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LiveMe Pro - Go Live Stream!

LiveMe Pro - Go Live Stream! for PC and MAC

Is a Social game developed by Dream Developerr located at Office 1301, Building 361 Street 1705, compound 317 Diplomatic Area, Kingdom of Bahrain. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
LiveMe Pro is a popular live video streaming network that is social. It allows you to live stream your special moments, live talk with your friends, make video calls and watch hottest videos.

Don't wait โ€“ Join LiveMe Pro, broadcast your life, gain fans that are many receive gifts and be an idol easily.

# Go Live
- Singing, dancing, eating, traveling, playing games... Just 1 touch to go live!
- Show your talents, get more followers, receive many gifts and be an idol easily.

- Try PK challenge and have fun with your friends on LiveMe Pro! Broadcasters who get more attraction points will win the PK while losers have to receive punishments.

# Watch Live Streams
- Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers and singers, big eaters, comedians, etc. Present you amazing live streams and live videos.

# Live Video Chat & Video Call
- Invite friends to start video chat. that is online Create group video video or chat calls with up to 9 people in Multi-guest Room.
- Use video filters or stickers while video chatting to have fun. Cute face that is kitty lovely eyes, crowns, funny rabbit ears, etc. are all available.

# Voice Chat Room
- Live talk with pretty girls or handsome boys from nearby or all over the world.
- Live voice chat with voice emoji to have fun.
- Here you can sing karaoke together, talk about life and learn foreign languages with your new friends.

# Invite friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your spontaneous moments with them!

Join the worldโ€™s favorite video that is live app and become a star! Download LiveMe Pro and share your moment today! Create groups to interact with people who have shared interests.
Invite friends to join your broadcast and share moments that are interesting.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the LiveMe Pro - Go Live Stream!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download LiveMe Pro - Go Live Stream! for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I love the app but it keeps lagging an freeze that's a very huge problem an not only that when you get a phone call you cant hear people if you dont pick up the phone they have to leave an you havento restart you cast overbindont like that an have the time you cant hear what other say to you
Still being victimised on live me app for no reason whatsoever. If I update the app it stops working properly. I can't send any messages in a broadcast any more or gifts in a broadcast. The translation is not working properly. I have also noticed that if you are from any else apart from England you can use any profile pictures you like. My profile picture is a picture of me and they keep rejecting it but if I put a picture of someone else they except it. Please can anyone explain this for me ๐Ÿค”
I love this app but lately alot of glitches. Idk if im keeping it. My android echos and I dont know how much longer I'm gonna keep the app if it continues to work like this
Not a good app if you're showing a child they get mad even if they seemed .5 seconds they will tell you you are going against guidelines
I love the app but plz add back the likes counter I miss watching it go up while streaming been off app 2 years but now I'm back I'm back talking to old fans
It's really amazing out standing wonderfull and charmfull an attractive app which is being used on my motivation by all relatives and all the uni friends in hostel as well as other educated people residing in my surrounding area , it's one of the examplory app for the people who know that ladies must be respected whatever the circumstances or atmosphere may be no doubt in it ,,,,
Too much lag! I had a Samsung galaxy s9 and it was very hard because my camera was very good and the app make it lag. when I move it around and even the calls were very unstable! tbh it was very bad experience. Don't get this app. I had very good Wi-Fi too!
Need to fix bugs faster, and block or banned all accounts fair not having favorits, because they contracted or recharge high. Mute button needed for 4h4 also
Last update kills ppl following, doesn't show u ur friends stream. How can u support I'f u can't see! Fix Plz
I'm on a s20 ultra and the app seems to be dropping my data completely this is the only app where my data shuts completely off
App is good but variation in broadcasters hosting wage particularly in Saudi 4 exp events(very often in other countries)are very normal and salary paid highest there globally, for equal achievement equal payment should be there .events are very good and very fair very accurate with timing ๐Ÿ‘.
I hope u can fix the recharge part so that we don't need to open liveme in the browser just to recharge. Thank u.
The efficiency and the power usage of this app is just appalling! LiveMe just can't get anything right in 2020!
Very slow in loading when installing or updating every time we go in a stream bigo is better I'll say again you ruined your own application
App is all bugged out again. The original version is what I use and it's all messed up. I can't recharge or convert, or email live me.
Fun, exciting and competitive. Three words that describe this app. Only improvement I see needed is make our conversion better, plus more bonus coins. Have fun meet new people and become a star. ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜‡
It keeps kicking me out of 8 beams An I use a cool pad phone it's by metro PCS an I never had problems with the app before it's a great app so if u could plz fix it it would be much appreciated
I love this app so much it's fun getting on and showing the world about yourself but it's hard to get people to give you gifts on here and the diamonds so you can earn actual money but other than that it's great
Why do I keep getting kicked out of my own live videos? No one can join any of my lives or talk to me. Its not my Internet or my phone as everything else on here and in my house is working fine. I've even tried using my mobile data and thats just as bad. This app needs sorting..
Fun at time. The updates have really hurt the app for Android users. It almost useless to broadcast or even beam with other people anymore. The app is lagging messages and gifts.
You need to fix that redeem your code still lagging very slow services bigo live still#1 for me they have way better deals worse application ever 4 year's for nothing I hope you change and do better liveme
I've been using for a few months and every month a problem shows up. My audio stop working out of nowhere, I can't go h2h, I can't answer my dms while broadcasting... Hope it gets fixed soon.
Unfortunately that the original version was removed but this a decent replacement but your moderators that are monitoring the livestreams for inappropriate/illegal/or blatant policy violations gotta remove punish them before innocent people are exposed to nudity/drug an alcohol use or even violence along with the obvious code of conduct violations try to be quick otherwise your company or parent company will be banned and unsupported like before... LEARN YOUR LESSON Google will end ya'll. FR
Notifications lie about DMs. The notifications are also badly categorised so you can't block the bad ones.
When ever i try to go live now in the gaming broadcast its not letting me anymore. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling the app. It still isnt working. Yes i click on the game section and click go live like usual, but it shows up as a regular live!! Fix this please!
I would rate by negative!(-1000) 1ST: To be Fair:It started to be on the track!stared to be professionally,Suppoting, connecting people globally, exciting competitions,...etc BUT, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!ALOT OF CONS๐Ÿ˜กALOOOT! This started V few months,till it has now REALL GANGS!not only con!(it may happen,Ok!& Since it started some agencies conned,BUT LATELLY it became redicolous HOWECOME CUSTOMER SERVICE (& theVIPs)help agencies to CON &HACK instead of SOLVING๐Ÿค”IS THIS LEGAL EVEN in the APP!
Its a really good app but it needs work it should stream everyone not only the ones that stay glued to the live stream...... Scouts honer
Total GARBAGE!!!....over priced, chats have 3 minutes of lag, zero customer service (only auto generated response that is repeated to everyones issues). In h2h's it echos......the list goes on and on.. Yesss, Liveme......it really is "such a pitty" that you only care about yourselves and money, and not about the people that pay your salaries!!..-5 star rating for you!!.
The diamond conversion rate was 50 percent and now it more like 28 percent. It's a total rip off. As a high level and the money spent I feel cheated and greatly disrespected for my time and effort put forth.
It damn addictive so you end up spending money. Solicitation everywhere you put a complaint (needs further investion even with photo and video evidence the moderators do nothing. Oh and if you get above level 70 you can act, do, say bully, threaten anyone without any recourse and using drug while doing a broadcast) then go ahead have fun
It's Great App ,but have Something missing about moment any video I post just 17 Seconds not one minute like other App ,Also you Can't put more than 6 photo in your profile,There is no theme for Fam ,but it's better of other App Chat,hope you can fix more thing in App and Add more options,thanks โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ
Don't even bother downloading this app I was told I was harassing staff when I brought to there attention of one of there employees sharing other users account details with me such as screenshots, videos and audio recordings without that users even knowing that this information was even emailed to me. Stay away from this app it an privacy invasion. After warning them I was than blocked from all there social media accounts.
why the app requires so many permissions๐Ÿค”I do not know? I hope you are not a snooping app๐Ÿคmy snooping findings are correct! Newsmedia will use your broadcasts for their stories, articles or fake celebrities, these socalled journalists are the ones who copied their friends CV to get themselves the job in the first place! These narcs haven't the intelligence to conceive neither maintain the position their actually in so here they snoop and copy what they need to maintain their fake life!
Enjoy making aquintaces but it's draining everyones battery quickly & it makes iPhone's hot. Unfortunately, a lot of people get banned/suspended for ridiculous and unfair things & if you do, you lose your money and cannot cash out. Ppl can smoke Marijuana on there but get in trouble for cigarettes. The women who are making the app a lot of money can wear 3 threads of a bikini but if a man's wearing a tank or you're not making them money & show cleavage you're n trouble. No way to contact liveme
Why doesnt your app work no more to download? So the app doesn't work to download on playstore but if you type in live me on Google it will work to download from here which is weird. Also when you first try to sign up with them it will tell you this app isn't safe ๐Ÿค” why is that live me?
It's wonderful to meet people but there is an a****** who's always talking bad about others is telling the broadcaster the kill themselves just a reminder if you tell somebody to do that and they do that to themselves you will go to jail for the rest of your life just let him know that other than that the app is amazing
Not a bad app but completely sick of all the notifications non stop even after turning all notifications off!! Like an annoying little brother banging at your door "hey! We miss you so here's some hugs" piss off!
Can't broadcast cause no matter what I select I can't upload a cover photo even though I allow all permissions. "Access denied".
I can't even login on this app unless I have some other type of phone login on a Google Pixel 4 is impossible for some reason
Never mind you blew it by removing Google play recharge. Like every version of Liveme on Google play, this tells me that Google will stop support liveme app. I think it will take 1 week before this app can't be downloaded anymore from Google. I will wait for the 6th different version of Liveme on Google. Liveme should just use normal Google recharge option. Via razor is still the most stable way to recharge because they DONT change preference of their users
Not satisfied in your network problem, I can use wifi broadband but not work your app, Then i try copy app and app is fast working, You know about copy app? And i cant snatch in drop, All time better luck, So i cant satisfied, suggest me and improve you app . ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ Next problem is cant snatch coinbox So suggest me เฅค west my mony Many time i mail you But not work in india properly, Many time network error, network errorเฅค Realy i bannad your app in india , Realy mantly irritating your app,
This app is getting more an more over with. The app only work certain times. Like i have said I liked the app when it was LiveMe but LiveMe Pro with Google is horrible. An making people leave app prices are too high for diamonds an the app doesn't work right half the time. Its such a pity i know but take money with no pity.Please fix app not downloading correctly. People gonna stop speading money an leaving the app. An final this need to be ID app.
It doesn't work on my phone .it stops before I even start my broadcast. I have to exit the app and then come back on for it to work. Please fix love this app but doesn't work ๐Ÿ˜“
I saw too many scammy ads for this app. Lots of clickbait in the ads. The app is not good, clunky and dumb. Do not download.
Attempted hack, tonight I had to call my bank because someone messaged me and right after I responded they tried to get me to accept an invite to my computer through my phone. I have a note 20 ultra. They kept trying to get me to confirm a pin to my computer. Live me needs to fix their shyt. This is ridiculous. Makes no sense.
I will put 5 star if the recharge button is working. It's been week now that I cannot recharge. I contacted customer service but no reply. Very frustrating
This app getting worse every day what happened to the translator feature how can I talk to people from other countries
I was a friend's beam and a guy joined and was naked playing with his private part ๐Ÿ˜  I don't really want to see things like that when I get on the app I get an idleing warning when I'm broadcasting but when I report people doing things like that all I get it a we're looking into it and nothing happens how are you guys going to have safety advocates and they don't do anything please fix ๐Ÿ˜’
It's not as good as other apps.. all the high broadcasters are more of a priority than low levels like myself, we get forgotten about๐Ÿ˜ž
Thank you very much apprechiated for the update havent had a problem yet since the update glad you guys listen to your users input
The old app will now allow me to delete my account. The new app does not recognize my old account. Sp basically LiveMe just said "F you we're keeping your email". Frick you LiveMe. It should ALWAYS be AT LEAST as easy to delete one's account as it is to create it.
Love this platform it's a great place to vibe with like minded people and has opportunity for the level of growth I desire!!!
This app used to be so fun but now its just so boring. So many broadcasters moved to different apps dont waste your time with this๐Ÿ‘Ž
Updated in app and now there is no video gaming when I broadcast it does not load up anymore try to talk to customer service they just blew me off and ignored me told me to do a coin drop. Worst customer service do not download this app all they want is your money they will never help you I'm level 40 and have star badge. They don't even care. *Update* I emailed you but you never replied back poor customer service you don't even care all you do is copy and paste and you never even talk to us
Not been getting any notifications from liveme for about 3 months now. It's definitely a problem on liveme's end because even after I formatted my phone back to factory settings i still don't receive any notifications. I'm using the current version of liveme with all notifications turned on. I'm using a Samsung galaxy note 10+. I don't know if the liveme app just isn't liking the Samsung phones but the app works perfectly fine on Apple devices ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ
today I tried to get back into my account to be able to keep my account because I changed my mind and Now You all won't let me get back into it ? I had to Appeal and state why I wanted back on my account ? This is ridiculous and I have a right to get back on my account if I want too. I have a right to change my mind about deleting my account. I wanna stay on the site. Please let me back on. Thank u !
Voice quality is not good and 6 rooms multi live only for broadcaster . Please check bigo live and update this application
Nice app.. But takes lot of internet.. Got to meet good friends.. No doubt. But takes lot of internet. Please improve. Thank you๐Ÿ™
App keeps lagging and running very slow and it keeps kickng me out of multi beam. Diamond convert is too low. My phone data is fine but app continues to act poorly . please do better on these issues
App can be great but I also have a galaxy and its horrible with lagging I can't send gifts see who's coming in I. Cleared catche and all its bad id like to broadcast with no problem is the app not compatible with galaxy phones or Android in general
I see alot of 1 star reviews and alot of no concern from live me about it with automated responses! I worked my butt off on this app to grow to a decent level! I have a star badge and have 98k plus fans, yet when I go live anymore most tell me they can't even see im live and my broadcast are dead! I used to get so busy it was ridiculous! The app moderators are very bias! If u have a star badge features should be a given! All about cam girls and dirty broadcasting! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
This app is dumb I am the appropriate age and it tells me it needs to do a age check on me I am over 18 years old and I even wrote my evidence down on what it needed me to and it still didn't let me go live just go download a different app
Bad app! I hate it because u can't go live with your child on your profile picture ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ™„ or u can't have kids on the camera ToT. And people always show there private parts ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Its amazing that every responce you guys have is the same automated "such a pity...." Responce while you idiots cant update this app correctly everytime there is an update the app has more and more issues!!! Fix the lagging!!! Fix the chat not working!!! Fix this app correctly!!!!
I just came back to this app to meet up with old friends and have a blast! I buy money it gets put in no problems at all only thing I do not like is alot of women acting sexy to get a few bucks it just does not seem appropriate so 4 stars because of that.
Literally does not work for android phones. I have the Note20 ultra and I can't even connect to voice beams. Literally renders my phone useless when trying to use the app.
Uninstalled LiveMe cause it was having problems so i could reinstall it and maybe it would be fixed... But no, it made me download LiveMe Pro which is worse then the real one... I just wanna get my old LiveMe back!...
Does what it's says it's going to do in supposed to do it's not only says but because it's a public company (the stock symbal)&/or- IPO we can all see the growth which is a tremendous fact of the life of these software development company projects become the next big social media platforms... Hmmm well let's hope so ๐Ÿคž
I have not been able to use it much but my overall experience has been excellent thank you for the service of your application
OK this app is a snake. The app sends notifications from live me if you have not broadcasted in a while that say " are you single? Come chat with me." I'm taken so this is not ok i get this message every day. He knows I'm in live me but I'm not in it to be a hoe I'm in it to do lifestyle things. This is not ok to me. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Download the app everything goes well for a week are two then it freezes up have to delete the app and reinstall it
I am still being victimised by the app. I made one mistake and sent my apologies. They told me that my account was back to normal then they sent me another email saying that in order to get my account back working normal I have to pay 50 VIP POINTS the cost $2000. They are still victimising me for no reason whatsoever. I suffer from depression and anxiety and other issues and use the app to help me with my mental health issues
Dude honestly can this apps review team guve me a break im off screen for less than 3 minutes trying to put together something. I come back to, "review failed, staying idle" like what am i supposed to do im on screen for nearly 5 hours dont get passed. Off screen for 3 minutes failed without consideration. As it is i wouldnt download im only putting 5 stars so people can see this review. Honestly its a 1 star
I just re downloaded this app on and started a new account and went to buy some coins to send gifts and I paid for them and didnt receive them and I have the email for you to prove it you sent me the bill saying I paid and my account is still on 1coin and I did give it 30 or 40 min to activated but still noting
Feel like you read my previous post lol but yea after that 70% off this week app deserves 5 stars was able to send a Majestic and Dream Castle today at the same time really amazing
Horrible experience with trying to get in contact with the support.my personal information on my account was compromised an haven't heard back from since sent emails to notify an correct the ongoing issue.will have to persue legal matter's.
Would be better if you could create a personal username rather than have a set of numbers & be able to share a link to my profile to people so they can instantly find me
Very poor app . It will not let me log into my original account and every time I try it creates a new account. I've worked with tech support and still no resolve. I do not recommend this app for anyone.
I account live me but I can't get back on the one I got because my phone was having issues problem then I have to rest my phone backup it lost everything on it have I can get back on the one I gotta live me I'd number I got it's. I signed up on my old phone number but I don't have it's and forgot my email password i have use my phone number. To sign in live me Y'all give me . Code. Put in but I don't have the same phone number. No more. Do that help some
I was great when i started,using the old app with my friends doing HtoH then then it was not,the pro version,when you tap the gift button it automatically covers up one of the most important parts of the screen while playing HtoH, and its not just me thats having that problem, sometimes its fine but more than not,its not. Fix the HtoH problem and i promis i'll rewrite my review, just like food critics do with restuarant!๐Ÿ™ƒ
worst app ever I have been on this app for a very long time about 4 years now now with the stupid new rules on this app makes the app more worst and convert rate is suck they said they going to fix the miltibeam but never did this app has 100+ problems not happy at all
Sad when your app only downgrades over time... I miss old live me so much especially back when you could watch videos for coins. I've been on the app since it first came out and I can honestly say since its become horrible. I always had people in my broadcast now it seems no one is watching and I don't mean the bots u removed I mean real people.
Fun. great. Buuuttttt. Im tired of spending money. In a time like this we need our money. There ain't no. Relief pak. On the apl for those who have lost to the pediment.
Why did you change the Google play recharge LIVE ME I'VE SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY to not use Google play anymore please fix it thank you
Downloaded to see if it's back to how it used to be. I know there was some controversy surrounding using the app a while ago. Hopefully they've managed to improve the program. Will update the review after some time back on it. I have high hopes for the app.
It's alright I would give a 5 if the app wouldn't lag so much can't even watch my favorite streamers half the time
It was way too slow or it keeps on buffering that's why I gave it 1 Star it needs to improve from there connection and make it 4 / 5 then I'll be happy
Very poor experience I did a recharge for coins, money got deducted but I never recieved any coins. Now trying to contact support and email dosent exist either.
Every time server down every app run and this app not working proper internet work fie e but unable to refresh this app and not working
Total GARBAGE!!!....over priced, chats have 3 minutes of lag, zero customer service (only auto generated response that is repeated to everyones issues). In h2h's it echos......the list goes on and on..
Disgrace, banned accounts for their own mistake. Same automated responses. Customer service are abysmal. Dont even answer questions you asked and answer something else.
I dont like all the glitches. Im losing my coins. Not seeing diamonds. LiveMe is making it hard to succeed as a broadcaster. How are you supposed to make it broadcasting if LiveMe keep glitching. I dont appreciate wasting money. LiveMe needs to fix all these dumb glitches for real. I would love the app, but its making it so hard to communicate with my friends and love ones. Please Fix The Glitches. I consider and view my broadcasting on here my job. Your making hard for me to work.
Something is wrong with Liveme. It's not letting me send no comments into the broadcast, but it's letting me send gifts though. What is the problem with this app.
I have an account on Twoo and i can't login with the same account on liveme, you should make it possible to link the accounts, keep track of users using the same email!!! I already have 3 usernames with the same email that can access the streams and im sure i could still get more by using different log in methods, is the first and only time ive seen such a thing, is beyond messy, is a huge flaw!!! I dont understand why can't you link them since you are getting the account info from Twoo anyways
This app is Pretty good expect some glitches, such as the connection keep sayin network stable an disconnect you.An want let me invite now on liveme pro.Other then that i enjoy this app also could be alittle less on the coins buying.Oh yea I been on app 4yrs
Pride I've been on there ever since 2016 and they will not let me get past my level and also they have copyrighted things trans did I create it is well so be careful you guys when it comes to this app they copyright your style they are not original at all give credit where credit is due.
My account says it's at risk. I couldn't login back to my account. I'm using this Gmail account. Please help me to log back in.
Used to log in on Facebook but found a way to log in on pro without Facebook. Luckily I synced my phone number n that's how I was able to not log in from Facebook just put in my phone # n bamm I was back in service
I account live me but I can't get back on the one I got because my phone was having issues problem then I have to rest my phone backup it lost everything on it have I can get back on the one I gotta live me I'd number I got it's. I signed up on my old phone number but I don't have it's and forgot my email password
Alot of fake profiles, but if like live room's for talking it's great to use. I enjoy the time in a group culture.
They have this contracting system that is a scam, where they get people to make money off of people who have no jobs and they give them unreachable goals, calling it "contracting" start off this app if you wish to not stand being manipulated
As a beta tester here on Google, I am NOT impressed with your cavalier attitude toward your users. How many more things will you guys get kicked from before you learn your lesson? For one thing, in what way does only high levels having VIP Chat help keep the App safe, fun, & wholesome. It would do the LM Community a lot more good if VIP Chat was only available to Safety Advocates, Trial Runners, & ppl whom actually contribute something significant to the App had that access instead.
Loving my experience awesome way to network and very supportive people since the app allows you to do so much with each other ๐Ÿ˜
The app use to be good but now no matter how many times i go live or how long i go live i get no veiws my fans dont get notifed any more so yeah this app is being trashed from today on i wont even look at this app again
Needs a lot of work! Only been on here a couple of days and I am already seeing problems or potential ones.. App need to make sure there is a 24hr tech team smoothing out these glitches.. When I click on save does not move images not showing when uploaded very slow, so not sure why the app requires so many permissions๐Ÿค”what is that about? I hope you are not a snooping app๐Ÿคnot working properly๐Ÿ™ƒ
Awesome app...my only issue is I dont get any of my messages, dms, or invites on the app... I see the messages pop up as a notification, but when i click on it its not in the app.....
I had a good experience but I got banned for a reason I dont know of. I emailed the support email and I didn't get a responds back.
This app has been great and working very well for me up until tonight. Now, when I try to recharge or go to the events page to check in and collect daily task rewards, the app closes unexpectedly and will not allow me to recharge, check in, or collect star points for daily tasks.
I love it but it's pretty sad how my cousin had wanted to download it and see if she can get a little bit of money from the app for her moms birthday but it's sad how she can't because shes just 14 ๐Ÿ˜ž but I managed to help her if only this was for 14 and above โ˜น๏ธ
The app won't allow me to update it won't allow me to come and admin representative I was sent a request but I can't accept it because the app keeps asking to be updated and is the updated version and the latest version part from that and one more thing there's loads of robots or is very hard to tell who's real and who's obviously a computer You should be able to upload videos in Memories but being unable to do it
Not very good app, they suspended me for no reason .The app always crashed when I did lives or it didn't even work.
I finally updated today hopefully it will work for me... yesterday it keeps kicking me out the beam. Smh. ๐Ÿ™So far love this App๐Ÿ’
The notifications you get are ridiculous. Even when you turn them all off or put it on do not disturb, you still get them. On the regular, I'll receive 3-5 notifications within 30 seconds several times a day. And I hardly get the notifications I do want. It's extremely annoying. I end up just deleting the app then reinstalling it when I want to use it.
What is this apple gets constant updates and android hasnt had one since feb 7th fixed your update priorities and help android systems stay updated not impressed with the huge lags and crashes
This app is for wealthy kids and busty women that may twerk. They need to update a permanent fix for 8 beams to stop laggin. They dont let you to get a good conversion; its robbery as they take 75% of whatever you get if you try to gift your friends back due to not having a bank account. They dont even accept bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for payment of their own ficticious coins. They dont care. Its business. I get it. Spend your lifes worth on throwing emojis across a screen if you want.
This app just kinda sucks. Sends way too many useless notifications for no reason. Too many rating systems and honestly it's just annoying. No thanks.
It has become too strict it's not worth my time and I see numerous people violating your standards that have no consequences yet I can't even broadcast once without somehow being in violation of the rules before I even start the broadcast
Wesleepie: Go Use MeetMe or YouNow, it's better, more real people, no fake traffic, and the devolopers actually talk to people in case of issues. Such a pity live me never got their act together, even after 10 years, you'd think they'd learn ASAP. naw mate, they love their automatic give bs reply button and ignoring all problems that could be easily fixed.
Every single time I try to upload a photo for my avatar, it keeps saying that "Editing isn't supported for this image". No matter what photo I added, nothing works. Ive even deleted the app and reinstalled it but again it's useless
I have been trying to contact customer service several times with no luck. I have used the In App customer service and received no response. Someone needs to check and find out what is going on with the customer service dept. This is unacceptable service. I need to contact someone about my accounts.
Well, I have a problem with a person on this app, I go talk to the customer service and then they're worth nothing thanks a lot a lot live me. But if it's the other way around, I get to pick the orange trouble with this app, but all the girls are, I don't game to trauma at all, that's not fair, they need to better update this happened, that's why so many people are leaving that app because they don't feel like they care about their needs in her can't put their safety in this community app.
This is not a social app!! Don't download!! Don't buy coins!! U will loose money!! Broadcasters on this app are just beggars only!! How can ppl be so stupid that they give coins to broadcasters just for watching them?? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ None of the broadcasters make friendship or give numbers. After getting enough coins, they just disappear from the app. U r money lost!!
Please fixed the bugs the game broadcasting keeps crashing and stopping when ever I try to play my mobile games on liveme
Can't dj in a beam no more,the audio changes when other people join the beam,but frill live doest have that problem in beams! Bring back the old live me, thanks๐Ÿ˜Š Oh yeah,it's a pitty this happened right? Fix the app before I stop spending money on here
Why when I uninstalled the app then reinstall it and my profile is gone I hit you up customer service and no response what is going on I show y'all my ID it's been two months and again no response what is going on here.
Will not let me broadcast games, all permission enabled. Using Note20 fully updated and have been verified to stream
It's not Liveme. It's actually "A Live" but they changed the name on the app. Just like Frill is also a mirror sure, just like this one.
this app is beyond garbage you report people for nudity that are not even nude you always disable chats you always exit lives and you always always always are glitching this app is trash children make better coding apps in this you guys need to give it up
Work in progress. Soon liveme will return to its strength which is wholesome networking and beginning to see how similar we are to one another across the globe.
I like it but idk the people that join just seem like bots and not acutely people they say the same thing every time I go live it's a nice app tho
Why can't we sign into.our old accounts I can still find it but can't.login with instagram or Facebook anymore
I cannot even get in someone broadcast because of this new update plus it takes too long to load up. And with all new update with the booster it's the worst ever
Bug update, just downloaded the app and would not even open at all it asks me to to report issue i fo but still will not open at all
This is an amazing app but you really have to be single not unless you have a woman like mine that knows I'm gonna look might even give you a compliment but that's the end of the road lover's ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’Œ
It doesn't let me stay in someone's else's 8 beam long and it keeps freezes. I keep getting kicked out the broadcast and it's hard to hear what everyone else is saying because of the distorted talking and can't do my 8 Beam
Although enjoy the platform of this app, but since the beginning The technical difficulties of this app is a constant thing. Forget about any coin problems and getting an actual reply from tech support, you will recieve the same reply over and over of sorry about your situation please send us more information.Be careful if you decide to purchase coins on this app. If you make mistake you will never get them back even after you send them all info they request. Its a shame the app could be great.
I'll change to 5 stars when you show me streamers based on my region and when you get rid of the multibeam invitations whenever I go to messages.
May 7, 2021. There are now 6 fake accounts. There are now 4 fake account being broadcasted on this app. The accounts broadcast for several days at a time with voiceovers in other languages such a Chinese. The broadcaster would then change the information such as picture and location to make it seem like they are popular. These accounts are even consolidating diamonds between each other. Soon you'll have a lot of fake accounts then no one will want to use your app.
The conversion is garbage. They changed their name because they robbed people who put over $1 million into the app. A bunch of us got scammed! They OVERCHARGE BUYERS deal prices for coins from $100 for 11,000 coins to $100 for only $8,900 ! Then they ROB BROADCASTERS cashing out by changing the turn around rate from 20,400๐Ÿ’Ž for $100 to 35,000๐Ÿ’Žfor $100 ITS A LOT BELIEVE ME TO EARN THAT'S WHY THEY CHANGED THEY'RE NAME!!! IT SHOULD'VE BEEN CALLED THEMSELVES "ROBME" INSTEAD. I hope you learned.
I've emailed live me about this and I'm not getting any replay back I also have a email from live me safety team saying I'm a live me safety advocate and I'm on a trial right now and after screening my account they saw I'm not in any serious volition with live me so I'm littlly banned when I'm a live me safety advocate to making live me safe I'm littrly a live me sacrty and I'm banned for no reason wow live me is littrly banning there own sacrty team
They seem to have a problem with underage people using the cam in mostly non legal ways. They have no age verification around, and after looking through the app, I decided that legaly (and moraly) speaking, deleting it was the best option. DO NOT RISK FALLING IN A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION.. Stay away from this app
App is literally unusable. Constant freezing. Audio is jumbled and broken. Can't even send a message without mashing send and hoping it works. Got it to support a friend and haven't been able to watch a single stream.
Why TF everytime in my kingdom the kingdom message disappear in my messages fix this and of y'all gonna keep fing up then get rid of ur whole app I'm tired of this everyday there something wrong with this app another thing stop making it where people have to spend thousands of dollars just to level up and why do we need 30k fan for a star badge that level should be enough I'm starting to see ya as a scam
Great app, it's a level up app.. so if your pockets ain't right..hello, and goodnight ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜..nice place to meet people from all over.. just don't catch feelings ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿฅฐ.. screen name ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿผ (GO FIGURE).. come chill sometime ๐Ÿ’ž
Slow and it's mostly adults so I don't see why it's reported adult behavior. And it's sucks one phone connection Like alot
Excellent app! Soooo enthralling, im hooked! Only thing, i wish coins werent soo expensive, rhey should have better deals on them.
Predatory lying scam artists using flirt for fraud tactics. Customer service will not ban any fraudulent individuals. Customer service will not issue refunds for illegal romance fraud either. Thats all there is too this app. Romance fraud. Nothing more.
The app would be better if you didn't nitpick on who you punish and who you don't . I got punished for smoking a cigarette on live stream at the same time I just watched somebody talk about, show and snort pills on live stream. I feel this is very unfair. Ty
Can't log in with my Twitter cause there's no option to login using Twitter which my account is link to
This app is so bad it takes a huge amount of power just to be able to run this thing. Bigo does a way better job at handling power.
Really awesome app made so many friends and helped me come out of my shell thanks to my friends recommending this app shame prices are a bit high for most of it but really awesome app 100% recommend, also alot of bugs for example on my oppo A5 2020 the gift icon is broken come up with a black L when animating and bugs with 8 beam is pretty buggy please help developers oppo A5 2020 Android 10
Great app but why don't i see the big heartbeat gift under popular? Others have sent me screen shots of it and I don't have it. The app is updated as well
Slow and it's mostly adults so I don't see why it's reported adult behavior. And it's sucks one phone connection Like alot and there's a problem with having no sound
It's alright would be better if it was actually rated M as it stated Censorship is too strict. Also 6999 coins for $100 USD is a little expensive they should lower the amount of coins a gift even costs with that rate lol
Sooo good! So far i can actually chat with real PEOPLE! Better than all of the other fake live streams and dosnt ban you for no reason. If i could i would rate it a 10000000000 out of 5!!
Third party app not live.me it's s scam just to read your pm you have to give the app permission to record from your camera and microphone NOW WHY WOULD YOU NEED TO DO THAT?? SCAM DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
You should have a feature where it shows that you should turn off the displaying the location on the app... I shouldn't have to go to settings to turn of my location on my PHONE for it to say "Outerspace"
Please fixed the liveme game broadcasting invisible viewers errors it doesn't show no body joining my gaming broadcast with their names showing on the bottom in comments ..so please fixed the glitches and It wont me save Liveme replay vids this been happening for weeks
Getting more and more annoyed with this app had for over 5 years now and it's sad that it has become so useless its unreal I can barely even broadcast Due to it please fix or I'm definitely leaving
Why ,I am getting a volition notice? This site displays different people , layouts and etc . It's a great app . But now ! Hate social media I got banned from triller now this . Is it because not pretty
It won't let me collect diamonds or mins or go into my kingdom. I've upgraded and deleted and now it won't let me sign back in. When trying to collect diamonds I was getting the . Saying website unavailable. Please fix the problem
No one talks ๐Ÿคท get like 58+ people in and not a word ....just too weird and girls being skanky and cringy...apps usually gets worse not better F this garbage take away all the bs gifts etc and might work just video chat is all we need
Used to love this app...and then one day they disappeared without a trace and so I went to bigo live and it's just like this, but better. I loved the old live me, heart count etc. Now when they fell off the earth, I had to find something similar and now that live me is back, I would not trust it. I had many friends on live me...
Well the app is good im a broadcaster I don ventriloquism however I do want to stream my mobile gaming as well but when I try it just doesn't work. It just takes me to the feature board and not my stream.
I don't like the fact you get ripped off coins when ordering with your Google Play versus a credit card and people begging for money gifts is not a real broadcast talk about a topic or have a talent in order to call it a broadcast this app should be called people beg for money
Having problems staying in beams and having problems with glitches updates and keep getting kicked out the beans every time it asks me to beaming in with others I can get in the room but it will not let me get into beams for a long time, sometimes I want to join the fam but it keeps kicking me out and on that part I cannot join a family and I want to be a broadcaster to where I get to be with an agent
Lol they can't be for real its saying I'm banned for sharing other apps on my live 1st of all did anyone read that rule on live me I've been on live me for over 7 years I've never heard of that rule and I've ownly shared another app here becuse I was banned before I shared it besides any featured live me streamer will tell you to get big on here you must tell them socal media other ways to get a hold of you plus live me promoted meet me awhile back in the banner so live me sould be banned
The app is fun but I think it's a little to censored I mean you can even say rum it's hard to stand out from everyone else If all you can do is say robotic things it makes the experience lack luster I can understand If someone is being abusive they should be blocked but come on also the prices for coins are ridiculously high espically for the special gifts If you are spending money on a app you should also be rewarded also
If you use this app from ENGLAND please be careful they are very victimising against ENGLISH PEOPLE, I report problems with my app but get absolutely no response whatsoever. They have blacklisted me from posting moments on the app because I posted something from Tiktok. Other countries are aloud to post from TIKTOK with no problems and can use any profile pictures they like, but not if you are ENGLISH..
Yeah "It's a pity... blah blah"... During some 3 years on this app I bought about โ‚ฌ2K in coins. A friend asked me what I'm doing and I mention I'm bored and just swiping through profiles on OkCupid. A few days later my account is permanently banned because of 'promoting other apps'. No warning or anything. Not a 48 hour suspension either. Instant ban! So I try to appeal against it and all I get are auto-generated replies. Now I lost all my contacts during quarantine! Don't give them your money!!
This application is a used by scammers and thieves to steal your information and use it obtain items like your cashapp account. You'll receive no help from law enforcement (up to and including the FBI CYBER DIV)..
The lagging within the streaming broadcast and also lagging in the recharge portion.. please look into these matters.
your VIP thingy is too much get rid of it put back the 2 the way it was in day 1 its useless stop making useless updates that make it hard for everyone else if not lea6our hard levels alone because of that only 1 star and bigo live is way better my honest opinion ๐Ÿ™‚โœŒ
Reporting accounts but liveme doesn't do anything. Report someone they always say we need farther investigation. Means basically saying we are too lazy to do are jobs.
NOT ABLE TO ADD PROFILE PICTURE... With The Complains in here...seems not to work properly... No Need To Try It Any Further....DISGUSTING!!!!
When I broadcast live it show my connection bad and I need to switch to 4G network. I do'nt know what they mean? Please fix the problem.
I had this app since 2017 and when took off facebook log in i could not get back on. I've reported it numerous times and nobody gets back to me. I am a level 31 broadcaster and they never got back to me.
Big gifts is not showing the animation. So frustrating. Lagging so much during the broadcast. Audio broadcast is keep on lagging.
You should add the skin care filters like smoothing and retouch while broadcasing! Please add it ! Why did you remove it?! Please reply.
Love the app only thing I see wrong is that the updates between Android an IPHONE i belive they should update at the same time an the convert rate from dimonds to coins would be nice to see it go back to at least 40% that way gifters an Broadcasters can enjoy more .. thank you for having me on the app an thank you for your time an reading this
It's an alright app but when on h2hs there should be a drop down option with the amount of time you want to extend to as many people are losing contact with connections due to it just cutting out. Also there's too much focus on people wanting diamonds and getting it by lust filled means. Also there are too many words blocked from messages and on comments so it's difficult to type what you want sometimes.
Give 3 star as a great app but iv email the support page to get my account back and no answer. Was looking foward to comin back.
I made one mistake on the app. Now they have blocked me from sending moment on the app. I really depend on this app because off having mental health issues. I have suffered with depression and anxiety most of my life and other health issues. Live me is my only communication to my friend at the moment as I don't leave the house very often. They have been victimising me for about 6 months now. Keep removing my profile pics when other people can use any pictures they like. Please please help me ๐Ÿ™
I like liveme it's like I have my own TV station people actually listen... but it does take a second to figure out so if you're going to try it be prepared
My liveme automatically went to poplive. How can I get everything without losing anything onyi liveme pro
How is this app sitting at a 4.0 rating? It's full of walking talking violations all across the board. Why have a list of guidelines and rules if nobody follows them? You go into the app hoping to have a decent conversation with people and you're greeted with every sort of violation possible. The system is broke.
Is that app and amazing and you can do so much just be careful because you will become hooked instantly I give this app I 8 + rating I hope this helps you guys out