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Lucky Toss 3D - Toss & Win Big

Lucky Toss 3D - Toss & Win Big for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lucky Coins. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Lucky Toss 3D is a Ring Toss that is free casual game. It is also a fun game to kill time! It's exciting and it relieves boredom.
Lucky Toss 3D is fun and the best ring Toss ever!

If you like Ring Toss or other toss games, you will love Lucky Toss: one of the most fun and addicting casual games ever.

How to Play
- Control the ring with your dominant finger.
- Aim for your rewards
- Toss the ring.
- Fling the ring out towards the bottles and let go.

- Various rewards.
- One tap and control. that is easy Beautiful graphics and animation.
- Addictive gameplay.
- Awesome time killer game.

Lucky Toss offers different kinds of rewards. After collecting enough puzzles and coins, you can have all the rewards immediately. Download Toss that is lucky and your journey to success!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Lucky Toss 3D - Toss & Win Big.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Lucky Toss 3D - Toss & Win Big for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I went to the stage of about 700. Unfortunately, all the prizes remain at 9 out of 10 and 19 out of 20, and every time you open each folder, there is only one point, and the number $ 145 remains the same, and after a few games, you only get one hundredth. You take and you are not honest
Sadly there is no lower rating other wise i would have rated it more low... just dont install this app its fraud and total waste of time .. you'll never earn a penny and forget about the flashy prices it wont give the last puzzle it gets stuck on 9th puzzle and instead give you stupid coins which are of no use..
This is just like all of the other games. Claims you can make real money. You can up to the point of getting close to cash out then it totally stops letting you earn any money. Fake game don't waste your time
Is this game working out for anyone else ? For me it's not. I collect more than 25 of each bottles (13) in the Fortune bottles but they won't give me the last to win the award no matter how many time i watch adds. It's suck.
They have a smart way to make you play and never achieve the prizes you want. For example, you play so many rounds to get the 20 puzzles you need to get an iPhone. by the time you reach 19/20 puzzles for every prize they have available, they no longer give you any of those prize puzzles when you toss or watch an ad for the mystery puzzle. The only puzzle you will ever get from the mystery puzzles are for the 200 coin points ones. Thus, you forever have insufficient puzzles for any other prizes.
Fraud.. They stop giving puzzle of items such as iPhone, bracelet, etc.. at some point. So your puzzle will never get complete. And you will not get anything... About the dollars it give large amount of it till it get $100 afterwards they start giving you 0.02, 0.06, etc.... Don't download it....
Another scam! Once you get within 1 puzzle piece of each (except 8/10 for the watch), all you can get are the "200 coins" puzzle pieces, no which sub-game you play. Not even gonna play for the money. Just another time waster. Not worth it.
First 100$ was so easy after this, the game never give U more than 0.03$ dollars for every game, and the game after that be harder and harder and sometimes u can play more than 6 levels without any money , it's really not honest and tricky , my advice to anyone want to download it , don't do this
Getting tired of advertising but still not getting anywhere. Also the only thing that gets paid out was is the in game coins. Looking for jigsaw pieces for the iphone or what ever is there it stopped at 9 out 10 pieces so I dont think anyone will win those.. plus I've been getting for notifications but looking in the game there nothing there is nothing there... Grrrrrr point less to play this game and get nothing....
Met 500 levels & still won't b able 2 cashout due 2 minijoy. It has only given 93$ and at 500 levels, suppose 2 b able to w/draw 110$ chest on PayPal. Truly a phony game!!! 😑😑😑 Wonder how many more hours to play w/ all these games that state "w/draw anytime, we give big rewards, but have set limit to cash out." That should be de facts given. Not that they will pay u. Sounds like these ads use Chinese labor tactics! Play a lot of hours & get little pay!!!
This game is just like puppy Town. The good thing is I didn't have to watch 200 plus ads to find out that this app won't give you what they promise as well. They are very brave because they keep sending me notifications saying how close I am to winning the iPhone when they know that I will never get enough points to get it. I don't get the point in paying other games to advertise your game when your game is just as bogus as theirs is.
Pls oooo. My people don't waste ur time downloading this game. I have tried it before and I found that that the money increases so slowly, and that can be very bad for anyone who has strong interest in playing games. I wasn't paid to say this, but I have tried it and I'm telling you my experience so if you think I'm joking try downloading it and see the same thing I'm saying for yourself. Thank you
I got 9/10 and 19/20 puzzle pieces for all the rewards and then all i could redeem were the coins which can't be transferred to real money. The bottles were dang near the same where i was missing the pink and purple bottles and the pink cans to accept the reward for those too. This game is a total waste of time.
Boy does this one stink! It crashes half the time after launching, wants access to your contacts and meda, trys to make you payout after $2.00 then stops at $20 and only give the virtual coins. Awful, don't bother downloading. It costs more to make the PayPal card then the $2 on it; it's stupid. You won't earn money for Christmas presents here. I just want one game that doesn't scam in some way or form, just one.
I have it a 5 star to get it to the top so that others could read. Don't waste your data and energy playing this game, once you get to $150 the highest amount you will get is $0.01 dollar and the worst part of it is that you will never compete the puzzles, and after getting almost all the ottles and cans, it will only remain one and you can never compete it. This game is a scam, and to think I have been playing it for almost a month drives me insane πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Played every day for a month, haven't come close to winning a thing. When you get to 9/10 puzzle pieces on the prizes all you get is gold coins which are completely useless. The bottles are also a scam, the pink ones dont seem to exist, yet I have well over 100 of all the others. Fake app.
Don't download if u wana earn payble money. Starts good but when u reached the paybale amount it's irritate like other cash game time wasting game. We watch add by this they earn too much money but they never gives anything to us I think developer have too much time to waist our time
This game is so fun and amazing is so basic that's what makes it fun the reason I really like it is because it give you money and you can get a iPhone11 pro you can just win a lot of stuff I'm at 110$
It's was fun at first but so repetitive and you need to get to $200 to cash out but it's going to take forever as u only get 10 cents every few rounds I'm at level 222 and sti no closer to getting any prizes or cash the bottle u collect heaps of but there's one that will never come so no chance of anything something's gotta change also I was up to level 90 then the game froze and put me back to level 3 so i lost everything I would of been in level 300 if it wasn't for that very dissapointing
This game is really a good game not only you get free stuff but it's a fun game my experience with it was that it was like a skill and I was really good at it sometimes I miss and sometimes I win and I really am happy that I won I really want to thank the people who made this game and give them five stars thank you so much you might have posted the best game in the whole entire world.
Game pretty cool. Just u have to toss more Items before u see to toss for the money item. I gave it 2 stars because of the rounds u have to play. And the low amount of money they give after u have tossed your ring around the money item.
After 4 days of playing on today september 27 all my progress got deleted with the prized puzzle pieces instead of unlocking more as when I collect the puzzle pieces I got a - - instead of showing what I have cheats. When I had like 7.8 pieces for the gucci bag and Iphone and I had about the same amount for all other prizes for them to reset me for no reason. I figured I had to start over but no as I continued to unlock more pieces they still have me at the double - - what a waste of time πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜€
Let me clear it out, I checked out the algorithm as soon as you start, the growth rate, starting from a high point, will start coming down like bell curve and say if you won $100 in 15 levels, it'll approx. Take you another 1000 level to reach next 100 as the payout will get as Low as $0.02 that too after every couple of levels, same goes for all the other prizes.
Game has gotten pretty loose and sloppy not much of a challenge love the dog. Still unable to win trying to get to $200.A PENNY or 2 at a time come on play fair. I STILL CAN'T cash out and have not seen a rainbow, pink or green bottle. But I have 72 bottles collected. Let's see what happens now.
I do not and wont give one star for this game. i am at $159.78 now I have played for 2 more days and have not seen a penny more. this is just like brick buster and the coin pusher games. they stop giving rewards after a certain amount. the only people getting paid are the people in the adds you have to watch for advertisement also my phone started acting weird FLASHING and FREEZING up. I am done with these people. I DO NOT... enjoy these games anymore. and do not think you will enjoy them either. BIG CON GAMES..
For the ipad air 2 and the iPhone I got to 9/10 puzzle pieces and they stopped showing up and as soon as I got to $92.50 it stopped showing the money token to throw a ring on so this is tells ya it's a scam to get you to watch the ads I only get joy if I'm really bored and that is why I kept playing after I realized it was a scam to watch ads
This game is fake. Don't wast your time. I made only 149.06 dollars, after leveling 386. They are giving 1/2 cents after 20/30 level. Not giving much time is giving 1/2 cents for playing 7/8 games. My iPhone has 9 points but is not allowing ten points to be given 0.1 points in others. Don't waste your precious time playing this game. Report against these games.
I thought this game was pretty cool, but then my money that I've been accumulating per game is around 10-50 cents now, they've been stealing back from me!! Who does that!! So I rate them zero stars. Cause if there stealing change back, what else could they be stealing off our phones.
Pls don't download this game! This game is just a waste of time. At first it gives you so many cash and puzzles. But when you need like 1 or 2 puzzles, it doesn't give you that! πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘ I've been playing more than 1 month and still got nothing. I don't recommend this game at all, so pls don't download it πŸ™πŸ˜‘
Its fake. I tried a lot to get iphone puzzle completed .It reached 8.9 and now it has paused . In bottle collection I can't get pink can over so many times I tried . but if you want to play it like a simple game its a nice game .πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
The control is weak, can't aim! Finger off the screen and still can't reach object. I know its a scam but really not worth the download. The content is a rejected one. Fix the aiming and i might re-download. Folks not worth the time.
Horrible game. Big rewards not likely havent even reach $100 and I've been playing it everyday for 6 months i have every puzzle peice for everything except 1 all i constantly get is more coins this game is the biggest scam I've ever seen it is impossible to win anything they better fix there issues or noone is going to continue playing this game what a waste of time
Game is garbage. Took all my progress after 2 weeks of playing and started me all the way at the beginning. All of the progress on the prizes I was working towards are gone, as well as the tiny amount of money and coins. Huge waste of time.
The game is only here to help the developer make money, it does not throw the required puzzles once you have collected 9 or 19 puzzles... also after getting $100 the cash throws are like one in 15 games and that too of a mere 0.01... don't waste your time, data and mobile space installing the game.... it does not deserve even 1 star
The game is fun but.... For some reason , I was on level 19 or something up there and all of a sudden my level was at the beginning my money ,and puzzle pieces were still there but to play the I have to start at the beginning that don't make sense please help me by fixing this.
I think there's a problem with this app. I reached level 24 and there are no sign telling how much money or how close we can get a prize, plus it didn't give ne any puzzles to toss.
This is a typical game that won't pay you in the future. I reached the point where you will be given only 0.01 per win & the all gift items are already 9/10 & 19/20 & stopped, only the giving coins continue, that cannot be also converted to cash.
Very nice game the game name luckytoss it is a lucky game for all people many peoples are playing these game. We won many things from this game like: 1. Mobile phone 2. Branded watch 3.pars 4.Etc........ Many things are there .Its graphics are also very good.Its control is also very good ........ ............Etc I like this game very much instal this game . My all brothers are playing these game . Install this game from play store My name is sukhdeep You can rate this game like rate its control
This game is fun and all but gets super irritating and annoying throughout the game. It shouldn't take people so long just to cash out like omg I been playing for a while on and still haven't cash out it's like they don't want me to.
Good time killer... puzzle pieces for the first 4 prizes don't exist after you get 8 after that it's only for a juicer or gold coins that have NO PURPOSE in this game.. You don't deserve the one star 100% FALSE ADVERTISING DO NOT DOWN LOAD THIS GAME, you CANNOT WIN OR CASH OUT I am 1 puzzle piece from winning every prize... you get nothing but coin puzzle pieces don't waste your time
Why too many ads and alot of wasted time. In the beginning it seemed like it would be a fun game, but after a while it doesnt seem to do much. I wish people wouldnt make fake ads for these games claiming that you can win things. Yall should know better. Goodbye lucky toss 3d. Off to uninstall now.
It's a cute game, but if you're looking to get any prizes, don't bother. I've needed one puzzle piece for every available prize for the last 2 weeks. They give 200 coins every time, no chance of winning an I phone or anything else. These people should be ashamed of themselves.
You could pay me for the hundreds of stupid ads I watched and wasted hours I played trying to win a couple hundred bucks. I'm so close, this stupid game has stopped working properly. What that is, is the rings won't even work. You make who knows how much on those ads. You're just a lying bunch of greedy liars.
Fake game. Fake makers. Dont download this game. Adds are just to attract users. I have almost finished 100 levels but after some levels not getting cash at all if I get also it'll be like 0.20 Or even lesser.. Why do you show such adds like play and win.. Waste of time. Fakers fraudsters.
Don't fall in the greed of the money and the prizes.It only shows that it will give you prizes and money but it is not satisfy your needs.When I got $189 It was not give any cash for collection by tossing.So I don't like this gameπŸ˜”πŸ˜”.Please Uninstall it or don't install it. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž I think it was made for only attraction to the people. Why you would do this type of nonsense work. You only attract the people but don't give any money or prizes. Why.😠😠
Been playing for weeks now and I can't win a prize, it stops giving puzzles to unlock prizes and instead they just give coins. It's terrible and nothing short of a scam. They scam people into helping them get paid for running the ads and they do not pay who is actually watching these ads. I think google should screen these games that claim you can win real money just to ensure that they are conforming to certain guidelines. The developers should be ashamed!
This game sucks why do I have to watch ads to earn my level up reward didn't I earn it by leveling up and I'm almost to $130 I need 150 to pay out but I only get 1 or 2 cents each time and with the popbottle I have multiple of all by one that I can never get the 10 dollar paypal reward isn't even existant your all lyers
This game is fun but it takes way too long to get a prize no matter how long you play it. I've had this game for about a month and I still am no where close to being able to receive a prize. I have played for hours almost each day with barely any results, if I don't get to redeem my prize soon I will uninstall this app. Another reason why I don't like this game is because when you get puzzle pieces but it's even 0.1 percent over the amount you have to start over. ITS RIGGED PLS DON'T INSTALL!!!!
Super fun but money is hard to win and only a few cents. I have been winning cans and bottles but it wont give me one can. It seems like the more you play the less gifts money and other bonuses. There are many ways to win but just as many ads to watch.
Scam, I have collected many puzzle pieces but it's not showing up on the totals, money rewards to try for the $200 it started off good but with just under $50 to go $0.01 "a time it's going to take forever, not worth the time and energy
Why is it that you ads make it seem like you can make so much money but you don't. When I first started playing I was winning $2+ but once I reached $100 the most you let me win is 0.50 cents this is false advertising. You make it seem like people can win prizes again false advertising. I am very disappointed. You need to live up to you advertising and not make it so unfair for people to win.
I can quickly see that I will not be able to cash out. The wins are suddenly drastically lower - just like every other cash game app. You have way too many ads that are very long.
This game is so annoying......I have reached $105 but now the game has started to play up it keeps loading....after reading reviews dont thing I will get any far.....it has tons of ads popping up after every throw......its waste of time.......gud luck if anyone won any prize but chance of winning 0.00001%
Worst game,Don,t Download it will give u disappointments only. Waste of time.At beginning u get do many rewards but after a time when u going to get heavy awards it starts showing network issue. Am playing this game till 10 days i need 1 bottle but am not getting.After a time game starts to cheat u guys. I wish i can give this app 0 star.All games related to paypal are totally fake. Don,t waste ur time and after downloading any app show its rating first.
Inappropriate ad. Rated R. Lack of respect. We are subject to view ads but not the kind of ad you are showing. Please remove. Also, if payput is possible, which I doubt, it is not instantaneously put into your PayPal account. You have to wait at least 7 days. Another reason why I think it's fake. Once the amount drop down to 1 cent, I am uninstalling it. It will take years to reach $200 at that rate.
Could be a fun game apart from all the advert. Every time you press a button a advert. Nope not for me deleted it I got better things to do than play a advert every second. I gave it a good chance but it's turning out to be a con yet again. I don't mind getting adverts some time but all the time. Just another app to make money for the developers. How sad😠 It's πŸ’©now itnetwork error pure rip off uninstalled it
The developers of this game did an excellent job. However, there is a caviert to this game. What I noticed after playing it for over 1 month daily is this: As the player gets closer to cash out, ($200 is the minimum cash out amount) the winning amount deminishes closer and closer to nothing.. That is truely anoying and frustrating to me.
I am over level 1000. Now after hitting 153.00. no more money. No more prizes except gold coins which are over 1 million . Bottle collection stopped with one bottle left. Developer refusal to answer questions. You decide if you want to play.
Very dissappointed in this app. :( you should be frank at the first place. Don't make fun of other people just to make you rich. We watch the advertisements w/out skipping it. Tons of advertisements but received cents in the game. And when you reach almost you are near to cashout. It will never give you some coins to accomplish it. Please don't be a falsehope. I thought you can help other people in this pandemic. :(
It's complete time waste. Never install this game. Since they don't wanna pay single penny, it is designed in a way that one can never make 200$.
To the developer and the person who created this game had very excellent mind and used the human behavior nature to attract money and give them at some level till the time u reach that the creater of this game will get those $200 and the poor user like v all and the person reading this review vl get nothing instead of just watching ads. nice idea
I love this game it makes you rich. You should try this game. It makes me happy. And i think this game is gonna be my fravorite game and i love it because there is no advertisment so....i like it i dont know what to say but yeah thanks.
Lucky Toss 3D.This game is like being at a carnival and attempting to shoot the ducks. The only thing is you continue missing because the sights on all of the Rifels are bent. And so this is like that you are trying to toss the ring over the object, but it doesn' t work. That's because the tossing of the ring is not in direct or correct distancing. Uninstalled.
This game is totally fake, anyone who is reading this avoid to download,this is full of adds and nothing more to wastage of time,they are cheating by advertising cash and prizes,in start you'll gett money butt when you proceed it becomes lesser and lesser at last you won't receive money by passing level or lucky spin or lucky scratch. Plzzz stop to cheat people in name of money and prizes..!! I've passed 250 levels and received 125$ yet, I'm sure it'll never be reached at 200$.😏
I don't think this is worthy. At first I got the puzzle of iPhone bag and shoes when it reaches to the 90 % of the puzzle you only got the puzzle of coin . I got the puzzle of coin more than 100 times. Maybe it is about luck but not all the time when it is fixed. I think the developer lure showo this at the first of getting puzzle of the rare one.. Totally waste.
This app is very promising dont waste your time here. First they are giving you a big bonus but if you going to 90% the bonus get lower until you get cents every play game and watching their ads.To get another 1$ you need to play their ads almost 1000 so what are you waiting for download na so that you feel me. Remember 1000 ads is equivalent of 1$.
This game is horrible it says that you will win phone but I had this game for 2months but I have not won anything don't download ever Because I want to uninstall the app if they did not force me to give it a star I would have given it zero000000000 stars I agree the game is fun but is the gift they don't give you them
Almost two months playing but still I got $115.64....all the puzzles 9/10 even if u collect all the puzzles you can get gold coins.. another fake apps and you always got a notification it claims that you won an iPhone or Nike shoes..don't install this apps it's a waste of time and data...SCAM APPS even the bottles no Pink...
GREATEST GAME OF ALL!! This game is the best winning money and all. Collecting items like sneakers, iPhones and more. I'm almost through with the iPhone I have 5.7/10 don't give up keep trying !!!
It is the fake app, don't download it there are so many irritative adds in between. But we do not get any money out of it. It is the worst app. If we make 200 hundred then only we are able to withdraw it otherwise we can't withdraw moneyπŸ’΅. when it comes to my case, I made 155 Rs then it was stucked in that only, they stopped giving money. So for withdrawing I need 200 Rs but I have stucked in 155 Rs.
When you start it seems real at first but when you get super close to win an item you get coins. Nothing else but coins. I wasted so much time watching ads for no reason. My mom did the app and she couldn't pass the tutorial cuz it wouldn't let her. Horrible app DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
Had mostly all of the prizes when phone crashed. Need to be able to log in because now I lost all the prizes. I was on level 250 when phone crashed.
I have a lot of things to say about this fake application but I'll try to be short and precise..don't waste your time on this game...I knew about this game through a friend of mine and he told me that he was earning real money just tossing things on his smartphone, I was a bit skeptical about this whole idea and so I decided finally to download it and do my own survey..fast forward I spent just hours playing until I reached about $198 and immediately when it clocked 200$I lost everything
You get one piece away from winning a big prize, and when you get the last piece the game doesn't even give it to you. It constantly tells you "network error, try again later" every 30 seconds. You basically have no actual chance of winning as fast as the app says because the cash out limit is 200, and the pay outs are small
At first it was good..now i realize its junk app..i sent 2 different emails..2 seperate times..weeks apart..each responce was word by word the same..it says i won prizes..but no option to get the prizes..im at $152 nd some change..cant get nothing out of videos..got pink bottles..but no pink cans .. After months of playing this game i came to terms it was just another false bs application..the days was changed from 10/31/20 to 10/22/20..i asked for explan of this nd all i got was a bot email
I would advise you not to download this game because you don't win the prizes. I've spent day and night playing this nonsense, losing sleep and watching so many ads and still can't win a thing. But I'll keep playing to see what happens.
Very much bad experience. Don't download this game ....totally fake app. When a player reach near to reward it stop giving puzzles of that reward and too much as in between ......"They earn a lot of money through ads"......so please don't download it ..............
FAKE! FAKE! AND TOTAL FAKE. YES I AM SCREAMING. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME Once you reach the 1 point away to get any prizes. The app will give you coins which is not going to give you any prizes. You will start getting just coins. Which is just useless. You won't get any benefit from them. You will hell lot of ads and developers are making money by showing you the ads. I wonder how they get so much ratings. I bet they have paid money to get reviews in their favour. I will say massive report to google so that they can see. Such apps are just wasting time of people.
There is nothing true in this, all is fraud and what is happeningThere is nothing in the gift.If you keep playing, then you hang up and go on some occasions.Feed it in the worst image till date.Whenever I play none, it is good. Don't install this game
This is too unrealistic. And you have to watch too many agonizing fake ads, I really think the devs has no intention at all to give away prizes in kind or in cash. Uninstalling, this game app is just a waste of time and space. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Im giving 4 stars for now until i see how its gonna go considering the payouts been good, but then the rate this game popped up and i clicked later. Then i tossed my ring and landed the money sign and the payout was way low and the rate game sign popped right back up. So is that what the payout is based on? Shouldnt be.
Once again a game that does not pay. I have been within two cents of cash out and all the meek one cent wins stopped. I only wish there were laws against false advertising of these internet games. They get rich on ads we watch but they pay out nothing!!!!
The best way to describe my experience with the app the best way to sum it up in one word is 2 say that it is quite rather Sublime graphics are on point the gameplay is what you'd expect and then some and basically the looming potential of possibly hitting the jackpot being able to just be swimmin' in pig linen skrilla big Bank Franks add to the overall excitement so far five star I've only been playing for a total of 15 minutes but dare I say it's been the best 15 minutes of my life
you guys really need to improve this game if you want a good rating from us. first the money you earn some times disappear, another is that ads take way to long and also switching from lucky spin to scratch cards even in the loading prizes it doesnt keep track of your winning ive won $10 and it was gone by the min. ive got 3 iphone puzzle but it didnt count on my record. improve your game before we give you a good rating
Let me tell you how this game is tricky. You start playing and u get some big dollars until you hit $100. From there earning money gets harder. At $122 you start getting from $0.02 to $0.20. The scratch card is wack. Then I played 4 levels before I earned any money once money came up it was $0.02. Now the advertisements are a lie. You will play and never win from this game. If you want to just enjoy the toss part sure download by all means. Otherwise don't waste your time or space.
When the level gets higher, the cash money gets lesser! Ang the items when you reach 9 the puzzle is hard to find...the developer has enough money because of its f***** adds while the player is not!
i will rate it 0 but to post to this it should be rated 1 because its a scam because the puzzle prizes stops at 9/10 and 19/20 so I suggest not to download this game. You will waste your load and time. i know this because i accidentally downloaded this game because of the repitition of this ad.
This game is very very very very very very very very very fake and worst . First we have to watch thousand of ads after all gifts have 19 /20 reedem after then only coins are reedem ... Nothing else.in this game I am only waste my time and data .... My suggestion to all that don't download it ... This type of game is actually fake ....
Sir, I had a problem with the fact that I had three lakhs coins but now I have only 30000 coins . When I opened the game in the morning, I had only thirty thousand coins . What is this ? This is very wrong. Please solve my problem than i will lot a thankful to you ... Please solve that problem ..
This game is fun and all but the only thing you can do is play the game and watch adds. I have clicked on everything on the screen, including the coins up top and I can't even check the balance or see any prizes. What gives?
In starting all is going right but after you reach $80. For reaching 200 you have to see at least 400 to 500 . In one ads you get 0.07 nearly. It's waste of time. I don't recommend to install.
I agree with the previous review.... But ALL THE GAMES Are EXACTLY like this. You Win Big Numbers at first. But then it starts diminishing to pennies the closer you get to cashing out. It sucks. They ALL SUCK!!!!!!!
I am currently living at Dacco homless shelter and so far by playing this game I have made $117.00 I have nearly cleared all the puzzles and desperate for a new phone and christmas gifts. Download the game now it is terrific. I have smiled every day because of the game. It's so much fun come PLAY.
Only gives u coins after a while(puzzle piecs)watch soooo ads,and get useless.coins in return... At least te plainko game,i got a $10 gift card wirhin 3 weeks. Soo close,yet so far... Yet u get paid for 3 ads before a $.03 payoutt ,or a coin payout(which is useless) ive emailed them about the purpose of the coins,but no response,of course.... Havent made any $ ,but have ons plinko app... How sad is that?!
Why is google encouraging this kinds of fraudulent activity to the user... This game is toally a scam... Developer make millions by poping ads.... Atleast there should be an awareness note to the user before installing the game ... Very disappointed .... Don't every see the games ad too
Very Fake app .. Do you know what they do in starting.. They believed us that you get price but at last come it as like 9/10,19/20 etc.. They don't give the puzzles.. I don't no that they can give real money or not.. But that I see a lot of ads to get puzzles for prize the price they don't give ( they give only coins)... I hate this app.. If we can give rating in minus(negative) πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ža fraud game you can say to it...
It's the most ridiculous game I've ever played. It's totally fraud, you can only cash out when you have 200$ in your account and when you reach 100$, this game only gives you 2 and maybe 6 cent. Which means you have to watch 100 ads to make 2$. Each ads lasts for at least 1 minute and this means you have to spent nearly 2 hours on this game to make 2$. On top of that, this game only valid for one month which means it's impossible to reach that 200$ to cash out. Ridiculous
Don't fall for the prizes or the money. This game is just like all the rest I have had my puzzle prizes stuck on missing 10 pieces because as you figure out as soon as you pass half way on a prize it makes your puzzles a tenth of the value and then you will only earn puzzle pieces for coins which won't stop even if the puzzle is complete so you can be sitting at 9 out of 10 puzzle pieces for the iPhone 11 and never get the 10 0.1 puzzle pieces to win your prize no matter how many adds you watch.
DON'T PLAY THIS GAME!!! SCAM!!!... read on and I'll tell u why! I Played this game for at least 8-12 hrs straight and kept getting puzzle pieces and popping the bubbles to watch the stupid 30 sec. Ad (also advertising other scam apps!) Anyway I got all the puzzle pieces but 1 for every single prize!!! I am still one away on all of them and guess what?πŸ€” hmmmm... They mysteriously stopped giving me any puzzle pieces the only thing I can redeem is COINS!!! They claim to give real money and false!
Playing faithfully for over 30 days all my prizes are stuck at 1 to win but it stop moving. 1 piece use to be worth 1 puzzle now you need 10 pieces to make that 1. 2 I win cash and my wallet didn't move send them an email 3 weeks still no response. I guess they get compensated when we play but we get nothing shame on you..
I thought your site was legit but it's just like the rest of the apps that say you can really win. At first the amount of real money was okay after you start getting in any way close to withdraw you start penny pinching. We are in a Pandemic people are feeling desperate when they read you can really cash out real money they decide to give it a go but then it turns out to be a joke.. its a fun game but don't mislead people that are really in a bind right now. This sucks!!!
I am playing this game from 1 week only and I had completed 9/10 of two puzzles , but after that I am not getting enough puzzles for that two only . I not know what happened with others. But I will not tolerate it I had wasted my maximum net in this game so now I need my reward otherwise. I will complain about all the creators of this game to the cyber security office of kolkata.
Honestly, its a good game but a fake when it comes to earning money..definitely a fake app! I play it almost a month but it is a waste of time. Lastly, it make my phone battery drain and slowly.
It was going good until I reached $127.00. I have play 20 games without any money are prize pieces. They keep telling me I have the I phone but I have played all day and only get coins for the prizes. Haven't seen another prize at all. And only made one dollar. This is a joke. Do not waste your time if your trying to get money.
It's a fun game. But winning the prizes is not as describe. My experience in this game is during the initial play all the prize puzzles and cash you can get it very fast until later part all the cash prizes and prize puzzles is not available like in the lucky scratch from dollars to cents to not available, all the prize puzzles reaches 9/10 and it's not available. One of the colour can just doesn't pop out for redeeming the prize sharing. Very disappointed.
What is happening to my favorite game. If you have quit playing you should let us know. At 2 cents a play it takes a lot of game Update No payout on cash or prizes very disappointed. Still fun to play. Game has gotten pretty loose and sloppy not much of a challenge love the dog. Still unable to win trying to get to $200.A PENNY or 2 at a time come on play fair. I STILL CAN'T cash out and have not seen a rainbow, pink or green bottle. But I have 72 bottles collected. Let's see what happens now.
Very bad game of the world. I can not express my feeling , it is fully fake app it comes to last 9 or 19 puzzle and then give only the puzzle of coins if you download it that should be wasting time. I have played more than 4 week
Ok so check it out I think that maybe I might just like this game alot more if I had an actual chance at playing anything other then the scratch cards the lucky wheel. For some messed up reason at the tutorial for the main game RING TOSS they dont have enough space from the ring to the bottom of the screen on my phone to be able to drag the ring down far enough to infact ring the stack of money. I have tried for two or three days now for about 30 min each day looking and feeling like I'm mental.
Just started playing...enjoying it..lets see if i win anything unlike other fake apps where you reach the goal but can never redeem. They are earning ad revenue and it is hard to believe google play is not in cahoots with them and am sure they have a share in the booty so collected.
At the beginning of the game, you could get 1-3 dollars for a single shot to the cash reward, but after your cash deposit reaches above 100, its not possible to increase your cash no matter how long you play this ******* game, because you will only get 0,01 for each cash reward and its very rare. And you can only withdraw your cash if you have minimun 200 bucks. Dont waste your time here.
So many ads, but they say you can earn money when playing, but it's totally you need to watch ads to get money
I have played this game for 12-13 hours! It's seriously a scam! On getting 9 puzzles out of 10 they dont send other puzzles. even tjough they just keeps sending those useless bubbles n when i open them as i m at the end my 3-4 prizes are at 9/10 they gives us the prize but the gift's marks doesn't increses! I m also fed up with that useless gift that comes after each level! That brings $10 prize but everytime! I don't get that prize! Why don't they give us that prize! They are just doing scamπŸ™
It is a fake app. Because, after reaching 9 puzzles out of 10, it stops...that is the app does not give 1 more puzzle to complete 10 out of 10. It is a stupid, fool, game..So don't expect for your precious, lovely iphone. Just study or do your job to get money. And I have a request to the lucky toss app's operator that please do not make us fool. Or we will give you 1 star rating. Understand???
This is very time consuming and ridiculous! They make it impossible to cash out, waste of time and energy.... am on level 354, yes three hundred and fifty four... and just have $125.... when will i ever reach the $200 cash out limit!!! Sometimes i only recieve $0.02 as a prize πŸ™„
🀜Do... not.. Dowanlod πŸ€›Well. You will mor happy spending 200 dollars playing your favorite game than trying to get $200 playing this game because you will feel like Kelling the developers for macking you watch thounsds of ads without getting anything. Trust me, or try wasting your time and date. One star fooling many πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Once you are about to get minimum withdrawal you are going to get 0.01 dollars I already have 145 dollars I still need 160 dollars. Every 0.1 0.01 dollar is equivalent to one ads. The gift item is fake as well. 10 puzzle is required to get the gift. Once you got 8.0 puzzle you will start to get 0.01 puzzle piece per ads. Then once you get 9.0 puzzle you will no longer receive a puzzle piece for the gift. You will only get fake useless gold that cannot be use. You cannot even convert gold coins
100 % Fake. Upto 100 levels they gave dollars and prizes 9/10. 101 to 144 level I didn't got single cent or prize. Dollars stopped at 157$. Prizes strucked at 9/10. They never increased after 100th level. This game is fooling people. Don't download and don't waste your time and money
I like that u fix it so its not so hard to line and toss the rings BUT way to many ads maybe one every two or three moves not every move dont forget all the other games have the same ads so we see all the ads quite often and the bonus box flying around get in the way of the shots and can make people miss shots and we only get so many rings sorry the game is good but fix the bugs and it will be much better fix bugs gives better reviews thank you
Update No payout on cash or prizes very disappointed. Still fun to play. Game has gotten pretty loose and sloppy not much of a challenge love the dog. Still unable to win trying to get to $200.A PENNY or 2 at a time come on play fair. I STILL CAN'T cash out and have not seen a rainbow, pink or green bottle. But I have 72 bottles collected. Let's see what happens now.
I love the game in general. Don't look to win and am curious to what in the world the purpose of the gold couns are. I can win a tail load of those but have yet to find a use for them. Seems that's all I'm getting now. Maybe offer a cash in of coins for a small Amazon gift card at least?!?!? I will continue to play but if I continue to waste my time even though I like the game I will uninstall. You may need to rethink the winning odds or something because you will be losing loyal players.
Fun game,easy to learn how to play & love how you can earn real money but after a certain level it only gives you .02 or .03 cents at a time.Since the payout is at $150 it will take a long time to reach
I wasnt expecting to get anything in terms of cash or prizes from this app, but the fact that I started getting a maximum of 18 cents per cash thing once I got to $120 bothered me. I just got to level 322 and since 320, it went from tapping the item you're trying to get, to keeping my phone level and tapping stupid spots and missing 90% of the time. The fact that I also have over 200,000 coins and literally no use for them is also bothersome. I'll be uninstalling.
I am up to level 724 but have yet to win any prizes. Puzzle pieces only hand out puzzle coins which are not used for anything.all other prizes stopped once hitting 9/10. Paypal money drops to 2 cents after reaching 150.00 . Ads freeze up also so you loose money .really frustrated cause it good to play. As long as your not collecting for things.
It gives you big money at first but as you keep playing it goes from $8 to $.36. It will take you a 270 tries to go from $100 to $200. Dont waste your time and breath
When I started playing this, there was an option to claim $100 using paypal. When I reached $100+, the option to cash out $100 disappeared, it became atleast $200 to cash out. There's way too many ads I'll give you 5 stars when you prove to me that this is not a fake app.
this game is so fake I did it twice just to make sure my phone didn't mess up but I hit the $200 point thing it does not go to your PayPal development developer is making money off the ads off of us so you do not win no money on this and then all the other games that be popping up saying that you win they don't you don't win no money at all this is a fake so this is what I'm going to do I want to get on Google and tell them about how fake this ads are and stuff they put on there yes they ain't r
This game is a HUGE scam I have 8.1 puzzles for the IPhone 11 and now it won't give me any more of those puzzles. And worse if I do get them it is only 0.1 puzzle which is 1 tenth of it. And don't even get me started with all the dang ads. There a a worldful of ads and it they take so long to get them over with.
I level more get. But no unget. Sorry.no adds.please try again later. Video is loading. Please Try again. Every time show this game. So this game is fake. Your Know? This game is fake. Your don't down this game. Your time lose. Thanks! We are internet is strong .But this game every times show. So this game is fake.
Not a bad game but it stops giving the puzzle pieces when you need a couple to go and gives puzzle pieces to the crappy 200 coins but won't let me get them when it says to redeem. Says network error. Not worth the time or effort to continue the game. You need $200 to cash out, impossible when you get $0.002. WTH. You app says you pay out...you need to do as you say.
I've already played this almost 3 hours but all I expect is I going to win but with that hours I only receive $18.6 and if there a puzzle it will go back to zero and because of that I'LL PLAY IT AGAIN! urrggh so hard to reach $200 and besides it's just valid in a month....... SO DON'T YOU DARE TO DOWNLOAD IT! IT'S FUN BUT YOU HAVE TO WATCH ADS JUST TO GET $2!
One star is really generous for this fake app. Don't waste your time. Let me to say you easily. You never arrive to 200 $. You have to watch the advertising for many hours but you don't earn any thing. Certainly you can earn the money more than 200$ if you spent the same time to other jobs. Every body please report this fake app to play store for remove it from store.
This was a good game at first but I have been playing it for a week and got 9/10 on most of the puzzles and it isn't giving me more. This game is a phony don't install it everything they offer you is fake.im am very upset with thins game😑😠
I liked this game..πŸ™‚I reached level 100 and something...but next day the game's level is 1πŸ€”...why the level number became lessπŸ€”Another thing : We want to get 10 puzzles for the amazing gifts..know??... I got 6.7 out of 10( i phone 11 pro )...After that I didn't get any puzzlesπŸ€”....Not only for i phone..please reply for these questions....suppose I am countinuing these problems...I can't play this game...because I am bouring when I am not getting any puzzles...I will uninstall this gameπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
At first play the amount of dollar they gave is good but after an hour or day they're giving a cents which is disappointing. And for coins I don't what are those for? Developer i need answer from you. Thats why 2 star for now.
I noticed that the prizes came to just before i can redeem and then it stopped. The only thing i get is the coin puzzle. Not with any of the features do i get anything except the 200 coun puzzle. THIS IS CHEETING AND A SCAM!! I am going to put it on review so that everyone can see when they thinking of downloading your app.
I have been playing this game for 8 days in which I have won $ 158 and 28 cents but any further Dollar or Send is not coming. I have seen many thousands of eds and have crossed more than one hundred and fifty levels. Nothing is coming in Scratch and Win, even in the scratch and win price box, I have won 10 points to win all the price. Achieved but that target has now increased to 20 I played all the games to get the Fortune bottle and I won 20 to 25 bottles but Pink Votel is still not available
Don't fall into these games to earn money easily and quick. This game will kill your time. Simply the developers are making money by using ads in games. After reaching certain levels prize gifts will drops. Search in google it was scam. Don't allow your location and contacts they will read your contact's and location. Someday your account will hack.
Cash option stop accumulating. I have reach one less than the required total on all prizes. The games is only rewarding the 200 token puzzle piece. Why? I don't know because you cannot trade in your token for nothing. Another app with false advertisement. ANOTHER APP TO REPORT TO GOOGLE. It will soon be off Google Play.
I once won an iphone, a stationary box with 110 pcs and a lot of money and gems but after those days l never won anything. The game is nonsense. I would have given five stars if it would have given everything I spent days for. Bye lucky toss 3D of to uninstall. All the games like puppy town, lucky toss 3D etc are fake for rewards.l hate this game . WARNING: do not expect a reward from the games l mentioned up. Seriosly normal games are better than these games
Once you get to one puzzle piece away from your prize you stop getting the pieces. The only thing you can win is gold coins which don't serve any purpose in the game. You can't trade them for puzzle pieces or do anything with them so pointless. In the rules it says everything resets after a certain amount of time so you'll never win anything. Another fake app that just generates ad revenue for the creator.
FAKE! FAKE! AND TOTAL FAKE. YES I AM SCREAMING. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME Once you reach the 1point away to get any prizes. The app will give you coins which is not going to give you any prizes. You will start getting just coins. Which is just useless. You won't get any benefit from them. You will hell lot of ads and developers are making money by showing you the ads. I wonder how they get so much ratings. I bet they have paid money to get reviews in their favour. I will say massive report to google
This game is fun but it isn't legit. They give prizes in puzzle pieces earned. However the game will max all your prizes 9 out 10 pieces. Then stops giving the prizes out except the coins. They constantly give coins and nothing else. I will redo this after things are going legit. Not till then.
The game is fine and I'm slowly building money that's fine but on the prize counter once I hit a 9 puzzle pieces which is a long and arduous Journey it refuses to give me the other puzzle pieces that I need for the prize I've been at this for 6 days and I haven't gotten a single piece of the thing I want that's worth ten rates are too low please fix
My experiment was good at first but I have wrote once about my issue now I'm having it again, it freezes my puzzle pieces for prizes have no numbers for the pieces at times and I can click on the floating puzzle pieces below the prizes and after watching video I claim my piece and the puzzle piece isn't added to my prizes so that I can eventually claim my prizes.it has let me claim one coin prize I have not gotten any I phone pieces after hours of playing and I feel like if it had been counting
The dayly reward thing is b/s because I go to get the dayly reward and it say try again later and I do and it won't let me get it ! And also I know these games you get your reward but.! You have to pay for it its like %30 a month to the developers ! Also the spin the wheel i won 1k and the game crashed and I got nothen!
Please, it is not compulsory that every game must earn people real cash. You guys can still create normal games for pleasure and relaxation rather than deceiving people to waste their time and data on fake promises and cash. I can recommend this app for people with low B.P because its disappointments will increase your blood pressure especially, when you have the aim of earning cash and gifts with them.
This game is fully fake please don't install it on your device. While playing this game there is written that "google in not involved in any way in this activity" and even also written that "apple is not involved any way in this activity". So I advice others to not install this app and not any other apps like this. All people gave it 1 or 2 stars but they show us 4 point something stars.
This game is a joke and a fraud. He had to have $200 to even cash out good luck even getting close to that, I'm at nine out of /910 or 19/20 for the prizes then they dont give you anymore pieces for those. You get coins playing the game but cant use them for anything. Just a waste of time. Emailed them a number of times with no answer. Been playing for months, and just doesn't give you what you win. Dont play this game unless your going to play it just to pass time. They have never paid anyone.
Such a bad app . Don't download it . When start playing game you might get 2dollar and more and if you pass over 100 $ the reward that you getting each game willl reduced to 0.8 and lesser value. During game we keep getting coins and it's useless . We can't redeem coins .the minimum vithdrawal amount 200$ which is you never will get . And they rest it every month . After being watching 1000 of addd at the end we getting nothing .. I think the reviews here all are fake .... Just a scam appp.
I have played this game for a month now, and I have gotten so close to wining one of the prizes but something that I have noticed is that I get a puzzle peice for all of the cheap prizes and not the prizes that I actually want. This game sucks!
Well, you will more happy spending 200 dollars playing your favorite game than trying to get $200 playing this game because you will never get it. Play it for two weeks, you will feel like killing the developers for making you watch thousands of ads without getting anything. Trust me, or try wasting your time and data. One star for fooling many.