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LINE TV for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by LINE Corporation located at 東京都新宿区新宿四丁目1番6号. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
“Watch your favorite contents - anytime, anywhere!”

LINE TV is a premium video streaming service where you can watch all the contents for ‘FREE’.

You can watch high-quality video content in a variety of categories such as TV dramas, entertainment shows, movies, Y-series, music videos, and more.

◆ Everything is FREE! on Multi-Devices
You can download LINE TV app on smartphones, tablets and Android TV and watch all contents For Free! Just log in with your LINE email account on your device!

To check your LINE email account, go to LINE app > Settings > Accounts > Email Account Registration

※ PC Version : https://tv.line.me

◆ Trending TV Shows
Check out the most trending dramas, variety, movies and your favorite shows from leading TV station on LINE TV. The more you watch, the better LINE TV gets at recommending contents for you, based on your watching history.

◆ LINE TV Original
Watch exclusive LINE TV Original contents which are offered for LINE TV users only.

◆ Experience more with LINE TV on a bigger screen
You can enjoy LINE TV on big screen through Android TV and Chromecast.

※ For best performance, we recommend using LINE TV on Android TV OS 8 or higher.

◆ Easy to explore by Category
Find all the latest and most popular videos organized into categories such as Drama, Movie, Music, Entertainment, Y-series, Lifestyle and more.

◆ Search with any words
You can also search for specific videos by content’s name, clip title, genre, or cast members.

◆ Non stop Music Playlist
Enjoy Music videos and shows from global partners on our Music playlist player! You can shuffle, play by order or even repeat it again and again.

◆ Become a Fan of Your Favorite Channels
Become a fan of your favorite channels and be informed when new content is added.

◆ Personal Video Recommendation
Enjoy your personalized recommendation of contents through FEED view on LINE TV.

▣ In case of any error, please send us your feedback with your information below to analyze the problem.

※ Device Model

※ OS version

※ Carrier

※ App version

Your valuable feedback will help us improve our services

For our latest content and more program information, you can follow LINE TV social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/linetvth

Twitter: https://twitter.com/linetvth

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/linetvth

Website: https://tv.line.me

*Content availability varies by country and is subject to change without notice.

▣ Notes:

※ For better video streaming, please connect to a Wi-Fi network.

※ For best performance, we recommend using LINE TV on Mobile APP OS 5.0 or higher / TV APP OS 8.0 or higher.

※ LINE uses third party advertising agencies to place advertisements. To measure the effectiveness of the advertisements, we install third-party modules within the Apps. We may also install third-party modules within the Apps in order to help us understand how the Service is used. Details regarding the Apps in which such third-party modules follow:

- Installed on: LINE TV 3.1.0 and higher for Android/iOS

- Operator: Nielsen

- Details Obtained: Advertisement Identifiers

- Aims: To measure audience of LINE TV in Thailand

- Sharing to third-parties: No

- To learn more about the information that Nielsen software may collect and your choices with regard to it, please see the Nielsen Digital Measurement Privacy Policy:

(App) http://priv-policy.imrworldwide.com/priv/mobile/th/en/optout.html

(Web) http://priv-policy.imrworldwide.com/priv/browser/th/en/optout.html

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the LINE TV.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download LINE TV for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Great app for streaming TV shows 😘 I hope the full features will be available international especially in the Philippines 😍
I cannot watch other dramas especially those from gmm25 gmmtv dramas, this app don't have other channels too. I want to watch some new series but i couldn't find it. I hope you fix this problem
10/11/20 After the latest update, i can no longer open the app. Dialog Box always says "Error occured". Why is that?
I can't even like and comment on my favourite shows on line TV. Don't know what the reason I can't unable to login my line account.Please please find a solution.
International fan of Mewgulf want to watch tts2 but the problem is the english sub of ep2 out of synce please fix the english subtitle of TTS2
I thought this is was a great app. But not the best yet. Becacause, some Thai BL Series aren't included here. Such as 2Gether, Still 2Gether, Love By Chance 2 and many other Series that have Part 2. Please fix it developer and add a lot of more series☺️😇🙏🙏🙏........
Great app! Expecting for expansion of titles like TWM The next chapter etc I suggest to offer ad-free options. Im willing to pay!!
Everything's good. I love the quality of the dramas provided and it's unlimited. The only thing I disliked is that it misbehaves sometimes. For example, if I want to watch the drama High School Love On, or any drama, my screen stops. And again I have to go back and restart the app. This happens everytime. I tried restarting my phone also, but this issue doesn't stop. Otherwise I would have given it a 5 star :)
I can't open the app because it say error accursed. Plz fix it is have only used it for 1 day.😣😣😣
The video is dim, but everytime the loading bar appears it goes normal and then when the loading bar disappears and the video resumes the video dims again as if its like a transparent black screen is on top of it, i hope this will be fixed🥺🥺🥺
I really like the app but after a few seconds or minutes the episode shuts off taking me back to the home page.Also I wish there was another way logging of into line tv.Like an email.Becase some people may not be able to get it.Or for other reasons.Please fix these problems.
I don't know why but when i'm searching some no result found,always showing TT & TTs2😏😏😒😒😒😒
The app is very disfunctional when you try to sync with ChromeCast. It lags, it skips videos, add in extra ads, and sometimes simply stops working entirely. Very and extremely disappointed when you monopoly all your videos and series, but can't function properly on trying to use it on TV. It's like asking to only watch it on mobile, but what age are we living in? Seriously.
Too many ads - I'm ok with ads but 2 ads for each short video is way too much. Basically, watching an episode of a TV show means I have to go through 8 30-sec ads with no skip options. Hopefully they will reduce the ads or give a paid option for no ads like YT did.
It was a very great app . I loved and enjoyed very much using this app. But from 2 to 3 there is something wrong with this app , don't know what but whenever I try to open app I is showing error occurred. I have even uninstalled and installed but it's not opening 🤔. Please try to fix as soon as possible 🙏
This app is very very good. l can watch any contents for ~FREE~. Sometime it has ads but it's okay for meeee 😊
Everything was good but there so many ads and there no premium. If this apps have premium I will give 5 star but now I can't I'm not that happy because of ads
Is this already officially available in the Philippines? I tried to download it but there are only few shows in the. There are some shows that doesn't have an english subtitle.
I love this app... Best thing about this app is they don't irritate you with a lot of ads.. There are maximum 2-3 ads in one video and we can skip them soo that's good.
I don't know what happened but I'm getting error continuously I have uninstalled and installed the app 3 times till now plz fix this🙏🙏🙏
I'm giving it a 4 for now cause I still have trouble with English subtitles, I can't argue with the quality of videos you're giving me, but would you please do something about the subtitles?.
Well great app. But if we get episode premiering Time reminder that would be better. So that we can stream new episode early. Please add that feature in this app line corporation please let that happen
It's really great I love the shows like thorn and type love by chance I recommend this app is awesome it's good for C-drama mostly but I think they have K-drama to 👍👍.
I'm so excited about this app! And I can't wait for more shows to be added. Thank you for making this available to international fans ^^
good content. But forcing us to watch full ad. every single time the vdo restarts bcos of poor connection is very annoying. it also means that if u r not sure which episode u want to watch u will be forced to watch the same full ad every single time until u find the right vdo. also you can't set the quality of the vdos. always on auto. waste of data. youtube is better bcoz: 1) they track where you last stop and starts again from there 2) they manage how often they show ads to the viewers by time
Other drama and show not allow to play in my country . Please allow Philippines to watch other series . Thank you
Sometimes the video and subtitles does not come at the right time.. The subtitle comes fast and the drama comes later... Hope you can resolve these problem
The quality of the video is great and easy to play but can you please put english subtitle on GREAT MEN ACADEMY pls fix😭
Like everybody else said the subtitles are not synced with the video. PLEASE FIX. You want to keep your international fans happy.
I switched my resolution to 270p since my wifi connection is really bad so it wouldn't load and I could watch nonstop but the bjtch keep on switching to 720p every 2 seconds so I kept switching it back 270p and goes back again to 720p I've spent hours watching half of the series and half of circle loading in the center of my screen ☺️🔪
I liked the app. But please add other channels like GMMTV here in the Philippines. just like hes coming to me, 2gether and more Series.
Ok so Line Tv is finally available in India. I was very happy at the beginning but now I'm kinda annoyed that more than half of the Thai Series I want to watch is not available. Even the on air series is not available. Please do something as soon as possible
The some of the videos are very glitchy. It's like watching an old cd. I know it's new for international fans, but i hope they fix it soon!
too many ads and the ads was too lous when I am watching at night my mother always cought me watching cause of sounds but then all in all was good add more bl series
app won't open. keeps asking to download latest version even though i have tried reinstalling the app from play store. am using android version 10.
I just updated this. It showed me a box with Servers selection upon opening (with Regular, Staging, and Dev options too) but it won't let me through because it closes forcely and I received a message box that says my Naver MID is copied and I need to register it. Clueless on what will be the turn around.
Back then, this app wasn't available in playstore in PH. Thankfully it is now available. Back then i downloaded the apk at chrome, installed it and used vpn to make it work. Hopefully you'll bring more shows with the PH version of Line TV people would much appreciate it. Trust me.
It's a very gd n satisfying app but it consumes a loooooot of data in a very short interval of time. So, I would like to request u to do something bout it. Plzzzzz🥺🥺🥺
It's really great I love the shows like thorn and type love by chance I recommend this app is awesome it's good for C-drama mostly but I think they have K-drama to but if they could add where you can like comments and replie but it's good.
It's a great apps. Super smooth and easy to use. But it will be more interesting if you can reply others people comment (just like the features in Y**Tu*e.)
I can't Access of some film, maybe it can exclusively watch at Thailand. Like, I told sunset about you and My bromance 2: 5 years later.
Can You Please Fix That I'm Unable To Login Please Check About That Please After Getting New Update I'm Facing this Problem Unable To Login Please Please Please Look At It
I don't have good experience with line TV. I tried playing video with lte and WiFi but it plays really slow.
Awesome but I can't find all the draams which are aired in this app like together with the the next chapter
I thought it's nice app but it's not it's take 1 gb for just 1 episode and also my phone started to heat up in other app basically i can watch 1 ep in 300 mb but it's take 1 gb it's too annoying to me and not even famouy bl series are there it's to much annoying
Can you guys please add "download" option too like YouTube so i can watch it in my free time. Please. Its a humble request. Thank you.
I gave 5 stars because of its good service, but then, it consumes data very fast. Hope this will be fixed.
i love the app.. i was really happy when the app is available to download in the Philippines. but there are some shows that is not available anymore? or the shows in the Philippines version of the app is different in the thai version?
For the most part it is a good app to watch my shows, but there are ads every so often and it glitches every minute or so. I cant watch the scene of that episode without it glitching and then when it goes back to normal I have missed so much.
it's good. everything's fine. but, there is way too many ads. everytime i play or skip some parts, ads keeps on popping out. it's so annoying 😒.
When it plays the advertisment video it will not play,or it will back to start of the video you've play in the episodes that you have been watch. So please fix the bugs to improve your app
everytime I try to watch an episode, it always says error although the Internet is stable. if its not because of drama that's only available on this app, I wouldn't even want to install it :(
I love the selection and video quality. My problem is when I cast it to my TV I lose the ability to see the English subtitles. Can this be fixed?
I dont know why but my line tv always says that Error occurred thing please fix these I cant even watch my favorite series I even got to install and uninstall it many times but its the same nothing change please fix mine
This app is great, however the ads volume are abit too loud, I turn up the volume so I can hear the video clearly, but all of a sudden a loud ad pops out, and also theres too many ads. I hope you fix it thank you, still love this app and all of the BL Series, thank you, please add more BL Series, thank you sooo much 😘
It's not user friendly user experience. You hardly to find the history tap. App was ususally close and restart by itself while I switched to another app for a moment. I watched Line tv only limited video only
Love it. Would love to get some help on the brightness setting. My phone's brightness is on max but when I watch a drama on the app and sets it to 720p quality, the brightness automatically changes.
เบื่อโฆษณามาก เสียงดัง มาทีละสองอัน เมื่อไหร่จะมีแบบvip สักที เสียเวลามาก ดูโฆษณาอ่ะ There are too many ads in this app. I prefer to pay more if they has vip paid option.
At first it was amazing but after a while of not being on it won't work it stop and it says errors and won't let ne in it and I install it again and still didn't work I hope this problem will be fixed
Philippine server need to update more content like in thailand they can access most of the series but PH server is limited
Great app. A lot of shows available. Wish there was a pay option to go ad free. I would happily pay $5.99/mo to skip commercials. Could use a better way to find shows. Only a few suggested though many are available. That's the only reason it isn't 5 stars yet!
I like this app but it uses so much data that my one day data over in just 2 hour please fix it😑😑😑
Best App to watch Thai Series! I hope International Fans like Philippines will have additional access for some TV Series and Movies. ขอบคุณคับ
At first I'm satisfied with this app but after a week I can't open it and it shows error occured. My internet connection were strong and I tried to clear data but nothing happens .
Ok so Line Tv is finally available in India. I was very happy at the beginning but now I'm kinda annoyed that more than half of the Thai Series I want to watch is not available. Even the on air series is not available. Please do something as soon as possible I CAN'T LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT, PLEASE FIX IT IDK WHAT'S HAPPENING
Please make this Available in the Philippines Please? I remember Filipino Celebrities Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli was endorser of LINE Application way back in 2013, you may search it on YouTube to see that Jessy and Matteo sings for LINE App. Please make this accessible to Filipino Fans please. I hope that LINE TV Management will listen to us and this will gain popularity with this application. I will give 5 Stars soon if all is well and okey. Please LINE TV. Bear with us. We love you.
I really like this app i download it bc there are many series that i watch but it doesn't have on any other series app at first it's really working and then one day i cannot open it and i redownload it and it worked again.After 2 or 3 days i'm watching a series and then it stoped i redownload again but it's not really working after so many redownload i can't open it till now. I Wish Line TV you can fix it as soon as possible🙃🙃😊