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Liquid Sort Puzzle - Color Sort Puzzle

Liquid Sort Puzzle - Color Sort Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Picolaf Global. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
πŸ’¦ Discover amazing science and art with this game Sort that is"Liquid Puzzle Water Sort Puzzle" today!

Using your brain to solve all the color water puzzles in the game. There are certain of the bottle of color water, you need to find the solution to split (water sorting) all color into 1 bottle. 1 bottle, only 1 color.



🍼 Unlimited stages (over 2,000 water sort maps).
🍼 Over 10 unique types of bottles.
🍼 Over 20 themes that are fancy this water puzzle game.
🍼 Get coins to collect all themes and types of bottle.
🍼 There is a vast myriad of colors to sort such as green, yellow, red, purple, pink...
🍼 Addictive color sorting gameplay.
🍼 Get bonus coins and gifts in-game.
🍼 Tons of daily missions for you to earn free coins.
🍼 One of the color sort puzzle games that are best.

Download Liquid Sort Puzzle 🍾 game and train your logic brain right now!!
Download for free the water puzzle game that is best !

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Liquid Sort Puzzle - Color Sort Puzzle.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Liquid Sort Puzzle - Color Sort Puzzle for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Saw this ad from Youtube and decided to try it for a little bit. It's very easy so it becomes dull fast and have to see ads in game, stopped playing after finishing level 13. Thanks for the game.
This game is SUPER fun but I want more unlockables! I've been playing it so much I've unlocked everything there is in a matter of a couple days and I really wish there were more cute bottles and backgrounds to get :(( Other than that this game is super solid and the ads are really not a big deal. Really fun!
This game is about as basic as you can get. I can't see anything that would encourage continue play. Graphics are non-existent. Games like this make me think they simply were created as a backdrop for ads. The rating score is this High because they ask you to give them a rating after the very first level. Don't waste your time.
Animations take away from the experience. Would happily pay to remove ads if this were changed, but the animation is ok for the first two levels, and then it starts to make the game feel clunky. I could see no setting option to speed it up/remove animation. Also, when I turned off the vibration option, the sound also disappeared even though I still had sound enabled.
I lovvvvve this game but the ads whoa slow it down ads are already ready down below when I'm busy playing
Too many ads. Played for hours without a single ad, but then suddenly started getting an ad after every single level. It's basically unplayable now.
I'm impressed. I thought it would be a bad game with bad controls. But I honestly really like it. I like the things you're able to unlock. Like the backgrounds are so cool and pretty and some of the tubes have little characters on them. It's a very nice looking game. There are a lot of adds tho. But you could just use airplane mode to stop the adds πŸ˜‰. The sounds are very satisfying too.
Ads after every level gets a bit tedious, but you can skip after 5 secs, so it's bearable. The game is simple, but challenging. Quite like this to be honest.
I literally only played this game for one second. I don't even like these type of games but I only downloaded it just to leave a review. I rated it five stars even though I didn't enjoy it because the ad for the game didn't trigger me. It wasn't one of those dumb cheap mobile game ads. It actually had a real person with at least one brain cell and 1 IQ playing it.
Disabled mobile data because obviously I'd be invaded by ads that makes me waste 30 seconds. So i played 20 levels and it's too boring. Restarting level also allows you to get chance of lower difficulty puzzle which instantly kills difficult curve. Delete it now
filled with ads (not really a suprise) got 15 levels in and there wasn't much of anything to challenge you. it's good if you are looking for something to kill time with little brain power.
It's a simple yet fun game, but they should change the colors. Some of them are way too similar, I can't even imagine how colorblind people handle it. I mean come on, 3 shades of green?
The game itself is good but don't bother paying for the no ads as it doesn't work. Just had to get a refund for it
This game is a good game to play when you're offline (no ads) and to help you sleep or calm yourself. This game helps me a lot when I'm anxious, and helps my mom to sleep. Though I agree to put some more challenges like as some others have mentioned, colorblind or limited movements, or even more bottles. As of now, I've reached level 1000 and I can say it's repetitive for about level 80 above. U have no problem with that though, i just play it to calm myself down.
I have played till 110 th level after that app is showing blank screen and the level count is 10.also i cannot able to play further level.ufff disappointed
Its a nice game. Gets you thinking. Only think im starting to get annoyed with is the pouring speed. I think an update with a faster pouring speed would be best.
I was originally really enjoying this game. It was very relaxing and calming. However it is now madsively glitched to level 10 and there are no bottles and everything is very much broken. I have reinstalled it twice and it is still the same. A shame really as I was very much enjoying it.
Exactly the kind of sorting game I wanted to play... Good flow to the game and ads aren't super annoying
Addfest... there were no adds until level 5, right after i completed it. Then every levels, an add at the end. This turned me off completely and destroyed my desire to continue playing this game. I know I was at the start but the puzzles were too easy and didn't see an increase of difficulty, just the number of bottles increase.
Game is relaxing and helps with my OCD, but it keeps declining my payments when I try to buy the "no adds" feature. I've tried 2 different payment methods, it keeps declining
Fun, but no ads purchase is a lie. even after the purchase there were still ads on every page, and between games the ads were loud, with no way to contact developers.
They should add chaining pours. The gameplay gets slow watching each bottle pour for 2 seconds. Your brain and game gets out of sync.
I love playing this game but it sends me a lot of inappropriate ads. I only get inappropriate games on this app in my phone. I don't have ad personalisation turned on and all other games and apps give appropriate ads. Please solve this problem because I love playing this, but the ads are so disgusting, I am totally turned off the game.
The game crashes quite often. Now that I've reached level 100, I don't know if I've finished it all or if it's a bug. The game simply says that I'm at level 19, but doesn't let me even play the levels again
Simple, straightforward fun! The colors, backgrounds, and bottle designs are just different enough to be able to customize your experience. And though there are adds, I don't find them particularly intrusive.
An okay puzzle game but WAY too many dumb ass ads. They're the annoying ones for cheap mobile games. I tried buying the No Ad upgrade but it doesn't work, as is the situation for most people. The ads just make me really angry since there's an ad between each level and a 30-second unskippable ad if you want an extra empty bottle or some redos. Just let me buy the no ad upgrade please or remove some ads.
Game is nice time passes away but now they have introduce inappropriate adds which i don't want to see its shows adult adds plz remove this i am uninstalling this app bcoz of the inappropriate adds only
Hard and easy at the same time but soon you might regret waiating your phones space like i did but ended up installing it again.β˜ΉοΈπŸ€‘
Fun and relaxing game, but nonexistent support from developer. After buying the ad free version, I keep getting as many ads as before, and absolutely no answer from the developer. So now I feel scammed. If you enjoy the game, keep playing it with ads, and don't purchase anything!
It is an enjoyable, simple game for me. And I do enjoy some of the designs of the bottle. It challenges me to use my mind to think about the details, and it is easy to win new features. As someone who is currently rather stingy with my money, I am grateful to be able to win cool stuff without spending real money.
This is a good game. It works very well (especially if you turn on airplane mode to stop ads) but i think you should make the game harder by adding more bottles colors or even game modes. Mostly i would want more bottles starting with only two open bottles. I say this because after level 80 it stops adding bottles and the difficulty stays the same after that point and im on lvl 160 right now.
While the game itself is fun the in app purchases dont seem to actually work. I bought the add removal and not only do I still get adds on the bottom of the screen but after every level as well. There is no option to redeem purchases either. When I went to see if I perhaps didnt actually buy the ad removal I received and error "Error: you already own this item" however I was still charged for it. Perhaps if this error is fixed I'll play it more. Until then I wont be playing.
Such a fulfilling game, to hear and see the fluids filling up. No pressure, no story to solve, no overpowering graphics. Just a pure , simple game to relieve tension and calm nerves, never able to put it down! Thumbs up for this one
Good and puzzling app . When it puzzles me I really enjoy . Please install this app and give it 5 stars like me . If you have any problem related to it so write your problem here and If you have 1 problem then give it 4 stars maximum . Thanks Regards β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
It's quite fun and addicting, I love doing this! It helps keep my mind off of things and also kills time.
Some of the puzzles are just not possible, not as in they are really difficult, impossible as in I systematically tried every possibility and none worked. Fix your game, morons.
It's ok, only that after every game, it asks if you want to multiply you winnings if you watch an advert, but if you don't want to watch an advert, it will still play an advert. After. Every. Poxy. Game! Enjoyment went from 4 stars, to 1 star. Yes, you can put aircraft mode on, but I need to receive calls. Unistalled just because of this. It's just to force you to pay $3. to remove all ads. The game isn't worth that much. Sorry.
Not sure how it happened but the first time I installed this app the first puzzle leveled me up infinitely. I got to two-thousand something level before I stopped the app, haha! Reinstalled the app and tried to get it to do it again but I couldn't. Anyway now playing it normally and love it! Like the different vial options too
Love this super chill game. Once you get to level 20 or so it actually gets challenging, I love it. There's a few bottles and backgrounds to unlock but I wish there were more. I really like the pouring sound. Overall I was pleasantly surprised how much I like the game
This game is a good brain teaser and time waster but if I had $1 for every ad I saw in 4 hours then I'd have my student loan fully paid off
Fun game to pass time, train the brain a bit, all though there is an ad every round after level 5.. Which can be resolved with their "No Ads for 2.99".
I ❀ this game. It is mildly challenging and a great game to play between breaks. It is actually a great stress buster for me. The good thing about this game is that it is designed for u to win. Cant say about later levels I am still on 38th level. So far it is fun.
I paid to remove ads and they are still present. Tried to contact developers but the email on store page is apparently unreachable. Game is fun but ads are obnoxious.
This app uses a scamtastic method to get high ratings. If you choose the "rate app" option in the game, and then pick 4 or 5 stars, it takes you to the real rating site. If you pick less than 4 stars, it doesn't take you anywhere. This is sketchy. Also, the ads are super annoying. I got stuck in the second ad (after only a minute of play) and couldn't leave, even after waiting 30 seconds.
Yes , there are a lot of ads. However, everything in this game is free so watching an ad after every level helps out the developers keep it that way. It also helps that the game is enjoyable.
I love this app. One of my favourite app. I usually spend time playing this game . This app is very useful for mind . Very easy to play and this is super but need some improvement. Only in this app I find little ads . Finally am just addicted to it
Good and strangely addictive game. Gameplay is very stripped down, there isn't much going aside from the actual liquid sorting, but suits me fine.
Oh my god the water pouring animation is SO SLOW. Other games like this will let you double tap to pour instantly or pour two bottles at once, but not this one. I'd honestly give it 5 stars otherwise, I use a VPN so no ads for me and the game is graphically nice, but seriously that slow pour animation is horrendous. Instant uninstall for me.
Haven't played the game just download it to leave a bad review. The adds are trash and all the same. They play the same annoying song every time. If you want people to play your game make different adds.
I would rather do anything else than play this game. There's too many ads. An ad at the bottom of your screen, an ad right after you finish a level. And to top it off, they don't show you how much it cost to remove them. And even if they did, it's not worth it. Keep your money, you'll need it for your taxes, medical expenses and yourself. It's not worth your time.
Paid for No Ads and I'm still seeing them. The game is great fun, good art and no glitches or anything....but I paid for no ads for a reason. Tried to contact the company to have the fix it and their email isn't valid.
Too easy. The lack of challenge is boring. Too many ads interrupting. The gameplay graphics slow down the game's progression too much (You have to wait 2x for two units of water, 3x for three units, etc)
Paid to have ads removed. Ads still showing and the full screen ads are there after every level. Very unhappy. What a con. Waste of money. Uninstalled.
Amazing Game... its a Game which have a feeling of freedom, you don't have any worry for doing anything wrong, or worry of game over, you are free to win... its a type of game, you can play nonstop without getting bore... and it has Amazing simplicity and feel... You are Amazing Picolaf Global. Thank you so much ❀
Game gets stuck and won't let you continue. Even though you can still sort colors into other bottles it won't let you. I had to retry numerous times. This is definitely a bug that will stop you from completing the level.
Graphics are amazing and very soothing. Puzzles get really challenging as you go ahead. This is an amazing game for brainstorming.
Fun game! If they could make a quality of life change and add numbers in the colors so you can know exactly what colors are what. I'm having a little trouble distinguishing the different colors. Nothing major just a minor thing that would help me.
Fun at first but then it gets boring quickly as its so repetative. There is no challenge or elements added to it whatsoever its always the same thing over and over again and then ads. Plus winning money to buy custom designs is made so easy that even tho I do love when app developers dont make it too hard to adjust the game to your liking, this is too ridiculous considering everything about it is so easy and just isnt good at all.
Rip off. Paid for ad free version. Ads still all over the place. I restarted my device, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still getting ads. Wish I'd read the other reviews before wasting my money.
At the level of 104 it seems like hanged. Nothing shows in the puzzle page like level number, bottles designs, and coins are unlimited. Please provide an update.
I downloaded it bc the ad wasn't trying to play the game frustratingly wrong. But it's just fundamentally not a hard game, you just match whatever's on the top layer together. I thought I'd blaze through the early levels until it got challenging, but the pace of the game moves too slowly to allow you to do that. 1, there's a 5 second ad that plays after EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. And 2, pouring the liquids has a long unskippable animation, makes the levels take longer than they need to be.
Faltu game!! After playing for some time can't transfer to another bottle and neverending advertisment uff!!! Worst experience
Somewhat easy puzzle type game, but very relaxing, time-away from everything to get my brain to zone out and concentrate on something else for a bit. Love that you can change the bottle shapes and even the background scenes and background colors.
The levels are fun and the more levels you complete the harder is gets. The ads are decent, not too much. Would reccomend this game for those who enjoy puzzles.
I like it a lot, I mainly play while listening to podcasts but the ads are seriously annoying. I shouldn't have to see an add every single time I get to a new level. I'd also like to see more wallpapers and bottles. After I gotten all the coins I've gotten are just wracking up. It'll also be cool to have a leaderboard. Also the no ads purchase never has worked, for me at least.
Good game for relaxing except for the adds because in every level before and after playing there's an ad way too many so wouldn't necessarily recommend unless u like getting mad/want to.
A simple and relaxing puzzle game. I like how my phone vibrates during the pour animation, giving the sensation of pouring a bottle of lquid.
I can't remove ads. It declines the transaction in the app. It's not my payment I have a google play balance and just used some on another app, please fix
This game is relaxing. More in the current pandemic situation. Love the colors, the display, and the variety of bottles.
Way too many ads. Also, it asks you to rate it almost immediately in-game. Choosing one star and submit does not submit a rating.
Great relaxing game. However, a lot of levels force you to watch an ad in order to complete the levels. I believe this is designed intentionally
It's a fun game, and although the length of ads is just 5sec, they appear after every game. This is rather annoying. I suggest every 3 games or every level may be? I tried paying for "no ads" but it is always denied - have no clue, why.( yes, I know my password....)
Was fun until for some reason after a little it wouldn't let me do anything I'd try to pour one thing into another and it wouldn't work I had to restart one level at least 3 times for it to work again besides that it was pretty fun
Some of colors is very nearby, those should be completely different from each others. As it's keeping unnecessary bad strength on eyes.
Nothing but ads to progress. Game is enjoyable. I made it to level 50 in a few hours. If you get stuck and want to restart the level? Ad. Or can watch an ad to get a free bottle instead of restarted the level. At the end of the level want to make 300 coin instead of 100? Watch an ad either choice. Everything you earn, you can't pick and choose what background or bottle style you want in the shop. It is randomly picked for you which wastes your earned coins on things you don't want.
Fun game! If they could make a quality of life change and add numbers in the colors so you can know exactly what colors are what. I'm having a little trouble distinguishing the different colors. Nothing major just a minor thing that would help me. I can't buy the no ads option I tried my card and even bought a Google play card to do it.
Like advertised a game about filling bottles. Played up to level 9, had no challenge up to that point and an add after every level.
Honestly I was afraid this would be another one of those really cheap apps, but this one is well-made and quite fun! It's very simple but it works well, and it's a nice and relaxing little puzzle game. The ads are all skippable after 5 seconds and only between levels, so it's not too annoying at all. It's honestly just well done!
The game is good and rated for 3+ age and it's showing ads that are irrelevant for kids all the time .
I absolutely love this puzzle. The liquid and bottle idea is brilliant lol. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a puzzle so much. I like that is consistent and easy enough throughout every level
Overall a decent game. It makes you think a bit but some colors are very close in hue. Also way too many ads but not worth paying to remove.
Love it, but if we decide not to watch the ad to get 3x the points we shouldn't have to watch an ad anyways. Sorta defeats the purpose. I wish there were more customization options too because once you've got everything already, why bother with the ads? The only issues I have with gameplay is that I wish when you got stuck and needed to restart, that you could restart the same level instead of only starting a brand new one. Also would be helpful if it would tell you when you were out of moves.
This is a good game but given it 4 stars as it could be developed so that each level challenges you to complete the challenge in a number of moves. I have only got to level 14 so it might come later in the game.
It's fun and a lil addicting, but it gets to a point where none of the bottles will pour into any other bottle so I'd have to reset the game again, it's very annoying.
Too many adverts - at least one per level and each level takes about the same time to complete as the advert does. In-app rating scheme appears to be a scam too, rate it low and nothing happens, rate high and get taken to the real rating site.
I really like the game but sometimes it doesn't let me add the 3rd empty bottle and that's very frustrating.
I am very unhappy, i had paid to get the ads removed because there were just so many, and it worked....until I closed the app once after doing so, and now every time i play it it is filled with ads again. I want a refund! App deleted! 😀
Calm, oddly satisfying, cool... I'm glad it doesn't lag or has ads randomly after levels like way too many other games. I literally only played the first 3 levels and I already enjoy it.
Love the game play but the ad after you finish each level board is annoying. There are already ads at the bottom of each board so needing so many after the board is unnecessary and makes me close the app when I would otherwise play much longer.
(1) There is an ad after every single level (2) Pouring takes too long, and you can't pour anything else until it's done (3) It's too easy for too long. It takes up until level 30 to have to start thinking a little bit. But it's hard to breeze by the levels because pouring limits your speed
Game wants me to buy their Halloween bonus pack in March, other than that, it's great. Wish I could skip pouring animations to speed up play.
I really like this game. I found it entertaining to play when I was bored or waiting around for something, and although the frequency of the ads was annoying, I find that to be the case for any game, so it doesn't really bother me anymore. My problem now is the game keeps forcing quit. I go to open it and it closes. This is a shame.
It's a simple no-fuss game, no extra features tagged on, just an easy game to pick up and drop whenever. It does what it says on the can.
Honestly l thought it was going to be one of those scam ones but it's decently made even if there's ads
Cool game. But I hope you can fix game glitches (level and achievement percentage are uneven 100 coin prizes are not added to my game coins). Other than these your game is a 5 star for me.
Fun game, but the points are pretty much useless because the shop only has a limited amount of items and the points just add up indefinitely.
I really want to love this game. The actual game itself is great and very cathartic. However it is basically all ads. An ad after every single level and ads if you want extra moves, etc. There IS a feature to pay a small amount to remove ads permanently, which I was thrilled about. HOWEVER, it seems to be glitched. No matter what I do it errors with "transaction declined". Reading through other reviews I have seen many people seem to have this problem. So I'm pretty frustrated overall.
I would first of like to say this is a no- nonsense game. It's not going to give you hints. It doesn't suggest answers for you if you sit to think. The the ads are a 5 second, skippable ad, between levels. Or a 30 second unskippable an for extras. Very reasonable. One of the only games I don't put airplane mode on for. Also, the notifications are pleasant and not often. They say "How are you? Feel free to come relax with color sort." Or w/e and I truly appreciate it. All in all? 5/5
Great game, helps to relax your mind. Would have given 5 stars if not for the advertisements after completing each game.
Wow! Outstanding game. I love this very much..After a tired day at office I play this game to refresh my mind and enjoy..It deserve 100% (5/5).. Thank you developers..
If I have the settings with the sounds off id like it if the adds didn't have sound. That's my only pet peeve
Best game No greed at all Free to play Nice concept Easy access to all the skins and backgrounds Nice graphics Thanks to the development team.
Nice visual, good play, but you can only move one bottle at a time, wait for it to pour, before moving to the next. Not my favorite model of this type of game.
This is a really good puzzle game. The levels stay just challenging enough to keep my interest, without feeling impossible to beat. There are a lot of ads (one after every level), but they are almost always short or easily skipped.
At a certain point the screen goes black and you can't play the game anymore. Like, seriously. I think I was on level somewhere between 80-90. I'm not sure if the game developer just at a certain level gave up and didn't finish the game or what. When I click on it it just shows settings, where the levels used to be, and then just the pattern that was used in the background of the game. It's not just a problem with me or my phone either, I've seen other reviews about it. Also, many adds.
It is an okay game, it has a lot of potential. However, it did not go past stage72 this was after a day download, it wasn't clear if this was the last stage or whatever. It couldn't load adverts inorder to get the 5 undo chances or restart the stage. Literally nothing. Also stage 2 to stage 30 are so unnecessary as they are not challenging at all. This could have added tournament where there could be time limit and made fun and even competition amongst players online.
The game is pretty accurate with the advertisement. There's no need to invest any kind of currency the game goes on and you'll score points. But yes their are adds after you finish each level. But they are short ones not the lengthy ones.
I don't have any complaints with the game its an excellent game and a good way to pass your free time and to use your mind. But it contains many adds so due to adds I feel like quitting the game sometimes and it makes me angry too. So I would like to suggest the company to decrease the number of adds. And then the game will be getting 5 star rating from every user. That is why I have given 4 stars instead of 5 stars. So I would request to the company again to decrease the number of adds.
The game is fun and a good way to get focused and think carefully, downloaded yesterday and just got to 80. However, there downsides are that you do have to sit through some commercials between games and when you want your five redos back. A bit of a downside of the game can be the shades of colors they use, my eyes are not what they used to be and since most colors here are pastel it can be difficult to tell if they match or not. I really wish there was more color options for the liquids.
Good game but the level is limited as the number of bottles and colors. The more you play with the 14 bottles the easier the game becomes and it is like you are not progressing. Finally there is no more challenge hence no more reason to play.
Exactly as advertized. I am very haopy with gwtting what I thought I was getting. Alot of ads, but they are short and skippable if I want to. Also enjoyable to watch every once in a while. All in all a good mobile game.
A good, somewhat challenging game that I'm embarrassed I actually enjoy, but it has a FATAL FLAW. I like the premise of the puzzle, the customizable bottle shapes, and the choice of black bg for night. I even like the way the vibration is programmed - it's satisfying. On the annoying side, graphics are mediocre at best (it looks very basic and unattractive) and the ads are excessive. Main problem: NO COLORBLIND MODE. Impossible to play if you are. It's entirely dependent on color-matching.
Super cute peg game update for 2020. The tactile response is a nice feature, and I especially appreciate that it's not pay to play...(at least not yet). I'm excited to see a Unity game in the play store. Great job 🀘
concept of this game is good, but if you pic one bottle and click another bottle to fill colour and there is no match of colour so why the bottle don't fill with different colour...?? this doing is helps to fill bottle with same colour with that specific bottle which has matching colour.. so theres no coplexity while playing this game, because bottle will fill with only other bottle wgich has matching colour...
I like the game play mechanics and the game itself is pretty relaxing. I do like that I can just watch an ad to get something and don't have to pay money all the time, but... there are a lot of ads. And one of them is something I find pretty offensive but can't block, so that is a pretty huge drawback. Ads at each level are 5 seconds before you skip, which I can deal with. You can unlock different bottles, but then can't switch them out?
Amazing game for developing of mind for children support children to play this game at least 1 hour in a day.😌😌😚
This app is such a wonderful app no add only sometimes the add comes.. If we play this game we will not get bored...
Having a good time playing this logic game. I used to have my 4yo little girl play with me. She likes how she can customize the bottle, background and it has vibration taht can be turned off. Good job.
I am really enjoying this game now I have been reached 132th level in 2 days because it's a interesting game but it contains so many ads but really it's a fantastic game to play I enjoy this game
Interesting but u can make it more harder bcs it made me really boring, its not challenging at all, every task u can do very fast, if u solve this problem i will install this game again. Anyway good graphic, i just dont want the boring task
In similar games like this, when you restart, the same pattern and level comes back, but it doesn't happen in this game. So it's looking difficult to me. I like this game and will play for a while, but I'm kind of stuck right now.
The puzzles themselves are fine, but often in the later stages I have trouble telling colors apart, and I don't even have color blindness. I can only imagine that someone who does would find this game impossible.
lovely bottle game. I have a hard time removing the ads though. It will not let me purchase the remove ads feature
App is good. I downloaded for my 7 yo. Was shocked to see obscene content in advertisement when moving to one level to another. Seriously disappointed due to this. Hence uninstalling the app.
Unlike those games that advertise a ignoramus failing to do the simplest thing, which you end up downloading and get bored. This game actually requires you to think ahead. This game is not for those who seek a easy distraction. This is for problem solvers. If you enjoy a challenge, you'll enjoy the later levels. I will say the first 10 levels were a piece of cake. But I enjoy the constant challenge of the later levels. It's also satisfying when you see chain reaction of filling the vials. 9/10
Nowadays a lot of games advertise a different gameplay than what they really are about, I was amazed to see this is the exact game they advertised! I'm already on level 57 and I love that there are never 2 equal sets so this is basically spoiler proof. I also love the sound effects as you're pouring the liquid from bottle to bottle, it makes it more realistic. Thanks for all the effort, team!
It's fun, the few ads are super quick. The only thing is that it's a little slow to fill up the bottles.
The game before the recent update was very excellent. After the update whole user interface of the bottle is changed which is looking very ugly and cheap. Please revert the previous user interface of the bottles in the next update.
Yawn, too simple, too slow. You can only pour one cup at a time, the difficulty ramps up far too slowly to keep a level of interest. There are a lot of ads, but hey developers gotta get paid too.
This is a good game had little adds but has a lot of glitches like I got to level 6 and this wired thing happened where I couldn't pour anything and I think that if you get frustrated easily then this is not your game if you can handle frustration then go ahead play the game I can't do that say bye bye for me thanks 😊
Annoying as hell. Gives the option to watch an advert for a bonus. You click no and it plays the ad anyway.
The game is good but not worth it because of too many ads. I recommend turning off your wifi to keep the ads popping every second!
I love this game. But i will say i did the no adds but once it got to above a 100 levels the adds began again and maybe you could put in a shake of the bottle that mixed the colours round so it might help finish the levels
Fun waste of time. Would be nice if it saved your progress on google play. This is the third device ive had to start over from level one and unlock everything. Would also be cool if the packs you unlock looked as cool as they do when displayed. For example the Halloween bottles all look 3D until you get them. Maybe add more bottles, backgrounds and colours. Will give 5. Overall a fun game. I love anything that makes you think so...πŸ‘
Paid for no ads and still getting lots of ads after levels and at the bottom of the screen, I'm so angry?
Best ever game. Try hard to find these game and finally its pop up in ads when i open video from youtube. Because another game is must pay it before you get it.
it's easy, simple, and fun. I play it in airplane mode so I don't get ads and the game still work fine. So far I don't waste any money or data playing it and I'm almost lvl 100 in just 1 day
You really need to work on the levels of the game. Firstly, the levels do not get any difficult or different till the 20th level. Secondly, you get an ad after EVERY level and then the graphics aren't very impressive. Disappointed, to say the least.
So like, love the game. It's relaxing to me and it's something I can do while listening to a book for school or something without getting distracted. But the ads are low-key annoying because they're the same thing every time. Also, like, what are the coins for? You get 100 coins for every puzzle you complete but you can't do anything with them. πŸ˜† I mean, it's not a big deal but like what's the point??? Lol Still, I totally recommend this game.
Good and contagious game. 4 stars only because of crazy method to re-earn undo points by watching videos only. Otherwise a good game
Excellent little time filler. Right, to all you whingers. The game is FREE. If you don't like it, delete it and move on. Or let's see you write a better app. Oh, you don't know code? Then stfu if you can't leave positive criticism. As for the adverts... For the love of all that's Holy how many tards are out there? TURN YOUR DATA OFF! It's not rocket science... Duh!
The buttons for watching an ad to add a bottle or undo moves don't work. I tap on the buttons and nothing happens. All the other ads load perfectly fine. Please fix the issue.
Hii the idea of this game is awesome but you really need to increase difficulty like after 5 levels add timer and make sure that user must feel new for every level take time to make perfect levels I too have some ideas to increase difficulty I too a game developer surely I will help you.....how can i message you??
I absolutely loved this game, I even got over level 400, but it doesn't work anymore. Usually an add plays every time you press the button to move forward to the next level, as well as if you want to earn an undo. Currently, no buttons within my app work, but I am still able to "play" the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, and nothing will fix it. I really did looks this game to help calm my anxiety and I hope this issue can be resolved.
Great game! Simple yet interesting enough to keep me wanting to play. Why I really rated it high were the app notifications that had funny and lovely notes. Like a reminder to drink water or a how was my day question. I rarely notice notifications and usually erase them immediately but they were lovely to see. Kudos to those who had that idea.
It is a very casual game and very relaxing. I never really mind with ads so whenever the ads popped out I'll just do sth else while waiting for it. Overall, it's a good game. Suitable for kids too!
This game is really entertaining, I just bought this game and it is very addictive, my 6 year old loves this game too, this game has been helping her with her colors, so I absolutely love this game. That's why I'm giving it five stars.
The game is cool although it has this stupid bug, the bug I'm encountering is that you cant fill up a bottle to another bottle which is a major bug, how are we gonna finish the level then, so I'm asking you guys to patch this right now!
Best experience..I am recommending this game to my all friends. My friends love this game. and after my using there is viral in my friends circle.
I actually really enjoy this little game. There are adds but most you can skip after 5 seconds which I really like. Also it is very calming and helps give me something to focus on when I'm having anxiety. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is I believe they can do better. Offer a little something extra to the game. Also please allow more speed when pouring the liquids πŸ™
Too easy. Maybe it gets more challenging later on but it's not captivating enough to get there. Maybe limit the number of moves or make it harder faster.
Honestly, i really love this game. I dont even mind the ads at times because I often feel underwhelmed. When im overwhelmed just trying to figure out how to sort the drinks is really nice and calming its like super great on my anxiety plus not having a limit makes it all the more worth playing. i love this game so much gj dev!!
Holy Funk this puzzle game is a funk ton of fun. Would be really cash if the devs let players put colors back into the containers they came from and let them mess with the colors, though.
I like the gameplay concep. Sometimes when there are three green/red base color, it became confusing, because the color tone looks similar. And maybe just me, but the level design quite inconsistent. But overall, this game is good.
I love this game, it's very easy to play when I get bored. Dear, developer. I want some new bottle shapes. Maybe with a cuter shape and headgear for animals like pandas and cats.
Fraudulent - the in app "rate us" option only submits ratings if 4-star or above. Plus the animations are way too slow. Ok concept to start, got boring fast Edit to 1 star - after first few levels, you get a 15-30second ad every level. Unplayable at this point, and uninstalled.
it is a colorful game and best for timepass............................ it's also a mind game not at first but in increasing levels, it becomes a little bit hard and interesting too........
Puzzles are challenging, but is there anyway we can get a colorblind assist option? I lose puzzles frequently since the various shades of blue, purple, and pink are too similar and can be hard to distinguish.
Game is just sorting color. Simple game but this app is showing all dating site ads and adulatory ads in between each level so pls beware before giving this type of games to kids. It's common now a days giving our mobile to kids at home but this is showing very inappropriate ads... My suggestion is not only this if u download any game apps or any other apps for kids pls make sure of not getting any inappropriate ads in between.
It's a simple game but it really does work your mind. It's one of those games you can just play without thinking too much into it, you can stop at anytime and not worry about losing lives or time. It's simple and fun.
At first it was hard to control but then I got the hang of it! Pretty sastifying but it's not that fun πŸ˜‘. Needs faster animation when pouring a bottle into another bottle 🧐. Wish you could pour 2 bottles at once so it could be more like real life 😣! Not that great for relieving boredom or passing time. Ads pop up alot so it could be kind of annoying πŸ˜“. I think you would be better off creating a different type of game... It's just sorting colors πŸ™„... Cmon you have potential for other stuff.
Great idea, poorly executed. Earning coins to unlock bottles and backgrounds while limiting undo usage seems beyond backwards. To top it off, restarting a level doesn't actually restart, it just gives you a new level. These two issues combined with a total lack of increasing difficulty and I don't see the point of this game.
I love this game. Its very well made and addictive. It is miles better than any other liquid pour game I've played. I gave one star less though cause I think there should be a little more too it. Like adding more colours to make it harder, and adding more bottles and backgrounds because you can collect them all very quickly. I really do wish there were more liquid colours, because it would become challenging which would be more fun. But otherwise its an amazing game
I love that there are no silly quizzes to solve in between levels! I am at level 330 and still enjoy playing it. Very tricky sometimes, but that is what makes this an excellent game! I also like that the adds are not too long!
The amount of ads in this game is bearable. It's not as bad as some I've seen but like all of them, the game gets boring really fast. You can earn coins to customize your containers but beyond that, the gold doesn't do anything. They could spend some time to better distinguish some colors. At the higher levels, they start to look the same. Other than that, it's a decent time killer.
Good game, was fun till I started getting ads after every level. I went on to spend my money to buy the no ads option, AND I'M STILL GETTING ADS!!! WHAT'S GOING HERE?????
Great game, relaxing and not too hard; however, I bought the ad free version and I keep getting as many ads as before. I sent an email to the support address and got an autoreply saying the address does not exist. Fix this for me and I'll change my rating to five stars.
Update: Picolaf Global - thank you so much for working on a fix & responding!! The ads on every page is gone, however, there are still loud ads between rounds. Once this is fixed, I'll definitely update my rating. Appreciate you all for actually caring about your customers! ----Original Review Below---- Fun, but no ads purchase is a lie. even after the purchase there were still ads on every page, and between games the ads were loud, with no way to contact developers.
Loved thizzz game but sadly after leves 80-90 the screen started to turn black ; I'm sure it was not the device because all of the other 2 apps where fine? I'm soo sad it's not working πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ€”.thizz game is great to waste some time ☺😌😝.VERY addictive.
please read this whole thing if you want to know good about this gameπŸ€—This has adds on the end of each round but if you play with out wifi you will have no adds so I recommend that☺😌 I rate this a 4 because I'm only on level 14 and for that I don't know what's going to happen in the future but other then that this is very calming, when I feel I'm about to get mad I play this, it helps me relax and get/feel calm😌☺
Fun but the ads get out of hand. I know the developer needs to get paid but ads after every level is a bit much. Especially when the ads take longer to play than it takes to complete a level. You spend more time watching ads than playing.
The gameplay is exactly what the ad shows. It's perfect. Not too difficult. But it's not super easy either. However the ads are pretty intrusive.
Really simple and enjoyable game play. It needs some good chill music to accompany it. I have my own music so I don't mind but it would really push the game to a 5 star if had some
Amazing app I really love it u also have to try this experience also low gb or mb from other same app like this
This is such a nice game if we are bored We can play this game it is really a puzzle if you go to upper level so the puzzles will get harder but it's ok they still easy but only a intelligent person can solve these puzzle😁😁 at level 1,2,3,4 and 5 they are very very easy must download 😊😊😊
Exactly what it looks like. Good progression of difficulty. No more ads than industry standard. Removing ads is $3 or so. Optional microtransactions, but everything is obtainable just with gameplay and not on a timer.
Boring, basic, and painfully easy. The only nice things to be said is that the animations are passable and the first few levels didn't have ads after them. I beat 30 levels and after 20+ ads I had enough of this game. I have no idea how long it goes, but I am not willing to do the same thing over and over another 30+ times.
Very well build, good sound design, not to many adds, but Gets very repetitive and has uneven difficulty spike spread too far apart with un-innovative tricks like just increasing bottles. Gets very boring.
Game is good, animation is too long I could have easily completed levels in starting in 20 seconds each. But the animation and the time it takes to complete makes it impossible to complete in less than 2 minutes. Starting levels are really easy. I don't have patience to go through them while wasting time.
This game is as much addictive as I played it went into level 20 of my first playing this game. It is indeed addicted and as relevant as much that they advertise on somewhere else that hooks me into downloading this game. Ads are not that annoying as it really makes you into buy the ad removal.
I like the game and I like how there are ads for maybe 5 seconds you can skip. So you wouldnt have to play the game for hours and eventually return to reality. Now lets get to the point...This game is AWESOME!!! I only played this game for minutes and I am already addicted to this XD The game is not boring and it is fun to play. The design of the bottles and background are creative. I hope another update will come soon and add more bottles :) Overall a good game to play I recommend you play this
I like the game ... but this is so disappointing that I have reached on 170 and now it is showing that I am on level 10 and bottles are also not visible...
Look. The game itself is fine. But the ads get so old, especially since it's the same ad over and over. I want to pay the fee to make the ads stop. But the option to pay doesn't work, and all I see any more are Project Makeover ads. I'm tired of seeing it, and some of its advertised content I find pretty gross. (I guess someone must find treating crazy acne fun, but I don't.)
The best game ever I have played . Very nice game for our brain also . It is relaxing game .Thank you for the game .
So much fun. Makes you think but doesnt five you a migraine like other think gamesπŸ˜ƒ. You dont lose lives and you are not timed. Excellent game. Way to go 😍.
I downloaded this game because, unlike so many other mobile games, the demo actually showed it played well. That was genuinely soothing to watch and it's about as relaxing to play.
still seeing ads even after paying for ad free doesn't matter how good the game is if you don't get what you paid for it feels like a scam please fix this asap and I'll give 5 stars
As long as you don't mind watching ads. It's a really fun game that you DON'T dump money into. I'm in the three hundred levels and I have never paid for anything. It's soothing and fun.
Played it for about an hour after installing it. Got bored. I'd reached level 20 at this time, but it just got repetitive and dull. I've uninstalled it. So I do not know if it does get harder and exciting the more you unlock more levels. But it's like... You cannot not lose. I tried not thinking about it as I played (not attempt to come up with a strategy)... I played mindlessly a couple of times and still played with ease. It's good for passing time and just mindlessly doing it.
This game is more of a puzzle and is very engaging. Everytime I open it to play just for 10 mins but I end up playing it for more than half an hour. I love playing this game. The sound which comes when the liquid is poured is awesome πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Very enjoyable. Can play offline too. No annoying purchases required to make the game playable. The game is challenging while being achievable, which makes it really fun (or maybe I'm just super clever). It's a great way to pass the time. Although, I've already walked down the street twice while playing it as I haven't been able to put it down!
A fine puzzle game that I was enjoying greatly. Having an ad play after every single level was unbearable and eventually became too much hassle for how short each level was
this game is sooooooo fun. the ads can get quite annoying, but I just turn my wifi off and it doesn't give you any ads.
I love this but it got error and i cannot play the game anymore, it pissed me off because my level already far enough :(
Stress buster game, eye-brain coordination, pleasant colored liquids ☺️ Black theme is there for older people to see the colors clearly πŸ‘
Too slow. Your brain knows what to do, but the animations don't let you act until they run their cause. Too many ads even for the free version.
The game itself is fine. I find the simple puzzles relaxing. There is a glitch though where I can't turn off the ads. Even when I try to pay the $2 or whatever to be ad-free the app won't process my payment. I can make other google pay purchases just fine. I'd really like to play this game without having to turn on airplane mode
The game is cool but after level 100 or so there is always the same amount of bottles. I don't see the point of playing if the difficulty stays the same. Let me know if there are more bottles in the following levels on the latest update, otherwise I don't see any reason to keep playing :(
Gameplay as adverized. The casual play is relaxing but i would enjoy the option of a more challenging mode, time or move limit, a minimum move number to challenge myself against, i haven't noticed a level menu to revisit old levels, after around level 15-20 i can hardly tell a difference between levels, the repetition really sets in quickly. A color blind or color impaired setting would be nice, even with standard vision some of the hues of liquid are a little similar. Fun, room for improvement
Relaxing puzzle game play. I only wish the game let you queue up moves while the pouring animation was playing out, then I'd give it 5 stars!
I love this game.I got download in two devices.So nice game.Keep it up.It also never take too much of MB.
Why is difficulty not increasing is my that point where i stopped playing this game and will never open it XD . Let me know when it turns harder with increasing level. Try some unique codes bruh.