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Liquid Sort - Water Color Puzzle

Liquid Sort - Water Color Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Picolaf Global. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
πŸ’¦ Discover amazing science and art with this game Sort that is"Liquid Puzzle Water Sort Puzzle" today!

Using your brain to solve all the color water puzzles in the game. There are certain of the bottle of color water, you need to find the solution to split (water sorting) all color into 1 bottle. 1 bottle, only 1 color.



🍼 Unlimited stages (over 2,000 water sort maps).
🍼 Over 10 unique types of bottles.
🍼 Over 20 themes that are fancy this water puzzle game.
🍼 Get coins to collect all themes and types of bottle.
🍼 There is a vast myriad of colors to sort such as green, yellow, red, purple, pink...
🍼 Addictive color sorting gameplay.
🍼 Get bonus coins and gifts in-game.
🍼 Tons of daily missions for you to earn free coins.
🍼 One of the color sort puzzle games that are best.

Download Liquid Sort Puzzle 🍾 game and train your logic brain right now!!
Download for free the water puzzle game that is best !

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Liquid Sort - Water Color Puzzle.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Liquid Sort - Water Color Puzzle for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Its a nice game. Gets you thinking. Only think im starting to get annoyed with is the pouring speed. I think an update with a faster pouring speed would be best.
Fun, but no ads purchase is a lie. even after the purchase there were still ads on every page, and between games the ads were loud, with no way to contact developers.
At the level of 104 it seems like hanged. Nothing shows in the puzzle page like level number, bottles designs, and coins are unlimited. Please provide an update.
I am very unhappy, i had paid to get the ads removed because there were just so many, and it worked....until I closed the app once after doing so, and now every time i play it it is filled with ads again. I want a refund! App deleted! 😀
Ads after every level gets a bit tedious, but you can skip after 5 secs, so it's bearable. The game is simple, but challenging. Quite like this to be honest.
Disabled mobile data because obviously I'd be invaded by ads that makes me waste 30 seconds. So i played 20 levels and it's too boring. Restarting level also allows you to get chance of lower difficulty puzzle which instantly kills difficult curve. Delete it now
still seeing ads even after paying for ad free doesn't matter how good the game is if you don't get what you paid for it feels like a scam please fix this asap and I'll give 5 stars
Paid to have ads removed. Ads still showing and the full screen ads are there after every level. Very unhappy. What a con. Waste of money. Uninstalled.
Paid for No Ads and I'm still seeing them. The game is great fun, good art and no glitches or anything....but I paid for no ads for a reason. Tried to contact the company to have the fix it and their email isn't valid.
Some of colors is very nearby, those should be completely different from each others. As it's keeping unnecessary bad strength on eyes.
I paid to remove ads and they are still present. Tried to contact developers but the email on store page is apparently unreachable. Game is fun but ads are obnoxious.
I like the gameplay concep. Sometimes when there are three green/red base color, it became confusing, because the color tone looks similar. And maybe just me, but the level design quite inconsistent. But overall, this game is good.
So much fun. Makes you think but doesnt five you a migraine like other think gamesπŸ˜ƒ. You dont lose lives and you are not timed. Excellent game. Way to go 😍.
Rip off. Paid for ad free version. Ads still all over the place. I restarted my device, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still getting ads. Wish I'd read the other reviews before wasting my money.
This game is relaxing. More in the current pandemic situation. Love the colors, the display, and the variety of bottles.
concept of this game is good, but if you pic one bottle and click another bottle to fill colour and there is no match of colour so why the bottle don't fill with different colour...?? this doing is helps to fill bottle with same colour with that specific bottle which has matching colour.. so theres no coplexity while playing this game, because bottle will fill with only other bottle wgich has matching colour...
Not sure how it happened but the first time I installed this app the first puzzle leveled me up infinitely. I got to two-thousand something level before I stopped the app, haha! Reinstalled the app and tried to get it to do it again but I couldn't. Anyway now playing it normally and love it! Like the different vial options too
I don't have any complaints with the game its an excellent game and a good way to pass your free time and to use your mind. But it contains many adds so due to adds I feel like quitting the game sometimes and it makes me angry too. So I would like to suggest the company to decrease the number of adds. And then the game will be getting 5 star rating from every user. That is why I have given 4 stars instead of 5 stars. So I would request to the company again to decrease the number of adds.
It's fun, the few ads are super quick. The only thing is that it's a little slow to fill up the bottles.
The game is good and rated for 3+ age and it's showing ads that are irrelevant for kids all the time .
Paid for no ads and still getting lots of ads after levels and at the bottom of the screen, I'm so angry?
Simple, straightforward fun! The colors, backgrounds, and bottle designs are just different enough to be able to customize your experience. And though there are adds, I don't find them particularly intrusive.
It is a very casual game and very relaxing. I never really mind with ads so whenever the ads popped out I'll just do sth else while waiting for it. Overall, it's a good game. Suitable for kids too!
In similar games like this, when you restart, the same pattern and level comes back, but it doesn't happen in this game. So it's looking difficult to me. I like this game and will play for a while, but I'm kind of stuck right now.
Very well build, good sound design, not to many adds, but Gets very repetitive and has uneven difficulty spike spread too far apart with un-innovative tricks like just increasing bottles. Gets very boring.
Really simple and enjoyable game play. It needs some good chill music to accompany it. I have my own music so I don't mind but it would really push the game to a 5 star if had some
While the game itself is fun the in app purchases dont seem to actually work. I bought the add removal and not only do I still get adds on the bottom of the screen but after every level as well. There is no option to redeem purchases either. When I went to see if I perhaps didnt actually buy the ad removal I received and error "Error: you already own this item" however I was still charged for it. Perhaps if this error is fixed I'll play it more. Until then I wont be playing.
You really need to work on the levels of the game. Firstly, the levels do not get any difficult or different till the 20th level. Secondly, you get an ad after EVERY level and then the graphics aren't very impressive. Disappointed, to say the least.
Haven't played the game just download it to leave a bad review. The adds are trash and all the same. They play the same annoying song every time. If you want people to play your game make different adds.
The game is fun and a good way to get focused and think carefully, downloaded yesterday and just got to 80. However, there downsides are that you do have to sit through some commercials between games and when you want your five redos back. A bit of a downside of the game can be the shades of colors they use, my eyes are not what they used to be and since most colors here are pastel it can be difficult to tell if they match or not. I really wish there was more color options for the liquids.
I love playing this game but it sends me a lot of inappropriate ads. I only get inappropriate games on this app in my phone. I don't have ad personalisation turned on and all other games and apps give appropriate ads. Please solve this problem because I love playing this, but the ads are so disgusting, I am totally turned off the game.
Best game No greed at all Free to play Nice concept Easy access to all the skins and backgrounds Nice graphics Thanks to the development team.
This game is more of a puzzle and is very engaging. Everytime I open it to play just for 10 mins but I end up playing it for more than half an hour. I love playing this game. The sound which comes when the liquid is poured is awesome πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
A simple and relaxing puzzle game. I like how my phone vibrates during the pour animation, giving the sensation of pouring a bottle of lquid.
Exactly the kind of sorting game I wanted to play... Good flow to the game and ads aren't super annoying
Such a fulfilling game, to hear and see the fluids filling up. No pressure, no story to solve, no overpowering graphics. Just a pure , simple game to relieve tension and calm nerves, never able to put it down! Thumbs up for this one
Best experience..I am recommending this game to my all friends. My friends love this game. and after my using there is viral in my friends circle.
This game is about as basic as you can get. I can't see anything that would encourage continue play. Graphics are non-existent. Games like this make me think they simply were created as a backdrop for ads. The rating score is this High because they ask you to give them a rating after the very first level. Don't waste your time.
I was originally really enjoying this game. It was very relaxing and calming. However it is now madsively glitched to level 10 and there are no bottles and everything is very much broken. I have reinstalled it twice and it is still the same. A shame really as I was very much enjoying it.
Wow! Outstanding game. I love this very much..After a tired day at office I play this game to refresh my mind and enjoy..It deserve 100% (5/5).. Thank you developers..
I would first of like to say this is a no- nonsense game. It's not going to give you hints. It doesn't suggest answers for you if you sit to think. The the ads are a 5 second, skippable ad, between levels. Or a 30 second unskippable an for extras. Very reasonable. One of the only games I don't put airplane mode on for. Also, the notifications are pleasant and not often. They say "How are you? Feel free to come relax with color sort." Or w/e and I truly appreciate it. All in all? 5/5
Calm, oddly satisfying, cool... I'm glad it doesn't lag or has ads randomly after levels like way too many other games. I literally only played the first 3 levels and I already enjoy it.
I am really enjoying this game now I have been reached 132th level in 2 days because it's a interesting game but it contains so many ads but really it's a fantastic game to play I enjoy this game
Great game, relaxing and not too hard; however, I bought the ad free version and I keep getting as many ads as before. I sent an email to the support address and got an autoreply saying the address does not exist. Fix this for me and I'll change my rating to five stars.
I literally only played this game for one second. I don't even like these type of games but I only downloaded it just to leave a review. I rated it five stars even though I didn't enjoy it because the ad for the game didn't trigger me. It wasn't one of those dumb cheap mobile game ads. It actually had a real person with at least one brain cell and 1 IQ playing it.
I like the game and I like how there are ads for maybe 5 seconds you can skip. So you wouldnt have to play the game for hours and eventually return to reality. Now lets get to the point...This game is AWESOME!!! I only played this game for minutes and I am already addicted to this XD The game is not boring and it is fun to play. The design of the bottles and background are creative. I hope another update will come soon and add more bottles :) Overall a good game to play I recommend you play this
The game itself is good but don't bother paying for the no ads as it doesn't work. Just had to get a refund for it
Too easy. The lack of challenge is boring. Too many ads interrupting. The gameplay graphics slow down the game's progression too much (You have to wait 2x for two units of water, 3x for three units, etc)
It's a simple yet fun game, but they should change the colors. Some of them are way too similar, I can't even imagine how colorblind people handle it. I mean come on, 3 shades of green?
I like the game ... but this is so disappointing that I have reached on 170 and now it is showing that I am on level 10 and bottles are also not visible...
Nowadays a lot of games advertise a different gameplay than what they really are about, I was amazed to see this is the exact game they advertised! I'm already on level 57 and I love that there are never 2 equal sets so this is basically spoiler proof. I also love the sound effects as you're pouring the liquid from bottle to bottle, it makes it more realistic. Thanks for all the effort, team!
Cool game. But I hope you can fix game glitches (level and achievement percentage are uneven 100 coin prizes are not added to my game coins). Other than these your game is a 5 star for me.
Good game, was fun till I started getting ads after every level. I went on to spend my money to buy the no ads option, AND I'M STILL GETTING ADS!!! WHAT'S GOING HERE?????
Faltu game!! After playing for some time can't transfer to another bottle and neverending advertisment uff!!! Worst experience
I absolutely love this puzzle. The liquid and bottle idea is brilliant lol. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a puzzle so much. I like that is consistent and easy enough throughout every level
Nothing but ads to progress. Game is enjoyable. I made it to level 50 in a few hours. If you get stuck and want to restart the level? Ad. Or can watch an ad to get a free bottle instead of restarted the level. At the end of the level want to make 300 coin instead of 100? Watch an ad either choice. Everything you earn, you can't pick and choose what background or bottle style you want in the shop. It is randomly picked for you which wastes your earned coins on things you don't want.
Fun and relaxing game, but nonexistent support from developer. After buying the ad free version, I keep getting as many ads as before, and absolutely no answer from the developer. So now I feel scammed. If you enjoy the game, keep playing it with ads, and don't purchase anything!
Excellent little time filler. Right, to all you whingers. The game is FREE. If you don't like it, delete it and move on. Or let's see you write a better app. Oh, you don't know code? Then stfu if you can't leave positive criticism. As for the adverts... For the love of all that's Holy how many tards are out there? TURN YOUR DATA OFF! It's not rocket science... Duh!
Good and contagious game. 4 stars only because of crazy method to re-earn undo points by watching videos only. Otherwise a good game
The game crashes quite often. Now that I've reached level 100, I don't know if I've finished it all or if it's a bug. The game simply says that I'm at level 19, but doesn't let me even play the levels again
Too easy. Maybe it gets more challenging later on but it's not captivating enough to get there. Maybe limit the number of moves or make it harder faster.
Game is good, animation is too long I could have easily completed levels in starting in 20 seconds each. But the animation and the time it takes to complete makes it impossible to complete in less than 2 minutes. Starting levels are really easy. I don't have patience to go through them while wasting time.
Amazing Game... its a Game which have a feeling of freedom, you don't have any worry for doing anything wrong, or worry of game over, you are free to win... its a type of game, you can play nonstop without getting bore... and it has Amazing simplicity and feel... You are Amazing Picolaf Global. Thank you so much ❀
App is good. I downloaded for my 7 yo. Was shocked to see obscene content in advertisement when moving to one level to another. Seriously disappointed due to this. Hence uninstalling the app.
The game is cool but after level 100 or so there is always the same amount of bottles. I don't see the point of playing if the difficulty stays the same. Let me know if there are more bottles in the following levels on the latest update, otherwise I don't see any reason to keep playing :(
Why is difficulty not increasing is my that point where i stopped playing this game and will never open it XD . Let me know when it turns harder with increasing level. Try some unique codes bruh.
Gameplay as adverized. The casual play is relaxing but i would enjoy the option of a more challenging mode, time or move limit, a minimum move number to challenge myself against, i haven't noticed a level menu to revisit old levels, after around level 15-20 i can hardly tell a difference between levels, the repetition really sets in quickly. A color blind or color impaired setting would be nice, even with standard vision some of the hues of liquid are a little similar. Fun, room for improvement
it is a colorful game and best for timepass............................ it's also a mind game not at first but in increasing levels, it becomes a little bit hard and interesting too........
this game is sooooooo fun. the ads can get quite annoying, but I just turn my wifi off and it doesn't give you any ads.
If I have the settings with the sounds off id like it if the adds didn't have sound. That's my only pet peeve
Good game for relaxing except for the adds because in every level before and after playing there's an ad way too many so wouldn't necessarily recommend unless u like getting mad/want to.
Great game, helps to relax your mind. Would have given 5 stars if not for the advertisements after completing each game.
I have played till 110 th level after that app is showing blank screen and the level count is 10.also i cannot able to play further level.ufff disappointed
Super cute peg game update for 2020. The tactile response is a nice feature, and I especially appreciate that it's not pay to play...(at least not yet). I'm excited to see a Unity game in the play store. Great job 🀘
I love this game. But i will say i did the no adds but once it got to above a 100 levels the adds began again and maybe you could put in a shake of the bottle that mixed the colours round so it might help finish the levels
This game is as much addictive as I played it went into level 20 of my first playing this game. It is indeed addicted and as relevant as much that they advertise on somewhere else that hooks me into downloading this game. Ads are not that annoying as it really makes you into buy the ad removal.
Very enjoyable. Can play offline too. No annoying purchases required to make the game playable. The game is challenging while being achievable, which makes it really fun (or maybe I'm just super clever). It's a great way to pass the time. Although, I've already walked down the street twice while playing it as I haven't been able to put it down!
Update: Picolaf Global - thank you so much for working on a fix & responding!! The ads on every page is gone, however, there are still loud ads between rounds. Once this is fixed, I'll definitely update my rating. Appreciate you all for actually caring about your customers! ----Original Review Below---- Fun, but no ads purchase is a lie. even after the purchase there were still ads on every page, and between games the ads were loud, with no way to contact developers.
Relaxing puzzle game play. I only wish the game let you queue up moves while the pouring animation was playing out, then I'd give it 5 stars!
This app uses a scamtastic method to get high ratings. If you choose the "rate app" option in the game, and then pick 4 or 5 stars, it takes you to the real rating site. If you pick less than 4 stars, it doesn't take you anywhere. This is sketchy. Also, the ads are super annoying. I got stuck in the second ad (after only a minute of play) and couldn't leave, even after waiting 30 seconds.
Graphics are amazing and very soothing. Puzzles get really challenging as you go ahead. This is an amazing game for brainstorming.
The best game ever I have played . Very nice game for our brain also . It is relaxing game .Thank you for the game .
Hii the idea of this game is awesome but you really need to increase difficulty like after 5 levels add timer and make sure that user must feel new for every level take time to make perfect levels I too have some ideas to increase difficulty I too a game developer surely I will help you.....how can i message you??