are affiliated with this ad machine of a game
DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Ad after ad, theres an ad every 10 seconds, then there are ads after every single interaction. You shoot somebody, theres an ad, you call for backup, theres another ad. You play a single level for 30 seconds, and youve already had to see maybe 20 ads already.
Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Guess what !!!!! We got Ads.... if ads are your thing then go ahead and play. After every choice.. You guessed it a Ad. A 30 second ad at that.
WAAAAY too many ads. If you need revenue just use micro transactions. A 30 second unskippable ad after EVERY single action? The concept is alright but its super boring and too many ads. There is an ad for literally everything.
So terrible game in that 1. Am on week 4 and don't have the opportunity to tase someone like in the ad presented to me 2. So full of ads 3. Every level has the same driver with the same explanation 4. After about week 2 ingame (like 10 levels) you can buy everything and there is no use for cash 5. Even buying things doesn't actually do anything just appearance 6. When trying to pull over the bad car regular good drivers get in the way so you crash of arrest the wrong person.
Ads, Ads, and more Ads. If you have seen the episode of Black Mirror season 1 episode 2 titled "fifteen million merits" it's very similar to that just ads in your face while trying to enjoy yourself and the levels can be so short it's 50% gameplay and 50% ads.
After every thing you do you are forced to watch an ad. When you go into airplain mode or just dont have internet at the moment, it wont let you play at all.
Played the game to the beginning of the 10th week. The job of pulling cars over can get annoying, since sometimes you can accidentally pull over the wrong car. The final police car option can't be unlocked through playing for aome reason.
I like it but the last car i cant unlock its always locked add flashing lights on emergency vehicles so you know when to stop them and i cant find the gun unlock day oh yea one more thing add more stuff for the cars other then those i like p.s i will change it to a five star after all of this stuff is added or fixed ha ve a nice day ;)
It is a good game in the sense that you actually get to play in the role of a cop and experience the tedium of a days work, and not just the arresting. I also love the bit where you can run over the city rioters and beat them up if they start to get on your nerves. 10/10. ❤
This game is very fun.. fr tho.. but maaaan.. the amount of ads. I mean.. I've never had my game play interrupted so much. If they didn't have ads.. they would have a super successful game.. but no.. they trying to maximize the small money. Wish they built a big platform.. then added directed ads.. for specific guns or something. But noooooo.. ads ads everywhere.. dang.. but play if you wanna see.
There seems to be a growing number of apps like this. You spend more time watching ads than you do in the game. Don't get me wrong it's a great premise and original but the amount of time you have to spend watching ads is unbearable. For every 20-30 seconds of gameplay you spend a minute watching ads. That alone makes it a one star for me.
Its disappointing, they made a really fun game but there is an ad after every single interaction, i had to uninstall after only 5 minutes. I understand thats how money is made, but if you only showed ads like every 3 levels or something you would have a ton more players. More players = more money in the long run
Very fun game, and the game never gets boring although there are quite a few glitches and you can't use in-game money for skins, I like the game because they have real life experiences in it.
I was playing then I just caught someone and then the game like reset and I could not pull over people anymore and I couldn't use my spikes but I have my skins and car upgrades strange bug if the creators could fix this it would be awesome!!!!!!
Lots of ads I would give this a four if it, had less ads and had more things, to do. Like check the police station or more options for the car and you can go to help as, backup for the police at a robbery or a crime scene.
I thought the game was really good, but the ads and the need for wifi annoyed me. You cannot play the game offline, and you can't keep your head straight with the ads. Two stars.
Crap game. Too many ads. Play for 15 seconds and then get an ad. Even an ad after a simple upgrade. I understand having to make money off a product, but the frequency is just way too much. Also lazy game development. The actions that happen in the animated part if the game where you pull people over dies not match the crimes you issue tickets for. Not a big deal I guess, but this kind of laziness in programing really makes it obvious this is just a cash grab of a game.
People are saying there are too many Ads but there aren't.When I read the reviews I thought there would be an ad after every day.They come in like 1 in a 6 days.The gameplay is very good.The thing I don't like Is when you scan people if they're going over the limit its orange.It makes it easier and when you unlock an outfit you need to watch an ad to claim it.Otherwise the game is pretty good
Is that kind of game that you play it for one week and you unistall it.The big problem is that when you play this game the phone go super hot.And please add sounds on because this game has no sounds for police officer.Thanks...
Repetitive, dull and the amount of adverts is actually obnoxious, it's like watching the super bowl, there's an advert after every time you pull someone over. Only shows that the developers only care about money.
Fun game terrible controls. 1 car doing the limit second car passing at 20 over, game pulls over wrong car.
It's a good game overall but there is this one big I've found after playing for awhile and it keeps forcing me to replay the tutorial. I hope you will find a fix for this because I really want to be able to play properly again.
Addddssssssss after almost anything you do. Just a vehicle for ads. If you leave an in game review of fewer stars, it won't bring you to the Google review page. If you select 5 stars, it brings you to the page. Review farming has to be against Google's TOS right?
I love this game but the ads. So I came up with a 2 solution. Solution 1 turn off your internet and NO ads 😁. Solution 2 if you have LIT or something like that that when your internet is OFF your device switches to something else that lets you have unlimited internet switch to a bad internet you have and when it says do you want to change it this internet is bad say NO and no ads.😁😎. My name is Adrian and am 11 years old and I came up with the solution on my own.
Now I would give this a 5 star rating but you have to pull in front of the vehicle to stop it if you go behind it says "did you see somthing?" If it was like really pulling them over i wwould 5 star this but the game is awesome I 100 percent suggest this game if you like police games!
First there is no sound effects or music in the game which makes the game bland and boring. Second it's hard to control the scanner. Thirdly i unlocked all the upgrades by playing the game for about 20 mins, you get money really quick and there are only a few upgrades.finally there is no challenge when trying to fine or arrest someone because when you catch someone the things they do are in green, orange or red which correspond to let go, fine or arrest, so your just matching colours. Bad game!
Waste of money to get rid of the ads. Nearly five bucks. Good time spender, the amount of ads can attest to that.
Fun but too many ads should be half as many. Every action has an ad and some are 30 seconds and not skippable.
You pull someone over and get a 5-30 second ad. You spend 10 seconds looking to pull someone else over, and once you pull them over Oh hey here's another ad. Unless you enjoy sitting in the menu or watching the cars go by, the high majority of your time is spent giving ad revenue to a developer who clearly wanted to make the most simple mechanics possible and fill their pockets doing so. The game gets old quite fast, the ad mini games have more content in them.
Fun game. But after every single thing you do there's an ad. Like I understand the game needs to make money but dang. Then they make it to where you can play without internet. Like why do I need internet for?
So much potential after 20 mins I had all the upgrades. To many adds but great concept.... would like to see on the streets cop and in a car... bring more concepts into the game and bring harder bits into it.. way to easy . But enjoyable for a few hours
Two things.... First is that before you play the game, turn off your connection to wifi and mobile data. This removed the ads from being able to play as the game can't connect to the ads server. You're welcome, gamers! Second, KEEP THE POLITICS OUT OF THE GAME! I shouldn't have to be teaching you Game Development 101. You lose audience by creating a biased game or one that incorporates politics in any way. C'mon genius.
Ads are so annoying, man whether you charge for the apps or give it free with limited ads, this is unacceptable. This type of apps or game should remove from the play store. Don't download after every 5 sec gameplay there will be 10 sec ads that you have to watch and most of the time it redirect to play store. Shame👎
There's some bug that i can't pick the contraband for the second time, it work on the first contraband but nothing happen when i click on the next contraband, i had to restart the app to make it work again. So far so good, just that bug that kept bugging me, fix it and i'll give you 5 star, but right now, only 3.
Good, however, could be more fun with more complexity, give the option to fine and impound, the let go should be let go with a warning or let go because you made a mistake, there could be an update where you can pursue a vechial, etc,
It's really fun BUT... it can do better when I see the car I need to pull over I pull over and they ALWAYS escape its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annooyyiiinnngggg Other than that it's a really great game but pls dont put that much adds Look at this review before Downloading to see about it
Same thing over and over, ads after every 5-20 second play. At level 28 it started telling me how to play the game. Lol. I think I know how to play it by now. It was a time killer, just got boring and the ads got annoying.
Not even good game play, pretty boring unless you intentionally play wrong, but even then it gets stale quick. Ads. Ads. Ads. Ads. Literally every like 30 seconds, not even exaggerating. Bad game do not install.
Too many ads. You have to sit through a 30-45 sec ad for every 10 sec of gameplay. Not worth it. Upgrades are cosmetic. No benefit to game.
Absolute best game I've ever experienced. 8k graphics, endless gameplay, awesome story, this game has it all! I've just thrown away my gaming PC because this game is all I need. As for sound, this game is so awesome, the music would only ruin the game cause ya gotta focus on the actual game ya know. Who needs sound anyway? 666/10, GAME OF THE YEAR!!!
Repetitive and boring gameplay while being an adpocalypse. Ads after each encounter and airplane mode doesnt help. You just arent aloud to play. Anyways the arrest are easy as seing which tabs show which colors, yellow = fine red = arrest or illegal. Easy and totaly boring.
Its a fun little game but it does get boring after awhile. Would be good if you added more type of crimes other than the usual 4-6 that you have. More costumes, more scenery are needed as well.
It's fun game but when they forcing watching ad after every 30sec does take out all fun of the game. DELETED. And if you trying to switch off your interest game doest work so sneaky there. If you want to spend 2.99 to remove ads than game will be playable but otherwise mark my words and don't bother. Invest your time somewhere much better than watching ads on game you live just once my advice of the day. 🙏
aside the ads etc. there is a major oversight. you can just pull over innocent people and let them go for money,same with spiking searching and then judging. its so unrealistic. also it feels like the dev is pushing his beliefs on what cops should do onto us. its not fun at all.
The amount of adverts is rediculace, a 20 - 30 second ad everytime you do anything. Can easily spend more than twice the time watching ads compared to actually playing the game. Gameplay isn't terrible but can get repetitive, overall I wouldn't waste my time
There's more game to play in the ads, and there's more ads than game. Only have to click "pull over" when someones going too fast (about once every 4-5 seconds) then you get an ad. Thats the entire game. Improve your car? Costs you 1 ad New uniform (which you cant see) 1 ad
If I could leave a half star you bet I would, there's just way too many ads and people don't have the type of money to just remove ads on every game. Despite that, this game is decent at best but the ads ruin the game.
Very fun app great learning experience for young driver's gives you a good idea on how to obey the speed limit
There is literally an add after every action, you spend more time in ads than playing the game. I understand developers need to make money, but you gotta give gamers a little game to play between ads...
Lots and lots of ads. terrible experience. Just uninstalled the game within 15 minutes. I am sure more than half the time of this , I was waiting for ad to finish 5/10 seconds to skip it !!
This game is super fun and addictive but the only problem is that there is too many ads and if you hit the X it just brings you to the play store and you have to close the game and restart so you cant even finish the level. This needs to be fixed.
Fun at first but gets boring quickly. Only played for a day and I've unlocked everything already. Also when I scan someone doing 65 in a 40, I pull them over with the scanner pointing at them but it pulls over the person next to them doing 39
Would be a decent game if it wasn't so full of ads. Look I understand you need to make money, but making an enjoyable experience is better then cramming ads for a quick buck. The reward ads I have no issue with, but having to watch an ad every two stops is way overboard.
I played this game for 10m and im mad alredy 1) the game is choppy and there is so much lag 2) the game is unresponsive and when you click a buton 396537 ut will still take 83 years to do the task 3) the speed tester thing just dont work sins ypu will ether move is 1cm or 3 billion. Thats all i have to say the game has a goid idea behind it but the end resolt (sorry for spellings) is just ssssssoooooooo bad
I like this game a lot. The only problem is, there's a lot of ads. Almost every time I pulled over someone, I get an ad. Besides that problem this game is amazing. Fix the ad problem, and I will give it five stars.
Based off 5 or ten minutes of play until asked to rate .. it's fun. I like the customization. I don't like ads so often. Less ads please. Also an idea. I don't know if it's in the game but it would be cool to have to option to help by laying a spike strip for a police chase.
I am so sick of games crashing constantly. This game is absolutely unplayable because every time I try to do anything it crashes. After the 5th time in a minute I uninstalled the game.
Boring ad filled cash grab. After 20 minutes I have all unlocks apart from paid for ones. No other options really open up and the scenarios are boring. Crimes are colour coded so its not even a slight challenge
Lots of ads. You get ads for every action you make and it makes it unplayable. Looks fun but i got tired of lots of ads. Should be illegal to have ads every 30 seconds in the game.
As a former NYPD officer with 603 years of experience I can say without a doubt in my mind that this game represents the most accurate depiction of the horrors of dealing with today's modern automobile-driving 'super-predators'.
The overall gameplay is good, but they deceive you for it being an offline game, because it wont let you play if you dont have internet connection. Well, it WOULD be an offline game, but they force you to have internet connection, so they can play ads. Such a disapointing game. This is basically an ad simulator, so they can make money off of you watching ads the entire time. Fortunutly, there are other games just like this, but with no ads, so I dont think I will be keeping this anymore :).
The idea of the game is fun. But the actual execution is terrible. Btw, you will expend more time watching adds, than actually playing the game
Brohams, cool game and concept. Way too many ads playas. I don't like watching ads every time I pull someone over. Space your ads out. Every 5 pull overs. Free advice. Space out your ads, and I got you on that 5 star.
A Few Funny Parts However the ads are too much. Atleast in the sense that if the ads aren't letting me listen to my music without automatically stopping it so I have to wait til the ad is done to open spotify and press play to resume listening. Not worth having to do that repeatedly...
At first I was really getting into this game, but, it all then started getting repetitive. It's a great way to pass the time, but I still feel theirs so much more you can do with this game. Also, I have all this money and nothing to spend it on, as I have brought and got all the upgrades.
It was really good, but a few things l would work on the improve your game, first thing the ads there are a bit to many ads, second the lag there is a bit to much lag and that's my review. Please get these ideas and make the game better thankyou!
This game was fun for the first few minutes, but after that is was sooo boring! You unlock every upgrade your car can get in less the 10 minutes. After about an hour EVERYONE has somthing in there car to search. Don't even get me started on the the 3 adds you get after everyone you pull over! 99.9% wouldn't recommned downloading!
Its a good game but there are so many ads that makes the game unplay able. After every car you pull over there is a ad. If you fix this then it will be a really good game!
This is a good game but if you could add actual upgrades to the car that would be good. I can't get one of the car types because it just stays locked. How do I get it?
If you enjoy spending more time watching ads than actual game play this is the game for you. Far too many ads. I understand wanting to make $ but this is ridiculous. Ads after each pull over
The only people giving this 5 stars is the development team. The game HAS NO SOUND AT ALL. The levels are extremely repetitive and boring. Each level also only last about 20 seconds...20 SECONDS! Then after each "Level" there is a 10 second ad you cant skip. Please don't waste your data downloading this.
I would 5 stars but I think there is a bug unless I have forgot to do something to make it stop but when I press pull over it pulls over another car thats not speeding instead of the car that is speeding can you fix that please I like your game and it would make it better!!!!!
Its fun when you start playing it but all the good cosmetics are under ads and there's no sound after a while you get the same situations it would be better if you chase some people and everytime you "unlock" an outfit you have to watch an add or get nothing. So overall just put sound more cosmetics and less adds and it could be more fun.
Game is super repetitive. Also it appears to promote arrest quotas as you can't finish a day before you arrest a certain amount of people. Also there are only two characters to choose from both are white. This excludes all other genders other than male and female and is not racially inclusive. Finally it promotes "vigilant policing" which we have learned is wrong. In conclusion this game gets too political while also being dull, and further proves the validity behind ACAB.
It's not as fun as you think it would be so I give it a one and every single time you pull some one over you get an ad. After you release them you another ad it's like ad after ad after ad.
Worst game ever seen.. download it and you will regret..too too much ads..thinking the developer would become a billionaire..very very bad..works only when connected to internet just to give ads but the game has nothing to do with internet..very very bad..! There is no option like 0 star so i could give 1😒🙃
Boring, mundane but not totally horrible. I wouldn't say this is my favorite game of all time but I will say that its not the worst either. Is it fun for a little bit? Yeah its fun for a second but it doesn't take long until you have all the car upgrades and character skins. Adding quests and more upgrades, playable characters, and more cars to drive and a more minigames would make this game a 5 star game. I am willing to change my review if an update with these ideas comes out.
Every time you pull a car over which is every 15 seconds it goes right to an ad the game sound is not working but yet the ad sound is working I wouldn't bother downloading this it does have potential but it's basically just a ad after ad after ad after ad do you really want something like that now I don't think you do. this game could be 99 Cents and that's it the ads are ridiculous and
Alright. Great game. But on day 30 I lost my ability to use the spikes? And it was like the tutorial thing, showing me how to work the scan and when to pull someone over. Edit: They fixed this in the recent update, sweet. Nevermind the stuff I previously said.
This game is nice but u have to unlock stuff but it's a boss game make more like this so yes to all stay safe keep strong no matter what people say u could do it if u like it so stay safe and bye and follow me on youtube at Nathaniel vlogs and likee at nathaniel vids so peace ✌️
This is a good game other than the fact that you have to watch an ad every 20 seconds, very little customization, and it refuses to work without wifi so dont try turning on airplane mode. And no before you ask there is not a online game mode. To me I dont think it I dont think it is playable so dont install it.
The game is good for a while but after some time it's keeps restart the progress and you have to start the game again from the start by taking the tutorial again and unlock everything again
It's a fun game 100%,but completely ruined by the ads. It's to the point where it's unplayable. You do literally anything and you get an ad. I'm genuinely purchasing the no ads thing for this game just to make it playable. If you don't want to do that, don't install this, it's ridiculous. And you have to have an internet connection to play it, therefore you can't put your phone on airplane mode or switch off your wifi. Don't install this, seriously.
The game is fun, I will admit. But there are WAY too many ads!! I also don't like the fact that no one is doing ANYTHING! I've read some of the reviews and there are 0 responses to any. If you could at least reply to me, or get rid of some of the ads then I'll get the game again. But for now, deleting!
Pretty good game. However, we do not need an ad (skippable ad or not) after each traffic stop. 1 ad per game "week" or even 1 non-skip ad per game "day". Also, i am on week 9 and I still don't have my side arm; the option has a blue lock on it, when do I get it? I have all uniforms and vehicles (and customisations) unlocked.
It would be a better game if it didn't force feed you about 3 ads every 30 seconds to a minute. At the speed in which you pull people over, you get 1-3 ads everytime. I look for games that don't force feed ads and waste my data. This game does both of those.
Played for a few hours just to check it out accordingly, but you will literally get more time watching ads than actual gameplay. The gameplay itself has no curve and the options you gain while playing a bit a both buggy and don't add to the gameplay itself. Worthless game.
Way too many ads on such a repetitive game. One after every single day and a day consist of pulling over two cars. So an ad about every thirty seconds. Immediate uninstall.
"No I don't want to watch an advert to earn a prize" *Plays two ads anyway* Repetitive game and milking far too many ads (literally double ads after each time you pull someone over)
Hate game that advertise falsely on snapchat. The game play shown on snapchat doesn't happen in the game. Also this game get boring quickly as the same things happen over and over and you unlock everything very early in the game. Also ads every level basically, very annoying.
Can't play without internet connection. Now you would ask to yourself, why would this need internet connection? I can answer that one pretty good. Because the app wants to bombard you with ADS. I don't mind ads but not after every freaking level. I miss the good old days with no ads.
Good choice of when to use ads. I'm a little sad because you can't change your skin or customise your character. Please change that!!!! I would like to have a custom skin so please do make that possible. That's not the only thing. It will take weeks to get all that money to upgrade your car and then you have to start all over again to get something else. Please cut down the prices on this so I'll be happy playing this. Hope_07Gamer
Ads galore. There's more ads than game. I get that developers got to earn their worth, but an ad after every action is just too much . It takes out all the fun. I do not recommend this game to all.
Easy game to play, something to kill an hour and delete afterwards. Already Unlocked everything that you can buy the only thing that I havnt unlocked I think is the map and speed limits and outfits. And every 4 days in game days. You get a new outfit, but theres ads after each day and traffic stop you perform.
The game is awesome. It's just that I've already just downloaded the game, and all the upgrades involve watching ads, and there are ads when I finish a day. All I ask is to make it so there is less adverts. Other than that issue the game is great
Fun game. But I have a few critiques about it. 1- Sometimes cars overlap meaning I can't scan the speeding vehicle in time to stop it. 2- When I do scan these cars & another car driving at a slower pace becomes almost level with it, I end up pulling over the one driving slower. 3- I crashed into a car & my car was sent flying off the map. It then continued to fall until I closed the game. 4- When I tap to play, at times, a car will be speeding & I can't stop it or scan it.
Alright it's a good game and all, but the gameplay of customizations is just bad, and its SUPER annoying when a speeding car just turns ile right next to a car when you try pull over or spike. But when do I get the shoot option? Cause I've played so many weeks there is still no shoot option, it's fine if its still in Development but why haven't I go it yet? Dont recommend it
Great game, too many ads but it becomes tolerable after a while. Main issue, the people that you are supposed to stun or yell at when they rush with knife, aren't rushing! Also, when you are doing the yell portion where you can stun, there no option to shoot, even after day 100.
I honestly thought it wouldn't look like the ads, but it hit the mark pretty well. Sure there are a slightly annoying amount of ads, but hey. It helps the creators earn money. The only problem I really have, is that the game wants me to upgrade my car, but I've bought nearly everything. The last thing I need is the final car model, is there anyway to unlock? The exclamation mark slightly bothers me. Other then that, it's a fun game!
Way too many ads. The game itself isn't too bad, but almost every action you performed will lead into a common 30 unstoppable ads. I understand needing to have ads for the revenue. But the overuse of ads ruin any fun you may have. Since I didn't have fun with the ads, I'm not paying $3.99 for the ad free version. So many apps do a better job of using less add for a higher quality game. This isn't one of those.
The game is an offline game but forces to switch on your internet. This is really unfair. Then it is very dull game. Very boring, just making money in the beginning and not providing any enjoyment to the user. Waste of your time.
Ok well it's not bad but there definitely are some changes that need to be made. I think the fact that we have to have internet sucks, I try to pull over a car that's tailing right behind another car but it pull the wrong car over, and it constantly crashes after watching necessary ads after every level. If you dont mind watching a riding amount of ads, having crashes, and having frustrating gameplay download this game. The idea was great but it has major downsides.
It's a fun little game, but the ads are INSANE! Seriously, an ad after every single arrest, is WAY TOO MANY! I get that you're trying to earn a few bucks, but there's advertising, and then there is straight up greed! If you can stand watching the same ads over and over again, every 15 or 20 seconds, then this game is for you!!! The controls are mediocre, at best.
Really Good Game. Yes there is some adverts but not loads like on games ive seen before and when you first play it does inform you about the adverts. It teaches young children about the world and its a Really interesting game not alot to do but great to pass time. Should Download if have low storage and want to have fun without to much work :D
One star as it is nothing more than an Ad generator. Gameplay itself is not that entertaining, simplistic with no variety, and after each pull over there is an ad. End of the day - ad. Finished upgrading - ad. 'Unlocked new costume' - watch ad to actually unlock it. Start of the day - ad.
Great game, very fun but i think you should add more skins (for bothe to car amd the cop) and i think you should lower the amount of ads people get because when im trying to play this game i get inturupted by useless ads
It's a good concept, i enjoy the gameplay, i found it quite fun, so paid a couple of quid to remove the adds. The only thing that annoys me is that u only level up 3 times per basic car part, then you're earning all this money with nothing to upgrade or spend it on!
This game has nothing but ads everytime u pull someone over u run out of cars to buy. It could be fun but i guess they want there game with nothing but ads
There are too many ads there's not that many upgrades to the car and I hate it when the car that's speeding behind the person then when you're trying to stop it you just stop the person in front of it that's frustrating so it's really bad game
Garbage game i do not reccomend buying add after every single button you press makes you watch ads for stuff that are for FREE YOU UNLOCK SOMETHING GUESS WHAT..... ADDS ADDS ADDS DOES NOT STOP i would give half 1star with less ads it would be better so take away most of the adds and it would be a great game to play
Good game, but I've been encountering bugs. When I have to search a vehicle, I can't do anything to the contraband. For some reason, I can tap it a million times, and it won't show the "contrband found!" screen, and for some reason, when I arrest them, the bar for the day doesn't go up.
I like it, but i have some problems. I pulled someone going 18MPH, it says what did they do. I also pulled one for erratic driving, same thing. Where i live, you can go up to 9 miles over the speed limit, so i wait until i see one going over but it almost never happens and i sit there for 2 minutes. So please tell me which states laws you're following.
Honestly, don't bother downloading. It is an online only game and the only reason it is, is because everytime you 'pull someone over' and select the consequence an ad plays, I had to sit though about 10 ads in just 1 minute. Nothing short of a cash grab.
So, the game is actualy quite nice and good, a great time killer. I enjoy the concept of it and it is very nice. But a few things i would fix: 1. The ads! There is way too many. You should only have ads when you unlock a new character and when you end the week. Also, there should be a way to play the game without internet connection. 2. Add lights to emergency vehicles to know when not to stop them 3. More variety in car modifications and a better way to spend money!
It is a very good game... would give a five star rating but you get a ad every single time you pull someone over. It is very annoying. If it did not have all the ads it would be a great game
It looks like a fun game, but you cant even play through a level without getting an ad. Also, a game like this not working without internet? Are you serious?
Way too much ads, it ruins the whole experience. It asks if you want to watch an ad for a reward, and if you say no, it shows it anyway. I had to get a mod apk that didnt have ads on it so I could properly play. Other than that the game was well designed
Its overrall a good app. I love it! But the thing is i mostly install these type of games to play offline and i thought it was offline but it decieves you.. and the next reason was it was so stucky for me.. i hope you can fix this. But i do recommend this. Ads are not much of a problem cause i can just close the app and go back into it and the ad is gone so Ads are no problem. I hope you can fix the bug. Overrall i love itt !!😃😃
Requires wifi to play, not because it needs anything for wifi, it's just an excuse so you can't avoid ads. You get an ad every time you play a round (Which is usually 30 seconds) and is just very annoying. It's stupid and fun to play but the ads take away the little this app has to offer.
Its fun but 1 when ever there it says you unlocked more upgrades you really dont 2 the laws are vwry wrong and they need to look at real laws 3 update ur barriera nc thw game glitches and your car flys amd you have to restart the game 4 you will never be able to unlock the ability to shoot witch it just why so this should be able to help the game
Great game but way too many ads. The ads completely ruin the game and you have to have an internet connection to play so they can play ads. Very disappointing that a great game is ruined by the creators wanting money and playing you a lot of ads.
Hope you like the ads. You can pretty much get everything for the game in 30 minutes, then it mindless and not worth the ads they force on there users. Mist of the ads crash the game so you have to restart. AVOID THIS RUBBISH!!!
It's a great game, but after about "20 days" it started playing up. It would let you catch the criminal thing, but then it will take forever to load the person thing and then it starts lagging too much. Definitely over rating it, should be 2 stars so you're lucky. And you have to wait for the first car to go off screen before stopping the other one behind that you scanned 5 seconds before.
Fun game but there is literally an ad after every other pull over (10 seconds total). I get that apps are an ad scam for programmers but there are better ways. Uninstalling a potentially fun game.
Very mindless game, cookie cutter form, these types of games are popping up so fast & are unoriginal. Worst part, tried playing with wifi off & airplane mode on to restrict ads but game says "no internet connection" i don't need internet to play a game on my phone where I'm NOT using ads to double payout or get items.
Stop putting to much ads it's really not fun of a game if it's make u watch ads all game after something ad buying things ad even entering the game ad u guys really need to up ur games stop the ads pls but it's still a good game I can say that it's fun to play if u don't have anything to do.
Ads for days. Maybe would be tolerable, maybe, if there were ads at weeks instead of every interaction?? You guys need more UX developers and game design interns at the least!
Its an ok game would like to go back to original items for as you buy new items for the car you cant go back, more uniforms, more ways to stop drivers
I give this game 3 stars out of 5 🌟. The concept of the game itself is amazing, such a time killer. I like that as you progress you get more things to do, like a real cop. The reason it doesn't have its last 2 stars is because Most stories have been made over into different vehicles. I think the creator(s) should add more stories in order for the game to not just a in cycle. The other reason it lost 2 stars is because after every single confrontation with a driver there is ad, 3 stars out of 5.
No sound and an Excessive amount of ads. You get an ad after every single person you pull over. The game itself isn't fun enough to justify an ad after every single instance.
I reccomend playing this game for sure....BUT its a bit boring to be honest but only a bit. It is quite easy but still, its really cool ,fun, and a nice way to kill time. If you like the sound of that you should probaly play this. Love the controls,gameplay,graphics and a lod of other things! Short: love the game you should play it for sure IF you like cool,fun, and good way to kill time kind of games! Thank u for reading :)
Good game but to any ads and the game crashes every time a ad plays please fix it btw WHY DOES THE GAME NEED WIFI OH LET ME GUSS... YOU WANT ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Idk what to say about the ads. There are SO MANY. After every day, ad. After every ad, ad. The gameplay also gets a bit boring after awhile, thats a slight problem, but just before writing this, I found a severed arm as contraband. THAT I was not expecting from a game this one dimensional.
The game was really fun except for one thing, i was on day 50 or something and I still didnt see a way to get shoot when you pull someone over and they dont get out of the car when you want to arrest them it has an option the shoot if there not getting out but I dont know how to get it. It seems like im far enough in the game to have it.
It's pretty fun but the more you play it it gets more boring but I guess for some odd reason I like it so ya I guess a 5 star for me
Let's be real here. This game does not need internet connection. But guess what? If you turn off data, you can't play it because they can't show you ads. Overall, had a little fun for first 40 seconds, kinda expected more.
Ads are way too often. Everything you pull someone over you get an ad. Ten seconds of gameplay for a thirty second ad. Give me a break. Don't waste your time on this game unless you like ads.
I can handle ads here and there even tho I don't like them entirely but having to watch an ad everytime each round is just to excessive. Ununstalled
This game is horrible. Theres to many ads, there's not a lot to do, and it gets really repetitive. Also you play as a speed trap. Of you want a good poilce game, check out cop duty, or ANY thing other than this.
While you wait for your next ad to load you can pretend you're a cop setting a speed trap! Don't worry though, once you pull someone over you can get back to the ads. This app is definitely shovelware. You can tell there's no passion for games or respect for consumers, the graphics and gameplay tell you this "game" was made purely to get a piece of the ad revenue pie. This app has more ad play than game play! In fact, more fun was had playing the mini games in the ads than this game itself.
Conceptually a great game, but it's an obvious cash grab. Severely cripples the enjoyment. 30 second ads after every single interaction. Not to mention that the primary currency in the game is, you guessed it, more ads. Oh, and don't bother being clever and turning off WiFi or data. The game refuses to work without a connection. Deliberately programmed that way. I'd label it unplayable. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was a background bitcoin miner.
The game is pretty good but it needs more options, by the time i reached the 3rd day i was able to get all of the most expensive or good modifications on my car and the character. I would rate it more stars if it had more things to choose from instead of being too easy and limited
Very good game but add some more features like running and catching the cops got them to police station giving punishment etc.....
I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING! This game is good , the idea behind it is good. But the amount of ads in this game is unbearable i had to delete this game after couple of games. Literally every click is an ad popup. This game desereves at maximum 2 stars only because of how many ads in the game... seriously i finish a game which takes couple of seconds and an ad pop...literally an ad pop up every 5-10 seconds.
Great potential but the ads destroy the gaming experience. Ads after every single action. Can't cut the data cause the game won't let you. Waste of a good game and a waste of time. Sad.